INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 3

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. KA Telegraph says:

    Rev Ted Pike having a go at David Duke:

    ” human beings are not made in the image of an ape but of God. We each possess a conscience and dignity as a creation in His image and design.”

    I suppose that this is true of blacks and chosenoids; but only as satire.

    The danger of evolutionary racialism is not that it will convince western governments to persecute or deport “inferior races.” That will not happen. Instead, the danger is that its prideful emphasis will burrow into the unstable impulses of fanatics who will respond with violence.

    Oh dear, some of those darling blacks and chosenoids could get hurt.

    If, the “proper” authorities shirk their duties; then: a physical force response will be obligatory. The authorities must promote the interests of those who elected them into office; otherwise they must be dismissed from their posts. From now on, only White people are to be considered Americans.

    “Such incorrect and exclusivist thinking also gives fodder to our ideological opponents. It will be exploited, if possible, to eventually discredit all who oppose the Zionist new world order. “

    Oh dear, if we don’t maintain the proper appearances; we lose. Hot lead has no bearing on the outcome.

    “Yet our enemy is not the various non-white peoples who are seeking a better life! (To his credit, Duke also acknowledges this.) “

    Oh, yes they are. Insofar, as they are tools of the enemy; they have to regarded as such.

    “Christianity teaches that all individuals and all races are equal where it really matters—in God’s love for them and their equal opportunity to make free will choices for Him, resulting in eternal life in heaven. The starving, AIDS-infected baby dying in Sudan is no less valuable to God than a Jewish or Gentile child playing in a cozy New York townhouse.”

    Non-white people are non-white people’s problems. From what I’ve read of the bible; that’s not true. Dumb ecumenical pastors think like that because they couldn’t be dumb ecumenical pastors if they didn’t.

    “True Christian ethics applied to the thorny issues of race and immigration reform dismantles racial hatred, division and pride. God’s love in us is like oil on the abrasive clanking gears of an engine, creating goodwill and harmony like nothing else can. …Our love, like God’s, should know no barriers or borders, certainly no barriers of racial difference. I believe He himself has created racial differences to test us: Will we respond with high-sounding yet abrasive schemes of denigration, isolation, and repatriation? Or will we transcend as God desires, on the wings of love?”

    Pure Christinsanity. God’s plan won’t be advanced by “Christians”, taking a stance of Total Moral Disarmament.

    Ted Pike has gone down in my estimation.

  2. WHITEMAN says:

    To the JEW KIKE SCUMBAGS who has been foisting a DOS attack on Incogman – are you upset that White people liked rounding up your KIKE FILTH ancestors and filling freshly dug pits with their lifeless bodies? Are you upset that your KIKE FILTH ancestors have been put out of entire countries throughout history? Are you upset that the truth about your KIKE FILTH crimes against America are coming out and you can’t stop it? You’ve been exposed for what you are. We can recognize you by your KIKE features and your conceited KIKE attitude. American’s have had enough of your KIKE schemes and crimes. You better get a map out and make sure you know an escape route to KIKENSTAN.

  3. WoW says:

    Ted Pike and David Duke essentially have the same view. Obviously there are a few differences but those differences are mainly just personal preference.

    My view is somewhere between Ted Pike and Duke. I appreciate Duke’s utopian view of each race having their own land and culture. I think that would ultimately be the best possible solution.

    However, the Jews know that once a nation is infiltrated by many races, it is almost impossible to reverse. I think Pike, while not being the most utopian, has the most realistic view.

    Yes, the Jews need to be kicked out of Europe and America (and everywhere else) for their collective crimes against the nations. Just being able to do this would be a huge victory.

    These other non-whites do not deserve the same harsh treatment as the Jews and I do not believe that David Duke is advocating any kind of violance against them.

  4. t bone says:

    Fuckin ay Incog, we thought we lost you for a minute.

  5. t bone says:

    The jewish hand behind the internet:

  6. Hoff says:

    Posting a test comment.

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:

    American Congress Critter Says American Economic Collapse Will Not Affect Israel Continuing To Suck The Life Out Of The US!

    US Congressman Steny Hoyer says financial challenges “will not have any adverse effect on America’s determination to meet its promise to Israel.”

    Hoyer said this assessment was bipartisan, and that a similar message will be brought to Israel next week when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R Virginia) will head up two Republican delegations, numbering 55 congressmen, to the country.

    Since the Israelis are such good friends with China, why don’t they go to them for handouts?

  8. Hoff says:

    Anybody, explain the word BIPARTISAN.

    NO, you can NOT Google it. Explain the word to me right here and now.

    Every single time l watch a video about any politico in America they use the word “bipartisan”. Do you know what the word “bipartisan” is? JEW BULLSHIT.

    Go on, ask anyone you know, someone in the street or you politico what “bipartisan” means.

    Nobody have a fucking clue. And this is jew bullshit at work. The jews fills our life with bullshit. lf you use a word you don’t understand you are nothing but a bullshitter.

