Jew Indiana Jones Headed for Jailhouse

by Jeff Davis

The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain reports: “A Jewish charity co-founder who claimed he crisscrossed the globe rescuing Torahs as a ‘Jewish Indiana Jones’ has surrendered to face mail and wire fraud charges after authorities said he duped benefactors by fabricating dramatic stories about sometimes dangerous trips, including to concentration camp sites in Poland and Germany.”

The ConJew leaves the courthouse.

Why would such trips be dangerous? Auschwitz and other famous camps are now tourist attractions and are extremely Jew-friendly, since Jews are the only ones who bother to visit such places.

Back to the Guardian: “Menachem Youlus, who owns the Jewish Bookstore in Wheaton, Maryland, where he lives, was charged in a criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in Manhattan and was released on Wednesday on $100,000 (£61,000) bail. His attorney, Paul Rooney, said: ‘We deny this accusation, and anything else we have to say will be said in court.’”

Such public statements are usually strong indicators of guilt.

Guardian: “Court papers said 50-year-old Youlus carried out the fraud from at least 2004 until last year, pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars through the Save a Torah charity he co-founded in 2004 as a nonprofit organisation. A criminal complaint said he passed off Torahs he bought from US dealers to synagogues and congregations nationwide, sometimes at inflated rates. It said he put nearly a third of $1.2m collected by the group into his personal accounts, spending some of it on private school tuition for his children and on personal expenses, including meals and healthcare. More than $1m was forwarded by the charity to Youlus’s bookstore account.”

All financial transactions these days involve computerized records and leave a footprint that glows in the dark to anyone with a subpoena. Like the Internet, the various police agencies monitor financial movement all the time.

The Guardian goes on: “The publicly stated mission of the charity was to locate and acquire Torahs that survived the Holocaust or had been taken from Jewish communities worldwide and repair them so they could be used in communities that needed them. In reality, Youlus rarely travelled abroad during the years he was claiming to go Torah hunting, the complaint said. ‘Menachem Youlus called himself the Jewish Indiana Jones, but his alleged exploits were no more real than those of the movie character he claimed to resemble,’ the US attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement. ‘He chose poorly in allegedly exploiting an excruciating chapter in Jewish and international history to perpetrate a brazen fraud that played on the heartstrings of the people for whom the painful memories of that period will never die.’”

Aha! The U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case is a Hindu! Probably someone the Obama regime stuck in there on a diversity quota. Apparently this Third Worlder has not been taught to sweep embarrassing episodes like this under the carpet. A proper White liberal Democrat would make sure these charges would never have seen the light of day.

The article notes “According to a criminal complaint prepared by the US postal inspector Greg Ghiozzi, an application by Save a Torah to become a charity listed on the federal government’s campaign to encourage donations by federal employees boasted that Youlus had ‘been beaten up, thrown in jail, and gone $175,000 into debt, to bring these holy scrolls out of less-than-friendly places, back to safety and a new life’. …investigation of Youlus’s globetrotting found no facts to support claims that Youlus rescued the ‘Auschwitz Torah’ in Poland from inside a metal box that he located and unearthed in 2004 using a metal detector. There was also no evidence that he discovered a Torah in 2002 that had been hidden during the Second World War under the floor of a barracks at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.”

That’s an interesting admission because, if it is possible that part of these legends may be false, then that opens the entire issue of fakery with relation to concentration camps and all other matters pertaining to the Holocaust.

Somebody in the U.S. Attorney’s office definitely jumped the gun here and didn’t clear this prosecution with the higher-ups. It could open some cans of worms that have been sealed since 1945. Anyone care to wager this case drops off the radar and in a few months the charges against this thieving Hebrew are quietly dropped?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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30 Responses to Jew Indiana Jones Headed for Jailhouse

  1. sog says:

    oy vey its who they are in a nutshell…..jypsies thieves and well you know when they been in your house …the garbage is missing and the dog is pregnant…..these jeeebz dont read the torah anyway as they enjoy the perversion of the oral traditions and the tallmud w caballah chaser……….their day in gods court is coming

  2. Marshall says:

    This is just like that freaking Simon Weisenthal getting funded to “find Mengele.” The Jew takes sumptuous paid vacations all around the globe to places like Greek islands or the French Riviera and “curiously” Mengele seems to keep evading him, absconding just before Wiesenthal arrives LMAO!!! Nice gig, hmm?

  3. Thrace says:

    Typical beady-eyed, demon face, con-man Jew fuck…..
    They all look the same, anybody noticed that? The Canaanite Race! You can’t miss it!

  4. JamesTheJust says:

    The problem was not a jew-con. The problem is that other jews were conned. That is a violation of the satanic talmud. That is the reason he is being prosecuted.

  5. Loki says:

    More ZOG lies
    ZOG is now trying to claim that ONLY Japanese descended individuals were interned. The reality is that 56% of internees were of European descent. This is what we would expect during the Second War To Kill White People.

    This website informs us that arrests of German-Americans began on December 7, 1941 (magical date). This was several days BEFORE the United States officially ‘declared’ war on Germany. It was also before detention of Japanese descended persons began.

