Wall Street Jews Destroying The American Worker

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs.

By Brother Nathan Kapner

AN OLIGARCHY OF POWER centered on Wall Street is now plaguing America with both an economic crisis and the demise of the American worker.

A cabal of Zionist bankers, the Israel Lobby, and the Jewish-owned media are intertwined through finance capital, political dominance, and opinion-forming propaganda — in quest of a Judaic World Order headquartered in America.

Lousy Jew creeps like Friedman see no problem with the goyim suffering.

As a result of off-shored jobs which serves the interests of Wall Street — and in turn, the interests of the Israel Lobby through Jewish investment profits and consequent funding — the Zionist-dominated press is preparing American workers to accept “less” as Jewish Supremacists receive “more.”

Through its columnists such as Thomas Friedman, the New York Times has been preparing the American worker to accept a lower standard of living or “get fired” while the monetary gulf widens between the white collar Jew and the blue collar Gentile:

“Welcome to the lean years. We just had 70 fat years in America. But now is the time to trim, to fire, and to downsize services, programs and personnel.” Here.

Another Jewish apologist for the downsizing of the American workforce is Michael Mandelbaum of the Council on Foreign Relations who sees a great “taking away” from blue collar Gentiles:

Friedman and Mandelbaum even teamed up on a book touting the Globalist Jew destruction of the US.

“We are entering a new era where the great task of government and of leadership is going to be about taking things away from people.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

THE ATTENTION to the export of jobs did not awaken until white collar jobs began to evaporate along with manufacturing jobs with no replacement jobs in sight. A US company can hire a software developer in India for $6.00 an hour and a data-entry clerk earns $2.00 an hour in India.


WITH FINANCE CAPITAL replacing production output as the economic power in America, Wall Street Jews are investing trillions of dollars into overseas manufacturing rather than bolstering a supply-side economy with its attendant job opportunities at home.

Jewish investment banks such as Citigroup, built under the direction of Robert Rubin, (a member of Obama’s economic team), announced on 1 September 2010, an increase to their China workforce to 12,000. Along with its 29 outlets in China, Citigroup has a labor force of 50,000 throughout Asia while America’s own workforce is in decline.

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1993, outsourcing of jobs to Mexico has caused the displacement of millions of American jobs. Many of these lost jobs were high-wage positions in manufacturing industries.

The number of products that Mexico assembles and exports—such as refrigerators, TVs, automobiles, and computers—has mushroomed under the NAFTA agreement.

A little-noticed provision of NAFTA permits US banks to acquire Mexican ones. In 2001, Rubin negotiated Citigroup’s $13 billion acquisition of Mexico’s leading bank, Banamex.

Gary Cohn -- another smug Jew bastard.

The end result of implementation of NAFTA’s provisions is the establishment of a corporate combine of Jewish bankers actively ruling over the resources and people of the North American Continent.

Goldman Sachs, another leading Zionist Counting House on Wall Street, under the leadership of Lloyd Blankfein and co-religionist Gary Cohn, has a broad India Investment Portfolio along with branches in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Many other Fortune 500 companies like Morgan Stanley, General Electric, Reebok, Boeing, Microsoft, Philips, and IBM, also outsource to India. In July 2010, six Fortune 500 companies along with 24 multinationals moved their headquarters overseas.

Goldman has benefited substantially from decisions made at companies that have hurt working families — arrangements to close factories, paying poverty level wages, laying off workers, and cutting pensions.

Neither investments in overseas manufacturing by Jewish bankers nor “downsizing” of services affects American Jews whose income is accrued from the professions, academia, and corporate directorships.

BUT THE AMERICAN WORKER, dependent on domestic manufactures, sees himself in light of growing outsourcing, as a victim of Jewish Supremacists on Wall Street with their overseas investments and callous indifference to the American worker’s plight…


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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95 Responses to Wall Street Jews Destroying The American Worker

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    *It’s My (Jewish) Tribe That Controls Wall Street, Why Would I Be Upset?*

    …Says Bill Handel, A Jew L.A. Talk Show Host Discussing The Wall Street Protests.

