Michael Jackson’s Body Secretly Exhumed for Trial

OK, I’M BS-ING here — big time. Basically, I’m pulling a National Enquirer-style stunt just to get search engine hits, because hits mean visitors and visitors mean possible White people roaming my site, maybe reading something, watching a video or two and, most importantly, WAKING THE FLOCK UP!

Plus, it was easy and fun to do a quick photoshop image using Jackson’s “Thriller” Zombie make-up job and a shot of the Iceman — a 5000 year-old mummified body they discovered up in the Alps a few years back. Some idiots out there will think my photoshop art above is real, just like they do about shots of a dead Osama Bin Laden.

Actually, I could care friggin’ less about Michael Jackson. Believe me. The guy was a child-molesting, drug-addicted freak, who hated being born Negro. I’ll say something else now that’ll make any moronic MJ fans coming here have conniption fits: I WAS HAPPY TO HEAR THE SKINNY FREAK CROAKED. Yep, you heard me right.

Just wished I could have seen MJ OD-ing on Propofol, which is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard anyone take, since it’s supposed to be used as a general anesthesia for patients on mechanical ventilators. The only big surprise is that the whore doctor shooting him up, Conrad Murray, wasn’t a Jew but a Negro. But then again, Jackson had become fairly Jew-wise, after getting ripped-off by the thieving bastards over the years.

Read on, if you got any guts left.

In January, 2009, the traitorous Jew-controlled US news spent more time on totally inane stories like some dumb White guy who lost his pants on a ski lift, than what Israel was doing to the Palestinians over in the Gaza. Haven’t you noticed all the stupid crap “NATIONAL” news covers? It’s become a big joke. You can bet there’s plenty of much more important stuff out there — it’s just things they want the American public to stay stupid about!

Are we going to let these people hoodwink this country forever?

Brave Rachel Corrie, an American citizen, was purposely run over by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to stop them from destroying a Pali home, yet the lousy GD traitorous US press stayed silent about her murder.

Don’t you think there’s possibly bigger issues to concern oneself in life than Michael Jackson? While TV “news” continues to feed us nonsense entertainment crapola like this, they patently black out stuff us Americans should hear about. You think the media is free and they tell you everything? God, you are one sorry bozo.

The media’s real owners have been stealing you blind all your pathetic life. They are even willing to have you or your kids killed, should the scheme further globalist ambitions. Come to your senses, people: You don’t have to be an idiot wasting your time on Michael Jackson anymore.

You should be out there on the Internet learning a few things on what’s really going down, what has led us to this crossroads, as well as arming up. Arming up? Damn straight. We got some serious storm clouds on the horizon, fool.

Go up under my banner above, and click on a few tabs to read a short article or two, or just watch a few videos. You can quickly get some sort of idea of what they don’t tell you on the news, things directly impacting you and your children’s future. You can also go over on the left and check out some links I have over there.

Sure, you might be a little perturbed about some of the stuff here (especially my photoshop jobbies). You might think I’m a hateful racist, a nazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews, homophobic (yeah, like I’m so scared of homos, right) and general, all-around SOB. I’ll have to agree with you on the SOB part.

You know why? You’ve been brainwashed and manipulated for years. Your brain is all bollixed up with PC crud, so much so you can’t think of what’s right for your own kind, and you’re letting pure scum take this country straight into the gutter. The Globalist Jew “elites” have been laughing their asses off at your Goyim stupidity for decades.

Actually, these evil people raping you from behind considers all of us as “Niggers” — including the Niggers! That’s right. The real racists are getting away with it all, by labeling us awakened White people as “racists.”

It doesn’t matter one bit to them if you’re a decent White American, working hard to take care of responsibilities — they don’t give a rat’s ass. Just as long as you pay your taxes, keep your mouth shut about them and die in Jew wars is all they really care about.

Once you check out a few things on the Internet and read between the lines on mainstream TV, you’ll soon come to the same conclusion (watch out for Wikipedia and Snopes.com — both are controlled behind the scenes by Jews). You can turn around now and leave this site. Of course, that will just prove you’re another spineless worm and deserving of whatever fate comes your way.

