The Future of America’s Great Traditions

LATE ONE NIGHT a few weeks ago, my fancy PDA/cell phone loudly jangled that retro ringtone I so liked, rousing me from a deep sleep with a start. Worried something bad might have happened to a family member, or I was needed back on the front lines, I hurriedly reached over to the nightstand to snatch it up.

Thankfully, it was only my Aussie friend and favorite Jiggerman guide, Leif Billithong, calling from another time zone. He clearly could care less about my beauty sleep. “INCOG” he yelled over the lines, “you gotta get out here, mate, the Ghetto Jigging is absolutely fantastic. Just had a client land a whopper Street Ho on a EBT card streamer fly. It was his fourth of the trip!”

Still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I pretend angry asked: “Leif, where the hell you at?” He shouted back “INCOG, you won’t believe it, but Oakland, California.”

Oakland? They finally opened jigging in northern California? I guess it was really true that the rest of the state had finally gone belly up and was searching for any means of survival. But it made perfect sense — open the area to Ghetto jiggerman like me, make tons of moolah on expensive out-of-state licenses and tourist industry taxes — right along with getting rid of special aid benefits doled out to worthless hunks of protoplasm!

[IF YOU’RE THE SENSITIVE, NON-SPORTSMAN, WHITE MULTICULT TYPE, PLEASE DON’T READ ANY MORE. I would not wish to be responsible for you having a coronary, or going off the deep end and destroying your monitor while trying to get at me for being “the most hateful man on the Internet.” Thanks.]

The streets of Oakland made jiggermen salivate the world over.

Here was a real glory hole, full of huge lunkers lazing about in big pods, swilling down luke warm Colt 45’s and gnawing noisily on greasy chicken bones. Nasty fat Hos stood around street corners, idly scratching exposed, fleshy limbs while waiting for the rare customer. Sullen, scrawny Gangstas filled unkempt, barren front yards — sometimes screwing, sometimes screaming, sometimes stabbing — all jive-shucking around in a drug-induced daze to incomprehensible hip-hop blaring loudly out of stolen boom boxes.

And the whole area had never once been jigged — it all sounded just wonderful!

Southern California and LA had opened up Ghetto jigging for the last five years or so, and the place was now a hellava lot better off, with serious money in the city coffers, too. Ghetto sportsman and even decent White families were moving back. But untouched Oakland was still off limits until now. Of course I had to go.

Plus, I just bought a new high modulus, boron fiber SAGE rod —  strong enough to tame the most coked-up jig running wild down the street. I matched it with a gold Tibor Gulfstream large arbor reel, filled with that hot new Scientific Jigger’s bullet taper fly line in urban camo and all backed up with 300 yards of super strong braided nylon.

It was the perfect set-up for working sidewalk drys along burnt-out storefronts and skittering streamers down stinky, trash-filled street gutters!

Add to that, I just finished tying dozens of tried and true fly patterns: Twenties, Lotto Ticket drys, KFC WingDings and Big Ho Mama nymphs. Let’s not forget that new killer streamer of my very own design: The Greezy Weezy. All “must haves” for any serious Ghetto Fly Jiggerman (oh, yes indeed, I’m plugging mine).

I immediately booked a first class ticket aboard my favorite airline — AryanNations West. I always loved how the smartly dressed, sexy White female stewardesses treated you like a king. Absolutely no self-absorbed, limp-wristed male faggots were ever allowed to serve, thankfully. And all the pilots were top-notch White guys — you always felt safe with them at the wheel.

The airport was clean, calm and nice. Sure, they had worker jigs in bright orange jumpsuits doing things like sweeping and emptying out the trash receptacles. All well-behaved and quite docile, since each wore radio-controlled microchip neck collars — you know, the kind where White managers could remotely activate pre-programmed work routines, downloaded into the primitive cerebellums via the now famous Dr. Mengele Corporation bio interface system.

