Lousy Illegals Started The Wildfires

WORD HAS BEEN building over the last few weeks that out-of-control wildfires in Arizona and across the southwest are the work of illegal aliens. Now we have Senator John McCain admitting that some of the fires are the work of illegals from across the border (video below). Note the careful “some” there, to give him a little wiggle room in case of liberal outrage, which is going to happen anyways because of Jew-media.

US Forest Service people have said the fires are “human created.” Of course, these bureaucrats are doing their level best to stay PC and not say “stinking, illegal Mestizo wetbacks and murderous Mexican drug runners” as I certainly would.

Just think of all the tens of billions these fires alone cost us in taxpayer funds to put out, all the enormous property damage and insurance; not to mention the pain and suffering of homeowners and wildlife in the area.

Not only that, word has come out that ever since Barry Soetoro (Obama) hired in 2009 senior VP, Cecilia Muñoz (right) of the National Council of La Raza to work in the “White” House, Federal funding (your tax dollars) has skyrocketed from 4.1 million to 11 million for this openly anti-White organization. The money is also flowing like water to plenty of other lefty-radical groups of the same ilk; just one off-shoot group of La Raza, called “Chicanos Por La Causa,” doubled it’s federal annual take to 18.3 million. It’s payday for the lousy bastards!



Un-fricken-believable! While tens of millions of Americans are out of work and our boys are still overseas fighting in Jew-created wars (a decade now), this is what we have going on? We spend 10 million a day just on bombs NATO is dropping on Libya and we’ve never gotten one GD drop of oil out of that country and chances are, never will.

If you’re a White taxpayer, guess what? You are literally subsidizing your’s and your children’s life of hell. The destruction of White demographics is at the core of allowing illegal aliens to come here and even “legal” H1b immigration from places like India. The US government is quite obviously promoting the invasion of this country for the Jew’s concept of “Multiculturalism.”

Are you going to just sit there and watch as your country is stolen right out from under you? Do you like seeing your hard-earned money given away to people who really hate your guts for being White and want to see you leave for Europe? Think of all the money we’ve been doling out in welfare (over 60% of illegals recieve), food stamps and free medical services at hospitals wherever Meztisos illegally live.

Folks, it’s high time for us to get together, arm up and kick all these LOUSY BASTARDS OUT!

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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110 Responses to Lousy Illegals Started The Wildfires

  1. GTRman says:

    Apparently this is real Fox news , and not “The Onion” . For those who cant watch it , its a report about a bear , with a cardboard reconstruction of what the bear “may have looked like”. Maybe it’s satire and Ive been suckered.

    Maybe they should have said ” Urban bear” or “Teen Bear ” or ” Youth Bear “..

    After all , what does the colour of the bear matter..?

  2. Julian Lee says:

    Saying it’s a bear will perpetuate negative stereotypes about bears.
    I think the proper Jewsnews term for it would be “Carbon Based Lifeform.”

    If they keep slurring it like this by showing its color, it can easily find lawyers who will represent it. There are men in Obama’s cabinet right now who think that animals and even trees should have lawyers representing them in court.

    Check out the complete maniac Obama has as his “Science Czar” right now.

    Obama’s Maniac Czars:
    The Global Extermination Agenda

  3. Toby says:

    RE: Julian Lee

    Julian, hence, ergo, therefore, thus: My disclaimer and qualified/quantified comment re: Eric Hufschmid above (or maybe you missed/overlooked that part of my narrative).

    I’ve always thought Eric to be a Shabbos Goy/Jew Agent, but so is Jeff Rense, and I always wondered about Mr. Campbell over the now defunct Judicial Inc., et al. But sometimes, these Shabbos Goys actually do provide some pertinent information re: jews and the jew crime network. Why wouldn’t they…afterall, if they are agents for jews they are trying to control the debate and discussion as “jew controlled opposition” at the behest of jews themselves, and get their [dis]information directly from jews.

    Nevertheless, SOMEONE is starting wildfires deliberately and intentionally, and has been for many years here in the U.S. We know that White Christians aren’t doing this. So, that just leaves the illegals that jews brought into our country + the jews themselves. Why else do the jews make a point of being present in a photo op when there’s a wildfire……then interjecting and otherwise opening their big fat stupid mouths reporting the wildffires in the first place. Aside from the obvious reason that jews own and operate all our news media – jews love to broadcast their crimes to everyone, additionally jews love to communicate their crimes as “job done/job completed” to others in their jew crime network, and it’s sort of like “bragging rights” for these satanic souless creeps.

    p.s. jews did terrorist acts such as 9/11, 1993 Trade Center Attack, Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine (all the school shootings), USS Liberty, Pan Am Lockerbie, King David Hotel, the list goes on and one and on. That’s not hysterical theories, it’s truth. If you feel so inclined, read the above referenced websites in my comment for more info. regarding these crimes committed by jews.

