Worthless Afro Hire Costs Bank 2.3 Billion

Adoboli smiles as he leaves the courthouse — childish Negroes like this love any kind of attention, no matter the reason. The “poor, oppressed” African immigrant will get slapped on the wrist, released in 6 months and then find himself another cushy affirmative action job.

31 year-old Kweku Adoboli is under arrest for fraudulently making trades that cost the Union Bank of Scotland (UBS) 2.3 billion dollars (2,300 million) and sending the bank’s shares down 11%. Thousands of employees, certainly many decent and hard working Whites, are expected to get laid off in the worst idiot banker case ever.

The worthless bastard was born in Ghana, Africa. In his native gibberish, Adoboli means “born on a Wednesday.” I’d say the clowns who hired this chimp chump, and put him in a position to do this kind of thing, were born yesterday.

Once him and his family were stupidly allowed into Britain, the traitorous government no doubt gave them all kinds of special help and money. Adoboli managed to graduate from the University of Nottingham, with a degree in computer science. Don’t ask me how this prepared the POS for high finance, or even how the guy managed to pass in the first place. Maybe they gave him special credit for knowing how to turn on a computer and click on the “install” button.

He must have been quite stoked to get in nice British school. When Sky News ran the usual “diversity” propaganda in 2001, he told the Ziowhore reporter shoveling the crap “it’s an amazing opportunity for hundreds of students to meet at a jamboree of parties…” Yeah, I bet the African was digging the scene, after dumbass White multicults handed him everything on a silver platter.  

Before this, a Quaker school made him “head boy” — most likely some sort of honor that should have gone to a smart White kid. Adoboli probably was able to speak somewhat understandably, that alone was enough to get him the all sorts of special favors and attention from guilt-tripping White bozos.

UBS put him into a backroom position as trade support analyst, evidently this gave him enough knowledge to conceal his trading activity. He made bets on the swiss franc without any authorization, masking his activity by making “short calls” when the franc moved downward. Soon his secret little fun and games racked up billions in losses.

Just imagine all the worthless Negroes now screwing up America everywhere since they were hired over Whites because of the race angle. Yep, these incompetant Negroes are lapping it all up, taking full advantage of White race guilt, thanks to what the lousy Jews have done to our heads.

Hell, when you think about it, we got a sorry sack illegal African as president running America straight into the ground (oh yeah, he’s illegal). How’s that for some affirmative action?

— Phillip Marlowe

PS: Go ahead and call me a racist pal, I don’t give a flying flock what any stupid multicult pinhead thinks!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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42 Responses to Worthless Afro Hire Costs Bank 2.3 Billion

  1. American says:

    This guy was to be a multicultural representative for the Jew World Order. He was on Sky News when he was 20!

    As Incog says. “When Sky News ran a diversity piece in 2001, he told them “it’s an amazing opportunity for hundreds of students to meet at a jamboree of parties…”


  2. JamesTheJust says:

    We need go no further than the East Coast to see the juggle bunnies in action. Most of them can’t speak English either, and that’s supposed to be their “native” language.

  3. Tuff Guy says:

    Incog Rocks and tells it like it is!!!! Incog names them all!!! Black, jew…it doesn’t matter….Incog fearlessly names them all and tells it like it is!!!!!

    I have a question Incog.

    Why is it the website “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” refuses to name the jew?

    They have taken “Black Bashing” (which I’m certainly not against) to a whole new level.

    Yet if you attempt to post a comment on their website that names the jew it never makes it out of moderation…….hmmmm……

    They focus on the effect of blacks…not the CAUSE of black uplifting and what I like to call “black branding.” And I think that everyone here at Incogland KNOWS who is responsible for the uplifting of blacks and WHO is covering up their crime statistics in the jewish owned media.

    I don’t see how any website devoted to exposing TNB (like “Stuff Bllack People Don’t Like”) could be so militant in making sure the jew is never named and is free of any criticism.

