INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 1

This is the first in a series of posters for use on the Internet or real-world printouts. Double-click on image and right click to “save as.” You can also create a PDF from the button below. Please feel free to use anywhere!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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245 Responses to INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 1

  1. Land of the Dead says:

    jews like a one way street, jews dont like a two way street. make sense?

  2. Land of the Dead says:

    they don’t like the oncoming traffic and see it as a danger. That’s how I see it

  3. Land of the Dead says:

    And I know about the bronfmans they are behind world jewish congress and also a bunch of peddlers of crappy canadian whiskey that tastes horrible and watered down. dont buy any seagrams if any of you drink. you just end up putting money in jewish pockets, and end up destroying your health and also finance their power and conquest.

  4. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Yes Yes my cerebral friend, well learned or “Jew-Wise” I should say, you even
    rival Hoff, in your understanding of their little schemes and scams!

    “A red revolution for taking down people of noble backrounds who come from aristocratic familys and wealth, isn’t that what and who red revolutionarys aim to take down and steal from? and use the poor “opressed” people to do it? think about it… It’s a jewish game to steal from the noble people they despise.”- LOD

    Exactly, bingo! Why Talmudic Jew fuck Bankers who COULD CARE FUCKIN less
    about Europe’s common man, FINANCED revolutions for their “So called well
    being” riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihgt?????? Rise up common man???

    In reality it’s to overthrow the wealthy White Christian and steal all their
    money, land, assets and then EXECUTE them (see the Czar & Romanovs)???

    Like Hitler said in the 30s, “Where did all the WEALTH, MONEY LAND, ASSETS
    of these Russian aristocrats go to, the poor Bolshevik peasants, noooooooooooooo,
    it went to the Zionist Jew European bankers, that’s who!!!!”

    Now are you starting to see why the Jews protect “History” and WHY those whom
    really realized what was going on are demonized now: Ford, Hitler, Father Charles
    Coughlin, Dr. Duke ,Marlon Brando, Helen Thomas, that’s just recent history???

    “Jew wise” pre- 20th Century: Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ben Franklin, Martin Luther,
    just about all the royals of Europe, Gen n President Ulysses S Grant, many
    of our founding fathers, several ancient Romans wrote of their deplorable manner
    and usury. There is a reason they were kicked out of 100s of countries and
    territories: it doesn’t happen CONSTANTLY by accident BECAUSE of BIGOTRY???


  5. germaniajim says:

    the kikenberg cries out in pain as he stabs his neighbour in the back,” —old Polish proverb,(its no wonder poles are more educated than we are in the guiles and deviance of the jew demons, In Japan, the Protocols are very common and well known by the majority of the japanese people. I found that amazing, as I only learned of them less than five years ago. It really shows the difference in education standards, Well, after all the jews did bomb the shit out of em.(Hiroshima, Nagasaki)

  6. Land of the Dead says:

    And what is more ruthless about these communist jews is that they are not just about robbing wealthy aristocratic family’s and dynasty’s only, but rather all about gathering and sweeping up crumbs from even working class people as well who bareley make enough to live a semi-decent life if they have any comforts at all, they always say that they have come to take everything that isn’t nailed down… but I beg to differ they also want the things that are nailed down. so yeah these jews want it all and will stop at nothing to get every last thing you got no matter the social status or what you have going on for you if your not a jew. They are that ruthless and inconsiderate of others, hell they’ll even steal your lane in traffic with their whole attitude of ME FIRST mentality they have.I see it everyday

  7. Land of the Dead says:

    “bareley” I meant Barely

  8. Land of the Dead says:

    Oh yeah the jews hate the japanese because of their collaboration with the germans in world war 2, and branded them the axis of evil

  9. Land of the Dead says:

    The japanese and germans have pretty neat and quality products (cars) and great cultures but of course the war is constantly waged on em one way or another. Thats why there are so many lies and rumors spread about them by the jews and negative stereotypes about them and their cultures. there are alot of jokes about the two spread and made up by jews(of course the knack for stereotypical comedy made for you to see them in a negative light) german and japanese jokes are only pushed by jews of course.