And if you do split, don’t be trying to tell yourself you’re a tough revolutionary against “The Man!” The real “Man” definitely does not want you to know any of these things. If you do have any guts to look around, I thank you in advance for whatever time you spend here and thinking about it later.

Sorry for the phony photo I created of Michael Jackson exhumed. Sure, it was a cheap trick getting you here, but I’m serious as hell about getting your attention.

Oh yeah, according to Hollywood rumors last summer, Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense apparently did want to dig up the corpse of the gloved one to prove other drugs did him in, besides the Propofol. Looks like they never received permission — as far as I know!

— Phillip Marlowe

The Michael Jackson Eulogy that I wanted to deliver at the Staples Center, July 10, 2009, but no one asked me.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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110 Responses to Michael Jackson’s Body Secretly Exhumed for Trial

  1. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I like sog’s posts.

    Don’t be a stone drag daddio!!

  2. Flipanzer says:

    PPS: Again my associate says he doesn’t understand. OK, you really gotta start in Rev 16 on “Armageddon.”AR = a hill, or fort. MAGEDDON is a “rendezous” place or pile of people assembled for some work. In this case, Chap 16:13-14+ tells us they )weird creatures) are God’s enemies who control “kings” (world leaders.) In 16:19 we see the main city of interest is in three parts (divided by sea.) That is the Big One. When it falls, the other cities (plural) of the “nations” (the Adamic tribes “nations” or “Gentiles” when the term “goyim” is first used and defined [Gen 10:5] as Adamic Noah’s families, about 70 names fill the whole chapter) – these other controlled CITIES of ours also fall when the Big One ends. Their system breaks down! That is why you don’t want to be in them or tied to that system. And you sure do not want to be in the Big One, since it will get physically destroyed suddenly – says Rev 18 of “babylon” defined as greatest seaport fo luxuries, center of world trade, money, merchants who are shocked at its demise. (Rev 17 gives more details on this end-time city “babylon.) Take a wild guess where that is. Now look at a map and see it’s in three parts already, separated by water. (It even has an idol to our “god” of manmade laws… democracy. That tiny island is not one of the three major parts.)

  3. Loki says:


    Judicial’s goal was to create a forum, that as times became more desperate, a group of sensible people could use it to meet and unite. As the American economy implodes, and Israel commits another 9/11, to shift the blame to the Muslims, you need a catalyst. It appears that Zionists must be getting close to some event, because they are no longer going to let Judicial-Inc exist.

    How Real Are The Majority Of ‘Alternative News’ Websites?

    Most of the so-called ‘Alternative medias’ revolve around the Holocaust, and the 9/11 scam.

    The Holocaust: ~~ There are twenty various sites that claim to be holy grail of the Holocaust truth. Most center around the question of whether 3.4 million Jews died, or the higher number of 6,000,000. The truth there is that the Red Cross states there were 272,000 deaths in the camps, and maybe 120,000 were Jews. But arguing the Holocaust is a waste of time. It’s not worth the effort. It’s like arguing about religion, and most people don’t care anyway.

    Actually there is a ploy here. By denying that silly fable, you are keeping the conversation active, and drawing attention to it.

    The 9/11 Attack:~~ The second big camp for the ‘Alternative Media’ is the 9/11 movement. Basically, a potpourri of spittling bagel munchers talking about minutiae. Did the CIA plant micro nukes at the WTC., why did building 7 collapse, did the jets really land at Area 51, are the passengers alive, and are they living in a remote CIA desert compound?

    The truth there is that Israel orchestrated the entire event. There were no 19 young Arab guys trained on a small Cessna. These were trained Israelis. A Sayret Matkal Capt. led the first operation, a mossad operative was identified on the second jet. The third jet, Fl 77, didn’t fly for 62 minutes and amazingly avoided the hundreds of fighters at Norfolk, the Seymour Johnson AB, NORAD, Otis, Andrews, Shaw, Pope, etc. It was actually replaced with a remote-controlled plane that hit the Pentagon. Fl 77. The real Flight 77 jet went out in the Atlantic to ram the USS Washington, and Norad shot it down. The 4th jet was shot down, but not over Shanksville.

    The War In Iraq:

    That is about Zionism’s quest to control the world’s oil supply. It’s about the Mosul-Haifa Pipeline, and the five permanent American bases there to protect it.

