Michelle Obama’s Black Visit to White Hell

GENOCIDE WATCH.ORG is expected next week to upgrade the genocide level of South Africa to stage 6 (out of a possible 8), due to racially motivated violence directed at White Afrikaners and — to camouflage the race part — primitive tribal hatreds against black refugees fleeing Zimbabwe (PM Robert Mugabe was handed the country on a silver platter by International Jewry back in the 1970’s and made it his corrupt, murderous fiefdom ever since).

Pretty GD sorry considering all the crap the media has been running lately on Michelle Obama’s “state trip” down there (video below) taking along the kids, mother and various other black hanger-ons, all eager to enjoy being big shots in black land. You would have to be blind not to have seen the puke-inducing BS on TV, or smart enough to have trashed the Jew brainwashing device by now.

Imagine all the millions of tax dollars this totally stupid black racial pride junket cost this country as we bleed money all over the globe and so many of us are out of work at home?

This murder situation has become terrifying for White Afrikaners (as if it wasn’t before) and the liberal, anti-White US media still refuses to say a word. This goes for all of them, even the supposedly “conservative” media outlet FOX news. Ask yourself why hasn’t Mr. Glenn Beck and his little buddy, Bill O’Reilly mentioned anything? Because the real bosses have made it off-limits, that’s why.

The only thing left is full-blown, out-and-out massacres of White people in the streets and fields, which many expect will happen just as soon as Nelson Mandela dies of old age. Probably the Jew media mavens know the way things are going might make it the last time to pull off such a staged multicult propaganda event.

And Jew-media could not stop mentioning how South Africa used to be such an “evil racist” apartheid place as they covered Michelle Obama’s meeting with Mandela. Do they ever say one lousy stinking thing about Israel’s present-day oppressions and torture of the Palestinians? Of course not, it’s a Jew thing!

They act like the woman is such a historic first lady and we so have to love her because she’s supposed to be some kind of black Jackie Kennedy, as they far too obviously try to imply. It’s enough to make any clear-thinking and self-respecting White person want to vomit!

Half-Jew liberal Matt Lauer spews about Michelle Obama’s race pride junket.

You think the Jew-controlled mainstream media might report on SA hitting genocide level 6? Don’t make me laugh. The media feels free to totally ignore the situation for Whites in SA, instead filling up the airwaves with Jew World Order propaganda like above. God, it’s so thick these days, one wonders how people don’t get it.

Just like Zimbabwe, Jews everywhere were completely involved in the undermining of White people in South Africa, yet the International Jewish elite kept ownership of valuable natural resources like diamond mining (prone to getting their asses kicked out, the Jews have always been queer for ice). The exact same national dispossession tactics are now being waged on most White countries of the West.

The more you look into it all, the more you’ll realize that this is the real deal.

The media did report briefly on Obama’s Libyan NATO efforts to roust Khaddifi going past the 90 day executive action window before “our” legislators have to vote on it. But they, of course, ignored any NATO bombing of pro-Khaddifi civilians and the one million pro-Khaddifi Libyan demonstration. The controlled media just continues to fill the message with tiresome “fighting for democracy” pap.

Yeah, sure, America cares so much for anti-Khaddifi Libyan “freedom fighters,” right? That’s a joke on us, as America’s taxpayers continually pay in money and blood for the Mideast Agenda of the Zionist elite. They’ll report on Darfur — the liberal’s favorite victims in Africa, but only because they’re black.

So don’t hold your breath waiting for some Hollywood actor to come out about Whites in South Africa — the Jews media masters might get a little suspicious about another evil “anti-Semite” Mel Gibson in the wings.

South Africa? No, Britain, France and America!

You think these people are going to be all so nice and sweet just because you’ve been a stupid fool liberal all your life? Get real, bozo, violent blacks will still stomp the living daylights out of you merely for being White — if they’ve got you outnumbered or unarmed.

On his way home, teenager Carter Strange was nearly beaten to death by a gang of black thugs in Columbia, S.C. just last week. If the races were reversed, the story would have been all over the news!

