Norway Killer Exposed as a Masonic Pro-Zionist

This is a photo of some of the young teens at the island taken just the day before the mass shootings. Note the Palestinian flags being waved and the scarf on the one up front — the whole weekend was scheduled as a pro-Palestinian event! They did NOT tell you that on Dual Israeli citizen-owned ABC World News Tonight, now did they? Some of these kids are probably dead. [INCOG]

by Charles Coughlin

The killer was a Freemason, Pro-Israeli Zionist and possibly brainwashed.

An article from the JTA reports “The confessed perpetrator in the attack in Norway that killed as many as 98 people espoused a right-wing philosophy against Islam that also purports to be pro-Zionist… Anders Behring Breivik is charged with detonating a car bomb outside Oslo’s government headquarters, which houses the office of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and of shooting and killing at least 85 mostly young people at a political summer camp on nearby Utoya Island.”

The mainstream media has been trying to paint Anders Behring Breivik as a neo-Nazi, but Breivik has expressed hostility toward any Nazi or White Nationalist political parties. Breivik would fit in much better with the pro-Zionist neocons, who lied the United States into the war on Iraq. The only difference between Breivik and other neocons is that he did his own dirty work, instead of sending brainwashed soldiers out to murder innocent civilians.

A White Nationalist would not shoot innocent White children because of their political affiliation as did Anders Behring Breivik, who attacked a left-wing Labour Party summer camp, which included children as young as 13.

The mainstream media will continue to try to spin this incident as a “Nazi” rampage shooting even though Breivik was clearly motivated by pro-Israel kosher conservatives, who have promoted no shortage of hatred for Muslims.

The pro-White movement sees the real problem facing White people as being Jewish control of the news media and the governments of White nations. The Jews are promoting policies to flood every White nation with Third World people. We need to expose this sinister situation.

Lunatics going off on shooting sprees, whatever their intentions, only pave the way for more gun control and hate crime laws.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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164 Responses to Norway Killer Exposed as a Masonic Pro-Zionist

  1. fereedom1 says:

    Julian Lee, when did you stop swallowing the jew bag?
    The more I think about it you are just that!
    All of the posters seem to agree, yet Incog, says you are clean?
    Yagoo, black lights just for you?

  2. DangerBoy says:

    “I guess this shows he was dumb, corrupt, or crazy after all.”

    Either that or he is very clever. I expect most people even outside the movement, felt a touch of schadenfreude, when they found out exactly who he hit. Everyone and I mean everyone hates Cultural Marxists.

    With him saying he is all of those things, it means we do not suffer because of his crazy actions. He is a lone wolf, not affiliated with anyone. He aligned himself with Israel, gays and so called anti-racists. He smeared his crap all over their door, not ours. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but for that at least I am grateful.

  3. DangerBoy says:

    “He denied being gay, despite a photo of him dancing at the 2004 gay pride parade in Oslo.”

    Funny how Jews push homosexuality and perversion all the time in their media and say you must accept it to be tolerant. But they always call their enemies homosexuals and perverts.

  4. fereedom1 says:

    Sure it was not, intentional!
    Crack pipe for you!

  5. Arminius says:

    Silvernickel, I forgot to mention – that KISS video was hilarious. Here’s another one – Van Halen this time:

  6. Lynda says:

    The reality take on the Norweigian bombing and massacre is beginning to become clearer.

    The Jew MSM will go for the ‘lone nut’ programme for the sheeple.

    The patsy – Breivik – who let himself be taken alive has steadfastly kept himself the frame. Probably an MK ultra mind controlled operative. He didn’t just get a nose job for his bar mitzvoh, he got a new face before he went into action.

    Norweigian jews do not regard other Norweigians as their ‘fellow Norweigians’.

    This was a hit on the Norweigian goyim who are supporting Norweigian recognition of a Palestinian state and critical of Israel. The fact that they were liberal young people who were with the Jew programme of Islamic immigration invasion of their nation is moot. The young people who died on that island were well on their way to joining the dots between Israel and the Norwiegian Jew programme for their own nation.