  10. Disgusted White Christian says:


    ” Well, after all the jews did bomb the shit out of em.(Hiroshima, Nagasaki”

    Why Nagasaki? The place was like 90% Roman Catholic from being a port
    city and centuries of Dutch and Portuguese influence.

    Ohh they hate the Catholic church with a PASSION, yet the church, and my
    stupid Catholic brethren just LOVE God’s chosen people to death, it makes
    me physically SICK!

    You speak of Poland, I don’t how “Jew -wise” the young Poles are???

    I saw a story on Ted Pike’s website, a girl who recently visited Poland,
    where she was horrified to see stickers on cars that read “so many Christians,
    so few lions.” Now could you imagine a sticker saying ” so many Jews so few
    ovens.” Every damn Jew News media in the world would be doing stories
    on it, calling it “Hate Speech.” I did like her reply she said, she wanted to
    make a sign “so many lions (Zionist and their Shabbeth Goy) and so few
    Christians willing to put them back in their cages.”


  11. Marshall says:

    My bro-in-law is the most intense Catholic I ever met DWC!!! He even paints a cross out of ashes on his head during Lent, (I think it’s Lent when he does it, and goes around in public like that!!!) Anyway, he told me one time he considered himself a “completed Jew.” I supressed the immediate cringe factor and…that comment prompted me to give him his very own copy of “Jesus in the Talmud” for Christmas LOL!!!

    Used copies are cheaper!!!


  12. American says:

    I saw a video the other day of the “protests” in Israel, supposedly a spillover of the Arab Spring revolts. The jews camping out were on Rothschild ave….no kidding!

    To think these rats get $10,000/each from US taxpayers is enough to make me puke.

    DUMP ISRAEL and the rest will be easy!

  13. Disgusted White Christian says:


    He will tell you “it (Talmud) is anti-Semitic propaganda and lies by those
    bad bad Nazi White supremacists” (like Teutonichic or whatever her name is from
    Detroit or Chicago I believe, she is HOT as hell too, does those videos will tell
    ya too). Ohh Marshall Marshall Marshall, “You have been listening too much to that wicked White Supremacist David Duke, shame on you.” Does that sound like
    the Bro in-law, cuz that’s what many of these retarded stupid fucks say to me!

    I’m telling you they are like little fuckin kids or trained seals, and the Baptists
    are as bad, or worse, they both CRACK me up with their Jew loving STUPID
    retarded logic!!!

    I don’t know if it is more of brainwashing or just stupidity, or they are that scared
    of the little demonic fucks, cuz if you are, God sure as hell isn’t going to help
    a COWARD, why even go to church, have fun, booze, womanize and keep suckin
    that Zionist tit the rest of your life!!!!

    The only thing is once they get total control, we will see if you still have your
    400,000 dollar house, 60,000 SUV, annual trip to Jew Disney World and
    Johnnie and Suzie’s college fund, yeah dear ole Uncle Haim (what Uncle Sam
    has evolved into already) is gonna just let you keep all that because he cares
    about you and he so benevolent, righhhhhhht, BOY THEY GOT A RUDE


  14. summerled says:

  15. GTRman says:

    Here’s a black man that knows his stuff . Worth a listen !

    Iconoclast Radio: The Jew Debate is Over


    Children of neo-Nazis could be taken into care to stop them being brainwashed at summer camps

    The children of German neo-Nazis could soon be removed from their families and taken into care – in a bid to beat a rise in the glorification of Hitler and the Third Reich.

    German authorities are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of summer camps and special schools brainwashing youngsters into worshipping a movement that killed six million Jews in the Holocaust.

    A recent raid on one camp turned up jigsaw puzzles showing Germany’s pre-World War 2 borders and colouring books where children were encouraged to crayon in the moustache of Hitler.

