Afro-Ape Cops Force White Beauty To Pose Naked

From Afrikaner Genocide blogspot

Afrikaner marketing-consultant Marina Kloppers, 23, was forced to strip naked so that two black cops could photograph her with their cellphones. When asked why, they said: ‘Tonight I am God’.

Afrikaner marketing-consultant Marina Kloppers, 23, has placed charges of assault and indecent assault against two black cops from Pretoria West police for forcing her to strip down naked and taking pictures of her on their cellphones on July 21 2011 at 2am. They then took her and a friend Charise de Witt, 22, to the Laudium clinic for blood-tests – where she was forced to strip naked and photographed by the two male cops. She was never charged for anything but they then threw her into a police-cell at the Pretoria West police station, where she lapsed into a diabetic coma and had to be rushed by her father Willem to Eugene Marais Hospital to save her life. SOURCE

Journalist Gerhard Pretorius of Beeld daily interviewed Ms Kloppers and her father after her ordeal. Her father Willem, acting sports-head of Pretoria University of Technology, had to rush his daughter from a police-cell where she had collapsed into a diabetic coma.

Her ordeal started when Ms Kloppers was pulled over by a police-car with two officers while she was driving with  her friend Ms De Wit in Mayville, Pretoria at 2am. White South African women are often pulled over and molested by blacks when they are driving, including by  police officers: so Ms Kloppers was so terrified when she saw the police-car following them that she wouldn’t stop at a red traffic light;  The cops tried to force the women’s car off the road – and while they were driving alongside her, she asked through her window if they could drive to a safer place. She drove to a friend’s house and as she stopped in front of it, the two cops yanked the attractive blonde woman to the ground and dragged her across the tar-road. They then sat on top of her to handcuff her.

She and Ms De Wit were dumped in the rear of the police-van and driven around for two hours. The two women were then taken to the Laudium clinic for blood-tests. Even the passenger Ms De Wit was forced to give blood by the nurse. Ms Kloppers then told the nurse that the two police officers had assaulted her during the arrest. The nurse then called in the black cops  while Ms Kloppers was in her underclothes and the two men then demanded that she strip down entirely “so that they could photograph her injuries”. Then they took photographs of her entire body with their cameras. “I will never forget this for the rest of my life,’ she told Pretorius. Ms Kloppers then was rushed to the Pretoria West police station in the back of the police-van and thrown into a police-cell.

Her father Willem Kloppers — the acting sports-head of the Pretoria University of Technology and friends then arrived to try and get her out. Ms Kloppers and her friends and family were afraid that she would be raped – as happened to many women in SA police-cells late at night.  Initially her father was however denied access to his daughter: by the time they were given access to her, she had lapsed into a diabetic coma. Mr Kloppers then rushed to the  Eugène Marais-hospital to get her medicine and administered it in the police-cell but she failed to respond: she remained in coma.  A constable then told the father to rather take his daughter away- that he would take personal responsibility if anybody asked questions.

She was never charged with any crime. She was rushed to Eugene Marais hospital by her dad – where she was helped to recover from the coma. Ms Kloppers now is undergoing psychologic counselling, and has been given anti-depressants, fear-suppressants and sleeping pills.  “In the daytime I am fine, but at night in the dark I keep reliving this. I will never trust a policeman ever again,’ she said.

She was terrified that she would be raped. Her father dad he could not understand how anyone can do such a thing to any woman.

Warrant-officer Annabel Middelton confirmed that a case of assault and indecent assault was placed at the Brooklyn police station against the two police members. Station commander Brig. André Wiese also confirmed that ‘from my side I will do everything possible to have this investigated correctly.’


This is what happens to White people when they give up power to these kind of sick animals. They soon start victimizing our race any chance they get, simply because it’s in their nature and they are jealous of the inherent beauty of Whites.

And it doesn’t matter one whit whether they wear uniforms or not!

Hell, this little story is nothing compared to the Whites in South Africa being viciously murdered — often tortured — inside their own homes by roving gangs of White-hating blacks down there. You just don’t know much about it since the Jewish-controlled mainstream media in the West wants you stay stupid to what’s really going on.

Are we going to let this kind of thing happen to our race every ten minutes? We can see exactly the kinds of thing now occurring to Whites in South Africa and easily extrapolate the direction most White countries are going.

You just need to start look at things rationally — without the filters subversive Jewry has installed inside your head about race!

