Crypto-Judaism in the Catholic Church

By Kevin MacDonald

David Maria Jaeger

An article in Haaretz (Israeli Jew turned Catholic priest named head of papal court”) describes one David Maria Jaeger who “converted” from Judaism to Catholicism and will now become a member of the highest court in the Vatican. The word ‘converted’ is in quotes because it’s apparent that Jaeger has in no sense ceased being a Jew. Jaeger was born in Tel Aviv and had a Jewish religious education before assuming his high position in the Church.

[A prominent Israeli professor comments:] “He is a special man. … He’s told me about his deep ties to Israel. We didn’t delve deeply into the reasons for his Christianity. He only gave hints.”

When Jaeger was asked yesterday whether he feels Israeli, he replied, “at least as much as you do,” adding, “I’m just like any Israeli citizen who works for an international organization situated outside the country – just like there are Israelis at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, the UN in New York or UNESCO in Paris. I am in a supra-national international body, that’s the only the difference.”

“I’m a loyal and patriotic son of our people and our country,” he said. “After all, that was the whole point of the Jewish people’s emancipation in the 19th century, that we would become a nation, not a religious minority among gentiles. A person can live according to his conscience, he can not believe in any religious faith or believe in one rather than another, all according to his own intellectual conscience.”

It is stunning that a very prominent Catholic has a deep Jewish identity and thinks of the Church as just another non-governmental international organization. The ceremony for his ascendancy in Rome will be attended by his sister Leah, an Israeli citizen, bringing a sculpture by Menashe Kadishman, a famous Israeli sculptor. He served as legal adviser to the delegation that negotiated the Vatican’s Fundamental Agreement with Israel–sort of like having Dennis Ross negotiate with the Israelis on behalf of the U.S.

Beginning in the 15th century in Spain, people like Jaeger were called Conversos or Marranos (pigs)—Jews who had the appearance but not the reality of having converted to Catholicism. The Inquisition was designed to ferret such people out and subject them to penalties. Indeed, a major problem in the eyes of the Inquisition was that the Church itself had been infiltrated by Jews pretending to be Catholics (see here, p. 118; I deal with Jewish apologia on the Inquisition, including denials that crypto-Jews had infiltrated the Catholic Church here, p227ff).

During the centuries of the Inquisition, the Church acted as if it was much more than an international NGO. It was a community of faith where ethnic networking on behalf of non-believers was the ultimate betrayal. In the contemporary world, crypto-Judaism in the Church results in high office and, who knows, perhaps election as the next pope. (Jaeger is so upfront about identifying as a Jew that perhaps calling him a crypto-Jew is inaccurate. Making statements like Jaeger’s could only have been a death wish during the period of the Inquisition.) Whatever the past successes of the Church in defense of our people, the appointment of a strongly identified Jew to a position in the Church hierarchy is certainly a bad sign indeed of the state of Catholicism in the contemporary world.

From: Occidental Observer

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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121 Responses to Crypto-Judaism in the Catholic Church

  1. anne says:

    When Hoff explained the Hegelian Dialectic to me, I started to notice it all thruout the jewish controlled media…

    Jew creates problem, Jew has solution to problem.

    If that aint Hegelian, I dont know what is….”

    In philosophy, though, Hegel is associated with German Idealism and belief in God. It was said THAT MARX TURNED HEGEL ON HIS HEAD”— famous quote. The reason is that while Hegel was talking about a Theory of History that showed it moving in a pattern where there were actions and reactions, MARX by contrast, talked about cause-and-effect movements in history ALSO (COPYING Hegel, but ONLY ON THAT PART).

    Why Marx was the OPPOSITE of Hegel, and said to be so, is that instead of this “dialectic” (this cause-effect/ action and reaction) movement of history going TOWARD the Ideals— Marx said it was all about, and only about MONEY. (about “labor” and “capital” and their cause-effect actions in history (battles of oppressed and oppressor).

    Marx was NOT IN THE LEAST like the German Hegel. He STOLE hegelian dialectic and applied it to MONEY, making all of history supposedly about money.

    this is why marxism is called “dialectical MATERIALISM.” IT has nothing to do with the Hegelian Dialectics in the philosophy of history (Ideals and God).

    Sorry— but it’s important! Marx was opposite!

    In terms of there being causes and effects. that’s just reality.

  2. Marshall says:

    Have a quick laugh Incogland!!! Just type “world’s smallest Jew” into BING and see what results pop up. WTF??? LOL


  3. Hoff says:

    Jew creates problem, Jew has solution to problem.