    Radio Link Here: (His Comments On This Start At 24:40

    Also See Professor Kevin MacDonald’s Article – Link Below: Does Jewish Financial Misbehavior Have Anything To Do With Being Jewish?


    Another jew brags they control America’s financial system. He also tries to spread hatred towards Iran.

    Kevin MacDonald has a nice article on this subject. It’s a long article.

  2. Wesley Spooks says:

    “I see you capitalised “jew”.”

    Yep, that says it all about Cmdr. UpZAss. Nice catch there. I can’t really add anything to that.

    So fat, thats Goyim: 49, Kikes: O.

    Now, go make yourself some potato pancakes you filthy, blaspheming, organ stealing, child kidnapping, ritual sacrificial blood drinking imbecile, and tell Linder that his brand of atheist jew homosexuality isn’t catching fire here. You haven’t muddied the waters and forced everyone to turn on each other. Your shit has gotten stale, real fast. The sophistication of this website is beyond your transparently idiotic tactics. Move on, go to Chimpout or wherever the fuck, the sheeple over there might be stupid enough to fall for your shit.

  3. ldrancer says:

    once again, how does jews get in wall street.

  4. je m'acuse says:

    Right over my head…whoooosh…
    No offense, please explain.

    And who here ever said that capitalism and communism are diametrically opposed?
    Capitalism is a direct link to communism. They are 2 parts of the same paradigm.

    (= means ‘leads to’)

    democracy=capitalism=socialism=communism/ judaic totalitarianism

    @t bone, I wasn’t referring to any comment here about the opposition between capitalism and communism and was only making my own observations concerning the walls created by capitalism’s trade secrets and the need for access to information that is inherent in an AI driven, reason-based, economy. Don’t confuse that with a resource based economy either, which is just more lies by the same group.

    Because reasons can be vectorized to link charged authentication loops, they are in themselves sufficient to justify a transaction. It goes without saying that such data is non-inflationary.

    At this stage I must confess, having left the world of capitalism behind me after fifteen years of owning the production of all manner of software for the largest of multi-nationals, no one I know is even thinking of how such a leaderless reason-based economy would work. Yet for the last thirty years I eat sleep and breathe on a daily basis surrounded by the results of my AI research. Confronting capitalism with AI serves an ulterior motive which is to stay alive beyond the normal expectation one would have in my position. For this I’ve made an elaborate Tesla inspired dead man’s switch.

    Now that the cat’s out of the bag, let’s see how long before this site dies.

    One more thing to think about.

  5. JamesTheJust says:

    Gee Idrancer,

    So many ways. They print the money for starters and then they give it out to members of the tribe. It’s more complicated; the various avenues that they use to do this, but that’s really jewish economics 101.

  6. ldrancer says:

    gee james the retard then how does getting kike rosanne whatever the fuck do when you get it on wallstreet with other millionaires, chopping off the lizards tail, doing fucking anything. oh your post just says your in on it too. since you have no opinion otherwise. well you ddint say much at all, except it needs to be expained, which then tells this whole stupid story. its dumb. fuck you.

  7. ldrancer says:

    It’s more complicated; the various avenues that they use <jamesretard
    let me just explain more. so like avenues, are like well you got a street, right, then so you want to keep traffic from running at all. so your on an avenue, hahaha. way to go. wheres my apology and big post at top of how dumb you all are. so you just said it yourself that your doing nothing. well, why go after me for then. think i gots you some money, why dont you just fuck yourself.

    i mean fuck its like wall street is like a casino, to begin with, its all bought and paid for, the house wins, its fucking mathematically ran, and your gonna bitch? why not shut wall street down. screw whatever it is they do. but no, what does this whole fucking post have to do about? money. fuck you all.

  8. American born says:

    It looks like ” ldrancer” is a nigger. “think i gots you some money, why dont you just fuck yourself.” Sounds like nigger babble to me. Go fuck yourself, nigger.

  9. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Spamblinka time.

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    Yep! Definitely a nignog.

    String him up, boys.

  11. Halina says:

    How To Clear ALL The Crooks Out Of Washington In Less Than 30 Seconds – Guaranteed!

