Use The “Occupy Wall Street” Business

Troublemaking, divisive Khazar Jews, in general, are drawn to this kind of thing like flies to a stinking mass of bovine excrement. These lousy creeps have been Nation Wrecking White countries for generations and now America is facing another commie Jew hell.

THERE’S A SCENE in the movie “Dr. Zhivago” where the proletariat masses are happily marching off to WWI, under the banner of Czar Nicholas Romanov and blessed by bearded Russian orthodox Christian priests. Dr. Zhivago’s commie half brother (played by Sir Alec Guiness, right) watches with glee and then hops off the curb, assuming a place behind the marchers with a coy little smile.

In the voice-over narration, the commie implies that he’s only joining the ranks to sow Marxist dissension and rancor down the road. Of course, there’s no indication in the movie he’s a Jew (remember, this is Hollywood), just that he’s a sneaky bolshevik bastard. Apolitical Dr. Zhivago, played by Omar Sharif (not a Jew by the way), is merely concerned with writing love poetry and getting a little side action with 60’s major hottie, Julie Christie — who could blame him with the way she looked?

Anyway, what’s all this got to do with the business with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and elsewhere, you might ask?

Well, first off, let me make damn clear to any bozo reading this now: I’m not a lefty, commie type whatsoever. I don’t eat yogurt and bean sprouts; wear Birkenstock sandals and have Che Guevara posters on the wall. I wretch at the thought. But if you think it out, all the business with “lefty versus righty” crap is the major crux of the problem to begin with. Let’s look at a few things first:

One: The “Tea Party” people are supposed to be “right wing conservatives” upset with runaway Big Government and the deficit. Right along with that, they are generally pictured as old, disgruntled White people, even though that’s not always the case — merely a meme put out by lefty media.

Two: The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators might indeed be lefty, commies, socialists, labor unionists, that kind of thing. You’ll also notice, some of these people are certainly pro-Palestinian and “Free Gaza,” you just won’t see that particular detail noted by the media. The US news deletes images showing anyone wearing t-shirts or signs on that inconvenient subject.

Even so, far too many of those in these political movements are fairly Jew stupid, or those who do have suspicions keep their mouths shut. All due to PC brainwashing, of course. Then again, whatever Jew awareness some of these people may have, will naturally be invisible to the rest of us out here in TV land.

“If a tree crashes in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does that mean there’s no sound?” That shinto buddhist bit of mind flock applies here, since whatever members of either group are Jew-aware, we can’t really know unless we’re in the forest ourselves. Trust me: There’s plenty of people all across the board now starting to get it about the lousy Jew.

What to do?

What I’m getting at here, is that we should steal a page from the Jew playbook and use it against them. All of us must embed ourselves into any movement available to each of us, dedicating ourselves to educate people about the Jew and/or gathering intel on just who is a Jew in these groups. You should do this, even if you can’t stand the stinky bastards around you.

We should work both sides of the lefty-righty divide so they meet in the middle and as many as possible end up seeing the lousy Jew. It should be easy since so much of what’s pissing off people now is indeed due to the Jew.

Sure, you’re going to have a bunch of Bolshie Jews out there calling for a revolution. No doubt. You should use that business to awaken Tea Party people. Remind them of what happened to Tsarist Russia in 1917 and the German Weimar republic back in the 1920’s. Jew revolutionaries destroyed those nations and now they are trying to do the same to the good old US of A. Mothers.

Occupy Wall Street liberal Whites need to understand why our economy is being screwed over in the first place. Talk about fiat money, the Federal Reserve and International Jew bankers. These SOBs have been jerking America’s chains for so long it ain’t funny.

Wall Street and the Federal Reserve are one and the same, for all practical purposes. These slime have been sucking the life blood out of America since 1913. Until they get it about all this, nothing is ever going to change. Nothing.

There’s tons of stuff about Jews you can use. The Palestinian situation is a giant one. 9/11 is another. I might discuss 9/11 truth with Occupy Wall Street type, but not with a braindead Christian Zionist. They just can’t bring themselves to think the US government could be so callous as to kill American citizens in a false flag operation.