    If that aint Hegelian, I dont know what is….”

    In philosophy, though, Hegel is associated with German Idealism and belief in God. It was said THAT MARX TURNED HEGEL ON HIS HEAD”— famous quote. –anne—


    Just show me one thing the jews didn’t turn upside down?

    How do you know a jew is lying?

    The lips are moving.

  4. anne says:

    “…As a Catholic, I can tell you that this has been going on in the church for the last 500 years….”

    lol. As a protestant, I would say 1500 years. HOPEFULLY, that will someday come to be our true difference someday, in a sense—- simply the year where we locate that it went wrong.

    Frankly, when you’re going to be killed for having an Idea, that is somewhat different from the church (say, you ARE an atheist), then one has little choice but being a ‘converso,’ in a sense.

    WN to many is incompatible with Catholic Nationalism and Theocracy. Frankly, it even seems a bit rude to treat whites as scum who merely reject just, say, transubstantiation.

    If you think about this—- why should I accept a non-symbolic take on that, WHICH MEANS I AM SHARING BLOOD with the Ethiopian next to me at the communion rail? As a symbolic act, one is not “entering into the blood” with them in the same way. Rejecting this universalist aspect may be a better fit with racialism than true universalism, no?

    At any rate, do hope not banned for saying that. Dr. MacDonald is very fine on many things, and a very true intellectual, but more of an apologist for RCC than many whites feel comfortable with—- and well, they are still white. Nor do they WANT any white society where one white sub-group is degraded on the basis of Ideas. Theocracies are theocracies, not racialist.

  5. anne says:


    I’m not defending jews. I’m saying that Jewish communism is NOT the same as German Idealism, which was Hegel.

    Jews used part of Hegel (dialectic) but turned it into something else, which was atheist and anti-God.

    The problem is NOT Hegel, but what Marx did to him. So call it Marxist, not German., please!

  6. anne says:

    I’m defending the ethnic Germans, the German philosophic tradition.

  7. Hoff says:

    Hegelian Dialect is jew bullshit. First the jew scumbags create a problem and then the lying jew scumbags comes up with the “solution”. That is jew hegalian dialectic at work.

    Nothing complicated about that jew bullshit. what the jew do is that the use a very complicated vocalubary to make jew bullshit look “academic”. Read the jew Karl Marx jew bullshit called “Marxism”. From page one it’s jew bullshit looking like highely advanced “academic”, when the simple truth about the jew “science” “Marxism is nothing but jew bullshit.

  8. Hoff says:

    Okay, l’ll boil down to the core. Everything any jew ever said or wrote is JEW BULLSHIT.

    Can you spell JEW BULLSHIT?

  9. Hoff says:

    Why the jews hate ldi Amin.

    “Idi Amin Discusses Israel ”

  10. Citizenfitz says:

    We now even have Jews serving as papal knights! Although nUcHuRcH – of which B16 is a principal architect – goes out of its way to bend over for the ever sinless ever sinned against Jews, it hasn’t always been so. The popes understood that though many of the Jews who converted were genuinely sincere, a large minority at least retained an affection for the Synagogue. These became the object of a fanatic re-proselytizing program by the Jews and crypto-Jews. In Spain particularly this became such a problem that the monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella finally had to give them the boot. To this day the Jews still whine about it….

    The Jewish subvert of this IM article shows how in today’s Vatican they don’t even feel a need to hide their true loyalties. But quite a few Jews who’ve converted over the centuries were honest seekers. Saul of Tarsus being the most celebrated. Others, like Bernard Nathanson and Mortimer Adler are more recent examples.

  11. Great articles, Hoff… You have outdone yourself this time with your work…

    Yes, the solution is to keep pounding these criminal Satanic bastards until everyone knows the TRUTH about what type of creature is responsible for the economic and social messes that our world faces today…

    When you get to the bottom of any trouble happening around the world, you usually find the Jew being responsible for it….

  12. Citizenfitz says:

    The Ratzinger file:

  13. BitterTruth says:

    An interesting piece on these Demonic-parasites.

  14. Hoff says:

    When you get to the bottom of any trouble happening around the world, you usually find the Jew being responsible for it…. –NTS–



    Thx all. Okay all good ladies and gentlemen, let’s get back in businezz at incogland.

    l Hoff will single handed take out any lying jew POS scumbag.
    (POS = Piece of shit).