Should a worker jig ever get out of line, the managers could simply press a special red button, setting off a small RDX charge that drove a round steel bolt straight into the spinal column, dropping them like a sack of garbage on the spot. There was very little blood and what simian brains they had, could later be salvaged for use in anything from high-tech guided missiles to automated agricultural machinery.

No mess, no fuss! The body from the neck down would simply be ground up for use by fertilizer combines and “humanitarian” food shipments to the always starving third world countries; now forced to deal with matters on their own after White governments completely stopped immigration, anchor baby crap and kicked out most of those who had no business in White countries from the get-go.

Airports were a lot saner too these days — no long lines at security and having to put up with homo TSA employees groping your package. Terrorism was now a thing of the past since we were best buds with the Mooslims after the entire world had enough, coming together to round up as many Joos as possible (including the slime in IsraHELL); forcibly relocating them all to Madagascar and a few game preserves on the African continent — where well-heeled sportsman could now book hunting safaris and bag that trophy Joo of their dreams!

I once put together enough for a trip to the famed “Nazi World” hunting lodge in reclaimed South Africa a few years back, where they stocked the place with a nice selection of Joo creeps — DC Neocons, Wall Streeters, liver-spotted old Hollywood porn producers and snotty young brats who once worked in TV news bureaus. On occasion, they released a screaming Joo homo out on the putting green below the lodge’s beautiful white veranda, just for casual target practice and a few laughs.

Early in the morning, I was suited up in a perfectly accurate reproduction of a Nazi Waffen SS uniform and Wehrmacht helmet to get in the spirit of the day’s coming hunt.

After a short, but tough stalk through razor-sharp Elephant grass, I spotted my quarry — one especially selected for me — a weasel-faced, ex-accountant responsible for MOOSSAD spy expense vouchers at the long closed down AYPAC. A chubby but choice traitor Joo, one who clearly deserved his fate.

The lodge had humorously dressed him up in a short-sleeved, white button down shirt, chinos one size too small for his fat butt and a ridiculous-looking 1970’s paisley tie. His black hornrims were fogged over with perspiration. About the only thing missing from the picture was him holding on for dear life to a briefcase full of stolen American secrets or Federal Reserve notes.

My pathetic prey was in full panic mode now, out in the open, stumbling willy-nilly across the sun-baked veld and flapping his arms about like a duck. Through my Leupold VX-111 scope, I could easily see he was not only sweating like a pig, but sobbing hysterically at finding himself outside the once safe confines of a White, Western city and now exposed to the dangerous elements of Mother Nature.

Time to put the sorry SOB out of his misery.

I quickly dropped to the prone position on a little hillock overlooking the fool. With my bolt action Mannlicher-Steyr Pro Alaskan in .338 caliber, I drew a fast bead, leading him just enough before squeezing off one round of hand-loaded 225 grain Nosler ballistic tip.

At just over 180 yards, there was still plenty of energy down range to bowl the Zio fatboy head over heels. I timed it perfectly.

Sure, it may have been a difficult shot — one I probably shouldn’t have tried — but my guide, Anton “The K-man” Kossler said nothing, merely watched it all unfold through his pricy Leica Geovid laser ranging binoculars. As I savored the moment, he matter-of-factly intoned “good kill.” K-man was evidently fine with my snap decision: More time for celebratory shots of Goldslager back at the lodge, no doubt.

Oh yes indeed, the head of that devious AYPAC Joo graces the wall of my trophy room to this day!

Anyway, I’m on the AryanNations West flight out to California to meet up with my guide Leif Billithong, when along comes my old buddy, Grange Davis, to claim a seat. Grange and I go way back — both of us belonged to the same commando unit clearing out the Haseedic Koshur tax extortion neighborhoods of Joo York city.

Man, what a job! Never heard so much caterwauling in all my born days. Our crew just could not get over how many diamonds we found stuck up inside each Joo butt. The x-ray machines constantly broke down from overwork.

