Gleeful ZioFreaks Happy About Norway Killings

MAN, I JUST can’t believe how spitefully evil these damn Jews are; Zionist Jews everywhere — not just in Israel — are snidely and sometimes even openly happy about those kids on Utoeya island getting waxed by anti-Muslim psycho Anders Behring Breivik, just because the Norwegian Labour Party supports the cause of Palestinians and Gaza.

If you’re a free thinking American, don’t you think it’s about good and damn time to make close note of the Jew Rat’s little gig they have going on? All the while doing everything they can to keep you stupid as they screw up not only our country, but the entire GD planet!

These freaks are POSSESSED!

First off, Pam Geller (right), Jewess front creep of the Israeli Hasbara (propaganda/disinfo) website “Atlas Shrugs,” was implicated early on as a big time Breivik hero and cited her in his “manifesto.” According to some, the two even communicated with each other. You might have seen this freaky Jew harpie doing her Zionist schtick on-air as a talking head pundit on Jew-controlled US TV news (not just FOX, either).

Now she’s wanking up a storm calling the kids killed on Utoeya island “anti-Semitic.” Isn’t that just like the GD Jew to play that card? Then she blithely tries to say the media has a pro-Islamic slant simply because they covered up the business about pro-Palestinian demonstrations at the place. Uh, crazy Jew witch bitch, when they fail to report on something, it obviously means they don’t want the casual US sheeple viewer to know of such things. Hasbara misdirection 101.

Geller has the nerve to call the Utoeya summer camp a “anti-Semitic Indoctrination Center.” She mockingly shows photos of the kids and remarks that many appear more Mideastern rather than Norwegian. Remember this woman is a Khazar Jew here, not a European White, as she would have you think.

And these people don’t have “indoctrination” centers? Please. That TV sitting in your living room is an electronic Jew indoctrinating device you paid hard-earned money for. Plus, they’ve got plenty of summer camps for kids doing exactly the same kind of thing for themselves (see photo below).

Raised as traitors to America, these Jew kids are getting indoctrinated at a Jew summer camp and proud about making crude Zionist Stars of Satan out of tree limbs. If this was a White nationalist group and Nazi symbols, the Jew media would raise holy hell. Never, ever will they breathe a word when it comes to the Jews. Get it?

Like I always say here: Jews are such incredible hypocrites they’re totally blind to the fact!

Geller tries to sound like she’s against Breivik’s violence, but immediately negates it by implying the kids had it coming, like in this sentence: “There is no justification for Breivik’s actions whatsoever. There is also no justification for Norway’s antisemitism and demonization of Israel.” In other words, if you happen to say SQUAT about Israel, you’re the baddie to begin with and you never know what might happen crossing sacred Israel.

That’s really what they want people to think. You just can’t win with these people. They think they can do whatever the hell they please, anymore.

Robert Spencer (left) of “” also came up as another major hero figure to Breivik. Spencer is Pam Geller’s fat Neanderthal-looking little buddy, doing the well-paying NeoCON-job talk circuit along with her. Both of them undoubtedly stink up something fierce hotels, lecture halls and TV studios all across the land.

HasbaRAT Jews always try to insist way too hard that Spencer is merely a conservative non-Jew who’s had it with Muslim Jihadis (they don’t want us Goyim too suspicious). But one look at Spencer’s ugly mug will convince you he’s really another major league crypto-Jew and Israeli Hasbara agent. Jew psyops in action.

Another ZioFreak Anders Breivik dug so much, was the known Jew Norwegian writer Hans Rustad (right). Breivik wrote on Rustad’s website: “…We must influence other culture conservatives to take our anti-racist, pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli line of thought.” Everything the lousy Jews want in a good Goyim, huh?

Speaking of pro-homosexuals, Breivik may have had himself a little Jew lover boy, very possibly his MOSSAD handler or even both, named Isak Nygren (iSAAC nyGREEN); who just happened to split for a Kibbutz (Jew commie farm) in Israel shortly before Breivik’s terror assault. Word is out that the US media has been specifically ordered not to report one word on this guy and his relationship with Breivik.

