Sicko Sodomites Can Now Serve OPENLY

Will other countries now think American soldiers are a bunch of freaky faggots? Sadly, that’s going to happen since the homos and subversive Jews have had their way.

OH, THIS IS just great: Last night they voted to officially end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule; which will now force the military to allow disgusting Gayboys and Lezbos to serve openly. Funny how HBO scheduled a big propaganda piece to run last night at the same time. Sure, I know it’s not the major thing facing America, but just one of a multitude of assaults on our morality and decency, to say nothing about our fighting capabilities.

Let’s get this straight: They want us to think homos are all nice and normal when the truth is anything but. Homos get off on doing nasty as hell crap and continually push the envelope for sick thrills. They know it, too. The sexual proclivities of these SOBs are exactly how the most vile of diseases get their start in the general population. Look up MRSA USA300, for chrissakes.

Just look at how these sickos get off doing meth and going “bareback,” which is unprotected sex, some times even knowingly with HIV positive partners (called “bugchasing”). It was kind of sadly ironic last night that during the HBO piece and the Senate vote, NatGeo was doing a thing on drug use in America and had on some homos explaining how much they loved hooking up with other faggot druggies for unprotected sex orgies lasting for days.

This is not the end of it. No way. Homo marriage across the country will be legalized. Gays will be shown having sex on primetime. Pedophilia will be decriminalized (they are already bandying about the idea). Soon, they’ll have homos teaching kindergarteners how to get it on with each other, and with the way things are going, they’ll teach White male children to be gay and encourage White females to engage in hetero acts with non-Whites. Hell, they are already doing the brainwashing now on TV, if you pay attention.


And don’t give me any crap about homos not being allowed to fraternize with each other. The whole military business is one huge homo thrill in itself and the real reason the sick puppies want to enlist in the first place. Trust me, these rump rangers will find any opportunity to get it on with each other somewhere or another.

Add to that, most of these limp-wristed pole smokers will do everything they can to avoid real combat and hard work, putting more on the backs of decent White soldiers, now bearing the brunt of the Jew wars.

Folks, it’s all because we’re in a race war with the GD Jews. No doubt about it. They are ever so quietly destroying America and the White race. And it appears, they are getting clean away with it.

God, what don’t you get?

The Jews brainwash us constantly — manipulating our politics, getting us to kill their enemies in the Mideast, stealing our labors, flooding our nations with non-Whites, subverting our moralities and the reproduction of our race. Just step back and think about it all. It’s exactly what the Jews are doing to us.

The lousy Jews have it coming to them in SPADES, let me tell you.

— Phillip Marlowe

Could Jews Get Anymore Gay?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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51 Responses to Sicko Sodomites Can Now Serve OPENLY

  1. $10 Bagel says:

    I think everyone should be required to be gay to join the military. *hint hint*

  2. JamesTheJust says:

    Put them on the front line. Problem solved.

  3. Comdr. Z says:

    The President now has no excuse for not joining the service. The First all homo Gay Brigade is just a matter of time. Close order drill with pink panties will be all the rage.
    Remember when you got drafted and they gave you a physical? Now it will be “BEND OVER AND SMILE” BY THE NUMBERS EVERY DAMN DAY ESPECIALLY IN THE SHOWERS. Butt Fking in the Barracks. “Assholes and elbows” will have new meaning. Fisting for your freedom will be the new motto.

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    They’re Mainstreaming Pedophilia

    Judith Reisman Attends Confab Pushing Orientation, ‘Minor-Attracted Persons.’

    This is what they have up their sleeve for their next round of attacks. They will never stop until they have totally destroyed everything this country ever stood for.

  5. zona guy says:

    There is no room for queers on board a ship. I spent 2 years on a carrier with 4500 men. No place was off limits. Now you need a separate area for women, lesbos, fags, and what is left for the normal guys. JtJ is right, put these homos on the front lines against somebody who will fight back. Problem solved. I think there will be a lot of man overboard drills going on if they are allowed on ships. Screw these butt fucking jews.

  6. This is the manifestation of righteous wrath borne of the jews’ compassion for the oppressed. It’s so over the top it must be true and they must be right. Right?

    Right, you ignorant, fearful, shortsighted whites?

    No, you are wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Nor do a thousand.

    At the same time, it is folly to conflate concepts of fairness, justice, and compassion to areas where they don’t apply. Sodomy and the rest are sins and will not be rewarded in this life or the next. Same with indulging jews’ neuroticism with weak, vapid excuses for their manifestly treacherous and wicked behavior. Oh, the things you give a pass and the things you don’t. God is not mocked. By the way, you are losing both your county along with your place in the heavens. Ignorance of the law is no excuse there either.