  12. DICARLO says:

    @ JamesTheJust

    Please correct your previous statement referencing me. I never made any statement about converting anybody to anything, let alone jews to Christians. I did say, however, it’s counterproductive for atheists who hate the jew and know their activities, and Christians/believers in God who hate the jew and know their activities to trade insults and contempt toward each other. This behavior plays right into the hands of the jews.

  13. Loki says:

    (To JtJ) What say ye now??????Then led they Iesus from Caiaphas vnto the hall of Iudgement: And it was earely, and they themselues went not into the Iudgement hall, lest they should be defiled: but that they might eat the Passeouer.

    29 Pilate then went out vnto them, and said, What accusation bring you against this man?

    30 They answered, & said vnto him, If he were not a malefactor, we would not haue deliuered him vp vnto thee.

    31 Then saide Pilate vnto them, Take ye him, and iudge him according to your law. The Iewes therefore said vnto him, It is not lawfull for vs to put any man to death:

    32 That the saying of Iesus might be fulfilled, which hee spake, signifying what death he should die.

    33 Then Pilate entred into the Iudgement hall againe, and called Iesus, and saide vnto him, Art thou the King of the Iewes?

    34 Iesus answered him, Sayest thou this thing of thy selfe? or did others tell it thee of me?

    35 Pilate answered, Am I a Iew? Thine owne nation, and the chiefe Priests haue deliuered thee vnto mee: What hast thou done?
    (The Original 1611 King James Bible)

  14. Loki says:

    (To J tJ)(The Original 1611 King James Bible)And straightway in the morning the chiefe Priests helde a consultation with the Elders and Scribes, and the whole Councell, and bound Iesus, and caried him away, and deliuered him to Pilate.

    2 And Pilate asked him, Art thou the King of the Iewes? And hee answering, said vnto him, Thou sayest it.

    3 And the chiefe Priests accused him of many things: but hee answered nothing.

    4 And Pilate asked him againe, saying, Answerest thou nothing? behold how many things they witnesse against thee.

    5 But Iesus yet answered nothing, so that Pilate marueiled.

    6 Now at that Feast he released vnto them one prisoner, whomsoeuer they desired.

    7 And there was one named Barabbas, which lay bound with them that had made insurrection with him, who had committed murder in the insurrection.

    8 And the multitude crying alowd, began to desire him to doe as he had euer done vnto them.

    9 But Pilate answered them, saying, Will ye that I release vnto you the King of the Iewes?

    10 (For hee knew that the chiefe Priests had deliuered him for enuie.)

    11 But the chiefe Priests mooued the people, that hee should rather release Barabbas vnto them.

    12 And Pilate answered, and said againe vnto them, What will yee then that I shall do vnto him whom ye call the King of the Iewes?

    13 And they cried out againe, Crucifie him.

  15. Loki says:

    26 And the superscription of his accusation was written ouer, THE KING OF THE IEWES.(Original 1611 King James Bible)

  16. Loki says:

    Snippets from today’s mail –( Robert Frenz R.I.P. my Brother)Loki.
    Frenz — You are no gentleman.
    *** At least you and my mother can agree on one thing. William Munny (Clint Eastwood – Unforgiven) was no gentleman either, but he did get things done, wouldn’t you say?
    Gentlemen — Whether they are white or not, I’m not in favor of promoting ‘babes’ or ‘hunks’ as exemplars of our people. As near as I can tell most of the so-called ‘beautiful people’ are race traitors. Everything is overly skewed toward physical looks, anyway. I say, “handsome is as handsome does.”
    *** No argument from me.

    Mr. Frenz — Did you know that Strom has been writing to others about you behind your back? Not nice things either.
    *** No, I wasn’t aware of that. He can do what he wants. Each man to his own jollies. If I made an error in fact, perhaps he could have shown exactly where I was so mistaken for I’d be only to glad to correct it.