  9. Hoff says:

    JEW Hoyer said this assessment was bipartisan, and that a similar message will be brought to Israel next week when JEW House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R Virginia) will head up two Republican delegations, numbering 55 congressmen, to the country.

  10. Hoff says:

    You can exchange the bullshit jew word BIPARTISAN with Shit, Fuck, Damn or any word and what do you get? A bullshitter.

    Words have consequenses, that is why l scrutinize every word. l’m fed up with bullshit in jew”media” and the word BIPATISAN is jew-bullshit.

    Do you get it?

  11. Hoff says:

    Okay, l’ll boil it down to the core.

    Anybody that use the word BIPARTISAN in any context is a bullshitter.

    Now do you get it?

  12. Hoff says:

    “Reps. King, Engel & Pence Host Bipartisan Press Conference on Israel ”

  13. Hoff says:

    More jew holohoax bullshit. And he is an “american jew” and house leader for the RepTARDs.

    “Republican Whip Eric Cantor At The AIPAC Conference”

  14. Hoff says:

    “Majority Leader Eric Cantor Welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”

  15. Hoff says:

    “Barack Obama, JEW Rahm Emanuel @ AIPAC”

    Chief of Staff White House.

  16. Hoff says:

    l almost was in a Chimp out last night. A dumbfucked 300 lb white nigger whore and a Chimp Nigger = bad move to talk to (l didn’t speak to the ape).What do 99,9 percent of all white nigger whores have in common? They all start at 300 lb and are butt ugly.

    Where and when did the niggers and the muslims get into EU? lt all started in the JEW run shithole France in the 60s. There was niggers and muslims in France before that, but it took momentum in the late 60s-70s.

    Go to any village in north Norway and Sweden and walk on any street, at any time and what do you see? Niggers and muslims.

    30 years ago there was ten niggers in Oslo. l was there.

    “Oslo: ALL Assaults involving Rape commited by Non-Western Men”

  17. Hoff says:

    Gothenburg is pop and 2nd biggest town in Sweden.

    This is from the fire dep in Gothenburg:

    “Mer än hälften av alla bränder i Göteborgsregionen är anlagda.”

    Translation: -More then half of all fires in Gothenburg are arson.

    Typical “swedish” school in Guthenborg:!ut/p/c4/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3gjU-9AJyMvYwN3swAXAyPjAJNgf4MQINdEvyDbUREAL8hmTQ!!/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/

  18. Loki says:

    As the Armageddon nitwits prepare to precipitate events which they believe will set the stage for the return of the Golden Rider from the welkin, we might like to fortify our cupboards with a few extra rounds of ammunition and a jug of good home brew. When this is coupled with the criminal intent to strip all peoples of their right of free association and to destroy all national boundaries — with the exception of Israel’s — as is the purpose of the United Nations, it might do well to ponder things other than how many crotches we can share venereal diseases with.

    It is no coincidence that the United Nations building is located in Tel Aviv on the Hudson nor that our government has been sponsoring that insane concept from day one. (The border between the U.S. and Mexico has virtually disappeared.) The National Geographic, as early as 1905, exposed the participation of the U.S. government in the attempt at a communist coup in Russia. That coup failed but the one following WW I did not. Most of the perpetrators came from the sewers of New York City. When the Soviet regime was on the verge of starvation and collapse, President Herbert Hoover ordered vast shipments of grain to be sent to the communists. President Franklin Roosevelt (Rosenfelt, as some claim) opened up credit avenues for that bankrupt empire. What we now know as World War II, was fought to save communism and those designed and fostered it. Even today, vast shipments of grain are pouring into that same vast region — courtesy of the American tax-payers

  19. Loki says:

    Who Is Rand Paul?

    Rand Paul is doctor, and the son of Ron Paul. He is the chairman and founder of Kentucky Taxpayers United, and a favorite of the Jewish front organization, ‘The Tea Party’.

    Paul is the Republican Party nominee for one of Kentucky’s United States Senate seats.

    His Stance On Negroes

    Paul has said that though he agrees with the intent of the negro legislation, but to his mind the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is too broad. He has indicated he thought a private business should have the right to refuse to serve black people.

    Ran Paul On The 2006 Massacre In Lebanon

    “As a United States Senator, I would never vote to condemn Israel for defending herself. ”

    Fighting the Hezbollah in Lebanon is justified. 3

    Ran Paul On Israel’s Slaughter In 2009 Gaza

    Ran Paul contends combating Hamas-linked terrorists in Gaza, Israeli military actions are completely up to the leaders and military of Israel, and Israel alone.

    Ran Paul On Nuking Tehran

    Dealing with potential nuclear threats in the Persian Gulf, Israeli military actions are completely up to the leaders and military of Israel, and Israel alone. 5

    Aid To Other Countries

    Egypt is giver $3 billion to ‘Play nice’ with Israel, and Paul wants to take that away. 4

    The Massacre Of US Sailors

    In 1967 Israel attacked a US ship using unmarked jets, in a hope that America would attack Egypt. Ran Paul has declined to comment.

    No Tariffs On Goods Coming Through Israel

    As a United States Senator, I would work against the growing protectionist sentiment in our country and defend free trade with Israel.

