Coke-crazed Negro Slays 7 in Wild Murder Spree

Insane with grief, a White father reacts when told his daughter was one of those in the house where the defenseless victims lay dead. It’s probably 10 year-old Marissa Emkens (photo below).

Yesterday afternoon, a crazed, coke-snorting Negro went on a wild murder rampage in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Except on Internet sites, America heard no reporting on mainstream TV for 24 hours when FOX finally did an embarrassingly brief piece at 3:30pm EST, while carefully avoiding victim and perp shots. But we know for sure one of the victims was White and it now appears the rest were too.

Murderous Negro, Rodrick "Shonte" Dantzler.

Thomas Heeren, the father of the first victim, Jennifer Heeren — a coal burning whore who had a mulatto child by the killer — worked for a family business, Heeren Brothers Produce. Go HERE for a photo of his family (certainly one of those in the photo was the man’s father). This is also backed up because of how obvious the Jew and multicult liberal-controlled media has kept so quiet.

Just stop and think: They are still going on and on and on about the Caylee Anthony case, even though it’s over. What more do you need to see that Whites are purposefully being kept in the dark about what “diversity” really means?

Ex-convict Rodrick Shonte Dantzler is said to have went out hunting his victims after having some sort of argument with that lousy slut, Jennifer Heeren. He brutally shot her dead, the 12 year-old daughter they had together, right along with the girlfriend’s mother Rebecca and father, Thomas. Imagine what that crime scene was like.

Kimberlee Emkens, the other race-traitor victim.

Then the SOB climbs back into his SUV and drives across town to kill a confirmed White woman, 23-year-old Kimberlee Ann Emkens (right), who foolishly once dated the convict Negro. Sadly for them, her sister and innocent 10 year-old niece were both home and shot down as well.

Just goes to show you what all too often happens to diversity brainwashed White women, and sometimes to those around them, when they get involved with these violent, free-ranging primates.

After slaughtering those three, the guy goes on a wild road rage trip right through downtown Grand Rapids, shooting at other cars and even pedestrians along the way.

It appears that he was trying to hunt down another woman named April Swanson in the area, who may have stupidly had relations with him in the past. According to her daughter, Karissa, Dantzler knew April for years. What is with these idiot White women? Take a look at his mugshot, for crying out loud.

While she was on a cellphone, the crazy Negro pulled up alongside her yelling  “April, April, I gotta talk, I gotta talk to you.” The daughter continues: “So my mom hung up the phone and called the police and was like, ‘He’s right next to me.'”

He caught her at a stoplight and started shooting. She was hit in the arm. A couple of others along the way also were shot but survived. One had a titanium artificial nose that deflected the bullet. How’s that for weird?

Now in a wild high speed chase with the law, Dantzler Negro loses control of his SUV, or car stolen from one of the residences, bounces down an embankment and smashes into a tree. Abandoning the vehicle and still on the loose, he breaks into a nearby home and holds the undoubtedly freaked occupants hostage.

Then a bizarre 4 hour stand-off begins (normally cable news reports something like that). He takes potshots at the surrounding cops and fires the gun randomly about the home, yet one of the hostages manages to talk him out of killing them and luckily all survive their unwelcome Negro interloper. One of them even went out and retrieved his requested Gatorade and cigarettes from police.

Dantzler asked police negotiators where to stand so SWAT snipers can take him out, but then saves them the trouble by shooting himself in the head right as he was supposedly surrendering.

At least he was nice enough to save taxpayers anymore dough.

Michigan area Whites got themselves another big fat dose of “diversity” yesterday.

Haven’t you had quite enough of these “people?” They kill each other all the time over a chicken bone or crack rock and will shoot, stab, burn or beat Whites to death, too. Right now, these apes are going around in large packs and attacking defenseless Whites on the streets everywhere.

This particular crime should illustrate three distinct things: One, how the media purposefully keeps Whites in the dark. Two, having any kind of relations with these crazy blacks puts not only you in mortal danger, but your family and friends. And three, White people don’t deserve any of this crap whatsoever. After all we’ve done to placate these people, they are still spoiled militant brats and violent criminals.

The Jewish social engineering of “Multiculturism” has failed miserably. Now America is faced with turning into a Third world hell hole and White people victimized on a daily basis.

Want to hear the biggest oxymoron ever? Try “Diverse Nation” on for size. The more you analyze that one, the more you’ll understand all the stupid poisonous crap America has been undergoing for decades now.

It’s time for Whites to get together and put a screeching halt to the nation-wrecking Jew and his owned media!

— Phillip Marlowe


April Swanson is another Coal Burner

Here’s her My Space page: where you can check out her disgusting mudsharking photos yourself. Don’t forget to have a barf bag handy!

Michigan Live is covering the story well. They would be doing the same nationally, only the specific race angle doesn’t fit what they want America to see.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Tuff Guy says:

    BJ always knew when his momma was on the rag because his older brutha’s prick tasted kinda funny……..

  2. t bone says:

    I see that Shontes bitch brother never showed up yet ,nor did he respond.

    Either he’s in spamblinka (a luxury condo compared to the shithole projects he grew up in) or he’s the punk I thought he was.

    I’m going with option ‘B’. Shontes bitch bro is a punk ass negro.

  3. Bailey says:

    Wow, I like how BlackJesus went from an “educated black man” to a typical foul mouth nigger, any nigger able to complete a sentence thinks he’s educated but to be able to use a computer and actually type a full paragraph is truly a gift of knowledge.

    Ya better look out t bone, dat nigga’ be out to get you.

  4. Ronaldo says:

    When will people learn?

  5. Citizenfitz says:

    “Technically, White people stole america from its native inhabitants.”

    Uhhh, technically, they lost it. It’s a rich hemisphere and after many thousands of years residency the American aborigines were still knapping flint to make weapons. This doesn’t justify the injustices inflicted on the Amerindians but can any rational person accept that had the situations been reversed they’d have done better?

  6. Citizenfitz says:

    I’m not an expert on the subject but I’ve never met a White woman who dated Blacks that didn’t have emotional issues. The self loathers will even go in to pay for the motel rooms, while the Black guy sits out in their car pilfering through their stuff. We’re talking head cases here. The thing is they think they’re normal and it’s everyone else that’s messed up.

  7. Seek says:

    I scarcely can believe that so many of the beautiful Dutch-ethnic women of Grand Rapids, Mich. could become mud sharks in so short a time period. It is counter-intuitive. Hopefully, the misdeeds of this violent black hoodlum will result in genuine soul-searching by local whites.

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