    New Duke vid :

  16. Citizenfitz says:

    Hey Marshall… you could buy that foolish bro in law of your’s this one:

    It’s up to $350 a copy though. I could have gotten a signed copy for under $100 a couple years ago 🙁 Still, a brilliant move by Hoffman. The Jew are running around like crazy buying up all the copies 🙂

  17. Marshall says:

    Hoffman knoweth his shyte Fitz!!! I’ve swapped e-mail with him a couple of times. I can’t drop that kind of money on his book though because I’m saving my spare change up for an Ibanez gee-tar. Speaking of which…GTRMAN!!! Commence to drooling my man!!! Just send me the cash by Western Union and I’ll be happy to test this out for ya before I ship it 😀

  18. Marshall says:

    As for poor Marsh, alas!!! Yea GTRman, my heart is permanently smitten, and no other love shall henceforth draw my ardor. Game over!!!

    One day she shall be mine. Oh yes…she shall be mine.

    Only $1799…I’ll sell my car!!! I won’t eat for 3 months!!! Whatever it takes…the hand of destiny has slapped me upside the head GTRman. I shan’t rest until she dwells with me in her luxuriously furry sexy little hardcase, until she allows me to touch her again oh so tenderly… 😀

  19. Lynda says:

    Digusted White Christian, the Roman Catholic Church will never be judeoXtian.

    The Illuminus Adam Weishaupt – (founded by Jewry for the infiltration and takeover of the Roman Catholic Church) has said ” We will eat our way into that place and we will never come out. All that will remain is a shell.”

    Well, so they have. In fact anti-pope Benedict even displays Weishaupt’s shell on his official insignia. Ha Ha.

    Maurice Pinay’s The Plot Against the Church is now online. The Jews have publicly stated (and through their agentur) what they were going to do to the Church. And lo. They have done it.

    Roman Catholics adhering to the what the Church always and everywhere has taught (the ordinary constant magisterium) worship outside the jurisdiction of the Vatican and its ersatz judeoXtian religion.

    As St Athanasius remarked of the Catholics who were underground during the Arian Crisis (when virtually every Eastern diocese was Arian) – “They have the buildings. We have the faith.”

    Today for Catholics the choice is the same. And the Arian Crisis lasted about 300 years so this isn’t going to be over anytime soon.

  20. Disgusted White Christian says:


    The time has come for my “ohhhhh shit” moment, man check it out, bet
    a few of them soiled their Fruit of Looms???


  21. Leif Oldhart says:

    Holy crap, Incogman! That semi-auto pea-shooter looks almost as good as the swanky blond babe waving it around, but it’s just no match against a heavy-duty infestation of Zio-Crud, Mexcretement, “yoot” wif dere trousers down past dere unnerware, and other riff raff. For the really heavy “clean up” jobs you’ll need some of these Muffin Monster Grinder Shredders.

  22. Disgusted White Christian says:


    Rothschild has controlled their money, their “gold” for centuries.

    5th column crypto Jews have infiltrated them like a metastatic cancer for

    Dr. Bella Dodd, a scholastically decorated attorney, IQ well in advance
    of 150, and ex-communist, stated in the 50s, communism aka Zionist Jew
    bankers and their hoard of cronies had thoroughly infiltrated the Catholic
    church, they had communist (Zionist Jews) as high as cardinals, that was
    in the 1950s, what is it now???


  23. silvernickel says:

    Jewsmedia say the big fat interest payments (225 billion) to service the USdebt to the bankerjews and their ‘friends’ around the world, aint so bad……really!

    Bankers: “…..just the cost of doing bizness wit us. You play, you pay. It’s all just credits and debits, and we got your credit and your debits…harhar ”

    “What neither side seems to recognize — or at least acknowledge — is that what matters about the debt isn’t the dollar amount per se, but how much it costs us to service it. And by that measure, the debt isn’t nearly as big a problem as it’s being made out to be.”

    Read more:

  24. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Cremate your loved ones and pack them in bullets, ohh boy,
    where’s Dirty Harry’s remains?


  25. silvernickel says:

    Thanks for that Bella Dodd info DWC, about the Cath. Church. Been meaning to read that.

