Homos give “Godly” Israel a little BLOW-back

OK, I’M GOING to state for the record here what all this “homos for Palestine” business is about, so traitorous ISRAEL-FIRSTERS like MAD JEWESS can shut their big stinky bagel chompers (yeah, like that’ll ever happen). Let me list my points one at a time:

  1. All supposed “liberals” just have to be against War and oppression stuff. Hell, that goes back to the days of the flower children and the sixties.
  2. When these types RIGHTFULLY take Israel to the woodpile, then I respect them for not being major hypocrites like the Jews, even though I may well puke my guts out on everything else about the freakazoids.
  3. I might even march in the streets, protesting Israel along with the sodomites. Sure, I’d stay towards the back of the pack to hide my sexy little tushie from lustful stares.
  4. I know what’s right and what’s wrong, and find Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to be downright evil — plain and simple.
  5. Jews go haywire when any of the protected classes turn around and bite their precious little Jew paws. They feel like “if not for us, you ingrates would still be victimized by all those evil, right-winger, anti-progress, slavery-loving Whites.” One example: Jew-aware Blacks, such as Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, really piss off “the Chosen” because of all the “civil rights” crap the Jews were quietly and openly behind for so long.
  6. Sure, some of the “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” are what they call “self-hating” Jews, but that’s going to happen because so many Jews are faggots to begin with.
  7. Jews have ZERO problem labeling enemies of Jewry as homos. Doesn’t that just show you what giant hypocrites they are? 
  8. Zionist Jews think: How can Gays possibly be against Israel when Tel Aviv declared herself the Homo Capital of the World?
  9. Note how the mainstream media never reports on any homos or anyone else demonstrating against Israel. Now why is that, pray tell?
  10. Jew corruption of the Goyim, international high finance and Zionist shenanigans have been the cause of terrible wars for quite some time now — with pain and suffering to all sorts of non-Jewish people.

They Spit in Our Face Daily!

It just kills me. Christian Zionists try to say “Israel is a Godly nation,” but totally ignore any inconvenient facts that clearly says otherwise. Pretty sad, considering the New Testament specifically tells us Christ called the Talmudic Sanhedrin snakes and hypocrites; right along with Israel losing any supposed special covenant with God when they denied He was the Messiah and delivered Him to the Romans for crucifixion.

And the worst part is that most “Jews” today are not even descendants of these ancient Israelites to begin with! Folks, it’s all a giant crock.

Also, Orthodox Jews hate faggotry — but only for the Jews. They still love to see the Goyim not breeding for any reason. Once the Kabbalistic NWO Jews get full totalitarian power, they may well crack down on homosexuality like they do in futuristic Jew Hollywood movies where they cast Christians as evil, freedom-stealing religious fascists, such as “V for Vendetta” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Pay attention to the plot lines and you’ll pick up on this right away. You only see futuristic stuff where they freely slime White Christianity — never, ever any Judaized version — even when this is a far more realistic possibility for the near future.

Regardless of being religious or not, only a total dumbass could fail to notice the anti-Christianity in movies today. This is open, in-your-face manipulation of all non-Jewish Gentiles by a brainwashing, Christ-hating, Jewish Hollywood!

Break Free Your Brain!

No matter what the situation comes down to religiously, these supposed Jews are most definitely the classic “enemies inside the gate,” in whatever White country they live on the planet. Read up on these SOBs and you’ll soon agree. Here’s a quick synopsis to get you started:

JEWS ARE ENEMIES OF AMERICA. They have clearly established their prime loyalty lies with Israel and laugh at the American concept. Plus, most of them are all for non-White immigration like illegal Mestizos. Ever since we allowed the Eastern European Jews here they’ve been working to flood America with the flotsam and jetsam of the world. Study up on the 1965 Immigration act, for crying out loud.

And Jews are all for the New World Order like the European Union, Globalism and NAFTA. They sure do love to see our boys going overseas to fight their enemies in the Mideast, yet rarely do these whiney weaklings ever join the US military themselves. Doubly disgusting, some of them even go over to Israel and serve in the IDF (unbelievable they are allowed to join a foreign army, but are). Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s mayor and former Obama WH Chief of Staff, joined the Israeli army while true Americans were fighting in the first Gulf War.

Jews also have dedicated, richly funded organizations expressly designed to keep this nation under their manipulative yoke, like AIPAC (“American” Israeli Public Affairs Committee) and the Council of Presidents (so many Jew groups are out there, they have to have this special one to keep track of all the Zionist bull).