    I would never vote to place trade restrictions on Israel, and “I would filibuster any attempts to place sanctions on Israel or tariffs on any Israeli goods.”

    Jerusalem And It’s Muslim Shrines

    In 1967 the Zionists attacked the Arabs, and occupied their land. Now the Zionists want to run the Arabs out of Jerusalem, and bulldoze their 1500 year old shrines.

    Rand Paul says: – “Israel can decide when she is ready and when her conditions have been met. Friends do not coerce friends to trade land for peace, or to give up the vital security interests of their people.” 9

    Rand Paul Says “Let The Arabs Starve”

    It makes no sense to me that the United States provides Arab countries hostile to Israel with $12 billion in annual financial and military aid. Many of the weapons that Israel would face in a Middle Eastern conflict would have come directly from our government.

    I find this appalling. In the Senate, I would strive to eliminate all aid to countries that threaten Israel. 2

    Ran Paul Is A Dream Candidate

    American Jewry is 100% behind Mr Paul

    His Most Holy Reverend ‘Jacob Judicial’

    Ran Paul is a Crypto Bolshevik at best. How anyone justifies Israel’s massacre of children, or killing the crew of an American ship, is beyond me.

  20. Loki says:

    A Look At Saving Private Ryan Though A German Soldier’s Eyes

    Permit me, a twice wounded veteran of the Waffen-SS, and participant in three campaigns (Battle of the Bulge, Hungary and Austria) to comment on your picture, “Saving Private Ryan.”

    Having read many of the accolades of this undoubtedly successful and, shall we say, “impressive,” film, I hope you don’t mind some criticism from both a German and a German-American point of view.

    Apart from the carnage immediately at the beginning of the story, during the invasion at Omaha Beach, whereon I cannot comment because I was not there; many of the battle scenes seemed unreal.

    You made some commendable efforts to provide authenticity through the use of several pieces of original-looking German equipment, for instance, the Schützenpanzerwagen (SPW), the MG 42s, and the Kettenkrad.

    And, while the appearance of German infantry soldiers of the regular Army in the Normandy bunkers was not well depicted, the Waffen SS in the street fighting at the end of the film were quite properly outfitted.

    My comment about the unreality of the battle scenes has to do with the fact that the Waffen-SS would not have acted as you depicted them in “Private Ryan.”

    While it was a common sight in battle to see both American and Russian infantry congregate around their tanks when approaching our lines, this rarely if ever occurred with the Waffen-SS.

    (The first Americans I saw during the Battle of the Bulge were about a dozen dead GIs bunched around a burned-out, self-propelled, tracked howitzer.)

    Furthermore, almost all the German soldiers seen in “Private Ryan” had their heads shaved, or wore closely cropped hair, something totally in conflict with reality. Perhaps you were confusing, in your mind, German soldiers with Russians of the time.

    Or else, your Jewishness came to the fore, and you wanted to draw a direct line back from today’s skinheads to the Waffen-SS and other German soldiers of the Third Reich.

    Also, for my unit you should have used 18 or 19-year old boys instead of older guys. The average age, including general officers of the heroic Hitlerjugend division at Caen, was 19 years!

    The scene where the GI shows his Jewish “Star of David” medallion to German POWs and tells them: “Ich Jude, ich Jude!” is so outrageous as to be funny.

    I can tell you what German soldiers would have said to each other if such an incident had actually ever occurred: “That guy is nuts!”

    You don’t seem to know that for the average German soldier of World War II, of whatever unit, the race, color or “religion” of the enemy didn’t matter at all. He didn’t know and he didn’t care.

    Where Are The Stars of David?

    Furthermore, you committed a serious error in judgment when, in the opening scenes of “Private Ryan” you had the camera pan from the lone grave with the Jewish star to all the Christian crosses in the cemetery.

    I know what you wanted to say but I am sure that I was not the only one who immediately thereafter glanced over all the other hundreds of crosses one could see, to discover whether somewhere else was another Star of David.

    And you know the answer. In fact, you generated exactly the opposite effect of what you had intended. Your use of that scene makes a lie out of the claim now put forth by Jewish organizations that during World War II Jews volunteered for service in numbers greater than their percentage of the general population, and that their blood sacrifice was (therefore) higher also.

    I visited the large Luxembourg military cemetery where General Patton is buried and counted the Jewish stars on the gravestones. I was shocked by their absence.

    After World War I, some German Jewish leaders mounted the same ruse: They claimed then and still do to this day that, “12,000 Jews gave their lives for the Fatherland,” which would also have made their general participation higher, which it was not. But perhaps the “12,000” figure is intended as a symbol denoting, “from our point of view, we did enough.”

    During World War II, as now, about a quarter of the American population considered itself German-American. Knowing the patriotic fervor German-Americans harbor for America, we can be certain that their numbers in the Armed Forces were equal or higher than their percentage of the population.

    Yet in “Saving Private Ryan” there was not one single German name to be heard or seen among the Americans.

