World Net Daily Pushing Jew Propaganda

WORLD NET DAILY (WND) sent me a email the other day, selling a slick new video called “180: The movie that will make skinheads reconsider.” The Jew behind the video, Ray “Comfort”(cute little crypto-Jew name), is marketing it to Christians by using clever ads touting a pro-life message (trailer videos below “continue reading”). Pretty cheeky tactic considering all the Jews involved in abortion from day-one.

Ray Comfort: Clever Jew propagandist.

But don’t let the abortion part fool you: The real motive and gist of “180″ is to nip in the bud growing Jew-awareness in America. The opening scene has Hitler coming at you in a convertible Mercedes through crowds of delirious Nazis, swastikas flying as German youths climb street signs to get a look at the beloved Fuhrer man. Jew propagandists so love those Leni Riefenstahl clips — it’s a wonder they gave that brilliant White woman so much hell!

It just kills me: The lousy hypocrite Jews on one hand slime Christians left and right; push immoralities and social frictions across the board; brainwash White kids to act black and breed ourselves away; open our borders to a flood of non-White immigration; right along with stealing huge sums from the economy via Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and DC. On the other hand, they expect (no, insist) us Americans support their little crappy country of Israel no matter what they do or get America to do.

And we don’t need any new videos; Jews insult our intelligence daily with this kind of BS on mainstream TV. It’s all so absolutely insane, that even us regular, patriotic suburban-type guys like me want to go out, shave our heads, dress all in camo, buy a pair of black Doc Martin boots and stomp some serious friggin’ Jew face!

OMG! Purple mohawk skinheads are out to kill the sacred Jew! Note the complete morons who can’t identify Adolf Hitler — I know there’s a ton of dumb asses out there, but it’s certain the Jew went out of his way to find such types or maybe even asked people to act stupid. He’s trying to get you to think we’re all forgetting the past so we might allow another evil Hitler to take over America!

Here Comfort uses abortion in his ad to suck in the Christian audience — the real target for his anti-Nazi video. Cute trick, since he only brings up abortion much later. I would not be surprised to find Comfort’s work bankrolled by AIPAC, rich Jews, Israel or even some satanic NWO front group owned by Soros. No surprise here, really: The entire population of America has been at the mercy of clever Jewish media manipulation for decades now!

Don’t you see? This is all just more of the Jew’s little head games: Use something like abortion and anti-Christian skinhead guys with purple mohawks, to contrast against “conservative, decent and Christian-loving” Israel. He’s telling us only skinhead types can “hate” the Jews and wants you to equate being pro-life (of which I am) with being anti-Nazi, hence pro-Jew.

This is a clever propaganda tactic to get the “silent majority” to associate “anti-Jew” or even “anti-Zionists” as murdering, anti-social racist misfits — who hate Christianity and are pro-abortion — all so we each personally ignore whatever newly-awakened Americans might say about the precious Jews or Israel. Diabolical!

He interviews people on the street (looks like Venice Beach or San Diego, California) who know the standard Jew line about Hitler. One White guy says Hitler “basically brainwashed the entire German civilization.” Two spray painted girls tell us “he killed a lot of people and wanted to take over the world.” Every movie put out on Hitler for the last 65 years shows a graphic of the evil Nazi red blob spreading out from Hitlerite Germany like a cancer, threatening to take over the planet!

And then he shows you the standard Buchenwald footage of dead bodies piled in heaps. Funny how he neglects to say one word that these corpses were from typhus and starvation due to allied bombing campaigns. This kind of gruesome imagery has been milked incessantly by Jewry ever since — little wonder the American OSS just happened to have on hand Hollywood Jew director Billy Wilder to direct filming at the time.

The “180″ video is a lot like a cross between the History Channel and the Christian Broadcasting Network: WWII Jew propaganda mixed in with pro-life, Christianity and “man on the street” interviews, so your casual hipsters can relate.

You might think Comfort would ask any of these people on the street if they knew something about the Holomodor and Christian Gentiles getting genocided in USSR, but we know clever Jews like to stay quiet on this inconvenient subject, if at all possible.

Comfort goes on to tell us Hitler deceived Germany and manipulated the youth. But guess what? The Jews of America have been busy brainwashing White people into hating themselves for decades, now.