    Be warned all lying jew POS scumbags. l Hoff will dawn on you so hard that not even you brothel jew whore “mummy”want to recognize you. Bring’em on!!!

  15. Hoff says:

    The most confusing day in a jew kids life. Daddy’s Day in the Red Light Ghetto in Jew Run Tel Aviv.

    – (The little obnoxious jew kid) DADDY DADDY … ls you my daddy? Mummzy Mummzy … Who is my daddy?

  16. Citizenfitz says:

    A Jewish father puts his little boy on the dresser and says, “Abie, come to pappa.”
    The little boy jumps into his father’s arms.
    The father than puts his son on the bookshelf and says, “Abie, come to pappa.”
    The little boy jumps into his father’s arms.
    The father then takes his son up to the roof of the house and returning to the ground calls out, “Abie,come to pappa.”
    The little boy jumps from the roof. At the last second the father steps aside and the boy crashes to the ground.
    As he lays there bleeding and crying, the father says, “Let that be a lesson to you: don’t ever trust nobody!”

  17. Hoff says:

    Northerntruthseeker says:
    August 14, 2011 at 1:36 pm
    Great articles, Hoff… You have outdone yourself this time with your work…


    Just getting warmed up. The lying jew scumbag will never know what hits him. Bring’em on.

  18. Hoff says:

    One jew to another jew:’

    – You got a flie on your lips.

    – Where Where where ..?

  19. Disgusted White Christian says:

    anne , you are getting your head all clusterfucked as most of you protestants
    and especially Bap-Dahhs do??

    “lol. As a protestant, I would say 1500 years. HOPEFULLY, that will someday come to be our true difference someday, in a sense—- simply the year where we locate that it went wrong.”- anne

    Ohh, like all those Protestant “Tel-a- lie-evangelist (televangelist)” aren’t totally
    controlled by the Zionist Jew too??? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese lols give me fuckin break???

    Yeah, Protestant John Hagee sure looks like a true apostle of Christ there anne 🙂 ?

    I got a questionm why do you Protestant buy Martin Luther saying the Pope
    is the “anti-Christ” but in his book “The Jews and Their Lies” he basically
    says, they are Satanic too, but you all say “ohhhh, that was the anti-Semitic
    of the time” (sound familiar). Your little “Jew get out of jail free card.”

    Your churches are just as corrupt as mine, but at least we have some true
    priests, that came out and said the Jew runs everything,like Charles Coughlin.


  20. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Again, the liberal Jewish media downplays “ethnicity” of these flash mobs or
    as I call them “Black Flesh Mobs.”

    Monica Yant Kinney: Why attacks aren’t ethnic intimidation

    By Monica Yant Kinney

    Inquirer Columnist

    Why are you hiding the truth? Why won’t you call them hate crimes? Can you imagine the outcry if it were white kids attacking blacks?

    That’s the thrust, minus racial slurs and profanity, of the response to the latest flash-mob coverage. Readers think we haven’t said enough about the galling fact that the perpetrators of these violent attacks are black and the victims, nonblack.

    (And no, I’m not avoiding white. One innocent was a Cambodian shopkeeper.)

    Widespread perception is worth exploring, especially when Mayor Nutter and top cops of color say they’re sickened by the consistency in the random savagery.

    “If you have all black kids attacking only white people, how can you think it’s not racially motivated?” asks Deputy Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

    He says that, as a black man, “I’m appalled.” But as a cop, Ross says, he needs evidence that thugs chose victims based on racial hate to call it more.

    Picking victims

    Two readers weighing in on the long, ugly history of flash mobs in the city may have met before.

    Antonne M. Jones, a writer and publisher from Moorestown, roamed Center City in the late 1980s from the periphery of a “wolf pack” called O.C.P., for “Organized Crime Posse.”

    Jane Piecuch was a “wolf pack” victim in the summer of 1988.

    “It started out innocently,” Jones, 39, tells me at a Starbucks on Chestnut Street near the group’s old stomping grounds. The posse walked to South Street seeking action.

    “They had a term, ‘clocking wigs,’ that meant hitting someone in the head,” he recalls with shame and disgust. “They preyed on women, whites, and Asians.”

    Jones says he never joined the violence, thinking the gang cowardly for its cruelty.

    “They were selective,” driven less by hating whites than wanting to feel superior to weaker, vulnerable strangers, he explains. “If they saw anyone who could defend themselves or pose a threat, they wouldn’t do anything.”