    Did you forget Nimitz, Arnold, Spaatz or even Eisenhower? Well, perhaps Capt. Miller from Pennsylvania was a German whose name had been anglicized. In omitting the American Germans you seem to have taken a cue from the White House at whose contemporary state dinners rarely someone with a German name can be found.

    Well, maybe someone thinks that the abundance of German sounding names such as Goldberg, Rosenthal, Silverstein and Spielberg satisfies the need for “German-American” representation.

    My final comment concerns the depictions of the shooting of German POWs immediately after a fire fight. A perusal of American World War II literature indicates that such incidents were much more common than is generally admitted, and more often than not, such transgressions against the laws of war and chivalry are often or usually excused, “because the GIs got mad at the Germans who had just killed one of their dearest comrades”.

    In other words, the anger and the war crime following it was both understandable and, ipso facto excusable. In “Private Ryan” you seem to agree with this stance since you permit only one of the soldiers, namely, the acknowledged coward, to say that one does not shoot enemy soldiers who had put down their arms.

    As a former German soldier I can assure you that among us we did not have this, what I would call, un-Aryan mindset.

    I remember well, when in January of 1945 we sat together with ten captured Americans after a fierce battle, and the GIs were genuinely surprised that we treated them almost as buddies, without rancor.

    If you want to know why, I can tell you. We had not suffered from years of anti-enemy hate propaganda, as was the case with American and British soldiers whose basic sense of chivalry had often (but not always) been dulled by watching too many anti-German war movies usually made by your brethren.

    (For your information: I never saw even one anti-American war movie– there were no more Jewish directors at the UFA studios.)


    Hans Schmidt

  21. kerdasi amaq says:


    I think it means that the Republicans and Democrats jointly agree to screw the American taxpayer without making a party political fight over it.

    Most party politics is a contest for exclusive fucking rights over the hapless taxpayer!:D

  22. Hoff says:

    You nailed it amaq:

    Bipartisanship is a political situation, usually in the context of a two-party system such as the United States, in which opposing political parties find common ground through compromise. The adjective bipartisan can refer to any bill, act, resolution, or other political act in which both of the two major political parties agree about all or many parts of a political choice.

    The mafia jew Nethanyahooooo explains the word “bipartisan” @ 1:40

    “Netanyahu speaks to US Congress Pt 1 of 4 ”

    Bipartian is jew codeword for – DUMBASS non-jews who will do anything we jews tells them. Next time you here the word BIPARTlSAN you can exchange it with DUMBASS american goyim.

  23. Loki says:

    Americans are serfs, not citizens. Citizens participate in their government and take part in decision-making. Serfs merely obey the dictates of their rulers and pay taxes. Serfs own practically nothing. They do not own the land they live on or the houses they live in. Few own the cars they must have to go to and from work. Some even owe money on the clothes they wear. In previous times, serfs wore chains of servitude. Today, they wear chains of plastic and paper which they sometimes display as if they were fine jewelry. An old-time serf would never have mistaken his chains for symbols of privilege and prosperity, as do his modern successors.

    Americans think as isolated individuals, although they live in a collectivity and are subject to the policies others decree for them. They suffer collectively and individually, but they seem unable or unwilling to band together to solve problems which can only be solved collectively. Because they are unwilling to take the steps necessary to solve their problems, they must continue to suffer whatever new impositions their kosher masters wish to impose upon them. Who knows how long they’ll complain and suffer before they dimly begin to understand that they must organize and act to solve the national problems which have caused their individual problems? As in the film, “They Live,” the goyim obey and sleep.

    It is a question in my mind as to how an increasingly race-mixed and down-bred population can solve any problems, as compared to those they create in such abundance. Such a population is not at all worth saving. The sooner it perishes, the better. The question for those of us who are not race-mixed or down-bred is, “What is to be done?” One option is always that of doing nothing. But how then do we defend ourselves and our children from the predations and parasitism of our enemies? We can, in the words of Dr. Oliver, “… run like rabbits and try to hide in the weeds, in hopes that the enemy will catch and devour someone else.” But can we really hide? And what if we are the ones who are caught?

    Despite any lip-service to “patriotism” and what can only be called hypochristianity (the only true religion for hypocrites) these people can best be described as devout materialists and fantasy-addicts. Their whole lives involve getting and spending, except for their addiction to escapist entertainment. The fictional world of TV is as “real,” or more so, to them than is the real world of people and events. They themselves seem to live as reflections or shadows of the entertainment world in their videos. It is a world of materialist-escapists. No wonder drugs and alcohol are such problem in this society.

  24. Loki says:

    I am a White Nationalist. As such, I believe that Our Race is Our Nation. The original, non-Zionist meaning of the word, Nation, meant a People. It had nothing to do with a particular geographical boundary. The Zionists, on the other hand, imposed upon most of us their definition of “Nation”, which they define as a piece of land or a political state, no matter what race or races live within such often arbitrary lines on the map. Too many of us today are confused because we use the Zionist definition of “Nation”, rather than the true biological meaning.