    Here’s the definitive compedium that nails jews and the jew crime network to 9/11: It’s a two hour video but worth every second of viewing.


    *I’m well aware of the Chris Bollyn/Eric Hufschmid dispute and at this point, I’m not even sure if Chris Bollyn (or his wife and kids) are even still alive after the Chicago jew controlled police trumped up charges against him and spirited him, his wife and kids over the Europe for several years. The jury is still out on this one.

    Work, duty, family calls, gotta go. Cheers!

  4. Julian Lee says:

    “Julian, hence, ergo, therefore, thus: My disclaimer and qualified/quantified comment re: Eric Hufschmid above (or maybe you missed/overlooked that part of my narrative).


    “I’ve always thought Eric to be a Shabbos Goy/Jew Agent…Nevertheless, SOMEONE is starting wildfires deliberately and intentionally, and has been for many years here in the U.S.

    Well, when you drill right down to it, that kind of down-and-dirty agent provocateuring — by Israelis — is not out-of-the question. Lynda of Australia (who posts here) once said that during the Cronulla riots, which were race riots, some of the “non-white” players appeared to be practicing a form of martial arts (against Whites, as ‘non-White attackers’) that was identifiable as an Israeli martial art.

    So yeah, after 9-11 I would not put it past Mossad/Israel to light fires in our country for whatever destabilization reason. Then you can see how a shill like Hufschmid would pick up on that. He’d play “hysterical paranoid Jew-namer” role. Thus we get layers-upon-layers of deceit. In this case: A shill who pretends to be a Jew-namer, pretending to blame Jews for fires because it will look silly, although he may know Jews actually did light the fires. Their specialty is layers of confusion, yup. Not just one layer. And “lies right in plain sight.” That’s what 9-11 is, after all.

  5. Julian Lee says:

    Then there was that extreme mass murder in some Australian town that was blamed on some dork kid with no murdering skills, but was done with the skill only highly trained military assassins could pull off. This was just prior to some legislation was up that would push through a gun-control bill that forced Australians to surrender their guns. The big mass murder is what massaged the public into letting it pass. Many believe that was a Mossad operation.

    So yeah, the New World Order is a Jewish a Rothschild project, and Israel is the Rothschild’s acquired nation. They could be lighting fires. Nothing compared to 9-11.

  6. Mad Joo says:

    HAHAH!!! “Jews started the wildfires” HAHAH.

    Sure.. The same way they fight for their own land, by surrendering it to incogs of the world.

    NONE of you have done a THING to stop this illegal invasion, zero, zilch, nada, nothing, nix, nine.

    I, on the other hand have ALWAYS been involved, hands on.
    I can tell you this much, retardo-moonbats..
    YOUR Prez (yes yours, MANY white supremacists voted in the monster, inc David ANAL SEXO Duke.
    Obama signed ANOTHER exec order; ILLEGAL AMNESTY.

    Stop pretending you all dont love this vomitous ahole, Osama Hussein. And please…you suddenly ‘care’ about this illegal snafu? Please, incog, PLEASE STFUP with the hypocrisy and BS. While you are Joo-joo-jooooooooo, executive orders are being passed.
    Ya all aing men, you are fking mice and rats that do NOTHING!!!!!!!

  7. Citizenfitz says:

    “When a key unlocks a door then it is the right key.” Lord Acton

  8. Julian Lee says:

    “HAHAH!!! “Jews started the wildfires” HAHAH. koo..koo..koo.koo…

    The Hufschmid approach.

    “HAHAH!!! “Jews poisoned wells” HAHAH. koo..koo..koo.koo…

    The ADL approach.

    “HAHAH!!! “Jews have deliberately enabled non-White immigration hoping to disempower Whitess” HAHAH. koo..koo..koo.koo…

    The Mark Potok, SPLC approach.

    “HAHAH!!! “Jews blew up the three skyscrapers” HAHAH. koo..koo..koo.koo…

    The Rothschild media approach.

