LA Ghetto Zombie Tries to Eat Baby’s Arm

WHITE PEOPLE, IT’S true: Real life black Zombies are out there. Sci-Fi movie fans were absolutely right in gearing up with weaponry, tactical web gear, a wide variety of cool as hell survival stuff that us straight guys dig so much — all for when the country gets over-run by Walking Dead Darkeys intent on munching our delectable White flesh. Oh, wait, that part has already started.

Seriously and for real: Natasha Hubbard (right), obviously a deranged black woman, attacked a baby in a stroller in LA’s toy district last week. The butt-ugly Negress reached down, unbuckled the baby from the stroller, swung the tot over her head and slammed him into a metal railing before the freaked mother managed to grab the child away and escape into a nearby store.

The Ghetto Zombie somehow told cops later on that she fully intended to break off the baby’s arms and eat them right on the spot. Thank God, the crazy black byatch didn’t just get through shoplifting a meat cleaver somewhere and hack off a limb. But even if she did, we still wouldn’t have heard one damn thing about it in the controlled mainstream media, since they reserve air time for non-stop coverage and documentaries about all us “Evil White people,” as usual.

But mother and child are reported fine, with minor scrapes and bruises. Zombie black woman was captured using rocket-propelled animal nets and immediately helo-lifted by Feds to the Center for Disease Control’s secret desert base for study by white jacketed science nerds — all hoping and praying this is the start of the BIG ZOMBIE EVENT they’ve been waiting all these years for [this last part didn’t happen, lol].

As for me, I don’t need to wait for some ridiculous biological vector as an excuse to break out my kinds of toys and give these types a little extreme “prejudice” right the hell now.

Now if I can just figure out what’s the best caliber to use for Ghetto Zombie control?!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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58 Responses to LA Ghetto Zombie Tries to Eat Baby’s Arm

  1. Land of the Dead says:

  2. Jiggabo says:

    There is no way that black beast is a woman!

    Black is beautiful? Only if your blind! WTF

  3. KeepUpTheFight says:

    That’s why the satanic jews love their nigger pets and take steps to inject them throughout the civilized world. Their behavior against whites can be absolutely demonic.

  4. Julian Lee says:

    Awful though the story is, Incogman had me laughing out loud a few times there.

  5. Marshall says:

    What are you kidding Incog? You’re already fully equipped for urban zombie fishin’ as I recall. What happened to your crack popper rigs? 🙂

  6. JamesTheJust says:

    Now if I can just figure out what’s the best caliber to use for Ghetto Zombie control!

    Laced KFC should do the trick. (Cooking is optional)

  7. t bone says:

    Poison the Kool-Aid!

  8. Bailey says:

    There just like us?
    Thanks, Jews.

  9. Steve in Iowa says: ….. It’d funny if it wasn’t true.

  10. Bailey says:

    Thats a damn shame Steve, How many niggers take advantage of shit like this?
    Obamas America.

  11. t bone says:

    Not too much out there on this Natasha Hubbard but I found this and another vid(terrible audio,so I wont post).

  12. t bone says:

    This woman looks like Mos Def.

    Well, the top pic, maybe not. I thought Buckwheat had a watermelon attack for a minute.

  13. Rick says:

    Hopes this begins happening all over the US. All we need is a reason and this is a real good start. Hey, when black boys wear their pants down below their buts we white boys call it SAGGIN. Sneaky white boys! Now spell SAGGIN backwards. they still are what they are.

  14. Rick says:

    GD beast! Gops should have put a bullet in her stinking non human skull.

  15. Disgusted White Christian says:


    She is Judy Shandler the Goyim handler.

    How many times have we had ARROGANT Jewish judges or DAs yelling
    in a condescending manner at us???

    I’m SURE you have all been there?

    They LOVE to be in postilions of power and then to abuse that postion,
    usually protected by other Jews or Shabbeth Goy.


  16. t bone says:

    If it were a hundred tears ago, Mos Def would be hanging from a tree.

    The mother grabbed the baby back, only after the child was hurt. This is an example of White Guilt.
    The jews were successful enough to brainwash the woman’s instincts away (I’m assuming she’s White and not a light skinned latino).