    “Is Anders Behring Breivik like Timothy McVeigh – or Baruch Goldstein?”

  7. fereedom1 says:
    Why no comments on this?
    Plastic surgery?

  8. DangerBoy says:

    Clearly his intangibility, gives the Jew trolls the shits. We don’t know what he is, apart from what he has said and there is no way to prove he is not what he says he is. So all we can do is take him at his word.

    He is anti-racist, pro gay, pro Israel and shoots kids at camp. What a combination!

  9. fereedom1 says:

    Oh the lynda that says Hitler was a queer?
    You sick piece of filth!
    Where is Sybil when we need her?

  10. fereedom1 says:

    Lynda you piece of sh8T!

  11. fereedom1 says:

    Oh , yes it will happen!

  12. fereedom1 says:

    Do , before the the kill, stand up to the “jews”!

  13. fereedom1 says:

    I love you Adam!
    Remeber what is evil!

  14. Lynda says:

    Shalom to all your pals in the internet defense league – Freedom101.

    Do you have a portrait of Baruch in action tacked up in your cubicle? In Crown Heights and at Hillel, he is quite the mensch.

    It is not too late for jewish Americans to put America first and be welcomed into the ranks of Americans who put America first.

    BTW – I have never ventured an opinion on whether Hitler was gay or not. What I have said is that he was an agent of the Crown and he offerred the holocaust of the German nation at the hands of his Masonic brethern who were also loyal to the Fourth Reich of the Crown and his counterparts in the Allied nations: the USA / USSR and Britain.

    You are aware that it is a proven and documented fact that the Bolshevik Revolution was from beginning to end the work of Jewry – financed and organized by Wall Street – the same outfit that issues the US currency?

  15. germaniajim says:

    did you know all male heirs to the throne have been circumcized at birth? Fact!. as for the Fed throw those bastards the hell out and the debt, Start over with a nations labor as its lending force, not silver or gold!! It broughtt weimar Germany back from the zionist brink and it can do the same for anyone, The only problem remains is what to do with the then unem ployed jews, and iM sure we all have an answer to that which suits all of us like minded peoples. Dont listen to the malarky about HItler being gay or a jew puppet it is all bullshit, People remind me, and say, “oh Hitler used jewish money to enpower him to office,” Tho that is true, he used it as it was only stolen from poor germans to begin with, but afterwards he kicked those bastards right out of the country without their money and only one suitcase of clothing, Thats his extent of jewish intimacy, Any more is pure jewish dis-information.

  16. Loki says:

    germaniajim says:

    July 28, 2011 at 5:41 am……………..(That is why HITLER is/was the GREAT EMANCIPATOR )………………JULIUS STREIKERS LIVES……………..Kill bolshevik.

  17. DICARLO says:

    @ germaniajim


  18. Citizenfitz says:

    Bounced at JooTube… again! I’m beginning to think someone there doesn’t like me 🙁

    Danger Boy: “Funny how Jews push homosexuality and perversion all the time in their media and say you must accept it to be tolerant. But they always call their enemies homosexuals and perverts.”

    Bingo! That’s because when it’s 1:00 am in London, and 9:00 pm in New York, it’s 27:79 in Tel Aviv.

  19. Citizenfitz says:

    “Television is the opium of the masses.”

  20. Citizenfitz

    “Television is the opium of the masses.”- Citizenfitz

    And the Zionist is the pipe and syringe.


  21. Marshall says:

    Lynda all the shooter needs now is a three-part name like every other famous lone nut!!!

    Odds Hellyweird is working on a “Movie of the Week” about this one? 100%. Of course the early rhinoplasty of the demon white boy will be omitted. Once again, Hollywood Jews make triple shekels off the crimes of their brethren. 🙂

    Ivan Boesky rips off millions insider trading, then Hellyweird makes “Wall Street” with crypto-Jew Michael Douglas and rips off even MORE millions celebrating his Judeo-criminality!!! OH WAIT…there’s a new Wall Street out with that Labouf Jew kid…quadruple shekels.