  26. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Duke’s Zionist Terrorism in Norway is now #1 RATED video in News and Politics in the world!

    #1 Most viewed news video in Europe

    #1 Most viewed news video in Norway & Sweden

    #1 Most commented news video in the world

    Over 85 Percent Thumbs UP Rating from the Public – even with organized Zionist Internet teams rating it thumbs down, it still has a more than 85 percent positive rating from the public. To find the ratings, just to go YouTube, to right of search click on Browse and then go to categories: (News & Politics) Once there you go to News and
    Politics and click on more and you will find the selections. To see the different regions and nations around the world go to bottom of the page and click on the language of choice and the nation you want to see the ratings in.

    The ratings only last for two days, so look quickly to see them! The mainstream media tells the lie that people reject my ideas and me, David Duke, but these ratings prove that overwhelming majority of people can see that my ideas make good sense!

    You see their power is but an illusion! Despite overwhelming Zionist domination of Hollywood, news and entertainment media, people still know the truth when they finally hear it! Best to All! Dr. David Duke


  27. Disgusted White Christian says:

  28. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Teachers Pressured to Help Blacks Cheat in School

    by Jeff Davis

    The challenging task of trying to educate inner city blacks is not just an obsession for liberals, it’s an industry with billions of dollars at stake.

    The Huffington Post reports: “Teachers spent nights huddled in a back room, erasing wrong answers on students’ test sheets and filling in the correct bubbles. At another school, struggling [black] students were seated next to higher-performing [White] classmates so they could copy answers. Those and other confessions are contained in a new state report that reveals how far some Atlanta public schools went to raise test scores in the nation’s largest-ever cheating scandal. Investigators concluded that nearly half the city’s schools allowed the cheating to go unchecked for as long as a decade, beginning in 2001.”

    Huffington goes on: “Administrators – pressured to maintain high scores under the federal No Child Left Behind law – punished or fired those who reported anything amiss and created a culture of fear, intimidation and retaliation, according to the report released earlier this month, two years after officials noticed a suspicious spike in some scores. The report names 178 teachers and principals, and 82 of those confessed. Tens of thousands of [black] children at the 44 schools, most in the city’s poorest neighborhoods, were allowed to advance to higher grades, even though they didn’t know basic concepts.”

    “For teachers and their bosses, the stakes were high: Schools that perform poorly and fail to meet certain benchmarks under the federal law can face sharp sanctions. They may be forced to offer extra tutoring, allow parents to transfer children to better schools, or fire teachers and administrators who don’t pass muster.”

    “No Child Left Behind” was an attempt on the part of conservatives to compel teachers to teach something and make the public education system something besides a black hole that consumed endless billions of dollars with little to show for it in the inner cities. Obviously it was doomed to fail just as current attempts under Obama to educate negroes are failing. No one can. The best teachers in the world can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, not even with billions of dollars at stake. So you see the problem.

    The Huffington article continues “In Georgia, teachers complained to investigators that some students arrived at middle school reading at a first-grade level. But, they said, principals insisted those students had to pass their standardized tests. Teachers were either ordered to cheat or pressured by administrators until they felt they had no choice, authorities said.”

    “One principal forced a teacher to crawl under a desk during a faculty meeting because her test scores were low. Another principal told teachers that ‘Walmart is hiring’ and ‘the door swings both ways,’ the report said.”

    “Another principal told a teacher on her first day that the school did whatever was necessary to meet testing benchmarks, even if that meant ‘breaking the rules.’ ”

    You see the way this article is subtly slanted, of course? In the first place, the entire issue of race is never mentioned at all, even though the entire country knows who lives in Atlanta and who staffs the Atlanta public school system. In the second place, the blame is subtly shifted to some outside party—in this case mean old principals and beyond them mean old Republicans. The mostly black and female teachers are subtly relieved of blame for lying and stealing from the government.

