Anthony Weiner: Slimy Poster Boy for Jewry

God, what a total loser Jew.

First, he takes a digital picture of his chubby in his underwear (and a version without, apparently), so a young black chick in Seattle could check out his package, whether she wanted to or not. But then the fool stupidly uploads the sleazy shots up to his public twitter account — where anyone in the world could see it.

Considering how many political enemies the arrogant and lefty Weiner must have made by now, it’s not surprising certain people were quietly keeping tabs on his tweets and saw his rude upload.

Within minutes the skinny hornbag realized just what he did and frantically removed the shots from his public twitter feed. But it was too late, operatives of Andrew Breitbart had already downloaded it and made screen captures and whatever else needed to show it came from his account.

It’s amazing how the Jews think they are the world’s smartest bunch. Just look at the state of our economy, for chrissakes. And you can tell this Weiner guy thinks he’s so great — quite obviously, the man believes he’s studly and oh-so-important, since he’s in congress and a top member of the self-righteous “Chosen Ones” tribe. Right.

It’s a complete wonder to any of us with half a brain why not enough Americans have yet to get it about these nasty liars. At least up to recent times, anyway.

Thanks to the Internet, more and more regular folks are starting to get it about these people. “Anti-Semitism” (a nonsense word, actually) has long been used as cover by the devious Khazar Jews, who are not descendants of Israelites at all, but an Eastern European bastard subrace — who look more or less White — that took up Judaism so long ago they now all believe they ARE the ancient Hebrews kicked out by the evil Romans.

It’s like history’s biggest clusterf–k of all time.

The Jew victimhood business is rapidly wearing thin with Americans, now sick and tired of their never-ending Middle East wars for Jew Neocons in DC, parasitical manipulations and scam operations at all levels. In addition to which, they have the GD nerve to act like they are so humane and caring about other races. Except for Whites of course, since they would just assume we breed ourselves away.

What a sorry laugh about them being so considerate of other people, considering their true behavior in the lands they stole from the Palestinians, or how genocidal they were back during the Communist take-over of Russia, the days of Stalin and WWII.

Weiner gives regular America a glimpse at how these immoral people truly are, thanks to the Internet abuzz with talk about Weiner’s weiner. Since the story exploded virulently across the public domain, uncontrolled by Zionist-owned media, cable news was forced to report it, or risk more even more people wising up to the real deal.

Weiner stupidly denied it, saying he was “hacked.” His continual denials were so inept, and so obvious were his lies, that most people with relative intelligence could see the dishonesty and how much the man was brimming with raw Jew arrogance.

What a Jew Jerk!

Nonstop Jew-BS-a-thon: A) Weiner hanging with mentor and gun control freak, NY Senator Chuck Schumer; along with NY mayor Michael Bloomberg (back to the camera) and some Jewy looking woman. B) With Israel’s Minister of Defense and likely 9/11 backroom plotter, Ehud Barack. C) Weiner was known in DC circles for being lazy as a congressman, spending most of his time Jew spewing on cable news shows to boost his image. E) His Indian wife, Huma Abedin, longtime aide to Hillary Clinton and pregnant by Weiner, sorry for her. The self-centered Weiner most likely seduced the poor woman to further his political ambitions. D) Weiner wearing the bizarre religious crap of the creepy Chabad Lubivitchers — big time Jew extremists. F) Weiner’s Zionist NY constit-JOO-ents marching down the street. These freaks are total ISRAEL FIRSTERS and have no problem showing exactly where their real loyalty belongs — to Israel. The traitors support Weiner because he’s a Zionist Jew, too!


Tons of people, including his erstwhile Democrap and Jew buds, are now dropping this big fat liar like a hot potato. At this point, Weiner has become a giant embarrassment to the Washington DC Zionist status quo and it’s a matter of days, before he has to give it up. But hell, this fool may be stupid enough to try to ride it out.