    As a White Nationalist I seek no domination over other races. I am not a White Supremacist and we should not let the Zionists brand us as such. I want Our Race to be free to choose our form of government and our government’s policies. I want self-government for Our Race in our own living space. The realization of the following 15 points would achieve for us these goals and would guarantee for us the continuity of White Civilization:

    (1) To provide White People with a political party which represents their interests as White People.

    (2) To rid ourselves of Zionist welfare state socialism.

    (3) To unify the White Tribes of the world.

    (4) To halt our racial retreat from victory.

    (5) To remove the alien exploiters and parasites from our midst.

    (6) To free ourselves from the irresponsible tyranny of organized crime, bloated bureaucracy, big business, big labor and secret societies.

    (7) To regain national control of our money from the Zionist bankers of the Federal Reserve.

    (8) To re-establish White Law and White Order in a White Society and thereby, to return Our Nation to the path of progress.

    (9) To rid our society of crime and degeneracy.

    (10) To create a White Society in which our racial virtues of honesty, integrity and responsibility shall be promoted instead of punished.

    (11) To protect the family, which is the basis of our society and of Our Race.

    (12) To ensure that honest labor and not sterile speculation is rewarded.

    (13) To separate the Races into self-governing Nationstates.

    (14) To provide healthy and productive activities of which our youth can be proud.

    (15) To remove alien control from White Culture, which is the source of our spiritual nourishment and from the professions on which we depend in our hour of need.

    I think that our fellow White Nationalists would agree with these points and could probably come up with ones in addition which would also be desirable. But even if we all agree about the goals which we want Our Race to achieve, we must be careful and discriminating about the means we choose, otherwise we may needlessly suffer death or imprisonment at the hands of our Zionist oppressors, and no racial revolution will be won. This is the lesson which brave Aryan Warriors like Bob Mathews and members of The Order paid for, with their lives and their freedom, to teach us. We owe to them and to ourselves the respect of studying their example very carefully in order to make ourselves more effective and less vulnerable to enemy action, for White Nationhood can only be won through White Revolution.

  25. Loki says:

    For White leaders, the question is: Will we take charge of our revolution the way the German people took charge of theirs in 1933 and 1989, or will we remain passive and disorganized, like the Russians in 1917, and let aliens wrest our revolution from us? Complaining about what we don’t like is useless. Knowing what we want is not enough. Having the will to achieve it is what makes the difference. White Power!

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    Ted Pike is a liar.

    Several people within Christian Identity have challenged him to an open forum debate and he has refused, ignored, obfuscated all the way.

    Ted KNOWS he is lying with his universalist views.

  27. Loki says:

    I was born on alien and hostile territory: the United States of America. No one told me or taught me this fact. I had to learn it for my own survival.

    Before I reached the age of ten, I knew that there were alien and hostile influences at work around me. Elementary school was my first steady exposure to these. My teachers were jews and mestizos,and while they could not teach me to read, they did teach me the hypocrisy of “student government”, that is government without sovereignty. Later, I was exposed to racial alien students who interfered with my pursuit of education and who attempted to shake me down for money, without success, I can add. This was already occurring in the early 1950s.

    As I say, the realization that I was living on enemy territory did not occur until I reached the age of 10, although I had a glimmer when I was 8 or so: I was reading a book about German E-boats(their equivalent of the British MTBs or motor torpedo boots) which had been published after World War II. In it, there were black and white photos of German E-boat crews. I had been exposed to a few scary propaganda films and saw German “villains”, most all of whom were played by jews, so I never identified with them, but suddenly,I saw pictures of real Germans and I showed them to my mother.”Mom,” I exclaimed. “They look just like us!” My mother missed the point, for to her it was obvious. I did not explain that I wondered why we would fight people who looked so much like us. One of the German E-boatmen was a twin of my uncle George.

    At the age of 10, I was looking through a stack of Fortune magazines which a neighbor had dumped out. These were all war time editions and each one had a propaganda entitled “Why We Fight.” One struck me as peculiar. It showed a White soldier with a big bandage on his head. He declared that he fought to avenge the death of his buddy. I did not understand such a motive for fighting, any more than I could understand someone who declared that he would drive a car because his buddy got killed in a car accident. Then I saw it! Another “Why Be Fight” picture depicted a young German soldier who stood guard on an obviously American street corner, Elm Street and some such name. The text read as I recall that “we fight to keep the likes of him off our streets and out of our beloved towns.” I looked at the artist’s rendition of the soldier’s face. I was first impressed by the flashing blue eyes and the facial features. Although the soldier was older, there was no doubt that it was my face. I studied the picture and pondered.If someone who looked like me was so horrible, then there was indeed a question as to my status in this country. I always kept these impressions in the back of my mind and with years of experience I conclude that I was indeed born on enemy territory.

    Time to wake up and look in the mirror, Whitey!

  28. telena shcikelgruber says:

    after finding out the treal deal about the world wars and thinking well thats why i have no relatives in germany, and my german dada american born had top go fight in this godawful jew scenario and knowing he never knew anything near the truth either me mudder who thought bill buckley was wunnerfulI tell you it stinks to hi heavan.and it steenks like rotten passover kinder blood.