    Now, what they’re angling for—and I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this come out of this “scandal”—is for the states to drop all testing, period, so that blacks do not consistently score lower than Whites and “feel bad about themselves.”

    The truth is that blacks have scored 15 percent below White people on intelligence tests for over 100 years. If the government and the media simply admitted the truth, then all these teachers would not be blamed for failing an impossible task (to make the scores for blacks equal to Whites) and black students would not be blamed for their lesser performance in school.


  29. t bone says:

    jewish characteristics:

  30. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Tbone check it out,

    Here is Waxman’s mom and dad, I think they came from that palnet of
    ugly “pig faces” in the Twilight Zone??

  31. Disgusted White Christian says:

    She was hot Donna Douglas (Elly May : Beverly Hillbillies) I think that black haired
    dude at the end of this TZ episode was “Virgil” too, from “McHale’s Navy”???

    I wonder if that planet was Khaziritoria? 🙂


  32. Verwüstung88 says:

    I agree with David Duke on most things but lets face it blacks and Arabs are subhumans I think he was huminizing them too much in his video.
    Breivik from what I understand was a Christ fanatic so I’m not surprised. Christians can’t contemplate a heritage and people as a Heathen would be able. If Asatru was followed as it should be ancestry would be followed wouldn’t be any immigration and more respect for your blood but alas Christ and his plague just another Zionist tool. You’re still the man Incog Man.

  33. t bone says:

    Yeah DWC
    Rod Serling (jew) attempting to normalize pig faces. A subliminal ‘push foward’ for the jews to come.

  34. Marshall says:

    Awwwww DWC…you’ve got Waxman all wrong bro!!! Call PETA.


  35. t bone says:

    Who is that? Sumner Redstone?

  36. Land of the Dead says:

    Ja Muss Einer Ein Schritt Vor Ihnen Bleiben!
    Yes One Must Remain One Step Ahead of Them!

    In order to stop them in their tracks.

  37. Land of the Dead says:

    Take measures and prevent the jews from silencing any videos on youtube in the future and always know the jews next move (The jew is very predictable in all their classic moves to quell dissent)

  38. Land of the Dead says:

    Always trying to execute our message.

  39. Marshall says:

    Sumner Redstone aka Murray Rothstein?

    Rothstein makes jungle-fever teen condom ads look “cool.” Waxman is a poster child for abstinence. They’re playing both sides again LOL!!! This is what your kids watch…

  40. Marshall says:

    Yet ANOTHER Jew freakboy gets into the movie business!!! Hey Incog…is THIS unidentifiable creature the quintessential Neanderthal throwback or WHAT??? WHOA. Look at the recessed forehead and wraparound mouth…this yid’s got his prehistoric thing ALL goin’ on, and the gutter depravity to match LOL!!!

  41. Disgusted White Christian says:

    All my posts are getting blocked??

  42. JamesTheJust says:

    Christians can’t contemplate a heritage and people as a Heathen would be able.


    So you hate the white race and you hate our heritage….nothing new with you pagan crypto-jews.

    Jews are the original pagans and that’s a FACT!

    Whites are the TRUE Israelites and that’s a FACT!

    Pagan wannabes are either cypto-jews or just a STUPID as the JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians.

    Most Whites, for the most part are plain lazy. You get an idea in your head and then look for “evidence” to support your idea, excluding ANYTHING that contradicts your fantasy. Whites RARELY take the time to actually study history, migrations, etymology or ancient belief systems in order to arrive at the truth.

    It is NO mystery to me that JEWS INFEST the WN movements with IDIOT Whites who could care less about truth.

    WN would rather PLAY Conan the Barbarian than to actually study and JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians would rather follow a jew messiah hippy-love child with flowers in his hair than the SAXON WARRIOR that Yahshua truly was.

    I am a Saxon. I am Isaac’s Son and in Isaac shall the TRUE seed of Israel be called.

  43. Land of the Dead says:

    an ode to sommer (summer) for we are seeing the end of it. It was beautiful while it lasted birds singing pretty green grass and rich leaves and all. I love the classical influence it displays.

