The Holocaust: Israel’s Most Powerful Weapon

Take a look at the current offerings of the widely viewed and popular “History Channel” on TV, with its distorted image of American History

By Earlaiman for Veterans Today

A Message From An Old Soldier

Incredible?  Take careful note of the way in which History Channel and their producers present them, which merely makes them all the more incredible.

Henry Makow says, “Israel’s most potent psychological weapon is the holocaust.” “The Zionist battle cry is “Never again!”

Indeed, they have created an entire “holocaust Industry” around the entire story which with proper exaggeration, embellishment, and psychological application has long ago approached the quality of major mythical proportions on the order of the David and Goliath tale.

They have erected defenses around their Holocaust Weapons Industry to protect this “weapon.”  In many parts of Europe and North America it is an imprisonable offense to criticize or deny the “facts” of the holocaust as stated by Zionist “holocaust” Industrial “scholars.”

This is apparent in their renewed propaganda efforts, via their overwhelming influence in the “News and Infotainment industry” particularly in the North American TV and Film industries.

Take a look at the current offerings of the widely viewed and popular “History Channel” on TV, with its distorted image of American History.

Visit once more the The Red-White and Blue Flag-Waving Glory of the Revolutionary War and The Civil War, wars as gory and brutal as wars can get, both exploitations of the American man and common soldier sent to kill and die for the enrichment of their landlords and masters who convened in Washington, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Richmond and New York to steal land, resources and commerce from the Kings and masters, and set themselves up in the boardrooms. Fought for, and excused in ‘history” as a grand emancipation of slavery in the United States!

Highly successful… and who won?  Amos and Andy?  They all got new masters.

Or consider the recently released “Lost Films of World War II”  which is currently their most recent glorification of war in general, and WWII, the Great War Against Fascism which showcases, entirely out of demographic and representative proportions, the “struggle, and sacrifice” of the Jews and the “incredible” horrors of the “holocaust.”

Incredible?  Take careful note of the way in which History Channel and their producers present them, which  merely makes them all the more incredible.

I recently viewed the story being aired, of a young Lieutenant, or perhaps a Captain, who upon landing in North Africa suddenly found his company bogged down and slowed in its advance by a group of German soldiers who had surrendered to him, – the prisoners of war, for that was who they now were,  were apparently docile and weaponless, so he decided to send them “to the rear” under the guard of one solitary soldier with a single M-1 rifle, while he and the rest of his company pressed onward.

Shortly after the soldier and the prisoners march off, gunshots are heard.

The soldier returns, alone, and rejoins the company.

The Captain appears, and relates,

”I suddenly realized what he had done…he had taken the prisoners off and shot them all!  I was so outraged that my hand went to my pistol…  I wanted to shoot him!  But, one of my men restrained me.  ‘Sir, you do not know this,’ he said, but he is a Jew… and the Nazis killed his entire family.’ What could I do?  Send him back to HQ under arrest?  My orders were to push on in pursuit of the Germans, and I needed every man I had, so I pushed on!”

Wow, dramatic!  Reminiscent of those old “B” movies made by Warner brothers, which starred other Great American Heroes of the Wars, John Wayne and Ronald Reagan.

Let us stop and consider a few time-related facts;

At the time this North African atrocity purportedly happened, “the holocaust” was as yet unknown.  It did not become a popular theme until Elie Wiesel invented and popularized it years later, after the war was over.  At the time of this incident in North Africa, every Officer and every man in the company would have known who was a “Jew boy” in the unit, and who wasn’t.  It wouldn’t have mattered or made much difference to very many of them, but every GI and Officer they would have known!

It was a fact of the times, that Jews stood out, and many of them were regarded, and derided, and heckled, and hazed, persecuted, and yes, discriminated against as “Jew boys.” And frankly, no one, or very few other than Jews, were very interested at all in what was happening to European Jews among all those others who were held and worked to death in those German Forced Labor Camps.  Not until, that is, Elie Wiesel took over, rewrote the Jewish version of the History of WWII and invented the “holocaust” Industry, an effective and well-chosen but deliberately inaccurate and misleading name for his game.