  29. Loki says:

    Most Whites have lost their racial identity under the jewish spell. Many of them identify with their enemies: they applaud non-White victories and side with non-Whites on every issue. If Whites are to survive, along with White Civilization, we must become aware of our racial identity and become pro-White. Afterwards, our successful self-defense will follow logically and naturally.


  30. Sen10L says:

    Only time they are bipartisan is when they grovel and kneel and pay homage to the state Israel. The Democrats put hickies one ass cheek while at at the same time the Repubs affectionately makeout with the other ass cheek. The only other time they are bipartisan is when they have to kill some Ayrabs.

    Can someone post that illustration?

  31. Karen says:

    My husbands’ mothers maiden name was Eva Braun. seriously, and as a schoolgirl in 40’s America was constantly beaten up . It was so bad the family immigrated to Canada, which was somewhat better but not alot.

  32. Logicwatcher says:

    Good on Loki. He’s telling it like it is/was for him, a real German white in occupied US!
    Now it’s worse, and it is planned to get MUCH WORSE. S Africa is the model!

    If you want to see how bad it can get, check out whites in S Africa now! The “Youth” leader (Julius Malema) of the black regime openly rallies to “Kill the Boer” – but our news media virtually blocked out this terror declaration that was truly newsworthy!Now even moderate “churchman” (who doesn’t know Bible identities!) Desomnd Tutu just came out calling for a special tax on whites!… in addition to the fact they are LAST on an imposed list to get jobs and are denied welfare already, and black gangs kill rural whites still running their farms. Actually the regime leader is getting worried if they kill them all, the country will starve, as Zimbabwe experienced! Many from Zimbabwe flood to S Africa! Well, facts are facts: Kill the most productive farmers and you starve! (But Obongo will ship America’s food there if that were to befall his buddies there!)

    Tutu’s story in Afrikaans is on afrikanervolksparty site; with English on things like the Rothschild money rackets in history! – it seems they’re now getting the big picture, but for years collaborated with Israel, whose agents facilitated trade (and built A bombs!)

    Laki’s 15 points are great, but the core principle is that we are the Adamic family (Adam = “son of God” ending lineages, Luke 3:23-38) versus pre-Adamites abundant in Africa in ancient remains and similar living folks! So the concept is not just a recent invention (like Church of the Creator and similar concoctions), it fits our own ancient Scriptures, which tell exactly how to live (including dominion over others or they’ll rule and destroy us – the major warning of Deut 28 and other warnings.) It is the proper Order that Jesus Christ returns to implement (at his “second Advent”) before which we are to get out of manmade “Babylon” and destroy that (Rev 18, then Rev 19:11+).

    But our infiltrated mainstream churches entirely miss identities, and orders for now!
    Instead of asking “churches” what they believe and do (little as they abandoned roles in teaching, helping our oppressed, and ruling society, now being just social clubs!),
    Get to original key words and meanings, and solve identities too!

    For example “adam” is the literal word poorly translated “man” (or “humankind”) in Gen 1:26-28, when this Adamic-Man is given dominion over all other living beings on Earth! “Adam” refers to ability to blush, to show blood in the face = a pale skinned one.
    Daughters of “adams” are (Gen 6:2) “fair” meaning light (skinned) from a word to be bright; this term occurs many times for our people. Even God himself is said to be light, in him is no darkness! (I John 1:5, and why should this be merely “spiritual?”)

    Loki correctly mentions that a “Nation” is people linked by lineage. Indeed it has the same root as “nativity” – your birth from parents of your kind. (Or mixed kinds, if you are mixed, but Genesis 1 tells all to reproduce after their own kind.) “Country” is a very different word (like “county”) about a land region of a ruler (a “count” or higher).

    The first time “nations” appears in Scripture (along with “gentiles” both from the same original word “goyim” in Gen 10:5), it is defined as being the families of Noah, the man who was perfect in his genealogy (“generations”) in Gen 6:9 from Adam! Gen 10 lists the many Adamic clan families! (About 70.) This is what “nations” refers to in Bible!

    (Jews later twisted the word to mean a non-Jew. That is distortion! Just like when the word “gay” went from being “happy,” to something very different! Keep words static.)

    And while a Jew may appear “white,” he is a different group as far as The Boss calls it! Jesus rejected the “jews” who rejected him, not only for their defective laws (Mark 7) but because they are not his group – not his people! In John 10:22-31 and others. And Revelation warns of false “Jews” (originally for a clan of Israel) in Rev 2:9 & 3:9.

    And in the end times Jesus will re-establish his Adamic Dominion KINGDOM. No, we won’t vote for World Leader. Nowhere is democracy called for making our laws! He comes to overthrow all other regimes in fact! I Cor 15:24-25. Worldwide! Zech 14:9.