Far too many Americans are naive about the real power structure — who could care less about any of us peons getting killed. Look at the suppressed history of WWII for crying out loud.

Ask those who sympathize with the Occupy Wall Streeters, who the media really works for. And how about AIPAC (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee) and war-mongering Neocons? Or how about Jewish Globalist operations like the Council of Foreign Relations and the IMF using debt to expand US imperalism?

Hell, much of what you already know will have these people eating out of your hand.

Why did it take a week for the media to even breath one story about the Wall Street occupation? Hell, over a thousand were there the first weekend, right under the media’s noses in Midtown Manhattan and not a word was mentioned.

You probably would be better off dropping the Jew word and use “Zionists” with both lefty and tea party people. At least at first.

Getting back to the Tea Party types and “Christian Zionists:” Play the Glenn Beck angles here, but just drop out all his fawning Israel crap, which should be easy enough. Talk about George Soros and “did you notice how Beck’s show ended up gone?” Perhaps he got a little too close to the real deal, huh?

Ask them how come they never have anything about all the genocides of the commies in the media, like the History Channel. Why is it all we hear about Hitler and Nazis 24/7? Gently segue way into telling them about how many of the Bolsheviks were Jews, like Trotsky and Lenin. Don’t they know how many White Gentile Christians were starved to death or shot (millions more than any Nazi — EVER)?

Hell, the first mobile gassing van was invented by a Jew NKVD department head in 1937. But avoid too much talk about the holocaust — at least at first — they’ll tune you out right away since they’ve been totally brainwashed over the subject.

You can turn on the TV anytime and there’s a good chance they’ll be something on about Nazis and the holocaust, especially lately if you noticed.

But do talk to Christian Zionists about Hollywood and all the sick stuff they push down our throats. All the violence, perversions of all kinds, anti-Christianity. Ask them if they haven’t noticed the anti-White commercials and race-mixing crap. Educate yourself on how much the Jew has been behind immigration into White countries — not just America.

The lousy Jews have been clearly out to destroy White people. If anyone you talk to has kids, ask them what kind of country will it be for them, with what the Jews are doing to America.

This Left versus Right thing has been used against us for decades now. The Global Zionists have set-up camps in America’s head with which we consign one another; so we spend whatever precious time we have after work and limited brain cells deciding who “we” or “they” belong to, instead of seeing past it and at the real power structure holding the puppet strings.

The so-called “silent majority” are too busy watching crap on TV to see their nation being stolen right out from under their feet. They know it deep down, but would rather stay asleep because it’s too much work doing anything else.

And don’t forget that most of what the Wall Streeters are talking about is absolutely true. We’re all being taking for a giant ride, folks. The Middle class is getting destroyed, the only real difference is that it’s on purpose and part of a bigger agenda. Greedy elements are just taking advantage of the situation.

Obama is clearly a puppet of Wall Street and the Global Zionists — just like Georgie boy Bush. Make sure you say that to any lefty.

If you talk to so-and-so and they are still a big Obama Zombie — tell the idiot to get lost. Be brutal with those brain dead and don’t waste your breath. Hell, you can simply tell the fool he’s a Jew stooge. At least that way, you might have a little fun, if you want.

Notice how the media is beginning to play up Herman Cain — if a liberal Negro is not good enough for America, than how about a “conservative” one? They want us to get used to non-White leadership, because if they have their way, we’ll never see a White with real power again.

Tell people to pay attention and they’ll notice the media manipulation going on. Hell, they’ll probably agree with you on that one right off the bat.

The main thing we got to get out there, by using everything possible going on right now, is putting a spot light on the lousy Jew. You just have to tailor the message for the specific audience. Make hay while the sun shines.

One thing, to bear in mind, is that the Globalist Jew is behind all of this from afar. It’s him who wants to spark a revolution with the masses. He did this to Russia, make sure to tell your audience.

He wants to enact further Police State measures to pave the way for the final endgame, one in which Judaic Totalitarianism controls the White countries of the West.