    That may explain how idealistic 20-something Jane Piecuch found herself surrounded one night that summer by an all-black mob near 13th and South Streets.

    “I don’t want to show I’m afraid, I don’t want to be some cowering white woman,” she recalls thinking. So she kept walking.

    “It seemed cool” until a kid grabbed her necklace and punched her in the jaw. “Everything in me switched and I just ran.”

    The fine line of a hate crime

    Jones says the O.C.P. fell apart after so-called leaders – including a guy ironically nicknamed “White Mike” – received prison sentences. Jones had arrests for drug dealing but went on to write The Family: A Philadelphia Mob Story, a black-on-black crime saga credited with spawning the ‘street lit’ genre.

    These days, writing safely from the suburbs, he’s finishing a screenplay based on his book about the Lex Street massacre. “I don’t believe because of your upbringing you have to turn out a certain way.”

    Piecuch planted her roots in Northwest Philadelphia.

    “I’m a little more cautious, but not afraid,” contends the mother of a Masterman student. She wonders “what makes an 11-year-old out for no good from the get-go? Is this the beginning of the end for him?”

    Despite the obvious, her predators couldn’t have been charged with a hate crime. Neither could any of the seven people charged in two recent flash mob attacks, or those caught in similar assaults last spring and last year.

    “With ethnic intimidation,” Ross explains, “you need someone saying something racial while committing this violent act, or a confession or conspiracy.”

    Racial hatred must be the criminal motivation to slap the harsh ethnic-intimidation label atop assault and rioting charges, adds Tasha Jamerson of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. “You have to prove intent.”

    Digging through the archives, I spy one “wolf pack” case that initially cleared that high hurdle.

    In the fall of 1989, five white men terrorized Society Hill, shouting vicious slurs at black and Hispanic combatants.

    The assailants stood accused of ethnic intimidation but the charge didn’t stick.


  21. Loki says:

    Many SA females of all races also are slaughtered alive for cannibalistic ‘ritual medicine’

    1) Mutilated body found in Pietersburg river: ears, eyelids, lips, nose, hands, left-thigh flesh cut off while still alive

  22. BitterTruth says:

    What Christians, especially Christian Zionists need to understand is that the jews’re not God’s chosen people, they forfeited that right when rejected and condemned Christ to death!

    The church is God’s chosen people because they accept and trust in christ, the jews reject that God has a son and the Bible calls such the Anti-christ,Jesus said jews are the children of the Devil who belong to the hottest part of Hell!

    Hell is the destiny jews and all zionist christians who support them.

  23. S says:

    This is exactly the kind of scum great men like Adolf tried to rid from their midst; they serve no purpose but to infiltrate and act like one of us; meanwhile draining the host of their economical, political and social values before subverting and completely destroying the nation. The result is the Jewish Soviet “Union”; slavery, disunity and mindless mass suffering in the name of “equality”.

    This is the end game for Humanity, whether White, Asian or Arab, at the hands of the Jew.

  24. Whatever happened to the more grounded posters around here? People are just sarcastically disgorging crazy, wacko shit and not really engaging others in conversation. Lone guns don’t need you because you are ineffective and wrong. Point taken. Lone guns, contrary to received opinion, do not get anything done.

    Lordy, have we got problems. I don’t know if spastically and cynically regurgitating the same old shit with even weirder twists is going to attract whites who need to get the memo that jews are destroying them. Please consider that what you post has an effect on whites that have a lower level of awareness of what is going on than you may have. I mean do we actually want to accomplish something with all this posting, or do we just want to be seen as clever or cynical or jaded?

    It won’t be long now before they try to come after us in earnest. If a few million more whites had the awareness we have, our problems would be half over. Incog Man is a big site for addressing the core problem which sonehow, I don’t know, many herein can see and many out there can’t. Do you want to screw the potential for Incogland making a difference up? Then stop sounding wacko, some of you.

    The smokingest of smoking guns is 911. The official story of 911 is bull-frickin-shit. Whoever isn’t helping to keep the 911 ball rolling once in a while is suspect in my book.

  25. American says:

    Jewish controlled mainstream media admits to ignoring Ron Paul:


  26. Loki says:

    The next stage of development for international finance is to get rid of cash altogether. Then the token accountability of the bankers will disappear along with the cash. Their intention is that everyone will have to use credit/debit cards for every type of commercial transaction.