All of us White people had better start arming up because the same thing happening in South Africa is happening in America. Blacks are now going insane in the streets, mob-attacking innocent Whites everywhere (right). It will only get continually worse as this nation’s economy goes down the drain.

Lousy White liberals won’t say anything because they have so much invested in their Jew-manufactured multicult dream world. They’ll frantically scream “racist” at any of us who dares to state facts; because when it comes to their fantasies, they don’t care one iota about any facts. Never have.

But these spineless fools will reinvent themselves overnight — just watch.

Everyday we hear of more PC indoctrination. Did you catch that ridiculously hyped-up national news report on the Southwest airline pilot who made some pissant non-PC comments over the cockpit radio system to his co-pilot? His mic was open and was heard by ground control. It was hardly anything (homos, ugly babes he wouldn’t do), but they made it out like the man had committed murder. Now the poor sap has to go through “sensitivity training” — modern day re-education camp.

The Jew PC Police want us Whites to fear what we say — anytime and anywhere.

As the Jewish race and social issue hypocrisy continues to build and build to explosive new levels in White countries; it’s easy to see exactly why the Jews end-up getting kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived, once the people have enough of these nation-wreckers and the kinds of crap they are behind.

I’ve had it with the lousy, devious Jews and the feeling is fast spreading across the country, thank goodness. It’s only a matter of time before we finally bring to heel these anti-White and anti-Christian Jews, as well as putting the fear of God back into the spoiled and violently criminal “African-Americans!”

— Phillip Marlowe

Go HERE to read more of what’s happening to Whites in South Africa. Or HERE and read my widely read post “I Killed Them Because They Were White” — but don’t if you’re a sensitive type person and want to stay stupid. Take just a little time to see what it’s like to be a White person in a country run by blacks. You may well live it, soon enough.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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181 Responses to Michelle Obama’s Black Visit to White Hell

  1. Vox says:

    @ All

    What in the HELL are we going to do about this shit?

    I am so sick and tired of just ranting. I want to take this shit right to the hymie’s doorstep and ring the God Damn wiry haired, beady eyed, jew bastard’s neck for everything done to me personally and to Christianity, the White race, America…… right on down the line.

    When are we going to start having rallies, maybe some Frontier Justice on these nigger animals running wild in our country!

  2. @ Vox,

    Yeah, I do live on the East Coast, close to Philly. You have to understand, all the liberal
    giveaways are orchestrated by the Jew. It is a transference of wealth until
    the Whites are broke. Then they can totally DESTROY us.

    They have the STUPID liberal White morons thinking
    it is some type of humanitarian thing, and a payback for injustices of
    slavery, which by way the Jew benefited from more than anyone, although they
    are too brainwashed to look it up, and see it for themselves.


    Some liberal Whites, like Bill Clinton, are smart enough to see it is all a scam,
    but they go along with the sellout charade for the Zionist crumbs.

    I mean where is their civil rights concern for the “minority” in their
    own backyard of Israel, it don’t EXIST!

    They have lead the civil rights movement everywhere they could usurp
    White Christian rule and money. Mostly through communism and other FAKE
    ruses. There real reason was never for the welfare or concern of Blacks!

    The Jew ALWAYS does what is best for the Jew!


  3. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    (My conspiracy theory frame of mind talking here). Funny how this shit up in Peoria suddenly springs up out of nowhere. True, they have been chimping-out by varying degrees for quite a long while, but it seems that the powers- that- be has upped the antie to see how we would react. Maybe they want us to start fighting back so they can implement their DHS bullshit.

    A small correction for Incog: The 18 y/o man in the picture was jumped in the city of Columbia, SC. Not Charelston.

    I think I’ll start posting more and staying silent less. Though I won’t take part in the intermittant flame-wars that pop up.

  4. Carve_Dat_Possum says:

    “so the young
    White Kwan girls go Ga Ga over these scumbags.”

    The parable of the China Plate.

    This is something that I made up quite a few years ago that applies to ALL coalburners and I’m gonna post it so you folks can use it at the apprpriate time.

