Welcome to The Real “Halloween” Putos!

Figure it out, White People: The lousy Jews have worked hard to flood our lands with non-White Third Worlders since the beginning. And these White-hating Jews sure as hell don’t care if real-life MONSTERS one day victimize your goofy White ass.

Enjoy the wonderful future of “diversity,” Multicult MORONS!

If any of you White Putos happen to think my GIF file is a little much, TOO GD BAD. You most certainly need some serious common sense knocked into your foolish head. Hollywood Jew movies are a thousand times sicker, as well as making all the monsters and bad guys White* — or have you been so out of it not to notice?

Unfortunately, you gibbering PC Multicults refuse to see that real-life THIRD WORLD MONSTERS hate White people just for being White — no matter how “progressive” and “non-racist” you stupidly call yourselves — until it’s too late and you or your children wind-up at the mercy of crazed animals who literally have no mercy.

This is happening to all White countries where Jews have gained political and media power — from Europe to North America. Doesn’t matter from where the immigrants come and how, just as long as they are not White. The Jew has slowly, but surely, worked to destroy White racial solidarity and demographics in our own lands.

This is a conscious and instinctual effort to protect his own “sacred” race from a White backlash — once we finally come to our senses about these international liars, thieves and murderers.

Don’t believe it? Look into it and think for yourself, fool.

Make the time to read a few things: The Jewish Led Alien Invasion • Jewish Involvement in shaping US Immigration policy 1885-1965 • The Real Immigration Deal • None Dare Call It White Genocide • Jews at the Forefront of “Immigration Reform” •  Jew Rats Trumpet Traitor Alliance with Illegals • Chicago frees 40 illegals who committed felonies • I have a plan to destroy America • The Jewish Led Invasion of America • What was once your home


— Phillip Marlowe

* Everybody should have noticed this in the media where the bad guys are usually White males. Yet it’s not just a liberal thing, either. The reality is that Globalist Jew “elites” have been quietly feeding Americans a steady diet of Whitey-be-bad crap for decades, not just in the media, but also in education, government and NGO political backroom funding.

They’ve cleverly worked to turn the White race into a bickering, confused minority, all so we don’t eventually come together and put a stop to their devious globalist plans. You can easily do this kind of thing when you control the money, the media and greedy idiot Gentiles, who care nothing for their own race, let alone country.

Why is it we always see non-stop talk about Nazis and Adolf Hitler when the communists killed far more people ever? 20 to 40 million were killed by the predominately Jewish commies in the Soviet Union (some say 66 million) and up to 50 million were killed by Chairman Mao in China. Ever stop and think something is wrong with this picture? Read THIS Puto!

Pay close attention and you’ll see that they’ve recently turned up the dial on the anti-White brainwashing lately, because they’re now worried Americans are getting sick and tired of this never-ending “War on Terror” bull and starting to get a bit “anti-Semitic” (which is another Jew-created nonsense term, since eastern European Ashkenazi Jews are not really Semites like the Arabs, but Khazars — a Hunnish/Turkish race from southern Russia).

The Khazar Jew has got to be the worst thing to happen to America. Ever. God, what don’t you get? YET!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Welcome to The Real “Halloween” Putos!

  1. Loki says:

    Behind the veil of beauty, beneath the multi-layered illusion of perfection, lie tortured souls longing for escape from a lifetime of misery…

    Egyptian Origin of Oscar Statue

  2. Vox says:

    For a sample of just how big of douchebags the OWS protestors are, believe it or not they want to have a tent for jacking off because some of the women protestors have been sexually molested. The purpose of the tent is obviously where male protestors can go to jackoff to relieve their sexual tensions before returning to the protests.

    Unfucking believable and these fruits believe they speak for the 99% and are qualified to lead.

  3. sog says:

    ,,,,,,,,multigutteral mixing in ausie …da main jihgz is gowne be sent down to australia ,some 50-70 thousand from zog ,,and meanwhile the jew fronted muslim parties in australia are using the muslims as useful idiots and scape goats ,,shit can a jew multi task or waut……….



    am reminded of the white german struggle that has gone on for decades in south africa and how bad it is getting worse under JEWISH DUTCH COMMUNISTS , who also seek to limit food supply which is jewish demonik trait..

    aussie gots the fucking asshole moosloimas and the jews and the niggriggers, the dimona punishers set off a neat litle ptutonium boom down ther in bali ,kuta ,sari club,what a mess and disapperaing act some of the vaporized souls took part in …



    problems problems jews jews ,,how many of these ratzteins are there stricctly infrastructuer involved
    the heads say that 50% of mongojews are non religious and secular but the scums of the covenenat can call upon these damned souls at the behest of satan and promised future problems if they dont bow down to sayan network

    500,000 germans were rounded up along with jappz from south and north america and interned and would be nice if we could return the favor and use the fema camps to stuff all the chemical toxic jews into…can i get an amen
    multiculturalism only works for the more superior armed parties and the permission to deliver an eye for an eye like fronteir justice …
    notice the police getting more brutal ….the best job to have in a police state is bein a cop i spoze but it dont have no respect no more and serves jew law,suck jew taint..
    got my daily dose of disgust and revulsion as the jews are still in charge of their murder suicide cult in zog and they aint even hebrew as if that would effin matter anyway..

    they have to destroy the world ,,or did you hav any doubt ? that this is what they are doin ,,,it is part of their satanik agenda …to destroy the earth so that a maniak type of messiah made in their image will come and kill everyone they missed ….sheeeeit ,,yee hawww…….time is creeping inexxxorably toward the point of no return ,,crossing the rubicon toward goodnite ,midnite + 1………..regards ..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

  4. Karen says:

    William Cooper in his last radio address before his murder, stated that “a secret Jewish sect was responsible for 9/11.”

  5. plugged nickel says:

    regardless, the magic number to beat is $660,000,000.00 ………qe2 and U.G.L.E. funny munney….. round 2……..rah, rah, rah………in MENA,too…..

  6. MJ says:

    ‘The lousy Jews have worked hard to flood our lands with non-White Third Worlders’

    The Kennedy’s were not Jewish.
    I thought you said Jews are racist.

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