Thanks, JEWS!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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114 Responses to Afro-Ape Cops Force White Beauty To Pose Naked

  1. Sen10L says:

    I haven’t watched sports in over two years. It wasn’t easy but I’m clean now. Although it was immensely gratifying to hear that Kirk Nowitzki of the Mavericks kicked Miami Heats Labron James sorry ass and shut his big mouth.

  2. summerled says:

    Jo Jackson
    I’ll put that hymn on my front door

  3. JamesTheJust says:

    What we need to quell these parasitic bastards is another Kristallnacht-like beatdown.

    For all the bravery and honor our forebearers displayed in removing the jew; we must end the problem permenantly.

    If the Germans really had this in mind, they NO DOUBT, would have succeeded and most efficiently so.

    Nope! Even the Germans didn’t take far enough.

    We will have no deportations this time. No working camps with olympic pools, theaters, shops…

    The jews will have their halocaust fantasies realized.

    To all the learned rabbits out there…you know the prophecy…

    You cannot avoid the coming destruction simply because you try to claim it early.

    As long as one of you remain to declair it; then it hasn’t happened yet.

    jew; meet the inevitable.

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jews And Communism In South Africa

    Against the international background of heavy Jewish involvement in Communism, did the South African experience show any parallels? Perhaps the best way to gain an insight into this topic is to quote from four books, three of which are by Jewish authors.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    If you want that article about Communism in South Africa just type in the address above. Google took down Zion Crime Factory and the link doesn’t work. It does work if you type it in yourself. I tried it. If someone knows how to make a copy of this information, you should! They didn’t just pull down this blog, but they also took down the South African article this article came from. When I tried the link at the bottom of the article, that wouldn’t work either. The Jews don’t want Whites to see this info. That is why it is important to copy. I found it in the first place by typing in Zion Crime Factory.

  6. You can bet your ass those kaffir beasties did most likely rape this young woman while she was in a comatose state. That’s why the family was prevented from getting to her for so long. Negroids are opportunistic cowards who are well known for raping whites who are unconscious and in many cases even dead. The family probably withheld this demoralization out of revelation out of pure shame and embarrassment. You can thank Jew Rats like Henry Kissinger for all that these voodoo apes are doing to innocent whites over there.

  7. JoeBobBriggs says:

    Niggers! Good for nothing, and Bad for everything!

  8. DaDadateBar says:

    Filthy Kaffirs! You have to know those nigger apes did something unspeakable to that young woman while she was in that coma!

  9. Judah Wurzelstein says:

    Whites should never have to live under the whip of Negroes, not in South Africa, nor in the USA, where they were insane enough to vote for a glorified Negro. It brings shame to our entire people. White South Africans need to take their country back, separate or leave this place.

  10. Archon of Athens says:

    “Ms Kloppers”? Ms. is a symptom of Jewish ‘feminism’. It should be Miss or Mrs.

  11. AWC says:

    I have to agree. Either stand your ground and make them pay in S.A., or leave..get out now, it seems like it’s already to late to regain control of the beasts.

  12. Pepper says:

    It’s so weird how you asshole white people forget the treatment of blacks here in the west. I guess karma is a bitch. It’s sad what happened to her but the ignorance of your race of people is what keeps up the division amongst nations. You can’t take back something that never belonged to you.

  13. t bone says:

    pepper, my negro adversary, you need to ‘re- edu-muh-cate’ yourself. Its the jews who were top heavy in black oppression/slavery. Take all the skank jewesses you want but keep your black hands off our White women.

    Its the jews stupid.

  14. Pepper says:

    Highly educated my friend. Although I don’t claim to be a historical scholar I do know that the first slaves were brought in by French, Spanish and Portuguese explorers. The last time I checked Jews did not and do not carry that much power to control all of that and if they did that would make them some highly intelligent and powerful group of people. Besides, in this generation it appears to be whites who are the backbone of the continuance of racism and cruelty. The blatant disrespect given to a leader appointed by the people for the people shows the presence of an abundance of ignorance. If he fails the whole country fails. Get a clue!

  15. t bone says:

    I got a clue chucko. Its you who needs to do some serious research. And whats worse is that youre a jew loving negro.
    Do a google search on talmud quotes. See for yourself. Your peeps are subject to the same jew domination, only its takes most negroes longer to figure the dirty jew out (I hear negroes are terrible chess players).

    Also search ‘rothschild’, the richest jew fam in the world. They go back to the 1700’s. Maybe then you’ll see the jew pattern in slavery even though it pre-dates that.