Of course, we get a big dose of Jew survivor testimony of a mass shooting (the voice-over is clearly an actor). One thing never mentioned is that many of these events were really at the hands of local populations, like Ukrainians and Latvians — wanting serious payback at the predominately Jewish Marxist NKVD and CHEKA secret police, who over the years shot tens of thousands of fellow Gentiles in the back of the head if they didn’t follow demands to hand over everything to the commie Jews.

Unfortunately, Americans simply have no clue on who we are dealing with here!

Admittedly, the guy is not charging a lot for the DVD of the video ($5 plus shipping), but DVD manufacturing costs are less than fifty cents. There’s tons of White people out there doing their utmost to awaken fellow Americans for absolutely nothing (like me). Yeah, I ask for donations, but hardly ever get much. I think after expenses involved with this site, I’ve made a lousy couple hundred bucks. BFD.

Since I’m not a skinhead in need of rectitude, or a Jew-lover (haha), I certainly don’t want any more of my money ending up in this lying Jew’s pocket (they get enough already), so I think I’ll skip this crap. But if you can stomach it, you can watch the movie for free in it’s entirety HERE.*

I watched it and to tell you the truth, it’s really not much different from what you see on American TV 24/7, anyway (the things I do for my site).

One hugely salient point to bear in mind is that Jews get direct access every minute of every day via the media to the American audience. And it’s not just sites that curry favor with the Tea Party types, like WND, but all mainstream media pushes the Jew line in one form or another — even all the so-called left wing channels like MSNBC.

Jewish genocidal murderers, like Genrikh Yagoda, are unknown by virtually all Americans.

What’s the one major common denominator in American media? Next to pushing PC brainwashing, it’s always portraying the Jew and Israel as victimized. What’s that tell you bozos out there?

Add to that, most Americans have little knowledge of history — actual or even the manipulated version. They know virtually nothing at all about the real genocides of the Soviet union, or China, and have pretty much sucked down the holocaust propaganda — hook, line and sinker. The holocaust business (and it is a big business) has been berry, berry good for Jewry on so many fronts.

The holocaust: The gift that keeps on giving!

Jewry thinks they have Americans totally snookered and have mostly succeeded until recent years. Thankfully to the Internet, more Americans are now finally putting two and two together about this lousy, subversive bunch.

Eckstein shows us his studious side.

Lately, FOX news has been showing a commercial about sending $25 to this Jew outfit run by rabbi Eckstein (left), so he can send a $2 box of beans and rice to “starving” Israelis — now sadly having to spend too much of our tax money buying high tech armaments so they can stave off waves of Muslim terrorists wanting to kill them just for being Jews. Just like Hitler!

Hell, the Jews are building all sorts of luxury homes and condos on land they outright stole from Palestinians. American Christian money has been used for this evil, even groups like “Save Dafur Coalition” turned out to be secret Zionist scams. AIG’s Ezer Mortgage Insurance offered low interest loans to “American” Jews so they could buy themselves a nice cushy getaway home in Israel (they might need it). The American taxpayer has sunk over 180 billion so far into AIG over the last few years to pay what they owe in Credit Default Swaps to Jew banksters like Goldman Sachs.

Can you believe the bull? Eckstein’s the same Jew rabbi hitting us up for money around Christmas time to send a box of crackers and a candle to poor “holocaust survivor” Jews in Russia who can’t afford to celebrate Hannakuh. I wonder how much the phony rakes in every year? I’m telling you: Jews know how to ride the holocaust business.

Christians: Watch this video and think!

More Israelis die from peanut allergies than Hamas rockets. Watch the above video exposing the Jews financially scamming America. Stop Funding Israel website

Folks: It’s all a big Jew scam across the board. The lying Jews have long been sucking on America like she’s a big jewcy cow. What happens to ticks? They get big and fat, finally dropping off right as the host dies from anemia.

And America is fast growing weak from all sorts of non-White blood suckers right the hell now!

Jewish are tricky manipulators, PR spinmeisters of the first magnitude, working non-stop to keep Americans in the pocket of Israel. While they maintain our total stupidity and subservience to Israel, other subversive Jewish change agents gradually whittle down our race, culture, political power and, yes, religion too.

The sooner Americans figure out what the big mouth, hypocrite Jews are doing, the sooner we can shut these bastards up, the sooner we can turn this country back on the path that our Founding Fathers had in mind. Look at the big picture on every issue confronting America and I know you’ll agree with me that’s the only way.

Are you with me?