Grange was flying out west to head up his new commando action unit, one specifically tasked with corralling leftover Hollywood Joos hiding out in the hills of Santa Monica. Apparently, they were claiming to belong to a bona fide Hare Krishna commune nearby.

The lying sneaks had shaved their heads and draped themselves in high thread count, saffron and tie-dyed bed sheets; hurriedly pulled down off luxury mattresses and put to use when they all finally realized the big scam was now over for them in America.

Hell, it was the real Krishna freaks, pissed at having street donations usurped by the once rich but chintzy bastards who used to spit at them from Bentleys and Beamers, that tipped off authorities. The Krishna complaints reached the newly constructed Joodenfrei Ministry complex in Hillsboro, West Virginia and they promptly dispatched my boy, Grange here, to take care of the situation. And with extreme prejudice, I might add.

I asked him, “Grange, when are you going to retire, take it easy and do a little quiet Ghetto Jigging? You know, let the young bucks chase down the Joos for a change?”

“INCOG,” he replied, “the young forget fast how tricky Joos can be after they’ve burrowed deep into a host population. If you’re not careful, the parasites will soon be back in your face, on TV every five minutes, and doing whatever they can to confuse White people, getting us to kill each other and the Mooslims, while stealing everyone blind.”

I sure as hell couldn’t argue with him on that, so I asked if he could take some time off to do a little jigging in Oakland with me. “Yeah, I heard they were some big fat lunker jigs up around there… might be nice” he admitted.

Right about then, as we were getting ready to land in Sacramento, Grange had second thoughts about taking time off — his whole crew was already waiting for him in Modesto, loaded for bear. Can’t disappoint the boys.

When we parted company he told me that he might make it back up to Oakland should he wrap things up fast enough. But knowing Grange, I doubted that. I figured he would take his own sweet time, personally making sure every single last Hare Krishna Joo was rounded up, DNA scanned and properly identified.

And since private Joo hunting was still technically illegal in America — thanks to bleeding hearts — the ones who did give up without a fight (the majority, unfortunately) had to be deported immediately. To save taxpayer dollars, most were now simply parachuted into the Sonoran desert of Mexico or the jungles of Guatemala to survive on their own, if possible.

Chances were strong that Grange himself would be the one ass kicking each of them straight out the plane’s door — maybe even quickly slicing a strap of the cheap, mass-produced parachute packs on the way out. But we won’t say anything, will we?

Now, where was I? Oh yeah, getting ready to jig Oakland for the first time. Well, looks like I’ve run out of time for today. I’ll just have to save the story for another time. Sorry. But we did slay them in the sloughs, as any street jiggerman worth his salt might say.

— Phillip Marlowe

That’s Jigging in the Ghetto!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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53 Responses to The Future of America’s Great Traditions

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    Almost heaven…lol

    I say almost because in my fantasy, there are no jews period. And any niggers left would still be on the run, not working in airports.

    And hey! What’s this about niggers being ground up for pet food? I wouldn’t feed a pig that shit. Have more respect for animals please.

    But the trip to South Africa had me rolling. You got talent Incogman.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    You’re right, JTJ. OK, I’ll delete the pet food business. Even my dog says I should take it out.

  3. anti-zionist says:

    swinging tube flies with the spey rod for nigs. It wont be catch and released like salmon trout and steelhead either:)

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    I thought you might like this one, anti-zionist.

  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You are a dog man?

    That’s All you had to say!

    No kike likes a dog.

    Dogs are beautiful.

    Dogs are better than humans.

  6. Tuff Guy says:

    That’s one hell of a display of marksmanship from 260 yards Incog… it was a moving target!!! Great shot!!!

    I couldn’t believe how cool it was when they captured that picture of you after that shot and you smiled and did the “Captain Morgan” pose …….Kick ass!!!

    Incog Rocks!!!