The Global Zionist Jews also want dearly to start the “Eretz Israel” expansion in the Mideast and completely take over Jerusalem, even bombing or bulldozing the Muslim’s Golden dome of the rock on the Jew’s precious Temple Mount. All this Mideast “Arab Spring” stuff is about shaking things up, so they can further dominate the region.

Jews like George Soros have been spearheading political turmoil for all these reasons. He’s the point man for a giant Jew bowl of crap. All this may be too much for the average sheeple to digest, however.

One of the Ziowhores on CNN sarcastically said the revolution was being televised while describing the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. But I assure you, the real revolution will not be on TV. That’s because TV news elites like this will be one of the first to go, when real patriots — finally get sick and tired of the bull — pull the AR-15’s down from the mantle.

I want to see each and every media Zio whore slaving away and dressed in prison stripes in some field under the hot sun. These traitors have it coming in spades, when you think it out.

I know all this sounds extreme, but the writing is on the wall. No way are we getting out of all this by voting. The whole system has been a pack of lies from the get-go.

Every country the lousy Khazar Jew has lived, sooner or later ended up going to hell in a handbasket. This race has once again shit up in his own bed. Tell everyone you know. The sooner we get that message out, the easier it will be later to take this country back by righteous wrath.

In the meantime, arm yourselves up!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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117 Responses to Use The “Occupy Wall Street” Business

  1. James, you and I are of like minds. jews and gypsies ate of the the same ilk.

  2. t bone says:

    Look at it this way AB, at least you got half. I sensed from your story that you almost didnt get anything except an offer to do more work for a couple vans that probably didnt run, or didnt exist.
    Any creature from the jew family tree is not to be trusted (i.e. gentile israel firsters, gypsies, cryptos, marranos,masons and faggots).

  3. American born says:

    Yeah, T-Bone

    When I told my neighbor I got half he said I was lucky I got anything. The thing that blew my my mind is they would look me dead in the eye and just lie their asses off, in front of their children. They lied so well I even bought it in the begining.
    I pride myself as a good judge of characture and a human lie detector. But they got me.
    It is a shame what degenerate scum is being pushed into our nation.

  4. American born says:

    In the case of gyspys, I think they are lieing thieves. The ones I met didn’t resemble pakis. They looked White. They were conivers, not out right in your face as niggers are. They were more intelligent and had a game plan to rip me off.

    I keep thinking to myself this was the jew before they had gained control. Petty thieves and liars preying on those who were not aware of them. I suppose modern day gyspys are a look back in time to how the jews were. A tight knit community that fiercely stays within thier tribe and sees all others as outsiders. jews and gyspys have alot in common. However the jew has far surpassed thier cousins in world dominance. But they are the same. Thieves, liars and low-lifes.
    There is no honor or chivalry amonst either tribe, just bottom feeding scum.

  5. Halina says:

    C R,

    Thank you for the links.
    One in particular was especially heartbreaking to watch;

    I usually don’t like to use the word HATE, but watching the above video I couldn’t help the overwhelming feeling entering my mind and my heart.

    I hate the Israeli scums of a police!

    I am going to post it everywhere!

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    John Friend Interviewed on The Ugly Truth

    Watch the two videos included with this article. One is at the Occupy San Diego protest. Watch the response John Friend gets when he mentions 9/11 and Israeli involvement. The other video is Mark Dankof doing an interview on the protests. Two women are also interviewed. They both attack Mark Dankof. Both look like jews. One is a member of the Communist Party. Mark does a good job of handling himself!

    Interrupted, Booed, And Screamed At For Speaking The Truth At Occupy San Diego

    Wall Street Protests – “The Usual Suspects”

  7. Halina says:


    An exclusive interview with Dr. Franklin Lamb, international lawyer from Beirut.

  8. Biker says:

    controlled opposition. absolutely. ‘they’ are controlling the opposition, this movement will fizzle and die, achieving nothing. part of the plan… it looks like people are doing something about wall street, so those that might REALLY do something, go back to their nig ball and dancing with the stars.