    And the legacy lives on…

  22. Marshall,

    That’s on top of their 5 or 6 yearly HoloHoax films.

    Then the History Channels is like a “Hitler & Nazi Marathon.”

    The only break is Jan-Feb when it becomes a “Saint Martin Luther King

    Nah they don’t have a leftist liberal agenda???


  23. Rex Stihl says:

    “Television is the opium of the masses.”- Citizenfitz

    And the Zionist is the pipe and syringe.


    Could we just say that television is the jewdeo electronic crack pipe.?

  24. Fokusman says:

    Please look at the huge US “budget” debate, as Obama whines to sqeeze taxpayers,
    with more tax (last thing Americans need!), in order to appease the boogey-man
    of creditors… plus “credit raters.” Focus on the fact the largest chunk of debt is
    to the artificial monster of private banker owned (mostly Jews?) Federal Reserve that grabbed real money (gold in 1933, silver in 1960s) and it prints “money” we can never repay at growing interest, now taking over 40% of US fed budget. – the core problem!

    This expanding money drives inflation – the excuse why investors with shrinking dollars “must” get profits. So they screw workers (by importing from cheap labor places or using massive immigrant cheap workers to drive down average wages.)

    OK, the Fed Res is the core problem.
    So, let’s demand we END IT. Shut it down.
    There are various ways to do this.
    (Could you folks reading about Breivik propose any solutions?)

  25. Marshall says:

    Check THIS out Fokusman and everybody!!!

  26. Marshall says:

    Wow 30.06, just watched that whole movie on the Freres Maconnes. 🙂 Have to go look up the “Stravisky Affair” now-


  27. Marshall says:

    Alex Jones talks tough on movie “Machete” but once AGAIN fails to mention the JOOOOO (as usual) So, I did some quick homework. Executive producers, “Bernon” and the “Fruchtman Brothers” who would have thought it? LMAO!!!


  28. Balder says:

    People,the bankster IS your “government” not the” UNITED STATE CORPORATION.”They have conned the people in believing that we are part of their world “the public sector”.We, the living,flesh and blood,human beings are not part of their world.We belong in the” private sector.”The public sector”is where all corporations “government”reside.The private secter and the public secter are as different as light”private” and darkness”public”.We have been tricked in believing that we all live in the same world.We don’t.Remember mossad “by way of deceptiom(tricks)”.

  29. Lynda says:

    Thank you for posting “Occult Forces” (1943) – a National Socialist Anti-Freemasonry Film.

    The Crown (Rothschild private banking cartel) laid the foundation of the Grand Orient of France about 5 years prior to the Revolution inaugurated in France 1789. The Grand Orient is Red Masonry – the executor of the Revolution which must roll through Three World Wars according to Pike. The Grand Orient has machinated the Revolution in France, Germany (under Bismarck), Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia.

    All republics are under the executive of Masonry.

    The Scottish Rite and its Supreme Council has consolidated for the Crown – the US, Britain and its Commonwealth.

    There are layers to Masonry. The JewSA is under the Scottish Rite and Supreme Council.

    In the dialectic of the Grand Chessboard, Germany would have been controlled by another lodge which was to be opposed to the Grand Orient on the dialectic of the Grand Chesboard. What was that lodge? Or maybe in Weimar all parties of the German republic were controlled by Masonry but the Crown directly financed and controlled National Socialism.

    This film which certainly depicts the truth in France was intended to lead people to think that Germany was free and that National Socialism was a free response to the Allied geopolitik controlled by Masonry. I don’t buy that Germany was free. Germany was a republic and therefore under the Masonic executors of Jewry since Bismark.

    The Crown of the imperial, global nation state of Jewry controls all Masonry as its executive.

  30. Marshall says:

    That film was pretty accurate about Masonic initiation from what I’ve studied. I sent the link to Texe Marrs, I’m sure he will get a kick out of it. Notice how the 33rd degree Grandmaster was talking about getting the communists and capitalists to kiss and make up towards the end, because it would create an illusion for the common folk. The Hegelian Dialectic in action again!!!