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I don’t know who is kidding who here, but according to that Kay Griggs bird, the Officer class and top echelons, in the U.S are packed with poofs. It’s a given. Mandatory. Seems like they’re only making official, what has been known and accepted, but officially under wraps, for some time. Opening it up (sorry) to enlisted men.
    That’s how it is in Britain, where the officer class get bummed at eton, cambridge, oxford, sandhurst, and so on.

    @zona guy
    The royal navy is arse – pirate central! “Rum, sodomy, and the lash” anyone? Google it.
    Glad to hear your Navy is different.
    A guy over here just got 25 years for shooting an officer on board a nuclear sub. The guy who got shot, got between him and the two petty officers he was looking to perforate. In more ways than one i’d wager! Hahaha

    Guy i worked with joined up as a common private, after years in the army cadets. He was a kid. about 20. Gung ho he was. He came back to work about eight months later, with a flimsy excuse of some sort.
    His best buddy, told me he’d been all but raped by his platoon in basic training, complained to his officer, and they’d chucked him out, with a compensation package of a few grand, rather than reprimand, or discipline the rest of the troop. Bringing any bad publicity.
    This guy was no liar.
    I’d expect, given the character, background, and sexual proclivities of the ostensibly respectable, leadership, this sort of thing is more common than one would think. Especially in a volunteer Army.

    Think of a fat bird in a cake-shop!

  8. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Their assault on morality, that is to say normative sexuality, is the truest assault on us Whites in the end.

    I didn’t know about that new gaygerm USA300 MRSA. Sound pretty erious if you can get it from surfaces. So some queer (Note: They apparently like that word for themselves) can give his flesh-eating bacteria to many just by using a restroom at Starbucks. Some might even do it intentionally.

    Notice how that article (about the new gaybug) keeps referring to “men who have sex with men.” Is that the new Jewtalk for gays? Always trying to dodge the natural bad connotations that build up on any noun in usage, till they create some acronym or phrase that nobody wants to use, thus there’s no way to talk about them. Or give a name to themselves that ‘s indirect and doesn’t actually reference them: “anti-semitic,” “homophobic” but instead slurs others.

    Now see how they want to use word-wars to normalize pedophiles and want us to call them “Minor attracted persons.” I guess “pedophile” developed too many negative connotations somehow.

    Endless corruptive, culture-destroying head games and word games by Jews. Out of media! Out of America!

  9. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    “Folks, it’s all because we’re in a race war with the GD Jews. No doubt about it


    Your words from the above on to the completion is worth the time to memorize as a short, precise, and deadly accurate description of the problem. This is about all some of us need to say to anyone who does not yet have a clue.

    That is a great summation. It is quote board material.

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    Before the jew rapes the ass of our men, they rape the minds of our boys.

    Back when my sons were young, the public education rape had sex-miseducation classes. Parents could opt out then. Now I hear that option is no longer available.

    Had a jew bitch dyke who taught the class. She regularly bashed men. She hated me because I was one of the few parents who actually opted out. Imagine that! I was one of the few parents who took a stand and I was also one of the few parents who didn’t whore myself out to the JEWdeo-ANTI-Christian baal churches.

    If looks could kill, that jew-bitch would have been tortured to death. Yes, she(?) was very afraid of me and with good reason. Had I found her(?) alone, I would have killed her(?) – slowly while praising YAH for the privilege.

    The poisonous jew must die!

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Radical Jews Head Freaky Homosexual Groups

    November 8, 2007

    Does anyone remember this incog article? I didn’t. It has a list of jews behind the homo movement. This article must be from the old site.

  12. mr white says:

    All that you can be! Join the Commie Faggot Bolshevik Army!

    what a disgrace!

    Looks like China will be the next Superpower and the 21st Century will be a Chinese century.

    China is still China and they haven’t been infected by the Satanic Diversity crap!

  13. S says:

    “China is still China and they haven’t been infected by the Satanic Diversity crap!”

    They’re still under the Jewish boot though. Every country is.

    The United States Military is being ruined beyond repair, so that in the event of a revolution, the people won’t have the army to back them up. The Jews are already brainwashing the police, and they’re trying to get personal firearms banned. If they succeed in this, we’ll be helpless and ripe for a neo 1920’s Bolshevik slaughter.

    Hm…teaching our children that gays, pedophiles, transvestites, whores/tramps and a host of other types of people are “normal” and should be idolized. I have no idea why half the world would see this as disgusting and hate us. Nope.

  14. $10 Bagel says:


    What is that black thing sticking out of the M-16 magazine well in the picture?