— Phillip Marlowe

Christians need to read this: Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter

Please also read my The Real Holocaust Deal

*If I was such an evil Nazi brainwasher, why would I put the link here to that movie? Because I know most Whites with critical thinking skills will see right through the bull. Plus, I hope the lousy Jew Ray “Comfort,” or any of his site minions, will follow the ping-back from his video site to my site and have the guts to make a comment below. I’m not holding my breath. Got that, Jews?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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156 Responses to World Net Daily Pushing Jew Propaganda

  1. BulletDodger777 says:

    Loki hit some great points on the huge role of powerful Jewish conspirators in: causing most major wars (then then seeking peace after their foes are destroyed); seeking not mere financial wizardry and profit but our destruction; and that Freemasonry was set up to get us [white “gentile” Christians] to establish flexible regimes to destroy our own folks. (Those “flexible” regimes that can be guided are democracies – hence the rage to impose them across N Africa etc now, because voters can be directed by ones who run the state “education” and major media – as demonstrated by [Jew] Edward Bernays in his 1920s book for his young followers in his public relations system, called simply “Propaganda.” The Freemasons were infiltrated by Adam Weishaupt a [Jew] agent of Rothschild, as in the 1798 book “Proofs of Conspiracy” about men behind the French AND US revolutions.) PS: I know all “jews” are not powerful conspirators, but they have an uncanny drive to stick together and protect most ones who are.)

    About a powerful (rich!) modern conspirator in that egomaniacal style, consider a man now being made into a “saint” (by Isaacson,a kindred author) – Steve Jobs of Apple.
    Incogman ought to look at this whiz-kid who now gets i-stuff into all hands.

    Actor Mike Daisey exposes the ruthless (slave-master) mentality of Jobs in a one-man monologue drama in New York City called “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.”

    It’s know among his top hirlings that he was an obsessive hard-driving maniac to get out a product that would overwhelm markets (and make huge profits), but to make huge profits he utilized virtual slave labor conditions in factories of China that actually made the devices of Apple and other similar companies. Kids hired at 12. Folks forced to use toxic solvents day in and out. Forced to do repetetive actions until their joins froze and they got laid off, replaced by new workers. Etc. I just heard an extensive review on this shocking drama (in person, not online). I’m not headed to Babylon (aka New York City) so won’t get a chance to see it, but I hope Incogman or other writers will do so and give a full report here.

    I’m not in the computer industry and so have no connection to Jobs, but I did know a maniacal orchestra conductor at a top university (not a music institute; music was not my major!) who drove his (95% unpaid vountary) orchestra members to perform the most extreme modernist orchestral works (some extremely tough!) which cost us ever increasing time and agony (away from our actual work/studies, for 95% of members) so the university orchestta got “famous” and made successful commercial recordings on a major label of that field. Needless to say, he was a Jew, making a name for himself. So these types pop up a lot. Watch out for them! {This was in my student days before I began to know many identities and facts of life. I was already a good violinist, but not into making that my career, which is a rather crazy career if you aim for the top!}

    Now I will admit Jobs had something straight that we can adopt in our struggle.

    He wanted a product that was SIMPLE and ELEGANT. He knew people do not want to read manuals (to get their computer up and running to do all things). And he wanted it to look nice and feel nice. OK, these are useful parameters to aim for in anything.

    So we ought to focus on making the message simple. Folks are too lazy to dig far.
    It must have an appealing “shape.” Not complex. how?

    I use Scripture as the foundation. Interpret it logically. So: Start at the beginning and know meanings of words. Don’t just tell them how to dig, but dig up gold for them. Tell them Scripture starts out as a message to “man” – that original word being “adam” and it means to show blood in the face = characteristic of pale-skinned folks, made about 4000 BC (using regular Masoretic text Bible chronology, or 5500 BC via septuagint greek text chronology) – the “white” ones made after other “pre-Adamic” groups of humans whom scientists know lived back in older times. Day is a “yowm” also meaning a long time span, as in Jacob live a yowm AGE of 147 years, Gen 47:28. Scripture fits facts of science which now proves humans types lived long ago, life began billions of years ago, etc. Don’t buy “traditionalism” (also called “fundamentalism”) – such tradition was set up to be proven false, to discredit Scripture in our “end time” now.

    So the message of God was to white folks! It’s that simple. (Many proofs can be shown)

    Why? Well, Adam is “son of God” – revealed in the simple real genealogy list ending the long quote in Luke 3:23-38. Adamites are children of God. (Others are not.)