Just take a look at this guy’s creepy photo on the left — he looks just like some ugly little gnome from the movie “Lord of the Rings!”

All these lousy Jews want is to get us torqued-up about the Muslims, so we continue supporting Israel in the Mideast with money and weapons. It’s obvious as hell.

Before you go off on me being a Muslim Jihadi-lover, think again, pal. I’m a pro-American and don’t believe America should involve herself in other people’s wars! But the Jews just want you to think it’s a Liberal versus Conservative thing and nothing else, because that’s the little mind game they’ve been running on our heads to keep us from seeing them.

Pam Geller — Queen ZioFreak!

Pam Geller apparently is paid quite well running Israeli Hasbara crap (disinfo/propaganda) on America’s head, via the Internet and elsewhere in the media. She’s also a stuck-up little Jew pig, as you can see. Most certainly, she’s only a front piece for a multitude of Israeli PR or MOSSAD agents contributing to her schtick.

Less than 2 days before Breivik’s onslaught, this photo was taken of the youth on Utoeya island holding a sign saying “boycott Israel.”

Thousands of Jews made vile comments on Hebrew forums and websites saying outright the kids had Breivik’s murder spree coming to them. “It’s stupidity and evil not to desire the death of those who boycott Israel,” one said. Another coldly asks “We’re not Christians…why should we feel sorry for our enemies getting killed?”

That’s right — they considered those kids as enemies merely for protesting what the nation state of Israel is doing to the Palestinians. Matter of fact, some of their religious leaders consider anyone not Jewish as a potential enemy. Whether you know it or not, these wackos believe you were born into this army called “Amalek” whom the Jews have been at war with for thousands of years. Crazy shit but true.

And it makes absolutely no difference if the Jew calls himself a citizen of Norway, or the US for that matter. Jews wherever they live consider themselves citizens of sacred Israel above and beyond anything else. Hence, they are murderous traitors to Gentile neighbors and whatever government they pretend to live under.

Hell, look at their religious celebrations, for crying out loud. They all seem to involve slaying millions of their enemies, supposedly planning to kill them. Jews just have to come up with excuses to justify whatever they do to those around them.

Look at how they go on and on and on about Hitler and the Nazis. They can’t for the life of them see anyone else killed in the war, nor seem to take into account all the American Whites who gave their lives. The only damn thing that makes a difference to them is Jews getting victimized. They are the most self-centered bunch on the planet!

Note how much they love stuff about German civilians getting killed during the war (they “had it coming” for electing Hitler) and the Nazi leaders executed after the Nuremberg show trials (75% of the prosecution were Jews). They even had the hangings delayed so they could do it on Hoshana Rabbah (October 16, 1946), the last day of the Rosh haShanah/Yom Kippur holidays involving ridiculous myths about a Queen Esther and the hanging of Haman’s 10 sons!

And they certainly don’t give a damn about the 20-40 million Christian Whites killed in Bolshevik Russia. No way, especially since most of the commies were Jewish! Why do you think we never hear anything about this history in the US, but get bombarded by Hitler stuff 24/7 nowadays?

One very important thing to bear in mind, is that only a small percentage of these creeps are against Third worlders immigrating into White countries, like the US. Most of them are all for it, since it destroys White demographics, while the Jews gain ever increasing political power and Whites become minorities in their own lands. That’s the idea behind all the bull going on today.

Just look at this smug demonic mofo. NWO Globalist Jews like this are exactly why America is going to hell!

Council of Foreign Relations honcho and big time Neocon Jew, Daniel Pipes (photo on right is from his website and apparently the stuck-up bastard’s favorite portrait); is not a big fan of Muslim immigration into the US, but has no problems with Mestizo and Central American illegals coming here.

That’s because Jews like this are all for the eventual NWO destruction of America’s sovereignty, but knows Mideast Muslims get it about the Jew. Muslims might present a few problems to Jew dominance in America down the road. Filthy devious hypocrite.

These are the same lousy Neocon Jews who got us into wars in the Mideast, killing and wounding thousands of us, as well as costing this country over a trillion dollars. That may sound like a big statement there, but I assure you it’s absolutely 100% true. Zionist Jews and Marxist Jews have been nothing but big trouble for America since the day they got off the boat.