Because they spend so much money on our political process and own the media, “our” politicians are too scared to say one single word that might offend the Highnesses. They all know it too.

If that wasn’t enough, Israelis and Jews are caught spying all the time. From the days of Communist Russia, Jews have been doing anything they can to steal American secrets. Hell, they couldn’t be trusted in any country they ever lived, like in France where Alfred Dreyfus and crypto-Jew whore Mati Hari spied for Germany (believe it or not). Jews so love to be sneaky little bastards.

Traitorous Backstabbing Bastards!

No matter what country they have ever lived, Khazar Jews spy all the time, except against their precious state of Israel. They spied on France back in the 19th century when they considered Germany to be their promised land (yep); they spy and steal American technology constantly for Israel right the hell now (political, military and industrial). You just don’t hear anything about it since it’s the Jews who own the media — Jews are truly one backstabbing race!

Jewess Susan Herman, president of the ACLU.

JEWS ARE ENEMIES TO CHRISTIANITY. As previously discussed, one only has to see this in Hollywood movies and TV. But that’s not all — no way. Jews have dedicated operations like the ADL, SPLC and ACLU that actively work to keep Christianity out of public view, but never, ever of Judaism — like when the Jews erect the menorah any damn place they please.

Jews hate Christ with a passion. Surely you’ve suspected that much by now.

The Sanhedrin turned over Christ to the Romans and insisted they execute him by crucifixion. And today’s so-called “Jews” consider the Babylonian Talmud (written by descendents of the Pharisees) to be their rule of law, not the Old Testament.

But most importantly, most of today’s Jewry are genetically a bastardized, Eastern European Hunnish/Turkish race from southern Russia called the Khazars — with little to no real descendancy from the Israelites of the Bible thousands of years ago. Hell, Palestinians may in fact have more Israelite DNA, right along with many being Christians!

“Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

Revelation 3:9

JEWS ARE ENEMIES OF MORALITY. Besides all too often being sick homos, Jews love milking profitable immorality no matter what form it takes. Perversion, pornography, financial scams, abortion, violence in the media. Just look at all the evils they do to the Palestinians alone.

Murderous Jew abortionist, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, was awarded the highest civilian decoration in Canada.

It’s so bad one has to seriously wonder if Jewry are indeed acting as earthly agents of Satan himself!

JEWS ARE ENEMIES OF WHITE PEOPLE. Why do you think they want all White countries flooded with non-White Third-worlders? Not just America but any (including places like Sweden and Ireland). Why does the media always push interracial sex propaganda? Why are all the movie heroes now black and all the villains White? Because GD Jews own Hollywood and the media, of course.

JEWS ARE ENEMIES TO THE TRUTH. Jews are total congenital liars. Perhaps it’s because their entire race is a lie to begin with (the Khazar thing). Just look at how much lying they have wrapped up in all the holocaust crapola. No matter what it is, be it 9/11 Truth, real Communist history, financial con-artist scams and, of course, what they do to Palestinians — devious Jews lie their asses off left and right. Hell, these bastards even hold a yearly prayer session to absolve themselves (Kol Nidre).

Jews go ballistic over the least little thing that comes out putting these original sacred cows in a bad light. Often, it seems, their whole lives and careers revolve around squelching any talk out of the “Goyim” (their racist name for non-Jews).

And that’s just a brief rundown. Trust me, a person can go on for hours about this lousy bunch. Just remember the following true maxim:

Anyone NOT A JEW are ENEMIES to the JEW.

Jews need to get “frog-marched” right the hell out of America. No doubt whatsoever. In case you don’t know what frog-marched means, this is standard bar-room tactics for getting rid of disruptive clientele. You take the lousy punk by the scruff of the neck and grab a big fistful of underwear, yank it up in a wedgie fashion and hop-skip his squirrelly ass on out the door.

Yeah, sure, they’ll be screaming away like hysterical nutcases about you being a “Nazi,” so it might help to wear earplugs.

Also, considering how many Jews are Sodomites, my advice would be to wear rubberized gloves when frog-marching a Jew. No telling what kind of nasty microbe colonies have festered up down inside those tightie-whities. Same goes for the supposed “conservative” Jews, too, since so many of them are street whore customers, bi’s, or what they like to call, “metrosexuals.”