    They certainly seem to want to make sure that all the whites reading their “Stuff” never read ANYTHING about jews………

    What’s your take on it?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Tuff guy:

      2 probabilities:

      1) They still suffer from Jewy brainwashing over holocaust crap and also don’t really know the history of Jewy involvement in civil rights.
      2) They very well may be Jews themselves. Jews really can’t stand blacks, even when they espouse all the PC crap. Jews are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

      If the Jew thinks you can’t stand Negroes, he and sometimes she, often will let on to you, to make you a bud or to gauge your PC factor. Jews inherently love to play games with goyim, but most importantly feel the need to make “allies” out of White Aryans, whom they deep down fear.

      Jew-unaware Whites usually don’t pick up on the subtle nuances of a Jew feeling you out on PC business. But if a Jew suspects that you’re picking up on his gig, and thinks you see his Jew angle, he’ll categorize you as a Neonazi; even if he’s a big “racist” himself. Being a Jew comes first above all else.

      I’ve been in numerous social sits with Jews. Unfortunately, it took me quite some time to figure out these creeps.

  4. Thrace says:

    When I see these types of Jew-started DISASTERS of the sub-human invasion, happening in my Europe (more and more often) I almost blackout in anger!
    But that is good….that is very good! And Europe is like a pressure cooker right now, the more we hold it in us the BLOODIER it will be when it finally blasts!!!

    The savagery of our revenge will be unprecedented!!! So help us God!

  5. Tuff Guy says:

    Thanks Incog….

    Keep telling it like it is!!!!

  6. anti-zionist says:

    I met this part jew chick once. Crazier than a shithouse rat and she told me she hated blacks. No god in that woman but she did say nigger more than me.

  7. American born says:

    Tuff Guy,

    Many anti-nigger are jew run. A few obvious traits of these sites are extreme racism towards niggers. chimpout.com is on of these sites. This site is run primarily by jews, they don’t hide it. It is beyond extreme in nigger ridicule and hate. But if one negative word is written about the jew, you’re gone.

    Another is unamusement park. It is run by a so-called half jew. He openly boasts about his askenazi roots. His site is also extremely hate filled towards the nigger. I was recently banned over there for breaking the cardinal sin of calling out jews for their enablement of the niggers. It’s OK to say anything you want about niggers and just about anyother race except the jews.
    He ran a post over there recently calling out Storm Front for banning his and erasing his comments. He did the same to me about a week ago.
    Here is the thread, he caught alot of shit from some. He banned me and erased a few of my more pointed comments after I called him out for being a jew and mis-informing his White readers about the jews. He calls himself pro-White and says Whites should work to bring jews into the WN movement.
    Obviously this is a jew walking his White viewers thru the tall grass, avoiding the jewish question and their responsibilty for third world immigration and nigger enablement and the anti-White, jew run media.

    jews do see niggers for what they are, animals, but so doesn’t everyother race, so they deserve no credit for this thinking. They are more racist than Whites in terms of niggers, much more. Just take a look at chimpout or the other jew run site unamusement park. But the jews use their blogs to cover up for their tribeand shift blame onto niggers. niggers without jew enablement are nothing but pavement apes, but the jew media has transformed them into super heroes and sex symbols thru subversive media.
    It is really amasing how effective the media is, they have convinced millions to see niggers as victims and harmless “people”
    This irrational thinking never existed prior to the TV. Whites had sence enough to avoid niggers, as they are savages, that should never be coddled or trusted, they see this as weakness and exploit it.
    niggers rape 103 White women everyday(these are just the rapes that are reported, the actual number is much higher) in our nation. My guess is most women knew their attackers and trusted they would never do anything like this to them.

    But, these jew run sites don’t want any of that info getting out, they simply blame the nigger and it works for the most part untill thier readers are exposed to organized jewry and thier attack on Whites thru proxy races(arabs, mestizos, niggers)
    All White nations are under this organized attack, this is undeniable.

  8. Hoff says:

    This is the jew MO all ovar again. The jews have promoted blacks for at least the last century.


    The First Time I
    Heard Of Barack
    By Tom Fife

    During the period of roughly February 1992 to mid 1994, I was making frequent trips to Moscow, Russia,

    “What if I told you that you will have a black president very soon and he will be a Communist?”

    The out-of-the-blue remark was met by our stares. She continued, “Well, you will; and he will be a Communist.”