    Another example, Al Jolson(jew) did the blackface bit yet the Whites absorbed the blame for minstral shows.

    btw-If youre getting your info from the jew run media (and jew supervised academia) then youre a bigger foolybird than I thought.

    I’ll be happy to help you along on your quest to becoming jew wise provided you take the steps I suggested first. Or you can just stay subservient to the modern day slavemasters. Your move.

  16. anti-zionist says:

    The nations are the jews plaything. Who do u think all those nations in europe that are bankrupt owe the monies to? it aint a negro.

  17. Pepper says:

    Well although I’ve enjoyed this dialect going on with you guys the fact still stands that Jews are not the only race responsible for the way the world has become. It only takes one to start to become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem to reverse anything. If some people spent half their time dealing with real issues as they spent pointing fingers then it’s not who started but who finishes the race that is remembered. They way you all are acting makes you just as guilty as them if your claims are true. What’s real is the fact that the last century has been dominated by white supremacy slavery whether it is physical or mental and google didn’t have to tell me that. I pray you all find a better way than to slander.

  18. Greg says:

    Yeah Pepper, you had better go ahead and take off before you make yourself look even more foolish. You’ve contradicted yourself big time, and if you really were “highly educated” you would know that blacks sold their own people to the JEWISH owned slave ships, and still hold their own black people in slavery today in black Africa. Matter of fact blacks treat each other like crap….whether its in the ghettos of America, football fields, basketball courts, or the jungles of Africa.

    If anyone needs to look in the mirror and stop pointing fingers besides Jews, its you snotty nosed black folk.

  19. American born says:

    “Besides, in this generation it appears to be whites who are the backbone of the continuance of racism and cruelty.

    Thats a funny statement, Pepper. Most of the Whites I know bend over backwards to avoid being labeled a “racist”, and cruelty??? Say what brother??? Show me some links where Whites are being “cruel” to the poor little minorities. Not in my world, I never see it.

    What planet do you live on?

  20. American born says:

    Oh, I see. pepper is a uppity nigger type. LOL.
    Go enrich your “hood”, no need to come here.
    Better yet, go the fuck back to the mutherland.
    Everyone knows, africans are the most advanced race in the world.
    As far as your “edumacation”, your nothing but an affirmative action nigger.
    Go back to da hood and sell dope, nigger.

  21. American born says:

    It always cracks me up when niggers talk down to Whites. Without the White man the nigra savage would be eating feces and mud pies. The best thing that ever happened to the run of the mill nigger in the US was slavery.
    Thats how they arrived in a nation that pays them to mass produce little niglets. And they still complain.
    Still complain about their spoiled little lives here. Hey nigger, fuck you and catch the next boat back to africa if you don’t like it here. Sure as hell we don’t want your filth here. So just leave if you don’t like it, nigger.
    Stop your complaining, is that all you sorry assholes know how to do?? complain and sit around on your asses??
    A useless race if I ever saw one.

  22. Greg says:

    You got that right AB,

    Constantly talk shit about White people, but their sorry black asses aren’t lined up to go back where GOD put them……and where their OWN people and JEWS removed them from.

  23. t bone says:

    Just like a jig, pepper. Too lazy to research the few things I asked.You’d rather have the jew be your storyteller.
    If you really want to debate this, prove your case. I warn you though, I’ve researched heavily and have plenty info to give you the biggest reality check youve ever gotten.

    But hey, keep spewing your nonsense. When your 40 IQ starts to see jew involvement, it will be well documented that here in 2011 what a low intellectual capacity you have.

    No, you dont need google to tell you anything. Jew media is perfectly acceptable to you. I would suggest going to a library but that is a negro taboo. I tried to be somewhat respectful but talking to a negro is about as productive as talking to a box of rocks.

  24. Pepper says:

    It’s funny that you all think you offend me. It’s actually hilarious. Uppity, hood, or ghetto doesn’t matter because what’s real is real. You all are ignorant. I don’t live in what happened in the past. I understand what’s going on now. Every race is backstabbing to itself at the present time all in the name of “money” but a large majority of your race is still stuck on racial division. Many of my best friends are white, black, asian, indian, latino, rich and poor. Funny! I’m done. Thanks enjoyed the conversation.

  25. anti-zionist says:

    I only have white friends. Tried with all the others but by nature something is off. This is why nations exist,people with similarities, like blood, living together. We are pissed because we built these nations and now we give them away. All because the jew controls your fucken mind u dumbassed sheep.