Think on how Weiner lied his skinny ass off with a straight face to the camera for about a week. The Jew is well-known as the master of the lie.

Don’t you remember that Jew attorney general, Richard Blumenthal (right), lying about being a veteran of Viet Nam so he could get elected in Connecticut? They gave the smiling Jew a pass. Or how about Bernie Madoff, lying for decades as he stole tens of billions from investors, many fellow Jews. Hell, these people don’t care one bit; they’ll lie and cheat their mothers for a lousy buck.

And it’s just a matter of time before we hear of some naive under-aged teenager girl Weiner came on to via the Internet, or maybe even exposed himself to in real life. Besides not being gay, little would be surprising when it comes to the behavior of sleazy little Jew rats like Weiner boy here.

But let’s stop a second, if you’re new to this Jew thing.

The whole basis to this bunch is nothing but a lie — i.e. they are the Israelites of Old. Add to that, crazy lies all over the place about the holocaust and their blasphemous belief God has promised them the lands of the Palestinians and you got one seriously screwed-up planet.

You’ve been brought up thinking all this holocaust business is proven history, right? Completely untrue, the primary facet of the myth, is the “industrial gassing” part. You know, the Zyklon B stuff. But the deeper you study the matter, the less real facts you find backing it up.

Also, it seems like every other Jew living at the time has some crazy story to tell the world about escaping the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele himself, or some insanely impossible Nazi death apparatus. And if you refuse to get all choked up and openly say it’s a crock, they want people to think you’re another “Nazi hater.” 

Far too many of these Jews are nothing but sleazy little arrogant pricks just like Weiner boy, no two ways about it. Conniving, thieving, parasitical hypocrites. It’s little wonder that everywhere they’ve ever lived, the people eventually tire of them and toss them out on their ass.

You know, if it was merely nasty Man-type behavior from these people, like what Weiner did before he started lying outrageously to the country, one might cut them a little slack. However, that’s not the case at all. The Jew’s over-all contribution to the human race quite obviously has meant nothing but non-stop trouble, social and race frictions of all kinds; confusion and death on a global scale.

Weiner reveals so much of Khazar Jewry’s true nature: Sleaze, blatant lying, lefty politics, loyalty to a foreign nation, media manipulation and pure Jewish arrogance. 

Thanks to letting these people immigrate here, the Jew’s presence in America has now metabolized into a cancer, sure as the sky is blue and the grass is green. It’s high time America gives these so-called “Chosen” their walking papers!

— Phillip Marlowe

“The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered they lack any of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display.”

— H. L. Mencken, “Treatise on the Gods,” 1930

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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136 Responses to Anthony Weiner: Slimy Poster Boy for Jewry

  1. American born says:

    Hugh Jorgan,

    Great links above, really good stuff.
    I am in the process of spreading them around.

  2. Gansher says:

    Anyone else read that he is a ‘roider? Look at how ripped he is.

  3. wat tyler 23 says:

    Dear Incog man you say he [Weiner] in a panic removed his shots from his Public Twitter feed, if I have got that right, you should have said, he in a panic removed his shots from his PUBIC Twitter feed.

  4. pascual says:

    Keep the goyim titillated by small scandals. Keep their eyes focused on the small things. Let them think they’ve won this one and gave the chosen ones a black eye. We have already taken over their land so much and in so many ways that it will be impossible for them to have it back unless by divine intervention. And that doesn’t look likely since we have also taken over their churches and pastors and all bible book stores etc…. yes , our man Weiner messed up but we will use that to our advantage. We always use these things to our advantage. Let the opposition throw us a punch or two ,,that’s good stragety is it not? But as you will notice, we will go merrily on our way daily underming their society and morals as we have been doing for decades and nothing will change. That is unless they wake up. God forbid that the sleeping white giant will actually awaken from his slumber. We live in constant fear of that. But look around you. Does that seem likely? We have given their children endless entertainment. Play Station and X box were one of our greatest weapons against their minds. Now the great majority of them can’t even think an original thought. Like their parents before them they are easily manipulated. Monday night football and sitcoms . How easy it has been to take over this country. Yes, let us give them their little victories. The monster still approaches ever closer by the day and no mercy will be shown them.