    To RF — I don’t think his (Kevin) wife is white. She looks mestiza to me. (A female wrote this, by the way.)
    *** I didn’t bother to take note of her photo since my point was that one shouldn’t use mongrels as examples of white male beauty nor of jewesses as examples of white female beauty. Perhaps someone might like to ask both Stromberg’s to define what is white. That would be a lesson in itself. I would never have commented upon this but it was brought to my attention by a young man with much better eyesight than Kevin’s or Elisha’s. He questioned the “whiteness” of the lovebirds’ idols, particularly color-blind Elisha.

    Sir — Don’t you think that revisionism has been valuable in our fight against the destroyers of our nation?
    *** O yes. I notice that each time Mr. Irving publishes a book, the mexi-flood slows down. I also notice that each time retired Ernst shows up in a courtroom, the Chinese stop buying up North American property. And again, every time a revisionist conference is held, drug trafficking comes to a halt and the welfare load decreases. Give me a break.

    Mr. Frenz — Why is it that so many of the blight wing are against race mixing with blacks but seem to have mestizas or asians for girl friends and wives?
    *** Probably because their nooky addiction preceded the establishment of their “principles”. They dicked whom they pleased and then defined the “struggle” after the fact.

    Robert — How would you like it if someone called you names?
    *** I’d run home to mother and cry on her lap, eat a cookie, and then ask God to punish all of those naughty, naughty people.

    If you cannot call a son-of-a-bitch a son-of-a-bitch, then what’s the value of the First Amendment? Are we to accept what ZOG is doing its best to impose — that only ‘non-offensive’ speech is covered by the F.A.? This is a g.d. dirty war and any silly dick who thinks it will be won by belching a few “white pride” farts and behaving in a gentlemanly manner, is only a silly clown who has already lost. That’s one of the reasons we continue to go down hill! The greater danger is that we allow such people to yammer about “white” and they cannot even define it. I readily admit that I have a THEORY relative to race and it can be applied with result. It differs from that of Eric’s, but at least he also has CRITERIA. I might be ‘far out’ but damnit, I can give you an answer which I have yet to hear from any of the blightwing crowd. We’ve even got one dork who thinks there are “black caucasians.” When pressed, he slithers about indicating that he doesn’t know what the f— he is talking about.

    Why not have all of the self-anointed “leaders” DEFINE, in a condensed version, what they mean by “white” and post those results, as a group, on every site possible? None of this “I speak only for myself” cop-out or “Anyone is white who feels white” bullcrap. Once done, we could let the readers decide which definitions have the most substance. Does it seem unreasonable for any of us to KNOW EXACTLY what it is we are trying to save?

  17. WHITEMAN says:

    If you are serious about ending the Jew menace to our Constitutional Republic and our way of life, then JEW BLOOD and BODIES will need to fill the streets.

    THEN and only then will they flee.

    All other solutions are BS.

  18. Vexed. says:

    Occupy Zionist Wall Street by David Duke

  19. Vexed. says:

    I Hit the youtube search bar with key words “Occupy Wall Street” all should do the same… Let’s see what we can dig up and find out there!

  20. Barry says:

    If anyone should be looking for the morons of our world, a good number can be found here.

  21. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, sure, Jew. Anything you say, massa.

  22. t bone says:

    short for ‘barack’?

    methinks ‘ehud barak’.

    Best get outa here you liberal jew scumbag ‘afore someone frog marches you out manually.

    We got no time to edumacate ‘cut and dry’ morons like you. The choice is now. But it looks to me like youre gonna go down with the jew ship.
    I wont count on you to have any integrity. Thats something that jews are born without.
    You see, theyre traitors. So when things change , we can expect to hear you say that you were with us all along.
    Dont even try.

    You ought get back to your bandwagon now, douchebag.

  23. Concerned American says:

    Why do you feel compelled to blame the Jews for all of your shortcomings? Does it give your life the purpose it never had? Are you jealous? When the economy was flourishing, what was your excuse for this psychotic behavior? Why can’t you apply yourselves and perhaps you can share the same rewards as the hard working and intellegent Jews? This is called CAPITALISM. It’s the reason everyone wanted to come here. America was built by ALL races and nationalities. What have you done?

    I know that you’ll call me a Jew bastard , although I’m not one. I choose not to discloses my identity to protect me and my family from haters such as yourselves.