    “HAHAH!!! “Jews own media…” HAHAH. koo..koo..koo.koo…

    The tired, worn-out, no-longer-functional ‘canard’ canard…

  9. pascual says:

    I was just watching that video about Dublin on the next page over. Is there any reason why the ango saxon in general doesn’t wake up as a race and fight for their own survival? It doesn’t take a genius to see that they are being targeted for extinction as a race and as a people. At least their men are. White women will probably be welcome just about anywhere I guess, just as long as they have sold their soul to multi-culturism and satan. That won’t be hard for the great majority of them I imagine. Most of them will betray their own race for a bottle of chanel no.5. No that is not correct nor true. I apologize for that statement. Most of them will betray their own kind just to be politically correct. It’s amazing how the edomite has succeded in turning a race against it’s own kind. No other race in the world or universe would do such a thing nor would it come to mind. But leave it to the White race to set new standards. You people better da mn well wake up and wake up soon or you can kiss your asses good-bye. The enemy is not double minded nor is he divided. You are double minded and are very divided. Time is short and Hell is just around the corner. WAKE UP WAKE UP for God’s sake.

  10. pascual says:

    oops ,,,,forget to mention congragulations Incog on the great number of hits in such a short time.

  11. t bone says:

    Thx American

    btw…At least here at Incog, 4 million means something.

    Heres 4 million dollars that means nothing but wasted taxpayer money. Four million dollers per mile of a substandard fence aimed at keeping illegals out.
    The problem is that it doesnt work.

  12. WHITEMAN says:

    When we finally get a REAL American POTUS then we will see our troops pulled from the Jew-inspired wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and placed on our southern border with orders to shoot anybody trying to enter our country illegally.

    A pile of dead Mexicans floating in the Rio Grande and groups of them shot up by spooky AC51 gunships will stop the BS of illegals crossing our southern border.

    A good wetback is a dead wetback.

  13. JamesTheJust says:

    It is questionable whether the jew was directly responsible for the AZ fires, although setting fires is historically a jew M.O. (usually to collect insurance).

    What cannot be denied (except by a liar) is that the jew is indirectly responsible for every ill perpetrated by non-Whites in White nations. The jew brought them here for the purpose of destroying our White nations.

    Should a race war break out, I will not be going for the darker races except to defend myself or others. I will rather make a b-line for the nearest jew and begin their slaughter.


  14. t bone says:

    It would be interesting to find out what type of rebuilding has happened over the years due to wildfires; and to find out who now owns the deed to that land.

  15. t bone says:

    Just watched that disgruntled White guy vid.
    He seems pretty cool but he might need a little tweak. Although he seems to be anti-israel, he kinda buys into the holohoax.
    If I knew his link, I’d contact him and let him know about Incogland.
    A month or two here and he’ll surely come to fruition.

  16. Fereedom1 says:

    Come wake people up on fox nation!
    Did you guys listen to Rick Adams tonight great show
    on the German Barborosa!
    The greastest military ever known!
    Rick Adams
    The United states of America betrayed Christians since 1900!
    Come fight with me on fox nation..I am Fereedom1 and LillyWest

  17. Fereedom1 says:

    Sorry about the wrong website..

  18. Hoff says:

    “Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV – ????? ??? – The Crucifixion of “Yeshu””

  19. Fereedom1 says:

    Come lets fight!

  20. t bone says:

    Mexican troops do a search on US soil.

  21. t bone says:

    There needs to be more wake-ups!

    This should get a few of the unenlightened out of their catatonic dream state.

  22. Jo Jackson says:

    Good luck on the Southern border. You’re gonna need it!

    Consolation again – think about what we have to deal with in London. Did you know that London’s Transport Network is almost exclusively manned by boons straight out the trees of West Africa, Sri Lanka and rest of the Indian sub. Monkeys labelled as “station supervisors” are paid £40K per annum plus just for sitting on their asses and selling tickets!

    Their white union leader Bob Crowe is nothing less than a bloated, white commie commissar who allegedly receives something like £200K per annum and still lives in a council house costing him £90 per week?

    The ‘former’ mayor, overt commie and nigger lover Ken Livingstone along with his ape advisers still influence the current ‘conservative’ muppet Johnson holding the office .

    This country is fucked!!

    Tourists pay ridiculous sums to use the tube and rail networks to upkeep the salaries of these boons. Imagine what tourists think when they arrive to see England? They’re met with grunting niggers of every hue and variety which must be frightening for some of them. But if anyone complains you can be sure a white do- gooder will respond with “raaayciss” 🙂

  23. Dear readers of Incog man this is off message but absolutely relevant to America and the coming changing face of White America, you are warned. Please all off you go to the BNP web site and look up BNP television= Racial Grooming, The Truth Rochdale. It is about Muslim groomers of children=none muslim children. the video is of action mostly out side of court, you will see and hear Nick Griffin party chairman explain things, you will also see a Journalist Aka Mark Starr add his words of abuse towards the BNP demonstration if you look carefuly at his face you will see a Weiner lookalike, look at his Snozz, his name and that, says it all.Yes Americans this is coming to you sooner than you think.