  5. macaca says:

    I think some of my experiences, from the far-distant past, might add some fuel to the fire, specifically re the propensity for Jews to prefer lies and subtrefuge to straight dealing.

    I joined the Navy in 1967, my Junior year at college. Upon graduation in 1968, I went in active service, graduated from OCS and went aboard a fabulous old Sumner “Long-Hull” destroyer—DD 705 USS Compton. Google her and see what beautiful WW II-era ships looked like!

    While in Mayport NAS Navy/Ops Stn. in Florida, I met a bunch of officers, one of whom had an odd amulet. It turned out to be a piece of shrapnel from an Israeli Mirage fighter’s rocket. Turns out I was talking to a survivor of the previous year’s attack on the USS Liberty.

    He had had this chunk of metal dug out of his mastoid process, which, of course, saved his life. About the only place in your head which has a chance of withstanding such a wound. Needless to say, this officer had nothing nice to say about either President Johnson or the Yids running him as their puppet. Neither did Adm. Tom Moorer, as I know many of you know.

    A year later, during a week-long leave, I sailed on the 1968 Newport Bermuda Race. While in Hamilton, I saw a 120-foot Israeli fast attack craft—-very similar to the ones which had attacked the Liberty. Unfortunately, I was without a uniform, but in boarding, I showed my green card (Navy ID). Needless to say, as an American Naval officer, I made it VERY clear what I thought of the obfuscation and lies following up the incident from 1967. They ALL lied voluminously about it—“case of mistaken identity”, etc.

    This will be hard to believe, but within months, when back aboard the Compton, two things happened: 1) Israel issued a report that one of the three gunboats returning to Yidville from visiting Bermuda and the US had been “lost at sea”; 2) several months later Compton was detached from COMCRUDESLANT 8 and covered the recovery of some rocket flotsam from a Saturn launch.

    I am not in any way lying or elaborating. We looked on our radar, counted the blips and realized that aside from another Sumner-class DD, an ATO and a fourth support vessel, there was a FOURTH contact. Unbelievably, it was not only a Yid FAC—it was the very SAME one I had visited in Hamilton BDA a couple of months earlier.

    The Navy has specifially cited that the recovery area was off-limits to all oceanic traffic and warned other navies (Russia’s, for one) to stay way the Hell away. Right into the eastern periphery of our controlled area steamed this Yid-bucket. We were detached from our duties, since the other DD was occupied with the Ocean Tug (ATO). We just flat ROARED over to intercept.

    I was the Weaps officer and my skipper told me to “man mounts” as he had GQ sounded. At 34 knots, we got up on them really fast. Blaring Israeli language warnings (we had a Lebanese kid onboard) we told the Kikes in no uncertain terms to get the fuck outta there–on an EASTERLY course!

    It will challenge your credence, but they claimed they were “lost”! “LOST”!!! By some miracle of fueling unreps, or whatever, this barely ocean-capable miniship was in our op-area, probably 3400 mi. from Haifa, and claiming they didn’t have sufficient navigational capacity or skills to know where they were!

    As OOD, I was handed the horn and told them that we were at GQ, gave them their co-ordinates and told them we were going to escort them eastwards. I warned them that, were they to turn back, we would use “every means necessary” to keep them out of this area. I then asked what was wrong with their goddamned Loran (A type—not very accurate but possessed by all serious ships). They blared back that it had “broken” days before. I shouted back that Israel was east—toward the rising sun and away from the sun lowering astern of us.

    They got the hint, but not before I instructed my subordinate to swing Mounts 51 and 52 “so as to bear”. I told the Lebanese to instruct the Yids, that any turn back towards the west, would be considered an aggressive act and would respond “appropriately”.