    Electronic technology, when used this way, and when it is not merely widespread but compulsory, will give them complete control of every man, woman and child in the world. If you cannot buy or sell – food, petrol, clothes – without a card you are completely at their mercy. If you lose the card or it doesn’t work for some reason you will suffer until issued with a replacement. If you make a protest against some particular injustice they could invalidate your card. The next time you go to the supermarket your card may not work. You won’t officially exist!

    Who benefits from such a scheme? The politicians or the bankers? To ask the question is to answer it. The Bank of England is the real, but hidden, government of the country. The Government and the politicians are merely puppets controlled by the Bank – or, more accurately, the international banking families. None of our cowardly politicians dare stand up to these hidden and unelected rulers of the world, so powerful have they become. Two American presidents, possibly three, were assassinated for attempting to do so. It is far easier for them to submit to the system and enjoy a rich life than expose the real tyrants: tyrants who cause high taxes, unemployment, war, famine and misery for the rest of us. But these despots of the New World Order forget that Truth is more powerful than they could ever become. And Truth brings Justice!

  27. WHITEMAN says:

    The photo of David Jaeger is very disconcerting. He looks like a raving homosexual who likes to play with little boys’ booty holes. He’s very creepy, very evil.

  28. DICARLO says:

    Me and mine are starting to fully believe that the Whites of today, those millions who are unaware, and don’t get it, are not merely brainwashed, but brainDEAD, totally dumbed down, and stupid, and sadly …. they like it.

  29. WHITEMAN says:

    BitterTruth – right on. Jesus came for save mankind and His Gospel message was FIRST given to the Jews (they rejected it) and SECOND to the Gentiles (they accepted it). Bottom line – ANYBODY who rejects the grace, mercy and salvation offered by God when He sacrificed His only begotten Son will receive this – the wrath of God. There is no “in between”. Either you place your faith in Jesus Christ or on the Great Judgement Day you are going to perish (be destroyed, get your ass kicked, evaporate).

  30. Segestan says:

    This is a good site incogman. When you think of the gigantic tentacles of Zog world wide, you must be either brave or stupid. I think brave.

  31. Lynda says:

    The forces of anti-Christ led by the Jews have been attempting the infiltration and subversion of the faith of the Church since the Epistles to the Romans and the Epistles of Jude and James.

    The book entitled The Plot Against the Church by Maurice Pinay outlines and documents the entire history in the Catholic Church. The blogspot is covering the anti-papacy inaugurated 1958 – ? and the downloading of judeoXtianity into the Roman Catholic Church.

    So for now the foes of the Church are in occupation of its institutional structures worldwide. This is simply the Revolution inaugurated in France 1789 now succeeding at the universal level in the Catholic Church. It succeeded in the Russian Orthodox Church with the Bolshevik Revolution and the murder of the Patriarch and bishops thus extinguishing the sacrament of orders in Russia. The same forces are extinguishing the Apostolic Successions in the West by changing the rites of consecration so that by the Church’s criteria the consecrations, ordinations are invalid.

    And they are changing the holy faith by changing the liturgy.

    These imposters calling themselves popes, cardinals, bishops and what nots are not fooling the Catholics who know what the Church actually teaches about the holy faith.

    The forces of anti-Christ led by Jewry intend to rule the world. Anyone who thinks they would have left the Catholic Church out of their plans is not up to tempo with the Mad Plan.

  32. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Segestan, You mean just like this below???


  33. Disgusted White Christian says:

    This what those Khazar Jews and their Shbbus Goy puppets have waiting
    for them:

  34. Loki says:

    Whiteman,your god sounds like an old sob.It’s either/or with him/her or it.I thank my God that He loves me as a son regardless.That is one reason I sleep like a baby(no drugs needed)

  35. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Marrano Legacy: A Contemporary Crypto-Jewish Priest Reveals Secrets Of His Double Life by Trudi Alexi

    This short book is sympathetic to jews but it is described as showing how the Crypto-Jew network operates in the Catholic Church. They sell it on Amazon.Com. The article where I found it also lists other books about Crypto-Jews infiltrating the church. Here is the article.

  36. Loki says:

    Focus your dreams, hopes, resources and energies on what is to come after the Late Great USA is no more. White people, look to the future and not the past. Then your fortunes will begin to improve.

  37. Sen10L says:

    They really hate you Incogman. That should tell everyone with half a wit that ICM is telling it like it is. The wicked hate the truth.