  24. je m'acuse says:

    @Concerned American, the “when did you stop beating your wife” is the same sort of fallacious questioning that you are presenting here. Likewise claiming to not be a jew bastard, when you are acting like one, is just another form of semiotic trickery. Your deceptions are another cause of the hatred towards the kikester and his war harvest. This is inevitably what happens after the flourishing. It is a mathematical certainty that if the result of an equation, i.e. money, is also treated like a coefficient or property then you will get a positive feedback, similar to what happens when you put a billionaire in front of a microphone.

    No, it is simply the fact that combines of money are their only product which, because of their deceit, is never allowed to have alternatives developed or be questioned or seen for the evil that it represents. This is why they must go.

  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @je m’acuse


    It’ll be rooting around for its spare foreskin after that rejoinder!

  26. Vexed. says:

    This proves no matter how long stinky communists and War Vets stand around in the street, Jews in 5 thousand dollar suits drink champagne in sky-scrapers and chuckle heartily to each other and don’t care what your sign says or even what you have to say about it all. Neither do the cops care two shits about OWS or it’s aims or goals, Look I am all for Bringing an end to the jewish reign of the whole Federal reserve and all… But I do not see them coming to an end because of Stinky Communists holding signs in the streets. Have you seen protest footage from years and years ago? People holding signs and chanting this and that, And guess what? Nothing ever changed because of it, the people that Protesters are always protesting just no-chalantly throw their nose in the air and go about their day like nothing is out of the ordinary and years later you see the same exact people who were being protested still going about the daily routine only years later they have progressed and the Citizens still think that in 2011, That holding picket signs and chanting (And stinking) does something and accomplishes alot (in which it doesn’t) So how else can you change things? Two ways: Become the system gradually overtime and change policy (jews did it here in USA) or Become a new Political party take to the streets with force and numbers then dominate physically, Like how the communists did it and how the (NSDAP #1) did it! These new hippie ways of holding picket signs, and giving the Victory or Peace sign then also chanting the tired, lame, corny, rally slogans do not work. Get it America? Got that yet? Or everybody could just retire their Shaking fist and Shouting and go home turn on the TV and shut the fuck up!

  27. Vexed. says:


  28. JamesTheJust says:

    I believe the best way to break the system is to think nationally but act individually.

    Close you bank account. If you must have one, go to a local Credit Union.

    Throw out your Talmud Vision. It is a poison for the mind.

    Stop all magazine subscription. They are all subversive and owned by the jew.

    Don’t make a big stink about unjust laws (and there are tons) simply refuse to obey them. I get away with everything but murder. If a law is unjust, I simply ignore it.

    Barter whenever and where ever possible. Believe me it is getting easier and easier to do these days.

    Think about the difference between what you really need and what you just want. You’ll probably be surprised at how many thing you thought you needed were really only desires. With this said, I have found that most of what I really need can be bought or bartered from products made SOLELY in the Western White nations.

    Never ever become part of or a supporter of a “political” or “charitable” cause. Behind every single one of these, you will find a rat-faced jew.

    Do not give to churches. They are largely ineffectual to our racial cause and are most often harmful to us.

    If you see a White kinsmen in need and you have things to spare; HELP THEM.

    All the other assorted races can eat dirt and die for all I care.

    These are simple and effective measures we can take and if enough people do them, we can slay this jew beast. Don’t be a nay sayer; simply do it.

    As YAH said, “Come out of Babylon my people”. This is a collective command but it must be done on an individual basis.

  29. sog says:

    goin on an agenda now but wanted to ask you scummander z if you and jewdishill ink are dating yet ….fuck faces …..i guess since christianity and christ dont exist then im not a hippocrate for making lite of your spoof like existence …..try some prozac…..i hope your pus pressure goes up and you burst from vitriol overflow …ha ha ha heh heh ……i must admit that i would probably do the same thing to you as i would to any one attacking my freedom or beliefs like the jews …..right friend …..so you think you found an audienxce and you sneek computer time while doing a stretch for child abuse in the insane asylum ….taking up bandwidth seems also to be a jew agenda …later fool

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