    Here is a hidden aspect we just discovred about the end-time battle when this occurs:
    we certainly won’t “rapture” away as church-clubs teach so you won’t do anything, but we will be fighting to take out enemies (Luke 19:27). The “rapture club” often quotes Isa 24:6 to warn almost all men left on Earth will be killed (so you had better “rapture” out they say!) But the English word “man/men” comes from several original words that are different! In Isa 24:6 “men” who largely die are NOT Adams! “Enosh” is the word here meaning mortals: ones of raw meat/flesh who perish. Got it? Wow!

    There is so much hidden in the Bible! Really dig to see what you can find. For example the “Great Commission” to go to all “nations” and baptize them, is logically to go to Adams, and not all humans. But our infiltrated churches sent/send missionaries to all the wrong places and hand out poorly translated Bibles and teach all humans are to be saved – exactly the opposite of the historic/logical meaning of original words!

    PS: We recently came across several websites with great information on identities…

    “Per the Jews, How Islam was really Created” on “Exilarchs” of Jewish leaders after their exile, especially leading to the time Muhammad live and his gang took over. It shows Muhammad himself came from a tribe mixed with Jews, and many of them became Muslims who were lead by a Jew who really formulated its writings (as older writings were destroyed). In fact it was because many Jews became Muslims that the Muslim Dome sits on the old Temple site. (Before, I never got a clear explanation.)
    So the Jews use Islam as a kind of kinfolk front… to divide and conquer the world.
    (In any event, the Quran differs greatly from real Bible orders, like Adamic Dominion, and it specifically seeks to absorb all humans, and rejects Kingdom of Jesus on Earth.)

    Great writings (some old, some new) on identities (Biblical) on

    For an essay on logical analysis of Scripture see “ChristianLogicians” as a page on which has many independent websites.

  33. Incogman…

    Today I went searching for comments on your latest article about the Hasbarats … and the entire article has disappeared???

    All I am seeing now is this one as your “latest” article….

    Did you “pull it”??? Or did the Hasbarats get to you in one of their DOS attacks???

    • INCOG MAN says:

      NTS: No, I lost it during some more trouble fixing this site. I recreated it (the copy was on White Civil Rights) and plan to re-run tonight. Unfortunately, I lost any comments made. Sorry.

  34. Jeremy says:

    I have to agree with James that Ted Pike is fraudulent. You can’t have it both ways. Either the non-whites go away or the problems will continue. He tries to claim that we are all the same, and that is clearly not the case. It saddens me to see him criticize a true leader of men like Dr. Duke. I will never view the same after his fence-riding universalism in this article:

  35. Frank Fredenburg says:

    3 US Zionist Fanatics Interviewed – “Mad Jewess”

    Seven minute video. They are warning jews to make plans to leave America because times are rough, and jews get blamed when financial conditions are bad. Of course jews never have anything to do with it!

  36. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Incog the article you ran on July 30, 2010, is the picture with that article your art work? The one that looks like the guy has a silver barbers cape around his body. I take it that it belongs to I seen it today with another article.

  37. GTRman says:

    A Letter to Ted Pike from David Duke
    Posted under:General — @ 8:09 am

    My Letter to Rev. Ted Pike
    The Rev. Ted Pike sent out an email letter to his supporter list that was quite critical of me and I believe it to be quite inaccurate and unfair. My beliefs were presented more in an ADL-style caricature rather than there true nature. I am reluctant to write anything, but since his letter is public, I think it is important to deal with some of these issues publicly as they are vital to struggle ahead of us. As I say in this letter. I will not stop supporting any project that Ted Pike does that helps in the fight against Zionism. But, I it is important to respond to this letter and I hope that he will come to realize and acknowledge my true positions and not simply parrot the attitude of the ADL against me. As I have said many times before, I believe in both my heart and mind that my position is the opposite of the Jewish-media-defined term, racism. In fact, I don’t seek to suppress any race but to empower every people to their own values and freedom!
    One further note: If you agree with me, I urge all of you to write a very polite letter to Ted Pike and let him know why you think his letter against me is not beneficial to our cause, urging him to unity rather than division in our ranks! Ted Pike can be emailed at
    Dear Ted,

  38. t bone says:

    Frank F.
    Good post. Watched half of the jew vid. All their whining and spittle was getting to me though.
    Let me know if I missed something and I’ll try to endure the rest of it later.

  39. t bone says:

    Great artwork on this one. One of the best. MS paint adds a nice texture and the star of satan sits in an appropriate place.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, t bone, but I didn’t do the MS paintjob. I picked it up from 4-chon. I thought it was kinda quirky in a funky way and sure to piss off JDIF rats.

  40. t bone says:

    I just sent the above post to the new ‘hasbarat’ article.
    My bad.
    Tired from work.

  41. Sen10L says:

    Dang Frank! That looked like a bar scene on Star Wars.

  42. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Gitmos – We Are The Mossad

    I had to laugh at this music video. It’s three minutes long. It shows some creativity. Catchy tune!

  43. Logicwatcher says:

    Thanks, Frank Freedenburg for pointing to a video on calls for Jews to avoid upcoming persecution during an economic crisis in US/Europe, and to move to Israel.