    Still waiting for the PSA poster girl #3 to unfurl. 🙂

  38. Loki says:

    I believe that we have seen the high water mark of the so-called New World Order, the U.S. Imperium. The deluge cometh, and it is already lapping around our ankles, and around the necks of the debtors who are now unemployed.

  39. Comdr. Z says:


  40. t bone says:

    I wonder what prompted the DOS attack.

    Probably the 4.5 mil. hits.

  41. Loki says:

    The Great Depression of the thirties was due to a lack of money. This deflation was caused by the privately-owned Federal Reserve, which was created by an act of Congress to prevent serious fluctuations in the money supply. Once it was decided upon to end the Depression, all that was necessary was to print money and put it into circulation. That allowed the economy to start up, like putting gasoline into the empty tank of a stalled car. In today’s semi-crippled economy, there are few factories to start up, because those factories are now in China. The primary sector of the economy (agriculture, mining and logging) employ very few, and those who are employed are legal and illegal aliens. The secondary, or manufacturing sector is largely gone, and the tertiary or service sector is largely minimum wage jobs, largely filled by aliens. Thus, putting more money into circulation will only create inflation. It will not put people back to work, because our Zionist rulers have been exporting so many jobs and importing so many foreign jobless. This is not just a depression we are entering. It is a disaster.

  42. bargain bob, don't try to jew me down says:

    Allovertheplace.. you are right on about lone guns and also 911. people I never imagined, are waking up. ten years is only a month away! you can bet on a lot of BS from the JCM or maybe worse from Mossad. I don’t know if we’ll ever get our country back. but if we don’t I’d rather lose it fighting than to be jewed out of it.

  43. 4.5 MILLION hits, and the POS Jew Scumbags are now taking aim at you, old buddy???

    Gee… What took them so long??? 🙂

    Filthy Parasites can not stand anyone telling the world about their evil actions for too long before they always try to ruin the messenger…..

    So what is next??? Try to close your account again?

  44. sog says:

    the catholic church may not be directly antichrist but they personiffy dead spirituality in most pockets(judaeism =death).a semblance of spirituality without the power or sanctity of holiness ….the church will be pivotal in the foermation of a world religion under the one world commonism under the jew who trie sto manufacture the freedom they take away ,,by recreating as a force of something that sheep will believe in…the jews got their inside into the catholic churche coffers in the early 1200’s as the catholicks didnt like to handle a low ecshelon activity such as counting the$$$$..they also been in the heart and were the influencing of china to many wars and opium decadence via the sassoon and fdr families etc.since 1-200 ad…..christianity is explained in the new testament …put it up to whatever “religion” you want and see what your calculation says ….jews probably rewrote alot of the old testament to lessen the negative aspects of their constant 24/7 disobedience ….jews are and always have been a mixed dna tribe apart from the consolidated 12 tribes of 12 sons of jacob.israel..90% of todays jews are plainly and simply middle eastern gentiles at the bottom of the skrotim pole…and who gives a shit about any dna carrying israelite at this point as they are the bane of the world anyway in a thousand and 1 ways…the higher up power levels of the vatican is where the jews are roosting in their jewsuits…if spain had just killed them all during the inquisition they never would have come to cuba and to africa and haiti as soon on the crypto colmbuz ship of death to come….jews settled in masse in central northern mexico in 1541-2 and took over ….the church mentioned in the bible at end of tyme is the apostate church for which the catholic church was unluck enuff to inherit the jewish termites of religion and adulteration…many of weak faith will be swept away by the end times and anti krist that the apostate catholic church will be front runner of …the part where this zio com neo cathhlik jew prist diminishes christian spirituality to a banal nationalisst common general watered dowm non committal dogma for the masses sounds like serious control issue ….around the world right now anybody who is distinctly set apart by identification as a christian are being persecuted and killed ,,,,persecutionwatch…its obvious the jews control EVERYTHING on the globe presently including all spook agencies all churches assed with vaticaan…they are afraid of real and powerful kristian spirituality…they kill people like that..i met rev, wurmbrand many years ago and although he was still a believer in the holohoax as were alot of people then but he suffered all his fingers and toes being smashed with a hammer and countless beatings and starvation by the jew crap who imprisoned him in romaniac for 14 years for preaching the real gospel where the communistic jew realms existed and never denying his faith ……their were many miracles around the smuggling of bibles into ussr at that time in the 60-70’s..dont mean to offend catholics but god would call the present day cath church a den of iniquity that means well and so on..

    parafraf time ? ,,,the jews were not satisfied to adulterate the mosaic law of the old testament and replace it with talmuddik judaeism but thay also glee in ruining the cath church and using it as a vehicle for more sedition and chaos,,,they got moles everywhere ,even in 12 step programs because of the god thing in the common group prayer…..

    is there anywhere they arent ?….I think china might be the only country the jews dont want to tangle with but they control the internal finances anyway……..good article i-man….