    In front of you, on a table, is the most beautiful, flawlessly crafted china plate. You would be proud to partake of a fine meal from this priceless work of art. Suddenly, a nigger jumps up on your table and pulls down his pants, then he proceeds to take a hot-steaming crap right in the middle of your beautiful plate. After he’s done, someone comes and removes the plate, scrapes the shit out and you observe this person carefully wash, clean and sanitize this plate. When the job is done, this plate is restored to, what it seems, its former beauty. Soon after the plate is restored a sumptuous meal is served up on this plate. It is a flawlessly cooked gourmet meal fit for a king, and you are indeed hungry!

    The question that remains is: will you, after all you’ve witnessed, eat from this plate?

    pass it on.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    A “Benign” Culture With “Benign Individuals”!

    Another group of “few benign individuals” shouted Deport the Jewish “Negros”


    Jews tell us we need to embrace multiculturalism and accept the flood of Third World people into the West. It’s different when they flood into their precious homeland!

  6. t bone says:

    Good for you Bailey. Just make sure that spic is over 18 if you decide to punch his lights out.

    You should haved warned me about that theatre story. I didnt have my barf bag available.

    This flash mob shit is something to be concerned about. We should follow suit.

  7. t bone says:

    It doesnt matter where Whites are, blacks will attack them.

  8. Andre in L.A. says:

    Some Whites know how to deal with blacks who revert to the jungle. I lived in Hayward CA, where a local girl was raped by a black she had grown up with. Unfortunately for him, he was too cracked-out to remember that her late father had been president of the Oakland chapter, Hells Angels. Bikers care for their own, and they rode through town wearing colors. The next morning homeboy was found in a trucking yard, where (presumably) the Angels had danced the biker stomp. The local paper said every bone in his body was broken.

    A bit of humor. The building I resided in, when in Hayward, was having a new roof installed. The spook described above had beaten a young defenseless white man, and had threatened myself and others. On a stormy night, the roofing kettle was fired up, the pump started, and homeboy’s Camaro was filled up to the windshield with tar (alas, no feathers). It was never determined who committed this nefarious deed.

  9. Hoff says:

    Forgotten History – by Hoff

    When l was in school we was told to never mind history. lt was just a bunch of old kings and obsolete. ln short – To hell with history. This is jew-talk. The jews want a people with no history. Because if you got no history you are lost. And that is good for the jews.

    ln November 1939 the jew run Soviet attacked Finland. Let’s look at the russian people in 39. They are dead poor. Lousy housing, lousy food, lousy clothing. As a whole the russian people are dead poor.

    Now, explain to me why the poor russian people would use 35 percent of their income to build the worlds largest attack army and invade poor Finland? Because Finland was also a poor country. What could the russian people possibly gain from invading Finland? The correct answer is – Nothing whatsoever.

    Was it the russian people who attacked Finland Nov 39? No, it was the JEWs who attacked Finland with the jews private army, the jews proxy war machine Soviet army.

    Can you explain why Soviet attacked Finland? No you can’t simply because there is not one single logic reason why the russian people would attack Finland. There is only one logic reason and that is that the jews was running Soviet and that Soviet was the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

    The jews used 35 percent of Soviet GNP on the military. No other state have used 35% on an attack army. The jews attack on Finland was simply a rehearsal for the real deal – to invade the whole wester Europe and then the jews would have done exactly what the jews did in Russia. Killing the entire old non-jew elite and replace it wit a New Jew Elite.

    Mr Hitler knew what the jew did in Russia. You wont see this on Hitlery Channel because it’s edited out, but Mr Hitler consequently refered to Soviet as “judeo-bolshevik”.

    The jews ALWAYS smear-slander their biggest enemies. Vidkun Quisling
    A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.

    [After Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), head of Norway’s government during the Nazi occupation (1940-1945).]

    What very few knows is that Quisling had been to Soviet and he ha´d seen firsthand what the jews had done to Russia. How few knew what the jews had done to Russia? Where few in the western world knew what the jews did to Russia. But Quisling knew.

    Given all the facts, who would you side with today: The jews or Mr Hitler and Mr Quisling?

    lt was the jews that forced ww2 on Germany and on the whole western world. Not the other way around. And the jews started with an all out attack on Finland.