  26. t bone says:

    Whether youre offended or not is irrelevant. This is mainly a jew wise blog.
    Coming here with pro-jew spew without doing the research is what annoys me.

    What really pisses me off is when persons like yourself wake up in a couple years and act like they knew all along. If you do wake up, I bet its because you surreptitiously eavesdrop on blogs like this.

    You forgot one category on your black list, Uncle tom.

  27. Greg says:

    “Stuck on racial division.”

    No, I used to be brainwashed by the Jewish program of multi-culturalism. I’m not stuck on anything, I woke up to the fact that you black people are worthless spoiled brats and that Jewish supremacists are using you as tools against White people. Do you know who created the NAACP? Did you know that blacks were almost on their way back to Africa before radical Jew politicians prevented it from happening? Of course you didn’t, you just want to keep taking advantage of the Jewish anti-White affirmative action system that was created to temporarily allow you blacks to think yall dun mooved awn up when really you are just being used to complete the Jews destruction of White America…along with the Mexicans who are being horded in. You just want to keep taking advantage of gullible White people who still have their heads stuck up their asses.

    You got yourself more of an education in this comment section than you have received your whole life…and guess what else you now know: You can’t pull one over on us pal!

  28. Karen says:

    @Pepper, I just watched a documentary called ‘Mine” about the rescue of about 100,000 dogs {yes, I’m a dog lover} after Katrina. Heartbreaking, the dogs left behind and abandoned, but I reserved judgement on the black owners remembering their ignorance and poverty which contributed to this ghastly situation. It was heartwarming to see the hundreds of volunteers who, on their own time and money {my husband and I included} drove down to New Orleans from as far away as Canada to wade through water and filth to rescue these dogs. Then the days and months networking to find either their owners or new homes. Know what? EVERY SINGLE VOLUNTEER WAS WHITE, not a single fucking Negro or Jew in sight. Fuck you , you ungrateful COON

  29. Greg says:

    I spoke with a gentlemen one day and he was telling me that he went with his preacher down to Mississippi after Katrina to help clean up. He said that the negroes just sat around bitching at the White people to clean up and very few of them ever lifted a single finger. He said they were selling dope while the Whites were cleaning up. One nig in particular was going in and out all day selling dope while they cleaned up his yard.

    Unfrigginbelievable? No, not with spoiled negroes.

    Pepper says “karma’s a bitch”….I wouldn’t want to be one of you lazy worthless primates in the coming future.

  30. Greg says:

    Katrina should have flooded and disembodied all those worthless NIGGERS!

  31. t bone says:

    Actually the negroes did a little work in N.O.
    Those tv sets they stole, and those 24 packs of beer sho’ was heavy.

    Youre right Greg, this negro could get educated if he wanted to, probably in only a day at a good jew-wise blog. But our nappy-headed troll has since gone back to jew land. When they take his cell phone and play station away, he’ll wake up…
    …but he’ll probably blame Whitey. Limited capacity in the negro cranium.

    btw-Karen’s on a roll.
    Nice quotes on the other thread.

  32. t bone says:

    Good vid CR.
    I’m going to re-post it for the unenlightened pepper, should he pass thru this thread again.

  33. GTRman says:

    Ive been working all day talking to a black Kenyan fellow who moans that he cant get a job ( he’s a trained chef ) cos of all the white Polish immigrants who will work for minimum wage .

    Surreal !

    I let him know my views , and Im learning from him also about Africa , Kenyans , and Somalis . He’s a decent sort who likes to work , and cant understand how we Brits are so stupid to allow all the immigration.

    I spoke to a brainwashed white friend the other night about immigration , saying its now about numbers , ie , how many people can fit on a bus ? Or in a school? Or on the roads ? I said , well , how many more can we ( UK ) take ? A million ? Yes . Ten million ? Yes . Half a billion ? Yes …..

    You cant argue with these poor , deluded people .

  34. GTRman says:

    Anti-semitic Great White Shark Attack !!!!!!

    Shark mauling victim in South Africa ‘ignored warnings’

    A man has had a leg bitten off and the other severed below the knee in a shark attack near Cape Town, South Africa.

    Michael Cohen, a 42-year-old thought to be a British citizen, was swimming at Fish Hoek Beach, even though the area had been closed after a shark sighting.

    A white flag warning of the presence of a great white shark was flying.

    Amateur footage showed Mr Cohen being airlifted by helicopter from the scene and a large shark in the water. He is said to be in a critical condition.