  45. WHITEMAN says:

    Incogman – sorry to hear that a violation of US law is be played out against you. A DOS attack is a crime and lets hope that the source will be identified in the future and they will be charged, tried in court and convicted.

    Could it be the KIKE VERMIN SCUMBAG JEWS doing it? Probably so. They are getting nervous that the TRUTH is coming out about their activities and hatred for America and White people. Ponzi schemes, pedeophilia, porn, financial crimes and espionage are but a few of their crimes.

    KIKES – leave America while you can.

  46. WHITEMAN says:

    Loki – uh……no, God is not an old SOB.
    He’s solitary.
    He’s purposeful.
    He’s supreme.
    He’s sovereign.
    He’s immutable.
    He’s Holy.
    He’s powerful.
    He’s faithful.
    He’s good.
    He’s patient.
    He’s gracious.
    He’s merciful.
    He’s loving.
    He’s incomprehensible.

    I don’t know what your notions of Him really are, but to deny Him is folly and to face Him in a sinful condition is destruction. BTW, everything that happens on the face of this earth, happens with his knowledge. His will is accomplished, in heaven and on earth, perfectly and without defect. He will take care of the evil ones (contemporary Jews) and their leader, Lucifer. Its a Lake of Fire for both.

  47. Sector 19 says:

    Note: Translated to English from original Danish blog post (which, itself, was translated from Swedish… So much for the Tower of Babel stopping us — WINNING!)

    Source: Balder Blog

    Sweden: Paideia conference in Uppsala – Jews must complete the multi-culture

    The Jewish propaganda department Paideia held from today a conference in Uppsala, where the goal is to find a way to complete the multi-culture.

    “Sweden is a country struggling with the multicultural community challenges. [ya think?]

    After having been in operation for ten years, organizes Paideia, ‘The European Institute for Jewish Studies’, a conference that questions about tolerance, democracy, religion, alienation and identity, to leading international thinkers, “writes

    The conference is organized in collaboration with the Swedish Foreign Ministry, Hugo Valentin Centre and the Jewish Central Council, will run until 16th August. The schedule is as follows:

    14th August in the University auditorium jubilee:
    Inauguration of the University of Uppsala with a reception in the great chancellor room, memorial speech by philosopher Moshe Halbertal About tolerance and music program at Uppsala University’s auditorium, including Semmy Stahl Hammer and choir ‘Purple Koren’. Compere: Stefan Böhm

    15th August in Ihre-hall: the conflict between religion and democracy politikologerne Eric Nelson and Alan Wolfe. Moderator: Göran Rosenberg

    15th August in Ihre-Hall: The stranger’s role in society, the philosopher Catherine Chali and religion researcher Jesper Svartvik. Moderator: Tony Lerman

    16th August in Ihre-Hall: Cultural boundaries and identities, the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and historian Michael Brenner. Moderator: Lasse Dencik

    16th August in Ihre-Hall Reflections and Visions of Avraham Burg, former Chairman of the Israeli Parliament ‘Knesset’, Mr Jan Eliasson, former Chairman of the UN General Assembly and leader of the Paideia Barbara Lerner Spectre.

    Sponsors: Riksbank Jubileumsfond, Clas Groschinskys Memorial Foundation, Helge Ax: son Johnson Foundation, Annika Urwitz Foundation, Cultural Council and Germany, Poland, USA, Israel, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Romania’s ambassadors.

    It reports Paideia in

    “Paideia is a non-denominational [well aware of what that means now thanks to incogman’s article above] institution that was established by a decision of the Swedish Parliament to promote the reconstruction of Jewish knowledge and culture in Europe[apparently, multiculturalizing honkeys is an openly declared Jewish cultural imperative now?]. Paideia do this by offering the most intensive training in Jewish studies, available in Europe. “

    Paideia Board of Trustees (September 2010)

    Jan Eliasson, Swedish Foreign Minister and president of UN General Assembly

    Lord Greville Janner, Great Britain’s Zionist Janner and president of World Jewish Congress, who know no better than fighting patriotic movements.