    Mothers usually would kill for the sake of their childs life.

    I’m not knocking this woman either. I’m sure that she had it in the back of her mind that race would become an issue if she pummeled the negro.

  17. t bone says:

    hundred years (not tears)

  18. American born says:

    More TNB we won’t be seeing on the news.

  19. Steve in Iowa says:

    The part of the vid I thought was disgusting was the audience members (tax payers?) sitting there laughing while he’s admittingly screwing them. Multi-cult at it’s finest.
    And yes DWC, I’ve been there. Thankfully, it was 20 years ago and I’ve since wised up.

  20. Mike says:

    Niggs and zombies do have alot in common…

  21. sog says:

    the nigg nogg jiggaslobs were turned loose on the post civil war southern women and children in horrible atrocity after atrocity and the people knew it was the lousy jews behind it all even then… in south africa where the voo doo domestic pet eaters blak zombies have and continue to kill non jew whites with the blessing of all the stupid musicians da da da ” we are the morons of the world”who sang on talmud tube ,supported dutch jewish commissars in lifting that bad ol apertheid equates with methodology in the “liberatio” of europe so stalin could mureder everyone (jewish communism)….not that it has any germain info on ntopic but it was once raised as a kissinger genocide agenda that the real intended target in indo chyna was s. vietnam the whole time….the north was unoccupiable and that was unaanimous among the warmongers was never on the plate …with several hundred million chinese comms just on the other side of n vietnam it was never an agenda to take the north but the math looks real good for deconstruction of the south for the commie north to take over but with a lot of profittable war and gentile sacrifice of 5 million civilians …so the n. v/n lost a million troops under jewish russian advisers and the us was under jewish comuunist advisers and and and on and on….its always the south of a country that gets hammered …huh ?…the blacks brought here by jews and sold mostly in the north as in why most africhikkins have jewish last names ….every day produces more obfuscation and violation of our basic human rights to live among our own in peace…the pesky jewmite always uses a multicultural lofty or legal wranglin reason to control all the sides and create a run on injustice and chaos….the multicultural crap was a failure in mexico after jews settled heavy in mexico 1542 as they were already there but they are always looking for a host to suck dry…mexico later got caught up in the euro jew bank loans and stinko de mayo was effected ..mexico has a huge khazaer ashkaan legacy and most of the xcans have the zombie jew dna ….the failed mexican multicultural experiment dna has every fuvkin breed in the world mixed down right in mexico,and look at how ruined that ghetto country is,,…la stinkin raza sez ehhhey essay we used to own the usa ….wrong the states on the western side were strictly long range dna indians …cal where the big problems exist as well was 71 tribes of miwok modoc etc…genertal montenegro spaniard and maybe crypto sold the large areas near the rio bravo to the territory gatherers in wash DC ..the place was an undeveloped badlands anyway at the time …mexicans didnt give shit and most moved across the river to stay in mexico when the river was the official boundary…etc….its all jews controlling can check something akin to “mexican jewish heritage” there is a good info web on the history of jews settlin in mexico in 1500’s….quote the url as much as you can as the web hoster is a moron multicult and he knows when his website is bein used by “racists” and it drives him nuts ..fuck him… ….lorrdy loorrdy niger voodoo baby eaters and rapist of white nations brought to you by the satans sons jews …watch out for after the 2012 election the ghetto nigger thing will become like the movie .escape from new york…escape from insanity or is it sanity..depends which end of the cold blue barrel youre on…..they are on……………the free $ ,rent and all the goodies placating the gorilla populatin will be taken away …gorillas are actuall peaceful intelligent descendents of unruly blacks not the other way around ……..blip

  22. CT Wolf says:

    “Now if I can just figure out what’s the best caliber to use for Ghetto Zombie control!”

    You gotta take the head off so I’d go with 12-gauge double aught for close range and .50 for ones at a distance.

  23. All negroes should eat their children ,it’s good for them and for us!!!

  24. Carolina Ghost says:

    A prime example of the savagery of the negroid race..