    McCain on good morning jewmerica as i type. snippets drifting by my ears “pan-Persia, Persian influence, a greater Persia, sanctions on their oil and freezing their assets, Persian military influence in the region, Persian influence negative and detremental to the region, the ayatollah, the ayatollah, the ayatollah, Persian expansion, the ayatollah, Obama didnt support Iranian protesters, the ayatollah, actively seeking WMD, the ayatollah”

    wow. freeze the assets, embargo the oil, dig up the boogy man from 1979, label them a serious threat to peace in the region… doesnt this all seem familiar? i wonder what is coming next? hhmmmmmmmmmm

  9. American says:

    Check this video out. A protester specifically naming the jews:

    Don’t get distracted by the left/right arguments, discontent is all around and both the Tea Party (original one) and Occupy Wall Street have many similar gripes. Incog is right, all of us must use this opportunity to say “JEW” as much as possible. 🙂


  10. JamesTheJust says:

    Yippee American! Word is spreading. 🙂

  11. t bone says:

    Wow. A little blown away here.

    Thx for posting the vid of the guy naming the jew on wall st. Good on him. He had no one on his side but he stuck to his guns.
    He might of had a little mud in him but I can overlook that based on the context.

    Frank F
    I watched John Friend. He had them going until the 911 stuff. Dogma,memes,thought control…its a tough sell right now. I thought (still do) that OWS is a charade but a few gems are beginning to shine.
    I’m sure that the jews who helped get this ball rolling anticipated this. They want anti-semitism to be part of it as long as they navigate it just so. It would benefit there communistic objectives.
    Media exploitation of ‘haters’ leads to slavery of speech and censorship.

    Watched those israeli cops on that vid. I’d like to know the premise of what instigated the situation. I know what scumbags israelis are but when submitting that vid, certain questions might be asked.
    Dont get me wrong, if I had my way (and immunity) I’d see that every israeli man, woman and child have their throats slashed. That should suit their kosher guidelines.

  12. Gypsies.

    I don’t travel around Europe much. Okay, lets be honest, I don’t because the world economy has been hijacked by bloodsucking parasites who divert the fruits of the labor of real people to themselves using such things as “money”, “banks”, “the media” and “politicians”.

    These aforementioned inertia-laden institutions are in fact inventions of the mind whose particular nature and form are as arbitrary as the choice of whether to take a left or a right on a country stroll. In our case they are consigned by the global malevolent jewish conspirators to serve the otherwise most unlikely ends of the most destructive and distasteful outcomes that real people would not arrive at if unencumbered by the parasite’s capability to propagate socio-cultural viruses that delimit their own detection within the human domain.

    Some of the parasite’s tried and tested “viral” methods involve cloaking of their own identities, natures and intents, demonizing the righteous, extolling themselves, scripting news and reality, laying down diversions, continuous strict positive emphasis on matters favorable to them and visa-versa, hoarding influence and resources, spellbinding real people with the audacity of never forgiving, forgetting nor apologizing; murder, deceit, treachery, infiltration, subversion and, of course, terrorism.

    Amazingly the parasite’s viscous activities which include genocides, wars, swindles and much, much more (read here,, for a primer) are actually easy to detect. The pattern is we keep on having horrific problems no one wants. The pattern is the parasites, perpetually, are not to blame. The premise is that something in human form is to blame for the courses of events humans set in place; not some intangible thing, like evil or the nature of bureaucracy.

    Most everyone is the world can accept and admit that gypsies are a unique company among the assembly of beings that take human form. They are small time pickpockets, thieves, pimps, dealers and swindlers who have no aspirations nor pride and to whom nobleness of spirit and being is an utterly foreign conceptualization in that the concept is as foreign as a lifejacket in the middle of the Sahara Desert. This goes of course for precursor human attributes such as altruism, empathy and concern.

    What is inconsistent, what is ironic (and, yes, tragic) is that while most people can admit to themselves and others that the gypsies should be avoided, obviated and warded off because of their manifestly intractable character traits they do no such thing when their human-form brethren accomplish magnificently magnified dark deeds yielding far worse pain, damage and sorrow among humanity.