  7. Silvernickel says:

    Great stories Incog! If you want to quickly bag the ever ellusive and distracted Cellphonika, make sure to pick up the latest Samsung ‘Ice Cweam Sammich’ phone when it’s available. Run the Hip-O-Meter App. or a Busta-Gram App. ; maybe with a greezy weezy. They will take it like a chimp…err I mean champ. 😀

  8. American born says:

    Good piece here, INCOG.

    BUT, I think you may have meant, Oakland?
    Compton is in south central LA, southern California. From what Iv’e heard the spics have pushed out the niggers in Compton, it may not be a good fishing spot anymore if your looking to snag niggers.
    Maybe Atlanta, Birmingham or Detroit.

  9. sog says:

    wash deecee is a good nigger hole ,,,,been there done that and got the survival award with oak leaf cluster .
    i alaways thot paid by the word nancy grace was a ugly black troll with an ugly white mask …
    anyway as some one i do know was commenting on dancing with the stars and had her tubby grace on theur..after an expensive reapiar job to the floor after her dancing i ccome up with a new dance deal for neegaroews..
    its called dancing with the chickens,since chickens and neegaroes are acutely similar in the way they walk and dance..
    by the way her grace set off the hippometer after a few clumsy moves ,,i guess she wont be getting just one stomach band ,maybe two or three…
    i heard the epicenter for the dance moves of her grace was 6.6 on the spinkter scale…on and on ..
    i suggested to her agent that she should move to india where cows are sacred and cant be killed for food ,actually in a jew fucked land where the food kills the people …ahem..
    it begs the question tho audience does it not as the cool kid with the winchester might want to know ,,,inquiring minds want to know how come skriminayshun cus you didnt add jewwing to the jigging and the jewwing might actually bring more revenues to the sovvern fucked up state of commiefornya… …yorz truly so-g……………………
    PS it just wouldnt be fair to not include spikking in the multicultural ethnik hunting grounds ,,,its jus not fair its skrimminayshun an shiiihd brohamm

  10. sog says:

    ha ha fvckeen hilarious ,,,loved it after i put my glasses on and read it for the 2nd tyme ,,,incog you were generous and fair loading up the target rich environs with multicultural fairness and allowing for all trash to be hunted “safe and sane” ….
    no longer to simeons have chips on their shoulders they have chips in their brains ,,excellent..i think i’ll run out to home depot and buy some nice poles to mount heads on in front of the house ..
    south africa would be an excellent place to even a few scores
    infrastructure is always a good place to go and have a look see..

  11. INCOG MAN says:

    American Born:

    Good catch! That’s what I meant. I can’t keep my Negro-infested cities straight. I fixed it.

    I really need an editor. It’s not easy doing everything yourself and still be perfect. Sorry folks.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I’m so embarrassed.

      No, I do try to be accurate here. But sometimes I just type it all out as fast as I think, dropping in pictures as I go. I do try to run the spell check and edit it as much as I can. Lots of times I get the damndest stuff right on and spelled perfectly, other times I screw up big time.

      I really had fun writing this piece, though.

  12. “The niggers are just the mess on the floor, while the jews are the hole in the roof”

  13. Comdr. Z says:

    Incogman: Are you going to address the Occupy Wall Street Jew fomented clueless idiots or not?

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    Cmdr. Z:

    I’ve been thinking about it.

    Let me remind you that I’m only one guy and not a bureau of other writers. I can’t address everything going down. It’s way too big for one man. Sometimes, I just do stuff that I like to write.

    If you see something on the Internet that sums things up, put a link here and maybe I’ll run it here, if I agree with the gist.