  24. Jo Jackson says:

    Oh yeah Transport for London outsource an American Defence supplier (Cubic) to supply and maintain the barriers and ticketing machines – employing turd world mud people including ‘militant’ Muslims directly out of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Africa in their workshops/call centres, all the while the other half supplies armaments to the American Army? LOL!

    Any idea what they make? Hundreds of millions………………………….! out of gullible ignorant people

  25. Hoff says:

    Ohhh … lt’s only skindeep. NOT?

    “Holland & Denmark: Home helpers stealing from elderly caught on video”

  26. Just imagine for a moment what America would be like if the jew never made it to our shores.

    Imagine, now, what it would be like if the jew were removed from them.

    I once read a comment where the writer said that the jew only can exists where there is enough of a market for his wares to sustain himself on. In other words where there is addiction, lust, greed, violence, deceit, theft, laziness, etc, the jew will thrive because these are the things the jew proffers. The gentile is not wont to spread ill among his brethren, but the jew readily will. Therefore, by keeping ourselves clean, true and straight, not only will we move away from the jew but the jew will move away from us. These are two very, very compelling reasons to embark on holistic self-improvement.

  27. Jo Jackson says:

    Hoff that’s a good vid re ‘home help’

    The problem is that the white do-gooder/toady does not want to know. So those who are determined to remain ignorant of what niggers are all about despite constant warnings about multiculturalism deserve all they get.

    The western white masses kow tow to the insidiuous commie diktat without a whimper?

    I have worked with both niggers and asian muds and will NEVER work with them again not as ‘equals’ at any rate. I avoid them like the plague and avoid whites who mix with them. These do-gooding liberal fuckwits are the root cause of this decade old problem.

    Get rid of them and the Jewish influence and the rest will fall away like a pack of dominoes.

  28. Nash says:

    Jewish Humor got out of control!!

    Zionism is a disease!

  29. Hohl scheibe says:

    I think ALL males in (white countries) talk/talk/talk and wait for someone to save them.

  30. Julian Lee says:

    No, most males in White countries are afraid to even talk.
    And the last thing Jews want is for them to talk, so it’s all good.

    Jews know that talk comes before action. Now they’re agog that their talk rules are falling.
    There is not near enough free talk yet. Jew awareness has to break through to the mainstream.

    Whites got into trouble by letting Jews talk too much and not talking enough themselves.

    So it’s all good. These boards are all good, and talk is important. So important we even have a Constitutional item guaranteeing it. Because the founders knew that men are well directed and get organized via talk, and via talk, and also via free speech. And through talk.

    Talk! Speak!

    So first some “hollow crap.” Then some fully loaded truth.

  31. Hoff says:

    The Victory of Judaism over Germanism


    Look at the year. 18oo’s … And what is new?

  32. Mad Joo says:

    Yep, Julian, you are KOO KOO.
    But I do semi-sorta like some of your videos.
    I AM WHITE, DUMMY. I was beaten to a pulp with sticks as a young lady by 3 black girls for NOTHING while they screamed “WHITE BITCH!”
    They didnt say “White Jew Bitch”, they didnt say “White Christian bitch” Just

    So, knock the shit off with you thinking ya’all are the only whites.
    Forced out of my home in Cali because of ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS all over a once nice neighborhood.

    And yeah, it is KOO FKING KOO to think some Jooos started the wildfire, jackass. Illegal occupiers are MESSICAN, Columbian (the worst) and Venezuelans.

    Anyway…. Lookie, lookie… I am always right about you idiots. Barney the FAIRY Frank and RU PAUL (I always love when I get validated everyday by telling you idiots that you are WITH these left wing Bolshevik Jewish scum)
    See 😀
    DUHHH Ron Paul with that fatass Judenrat SCUM

    Ron Paul, Barney Frank to jointly introduce bill to end federal war on marijuana:


  33. Mad Joo says:

    The Hufschmid approach.
    I dont even know WHAT THE F you are talking about.
    Just b/c someone is ETHNICALLY a Joo does not mean shit.
    I didnt grow up with a ‘religion’.

    I grew up in an all white Christian town that didnt put up with bullshit.
    Stop the stereo-typing crap, its redundant.