    That state has many problems! Recently Jewish youths there protested the rotten economy there for themselves! On the video you named, see a link to young Jews from NYC grumbling how they treat Arabs in modern Israel! Elders trained their young so strongly to think “liberally” and EXPOUND, it now comes back to haunt elders! Their economic contradictions hurt their own rebellious youths even inside Israel. They need something extreme to shock Jews into populating in their “promise land” crazy-house.

    So any evidence (real or fabricated) of “attacks” coming on their population (justified or not) pushes their agenda of continued vibrant “zionist” occupation of that region.
    And it pushes DONATIONS to their more extreme organizations too!

    In a way this is like how Zionist Israel got occupied to start with. Herzl’s “zionist” gang pushed for Britain to take Palestine and give it to them for colonization. Ending WWI, they did this, but few Jews actually settled in this harsh land (because life was easier for most in their traditional European businesses.) Along came EVIL racist Hitler (who initially got much funding from global bankers!) and who rounded up the lower-level Jews. After Hitler’s predicted downfall (because Roosevelt and Stalin would join the war later), many Jews left labor camps. Being homeless, found Israel a reasonable place to populate. See essay on “The Nazi Party was Controlled Opposition” found in // So if a scam settled “Israel” initially with Jews, we may look forward to extreme events to induce fear in Jewish youths to flee there.

  44. Jo Jackson says:

    Logicwatcher – your earlier post on Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    Those 2 countries are experimental grounds for the wider picture in Europe and America a kind of Litmus test.

    As you and thousands of others rightly say, white people are currently, albeit gradually being driven out without a word in the ancestral or sister homelands in Europe. Nobody least of all the whites are reacting to the genocide of their kith and kin regardless whether the MSM publishes it (which they won’t) or not?

    Collectively Europe has been whiggerised to the extent that NOBODY cares!!!
    They’re more concerned about starving animals and potential gooks for the cause in stinking poverty ridden black east Africa? Nobody questions it?

    I hate to say it but we all fall into that category until those of us outside Southern Africa collectivise in a union of white solidarity and DO something to help them and the future of the rest of us even if it means smuggling them out illegally. I’ve personally assisted white Rhodies and South Africans with ancestral links to UK, Holland, France and Germany into resettling into their ancestral homelands. That’s the best I can do but it’s something.

    Be sure they will push this agenda guiding their apes like Malema into ‘driving the whites into the sea’ Kikes like Kassrills rub their hands and massage their genitalia at the thought of it.

    When they’ve completed this phase with no peep from the gormless sheeple and ‘liberal’ extremist white trash with Marxist affiliations they will accelerate the process in Europe and North America unabated as they’re already doing. They haven’t forgotten the Antipodes either. The Antipodes is right under China’s arse on the world map and Indonesia will be ‘starving’ soon….

    Niggers (and Asians/Jews) in Africa constantly chant “one settler one bullet” i.e. one white settler one bullet – glorified without contention in the MSM.

    We in Europe especially and the rest of what’s left of white ruled countries MUST SHOUT OUT the same mantra and SMASH the white do-gooders of the left at their own game!

    They, along with their kike puppet masters, are the root cause of this shit – always have been.

  45. RayneyK says:

    wtf are you talking about on this site???
    we have science now.
    you are just another tool in the government u claim to b against.
    how dare you insult your brothers and sisters of this Eearth.
    the universe is of all colors and your insulting it with your separationalism.
    # FAIL

  46. RayneyK says:

    ‘criminal Negroes’
    do some research you are as ignorant as the ‘black’ scumbags you claim to be against.

  47. RayneyK says:

    P.s. any ‘whites’ here in america have AFRICAN blood in them.
    ALBINOS of the AfriCaN RaCe
    THe people at the top of the pyramid laugh at this kind of website……they have joined forces with ALL races to annihilate the masses…..
    do you know how many warriors that are mutli raced exist?
    who better to understand the system and want to fight it than the ones most oppressed.
    you are a tooL.


  48. RayneyK says:

    Aryan race did not exist.
    i would love to have this conversation in person with every single one of you. yeah your used to angry blacks and others commenting on here.
    i have knowledge that you will never aCquiRe.
    you and everyone on here> TooLS

  49. RayneyK says:

    BY THE WAY . …the blonde chick holding the gun…at the top of this article.
    The SHIRT shes wearing =made in china
    the HAIR DYE shes using = made in china.
    the MAKEUP shes wearing= made in china. THe tradition of women painting their eyes = AFRICA.
    the GUN shes holding = origin of the idea of using gunpowder ===CHINA
    the internet your using to type text ===== first text message sent in IRAQ
    the KEY BOARD your typing on = made in CHINA
    the TSHIRT your wearing as you block me = made in china
    the TV your watching =made in CHINA
    the COMPUTER your typing on == Made in CHINA.

    you are not pure.
    Monkeys throwing shit at each other. same story.

  50. hate israel says:

    Pretty component to content. I simply stumbled upon your blog and in accession capital to claim that I get actually enjoyed account your weblog posts. Anyway I?ll be subscribing in your feeds and even I fulfillment you get admission to consistently fast.

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