Basically, the Jews think those kids and Norway got what was coming to them for daring to protest the evils of Israel. To the sacred Jews, this is like slapping God in the face, because El Jewry thinks they are Mr. Gods of the planet.

Reality is, Jews are like the world’s most devious and hypocrite bastards. Sooner you get that one, the sooner we can put a stop to these ZioFreaks, turn this country around and work to make less strife in the world — believe me, these bastards have been behind it all for a long time now.

— Phillip Marlowe

David Duke sums up the situation in a popular video the Jews have been trying hard to get Youtube to remove, but people all over have demanded them not to. Please, PLEASE, watch video here: if possible, and rate it thumbs up. Don’t forget to leave a comment in support of Duke and even drop an email to Youtube not to censor it, like the Jews want to do.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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428 Responses to Gleeful ZioFreaks Happy About Norway Killings

  1. Frazzled says:

    What happened to my note on this that Muslims are contrary to white Christians? (As in the Quran itself: anti-Christians orders shock me. (Websearch info, or read Breivik’s essay.) As in “pack-rapes” by Lebanese males on (white Christian) girls in Australia beaches 2006. As in Oslo more recently, see youtube of police say that All assaults with rapes were by non-Western men (83/83 identified ones 2005-1010).

    Of course the other side also seeks our demise. See Barbara Spectre annouce our (white christian) “monolithic societies” of the past must end, and Jews hav a key role in this. Both sides are toxic to us. Furthermor, there’s a link at the base…

    See a TCS (The Christian Solution) online study “Per the Jews, How Islam was really created” showing the group from which Muhammad came, Qurashis, intermarried with Jwish women. And he shows how they manipulated a complex history too!

    Now that report (quoting Jewish historians) omits that Edomites were forced to become Jews by John Hyrcanus (around 125-130 BC) so by 1 AD “Jews” was made of two groups, mixes, and some others (plus Roman authorities collecting taxes mostly!)

    And that report mis-identified ones in ADIABENE. (The Jew authors say aliens just became “Jews” in this border of Iraq/Iran/Turkey now.) The history of Christians there says they were ISRAELITES from 10 “lost tribes” (put in Media now Iran, as in II Kings 17-19), mostly from Naphtali tribe, and they became Christians 4 yrs after Pentecost in Judea reached them! And they never lost their identity, unlike most of the 12 tribes put among Aryan Medes! (Ones who migrated to fill Europe, and become Christians – as in Acts 2:7-9. Medes and newer names like Parthians and Elamites).
    Meanwhile old “Jews” there rejected Jesus and remain “Jews” to this day.

    I forgot the source of this data. They became “Nestorian” Christians, got “discovered” and writen about by Asahel Grant MD, in “The Nestorians, or the Lost Tribes” 1843
    (Very rare. I saw a copy in dust of library now gone, and photocopied it in 1970s.)
    Later I met one, a typical European. (Many moved to Chicago during 1890 torments by Jews/Muslims.) They formed the “Assyrian Church of the East” with Chicago HQ.

    In Iraq they are being persecuted again! Often kidnapped for money by Muslims.
    Websearch video on this… with site at “atour” something.

    Oh, here is a twist: They cannot enter US if they gave money to banned groups, even if money was extorted by kidnap force! So a Jewish Senator wants this to end. It seems rare! But then they are in his state, and he’s nice to get their votes, and soften other Christians to vote for him. It’s politics! Can he force Iraq to change? Not likely! Even if he ends the crazy US law (probably put in by Chertoff!) he will then be promoted as a hero to Christians, by some neocon pawns in the “Tea Party.” It’s all manipulations!

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    They just had a one hour special on Breivik’s killings on the Discovery Channel and did not mention ONCE his pro-Zionism or the kid’s pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

    It’s a typical example how they keep America in the dark.

  3. Mark Wilson says:

    in australia we have felt something bad going on here for 20 years suttle changes almost daily we have the wound but its not infected yet

  4. pissed off says:

    zio media in australia also

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