    The War In Afghanistan:

    The Taliban, a religious group, threw out the Zionist opium traders, and cut 94% of the opium supply. The other factor is that now we have troops flanking Iran on both sides.

    The Coming War In Iran:

    Iran sits on the Zargos oil belt, the largest untapped field in the world.

    So Who Funds These Websites, And Their Authors?

    Practically 95% of today’s websites are Zionist-controlled. If they were real, they would be focusing on the coming collapse, and the various False Flags being used to point the finger at the Israeli intelligence creation called “Al-Qaeda”, or Iran. But you won’t find any of these Kosher Clowns discussing the Zionist game plans. You can quickly look at these websites and see their agendas. All they do is try and implicate the CIA for 9/11, Madrid train bombs, London bus bombs, or Mid-East assassinations. Then, there is the constant talk about Black and Hispanic crime. Oddly, they conveniently skip over the Madoffs, or the fleecing of America’s banks by Zionists. These website’s goal is all about diversions from the real problems, and just helping the fomenting race wars.

    So What Are The Costs?

    A forum like FreeRepublic.com runs $360,000 annually. Some of the bigger websites are very good sources of solid information, but they have advertisers covering the costs. The large and well-disseminated websites, like Huffington.com, are funded by Venture Capitalists.

    Zionists Really Aren’t Brilliant, But They Are United

    Their leaders have used this holocaust nonsense to create a pack of loyal fanatics. And this has lead to a giant social, educational, and business network.

    The other sites are funded by Zionists. Whereas, with Judicial it is a daily struggle with Zio-Thugs, of which 50% are police. Try calling the police station and saying you have a police detective stalking you. The ADL has retained a private detective who directs the harassment, and he has a free hand.

    You need to remember that the ADL has tentacles in every major police force.

    Now Is Not The Time To Quit

    You are getting a small blimp in the stock market, which will be used to portray a fledgling economic recovery, but it’s a diversion from the Madoff anger. The ultimate fall guy has to be Muslim terrorists, and certainly not Zio-Bankers. There will be a False Flag staged by the Zionist that triggers everything, and that will make 9/11 look like a hiccup. The timeline is probably 12 months.

    What do you think??????

  4. Pinkushunz says:

    From Mikey Jackson to all sort of stuff.
    This comment patch is wild!
    thanks incogman!

  5. “Dirty Little Secrets of WWII”


    Guess what. Iran (means Aryan) is the new Germany.

  6. Thanks, Incog.

  7. Wall street protests:

    You bet your ass the jews are behind this. There was no coverage of the 911 truth marches remember? If it weren’t kosher Susan Sarandon’s participation wouldn’t so fondly be recounted (rymes with SS, ironically – meaning the SS were above board whilst Susan Sarandon isn’t).

    Unions? Who the Fuck is behind those communist time-bombs?

    What it is is that their Euro experiment is tanking, so they have to tank the US a bit…or a lot.

    Like I said earlier 911 awareness is everywhere…through the internet…verdict: jews did it (of course). The wars, poverty, and other infringements, infractions and atrocities are not enough of a diversion…so we have this frickin charade…for the dumb and/or ignorant people of the world, frankly.

    JP Morgan Chase donating 4.8 mil to NYPD. That is an avowedly MULTI-national outfit giving bucks to a martial outfit that is supposed to be under the direct control of the the majority citizenry of NYC to enforce majority concepts of justice. NYC is not not multi-national (sic), it is American. Got me?

    The thrust of this circus is a total tell: whichever leadership this movement has; they are going after the “banks”, “corporations,” and even “gov’t.” Let me tell you something, banks and corporations are owned by PEOPLE. If they are talking about banks and corps but not all the rest, I can tell you FOR A FACT that this an engineered event.

  8. Marshall says:

    Hey Incog-

    Joe Cortina told me he talked to you on the phone and that you are A-OK. SO, as mysterious as Incog is to all Incoglanders, he ain’t no “gub’mint agent.” If you pass Joe’s test that’s as tough as it gets. You are hereby authorized to marry my sister.