    “The Soviet forces had three times as many soldiers as the Finns, 30 times as many aircraft, and a hundred times as many tanks.”


    Talk about overkill. And still they didn’t defeat Finlan. And why is that you think? Because the russian peasants that was the jews proxy soldiers had no clue why they was attacking Finland. The russian peasants lacked all motivatin for this attack war on Finland.

  10. Hoff says:

    <B<The Jews Want To Be "God" on Earth – by Hoff</b

    You didn't think of that before did you? Well, think about it. lf you are "God" on earth you can do whatever you want with impunity.

    To be "God" on earth is the highest worldly power you can get. And that is what the jews want.

    How do you get to be "God" on earth? Well, the jew fraud communism says all religions shall be abolished and replaced with the jew fruad communism. ln communism the state is the highest worldly power.

    Worshiping the state was the jew made new "religion" that all must confess to. ln the jew run Soviet the jews killed all who opposed the jews in the least way. The jews killed all the clergery, dynamited the biggest churches and the smaller ones into stables.

    The ONLY allowed "religion" in the jew run Soviet was the state-worship. All other religions was hunted and destroyed merciless by the jews.

    When the jews finally gave up Soviet in 1990 what was the first thing the russian people did? Rebuild their churches and start going to their church.

    The jews ran Soviet for over 70 years and by any mean they tried to abolish the ryssian church to the core. And it didn't work.

    – Now what do we do? asked the jew "intellectuals".

    – Let them have their religion. We make a new "religion" that is superior to all other religions. Let's make the holohoax a world wide "religion".

    This way goyim can keep their religion – as long as they belive in the jew made holohoax.

    And there we are today. The jew made holohoax "religion" is superior to all other religions in the whole western world. And look how the jews treat people who say they don't belive in the holohoax "religion" and compare to what the jews did in Soviet.

    The MO is EXACTLY the same. All non-beliver are hunted merciless by the jews. Some are killed by the jews, some are maimed for life by the jews, many are sent to Gulag for many years, Ernst Zundel was in prison for seven years. Horst Mahler is up to 15 years now.

    During the Soviet era the jews could only force people to belive in the jew made comminist state "religion"who was under the rule of the jew run Soviet.

    Today nearly all "leaders" in the western world are sucking up big time and beliving the the jews "religion" holohoax. And this is how the jews have become "God" on earth. Because people belive in the jews holohoax BS.

  11. Andre in L.A. says:

    If you cannot get a gun permit, and are not martial arts trained, I would suggest learning how to use a knife. Granted, it takes a certain mental attitude to take steel to someone else. But, any martial art is useless without the attitude to use it. You will need an expert to train you, but should have a much shorter learning curve than with tae kwan do, karate, or boxing. The fighting arts require a high level of physical conditioning to be effective. While a knife is not going to help if you look and move like the Goodyear blimp, it could enable Average Joe to survive long enough to escape if a pack of chimps attacks. Slice the lead chimp’s face, or carve a gun from a chimp’s hand, and I guarantee the rest of the pack will look for easier pickings. Another thought is open-carry of a roofing axe (watch Mel Gibson’s tomahawk ballet in “The Patriot”, to see what I am getting at), though this might look a little incongruous if you are in a pinstripe 3-piece, or dressed for the golf course.

    Humor Dept. – from my HS years. I was on a bus home from Serra High. A black dwarf gets on the bus, pulls out a .25 auto, and says “I’m going to shoot someone from Serra”. My friend Steve, a 6′ 2″ Polak from Compton (one of 5 brothers, who terrorized their all-black neighborhood), stands up and says “I’m from Serra, shoot me” – as he pulls out a switchblade, and unleashes the 6″ of steel. Black dwarf stares at the blade, puts his pistol in his pocket, and finds a seat.