    Kamal Qureshi also is a member of the ‘The Political Council for Coexistence’, founded by the Vice President of the World Jewish Congress, Lord Janner of Braunstone. The Political Council for Coexistence is an organization which is to unite Jewish and muslim forces against the suppressive forces of the indigenous xenophobic racist antisemitic majorities that still populate European countries.

    Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein, Israel
    Source: Balder Blog

  48. condeez says:
    I post again!
    There are children here!
    No I did not just mean jews.
    These so called men like joel schumacher, and spelling, must pay!

  49. condeez says:

    Okay just shut up!
    I do realize the oxymoron on that post!

  50. Wow, Incogman… I tried getting into your site several times this morning, and I had connection timeouts!!! I was finally able to get in, but to surf around your site is still painfully slow and tedious…..It does appear that the goons are trying their best to ruin your site and to prevent people from linking in….

    I wonder if others have had the same difficulty with getting into this site… If it is true, then obviously you are stepping on some toes… Keep it up!!!

  51. Loki says:

    WHITEMAN says:

    August 15, 2011 at 1:26 am………………………….WHITEMAN if your “god” is the same “god”in the old testament you can keep him.Like I said my” God” loves me as a son and does not look at me as some experiment in a petri dish.

  52. anne says:

    @ The deluge cometh, and it is already lapping around our ankles, and around the necks of the debtors who are now unemployed….

    Actually, the umemployed around me are mostly anyone who tried not to become “Systems Animals” and feed and bleed the American tax dollar. The tax-supported people (whether on Welfare or Warfare, either way) are the ones holding their heads up (LOL). They are still feeding like vampires and moralizing about it all the way…. how it’s working out for them so well in a tough time b/c they are the ones “who did it right,” and hey, if everybody just bled the (gosh, what would left for them to take from) well, just bled something, then the world would be this amazing and oh-so-moral place just like them…

    Nowadays, it’s usually the unemployed who kept some sense of genuine morality.

    The “employed” are the ones who fed on the last remaining working people.

    The other day, actually heard a “public” employee APOLOGIZE for it, lol. A guy in restaurant was talking, and he said, “I know I’m on tax support, my parents were too, (they were school teachers), but we just couldn’t figure out what else to do.”

  53. anne says:

    Sense of the conversation was If you’ve “done well” chances are you were probably just a “sellout.”

  54. sog says:

    anne sister …when i saw talmud vision on the japan incident @f-shima there were a bunch of zog kazzers on the tube who were from the japanese atomic peace comission…aey…the jewsim hell oppy bomb ,,oh drat they said da var isz over so we cant drop this mutter fugger on berlin so they kept the war going with japan and left 4 cities untouched by carpet bomboing,,aey hiroshima-nagasukki-kyoto and some othe place so the death has become us”jhews” could see what a boom would doo to a prisytine city …anyone knows you cant conduct a proper atomic genocide on a city that has already been firebombed back to the stoneage ?….so the need for jews to look good and have an atommik peace front and then to blow im up again in f-shima…way to go you mutant freekin chuntz in zog ….die all o ya

  55. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Archbishop Timothy Dolan Blasphemes Married Men

    On Sunday, Archbishop Timothy Dolan appeared on 60 Minutes. He serves as the President of the U.S. Conference on Catholic Bishops, and holds great power over the thinking of the church.

    During the interview, Morley Safer questioned him about the possibility that allowing priests to marry serve might reduce child sexual abuse. Without hesitation, Archbishop Dolan said “the greatest culprits in sexual abuse are, unfortunately, married men.”

    Due to his position and power, Archbishop Dolan either knows or should know what he is talking about. So it is reasonable to hold him responsible for what he says.

    Peer-reviewed studies on child sexual abuse consistently find that children raised in intact married families are, by a significant factor, in the lowest risk group for child sexual abuse. (NIS – 4, p 5-22).

  56. Kalki says:

    I hate to break it to you but the Catholic Church (and Christianity as a whole) is crypto-Jewish! Jews wrote the Bible for Goy consumption. They wrote it, yet they themselves don’t believe it – because they know its B.S! They plagiarized all our ‘pagan’ (i.e. Aryan) religions, gutted and perverted them and parasitically inserted themselves into our psyche and society through this perversion called ‘Christianity’. Christianity = Satan’s counterfeit religion. See to learn the truth about the God of the Jews.

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