  25. WHITEMAN says:

    The good ol’ days when you could hang a NIGGER on the spot are sorely need again. The NIGGER scum who infests this nation are a plague, pestilence ……. a disease. Hook this NIGGER bitch up behind the police cruiser and drag her skanky ass down the freeway until all that’s left is a upper torso. Drop of her remains off at the local chapter of the NAACP (Niggers And Apes Cooperation Program)

  26. American born says:

    …gorillas are actuall peaceful intelligent descendents of unruly blacks not the other way around ……..blip
    🙂 LOL

  27. fereedom1 says:

    Is this wed-site serious?
    Did this crime cover up jeff dahmers?
    I do not think so!
    Hey, How is Hal Turner doing?
    Okay he said he lied, and
    American idiots followed him?

  28. MIKE says:

    i believe that Negroes will now start to eat White people, still alive to
    negroes do this in africa, in the form of having sex with virgins, so to rid themselves of AIDS

  29. American says:

    Shotgun would do the trick.

  30. DICARLO says:

    She’s bound to get at least 6 months in the pokey from judge shlomo lipschitz. This gorilla is the perfect example of what jews have been perpetrating on White society for the past 60 years. I wonder why I didn’t hear anything about this on the jewsmedia. Unfortunately, if any of my fellow Whites did, they don’t see the significance of anything going on around them nor do they want to discuss it.

  31. germaniajim says:

    damn nigor shebboons should all be sterilized at birth with remaining nigers sent back to Niggeria in a leaky boat.

  32. t bone says:

    Interesting what you find when you type in a word and do a search.

    I typed’ lynchings’ and this what I found.

    Looks like the jews are going to sugarcoat the Leo Frank story now:

  33. Disgusted White Christian says:

  34. Disgusted White Christian says:

    If this (above) was a Black or Mexican it would of BEEN ALL over the news.



    Yet that fuckin Ape can attack a baby and the same California police handle it
    with kid gloves?????

    Can you say ZIONIST POLICE STATE against White Christians???


  35. t bone says:

    Thx for enlightening me (us) on this incident. I’m wondering if the cops were latino, black, ziotards or all of the above.

    I sure as hell didnt hear about this until just now.

    Here’s more:

  36. t bone says:

    …and the fuzz is immune to this kind of activity. They’ll probably get suspended for 2 months, then back to business as usual.

    The pic of the injuries is unbelievable.

  37. t bone says:

    Tell me that the psycho negress doesnt look like Mos Def:

  38. Disgusted White Christian says:

    What do we immediately NOTICE about the reporting of the “Flash Mob” attack in
    the Canadian Press, which you would never see in our Press???×186

    No matter what country they reside in, they are always at the ROOT of
    most of the crime and vandalism.

    Note: Youtube removed the video already?

    Ottawa: Gang of about 40 black youths raided and ransacked Quickie store
    July 31, 2011 No comments

    Mob of 40 teens ransack store 187
    JAMIE LONG, QMI Agency
    First posted: Saturday, July 30, 2011 1:45:28 EDT AM

    OTTAWA – A Quickie store manager is warning others to watch out after a gang of 40 or more feisty youths raided and ransacked his store late at night.

    Muhammad Ajmal said his west end store at 255 Parkdale Ave. lost about $800 in the incident, which happened minutes before midnight July 16.

    “It’s not a minor thing. If you look into the seriousness of the crime, 43 people having one common objective, that shows what teenagers we might have,” said Ajmal.

    “The other store owners should know what’s going on.”(…)

    The incident was also caught on surveillance video, which was posted to Youtube by Ajmal’s son asking anyone who recognized the culprits to call police.

    The video was quickly removed Friday after Quickie management caught wind of the effort.

    The video clearly shows a swarm of people filing into the store at the corner of Parkdale and Scott St., knocking over chips, magazines and drinks.

    They can also be seen stealing items before stampeding out of the store.

    “If anyone recognizes any of these fellows contact Ottawa police,” Ajmal pleaded to QMI Agency.

    The manager, who has worked in retail for the past 10 years, believes police aren’t doing enough to help him identify the group.

    Cops argue, though, they haven’t been working on the case because the clerk on duty refused to file an official police report. The case was closed then and there.

    Two cruisers did respond to the call, which was phoned in by a customer as a “suspicious incident.”

    The issue was cleared as a dispute disturbance.