    It is indeed a global chess game they’re playing Lynda. Makes me wonder about Zbigniew Brezinski 🙂

  31. JamesTheJust says:

    I maintain that the massacre of 80+ innocent White kids was an act of extreme racial hatred, and that only a Jew or part-Jew would be capable of such anti-White racial hatred.

    There’s no such thing as a “partial jew” since jews are not really a race. They are a mixture of various dung races with some White in them.

    This is why when even a small amount of a jew is injected into a White, they are polluted. They are demons and think like demons.

  32. Fokusman says:

    One can analyze and analyze the “games,” from blatant mis-info on mainstream media to the arcane dialectics of different masonic groups . (On them look up the Rothschild agent Adam Wesihaupt who aimed to direct masonry but got caught and exposed in books like “Proofs of a Conspiracy” the 1798 (and 1960s reprints) book of Robison.)

    Look at it this way. World governments are set up by hidden ones, temporarily giving roles to ones they control. (It’s the theme of Edward Bernays’ old book “Propaganda.”)
    Media is controlled by very few, mostly Jew Zionists or ones following their lead, and as a group they are at war with white Christians most of all – seeking to destroy out once strong separated nations. (See short essay by Jewess Barbara Spectre given now on “Western Voices World News.” Also see end of Kevin MacDonalad’s book “The Culture of Critique.”) Another strong anti-white and anti-Christ gang is Muslims, who historically infiltrate and take over places violently once they think they can. Above all we have many rings of conspiracies, often in opposing pairs, both directed by hidden ones who use conflicts to impose their agenda and move systems toward full Control.
    Whole populations can be manipulated: blacks, Indoneisnas, Indians, Chinese, etc.

    You don’t have to know all details and unscramble all the wheels of conspiracies, nor even know the core conspiracy (but it helps!), just know who you are and what to do…

    IF you’re white (and not “Jew”) you are most likely an Adamite, the (white) group called Children of God, because Adam was this (Luke 3:23-38 lineages) – versus non-Adamites the many pre-Adamite types. this is also the nature of your own liberator-king-redeemer – known as Jesus – returning to establish his KINGDOM on Earth, by overthrowing all others. (I Corinthians 15:24-25, over all Earth, Zechanriah 14:9)

    Our God wants us to obey his laws. Study them and try hard to obey this. Do not listen to “church” demonimations (almost all infiltrated, and secular govt compliant.) Learn directly from Scripture what to do. Read the Bible from beginning to end. Make each line conform to what was already said/done. Know the identity of who is addressed. Chart lineages. List unkowns and “identites,” then solve for unknows. For example, our King repudiated “Jews” for being NOT his people (John 8 & 10). Moslems did not yet exist, but they don’t obey our Scriptures nor love Jesus, so they are wrong. The same goes for secular manmade law regimes, false “money,” cults like Freemasonry.

    Stay focussed. It can be done. Do collaborate with others, but trust your own analysis.
    Tools include a King James Bible and Strong’s Concordance with every word listed and meanings and roots given. Many words in the KJV are weak or deceptive. Write in stronger alternatives if they fit. Write cross references that fit. Solve the puzzles.

    Here’s a deep break for you: Adam means to blush, to show blood in the face – a trait of pale-skinned folks only. Such skin is called “fair” (from root word for bright.) See who has such characteristics. You’ll rarely see “white” named for skin, but it does exists for certain ones (who may first seem other tones, for reasons), and is euphamistically the outer layer “garment” etc of certain ones. Keep your eyes open! Note Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath (a key sign the Father seeks from us) and in fact we’re still in the seventh sabbath time-span “day” of God’s rest. (No “eigth” creation day is ever mentioned! But it starts soon when Christ returns!) “Day” is either the usual meanings, or a time span, as with 147 years Jacob lived in his “age” Gen 47:28. (Yowm is either “day” or “age.”)