    It was then that the husband unsuccessfully tried to change the subject; but she was on a roll and would have nothing of it. One of us asked, “It sounds like you know something we don’t know.”

    “Yes, it is true. This is not some idle talk. He is already born and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now. You will be impressed to know that he has gone to the best schools of Presidents. He is what you call “Ivy League”. You don’t believe me, but he is real and I even know his name. His name is Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That’s right, a chocolate baby! And he’s going to be your President.”


    Mandela or Obama, the jews have promoted niggers as the white peoples “leaders” for at least a century now – and the dumbfucked white people just don’t get it.

    No Jews and Niggers in any office.

    What the niggers do is what the jews want to do, but to hide what the jews want to do to white people the jews use the niggers as their proxy war machine.

    Take any text and replace Obama with JEWs and you get what the jews wants and what the JEWs are doing.

    Obama is jew codeword for – the JEWs

    Go on – replace Obama with JEWs in any speach or text, in any jew”media”.

  9. American born says:

    Adoboli smiles as he leaves the courthouse; childish Negroes like this love any kind of attention, no matter the reason.. Incog

    Yeah, niggers love the attention, the “look at me!!”, it nevers fails.
    What is funny about the picture above is the police officers facial expressions watching this fool smiling. It looks like one of them is amused at the simple minded child like behavior, the other cop looks as if he wants to bang him out. As he should, he just tanked their economy, albeit in a small way compared to big jewry.
    But I’m sure the nigger was having a good ole’ time playing around with his computer losing billions and he never understood or cared about the consequenses.
    Just look at him laughing, I think it’s rather funny too, that UBS would even hire, let alone put this ape anywhere near there data bases.
    But this is typical now, it’s all over the place. It is more important to appear non-racist than to fill your company with competant employees.
    Maybe they have learned their lesson now. africans belong in the jungle commiting genocide and stealing food, not working for a bank. LOL

    You couldn’t even make this up. UBS hires and gives an african control/access to billions of dollars and doesn’t expect their to be anything less than theivery and incompetance.

  10. sog says:

    only a couple billion …guess they should a put a 2 zero limit on this guys computer ….it was either promote him or transfer (fire) him…smiling cop is probbly a mason as are many cops in key positions around the world …the jews control police depts pretty closely…..think niggeroe said yas firinme cus im black..think he was sent in to fuck up the bank ?…think most banks especially independents are pretty fucked up already..banks ,stock markets and derivative shit are just ways for jews to steal from you ,,,they own these apparatuses and commit inside trades all day long …..bush did during marthasstewarts deal and profitted 800,000 $ on 1 of 4 inside trades ….you have to be an insider to do inside trades tho…..its the tip o the iceberg here with thousands of jews pullin off scam investment scenarios and 1 dumb fuck gets nicked …he probably is too stupid to turn a computer on and was framed ….
    meanwhile back at the ranch the jews continue to plunder the rest …er this shit is all over plundered already but i do think the theatre props that make everything look good are falling down…
    these jew bozos ruined GM at a time of record profits and took gmac down with the embezzelment…
    iceland and anyone else they can scrape a dollar out of…
    agenda is tying all so far untied banks to the imf and bis and the fraction banking thru the regioal jewreserv banks …
    millions of americans died from starvation in the usa during the jewish engineerd depression ,,you know the one they said a federal res bank would prevent…they also promised to use all their gold to back up currency which is a bad idea anyway but they re-nigged…
    tyhis is scary

  11. How come ape like this shit can work in Switzerland , must be a jew bank , but I’m sure that behind this ape wore 10 jew rats swines.

  12. American born says:

    I have seen other opinions on this nigger. Some say he was a fall guy in a scheme. Could be the case, I doubt it though.
    I guess it all goes back to who actually controlled/hired it.
    I tend to think he was the “all-star negro” pushed up the corporate ladder by gulit ridden Whites. An experiment by foolish Whites to prove to themselves that niggers are stupid only because of “White oppression”.
    The wonder boy was thought to have some natural talent, organic african banking insights not known to the White Man. A pure genius.
    Superior to all the dumb Whites, he was chosen because he was “da man”.
    He didn’t come from European stock, he was not a dumb White guy who had centuries of productive history of innovation and civilization.
    No, he was from the killing fields of africa, where AIDS is rampant and where grown men steal food from the mouths of dying children.
    This is what made him superior to the stupid White men who thought they were more qualified.
    His moral superiority, his honesty as a black man from africa, a land known for the foward looking, intelligent men, men of quality and standards. The history of his homeland, the cradle of civilization. The mutherland.