    And why?

    It is not habit or anything else. It is not the perception that it is the nature of reality or humanity that evil things just “happen.” It is not the injunction of Christian faith and forgiveness is in process (not with the sponsorship of torture; the death sentences; the huge prison population; the hungry children; the murders of innocent children abroad – c’mon – no way).

    The reason is FEAR. With the gypsies petty crimes come petty retributions. With the jews grotesque crimes come equally grotesque retributions. They won’t simply stop at applying pressure to an antagonist’s employer so that he loses his job, they will eliminate an entire race, kill your children and drop nuclear weapons on anyone or anything that gets in the way of their progress toward completely controlling everyone and everything.

    People know about the gypsies and the jews and people know about the gypsies and the jews.

    The thing is we have this pesky thing called truth that we cannot even avoid if we try. It is telling us, “It is the jews, dummy. It is the jews, dummy. There is another swindle. There is another false flag. There is another act of espionage.” These days the message from the world of reality (the realm of truth) to us is a blaring, blazing siren.

    There IS a 1,000 pound gorilla in the room. It is rampaging, killing everything in sight, bloodying the floors and walls. Don’t tell me you can’t see it. It does not want you to step outside; it won’t let you. We conclude it is going to have to be set squarely upon. Because it has subverted our cohesiveness, our nation, our identity, only an individual can attack it.

    Who is going to go first?

  13. Comdr. Z says:

    The bottom line is that Incogman’s blog and a hundred others like it, if there are that many,are not going to change the Jew situation. It is too far gone.
    People are too grossly stupid and programmed by the Jews. Every church is a kosher Goy processing plant used to make White men suck up to an imaginary salvation by the spilling of blood by a Jew bastard on a cross.
    Something is going to pop real soon. You had better look to yourself and your family..
    If you live in a city or any place where you can look out and see another house for you the minutes are quickly ticking down.
    Many people will not find a place in a graveyard when they die. There will only be rotting corpses with crows for company.
    Those left will be like Zombies and it willl devolve finally to cannibalism.
    Lock and load and stand to the line.

  14. Comdr. Z says:

    War is ratcheting up.
    US says terrorist plot goes straight to top of Iran gov’t.
    Iran clerics put out call for suicide bombers to hit Saudi interests world wide..
    Tick Tick Tick>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. JamesTheJust says:

    Everyone here should at least take a moment or two to visit and drop a message about the jew. You have to be a member to post but its a piece of cake.

    My posts are constantly deleted because I give the jews and their lacky JEW-deo ANTI-CHRISTians some spit and venom to chew on and they don’t like it too much. Tough. I keep posting anyway.

    And be sure not to use profanity; not even “hell” or “damn”, which is all I’ve used, but that’s the excuse they’ve used for deleting many of my posts. I told the mod, who is supposedly a Christian that the bible mentions “hell” and “damn” a lot, does she tear out the pages of her bible where those words appear too? No response. My guess is she tears out any page that goes against her delusional state of jew-think.

  16. Leffe says:

    Micah White the creator/originator of the OWS protests.

    He has a great video here:

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    A television show I watched claimed Gypsies have jewish lineage. Also Indian! India Indians. Not the Geronimo kind. That would explain why everywhere Gypsies go, a crime wave follows.

  18. Loki says:

    t bone says:

    October 13, 2011 at 11:09 am………………………………….t bone aka” bone head” you are a snake in the grass.

  19. t bone says:

    Ahh loki, finally. You wrote something you didnt plagiarize. I got you pegged, pal.

  20. Vexed says:

    Within seconds in this video the Judenrat makes his appearance schnoz first (As they affectionately refer to it themselves) Luke RudkowSKI the “we want your change” guy is seen in the video with an upside down American flag on his shirt look…

  21. Loki says:

    t bone

    I agree with you guys about incog. Everthing I’ve looked up about trolling describes jew lee to a tee.
    I post once in a while but its not the same. I find it odd that incogs writting style has honed in on more universal themes lately (jacko, psychic experiences , who is the real incog?,etc…) most of which do not deal with the jew.
    Changing of writer(s) during DOS attacks?
    Getting spamblinka’d over there used to be my worst nightmare. Now, I could give two shits.