  33. LonerSquared says:

    Maybe this guy did do it all alone, with plenty of planning, and intense motives.
    (Look at Unabomber who stalled a major airport alone and evaded authorites years.)
    The fewer folks that know a plot, the more likely it will go through, if well planned;
    the more people in on a plan, the more likely someone will give it away. And plots
    are started by certain “authorities” merely to attract “co-conspirators” to catch them, or in some cases to use them for “false flag” operations (Israelis big on this!)

  34. sogg says:

    lynda your suggestions are plausible on hitler ….why did otto skorzini confess decades later that he otto had shot the hitler dbl in the face and found another donor and fried em up ,,sez on a deathbed confession in florida at an advanced age that he flew eva and adolf out to belgium and they borded a caravan of 3 subs to get to argentina …et cetter a…one thing i find hilarious is that devilspawn lenin had the same bug capone had ,,,the sypphh and it made him crazy as well….most of the top brass in ussr after the cooo were pedopholes bischmeckual queeeeeer …i mean to say it does seem to look like hitler got a pass from the swindlers list.some say he lived to be roun 86 in the disguise as one father crespi in brazil or argentina and so on….it does seem that zionizm and naziism were parraleel but at what level and when both sides are usin bait propaganda it gets hard to see clear,,,,national socialism was in all expectations to be a national rennaiscance rebuilding of many things and not to the liking of all germans etc as in you cant please evceryone or as some people said you cant fool everyone ….look at the fruit of the tree planted in your mist….didnt hitler look like a man haunted or he had that 1000 yard stare of the person that wanted to be elsewhere…he was heavily medicated on a daily basis which can affect judjement …he was a man alone at the top as alot of germans hated him such as the military brass etc..and alot loved him…he did cater to jews and even cleared out a whole town in checkko ? i belive for the jews to live and helped relocate 2000 or so jew families to tyhe sainai desert aka izzrael…history is like a 3 d jigg saw puzzle……

  35. Steelback says:

    EU multiculturalism is nothing but a cover for Jewish supremacism. The EU idea originated in the warped mind of one Count Koudenhove Kalergi who envisaged swamping Europe in a racial deluge on internal migration. European civilisation and nationalities would cease to exist as discrete entities.

    Europeans would begin to resemble the Ancient Egyptians. The mongrelized populations of Europe would be controlled by the Jews’ “terrible power of the purse” as Herzel put it so elegantly.

    The shock troops for Jewish supremacism worlwide-as well as across Europe-are the freemasons especially Grand Orient of France, Scottish Rite and B’nai B’rith. The useful idiots in these plans are the sub-33 degree masons who have little idea of the Jewish devil worship which exists at the higher levels.

    Breivik is just another of these useful idiot brain-washed assassins. One of a crew like the crews who cruised Europe mowing down the masons’ political enemies prior to WW1.

    We’re now in the plan’s third phase for WW3……………

  36. IncontinentMan says:

    Children should not be indulging in Politics.

    Politics is a business card for the Military, Agriculture sector and Industry. Children have no business, moral or investment through time earned to demand boycotts of a foreign nations produce.

    That said, this Ander character exhibits Libertarian trends. From joining occult men’s associations to penning manifesto that reads like personal affirmative reinforcement.

  37. Captain Planet says:

    this Norway killer is a Jew, just compare his face to David Duchovny the Jewish actor. He has tried to scapegoat the the blame on the Freemasons, white Christian extremist, but the real evil doer as always is the Jewish Crime syndicate, and it master crime planner the Mossad. 911. 7/7, Madrid, Bali etc…The handy work of The Jew.

  38. Sophie says:

    It is much easier to claim he is mad than have a long drawn out court case giving publicity and an education in what most people probably already think. In the safety of their own four walls of course.Else the brainwashing brigade and their ilk who ran that island will censor you harshly and most likely ruin your life.

  39. Maximilian says:

    Yeah you are right. Let’s empty all mental hospitals and send these people to prison where they belong. Let’s be tough on criminals. There is no such thing as psychosis. Kevint1972, we need people with your insight into criminality in government.

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