  15. Comdr. Z says:
    The one thing that comes out most frequently about “Occupy Wall Street” is that it is Communists and clueless hippies and some Union thugs .
    Communism is Jewish. This is Obongos answer to the Tea Party.
    If it gets real legs it will eventually break out in riots and the crowd/mob will be swept along and business districts will be burned and heads cracked.
    This will give Obongo a chance to send in troops or National Guard. Then another Jew False Flag will be set off and Obongo will have his “Bush Bullhorn Moment” to look like a leader. Ha Ha.
    It will not stop there. Black Water will be brought in and all hell will break loose.
    It will not end and if it does end it will be with the loss of more freedoms, perhaps ALL of them.
    This is the master plan of the Protocols being put into action. Did you think they gave up?
    They have their foot in the door and it will not be much more time until the whole Jew Zombie hoard storms your house.
    Now is not the time to waste on funny stories. It is time to stand to the line.
    Obongo told his minions to get their “marching boots on”.
    Do not let this moment catch you unawares.
    “The game is afoot” as Sherlock would say.
    Stand to the line for if you do not your life and your liberty will be swept away.

  16. Thrace says:

    Great story Incog.
    Again I congratulate you on your little trick with the Michael Jackson fake article! Just look at your hits! Wooohoooo!!!
    Maybe you should make a fake one about Steve Jobs! That’s the “trend” right now. Something like “Steve Jobs is alive” or some BS like that, bwahahaha!

  17. Marshall says:

    Classic Incog 🙂

    On a more somber note, looks like Jew bankers are actually BRIBING the NYPD to protect their bedsore-lesioned asses. Too bad they already stole their pensions!!!


  18. Comdr. Z says:
    Find out who owns the park where the Commie Hippies are demonstrating.
    If they want work let Obongo fill 100 buses a day and send them to the fields that are being abandoned by Illegal wetback pickers in Alabama.
    There is not a lack of work only the will to do it.

  19. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Incogman, I am not a fan of this article.
    You just set yourself back bigtime, and destroyed much of your good work. You also, as a well-known advocate for White racialism and survival, have set us back, and that cause. The sad thing is it was completely unnecessary.

    The vast majority of racially-conscious whites do not advocate violence against Blacks or their dehumanization and such attitudes are not synonymous with pro-White thinking or a positive racialism.

    I don’t want to be associated with such articles or such writing. Because of this article I renounce this article and this blog.

    Finally, please remove my ad for from your site.

    Julian Curtis Lee
    October 8, 2011

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Sorry to hear that, Julian.

      It is only a humor piece, under my “Dark Humor” section. I somehow doubt anyone would take it seriously, especially after I led it off with the clearly ridiculous concept of fly rodding for negroes. But then again…

  20. Comdr. Z says:

    Goodbye Julian. At least we will have more room for comments thant are not religious BS.

  21. Comdr. Z says:

    If you use $10 meth rocks for bait you will be surprised at what happens. LOL
    Watermellon used to get it in the old days but not anymore.

  22. American born says:

    Just more theatrics from julian curtis lee. He has said this before. Unfortunetly he is not a man of his word and he will be back.

  23. JamesTheJust says:


    “The niggers are just the mess on the floor, while the jews are the hole in the roof”

    That really sums it up nicely. Glad you’re on our side. 🙂


    Maybe you should make a fake one about Steve Jobs!

    Yeah that is all the rage. He was a jew so of course the jew media os going to make a big deal out of a jew huskster.

    I get updates from The Equal Party Blog (really hard on them damned jews!)

    A Job On Jobs

    Note: This was a “Nugget” of news for some hours until I decided it’s worth being a brief article.

    Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs died. Yes, the jew-glorified, jew-worshipped Apple man. Crypto-jew. I was thinking about doing a job on him myself, but Yahoo!news has done it for me.

    Some of the best info on jews comes in obits!

    Read this article (retrieved 7 Oct. 2011) and overlook the propaganda.

    See how Jobs screwed a woman he impregnated early on, lying to a court that he was sterile. Classic jew treatment of nonjew women. So, probably that woman was not a jew. The offspring being his daughter, though, she’s a jew who finds all jew-owned golden doors open to her. Later, his advertised romantic ties were within the tribe.