    ZCF will be up and running again. Thats what I like about him. He’s got fight. But you will have these problems when jews try to censor everything.
    I thought that what the jidf was doing was technically illegal.

    btw-wheres Hoff been?
    “So do I bonehead”

  22. t bone says:

    I stand behind everything I say loki and I dont think theres any big secrets around here.
    The thing is, youre a copy/paste freak who is obviously hiding their personality. Same old,same old with your above post.
    So what are you hiding loki ‘snake in the grass’?

    In your own words please.
    Not this judaic behavior of stealing peoples thunder like this (I’m sure a few commenters remember this-scroll to illegal):

  23. Vexed. says:

    Look at all the filthy hippy Jews in that video I posted one after another staring into the camera with their dirty hippy attire and filthy Jewish appearances and their stupid drum circles and all the rest of their bullshit mixed in and luke rudkowski out there trying to make it look like he is out to expose them and he is patriotic and on our side for our cause…

  24. Vexed says:

    I know that Judenrat does mean “jewish council” but I refer to luke rudkowski as the Juden Rat… the Jew Rodent (Rat) so I hope I do not confuse anybody with that reference. Here is Judenrat as wikipedia describes it…

    Totally different as to how I used it referring to luke rudkowski.

    I learned everything about luke rudkowski here.

    And also google “luke rudkowski jew” in the search engines which ever ones you all may be using.

  25. Loki says:

    bone head,bone head, bone head, relax.You need to watch your blood pressure.Furthermore,you need to learn the real meaning of the word “to plagiarize.”(Hint: I never claimed anything I copy/pasted as my original work.)Bonehead. Furthermore, nothing I copy/past is copyright material,and I don’t make a living of it.bonehead.

  26. t bone says:

    I’m very relaxed loki.
    I’m starting to see a personality here. Its a start . Now that I got you talking up a storm, how about you tell everyone whether youre pro-jew or anti-jew; in your own words of course (no hedging please).

    Because when someone constantly posts other peoples quotes, its kinda difficult to see where theyre really at on the issue.

    btw- perhaps you never ‘claimed’ anything, but you never corrected anyone who unknowingly complimented you, thinking that you were the author. That was the red flag for me. But I could be wrong so state your case.
    Your move.

  27. Loki says:

    The tentacles of Bolsehvism had the flesh of the nation firmly in their grip. Only one result was forseeable —
    spiritual helplessness and dullness, physical weakness and overexertion, preconditions firstly for slavery and
    then an animal-like existence.
    Out on the Streets! Out on the Streets! Out on the Streets!
    Demonstrations! Demonstrations! Demonstrations!
    (LATVIA:YEAR OF HORROR) For all you jew wise,this book is a require study.

  28. Loki says:

    The communists focussed all the skill and ability of their propaganda machine on unending demonstrations,
    complete with blaring signs and chanted slogans. The motley colours, exaggerated sizes of signs, and the
    artificial and blaring volume and noise on the one hand sought to drown out the deep indignation, anger, despair
    and hatred hidden yet smouldering in the nation’ and, on the other hand, sought to cover the misdeeds and
    outrages flowing from the commands and orders of the new conquerors..(LATVIA:YEAR OF HORROR) Is history repeating its self?????

  29. Loki says:

    “Do not believe in God. Do not believe in yourself. Do not believe in good or evil! Rise against everything and
    yourself, for then shall you leave the fortune of equality. For then shall you be easily dominated and
    enslaved..Therefore, will you become like animals for your spirit shall be broken.” This was the hidden intent of
    the mostly jew manipulators.
    While Latvians had to endure the communist cynicism forced upon them, while people were set against one
    another, while churchgoers were persecuted and gravestones desecrated in the name of communism’s
    proclaimed “religious freedom”, the jew continued to practise undisturbed their religion and traditions, for this
    “freedom” did not apply to them.(LATVIA:YEAR OF HORROR)