  15. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    China is more of a slave state than the West. It’s not as United as you may think. There are dozens of ethnic groups, barely suppressed by the commie crap.
    Ready to blow!

  16. INCOG MAN says:

    Anybody still having problems getting to my site?

  17. Thomas says:

    Phil- Really love your site. Nothing moves a person to action more than making them mad and pissed off at what is going on in the world, so keep the posts coming!


  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I’ve been having problems for days but today I haven’t had any Incog.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Frank. Good to hear. I don’t know what’s going on. Anybody else got problems?

      Marshall: That’s JoJo’s lover and those spikes are the latest in gay fashion. I would say “where you been?” but that might sound a bit faggy.

  19. Marshall says:

    Looks like Jojo is back with an attitude Incog!!! The spikes on the head must be GPS triangulation modules, or maybe they project a holographic image of a normal soldier in front of born-again-hard Jojo to strike fear into the enemy 🙂

  20. zona guy says:

    Hey CR, I was in during the eighties and queers were hated. If you were queer you had better hide it or you will be taking a swim. I guess there will be pink ships now manned by nothing but dykes and butt stuffers. Good luck jews getting these fucks to die for your wars. Be carefull what you wish for?

  21. JamesTheJust says:

    Hey at least we have some ammunition to use against any friends and relatives who are thinking about enlisting. I’ll simply tell them that now faggots are flooding into the military and they shouldn’t join.

    There are seven guys right now that I could use this tactic on and I am almost certain it will work.

    All the jews will have fighting for their dirt pile in Palestine is fags and who cares if they die for the damned jew?

    jewzzzz are evil-stupid.

  22. Mojo says:

    Wicked graphic Incog. Your other one with JoJo dropping it’s gun and running a few months back was killer too.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dump Israel!

  23. kerdasi amaq says:

    Yeah, I’m having trouble accessing the site. Sometimes I get the home page and when I click on the read more option it says that the connection has timed out. That’s Firefox BTW.

    Neat animation of some trash getting chucked out of someone’s house. A near perfect demonstation of the principle embedded in my name. Near perfect because it only involves one nigger.

  24. JamesTheJust says:

    Hey Kerdasi. Long time no see. Where ya been?

  25. kerdasi amaq says:


    Where I’ve always been. I haven’t been posting as much as I used to.

    I like reading your posts though!

  26. ihatekikes says:

    incog damn fine pic. well all i can say is that let it be, let it beeeeee. wait till th ehand to hand combat comes back then see these pooftahs get bitchslapped. aai paapiiiiiiii!

  27. I just went through the Forbes 400 richest Americans list, all billionaires. Most everyone on the list saw their wealth increase in the past year. I’ll synthesize the list for you. First, jews absolutely dominate it. I did not calculate an exact statistic but I want to say it was about 75%. This includes many jews usurping Anglo-Saxon names (wolves in sheep’s clothing). That so many with Anglo-Saxon names on the list were jews was patently obvious. Most had the nasty jewish look that would frighten small children and sensitive and refined ladies alike.

    Gone, way gone, are the “old money” families with names like Adams, Jackson, Thomas. There are as many asians and indians on the list. Hmmm, it doesn’t quite fit the profile of the rapacious WASP TV billionaire – a bad guy unless they are fighting for justice for some monkeys, faggots or wetbacks.

    This final statistic is quite revealing: there are NO people of German extraction on the list whatsoever! Not one!

    Does anyone reading know that the most predominant single ancestry group in America is of German extraction? They are also some of the smartest people on the planet, if not the smartest.

    This is a total tell: the jewish war on Germans (as we know) is alive and well. The Rothschild syndicate is pumping out jewish billionaries by patronizing tribal fund managers who in turn grease the Washington whores causing further jewish supremacy and all the further terror that brings domestically and internationally.

    This Forbes list makes me sick. The backstory, of course, will be avoided. And that is of course that the country has been taken over.

    There are new shopkeepers in town. They are not selling what you are buying. Too bad for you. You can’t go anyplace else. Because as this list demonstrates, they own everything.

    Fortunately, we have a way out. Money is paper. It is only effective when people have faith in it; when they have faith in authority. The jews did 911 and so many, many other very horrific crimes. As this comes out more and more, all jews, as they have before when they don’t relent, will come under the gun. The thing is, for this not to happen, the truth has to be suppressed. Yet the truth is revealed by the suppression itself.

    Our people are yearning more than ever for their heritage and nation. The jews, as they did with Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries, are trying to sweep away these natural yearnings in a massive current of lies. It didn’t work in that terrible case and look at Russia now. Resurgent. Nationalist. Christian.