I am sure that US and other soldiers on many occasions, took prisoners of war around behind the bushes, out of sight of their superiors and, with or without their superiors knowledge, concurrence or tolerance, simply shot them dead rather than be bothered with watching and caring for them.  After all, they were “the enemy,” eh?  And, we were trained and indoctrinated to”kill the enemy.”

It was right there in North Africa at that same time that General George Patton made his famous remark to those very same troops about killing enemies… making them die for their countries!.

But, I am equally sure that this episode did not happen as it is presented and that the writer is not a very good writer, nor are the actors more than sorry amateurs, probably even real people representing themselves, once soldiers, once again “serving their country…” but not doing a very convincing or persuasive job at reading script.

No one could do that better than Ronnie Reagan, not even the Great John Wayne!

Speaking of the Warner brothers, there is the “Lost Films” episode of Jack Werner (no relation, other than ethnic) who as a young man escaped the Nazi pogroms of Austria and the holocaust by fleeing to America, in 1939 and joining the US Army, where he almost single-handedly, as the History Channel would have you infer, liberated Attu Island, from the Japanese.

I am sure Jack Werner served courageously and honourably in the US Army during the war… as did many others.  And, I am equally sure he believed in what he was doing, fighting a true enemy and a threat to Freedom and Liberty.  We all believed!

But, the story has been, as History Channel describes the films were, resurrected, renovated and restored, using modern techniques to highlight, clarify and improve the color and presentability of the films.

It is rewritten, and with “improved” or elaborated history. Better and truer fact than it ever was?  And, the Jewish  participation and contribution, as important, valuable and commendable as it was, is exaggerated far beyond the proportion of their actual representation and efforts, as were the “horrors” of the holocaust, as bad as they were.  They were, indeed, a war crime, bordering on genocide, if you insist, but a “holocaust?” Spare me!  This is good fiction, but it certainly isn’t good History!

And, as such, I do not find it entertaining!

Jack Werner was and is a good man, I am sure, but he was not the entire battalion who landed on Attu or Kwajalein.

The dramatic tension, spirit of sacrifice, the suffering the persecution and horrors of the “holocaust” are all there, presented in the same incompetent, sophomoronic and banal writing, bad stagecraft, and amateurish propaganda techniques which Warner Brothers presented all those glorious and fun movies of the “B” rating era when they cranked out one mediocre production per week to reel the public into the cinemas with bad drama, badly presented in bad movies.

The resurrection of these crude techniques along with phony story-lines is an insult to the intelligence of any modern thinking man who should know better, but I am sure that Joe and Jenny Sixpack are glued to their Telly screens every evening as closely and avidly as their mothers and fathers, grandmothers and fathers religiously went to the cinema every Friday evening or Saturday matinee to see and enjoy the weekly “B” rated drama of John Wayne saving the world from the evil Hun or the Jap, and Ronnie Reagan saving the homesteader or the virtuous saloon whore from the evil rancher or the town banker.

How well I remember the scene of John Wayne cradling a .50 cal M-2 Field Machine gun on his hip and shooting down a diving Jap Zero!  Remarkable!  Hard enough to hit one of those fast flying things with a mounted .50 cal MG.

Anyone who has ever fired one of those highly effective and very mature weapons must have surely had a good laugh on that one!

Great drama. Don’t miss it.

But, the monolithic structure  of the ‘Holocaust “ memorial is in deep trouble and danger if this

Is what the ADL and the Zionist propaganda support forces have been forced to resort to in an attempt to resurrect the slowly dying and rotting corpse of the “holocaust Industry”

We just don’t have the time to deal much longer with a mob of insane and power crazed ethnics who pretend they are living in a world three millennia ago, and act like it.

They are all marching to a Tin Drum!

I remember in 1945 and ’46 when the breaking news of the Liberation of Europe was full of the “Concentration Camps,” and the photos of the prisoners, skinny, undernourished guys with jutting bones.  It was some time before if became obvious that these were death camps, and used for “massive executions.”

I never believed it then, and reading these first hand accents does not convince me today that it ever happened.