  34. Hohl scheibe says:

    There is nothing to fear about the imminent collapse of the global financial prison. – David Icke

    Aspire nobly; adventure daringly; serve humbly – Anonymous

  35. American says:

    Madjoobaggess only comments here to take out her frustration on “Goyim” when her hubby is out paying naive but pretty shiksas for sex. She knows it’s true.

    I’m just glad Incogman.net had more visits in the last half hour than she’s had since she started. LOL!!!


  36. “WORD HAS BEEN building over the last few weeks that out-of-control wildfires in Arizona and across the southwest are the work of illegal aliens.”

    Where did you hear that Mexicans did it ? YOU MUST HAVE HEARD IT FROM JEWISH-OWNED TALK RADIO …. OR WAS IT FROM SOME OTHER FACET OF THE JEWISH MIND-CONTROL OCTOPUS ??? I’m not pretending that I know who set off the wildfires in Arizona …. it could have been Mexicans, but on the other hand it could have been ZIONIST JEWS FROM THE STATE OF ISRAEL. I am inclined to believe that it was the latter (i.e. Jews) who set those fires ablaze. Jews are extremely destructive. Look at what they’ve done to those poor miserable Arabs in the Middle East. No other ethnic group is geared up for that sort of behavior. Jews will exterminate large numbers of Arabs in the most brutal and the most ruthless way imaginable, just so they can have a little “fun.” It’s only fun to them, and they literally “get off” on it. Jews are immensely wealthy and their religion teaches them that IT’S THEIR DUTY TO EXTERMINATE EVERYBODY WHO ISN’T ONE OF THEM. You can say what you want about Mexicans, but imo there’s nothing in the genetic makeup of Mexicans that makes them lustful of destroying “the other.” I can see how a Mexican might be inclined to stick his knife into you for stealing his bag of dope or perhaps even for looking at his girlfriend. BUT ONLY A JEW CAN START A DELIBERATE WILDFIRE. ONLY A JEW IS CAPABLE OF BEING THAT MALEVOLENT.

    The Jewish “MO” is to instigate a crime and then to scapegoat some innocent third-party. This is why members of the Stern Gang were dressed up to look like Arabs when they destroyed the King David Hotel.

    I am naturally suspicious of everything the Jewish newsmedia says, so why aren’t you ?

  37. JamesTheJust says:

    In other words where there is addiction, lust, greed, violence, deceit, theft, laziness, etc, the jew will thrive because these are the things the jew proffers. The gentile is not wont to spread ill among his brethren, but the jew readily will. Therefore, by keeping ourselves clean, true and straight, not only will we move away from the jew but the jew will move away from us.

    I wish that were true allovertheplace, but its not. If that were true the jew would not need to come to White nations, they’d need only go to the mud nations, since lust, greed, deceit, theft and violence are NATURAL and GENETIC to them.

    The jew comes to White nations because they seek to destroy us. This battle is very ancient. Had it not been for YAH’s divine intervention, our race would have been destroyed long ago. We are like sheep led to the slaughter.

    If the jew “needed” us to peddle their vice, they would not need to INTRODUCE and be to PROPAGATORS of vice among a White race, who are not naturally prone to such vice. The jew must first INFILTRATE and slowly demoralize our people before they can peddle their wares. Not so with the other races….and yet, they choose to to be the serpent people always nipping at our heels; no matter where we go.

    This is a fight to the death. Good news is, the jew will loose and every single damned one of them will be put to death.

    This was foretold. We were forewarned.

  38. JamesTheJust says:

    The first time I went to England was in the 70’s. It was a great place. I enjoyed myself. Britain was truly GREAT. The land of the first above ground church, started by Joseph, Mary’s uncle. The land of the apostles and prophets, where Yahshua HIMSELF went. Peopled by descendants of Israel. Led by the Royal House of the line of David.

    All that’s changed now. Last I went was in the 90’s. London looks like a sea of MUD! The great cathedrals are nothing more than whore houses, surrounded by aliens who hate our Christ. And even QEII has betrayed her people and her crown. She is an abomination to our glorious White Israelite heritage.


    Like YHWH, I hate them with a perfect hate!

  39. Hoff says:

    Jo Jackson says:
    June 23, 2011 at 8:42 am
    Hoff that’s a good vid re ‘home help’


    Here in EU we are told endless in the jew”media” that the 3-world massimmigrants will take care of us when we get old.

  40. t bone says:

    Here you go JTJ

  41. t bone says:

    Sorry. Wrong Vid. This should be the right one.

  42. [youtube]UDv1aqbWRE0[/youtube]

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