If at all possible when dealing with this STD-ridden bunch, I’d wear a full-on NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) suit and battlefield gas mask (some might have incredibly foul breath from vile, unimaginable sex acts, or merely eating putrid, out-of-date Gefilti fish to save a lousy buck).

In conclusion: Lying, filthy Israel fully deserves all the protesting they get from homos, or anyone else out there with the least semblance of conscience — reasonably unencumbered by Jew brainwashing. Hell, scumbag Jews everywhere deserve much, much more retaliation from a wrathful humanity, now sick and tired of their hypocrisies, manipulations and media/backroom war mongering.

I am absolutely certain that fighting the demonic Jew on planet earth is a GODLY ACT. And those who rally to my banner will see to it that America is soon put back on the course to freedom, renewed respect from the world and economic stability.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe

White People have been in a Race War with the Khazar Jews, and they sure as hell don’t want you to figure that out!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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170 Responses to Homos give “Godly” Israel a little BLOW-back

  1. Fereedom1 says:

    Please do not forget most posters are a “turner type”!
    Did people really believe his shit?
    Wow how long is “moderation”?

  2. Fereedom1 says:

    How come sodomite “jews” is not the post?
    I posted some “laws” we can use!
    Some people said from this “site” all you get is bitching!
    There are some posters from 2 sites that I do not always
    agree with, but love America!
    One is Catholic and one is Christian!
    When we put our differences a side only 1% is left!
    Defeat the so called “jew”!
    99% of the worlds problems are the so called “jews”!
    Unite to save all of us!

    In the end the 1% we can work out!
    We must and we can defeat them!

  3. GTRman says:

    Lots of ‘distraction news ‘ in UK at the moment about tabloid journos being low-life scum , police being crooked and Murdoch having no scruples. Big deal , tell us something we dont know . Probably a lot of bombs dropping behind these headlines.

    ” …Though she lives in material opulence, Brooks was not born into this. After a state-school education, she studied at the Sorbonne, in Paris, then, at the age of 20, she turned up at the Warrington offices of a newly launched newspaper called The Post, to work as a newsdesk secretary. The paper folded in a matter of weeks and she talked her way into a similar job in Wapping.

    More than 10 years later, at the age of 32 in 2000, she emerged into the public eye as Britain’s youngest national newspaper editor and the scourge of paedophiles. In the wake of the murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne, she threw the resources of the News of the World behind a campaign for “Sarah’s Law”, which would give people to right to know if a paedophile is living in their vicinity…”



    Father fined £1,000 and found guilty of harassment for warning families about a paedophile

    A father who warned another parent about a convicted paedophile has been fined £1,000 and found guilty of harassing the sex offender.

    He was horrified to find his ex-wife’s new husband – stepfather to his daughter, 11 – had served three jail terms for sex crimes.

    A reporting restriction imposed to protect the stepfather’s identity means that none of the family members can be named.

    One of the stepfather’s sentences was for molesting two 12-year-old girls as they slept at his house.


  4. Fereedom1 says:

    Wow I just noticed that most of the posts are 1 to 2 hours ahead!

  5. Fereedom1 says:

    GTRman that happens to everyone who does the right thing!
    Fight back use “fliers” with info and post them every where!
    Fight back no matter where you are!
    Fliers work just “use” caution!

  6. Marshall says:

    Fantastic internet radio Incog people should be checking out:

    Charles Giulani (his favorite catch phrase is “Elite Jew Pigs” LOL!!! Take a spin through his archives and get some education, not that Incoggers need it)


    Mark Glenn



  7. Louis from Montreal says:

    INCOGMAN, glad you caught what I wrote in my last transmission; Wasn’t sure if you’d catch my drift, and yes, this world is a friggin nightmare. We are totally under siege, but things will change, and are, in fact changing at a pace that is almost dizzying.

  8. loki says:

    Most palefaces no longer have that valued attribute — self respect.

    Ireland is enjoying “progress” — Brits out — wogs in.

  9. GTRman says:

    Check out this pick of jew Sarkosy gloating over his spawn growing in the belly of a gentile…….says it all….


  10. t bone says:

    I’m trying to quit smoking. I thought I could hold out until my drive to work but I gave in to temptation an hour ago.

    Anyway, as I’m leaving the store, a guy holds the door for me. Right away, a big jigabooness comes in from the opposite direction, cuts me off and lets the door shut right in my face.

    I let out a short, sarcastic laugh as it happened and continued on. As I was getting into my car, the jigabooness and 2 other big male negroes decided to stare me down.