    Surrounding the Liberty, the visit to Bermuda resulting in a phantom “sinking” and this bullshit-bedecked intrusion on a declared US ops-area, the Kikes had concocted and sold one of the largest and longest screeds of utter lies I have ever heard—-until the next Kike outrages which I read on this site.


  6. Marshall says:

    WTH??? My BING start page is even polluted. The incredibly fantastic Bing pic-of-the-day is utterly ruined by the Joo “roll-call” at the bottom, even featuring my ultimate Jew musical nemesys, CCCCCCCCCHHHHHaim Witz. Nice surgical full face-job Chaim, but you still need the makeup, believe me….and some bass lessons. Tori Spelling should start wearing that shyte too LOL!!!

    Popular now

    Michele Bachmann
    ·Gene Simmons
    ·Fran Drescher
    ·Tori Spelling

  7. Marshall says:

    OH NO!!! It appears this porno shiksa ho has developed a serious case of “Le Antisemitisme.” The plastic surgery didn’t even do the job for Chaim, because some forms of ugly Ajax won’t even remove. Just look at Chaim’s kid and play “trace the gene” (so to speak) LMAO!!!

  8. Julian Lee says:

    Funny how they call this series (about so-called ‘ladies man’ beneath the status of a dog) the “family jewels.” Clearly, this creature’s so-called “jewels” have been devoted to everything but his family. Just another case, I guess, of Jews (who created this disgust) saying the exact opposite of what is true. (This creep’s sin-organ is the furthest thing from any ‘jewels’ metaphor.)

    The only male who can think of his his generative organ “jewels” is the man loyal to his wife, and who devotes his creative powers to his family. Not spilt into the orifices of four thousand and six hundred sluts. I’d be happier seeing this snut tarred and feathered rather than see his face.

  9. GTRman says:


    BBC Radio 5live 2pm :

    Phil Williams sits in for Richard Bacon.

    Today, US actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson drops in to discuss his role as gay dad Mitchell Pritchett in Sky 1 sitcom Modern Family.

    And Tom Rosenthal, star of Channel 4?s Friday Night Dinner ( about a jewish family who get together for dinner every Friday night ) tells how he’s taking to the stage at the Royal Court in London. He’s starring in Chicken Soup With Barley, which traces the lives of Jews living in London in the 1940s and 1950s.

    And ( jew ) Boyd Hilton of Heat Magazine drops in to discuss his latest tweets.

    From here:

  10. Julian Lee says:

    “Modern family”? The definition of the human family does not change with the times like fashions. What they need to call that show is: “Fake Family.”

  11. GTRman says:

    Every time I turn on the radio ( especially jewy Radio 4 ) it’s something like this :

    Shalom Berlin

    70 years after the Holocaust, young Israelis now see Berlin as a cool holiday destination

    ” 70 years after the Holocaust and the relentless persecution of Jews and Jewish culture, Berlin is now proving a magnet for young Israelis.

    Berlin-based reporter-producer Thomas Franke travels with youngsters from Tel Aviv to Berlin’s clubs, cafes and theatres where they’re partying like there was no yesterday.

    Jewish performer Nir de Volff is well established in the German capital and says his grandfather takes delight in his success: “it was almost a sweet revenge for him that his grandchild can live his life proudly and actually produce a weird culture of German Israel in Berlin. While for young Yasmin from Tel Aviv, the very fact that for her grandparents everything German was loathsome was why she came: “of course everything that is taboo becomes appealing and fascinating. It makes you curious about it. It’s not trying to do something bad and go against what they told you just to try to understand to see for myself if I agree with their opinion.”

    Producers: Thomas Franke and Simon Elmes.