  9. summerled says:

    where do you think the likes of Murdock get there money from selling shite, no
    its from the American tax payer 3 billion goes to is-real and more every year
    it come’s back to agents in the us and Europe to buy up newpapers and tv outlets
    to make sure the Zionist voice is heard far and wide its the ultimate megaphone

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Don’t know either of ’em.
    The truth is in the interstices.
    Personally i never thought Incog was a kike, but if a guy calls YOU that, it’s natural to respond in kind. Not admirable. Not something you look back at with any pride. But understandable.

    Coupla fuckers i ain’t sure about are Veritas6464, and How dare i.

    All of these questions are irrelevant of course, if you know the score.

    How’s the fishin’/weather?

    Any closer to setting sail?

    All the best!


  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

  12. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    A nigger killed that girl.

    The dead girl was a jew.

    Jews love niggers.

    Amanda Knox, WHITE, bless her, is INNOCENT!!!

  13. JamesTheJust says:

    Isn’t karma sweet? Oh yeah.

  14. Greg says:


    I am having to reset my IP address often to get here. Do you know what the problem is?

  15. JamesTheJust says:


    I think it is safe to say that we are all having problems from time to time. Can I say with certainty that some pointed headed jew somewhere (probably tel-aviv [the faggot capital of the world]) is causing these problems? No, but experience has taught me to believe it with 99% certainty.

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    What Marshall said.

  17. American born says:

    I usually ignore jl’s comments, but he left a link that others need to see on another thread. It will be rolled out of “recent comments” and probrally not seen by most readers here. But it needs to be seen.
    “The Madsen Report” is a site I go to every morning. I don’t subscribe, so I only get the headlines.

    He eludes to obama being a faggot quite abit. The below link has alot of info on it.
    I had little doubt that o’nigger and the ballerina, rham emanuel are both homosexuals, even before I read this.


  18. Jones and wynette. That was sweet.

  19. sog says:

    michael jackson may have been heavily insured to pay off everyone that owned a piece of him including his piece o shit father who put michael on estrogen therapy at a very young age to keep his voice tenor etc,for the best interest of the dad and the band……dad always forced mj to do whatever was good $$$ for himself ,the sons band and it was the secret that slipped out on the estrogen ….mj manifested all the outward signs of this therapy …the jews no doubt from early on were riding this $$$ wagon and didnt want it to stop ,,,,tell dad to tell michaels doctor to hook his kid up …never mind what michael wanted ….he would have been(WAS) rendered for life as a chemically induced eunich which is something that smells jewish as the filthy jew rabbis would offer kidnapped spanish children as slaves who were converted to real judaeizm by having their nutz cut off…he was also forever stunted as a child like mentality as well …that part is obvious …the jews medical forced on americans are doing sloew kill on anybody taking the shit they prescribe,,but hey thewy are going to get rid of “dangerous” vitamins and supplements ….the purveyers of said eunichs were often caught and beheaded all back a few hundred years ago in europe…
    in short(mj) he was absolutely sexless and more like a newt in his sexual identity and may have begun to see thru the damage that was caused to him and was starting to hate jews as most people do when they have to work around them
    I know about control by jews in the music industry …i have seen non jews passed over in all areas of production and performance .
    remember that schmick promoter bill graham who stupidly jewishly made his butt pilot fly the helicopter back from the concord ca. concert on a freekin rainy nite (dark)against everyones advice ..
    the pilot did not (jew) have instument rating and plowed into a electric line tower ,oops,all 3 jews abourd were dispatched to hell in flames ..ayye…..many more hated him for the thousands of power outs that nite i would rekkon..
    he was a first class jerkoff and named his house masada …that masada tail ,tale fairytale is exactly that.
    the jews make astronomical amounts of money in the music business and only will help other fukkin jews
    i ca only say that i watched this scenario of greed and control played out for a long while once ..
    i did post how m/j was put on the murder regimen of anticholinergic pills that would have killed him sooner or later as this also killed anna nichole smith and elvis pressly and 90% possible marylin mon-row…….
    i….it is very jewish to kill with poison in the well or in the food or in the medikill industry today… you do any other drugs or alcohol on this regimen you are dead quickly…
    serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as zoloft paxil prozak all have mega flouride in them as the main ingredient ,then anti psycotics with anti seizure meds just like the regimen the american soldiers are on ,id say 50% of the troops are on these…
    the us jew govt doesnt give a damn about these troops ..remembere scum bag rumsfield jew bag who “admonished” the troops in iraq a few years ago and scolded one of em for wanting armor on the jepps and carriers ..
    thats how these sick govt. chicken hawks who never served want it as they are all dedicated the to the delusioals in tel aveev…
    I couldnt stand mj music after jackoff 5 first 2 albums and never bought one but he did go thru the jew wormhole ….many tymes
    after awhile most people that have been severely victimized by jews eventually wake up
    ther is conspiracy rumours of the industry including whorleywood heavily insuring these artists and often collecting
    what agency exists that can challenge this and all the inside trades that jews get away with everyday as they own the apparatus
    anyway he is looking good and will no doubt want to serve his jew masters and go on another rip roaring tour soon ha ha…….it really does take only 1 tiny slight against the jewish sociopatic demon to promote your own death warrant from these fucks..and mj did say something not in the area of deep praise in 1 o his songs i read somewhere…
    strictly analytical info but i think its admerable that michael wanted to be white and paid millions to have all that weird shit done on him ,,,a walking parody ,zombie non distinguishable gender and race ,a perfect example of what the jews experementations on people will cause if they have full access to you …