    The jews’ subjugation of our race, nation, country and culture makes my skin crawl. It cannot honestly be that patriots across the nation do not feel the same sting when they see insults and infractions hurled upon their nation from all quarters of what is obviously a jewish dominated social, cultural, educational, financial and political milieu.

    Long live real America!

  28. Sarah Palin is a crypto. I don’t care what anyone says, including +BN on the matter. If the support and massive coverage of this jimbo (jew bimbo) by so-called MSM isn’t enough to convince patriots and truthers, then this picture ought to:

    Article says her political career is “over.” Great!

    Some cool 911 truth/truth-period music:

    Johnny Punish

    Fuck the jews!
    Long live the real America!

  29. warriorhun says:

    Dear Incogman,

    You ask: “Will other countries now think American soldiers are a bunch of freaky faggots?”
    Well – with respect to all the patriotic Americans who ever served their country in the armed forces – I have to say sadly: the answer is, yes.
    Ever since we heard in the news that DADT was repealed, whenever an American soldier appears on the TV screen in the news, for example in a coverage of the Af/Pak or Iraq war, there is always somebody in the company, who can not resist a sniggering or swapping around a joke, betting or guessing whether the guy on the TV screen in American uniform is a homo or not (assuming automatically the homo option)… Sorry for being the bringer of bad news.
    And I bet that for the Muslims and terrs the USA is fighting against, this will be a goldmine of propaganda and a great boost of feeling superior, both morally and as MEN. Traditional societies consider gay men WEAK and sick. And I bet they will come up with new torture methods for captured American soldiers, while joking around that it is not really torture: claiming the captured and tortured American soldiers actually liked it-I will not elaborate on this one…
    All in all: the reputation of the American armed forces will suffer (and is suffering) greatly.
    Only one positive side: the Ancient Spartans were great soldiers, and were a bunch of homos, too…

  30. summerled says:

    connection has been in and out for a week or so will keep trying
    seems to work for a different ip

  31. Rock says:

    Incog! This is the first time I’v been able to get on all week. Its a pain in the arse. Its gottu be some kind of attack.
    Dirty pool man.

  32. zona guy says:

    I can see the headlines, the Rainbow fleet is setting sail to protect israel. Led by the mighty carrier USS Obama. With support ships the Barney Frank, Ellen Degeneres, Napolitano, Rock Hudson, and the Poofter. Good luck jews, you wanted them, you got them. What the hell happened to this country? Screw the jew.

  33. Marshall says:

    Don’t forget the new USS New York in that fleet Zona Guy!!! FREE STEEL, OY VEY SUCH A DEAL!!!

    Amazing how Jew-owned trucks managed to cart all that WTC steel away so fast, isn’t it? Forget obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence at a crime scene, PFFT!!! Quite a bit of free steel went to China as well…


  34. Catherine says:

    you’re fucking sick man. you disgust me.

  35. Loki says:

    INCOG MAN says:

    September 21, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    “Anybody still having problems getting to my site?”
    TOTAL black out for 10 day’s……………………..

  36. INCOG MAN says:


    Thanks, multicult moron. I guess that means you won’t be contributing to my coffee fund?

  37. INCOG MAN says:


    It’s some kind of block someplace. I don’t know where.

  38. JamesTheJust says:


    You’re fucking sick bitch. You disgust me.

  39. Tuff Guy says:

    C’mon Catherine….donate to the coffee fund……”won’t take but a minute”…..and we can see you obviously have PLENTY of time on your hands. Are you little annoyed after spending all of that time outside the prison trying to save Troy Davis to no avail? C’mon Catherine….”won’t take but a minute.”

  40. sog says:

    the good news is you wont be able to hear these special troops fart i reckon…heh heh

  41. sog says:

    they need welders on the ships ,,they can butt weld ,,,,and the special force pirate division to be erected called butt pirates ,our motto is ,,”we go where most men wont go”

  42. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “you’re fucking sick man.”

    That’s as may’be. Or not.

    But at least he ain’t fucking SHIT!

    I take it sodomizing another man’s refuse chute, passes as the the height of decorum, and the acme of gentility, in your fag-hag circles.
    Queers HATE women.
    Poofs are poison.

    There’s nothing down for you there sweetheart.
    Forget about it.