  44. Land of the Dead says:

    Jahreszeiten (seasons) is the album it’s from

  45. Land of the Dead says:

    I listened to it while hiking by myself this summer reflecting on the majesty and beauty of the planet and four seasons.

  46. Land of the Dead says:

    And mike meyers has recently blurted out like Kenya wajaba (kanye west) that
    Barack Obama doesn’t care about white people! LOL hahaha! Now Imagine what would happen if Mike Meyers really Blurted that out on Live TV like kanye west did during the Hurricane katrina TV special they had?! HMMMM?

    I found this Image while doing a search to see what Joogle shows you in Image search and what they present you when you search Images of white people! It shows pictures of jews here and there WHAT THE HELL?!?!? Anyways this Image is funny and true,r:2,s:36

  47. Land of the Dead says:

  48. Verwüstung88 says:

    No sorry James the original pagans were Sumerians and later Babylonians. They’re expressions of gods were to explain the harshness and realities of life that they endured where death famine disease war and disaster was a way of life not like now where the common man lives only to be comfortably just like they’re nurturing pitiful judeo-christian demigod. They care nothing for their ancestry due to the globalization of this pitiful religion run by smug buisnessman or as you like to call them crypto Jews. Also your migration theory is something you may want to restudy and the Bible is a piece of shit Jew work.
    I still like you James don’t get me wrong just don’t confuse the phony hippie pagans of today for the strenghts of the heathens of yester year. Its okay though you’ve been brainwashed Bruins zog all your life but you’re on the right track. Later big guy.

  49. JamesTheJust says:

    No sorry James the original pagans were Sumerians and later Babylonians.

    There were pagans THROUGHOUT the civilized WHITE world. All thanks to the jews. They were not called jews then, but they were called something such as Kenite (children of Cain) Hittite, etc. but they are all genetic predecessors of today’s jews.

    The White race is the only race who believed in a supreme deity (monotheism). You use degraded societies to personify a typical White society, but that is not what any thinking person would want.

    What we should want is the realization of a White society at the height of it existence.; not the current jew infested paganism, which our forebearers came to practice in 800BC.

    You find it so hard to believe that our people are the true LITERAL decedents of Israel, when the evidences dictate otherwise.

  50. Watchmann says:

    Verwustung88 (and many dumbed-down “white nationalists”) still don’t get it.

    Jesus was of pure Adamic (white) lineage; Adam was “son of god” the in lineage list (Luke 3:23-38 ending). These are the “brothers” of Jesus whom he will return to save (Romans 8:28-20 talking of CALLED ones with a certain image!) and he returns to destroy other regimes (I Corninthians 15:24-25) when he returns a mega-WARRIOR (Revelation 19:11+) for us. He is the “white superman” you seek.

    (Look when Adam was made – after other humans: pre-Adamites still non-Adamites.
    This fits geoscience matrials on ancient human groups in Africa etc. Use real science.)

    To understand this, you must study original Scripture words, know original meanings and then link up identitites and never contradict real science facts. (Commercial churching follows “six literal day” creation myths. A day “yowm” is a time span, not necessesarily 24 hours! Jacob lived a “yowm” [age] of 147 years in Gen 47:28.) Most whites are too lazy to study! Commercial church is now run by the enemy to destroy us. The same enemy will push Asatru and other pagan myths (as was done in day of Hitler) since GOD WILL REJECT SUCH IDOLATRY! (And you’ll be killed off!)

  51. Flintkote says:

    So can we copy and paste this poster in relevant places?

  52. INCOG MAN says:

    Flintkote: Feel free. Another one is coming up, too.

  53. Mad Joo says:

    Why do you lie so much??


  54. Flintkote says:

    Thanks. Looking forward to your next poster.

    The recent budget furror now sets up a “Super Congress” of very few “top” (named by whom, Obongo?) ones to impose new actions if Congress cannot agree on “necessary” things. It would seem a very dangerous precedent to use this OLIGARCHY – visibly not “democracy” at all! (Note all ancient democracy/republic states became oligarchies then outright tyrannies. Ironically a few tyrants were more focussed to help their core nationals than “democracists” pandering for votes. But other tyrants were just that!
    I have a coin from the fourth Greek Democracy, after three others, and three tyrants.)