  20. Tony says:

    This link is in Spanish, talks about a recent poll taken where 30% of argentineans do not want to live near jews.
    Also if you look at the article you can see how the comment section has been disabled “do to the sencibility of the issue” or so they say.


  21. sog, I am with you re your mj analysis.

  22. Comdr. Z says:

    Jews want to gain power over ALL the goy and this is what they will do to you when they do.

    Do not view if you have a weak constitution.

  23. Loki says:

  24. JamesTheJust says:

    I toured a Kosher slaughter house once as part of my job. It was like walking into a house of horrors. They were not slaughtering at the time, but the entrance way was lighted up with red lights and a sign with the horns of the devil were back lighted with red lights as well as a sign in “Hebrew”. Black curtains enclosed the area. When I walked into the production floor, blood was everywhere. I had toured many processing plants and I could say with absolute certainty that this was not normal.

    A regular processing plant is far more humane and blood all over the place would never be tolerated by the FDA inspectors. I wondered how on earth this plant was allowed such gross violations.

    I later saw a film, much like the one at your link and then it dawned on me just how sadistic these fucks really are. There is no more disgusting creature on the entire face of the earth than a jew. They get off on torture of the defenseless.

    But take heart, they are screaming little pussies when confronted by those armed and ready to KILL them.

  25. Comdr. Z says:

    Anonymous is not anonymous. They are just the same creatures in a different suit.
    They are Jews

  26. Doug Ready says:

    You underestimate jewish greed, if that is possible. Dr Murray is from Trinidad and Tobago where medicine and aviation are still British and doctors are still ethical. It is also where my children were born and where I spent 10 years working. The Dr.’s confusion is turning to anger, as it should. Follow the money. It was naive of Jackson to allow jews into his circle. Blackmail and murder is always at the end of the road with that race, and yes, I am a white man.

  27. Greg says:

    Hank Williams Jr. said that Obammy could be compared to Adolf Hitler.

    Obviously Hank is a numb skull…if he really wanted to tell the truth he would liken Obammy to a low-life pathetic porno whore servicing his Jewish masters.

  28. The controlled media was looking for any excuse to remove Hank Williams Jr. because they do everything they can to denigrate American culture, most particularly authentic American culture as represented by Hank Jr. They will surely replace it with some nasty hip-hop jig, big lips, disrespect and all for a full-on forehand AND backhand slap in the face.

    Has anyone noticed? Anglo-Saxon and Germanic males are not allowed on TV or movies unless they are villains. (Sure there is FOX and a couple of other mouthpieces but they are peddling destruction directly; an easy bite is best.) Our heroism, culture and contributions are ignored while all we hold sacred is held up for OPEN ridicule.

    Are they not saying, we have all the power and there is nothing you can do about it?

    Comparing Soertero to the imaginary Hitler is totally apt. Not to the real one though.

    No, Hitler was a finer person by orders of magnitude. Comparing Soertero to one of the Soviet dictators would be more much, much more appropriate, even for the rudimentary reason they share the same philosophies.