I could write better fiction than this when I was six years old and was not sure what a comma was. But, I am also not Jewish, do not think like one, and still do not understand how anyone can believe this shit!

Yes, I believe it “could have happened,” because I have seen credible photos and read of Israelis who have been doing the same kind of things for sixty years.  And, I am sure that there were some incredible murderers in the SS, and in charge of those German labor camps.   But I just don’t believer they were camps maintained just to kill people, and I don’t believer that there were gas chambers and “ovens” in which people were executed.

Given the health and living conditions in those camps, and in Germany as a whole toward the end of the war, I suspect that there were a number of crematoriums designed and built just to take care of disposing of the bodies from abnormally high death rates…. after all, the Americans and the British had bombed them all pretty well into starvation.

I guess all of the above makes me a “denier,” and in violation of a lot of laws in many Civilized countries.  Perhaps I should go and turn myself in as a threat to peace, lest I forget and allow it to happen again?

If it does “happen again,” can I say that I just hope that they get it right the next time?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Earlaiman is an observer of life, and a frequent commentator on its foibles, failings, failures, and fools which we mortals be. He believes in the Joy of Life, all it offers, and has lived it fully for eighty two years! In his latter years he despairs to see so many young and beautiful people living by default, still in the prime of youth and good health who seem to have little else to do except to wait for death to come and lug their sack of guts offstage. He finds it difficult to sit still or to wait to find out what the morrow will bring to his plate of living joy….

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Go here, and subscribe.
    It will cost you not a cent, unless you care to.

    Then go here.

    The best of the web, present company excepted.

  2. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Also, CR

    Look at the “JEW LITMUS TEST” they all trash Incog Man over there Hoff, Barrrr
    ney, and others, did he “ban” them from posting here????

    I still see those assholes posting here???

    In other words, whom in our society, immediately “SILENCES” you when you
    hit an ingrain Zionist Jew nerve root, Gentiles or Jews???

    He lets them FREELY respond, yet the two Jews: Hofflinger anf Milton
    immediately BAN (silencing any criticism) me, when I inquired if this guy
    was defaming Kapner, have you seen him responding???

    Also, I don’t know how Cortina can still support a site: where they claim
    Father Pio was a fraud, Mary visions are of the devil, all Catholic
    traditions are satanic, Shroud is a FRAUD, but yet those Orthodox are
    not Zionist Jew brainwashed, take a look at Greece, their ruler is
    a fuckin Greek Jew, they are just about broke, what does that say???

    You see what I am saying???


  3. Disgusted White Christian says:

    OK CR, I’m on East Coast, but far from the ocean, have to take some stuff in
    before the Hurricane hits 2 morrow. I’ll look later, later on.


    Go here, and subscribe.
    It will cost you not a cent, unless you care to.” CR


  4. t bone says:

    Hoff has made it clear that we all get back to business and expose the jew when commenting at Hofflandia. Incog, as well as myself, feels the same. Both sites (blogs)are very important when it comes to becoming more jew-wise.

    People may have vented over the last bout of infighting but its over now. I vented as well but in no way whatsoever do I feel that I ‘trashed’ Incog. I have too much respect for the work that he has done.

    We need to get back to business and expose the jew. Simple.

    btw- CR, its great to see you posting here again. You make some very good points.
    ‘At a glance’…lol

  5. MJ says:

    INCOGMAN: You are so full of shit, its almost hysterical.

    You told me that Israeli snipers were shooting fake-stinians in fields, I looked, there were none. I searched all over. There WAS one, however, of the POOR, STARVING (pathetic Liars) Gazans that shot and murdered a Thai farmer in Israel.

    You are FIBBING…..

    You are brainwashed, also, to believe that the Gazans are starving, which is a lie. The UN (which is Israel hating, like you–funny, you have a LOT in common with the Bolshevik NWO) reported that the Gazans are FAT.

    Yes, these Bolsehvik NWO (YOUR buddy Jews) go ON AND ON about something that most of them, here in America didnt experience in Poland, but why lie about some bogus massacre.

    Christian “ZION”(Which is GOD, JESUS) Israel hate is part of the NWO.