  13. mr white says:

    Great article!


  14. ihatekikes says:

    hahaha bloody boon

  15. No money is ever lost. It just changes hands. Score: Scotland 0, jews 1.

    Like the jews do with everyone else, I blame the jews first and ask questions later…

  16. “The educated Negro of today is a failure, not because he meets insuperable difficulties in life, but because he is a Negro. His brain is not fitted for the higher forms of mental effort; his ideals, no matter how laboriously he is trained and sheltered, remain those of a clown.” — H.L. Mencken

  17. JamesTheJust says:

    Any White person still keeping any appreciable amount of assets in jew-banks today is really no smarter than a boon.

  18. putnamvt says:

    How many bananas does $2B roughly translate into? I’m having a hard time getting my head around that one.

  19. JamesTheJust says:

    What’s the going rate for cocaine? I’m trying to figure out how many lines the boon and his homies could do.

  20. t bone says:

    Is the negro prez doing something right or is this some kind of diversion?

    Ziotard Fleming is whining about taxes (gimme a fuckin break) and he cant feed his fam on over 200K.
    You know he was duped by the jews to be a White whiner. The jews must be having a shit fit but they will opt to keep everything in code.

    More jew bidding by ziotards:


  21. I have never seen a jew married to a black. I have never seen a jew adopt a black or a white. I have never seen a black adopt a white, although I have seen plenty of the opposite. I have never seen any other race besides the white adopt children of other races. Whites exist on higher planes of thought, ideals, and compassion but they better wise up because these things are going to die out with them.

  22. JamesTheJust says:

    Whites exist on higher planes of thought, ideals, and compassion

    And that is why our race is the chosen race. It is also why we are always getting into trouble.

    Which is also why YHWH had to remove us from Israel and place us into the European wilderness where we could be separate from the other races and grow in numbers.

    Can anyone honestly look at the compassion, intelligence, ingenuity, integrity and achievements of our race an say there are any other races that compare?

  23. I know this, the jews have very few achievements they can call their own. They constantly cross promote themselves to make it appear opposite . They are pure liars. With them everything that is white is black and everything that is black is white. We hardly possess the vocabulary to describe it.

  24. sog says:

    good point AB ….seems the insipient race of incarnate swine will hire ethnig races over whites …and the question of repression causing low educational status is extremely true in the whites cases …just heard of a friends kid what got refused by harvard and they are straight A student and the parents were payin the fare ,no schoalarship…….the once christian college is now the refuge of zionizm and sayans in training…this kid was not a joo….overrepresentation is the deal and the sumerian swindle ..51 % of the student body in the big 3 ivy leagues are what the fuck is a jew ….i heard someone babblin about how their kid just got star tested or what and it is an epidemic on all fronts where the jewinflewenze sets the path for young jews …i knew the person yammering and they are ethnik ashkaanz…… special treatment and special educational oportunities …notice how schoolz are allowed to wallow in war like scenarios and the money to skools is cut first….soon it will be a hate crime to fire someone of ethnicity for obvious incompetence ….whites can get fired all day long tho when they can find a fuvking job anymore,,,knew this 2 faced nigger named ken(kunta) who was suing his employer for racism or skrimminayshun over some irrelevant petty shit and was gonna git payd ….so in tuning up here i dought the smiling fuck was a proxy for anything other than his own ridiculous judgement….maybe the english will wake up…you could sooner stop rain from falling….that island has been under the ass of jews for a long friggin tyme…what else is new

  25. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Boy, the scums are really hacking away at this site! I’ve been trying to finish reading this article for two days now. Managed to squeak in, tried to comment a little while ago and got kicked out.

