Cell Phone Video of Khadafi Captured

Below the “continue reading” button, are two cell phone videos taken right after a wounded Muammar Khadafi is pulled from a drainage pipe and beaten by hopped-up Libyans (belonging to the tribe who hated Khadifi’s tribe). Second video shows a bloody Khadifi on the hood of a truck. Both videos have a kind of chopped-up, surreal quality and the gunfire you hear, are the excited fighters firing weapons into the sky. A pistol is put to Khadafi’s face, but doesn’t look like it’s fired. Someone later puts a 9mm bullet in his head (but not in these two clips). WARNING: Graphic. 

No Wonder They Want Kwazy Khadafi Dead


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  1. MJ says:

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    You must be so happy, incog 😀 All of the scum of the earth is with ya! Rapists, masturbaters, dopers, etc..

  2. Thrace says:

    @Mad Jew Whore!

    You sure must be nervous, you fucking Kike cunt….
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    We are all waiting for that sweet day when we’ll wash ourselves in Kike blood!

  3. Diana says:

    If you think the 800 billion bailout to the Goldman Sachs was a drain on the public purse, check out Texe marrs show on the Federal Reserve. 6 out of 7 Jews head it up. Massive giveaways of trillion+$$$$$$$ to foreign banks, MickeyD’s, Toyota, GE,
    Harley Davidson and others.

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