    God gave us laws to live by. They are rather few. Fixed. And empowering to us.
    (The Lord is the Lawmaker. Isa 33:22) (His law is perfect. Ps 19:7) And Jesus di not abolish the God-given laws. He tells us to keep them and teach them (Mat 5:17-19) and nowhere are we told to make other laws over us (via “democracy” or dictators).
    They have NO AUTHORITY. (I can quickly show how this is carried through even in Romans 13:1 which is often wrongly read to say we gott obey manmade “law” which would clearly contradict earlier orders of God the Father – who was even said by Jesus hmself to be greater than Jesus (John 14:28), who was clearly the Master over other voices like his 12 disciples or Paul. So never read Paul and others to contradict or over-ride Jesus or what God the Father had said in the early Scripture!

    Pastors repeatedly misuse words of Paul to push for us obeying manmade law, not OT Scripture law, which was perfect, and empowers us, the real CALLED, who are not known as “jews” after Jesus rejected false “jews” in John 8 & 10, a group we’re to watch out for warns Rev 2:9 & 3:9. Among 30 AD “jews” were many Edomites that John Hyrcanus had defeated and forced to become “jews” ca 125 BC. Check history!

    Look at it like the game of “simon says.” When a idea or law is said by The Lord, then do it. When only lesser authorities say to do it – pay far less attention.

    Now certain apologists for humanism (that all humans ought to democratically make any laws the controllers want) inside “christianity” (eg, false expert Hank Hannigraaf of Christian Research Institute, on “Christian” radio in some towns acrosss N America) these experts rail against “legalist” – folks wanting to keep original Bible Law and even the original calendar. (It is for Adamites, given to Israelites, not for false “jews,” and so NEVER call it “Jewish law” or “Jewish holy days!”) Such false experts say that by obeying Bible Law we “repudiate” grace, given by Jesus. Not so! (For example when a woman was caught in adultery and “jews” wanted to get him to stone her, he asked for a SINLESS one to cast the first rock. He wrote down something (probably their sins.) They disappeared, and then he told her that there is no accuser and Jesus himself does not condemn her, so she must go AND SIN NO MORE. (John 8:1+) Sin is defined as breaking (Bible) law in I John 3:4. So he tells her to keep (OT) Bible Law. That would not be the case if that law was removed and we are to live by any laws we please!

    Grace is only to CALLED ones, and it removes our sins. We shall be “saved” purely by grace. Yes! And that salvation is our bodily resurrection, also called “adoption” in Rom 8:22-23, which is not about taking in other race kids who then become savable!

    Adoption is an ancient term for getting mature adult power in olden days. Usually you got this at age 20, IF your father decided you were a fit child to have full adult powers. (They changed meaning of the old word “adoption” just as “gay” has had a meaning change recently!)

    Apart from adoption/resurrection for CALLED ones (not all humans are called, informs John 17:9 when Jesus prays/intercedes for some and not all in the world), apart from adoption is your status or role in the coming Kingdom of Jesus to be established on all the Earth. That is the matter mentioned in Mat 5:19. And 5:19 tells us your status/role will depend upon keeping the law and teaching this. Actions count!

    And we are to help brothers in need. (A brother is defined as a Hebrew or Israelite; clearly Adamites are brothers. Quotes on identities can be listed.) To help a brother (not one fighting against God’s plans and orders!) is called for, and will surely result in REWARDS (eg Rev 22:12 mentions rewards) – a matter beyond salvation or resurrection that is purely by grace. ACTIONS REALLY DO MATTER!

    And one of the best actions is to feed the “sheep” (ie dumb Adamites who want to wander off and do anything they want!) and the best feed is SIMPLICITY! Make the plan so simple, even the dumb bunnies among our people will get the picture and do what we need to do…. which is get out of manmade “babylon” laws, money, religion, including the false relgion of humanism and manamde law democracy.

    So far I think I’m often guilty of not making the message painfully clear and simple.

    I’ll try to do it better.

    Perhaps this play by Mike Daisey (The agony and ecstasy of Steve Jobs) will make one facet of new Jewish enterprise painfully clear, even in Jew York city!