  12. Dear all White folk and fellow Beeblebroxians the big picture is missed by many of you, some blather about history books as if therein lies the truth, those who have read the book by George Orwell [1984] you will read how news on a day- to- day basis, history, can be re-written over and over again. All countries of the west now have Ministries of truth distorting facts, rewriting the truth, lying for posterity. There is one History book however the denizens of the Ministries of truth cannot get their hands on. That History book is your DNA.History books, the paper sort come and go and most are blatant lies. Your DNA is the History [White history] of you, how can those denizens of the Ministries of truth corrupt it,= Get this because it is so important, they corrupt it by encouraging you to commit miscegenation, so you see, your DNA would be corrupted for all time. Final Victory for the Denizens of the ministry of [ chosen ones] truth, some of you get all this but some of you are still behind the eightball.

  13. Flanders says:

    Consider me back. I will not be physically present until I have taken care of some other matters, but I am following what is being said and I like almost everything about what I see. Some great comments by our regulars and some great new commenters, too. Great posts as usual by Incogman. Keep up the good work. We have some damn fine people here and OUR ONLY problem is finding an audience who are CAPABLE of understanding the truth.

  14. Jo Jackson says:

    We will bankrupt Europe with the “Euro” and buy all of Europe for nothing – says the Commie Chinese puppet (at least that’s how I read it between the lines) Soros and chums have been ‘practising’ with the UK for decades.


    Good to see you back Flanders

  15. American says:

    A couple things I ran across this morning:

    Notice how excited jew-rat Chuck Schumer is about homo “rights” in NY…


    And, Time magazine has a cover this week “Does the Constitution Really Matter?”, with a pic of it shredded, written by somebody named Miller. No doubt Miller is another jew pretending to be White.

  16. Bailey says:

    Just look at that video of chucky shumer and his queers.
    More proof that domestic terrorism does not exist, shame.

    Good to see you back Flanders!

  17. Bailey says:

    New, teutonic warrior chick:

  18. This one is for Hoff,

    Are Rockefellers & Sotomayor Illuminati Jews?



  19. Bailey says:

    Check this guy out, telling it like it is.

  20. Bailey says:

    Here’s the cover from Time magazine that American mentioned.



  21. t bone says:

    Good to have you back Flanders.

  22. t bone says:

    You think the TSA is bad at the airports? Wait til these flash mobs get so out of hand that there will be ‘pat-downs’ at convenience stores and gas stations.

    Even though these mobs are ALL black, Whites will get pigeon-holed into this mess because profiling isnt allowed.


    btw-great posts Bailey.

  23. Hoff says:

    Hoff at all good Ladies and Gentlemen:

    lt look like all good posters are back at incogland and on a roll.

    Let’s make incogland six million hits.

    Hey jewboooooiii – that is not a promise – it’s a threat.

    One basic misstake we do is that we think everybody knows what we know – they don’t.

    Do you know what l know? No you don’t and that is the reason why l spend much time to explain even the simplest details. What is incogland all about? Waking people up to the jews. How can you possible wake people up if you can’t explain what you try to say? Clarity, clarity and clarity.

    When l woke up to the jews 5-6 years ago it felt lika having a a lump in my throat. My advice is – don’t worry about Q-ing the Lying Jew Scumbags. They are all lying pos good for nothing timeless, eternal scum.

    Just say it loud: LYING JEW SCUMBAGS. Now, repeat 50 times and your out of the jew spell. Just do it!!!

  24. Otto Gachter says:

    Another great piece incog as well as astute commentary. The following is a bit off topic, but I am seeking a little help here.

    As a regular reader here in incog land, I would like any of the regular posters here to help me out a bit concerning the Veterans Today website and in particular, Gordon Duff. I have been suspicious that Duff and crew operate sort of like Foghorn Leghorn down in Austin, Alex Jones. Duff comes out with great work and info concerning the synagogue of satan state and their utter control of congress and foreign policy, but always comes up with something about Hitler. JB Campbell also posts work that could easily fit in here in incogville.

    One time last Spring, I attempted to comment on a Duff piece and posted the transcript and the audio of JFK’s speech in April of 1961 where he warned us of the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” as well as secret oaths, agreements, and secret societies. It was blocked, but about three days latter Duff wrote another piece where he posted a video of the Kennedy speech.