    Names are clues. Wife, Laurene. Children, Reed and Erin.

    The wife, now widow, sits on major boards of directors, jew-controlled, of course. Therefore, she is almost certainly another crypto-jew.

    His sister’s book became a movie with top jew actresses.

    He was pro-LSD.


    He was a college dropout with a meteoric career rise. Bill Gates, too, and others. Name a nonjew who can do that. Nonjews hit the “Red Shield,” as I’ve written about before.

    The jew newspaper Haaretz says Jobs and Gates were longtime “friends and fierce competitors.” Yeah, right. Just another example of jews owning the field by setting up false competitors who, together, monopolize the industry. No nonjews allowed anywhere near the top.

    So, ironically, I say thanks to Yahoo!news for unintentionally doing a job on Jobs.

  24. JamesTheJust says:

    The vast majority of racially-conscious whites do not advocate violence against Blacks or their dehumanization and such attitudes are not synonymous with pro-White thinking or a positive racialism.


    Sorry to see this disappointing post; not because you disapprove of this article, but because you somehow think so highly of yourself that you consider yourself to be the guru of “pro-white thinking”.

    That is arrogant to say the least.

  25. Leif Oldhart says:

    Ugh! Jig-Jerky!

    Quoting: “No mess, no fuss! The body from the neck down would simply be ground up for use by fertilizer combines and “humanitarian” food shipments to the always starving third world countries;…”

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    There is a reason why two jews control the computer and electronics market.

    How companies use Wi-Fi to track you (roundup)

    The government is a co-conspirator because they say they need to be able to track “extremists” on the Internet. Extremists equals racially aware Whites.

  27. Tuff Guy says:

    Incog…….don’t ever lose your sense of humor.

  28. Tuff Guy says:

    My wife hates it when I wake her up. I’m always the first one out of bed. So I have learned to move around quietly. I’m pretty damn good at it.

    I woke up and read this story a couple of more times and was giggling so loud I WOKE HER UP! I tried so hard to giggle in silence….but I couldn’t hold it in.

    I told her I’d “Keep it down”…..and moved out to the front porch. I figured I’d have a smoke and some coffee and calm down out there.

    Then I started thinking about this story again. And giggling. One of the multicult neighbors across the street was looking at me. I had just taken a big gulp of some coffee but was still chuckling to myself so I couldn’t swallow it.

    The “neighbor” was still checking me out. I couldn’t hold in the laughter anymore. I spit out the coffee and sprayed it out like a whale or dolphin coming up for air and started laughing out loud. Now the multicult “neighbor” was REALLY checking me out.

    I just kept laughing. I Couldn’t stop……and I didn’t care.

    When I did finally stop the neighbor was still standing there looking at me with that “fish head” vibe the third-worlders do so well…….

    When I did stop laughing I was halfway down the driveway. I was trying to distance myself from the house so I wouldn’t wake up my wife again.

    That “neighbor” was still staring at me. Somebody had to say something. So I did. I said “what are you looking at?”…..and the third-worlder did the obligatory “turn-away.”

    And of course…as I walked back up towards the porch I looked at the house. And there was my wife…..looking out the window and frowning at me!

    Like I said Incog….don’t ever lose your sense of humor!

  29. Louis from Montreal says:

    Seeing as how the subject has already been breached, here is my brief take on the “Occupy Wall Street” demo.

    It seems to me that being disenfranchised is not a simple “left” or “right” thing. We should all set aside our -isms and focus on “who” brought us here, at this point in time.

  30. t bone says:

    The Wall st. thing is just a bunch of fluff. I’m not taking this jew charade seriously at all.
    Its mostly jews, last time I checked, re-directing the attention away from the international jew mafia and towards an entity that can be replaced/re-vamped (i.e.Wall st.) ; all the while,never affecting the central jewish banks.

    The stock exchange is a vessel of activity. This activity will go on in other channels (as it has always been) regardless what happens with these BS protests.