    Police also told QMI Agency if there’s video evidence and Ajmal wants to make his case, they want it.

    Ajmal argued he’s tried to supply the surveillance video, plus video from neighbours and a customer who was inside.

    “When I left messages I said there was recorded video, but nobody responded,” he said.

    Nobody was hurt in the incident, but Ajmal said he’s becoming very frustrated because his Quickie, which was a 7-Eleven until December 2009, has been robbed three times recently.


  39. t bone says:

    DWC, it looks like youtube is censoring more and more.

    It took some effort but I found this vid on the Ottawa flash mob.
    Unfortunately,I dont know how to save youtube vids yet.

    Hopefully someone saves this before it becomes unavailable.

  40. JamesTheJust says:


    Good post.

    It is exactly as Yahshua said of the jews:

    You are of your father the [literal] devil. It is his will you do. You have murdered every righteous prophet from Abel to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist.

    Its a shame that every time the jew sicked the beasts on us; we did little to stop it or to help our White kinspeople when it was happening to them in some other land.

    When our French kinspeople were slaughtered by the nigger beasts in Haiti we did nothing. But our jew owned and operated government has sent help to those NIGGER THINGS when they’ve finished destroying the infrastructure we built for them. It doesn’t matter how many times we rebuild; they destroy. APES!

    To add insult to injury, the JEWdeo-[ANTI]-CHRISTians were jumping all over themselves to help the beasts after the Earthquake. Oh those poor voodoo, murdering, NASTY, SMELLY beast people.

    There will be HARSH, HARSH judgment for them!

    This battle must be final! There can be only one winner; The White Race or everyone else.

    Any White SA put there; give us your firsthand experiences. What can we do?

  41. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Another “Chimp out” for no reason:

  42. JamesTheJust says:


    What the hell? This so-called reporter calling those niggers; “youths”, “teens”, “fellows”

    They were niggers! But you’d never know that if it wasn’t for the video.

  43. Disgusted White Christian says:

    t bone,

    Sickening T Bone and it is only going to get worse, as “appeasement” NEVER has
    worked historically with Blacks or Jews. They see it as a WEAKNESS to EXPLOIT
    and the Blacks will “Chimp Out” even more and the Jew will make even more
    draconian laws against White Christians as these Zio-Whore puppets cow
    to their demonic rule.

    You give a Jew an inch he will take a yard!!!

    Their whole history in Europe and everywhere else has been that way:
    to EXPLOIT Christian decency towards them.


  44. Balder says:

    On the torture and murder of Kelly Thomas by the jew/mason psychopaths high on “roids” and other mind control jew drugs they should all be hunted down and shoot like dirty animals.Wake up people.

  45. Land of the dead says:

    yeah a jew i used to know would point out to me in his view how it was weird that i was kind and generous and “compassionate” and pretty much showed me that it was a foreign character trait to him because it was non-existent within his jew circle,in other words he saw my positive character trait as foolish and a negative. thats the upside down jew psyche for ya! So I cut ties with that jewish den of venomous vipers outta my life, much like we all outta do here in america and every other white country. Yeah give them an inch and they take it a mile. Milk it as long as they can like a parasite. drop the jews! hell jews arent even kind to each other most of the time they are rotten little children.

  46. Land of the dead says:

    who can one up each other is their game. who can be the most cold blooded snake gets the most respect amongst them. constant competition not with just “goys” but even amongst themselves, yes they are that selfish and think they are entitled to everything. you exist to serve them is all they believe, sort of like they own you is what they are about (obvious). their game will not last long with how they go about things they’ll see.
    run yourselves into the ground jews keep it up!

  47. Land of the dead says:

    oh and this is obvious as well and not just a suspicion, this guy would really try to get you to take something from him (a loan) borrow (hold on this is classic and common knowledge) sort of like how bankers loan you something, and pretty much make you feel obligated to them, ensnared in their attempts at possessing you. well didnt work! dont get any loans from any banks or people you suspect are jews its all a possession game to them. Like how the international banks PUSH things and loans on countrys through out the world and now you have obligations. now you have to answer to them! DONT DO IT! GET IT ON YOUR OWN! open jewish hands are not there to help you! they are there to try and grasp you. It is not a compassionate gesture but rather a game. Its simple dont play it.