    The victim, believed to be a British expatriate living in South Africa, entered the water about an hour-and-a-half after the shark had first been seen.

    “It appears [the victim] was rescued from the water by a bystander who left the scene before we could identify him,” National Sea Rescue Institute spokesman Craig Lambinon told the South African Press Association.

    “The man was conscious when paramedics attended to him on the beach, but was sedated on-scene by paramedics in their efforts to stabilise the patient.”

  35. JamesTheJust says:

    Damn! jews are so arrogant they even think the sharks can’t touch them.

  36. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    That fish will get food poisoning!
    Made a right arse of himself there, i think.

    Speaking of jewish man eaters………….

    sara shwartz is a man eater.

    I watched that all the way through, and by the end i was in another dimension!
    She’s no ann (kike) landers!

    That advice??!!?

    Sure i’m a cannibal, but still!

    You go sarah!!
    To the nearest mental insitution preferably.

  37. Tuff Guy says:

    Pepper is so black that every time he gets out of his car the oil light comes on!

    Pepper! I told you not to come ’round he no mo! I taped the memo to the windshield of your car. What’s up you still drivin’ that Ford Pinto right?

  38. t bone says:

    Funny stuff Tuff guy.

    Looks like pepper wont be back. Too many White folks.

    Feets do yo stuff.

  39. Thank you for that comment American born…sorry for the ignorance Pepper…these ignorant folks. Im a white guy and must admit everything we touch we corrupt. We survive on back stabbing and selfish gain. We hold all this power and wealth and are still evil and vicious towards others. We have separeated people from God and continue to. The white race keeps everybody including its animal self in a materialist and self gratification state. White devils we are…we are the very tools satan uses for his progress. We make inventions and new products/medicine all to help make life better but it always back fire…all for money. It was written in the bible not to slave for riches…but thats all us white people have is money and wealth, without out that we are the true niggers…but not all of us are evil. Just the vast majority in high places and other feeble minded individuals.

  40. t bone says:


    The above comment by ‘james furguson’ exemplifies the typicle, jew-brainwashed shabbos goy.
    In fact, if you look up ‘judaized indoctrination via thought control and TV’ in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of this so-called ‘james furguson’.

    This problem of epidemic proportions, concerns me greatly.
    I do my share out in public but I only wake up about 2 or 3 people year, although I plant a seed most everyday.

    These ‘james furguson’ types are too far gone to waste any time on but I’ll go the extra mile for a brief moment.

    ‘Roots’ in a nutshell:
    1.Po’black man
    2.Evil Whitey
    3.Story told by jews (the kicker)

    See for yourself:

    Anyone who doesnt see this as a microcosm of our problem is a fucking retard.

  41. Greg says:

    Nice try James Furguson the Jew. Everything you said is an exact description of you Jews who want White people to believe you are White.

    Anti-Christ Jew devils pretending to be angels of light while accusing others of the evils they are responsible for.

  42. Greg says:

    Except for the “new inventions” part dipshit.

    You Jews don’t invent anything but new lies which are really just recycled old lies that are used for whatever evil purpose you are working towards.

    If you were really a White guy you’re still a Jew and deserve the worst!

  43. Greg says:

    And for all these freaks who claim “there’s only one race the human race” following along with satan and his Jewish children’s “new world order” to destroy God’s “natural order” I say:

    If you think everyone is the same and equal than quit hating the White race while at the same time kissing the asses of dark races of people. Show that you believe in “equality” and love White people and desire to see the White race continue on along with every other race, or just hate everybody equally. Either way…but show that equality you freaks preach!

  44. t bone says:

    Effin’ negroes use any excuse to chimpout. Its in their nature. White people are just not notorious for shit like this.

    Recently at Walmart:

  45. jcm969 says:

    It’s a shame the way the black cops treated that young lady. If my history serves me right, it was the blacks who sold their own black people into slavery when one tribe took over another.

  46. mike says:

    No white man ever went running through jungles to capture people as portrayed in roots that’s total bs blacks sold eachother out period btw most of the whites manning the ship were captured in the same manner and forced to be sailors its my understanding that the boers settled and unpoulated area and built it uyp and now the disgusting kaffrs want it whatever its just the way it is I guess but that white woman is so beautiful? I mean white women are just gorgeous fucking kaffrs whites need to wake up to the fact that our race will disappears if race mixing is not stopped I say the ones I care about most are whites so anything done to make sure we survive is acceptable no torture or disgusting barbarism deportation to the ends of the earth would be best but the end justifies the means if necessary

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