    I don’t know if Williams thought he could sneak one by these arrogant, spiteful, neurotic and unforgiving gatekeepers with a glancing blow at the monolith or if he really does think there is a dimes worth of difference between the democrats and republicans…

    He said the democrat and republican leadership (sic; soertero and boner) playing golf together was like Hitler playing golf with netan-yahoo.

    He was saying Soertero was Hitler and netan-yahoo was opposite of Hitler. So, by saying that, he was pandering to the jews because netan-yahoo is even more like the imaginary Hitler than soertero, yet we are left to blankly infer that netan-yahoo is the opposite of the imaginary Hitler, and therefore a decent guy. This level of ignorance is just about as dangerous as a jew psychopath is when no one is watching.

    Anyway these people are laughing in his and everyone else’s faces, because the conspiracy is right there for everyone to see, and they don’t…which causes the controllers to further despise the controlled (that combined with what they perceive is a lack of forthrightness in ‘the people’ in admitting to desiring the spoils that the controllers (temporarily) posses.

    At some point, perhaps long ago, the country we established was removed from our control. What was left was the facade of the prior political infrastructure which has itself been allowed to rot with time. We are now at the period where they are readying for the complete takeover of America and the world. For crying out loud, people, they did it in Russia and Eastern Europe.

    How they could be so wicked is NOT the question of the hour. The question is what are going to do about it.

  29. Greg says:

    I’m not really sure what to make of Hank’s statement allovertheplace…I don’t know if he was just babbling hitlery channel nonsense or taking a subtle shot at the Jewish media.

  30. Thrace says:

    I viewed the number of hits on your website the moment you introduced the “Michael Jackson” article (5.056000) and look at it now! 5.090706!!! Over 44.000 new views in just 3-4 days! Good job!
    You should do this more often, while monitoring what the Kosher-Kike-controlled-Media is broadcasting at the moment, and make more fake articles like this about that topic!
    This place should be flooded with new viewers!

  31. Comdr. Z says:


    Come on Incogman get off the dime and weigh in on this Occupy Wall Street stuff.
    What are you waiting for? To see how the wind blows? LOL

  32. JamesTheJust says:

    Apparently this NIGGER also hosted a NIGGER show on local access creatv. In one video he interviewed Jessie [the whining nigger] Jack[off]son, so we can only all too well imagine the content of the spoiled brat NIGGER murderer.

    I say imagine the content because when I tried to click on any of the NIGGER shows this boon made, I got the message “this video has been removed”. Of course we can only imagine what color the victims were and why someone removed these videos. Now, there is no proof that this is a premeditated HATE crime (as well all know that it was).

    The jew lawyers and assorted BOON animals will come to the defense of the THING and the jew media will try to portray this as anything other than the deliberate hate crime that it is.

    There was also a similar shooting of Whites out in Nevada, not too long ago, this time it was by a MexiCUNT with a “history of mental problems”. And OF COURSE the victims just so happened to be White.

    These muds freaks have got to go!

    Incogman, it is damned near impossible to access your site anymore. Are you close to identifying the problem (a.k.a. the jew problem)?

  33. JamesTheJust says:

    Wow all those signs by the Wall Street gang and not one mention of the “j” word. Lot’s of commie implications though.

    On the other hand, I wonder if these protesters are jew operatives of controlled opposition.

    Ya never know with the damned synagogue of satan.

  34. kerdasi amaq says:

    I read someplace that the promoters of Michael Jackson’s concerts gave the fans a souvenir ticket if they didn’t claim a refund of the money that they paid for their tickets. 80%, it said, took the offer.

  35. t bone says:

    From the pics of that Wall st. charade, it looks like a jew-transvestite freak show.