    They obviously took offense to that ‘laugh’.

    As I drove off they continued to stare until I was out of sight.

    This must be a sign. I really need to quit smoking.

  11. buffalobill says:

    No, Europeans have been in a war with Khazar jews. There were no Khazars when jews were subverting Rome. It was not a Khazar who conned Europeans to become christian, it was a damn self styled israelite(jew) named apostle Saul/Paul.
    Without christianity, jews/spiritual descendents of the old testament pharisees would not have conquered the white world.
    I know that there are many fundamentalists christians on this site, but the fact that christianity destroyed Europe is an historical fact.
    Europeans have been killing each other for centuries over how to worship the
    jew/israelite j
    supremacist for years. Until gentiles, especialyy white Europeans give up the jew/israelite supremacist jesus,

  12. American says:

    Any doubt where scumbag jew-rat traitors’ loyalty lies?



  13. JamesTheJust says:

    buffalo bill,

    You REALLY don’t know what you’re talking about. Stick with what you know ’cause ancient history isn’t it.

    My European CHRISTIAN forebearers had more balls in their CHRISTIAN character than ALL the pagans, atheists and JEWdeo Xtians put together.

    At least they kicked the damned jews out.

  14. botchamania says:

    botchatronix turbo 3000 pocket penny bagel blip zip,beep,zip,bepp,beep,woop.

  15. loki says:


    The Spanish may not be the world power, but they still have some good ideas!

    This man is burying a dead pig.

    Make sure you read the explanation at the bottom.

    People in the USA , Canada , the UK & Australia need to take a lesson from the Spaniards.

    In Seville , Spain , local people found a way to stop the construction of yet another mosque in their town.
    They buried a pig on the site, and made sure this would be known by the local press.

    Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on ‘pig-soiled ground’, so the project had to be cancelled.
    No protests were needed by the local people…and it worked!

    Say no more. 🙂

  16. 21blackmale says:

    t bone,

    “This must be a sign. I really need to quit smoking.”

    That was definitely my laugh for the day.

  17. loki says:

    During a situation conference on 13 February 1945, on the day that a 250 to 500,000 civilians perished in the Allied destruction of Dresden, Hitler remarked: “Even if I loose this war, the Jews will not be satisfied with their victory. This is because the Jews will completely lose their head. Their greed and arrogance will grow to such an extent that they will bring destruction upon themselves.” (From Albert Wucher’s Eichmanns Gab es Viele, Munich and Zurich, 1961, p. 253.)

    A new world is in germ, a real folkish democracy will come, although the process of transformation will be very painful.

  18. loki says:

    Even Germany’s beloved programme of multicultural genocide will end due to dried out money resources. This idea of Europe being a multicultural centre has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity. As Europeans, we have our own culture, our own societies, our own languages and our own lifestyles. These cultures have been developed over centuries of wars, struggles, trials and victories fought by the untold masses of men and women who laid down their lives and of the millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

    Europeans do not speak Chinese, Arabic or African tribal languages. We are happy with our European culture and have no desire to change. This is OUR CONTINENT, OUR LANDS, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we encourage “multicultural enrichers” to take advantage of one other great European freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’. If you wish, you can take our multicultural politicians with you.

    Again, multicultural genocide will go once the artificial money system goes. Fact is, their own perverse monetary game will bring them down for their greed is beyond all measure. They are driven by their so-called religion that the riches of the world belong to them. Yahweh made it very clear to his “chosen” people, to whom the gold and silver of this world belongs to. Thus, controlling the world, providing that the covenant between him and his people is fulfilled. »The Lord then speaks to them: “The gold and silver belongs to me.”« (The Talmud, Goldmann Publishing Co, Munich 3/1988, page 132)

    They weren’t happy with endless holocaust toll, they had yet to rob so mankind and all future generation with their computer created bubble “investments”. One of the leading Hebrew organisers of the so-called financial crisis, Lloyd Blankfein, from Goldman Sachs, said in a Sunday Times interview of 8th November 2009: “I am just a banker ‘doing God’s work’.”

  19. loki says:

    Knowing that there is almost no industrial productivity left in the west, all has been shipped to China and other parts of the world, as if by command of the Jewish lobby, governments are drowning in debts now. Soon not even the interest on these bubble sums the governments would be able to pay. The bell as tolled for the system.

  20. Marshall says:

    Maybe you ruined their plans T-Bone!!!