  6. DICARLO says:

    “And, the Jewish participation and contribution, as important, valuable and commendable as it was”,

    How so?????

    “as were the “horrors” of the holocaust, as bad as they were. They were, indeed, a war crime, bordering on genocide”

    NONSENSE!!! Jews who lived in Germany betrayed that country. Not only that, international jewry declared war on Germany in 1933. Jews were the enemy of the German people. In reality, jews suffered far less than they deserved. What should have happened to them is exactly what they claimed happened. Unfortunately, jews are congenital liars. The holyhoax is a hoax.

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Be safe.

    Good hunting dude.

  8. Disgusted White Christian says:

    t bone,

    Fuck him , he will apologize, or I have nothing to do with Hofflinger, HE STARTED

    What business was it for that motherfucker to take my stuff and email Kapner
    unless it’s one crypto fuckin Jew helping another???


  9. Vox says:


    Clowns like Stav don’t scare me at all. Growing up Catholic, I went to Catholic school so even though I didn’t have to fight the common rabble garbage at school, I had to learn to fight because you’d run in to the Pubic (intentionally misspelled) School trash on the way home from school.

    Got jumped many of times and like their cowardly nigger counterparts they’d always do it in groups never one on one. So I learned to fight early from my older brothers (grew up Irish Catholic in the sixties). I’d always pick out the biggest in the group and mash his nose for him and the others would always back off and then the two of us would roll around until I got called off. Then those same assclowns never tried it again!

  10. Vox says:

    Hoff is trying to backpeddle so he can (he hopes) maintain his credibility for his own blog. He certainly lost it here running off to another site moderator like a little girl.

  11. Vox says:


    Why do you just Fuck Off! Even the jewsmedia (proudly) reports how the jewbags are starving the Palestinians and poisoning their water and burning down their olive groves. Fuck you piece of shit jewbag! You’re the reason no one wants you jewbag shits around! You pull some stunt on people trying to defend themselves from you wicked bastards and then try and act like you’re the victim! Just like you did in Germany and now in the USA!

  12. t bone says:

    No one here is ‘fibbing’.

    The jews are the biggest liars that ever existed. You know that. Just look in the mirror and notice the ‘full of shit’ jew staring back at you; that is, unless the mirror cracks upon arrival.

    Do you really believe that all of your judaized spew will even be considered by the learned commentors of Incogland?

    Now, whatever it is that youre trying to dismiss from the jew’s accountability can be easily countered with 15 mins. of research.

    In fact, a simple search on jew corruption can literally overload this thread if submitted as one comment.

    The jews rely on the complacency of non-jews via materialism and thought control. But thats a-changin’. hehe…

    Recent Palestinian news (took about 10 sec. to find this):

  13. t bone says:

    …and this:

  14. t bone says:

    Even the jew news cant keep a lid on jew corruption, although they do try:

  15. brian boru says:

    You know MJ every time you spew your kike lies on here you remind me what a tragedy the holohoax was. The tragedy was that it didn’t happen. What a better world we would have now if six million of your disgusting, lying, thieving, murdering parasites had actually been cleansed from our long suffering planet. If ever there was a ‘people’ who deserved a real holocaust it is you filthy vampires. You are responsible for so much suffering and destruction that there can never be any forgiveness for it. There will never be peace and progress on earth until you poisonous scum are dealt with once and for all. It doesn’t matter who does it so long as it is done and this most highly evolved parasitic life-form is eliminated before it destroys everything.

  16. Lynda says:

    The is offering ‘An Israeli Journalist Interviews Ernst Zundel’ 1998. 12 Teasers of this interview have been posted on YouTube.

    This is a must have for the personal library, the parish and home school library. In this interview, Ernst communicate important facts of matter that he was able to discover using the trial process. For many years he has been able to supoena primary and source documents on the Holocaust from governments and non government organizations. He makes a powerful case.