    Today, after reading this Gordon Duff piece, I decided to ask a simple question and post a brief comment. The censors did not let it go through; I tried it twice. What I tried to post follows the link I tried to respond to.

    “The Hitler and Netanyahu comparisons lead me to have to ask this question. Would what is left of middle class America be better off under Germany’s National Socialism or Zionist Talmudic law?

    The Noahide laws are already on the books via the Poppy Bush admin. If you don’t think they will be the “law of the land,'” review Lawson’s video again or listen to Michele Bachman’s I’m running for president of the JSA speech. ”
    I have been at this game for damn near ten years and have received plenty of death threats and we are going to get you comments from the JDL type goons for reminding them of the truth. I’m not a rookie when it comes to sniffing out judeo bolshevik deception, but this VT site is a bit hard to figure out.

    Hoff or any one else here, is VT just another psyop in your view? Is the whole site run under the mossad motto of deception? Is it a heavily monitored and spied on bait and switch type gig that they are running or am I way off base here?

    Hell, maybe Duff is working on piece using my comment for fuel like did before. Fat chance I say.

    I am so sick of the massive lies and deception I could puke.

  25. SBD TV says:

    A lecture on time and money. What does you jewdar say about this guy? The military patches at the tail end of this video are the reason I’m posting it.(11,834)

  26. Student Outreach at AIPAC (What brainwashing, check out Alan Dershitz)


  27. Vox says:

    I wish I could find the comment here again but for whoever said it MAN!! that was a real pearl of wisdom and it should be the foundation of what Christians espouse about the holyhoax.

    The poster said:
    “I believe in the holocaust. I just believe that it’s happened yet.”

    WOW!! So true. We are still waiting for the six million to be killed. Let’s pop open a few beers, light the BBQ pit and sit back and wait for the magic moment! Then we can dance in the streets like the Hymies did in Tel Aviv on 9/11. Yeah remember that? I saw it on CBS where they showed a feed from Tel Aviv where the jewbags were dancing in the street celebrating. Then later they tried to say the pictures were taken in Iraq and then later the story was dropped completely.

  28. Vox says:


    Comment the poster posted was:

    “I believe in the holocaust. I just don’t believe that it’s happened yet.”

  29. t bone says:

    Talk about jew control. Wow!
    AIPAC and its multicult, ziotard suck-ups can all go to hell.
    They are all oblivious to the jew underlying theme (world domination for jews and to hell with everyone else).
    But these morons think short term only and buy into zionistic lies because the jews word their rhetoric just so.

    btw-SBD TV
    I tried to watch that vid but I gave out after 2 mins. That guy looks like an israeli mud and his greasy face really got my nigger up.

    My jewdar says he’s a jew asswipe. Knew it right away.

  30. JamesTheJust says:

    The ONLY allowed “religion” in the jew run Soviet was the state-worship.

    Well, that and JEWdaism. The SIN-OF-GOGS were NOT bombed or destroyed.

  31. JamesTheJust ,

    “SIN-OF-GOGS ”

    Tell me the deal with that James, is that word “Synagogue” used to pay homage to Gog or Magog??? Was that some Khazar thing?? A demon?


  32. Ralph Nader on McCain and Israel’s Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty



  33. JamesTheJust says:

    Not sure DWC. I’ve never studied that word or its origin. Just making a play on words, but I wouldn’t be surprised if GOG and SIN had something to do with it.

    True Israelites met in Temples and assembly halls.

    I have noted that this word did not appear until just prior to the time of Yahshua, after the infiltration of the Edomite jew into Israelite society.

  34. Hoff says:

    Gordon Duff look like the real deal. About the comment on veteranstoday.com. l have sites that l could post on and one day l could not get my comments to show. Can you see your commen and see a text saying like: Your comment is waiting for approvement, or something like that?

    He links to lngrid Zundel, Ernst Zundel’s wife and if she aint the real deal l don’t know who is. She was the one that explained why the Krystallnight was a jew false flag operation.


    lf you got more on Duff, post it up.