    The jews know that the masses are waking up to them so now they put on a show. A bunch of ‘good jews’ to stand up for the hard working taxpayer.

    Wheres the ‘no more aid to israel’ signs? Wheres the ‘50% of US billionaires are jews who are only 2.5% of the population’ signs?

    I saw the BS from day one. These jew diversions are losing their novelty.

  31. DICARLO says:

    Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Hell, jews are always into scatology anyway. It’s their primary mindset, after all.

  32. sog says:

    yeah MARSHAL i checked out that link …..bill gates is all about the vaxxine depop agenda …listen to his speech about it ..vaxxines are good they are good yes and they will help to limit the population ….bill gates is a part owner of monsanto the jewish company dedicated to destroying dna of all food and humans…monsanto now owns blackwater ,who ops under a new name for stealth reasons and public relaation reasons …
    the new er microcrap comps due out soon will not accept dual boot linux or unix bsd etc as the new rigs will have embedded keys that will only accept the microshaft software….
    anyone who has tried to overwrite complete disc to linux os even now over vista will reject the overwrite unless you do a dual boot with linux first thaen go back and install a complete overwrite with linux ,it will overwrite this time
    fuck microshaft and snivelling jew dick sucker gates
    what a spineless thief and wannabe a pharisee who wants to suck on babies penises when he grows up..
    most peoplei know shitcanned micropenis along time ago for the open source linux and BSD prograMS AS apple is great on darwin OS but expensive …..
    when congress kikes get the cloud computing smokescreen passed and mandated you will maybe see the obsolescion of the standard computer with a removeable hard drive…they can totally control all net traffik and totally restrict whatever they want especiall constuctive criticism of delusional israelis ie:squaters ,ashkenaxxi squatters …
    bloody thieves and murderers and adulterators of whatever is good and wholesome ..

    may a mushroom cloud appear over israel ….they like all that nuklear shit anyway so let em have it in spades…
    the unneccesary poisoning of the usa troops in the iraq war with all that u238 depleted shit that wasnt neccessaery as conventional weapons are legal to murder with and have worked just as well on penetrating armor for decades .
    zraylees have their heloicopters equipped with depleted rounds for human consumption..bulets can do the same job but they wont make you glow at nite .
    and bill gates is a member of the bilderbergs as well as a mealymouthe jew
    microsoft vista is nothing more than a huge tracking device and with open borders for everyone to churn your inner info at will ….big bro and microslop are 1 and the same these days

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jews and Third World Immigration.

    This William Pierce video is 14 minutes long. He discuses an article at the Center for Immigration Studies. Watch the video first, and then read the article. It’s a long article! Pierce points out key points in the article.

    The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography

    Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy

    There is no more powerful way for jews to destroy our traditions then to flood America with other races. That’s exactly what they have done! Now they are worried they did too good of a job. Not because they feel shame for paying back American kindness with treason. Because they’re concerned these different races may not coddle them like Whitey has done.

  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    It’s a wonder that jew site hasn’t pulled the article! I think it was dated 2001. It shows that they have been the primary force pushing mass-immigration.

  35. Comdr. Z says:



  36. Thrace says:


    LOOOL! Steve ‘Rim’ Jobs was a crypto-Kike also??? Damn it, is there any influent, ultra-rich son of a bitch out there that ISN’T a Kike, crypto or outspoken???
    And don’t tell me that Bill Gates that is one too! SHIT! He looks so Nordic! Doesn’t look like a Jew at all, but then again when we think of his enormous fortune and inflence it makes sense! I always wondered how a “goy” could get that rich and influent!

    @Julian Lee.