  21. buffalobill says:

    James(anglicized jew Jacob)

    It does not matter if these Khzars are not Israelites. Do you not know that the pharisees were israelites? If jesus existed, he was of the race as those dusgusting pharisees. Hesus was nit a Celt. The bittom line is you still worship a jew. Do you know how many of our European forefathers had to be murdered for you to worship jesus? I am sure that the blond Celts of Old Europe would not want to be christians by choice. You need ti look up marcus eli ravage. That jew is very clear in his assessment.

    FYI Josephus was a jew/israrlite/old testament supremacist just lik
    e jesus.

  22. Man that store owner seen making a fool of himself in the video above could surely benefit from taking a few weeks off so someone might possibly teach him how to shoot.

  23. botchamania says:

    botchatron bonanza my back pockets beep beeping,like a truck backing up.

  24. JamesTheJust says:

    It does not matter if these Khzars are not Israelites.

    Actually it does, at least from an educational perspective since they are the majority of the problem today. (And the Khazars DO have the blood of Edom in them which is why they have many of the same genetic markers as palestinians and arabs.)

    Do you not know that the pharisees were israelites?

    There were some true Israelites within the Pharisees, but they were not the dominate nor did they hold positions of leadership within the Sanhedrin. Joseph, Yahshua’s uncle, was of the sect (of which there were three), but Joseph never participated in the machinations of the Edomites; nor could he over rule the murder of his nephew, Yahhsua. Joseph was driven out of Judea by the Edomites for his opposition though.

    These so-called Israelites were Edomites. They had infiltrated Jerusalem during the time of Judah’s captivity in Babylon and then the citizenship was foolishly solidified by John Hyrcanus. Edomites, being of the bloodline of Cain, were liars and murderers FROM THE BEGINNING almost immediately began murdering True Israelites with the most noted murder being Zacharias, John the Baptists father and last true Israelite High Priest. If you do not believe this is possible, then open your eyes. The jews are doing the same thing today.

    This is why Yahshua rightly told them that they were NOT HIS sheep (they were Edomites) who had murdered every righteous prophet from ABEL to Zacharias. Since Cain murdered Abel, that should tell you right from the start that Yahshua was not talking about Israelites.

    If jesus existed, he was of the race as those dusgusting pharisees. Hesus was nit a Celt.

    Yahshua, based on eyewitness testimony, was every bit as white as any Saxon or Celt. HE had blond hair and blue eyes.

    The bittom line is you still worship a jew. Do you know how many of our European forefathers had to be murdered for you to worship jesus?

    Your ignorance of history is astounding. Where are you getting your WN crap from? I know there are those in the WN movement who are either pagans or atheists. The WN movement is INFESTED with jews who push that crap and it goes against ALL PROVABLE history. I have been studying this for over ten years so I know what I’m talking about.

    I am sure that the blond Celts of Old Europe would not want to be christians by choice.

    The troubles of which you speak did not occur under CHRISTIANITY, they occurred under ROMISH CATHOLICISM. The two are not even close to the same. The former were WHITE ISRAELITES who were very exclusive. It was an ALL WHITE club and no one else could join.

    The latter is UNVERSALISM (which is what Catholicism means) and it is the bastard form of Christianity CONTROLLED BY THE JEWS, which took its toll on our people. In all, some estimate state that the ROMISH CATHOLIC church murdered more than 9 million of our people. An in depth study of Catholicism reveals that from around 400 AD the Catholic Church became under increasing jewish control. The jesuits were exclusively jewish.

    You know very little about all the nuances in White history. You focus only on that which supports your WN sentiment and ignore any FACTS that get in the way. No wonder the jews infest most WN movements; even to being in the drivers seat.

    You need ti look up marcus eli ravage. That jew is very clear in his assessment.

    YOU believe a GD jew and you think you’re going to convince me??? lol

    FYI Josephus was a jew/israrlite/old testament supremacist just lik
    e jesus.

    FYI you once again prove your IGNORANCE.




    And if you could UNJEWdaize your mind, you would “SEE” it.

    Don’t talk to me about believing the jew. Between the two of us, you are the only one who believes the jew version of history.