  6. Loki says:

    Let me again repeat — a great battle plan is worthless if you cannot identify the enemy!!!

  7. Loki says:

    Jews rush in where fools fear to tread.

  8. Loki says:

    The pot is boiling and soon, I fear, all white males who fail to act as serfs, and doormats, will be nailed one way or the other. Whites are losing their country and still they grin and drool like idiots.

  9. Loki says:

    The greatest discovery of the Yellow man has been his discovery of the White man and his inventions.

  10. Loki says:

    The banksters and middlemen offer no solutions, only more problems. The real crisis for the Western Hemisphere is the proliferation of those who breed, but cannot feed. ZOG thinks it can thrive on such problems, but we shall see. The old jew formula of “hiring one half to shoot the other half” may come unglued, as their funny-money becomes worthless, thanks to their own policies. ZOGmercs, take note!

  11. Loki says:

    What FEDZOGUSA is perpetrating in its “Crescent of Crisis”, which runs from the Balkans into Central Asia, is not like pushing over dominoes, but more like the initiation of a chain-reaction, which will eventually explode in our faces, here in “Usrael”.

  12. Loki says:

    Shades of the Talmud and the “4 billion” jews slain by the Romans with their swords during the siege of Bar Koziba! Shades of the “6 million” jews who perished at the hands of their enemies, according to The American Hebrew of 1919!

  13. Loki says:

    ZOG will learn that it cannot do whatever it likes, be it ever so destructive and murderous. The rule is: if we do not resist ZOG collectively, we shall suffer individually.

  14. Loki says:

    The U.S. dollar is just a jew I.O.U., and its value is backed by bombs, rather than useful exports.

  15. Loki says:

    The tenets of Christianity are obviously corrosive of civilization, just like its secular version, Marxism.

  16. Louis from Montreal says:

    This repetative posting really looks bizarre to anyone here for the first time.

  17. Loki says:

    Funny how ‘diversity’ produces conformity and how ‘equal rights’ become special rights, i.e. privileges. Whitey has fallen for the old salami tactic, like the Arab whose tent becomes occupied by his camel, bit by bit.

  18. Loki says:

    Our survival dictates that we must free ourselves from bankster rule, and recover our sovereignty, which Congress signed away with The Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Then, we must oust all dual-citizens from government.

  19. Loki says:

    Truth is a heady brew which must be taken in small doses, by those unaccustomed to it.

  20. Thrace says:

    Wow, Loki, you really outdone yourself! Amazing comments, true wisdom!

    Yes, I know James, you’re right, the only reason the kike was nailed is because he fucked his fellow satanists! If it was only “goyim”, it would have been legal!

    If any of you has a YouTube account and want to talk here’s mine:

  21. Loki says:

    It appears that the stock market gamblers are now moving into gold. That’s interesting. If you don’t personally have your hands on the gold you’ve purchased then you are left with a paper promise. Why is that any better than the I.O.U. Zogbucks? It is illegal to use gold as currency so what do you intend to do with your sack of gold nuggets? “Here Harry. Take this bag of nuggets, weigh them up and let me have some groceries.” Personally, I’d think a closet full of beans and flour would be a far better asset, but those who think they can use excess money to magically grow more without one drop of sweat, are exactly the kind who got us into this fine mess in the first place. At bottom, it will be food which will have the value. Everyone needs food. Who needs gold?

  22. Loki says:

    When it comes to down to earth moxie, the Black folks whip the White folks so bad that it’s not even a contest. They, like the Chinese and Mexicans KNOW WHO THEY ARE and know who their enemies are. White folks have brains made of lemon Jell-O and generally can’t tell the time of day without consulting their masters, the jew.
    America is coming apart and I have yet to see one Black or one Chinese or one Mexican who is scared crapless over some imagined, or real, “terrorist” threat. The honky shakes in his boots demanding more “security”. Most of the White race is simply not fit to survive and coming events will demonstrate that.

  23. Loki says:

    We truly resemble the Eloi in “The Time Machine.”

  24. Loki says:

    We are going to war with the world, on behalf of Israel, and letting the world invade U.S. territory at the same time, which would be like the fox eating the tar, as well as punching it.

  25. Loki says:

    We certainly do live in exciting times, but they will not be very pleasant nor comfortable, certainly not for the sheeple who have so far enjoyed the hebes’ fantasyland of Hawg Heaven. Maybe they will attempt to make the bad scenes go away by pressing the buttons on their channel selectors.

  26. Loki says:

    As mythology and history reveal, the jew will ride his Goy donkey until it drops dead. Then he will look for another dumb animal to mount. “What makes Goyim so gullible and willing to die for crazy jew interests?”

  27. Loki says:

    The riddle which we have been attempting to solve is really quite simple: unless Whites want to be Whites in biology and behavior, there is no way to entice them into becoming that which they must become if they are to survive as Whites.

  28. t bone says:

    They are not his comments. Just type one of the sentences and do a search to find the source.

  29. t bone says:

    See the bottom paragraph:

    Look familiar?

  30. Jo Jackson says:


    Just about any surname ending in ‘man’ s invariably Jewish from my experience

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