  48. Land of the dead says:

    If that nosy jew Lurks on these sites well heres a tune for ya! ya commie jew faggot!

  49. silvernickel says:

    I noticed a ‘Skid Row’ reference in this article below, so I did a YouTube search on the band. Sure enough they have a perfect video for the Zombie negro……LMBO!!

    “Hubbard is being held on $55,000 bail and will be arraigned on Aug. 4.

    Police believe that Hubbard may have attacked others near Skid Row. Anyone with information about Hubbard can call Detective Erik Moya at (213) 972-1234 or Crimestoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.”

  50. Jim says:

    I am sure the hipper folks out there know all about Liberia, but in case some of you don’t know about the glorious contemporary life enjoyed in Africa by the proud Africans it is time you watch it all in glorious color.

    I promise, it’s one short 8 part series you won’t need much prompting to continue watching.

    This is the REAL Africa and these are REAL Africans. If you love them so much perhaps they’ll have you over for dinner–literally.

  51. silvernickel says:

    I personally know two young white women like the one in the video who obviously feel the propagandized guilt and compassion to visit Afreaka and care for these primitives. What are they teaching these white girls to make so many want to fly to Afreaka and risk their lives? It’s maddening! Can not even imagine my daughter coming home to profess this dream to me. Ughh

  52. anonymous says:

    10mm hollow point works fine on monkeys. 😉

  53. ss og says:

    police atrocity ,once just brutallity has been the harbinger of destructive jews domain now for a while…the fbi charter is to police the police …but it all makes sense to me now after years of wonderin why they dont fix the problem with moron cops that this is what the elites want for you …..try readfing an afternoon of police abuses …there is a site that shows all the cops that went crazy and killed there wives .husbands . spouses new friend etc…it goes on forever …try to find it later ….cops are the enforcement arm of the elites ….ive known people who were killed by police for just struggling against being arrested …cops are a dangerous force in the usa today….coffee time…ill try to find the you tube shows a cop pulluinfg up to a mc rider and the guy is sittin there and this satancop walks up and shhoots biker and biker falls over paralyzed …this shit goes on everyday in the usa …….shit

  54. Maggie says:

    Shaking hands in celebration on a bus, seven negro thugs who had just hunted down a lone white schoolboy, 16, like a pack of animals and stabbed him to death.

    Read more:

  55. macaca says:

    What “Jiggabo” said. You all DO know that chimps will kill and eat other simian species…..

    BTW, the traditional spelling is “Jigaboo”, as in “Yayuss! We gots a Jiggaboo in de Whaht Howse!!!! Frahd cheekun and chitlins fo’ evvabody!”

  56. Laughing says:

    …all those SICKOS and SODOMITES; VIOLENT, SPOILED and MILITANT NEGROES; BRAINDEAD WHITE MULTICULTS and JEWISH, ZIONIST BACKSTABBERS to shut their big, foul traps and to leave for whatever foreign land they’re always yapping non-stop about, or crawl back under that slime-covered rock they came out from — ’cause it’s high-time WHITE AMERICA does some SERIOUS house cleaning!’

    So Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders are okay? LOL This site is a joke. White people and their sexual insecurities never seem to fail to manifest in anti-blackness.

  57. Karen says:

    White people and their sexual insecurities? Haha ha..I’m an old broad who married relatively late in life so managed to ‘know’ (ahem) quite a few White men and I can tell you that the White man, not the Liberal PC excuse for a man, has NO sexual insecurities. That’s a myth made up by brown and black people to compensate for their own insecurities in the face of White supremacism in just about every endeavor bothe mental and spiritual. White men rock.

  58. carnac123 says:

    For the most part, civilization has followed white Christians. Wherever there is white Christians, there is a safe, modern civilization. There obviously has been other civilizations in the world that were modern for their time but they all were harsh and deadly in some ways. Their people could not totally relax and they did not have rights. Blacks and browns have always been jealous of white people and have whined and complained that their short-comings have been caused by white discrimination. In reality, the blacks and browns have short-comings because they are inferior and they will not admit it.

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