  36. sog says:

    yeah greg 10-4 on that hank willy jr. comment …with alot of people its just ignorance which can be turned around as opposed to deliberate and stubborn deception by the jews ….like taking the pictures of the hundereds of thousands of dresdenites being cremated ad hoc on the street ,,so the filthy jews say that was our people …i used to get nuts when people would say there was no holacaust etc and i believed that all palestinians should be rounded up and shot …hey GOD opened my eyes like he did for everyone that comes to realise that all about the jews is nothing but flase legend and lie after lie…I have had a lot of people lately hearing the evidence that jews are not even related to hebrew israelites and i say fuck the hebrews as well.
    about jesus being not a jew but a hebrew judah descendant was all new to me as well a year ago but i already had no love for the israelis of any persuasion ..
    GOD held israel together long enough to bring in his son and if you notice ,it wasnt long after that ,the place went ignominity anyway and was headed there for al ong time …ancient isreal fell with 3 tribes left benjamin ,levi,judah who werr fast becoming multicultural and mixed ….
    it looks to me like the ibarus hebrews were scumbags and god said i will make better people of you if you will be obedient and then you and your generation can be a light and an ezample to the rest of the world ,,but they were into the moon god and rebellion and the prophets came and reviled the stubborn hebrew scumbags and died for their efforts ,,this is why joshua of nazaeth told the jews that they by their adulteration of truth that they prevented other proplr from entering the kingdom of heaven …..so be it…..
    speaking of wall street it goes to infrastructure infiltration and penetration and elimination of their tools
    a fucking protest in this day and age is fruitless energy wasted and the jews getting a good laugh….
    you escalate they will esc`alate and hey thay might bring out that bad mofo weapon of ass destruction ,,chertoffs dream the one and only ADS ActiveDenialSystem ,,this boy can melt you in your tracks …kind of like a firebomb result from a tesla death ray .or they can just surface burn you in a standard crowd control mode …thats shoa business people…

  37. sog says:

    http://www.bamboo-delight.com/Newsletter_Archives/CSN_20050616_4_12.txt …good breakdown on how the jew destroys people starting at childhood

    To make the destruction of the People a foregone conclusion, the
    Jewish psychologists have devised a system of child-rearing that
    is guaranteed to produce dysfunctional families with the children
    of such families destined for the profits of Jewish lawyers,
    Jewish physicians and Jewish money lenders. By using Psycho-
    Politics, the Jewish psychologists, pediatricians and physicians
    have taken advantage of their position as trusted members of
    society by betraying society with their lies and deceits. And
    these craven Jewish cowards do this by attacking the weakest
    members of every society, the babies and children.

    All of this leads to a not-so-happy relationships between child
    and parents, which in turn leads to increased profits for Jews
    through future medical, psychiatric, pharmaceutical, legal,
    health insurence and prison “services” that the Jews provide to
    the goyim who trust them. Of course, the sugar and cow’s milk
    would increase the likelihood that the baby would become sick and
    require the expensive “services” of a Jewish physician. And since
    cows are fed on grain, even the Jews of the grain cartels profit
    from this strategy.

    Further, it was taught by these lying Jewish psychologists that
    breastfeeding an infant would result in a severe case of “Oedipal
    Fixation” and the only preventative was to feed the baby from a
    bottle with a rubber nipple. The Jewish doctors advised to never
    feed the baby whenever it was hungry and comfortably snuggled up
    close to its mother, but only at specified times with a bottle so
    that when the baby became an adult it would get used to the
    specified eating times necessary for factory work.

    Beginning at the very start of life, the parents of the little
    babies were attacked by the Jewish psychologists with such phony
    ideas as the Oedipus Complex, wherein little children were
    accused of lusting after their mothers and fathers with sexual
    desire (as if a little child even knows what sex is!). It was
    claimed that the only way to prevent this “dreaded psychosis” was
    to separate the babies from their mothers at infancy by putting
    them in their own rooms, usually in a crib with prison-like bars
    on it so that they would get used to seeing prison-like bars.

    it is the teaching of the rabbiz to always make the goy look bad,bad name,,,all jews themselves are twisted goy as the delusional notion of being a hebrew is a forgone lost dna fantasy..
    they are however the eternal gnawing parasites getting their pre hell training now so they can apply for the hellsh welcoming comittee to hell when their equals die and join them,
    m/jackson who desired to be white and was targeted by the jew demonicx when he went on national teevee on oprah and splained he was trying to adhere to christian faith…this was a nitemare for the jews and like clockwerk they decided to destroy him.