  35. Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty
    Its 2011 and the Niggers are attacking. Its not 1967, but since you are focused on 1967, just what was the Liberty doing in a war zone that didnt involve the US?

  36. Hoff says:

    I was casting about for some troops who would help me clean up some of the historical refuse. I chanced upon a website that impressed me for its candor and courage. It is the website of a cyber outfit called Veterans Today. –lngrid Zundel–


  37. Hoff says:

    David Ben Moshe says:
    June 28, 2011 at 1:23 am
    Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty

    Its not 1967, but since you are focused on 1967, just what was the Liberty doing in a war zone that didnt involve the US?


    Just another day in the lying jew scumbags propaganda bullshit mill. USS Liberty was NOT in a war zone. And she was intentionally left without protection so that the jews could attack her.

  38. They should have made the first sheboon take a commercial flight over there so she could get a taste of Chertoff’s TSA sexual assault policies. And the ticket to Ape-Freaka
    should have been a one way ticket without her knowing anything about it!

  39. JamesTheJust says:

    just what was the Liberty doing in a war zone that didnt involve the US?

    This is how the jew spreads lies and deception by asking a question with lies. It does not draw focus to the ignorant and uninitiated Whites out there, so they assume that the USS Liberty MUST have been in a war zone.

    They are of their father, the devil, who was a liar from the beginning.

    jews are disgusting. There is no good in them at all.

  40. shaunantijihad says:

    We are being bred. They are on the side of Blacks, not because they like Blacks, but because their low IQ genes are useful in the permanent destruction of White nations. Assuming all White nations don’t just whimper out like Rhodesia and South Africa, there will be the additional problem of those of mixed Negro race. Sterilisation would have to be adopted, or, better still, send them all to Israel with lots of Viagra.

    Black Muslims declare race war to kill all Whites, a passing Jew shouts support, but is humiliated. Talk about a plan backfiring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T2xTdwxLk8&feature=related

    A typical pure blooded Erectus in S Africa, IQ possibly 20, would have made made Australopithecus look smart, but whom the Tribe would dearly love to swamp our breeding territories with, uh, silly me, they already have: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tl4EyAGtvlU

  41. Silvernickel says:

    Apparently Prince Albert of Monaco loves Afreaka and wacky lipped Togo Mamas. I had no idea he had his own little ObongoBama. Bizzare!!!

    He has illegitimate daughter as well with another woman.


  42. Voir Dire says:

    Hello and kudos to you, “Phillip,” “Hoff” and my dear fellow patriot brethren! I haven’t “visited” here in a long time only because I try to spend time on other websites that for NOW do not censor (please see my exchange with the courageous financial analyst, Mike Stathis, whose critical pieces are now being posted on “Veterans Today” about the importance of writing on other blogs to draw intelligent, White bloggers to informative sites such as Incogman’s website @ http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/05/25/medias-latest-distraction-bin-ladens-porn-collection/)

    “I’m not a rookie when it comes to sniffing out judeo bolshevik deception, but this VT site is a bit hard to figure out.” – Otto

    Otto: I personally think the hard-charging, take-no-prisoners Duff imbibes in mind-altering substances. Look at the following absurd, disturbing exchange I had with him on “When Conspiracies Go Too Far.” I wanted to write “Gordon: Ernest Hemingway was WRONG!!! You should not write whilst drinking” but I was afraid he would remove my important commentary if I insulted or embarrassed him so I left it alone though I did address his disgusting replies. I think Gordon is a deracinated fool who truly wants to believe in Obama as a (laughable) legitimate critic of Zionism. What a fucking joke!


    Also, Otto, on that piece cited above, Gordon used a video of the smarmy, sickening Jewish lawyer trying to smear a brave Aussie on a debate about 9/11 that I’d previously posted on one of JB Campbell’s pieces, “Dam of Lies.” However, Duff on that same thread, ridiculously asserts that I must be a “newcomer” to his blog. Something is definitely “off” about him at times, but I still praise him for running such an impressive lineup of writers/truthtellers. Trust me when I say it is NOT insignificant that his website is very popular amongst active-duty and retired military veterans. This is an immensely promising development for Whites.