    Of course your one vote once in a while for one of severel “permitted” (media-allowed) candidates to make ANY laws (even violate that they said they’d do) is already very indirect “control” over armed goons that enforce stuff for the regime. Folks that just sell themselves to be such enforcers, lawyers. prosecutors, jailers, taxmen, etc. are the real problem! So let’s develop “popular” shows deriding these. (Not pro-cop shows!)
    Of course to air the shows, we must make other networks. (Not run by the Controllers)

    I sense the top “hirlings” of the state really really want a totally disarmed “civilian” polpulation (it makes their lives far safer!) , and may use “Super-Congress” to impose such laws, maybe after another weird (false flag) attack on us. Surprise!

    Another fallout of the debt furror was on Russian TV (// last week. That the evil “Tea Party” doesn’t want US to incurr more debt to the banksters (chiefly the Federal Reserve gang) will result in those high and mighty (mostly jew?) “credit raters” to down our credit rating and… charge more interst. Surprise!

    And with this, the economy will slow, and people will hate “Conservatives” for it, and once again… vote for Obongo. Surprise!

    So, apart from the “Tea Party” being a pro-Israel movment, it also brings these other goodies to “them” who would be your master Controller.

    Of course what is really needed is to repudiate the US debt to gangsters like Fed Res.

    Then print US treasuty notes again.

    (Interest is 41% of fed gov expenses, the largest chunk to Fed Res conpsirators. That savings plus cutting out welfare to illegals and cutting down US military all around the world, but use them to evict illegals, would save even more money. Then loan to small local manufacturing by our core folks (white), and TAX cheap labor imports, China etc. We could have a boom like none in US history except maybe the Californai gold rush.)

    Then once prices flatten out at some new level, remint silver coins so folks have real money in hand, making it tougher for banksters to dump borrowed paper on us again!

    But NOBODY in Congress has the balls to demand we repudiate debt to banksters!
    (There is an 1890s book on states that repudiated their debts wholely, or partly just for banksters while, local citizens got paid back. Many nations repudiate their debts.)
    Focus on that, and get a gang going with ability to stand up to the Fed Res gang.

  55. SBD TV says:

    Looks like a knock-off of the Bren gun to me………………………………………..3,970,550

  56. SBD TV says:

    Here’s the other video he was referring to:

    “I hear voices in my head but they speak RUSSIAN”…………………………13,495,550

  57. Packerman says:

    OK, you got a really cute white chick on this advert… she will get attention of guys!

    But she’s not really the type to routinely use such weapons! (However she might pack
    piece to kill a rapist, which would be great! If most white girls did this, it would go far to stop one big problem dead – far too many rapes on such girls by the dark savages.)

    Now show some serious men, more likely to actually defend our people under attack.

    Alas, no white “Rambo” showed up at the London riots. If one had done so at the start, I bet it would have stopped the continued violence and its spread, especially if any second event also met another “Rambo.” They’d be too scared to do it again.
    Sending in 1600 cops is a show of strength, but far too civil and politically correct.

    Now I’ve heard the London blacks used Blackberries to round up for riots. Well can’t our folks monitor such stuff? – in EVERY city worlwide with potential problems! And if something seems on the verge of happening, a few Rambos can meet them at the start.
    Also have a special link number to call if our folks see an attack or get wind of riots etc.
    (I had suggested this for Knoxville after brutal rape-murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom around 2007/2008. A rally was held by Hal Turner but he never set up a linked group to actually defend our folks. Instead he had his folks sit in police control areas, after they ID-ed them. To my mind a toxic sell-out to Central Control!)

    Long ago US men were organized to take car of situations in US even before modern media. Oh, yeah, it was… the Klan. (Ask David Duke why he left. Can it be revived?)

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