  30. Loki says:

    Capitalism. Ain’t she sweet? It go dis way honky: We could sell loads of gadgets to the Mexicans. The problem is that they have no money to buy the junk. We’ll lend them the money which is also good business. We don’t have enough workers to build the gadgets so we’ll hire the Mexicans. The Mexicans will create a demand for Big Macs and that’s good for business. This will increase the need for burger handlers so we’ll have to hire more Mexicans. The Chinese see an opportunity and open a string of fast food joints featuring sweet and sour dog, sweet and sour grizzle and General Tao’s spicy cat. Business is booming and Whitey is screwing anything and everything thus producing critters which look like refugees from a Star Wars episode. The joint is as busy as 6,000,000 maggots on a rotting corpse and it smells just as great.
    Hitler warned that if the Americans didn’t get the jews off their back, they would be taken over by the Chinese. The destruction of White America is the ‘reward’ for being on the wrong side in WW II. Some people will actually enjoy the sewer they are creating — but not all. The future will belong to the racially conscious. Mongrels can never hope to retain anything for they are the flotsam and jetsam of indiscriminate copulation.

  31. tsarina says:

    The only man in the Jewnited States who has a real set of balls! Bravo! Fuck Shmitler and his Yiddish tribe and Jew York Bankers! Freedom of speech is being exercised by this man!

  32. ldrancer says:

    question, loki, are you just repeating?

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    *Two Women Exposing The Jew At Occupy Demonstrations In Orlando*

    Watch these two young women in this video. The one woman has been in videos people have posted here. Is her name Teutonic Warrior Chick? Or something like that. The video is about 10 minutes long.

  34. vagina says:

    yo more that stuff, yo yo yo yo you yoyu o 6o6o7o7otyotoyoyoyoy oyoyoy yo yoy oyo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo giggatyy vagina

  35. Vexed. says:

    Here is the google news feed for key words: “communists occupy wall street”


  36. Vexed. says:

    This article displays the Anti-Christian, Jewish Communist Hate. If “Nazis” openly marched in the streets destroying synagogues and anything jewish in sight, The National guard would be called in. But the rotten little children get away with this.

    I found this article skimming through the google news feed with keywords: communists occupy wall street.

  37. Vexed. says:

    But you know… There are no White Nationalists Present in the streets letting it be known in force by strength in numbers. What Happened? America is being Pushed over.

  38. Vexed. says:

    A person who is easy to overcome or influence.
    A thing easily done.

  39. Vexed. says:

    (Pushover)None of us fit the description of that word, Let’s aim not to.

  40. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Wow. I feel so enlightened, now that I understand perfectly what this “Occupy Atlanta” movement is all about –

    The phrase “ya know” should be banned from the English language (of course, this isn’t English that’s being spoken in this video.) Obviously, this is another fine example of our government-controlled system of “public education.”

  41. JamesTheJust says:

    Picking a black chick as a spokesperson for a movement is not the best thing in the world.

    OTOH there are certain aspects of OWS that I find totally agreeable, like ummm you know, ummmm DESTROYING THE FEDERAL RESERVE and ummm you know, getting rid of the damned jew, and ummm stopping all support to ITS-A-REAL-LIE and letting those demons fend for themselves.

    (Which I have heard that some of the more articulate White folk advocate.)

  42. Vexed. says:

    Setting Trash cans on fire and getting shot with rubber bullets and Tear gas is not going to stop Wall Street!,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&biw=1360&bih=625&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ncl=d7iGc25stwjcr4Me3S0xDXiLcvXmM&ei=ba-yTtSaGZOGiQKSsJh_&sa=X&oi=news_result&ct=more-results&resnum=1&ved=0CDEQqgIwAA

    And here is another Full coverage link from google news feed this morning

  43. Vexed. says:

    Here is an article with 500+ comments and this was posted at 6 am I believe, Well here is the link.

  44. Vexed. says:

    Last one from me for the day, Here Incogman here is a set of photos you do not even have to photoshop. But they are here-


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