  25. JamesTheJust says:


    If you are serious about the history of the White race, based on actual historical documentation, then go to this link:


  26. buffalobill says:

    I have been to christogenea and james wickstrom. Don’t you think that if there were blonds living in Palestine 2500 years ago that Herodotus would have recorded it? When Alexander went conquering he did not even bother with Palestine much. Where are the archeological findings of this fictitious great kingdom of soloman and david? Utter nonsense.
    I told you about ravage because of his honesty about how jews subverted Europe. It is true. Europeans go to the jew freud, Europeans worship the jew jesus, Europeans think the smartest man in the world is the jew einstein, Europeans follow a jew named marx. White American women have been murdering their babies for 40 years because of what jews told them. Europeans Germans,who are hated by jews above all) give jews nuclear submarinesThe examples are endless. In Europw jews makelaws that tell Europeans to incarcerate other Europeans if they question holohoax.

    James, I used to a born-again bible believing fool until my eyes were open.
    The old testament is no more true than harry potter. Hebrew was a liturgical language. All the linguists have proven that the language that one finds when one looks for the origin of hebrew is Phonecian.

    Since there is no god the old testament stories cannot possibly be true.

    I don’t see how anyone can embrace a slave religion like christanity.
    It is sick.
    Religion cannot be discussed with fanaticism. The muslims are in the same boat because they follow a jewgod which they call allah.

    I will always contend that untilall Europeans give up this jew jesus crap they will always be seduced by the jew. The jew controls every country in the world where there is White majority.

    It is hopeless to reason with anyone who believes in invisible beings.

  27. buffalobill says:

    Although Martin Luther hit the nail on the head about the jew in his On the Jews and Their Lies, he did not see that the jew is a result of the old testament. Luther believed every word of that sick old testament. Without that disgusting book there never would have beenpharisees and talmudic jews.

  28. kerdasi amaq says:

    Where are the archeological findings of this fictitious great kingdom of soloman and david?

    Probably, it’s because they are looking for them in the wrong strata.

  29. JamesTheJust says:

    They have actually found part of Soloman’s temple, but what’s the point in trying to reason with someone who rejects his heritage.

    His “logic” is that jews created Christianity (lol) so they could destroy Christians…

    Funny how all those Christians they destroy are White!

    I am proud of my heritage and I am proud of my CHRISTIAN forefathers who actually had the balls to kick the jew out.

    All I’ve ever heard pagans do is CONDEMN our forefathers and spout jewvision “history”.

    Oh yeah and a jew trying to turn Whites off to their CHRISTIAN heritage…that’s sooooooo original.

  30. JamesTheJust says:

    Don’t you think that if there were blonds living in Palestine 2500 years ago that Herodotus would have recorded it?

    Do people writing about Europe go out of their way to tell others that Whites live there? It was a given. Archeology also supports this fact. In fact, Whites lived EVERYWHERE and remains of advanced White settlements predate the modern Chinese and the so-named native Americans.

    Or race has ALWAYS been advanced far and away above all other races.

    Wherever you go in all the world, archeology does not lie. Whites were there first and their society had advancement thought to predate dominant theories about advanced civilizations.

    You think a bunch of muds, niggers or “jews” built the pyramids?? Please don’t make me laugh.

  31. American born says:

    Whites built the pryramids, this has been proven thru DNA and Ive seen pictures of blonde and red haired mummies. Very blonde mummies.
    The myan temples in S. America were also built byWhites thousands of years ago.
    They have found skeletal remains in the US that pre date American Indian remains along with coins found in NH from Europe long before Colombus set sail.

    Whites have been traveling the globe for thousands of years.

  32. bufflaobill says:

    Buffalo signing off.
    This religious fanaticism is nauseating.
    Talk about deception.
    You worship a jew, and you hate the jew. To compensate for that hatred of the jew, because your god is a jew, you have invented the ridiculous psychosis that your ancestors were the original never-existed israelites.
    This is as sick as the talmudists who believe that THEY are the original israelites.

    Signed off

  33. Bailey says:

  34. JamesTheJust says:

    Too bad about buffalobill. His hatred of the jew has caused him to believe that they are the chosen ones of the book and therefore he has rejected his heritage, thinking it to be jewish.

    buffalobill is yet another victim of jew-think.

    Sad really when you think about it. So close and yet so far.

  35. JamesTheJust says:

    Good vid Bailey. Too bad it wasn’t more “jew” specific. They are the root of the problem.

    Strike the root!

  36. Morningstar says:

    Jews, Whites, Blacks. Fuck it all.

    Humanity should just be sterilized and die out.

  37. Southern Daughter says:


    Chicken or the Gays: Make a Choice About Eating Chick-fil-A

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