    Sometimes I can get to the homepage, but generally can’t get to “Continue reading.” Only a couple of times have I been able to break through. Interesting that I’ve had no problems getting to Hoff, IncogLand, David Duke, or Stormfront (among others.) Obviously you are hitting all the buttons, telling it like it really is (as usual!) and the haters are hating it even more.

    Another story to make one’s blood boil at the obvious anti-white statements of the commentator (these people are not “journalists”) – in the transcription, he points out that the board is “seven white men.” On the air, he said it TWICE. Since this is an NBC affiliate, it’s pretty typical. And they expect Whitey to roll over and take it. Phil Kent was pretty ballsy for even granting an interview with these morons:


    Hey folks, when I was able to get through once last week, I couldn’t get back to add to a previous comment. I truly didn’t mean to offend anyone by saying “white Christian people” should stay strong. Not all whites are Christians. I personally consider myself a Christian, but I choose not to attend church. Been there, done that, had enough. Too much political garbage and infighting. Many of my friends are of the same opinion. I would venture a guess that many of us here do subscribe to the good values and morals of Christianity. We don’t beat our spouses or kick cats. Anyhow, it wasn’t meant as a slam against anyone here who doesn’t happen to be Christian. We’ve all got to stick together and stand up for our great race!!!

  26. bella says:

    Relax folks, Soetero is just a c—-t.

  27. JamesTheJust says:

    It’s not that boon-cunt I’m worried about its the cunts pulling the boon-cunts strings that I’m worried about.

  28. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    White supremacist executed for Texas dragging
    Check out the comments.

    These are the same CUNTS (thank you JTJ and bella), who in every other (Non-white) equivalent crime, would be bleating anti-death penalty.
    Also. Look at the time frame, from deed to dead.
    Nigger murderers are fed for 20 or 30 years, before they face the long goodbye. If ever. The jury is long dead, or browbeaten into “second thoughts.

    Texas death penalty good now?

    Well O fucking K!!!


  29. kerdasi amaq says:

    “United Bank of Scotland (UBS)”

    Sorry, it’s ‘Union Bank of Switzerland’.

  30. Annie Oakley says:

    Tuff Guy – SBDL has to be Jew inspired. Paul Kersey (or whatever his name is) refuses to call out the Jew and when you mention it he says something to the effect that they’re only talking about black issues. I also grew very weary of him allowing the psychotic negress Desiree blather on and on about the exception to the coon rule.

    I stopped reading his blog a long time ago. I suspect he’s a little nerd who would hide in his closet if some negro tried to hurt him.

    That dumb nigger in the picture makes me wanna hurl. These dumb ass whites refuse to get it about race. Many of these so called flagellating whites would almost throw their momma under the bus in order to not be called a racist.

    That chimp has such a shit eating grin it makes me nuts. What a POS.

  31. Marwinsing says:

    Think you got it bad? I’m banned from returning to my ancestral homelands, England, to go and live. They slammed me back in 2009. Guess who I got interviewed by in Londontown for my application? A young Korean male. Anyway, R.Crumb foresaw this all back in 1981 and below, a link to the funniest comic strip I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Long live Weirdo!

    So true.

  32. Marwinsing says:

    …no criminal record no nothing – my crime? – I’m a white male from Africa. Can I tell you what anger is all about? Can I tell you why I HATE the White Nationalist Movement? Can I tell you why I think the West DESERVES to die? Go connect the dots. You’re useless. The lotta ya.

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Marwinsing I don’t blame you for being angry. I get pretty angry sometimes myself! Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and play the fiddle while Rome burns around me. I don’t understand what there is about Whites that they don’t look out more for their own kind. I know in times past we did. Do an Internet search of the Leo Frank case. I guess they drank a little too much of the jew’s kool-aid.
    If I could make a suggestion of a site for you to visit. Here is the link.


    He just stopped doing his podcast this Wednesday but you can listen to the long list of shows in the archive. You can also access videos and articles at his site.
    Christogenea is another good site. I don’t have the link to that site handy. You can find it on the left of this site listed under Religion.
    Good luck to you!

  34. sog says:

    the holacaust card ,,dont leave home without it ,,the only card youll ever need ….like a mexican who never leaves home without his mexican express card ,you only need to pull it once and everyone will hand over their wallets…

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