  43. Loki says:

    To succeed at any cost, supremacist jew leaders have sunk further into depravity than might have been imagined: They encourage jew youth to become homosexuals in order to most effectively lead the gay rights movement! Leadership of both Reform and Conservative judaism (representing 72% of synagogue-attending jew in America) enthusiastically supports adl/splc/aclu with their promotion of homosexuality in jew youth who are so inclined.(8)
    Activist jew jumpstarted the gay rights movement and overwhelmingly dominated top ranks of its leadership, especially in earlier decades. Consider the near saturation level of jew names in homosexual leadership in 2006:

    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)
    President: joe solomonese
    Board of Directors: mike berman, marty lie-berman, andy linsky, dana perlman, scott weiner
    Senior Counsel: lara schwartz
    Human Rights Campaign Foundation Board: gay oppenheimer, hilary rosen, farty lie-berman, andrea sharrin
    Board of Governors: fritz beesemyer, aj bockelman, cathy ebert, don epstein, patty fink, glen freedman, christopher stenger, brian stranghoner, brian suber, michael lap-pin, lisa zellner, molli levin
    Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
    Board of Directors: william weinberger (Treasurer), judy gluck-stern (Secretary),
    GLAAD Members: ilene chaiken, tanya grubich, mark reisbaum, carol rosenfeld, steve seidmon, jeffrey sosnick, jeff soukup, steven rozencraft
    Assoc. Director of Special Events: jennifer oritz,
    Major Gifts Officer, LA: jillian waldman
    Communications Director: jennifer glenhorn
    Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)
    Deputy Executive Director: ron schlittler
    Development Director: craig ziskin
    Staff Counsel: lara schwartz
    Directors: carole benowitz, dody goldstein, david horowitz, rebecca shiff, daniel tepfer
    National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
    Chair: jeff soref
    Vice Chair: marsha botver
    Senior Advisor to CEO: roberta achtenberg
    Attorney: loren s. ostrow
    Human Resources Commissioner: paula redd zenan
    Director of Tourism and Convention: michael aller
    Coordinator, Out For Equity Progress: allan horowitz
    Chief Operations Officer: sandi greene
    Director of Communications: roberta sklara
    Organizing and Training Director: monique hoeflinger
    Senior Strategist: becky levin
    Development Interns: s. t. cohen, phillipe leber, alex breitman
    Major Gift Officers: todd kimmelman, shavla sellars (9)
    These are the jew who, along with the majority of the liberal jew community in America, provide adl with support for not only its pro-homosexual federal hate crimes law but also the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Such activists include lesbian author of ENDA, chai feldblum. She descends from a long line of Orthodox rabbis and a hassidic/kabbalistic mother. Undoubtedly under encouragement by adl, feldblum has devoted her legal talents to “legislative lawyering,” crafting adl’s pro-homosexual bills. These bills legally exalt homosexuals above almost all other Americans. They also remove free speech from Christian and conservative “haters” and unnecessarily preoccupy legislators in Congress after Congress. feldblum is also a director of the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission in Washington, D.C., empowered to arbitrate ENDA issues. (10) She has been powerfully assisted in creation of ENDA by another homosexual jew, once reprimanded by the House for his relationship with a male prostitute: Rep. barney frank.
    Another likely homosexual product of a talmudic background, elena kagan. It will surprise no one when she adjudicates in favor of homosexuality. (11)
    “It’s time to remove the jew monkey from our back.”:

  44. Maggie says:

    These types were always in the military everywhere. The only difference is that they can now admit what they are. Lighten up guys and have a laugh.

  45. sog says:

    all that wtc steel ,high grade high temp.* tempered no less wnt to china so these commie slanty ass fuck stiks can make radioactive schikk razors out that shit ,,,,yeah but keep shavin chilruns or you might end up lookin like a filthy rabbi the jewish suol soul is a stinking vapid hole …like an out house ? i always knew these organ oriented organ grinders souls were rite around their arsehole …chheeky

  46. Moneymax says:

    I’m still laughing at the photo-shopped image of that wird-sexed “soldier.” Ha ha!
    By all means form a special unit of these types, and send them into battle
    against a Christian force (do any exist? no? why not??) or Muslim force.
    They’ll laugh at this pervo-parade…. ha ha! And then blast them to hell!

  47. Greg says:

    To the foolish this is so called progress and signs of tolerance…advancement they’ll call it. To the wise this is Jews pushing and pushing somemore to destroy White culture and society.

    Those who preach “tolerance” for anything and everything are either Jews pushing for destruction or those weaklings who should be regarded as pitiful and mentally impaired.

  48. ldrancer says:

    ron paul supports fecal sex.

  49. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Androgynous Future For “Goys”?

    Is there a deeper significance in Christening bio engineered androgynous goats, “goys”?

    After I read this article it reminded me that jews often make the remark that it is sad that people they don’t like can reproduce.

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