    Just WTF is wrong with you Julian? First of all Incog was just kidding, and even if he wasn’t…. are you also against NECESSARY violence against these fucking animal/beasts that KILL, RAPE, PILLAGE, ROB and STEAL our beloved people every day, all over the World?
    Like for example the Racial Holy War??? When we will literally have to get out there and fight with these beasts and the Kike Demon? Are you against that kind of “violence” too?
    And wait a sec, just back up a little bit….WTF do you mean by “dehumanization of Blacks”???
    How that fuck do you “dehumanize” an animal?
    Frankly after this comment, I am GLAD you’re out of here! Good riddance!

  37. Halina says:

    Occupy DC Peace vs. War: The Choice is Clear

  38. Comdr. Z says:

    A coup may be in the works. Forget about the jigs for a minute and grasp the larger picture.

  39. Steve jobs and bill gates are jews. Look it up.


    They did not invent their wares, just as with the movies.

  40. Frank Fredenburg says:

    George Soros Controls All Arms & Ammo Makers In The U.S.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this. I don’t know if it’s true.

  41. Louis from Montreal says:

    Halina, good video, will pass it on to my several hundred facebook ‘friends’….Thanks. Incogman, glad to see that you have some humor left in you, but some will take it seriously.
    Comdr.Z- Im grasping your meaning on a possible “coup” thing…keeping my eyes open anyway. Went to a LaRouche meeting here in Montreal last week-end, and will stay in contact with them just in case. We should all be keeping tabs on different avenues of White Revolution. Rip a page from the book that works so well for our enemies, Cover all sides…. Gotta scoot, sorry for the cryptic chat, but really in a rush at this moment.

  42. Comdr. Z says:

    Incogman: Time to get serious with what is happening with the Commie Mobs.
    While the herd is stampeding thru the streets the Jews will be up to their tricks at robbing the Bank.

  43. Halina says:

    Louis from Montreal,
    Thank you for passing the video on to your several hundred facebook ‘friends’.

    I used to do the same, but recently have been banned from Facebook.
    Every time a try to login it is required of me to upload my ID details from my computer first.

    Well, they can get ‘stuffed’!

  44. Vexed. says:

    Hahaha!!! This is in the vein of your alert you posted earlier this summer/fall transition! Good stuff!!! Anyways about that OWS bullshit is exactly just that BULLSHIT! I see nothing but Jewish girls and guys all stinky looking and hair dread locked, nose rings,females that take that stance of not shaving legs or armpits those types… Sort of like they were time warped from some adolescent 1990’s bluegrass/burningman festival. I’m sure it reeks of pot smoke,Armpits dripping pabst blue ribbon sweat and tofu and all that crap they live on. To hell with it, it is just a sideshow!

  45. t bone says:

    My sentiments, exactly.

  46. sog says:

    what do zionists ,schools and guns have in common …the jews must really want to get rid of guns for their safety as the implosion and martial kind of katrina law comes to town with blackwater behind the storm backin up the snotty jews
    this link has all the other shootings in america and europe and port arthur …
    if these sick fuckin jews would do this to outlaw guns they would and will do anything and everything they did to russians in ussr murderous jewish genocidal atrocities …

    other tricks by jews against our marines bt jews ….the “insurgents ” can sometimes just be home defenders but the majority of american deaths are caused by stealth jews playing war aginst our forces ..

  47. sog says:

    hey all over the place ….read where bill gates comadeered the DOS which was the basis for the ibm pc compatible computers in the 80’s…gates sposedly saw the potential for the profits with IBM first and kept it quiet and bot up the 86DOS AKA quick and Dirty Operating System from seattle computer products etc….i think if i recall the price was murky vague ….. …guess gates jewed em down on the price ,,
    Eventually Microsoft invested a total of $75,000 for 86-DOS. Both Microsoft and Paterson have fended off legal and professional challenges involving DOS-Microsoft settled a contract dispute brought by Seattle Computer for $1 million in 1986. And Paterson has taken pains over the years to detail the originality of the 86-DOS program, despite a surface resemblance to CP/M.
    anyway the prevailing rumor in the industry is that wormmy gates bought the damn q-dos for 1500$ …..

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