  12. GTRman says:

    I heard William H Macy promoting the US version of UK filth “Shameless” .
    ” Did American viewers object to anything ? ”

    ” They didnt object to the gay sex , or the underage sex, or the underage gay sex , but
    ( LESBIAN JEW FUCKWIT ) Ellen DeGenerate objected to a scene in the opening titles where we showed a boy with a kitten in one hand and a blow-torch in the other , we decided it was inappropriate , so we removed it…. ” and ” ..It’s our job to constantly push the boundaries and find out where the line is , and , if we cross it sometimes , that’s too bad ”

    ( Heard on BBC radio 4 , here : )

    Front Row
    William H Macy, and new Mel Gibson film The Beaver

    “William H Macy has taken on the role of the drunken unemployed father Frank Gallagher in the US version of the British TV drama series Shameless, created by Paul Abbott. Macy discusses his approach to the character, and reflects on playing the downtrodden car salesman in Fargo, directed by the Coen brothers, and getting on the wrong side of David Mamet.( JEW ) (Mamet was born in Chicago to Jewish parents, Lenore June (née Silver), a teacher, and Bernard Morris Mamet, an attorney.Mamet’s books include The Old Religion (1997), a novel about the lynching of Leo Frank; Five Cities of Refuge: Weekly Reflections on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy (2004), a Torah commentary, with Rabbi Lawrence Kushner; The Wicked Son (2006), a study of Jewish self-hatred and antisemitism; and Bambi vs. Godzilla, a commentary on the movie business. blah blah fucking blah….(wiki )

    In his new film The Beaver, Mel Gibson plays a depressed executive who decides to communicate solely through a beaver hand puppet. Mark Eccleston reviews.”

    Let’s not ‘ Leave it to Beaver ‘.

  13. John Barleycorn says:

    Hostis Humani Generis: the name created by the Romans for the Jews.

    Enemy of All Mankind.

  14. bruno von staaten says:

    if ya miss jen chens refreshing articles ,here is a classic….verry good script….

    jennifer chen says:
    all jews are sociopaths-it is a genetic abnormality-it is not curable. -sociopaths do not love-have no compassion/empathy or a conscience (no souls) jews abuse and neglect their children-this causes attachment disorder a personality disorder rarely seen in non-jews usually only those dumped in orphanages. The mothers are dominating and controlling and often sexually abuse their own sons-from infancy. The fathers sexually abuses to both sons and daughters-are withdrawn and cold, distant or absent-the reason most jewish women are extremely promiscuous. And also why most male jews are gay-being gay is a mental disorder-a truth lying jews don’t want you to know. Jews are criminally insane and incurable-Israel poses as a nation-but it is a really hideout for the criminally insane jews where they can practice their penchant for sadistic destruction of all life around them-and feel good even proud about doing it. Israel should be called into what it actually is: an insane asylum for hopelessly incurable sociopaths AKA Khazar Neanderthal jews. Israel needs to be walled up and padlocked-the men and women separated-jews should not be allowed to reproduce more sociopaths-each generation becomes more and more degenerate. The world needs to be protected from these monsters-all khazar jews should be sent to the israel/asylum. Jews infiltrate everything good-and then (secretly) turn that good into a harmful evil-and then pretend they are really good by being part of something people still think is good-but jews have actually turned into something lethal. Billy Meier’s Plejaren have stated that the jews are not human-they neglect to explain why-but I will-jews are subhuman-regressed backwards into a subspecies. Now a jew on jew-tube called Colleen Thomas is trying to blame jewish crimes on aliens-jews always need a fall guy-we know the vatican is controlled by jews so that isn’t working-we know the illuminati is run by the jews so that does not work-we know jews control the freemasons so again who is the fall guy? This evil jew Coleen Thomas insists the Plejaren talk to her-something the Plejaren who do not even consider jews human deny-she insists she is a “hebrew Princess” (nose job name change included) and claims=” it’s not the jews” the fall guy is now “evil reptilian aliens”. She is a lying sociopath like all jews.

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