    “The Great Holocaust Trial” is Michael Hoffman’s report of one of Ernst’s trials and can be ordered from the bookstore on Hoffman’s blog On The Contrary

    Some great statements from the Zundel interview:

    “There was no Hitler order, no plans, no budget for the operation of killing the Jews”

    “In 1945 over 5000 Jews were living openly in Berlin”

    “Germany is not a cash cow for Israel”

  17. OK…. WHY and I do mean WHY do you keep letting the gate open at Spamblinka, Incog??? The madjewesswhorebitch keeps escaping the brothel to come here to jew spew…

    Look… Put her in chains,and whip her if necessary… She probably would like that though, considering the Jew like for perverted crap!

  18. bargain bob, don't try to jew me down says:

    We have been through a lot together and most of it was your fault.
    Why do these so-called christians support these jew scumbags? half the people in this country believe the bible tells them to support israel no-matter what! and how do we wake these brainwashed m-fs up?
    I have learned a lot on this site, and also BKs site even if he will always be a jew, Benjamin Freedman is proof that it doesn’t matter.
    What do you say to these people that still believe the crap they were taught in sunday school?

  19. t bone says:

    Get a load o’ this.
    Spixican maid gets fired from para-hasidic rabbi and returns with a vengeful motive.

    Special treatment jews have spics and niggers at their disposal. Meanwhile, us Whites have no choice but to deal with these animals.

  20. summerled says:

    money sent to isreal is sent back to bribe politicians [traitors] and the media well lets just call the media the terrorist chair leaders just read dicks book” traitors are us ”
    to get the footnotes

  21. Hoff says:

    l was in PiZZrael in my 20s. l had no clue about the jew fuckers and what they had done to Palestine. To me it was a cheap vacation. ln the jews Kolshov you get food and a bed. No hard work and a little shekel on Friday.

    l changed kibbutz four time because l didn’t like the jews there. l was there for six months, over the winter in EU. Any non-jew that goes to PiZZrael and stay there for only two weeks and still like the jew scumbags need their head examined.

    The jews treat all non-jews as niggers in Kikistan.

    l don’t do mail. l never sent a mail to BN.

    Go fuck yourself DWC.

  22. sog says: …..excellent pieces to the puzzle of shrewish history… can read the bvook on line or copy it.. ..
    wars are the jews harvest and grand sacrifice to their godz…..the syngog of saytan shows the earlier dstruktion of america in civil war and frances doom and russias constant struggle and germanies attempts to keep the jew bamking monkey out of these countries…and the inexsorable ascendancy to world power long ago by the inbred rotshilde family…money should cease to be the master of humanity and become the servant of mankind but the shrewish horde never allows for this..controlling all govts. yhru the imf network but how they started by setting up snake oil jypsie jew banks and commense to playing hide the pea under the ever changing walnut shell….my 2 cents imho

  23. sog says:

    the evil jew sayan useful idiots for the advancement of the evil hebrew core of thugs in zog…..loing tiytle …..these crustsukkers have removed thehatefulhoax.blogspot and i notice alot of videos all over are shut down due to this and that.

    you think the jews would be happy that 6 million didnt die think they would say thank you for proving that 6 million jews couldnt have died in ww2 as there wernt that many jews in all of europe and so even a fucktard could figure this out..

    how come the jews arent taking the credit for findin out 6million didnot die
    i think they claimed 6 mil in chekko and 6 mil in poland around the same time frame and 6 mil several other times in that era of late 1800’s and forward….
    its an obvious hoax for $$$$ just like th WTC nuklear implozions $$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$
    i forget what rabbi conference it was but a long time ago they were heard to say oy vey wer getting money for the 6 million and now we need to find 6 million more .

    suchh a deeeeel ….lying stealing adulterating murdering scumbags
    all the dancing israelis need to learn the dance of death while they hang for treason and crimes against humanity here in the usa and abroad everywhere…

    the vast difference between what the usa once was and how it is now is glaringly obvious but will the sheeple ever wake up…
    these shrews are startin to make more laws that need to be shattered for the sake of truth….
    they made a law like this about the estonia which the moossadd sank

  24. Marshall says:

    ANYBODY can disprove the Holohoax 6 Million figure in 30 seconds. Just Google “Auschwitz Plaques”


  25. SBD TV says:

    An interview with Deborah Lipstatic:………………………………………………..[47]

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