    as if they had not suckd im dry already they decided to demonise him in the eyes of his millions of fans who were all supposed to follow the jewish media influence into drugs violence,booze,debauchery , insanity ,and prison wher jew corps can use the huge prison labor to werk for pennies,and the funeral,psycologist businesses ,doctors all jewish endowments for jewish wealth…
    that michael admitted to admiring the jews #1 enemy and religion cristianity,,its no accident that it was a blak and non jew dr. that killed him…
    admiring jesus and setting a good example to millions of fans around the world by promoting christ(even if he was twisted or not) was anathema to the jew and against the protocols…

    the greazy jews turned on him with all they can muster,,,since im being analytical i wil add that he was never found guilty of anything in the courts …
    what the jew media did was to completely demonize him in the media in the eyes of his younger fans so to confuse them about his message……anyway its hard to separete mikael jaxxon from the message of what the jews do so i put it down for speculation as to his actual part in his accusations toward him , but it still was no mistake that the jews killed him off after makin goy look bad ….etc……..
    speaking of mexico ,that is a completely jew dna overrun(multicult) place down there and juty like cuba did they seek to get rid of all the chattle by havin em come here …..
    the jews have to know they arent hebrew and as such are ridiculous in their delusions
    wanted to ad alink to some greezy jew shit goin on in aussie,,it seems like the fuckin muslim cunts are having their sharia law installed in bits and pieces down there …
    come to the conclusion that muslims are just as bad as jews and are likely all related ..sharia law is scary and has no place in american politics ,as does neither jew noahyde law….im thinkin muslims ougt to be rounded up and get their asses injured and chased the fuck outta here …you fuckin rug head lammiz want sharia law go fuckin promote that murederous anti constitutional sewage back in your own turd workd envirnments..
    obammanoid admits to being a muslim ,i know he was schooled in jihad school wahibi training in indonesia ,,,that fits ….butthole that talks on stolen legs ,sounz jewish to me ears.
    you cant sepaerate muslim from sharia ,one comes with the other ……they are peaceful when their enemies have been all killed or raped etc,…

  38. sog says:

    oops im seein dbl after that triple shot ,,,,,incog go ahead and delete one o these posts got accidentally dbled up…honestly dunno what happenned with the dbl up as no buttons were pressed ….
    regards ..thankyou

  39. sog says:

    F U C K W A L L S T R E E T ..F U C K W A L L S T R E E T ..F U C K W A L L STREET
    IT is ofal and speciously allowed (designed) to give dumb americans a senxe that “something” by schmoe is reall changing ,like the george soros tea party shit……the only thing that would bring change is not printable here… and if terrorists really wanted strike at the heart of the great satan during 9-11,chukkle ,then the planes remote controlled as they were would have been intercepted from the jews flying the tubs into the wtc and overridden by genius arab enemies of the usa who surely would have been tipped off about a counter spook plan to implicate the ayrabz and so then they could have turned it around if the power soposedly atributed to them was even real…and flown right into wall street with a load of sewage or the decayed remains of shit filled menachim jakkoff begin….its all so be-utiful,,,da da da …

  40. Deborah Smith says:

    Listen Up you fucking NIGGER….Your jealous of M.J. and you know it!You and Obama the Antichrist are the only NIGGERS I KNOW!! Michael Jackson was a GOOD MAN who truly cared about humanity and this dying planet….Thanks to your pal, Obama! I hate you both and so do THOUSANDS of other people! The two of you need to be tied to a tree and whipped until DEAD!! Also, you best lay off the Jewish people because they are Gods CHOSEN PEOPLE and will rule by his side when this evil world ends!! You are such an asshole, scumsucking WASTE of air and space, you probably excuse animal abuse, too……You PRICK!! On top of that your most likely a damn REDNECK……..I hope someone blows your damn head off soon, and I sincerely wish it could be me!! EAT SHIT AND DIE and I hope your bother, Satan Bones you in the ass with his pitchfork, ten million times a day You Fucking TURD!! ASSWIPE PRICKFACE……BILLIONS of people LOVE M.J……Can you say the same about yourself??Michael didnt have it in him to harm anyone or anything AND YOU KNOW IT, you fucking RETARD !!!!!Jealous, Jealous,JEALOUS Damned FOOL! DROP DEAD ASAP!! Most Sincerely, Debbie

  41. t bone says:

    Seems that we struck a nerve on the jew-loving debbie smith.

    You better re-fill your meds, dearie, before you hurt yourself. Still a lot of jew ass left for you to be kissing.

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