    I posted the following on the “White Genocide Evidence Project” and it is a golden nugget:

    I had long suspected a Jewish subversive was behind the devastating Section 8 housing laws that have destroyed so many formerly, perfectly nice, White neighborhoods and foisted the dirty crime bomb that comes from resettling the ghetto’s public-housing-project subjects into those neighborhoods and callously destroying what oftentimes amounts to the primary nest egg the middle-class has towards their retirement (putting aside for the moment the 9 TRILLION dollars in lost equity the banksters’ have currently annihilated in this financial collapse – See http://lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/realityzone/UFN9trillionequity.html)

    I finally found it because an astute individual had read and posted the link on one of VNN’s forums. Infinite thanks to whoever posted it. It was right under my nose all along.

    Few people know that these insidious housing vouchers pay up to 1600. dollars a month. This is an entry-level ticket into some pretty nice neighborhoods, but never quite enough to gain entry into the gated-enclaves and posh areas these social engineers and our political “elites” reside in. This is of course, just a myriad of the diabolical weapons of demoralizing the working serfs, destroying them physically and economically through Black crime, and eliminating the prosperity of a once-broad middle class.

    What makes this criminal case against the Jews so damning is that the following article confirms unequivocally that these wicked social engineers now KNOW that they are foisting criminal activity onto vulnerable, White, suburban neighborhoods and their unfortunate inhabitants, but they continue UNABATED. Couple this with the staggering levels of Black-on-White crime as compiled in the “Color of Crime” using the Dept. of Justice own crime statistics, and it paints a picture of a concerted, deliberate campaign of genocide and destruction upon hapless Whites.


    The following excerpt from this exemplary article IS the smoking gun, but the whole piece is a MUST READ:

    American Murder Mystery

    Why is crime rising in so many American cities? The answer implicates one of the most celebrated antipoverty programs of recent decades.

    “Polikoff is a hero to Betts and many of her colleagues. In August 1966, he filed two related class-action suits against the Chicago Housing Authority and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, on behalf of a woman named Dorothy Gautreaux and other tenants. Gautreaux wanted to leave the ghetto, but the CHA offered housing only in neighborhoods just like hers. Polikoff became notorious in the Chicago suburbs; one community group, he wrote, awarded him a gold-plated pooper-scooper “to clean up all the shit” he wanted to bring into the neighborhood. A decade later, he argued the case before the Supreme Court and won. Legal scholars today often compare the case’s significance to that of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka.”

    Posted by Voir Dire on April 02, 2011, 11:46 PM

    Cheers to ALL in the Incogman family, and (as ever) thanks to you “Phillip” and “Hoff” for your courage and continuing devotion to wake up ole’ Whitey,

    A female patriot

  43. {widget:url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDv1aqbWRE0}

  44. gene willis says:

    damn,lets blame the poor white man who has no money in these wars.can you believe it,the arm forces is full of white racists over seas.so says the jewish owned media.if you think im wrong,ask anyone from the jew owned media how they feel about the whites in this country.trust me they will lie about it first,then you well know just how the jew media works and feels about making all whites the enemy of the world.

  45. phantom says:

    Is it really true that around 70,000 whites have been murdered by blacks in south africa? you’d never know it by watching tv or even reading newspapers or magazines.
    My question for anyone that can answer it is why are whites not defending themselves? Why do they allow the attacks to continue? Even if the media hides black crimes can’t the whites form groups or militias or something that can defend themselves? who would be dumb enough to just sit there and let it happen? why not take action? i get the feeling from reading articles that they’re totally helpless. Don’t they have firearms? thanks in advance!

  46. phantom says:

    Its sickening how Jew run America stuck its nose in south africa by demanding an end to apartheid but now completely ignores the genocide of non blacks going on there right now. I wasn’t even aware of the genocide till a few weeks ago. Its amazing how the real geocide of 70,000 people can be covered up by ignoring it in the media.
    I guess if its possible to hide a real genocide its also possible to make up a fake genocide of 6 million like the jews have done. At first i didn’t think its possible but the more i think about it anythings possible with these jew parasites.

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