    PS: The new iphones will enable you to transfer (false paper/electronic) “money” and will soon include your full identity (state made drivers license and passport, both not part of God’s Law for us called ones!) and your GPS location – so Big Brother will know exactly who you are, where you are, and what you are doing – and give Big Brother the power to “turn you off” and stop you from even buying food! This pretty well fits the “mark of the beast” or 666 (three six-fold stars, ruling your mind/head, and your left and right hands of activity) warned against in Revelation! No wonder the Jew Jobs was in a frenetic rush to get this thing into our hands before he died – doing so by employing slaves, and making piles of money, and making himself a “hero” now pushed by PR that his folks use so well. See how the pieces fit a pattern? Christian logic is at time given in website and blogs (w dot christianlogicians dot webs dot com) & others I could name are useful, but often not terribly simple to Bible illiterates, which means most of the called Adamites. Let’s all aim to simplify! [I prefer not to directly link to anything – for technical reasons.]

  2. JamesTheJust says:


    Sounds like we’re on the same page.

    You may want to research further at this site

    Also, come and post with us at

    YAH bless.

  3. GTRman says:

    Dontcha just love all those ole’ Holocaust songs from the fifties and sixties ?

    I mean , such an awful event would surely have been featured in the music , movies , plays , etc. , of its time ?

    You , know , surely there would be just hundreds we could name right now ..?

  4. GTRman says:

    That wasn’t supposed to be a challenge for puns , but , hell , I’ll throw these in the ring :

    ” All You Need Is Ovens ”

    ” Danzig Queen ”

    ” Colditz A Hard Knock Life ” …

  5. GTRman says:

    ” Why Must I Be A Teenager In An Oven ? ” …

    and many , many more …..

  6. GTRman says:

    ” A Good Haaretz , Is Hard To Find ”

    Im here , all weak ..

  7. GTRman says:

    ” Dont You Want My Bubbeleh ? ”

    ” You were smuggling anal diamonds in an Auswitcz latrine ,
    When I met you ,
    I washed you off , you took me in , and sold me the right ,
    To never ,
    spill the beans
    on you….”

    ” Dont , dont you Want Money ?

    You know I cant believe it when you say you’d rather


  8. GTRman says:

    …and who could ever forget the haunting , otherwordly , Dionisian Psychedelic Swamp music that was Jerry Maurice and his band , the holomoDoors..?

    Lets go right back now to yesteryear and enjoy their biggest hit ,
    ” Come On , Maybe Fight My Lawyer ”

    and , ” Break On Through ! To An Amazing And Unique Investment Opportunity !! -our TEAM are taking calls RIGHT NOW !!! ”

    ( The live version’s grrrreeeeaaaaaaat , dooood )

  9. American says:

    That’s right, and it ain’t niggaz do the buying:

    Still, I hope we can focus on the REAL problem, criminal jews. It wasn’t blacks or evil mooslims that made NATO (jews) bomb Libya back to the stone age.


  10. American says:

    Looks like the wheels are coming off over at jew-propaganda machine Worldnet daily:

    Don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂

  11. American says:


    I hope you realize what a difference you’ve made, and I’m not just talking about individuals like myself and everybody I can reach.

    You’ve turned the heat up, forcing errors by the enemy which only awakens more “goyim” everyday, even the ones that have yet to discover sites like this.


  12. Good point GTR. I have not heard that brought up before.

    How about songs from the 40’s and 50’s? The parasites controlled Hollywood and the music industry back then too.

    There must be some 70’s and 80’s death metal numbers that celebrate the Holocaust (TM).

  13. GTRman says:

    Why on earth would we all be drawn towards facts that will see us lose our friends ?

    It’s the truth , boys , however unpopular .

    Hats Off To All You
    Who Cast off the You-Know – Who ..

  14. allovertheplace on anti-semitism.

    GTR: good stuff. I invite your commentary on 40’s and 50’s music as well. jews owned hellywood and black magic industry then too.

    sog, did I compliment you on your “own personal demon” in isn’treal verbiage a few comments back? If not, good job. Twas quite funny. True.

  15. sog says:

    uhm tanx boss ,,,@ alloverdaplace …..

  16. sog says:

    karen great that was funny ,,butt the jew cant climb up in his own ass as he already rented it out to help with expenses and has a family of mexicanz livin up in dere

  17. Jo Jackson says:

    The so-called and UNELECTED “EU” goes cap in hand to (Communist) China for money??
    Really? Aren’t these parasites just telling China’s Commissars “We’ve wrapped it up for you sirs! We’ve undermined and decimated European (and American) industry, handed all their manufacturing skills on a plate to your peasantry to emulate for pennies, acquired the oil and opium reserves and rendered these regions worthless and in debt to you.

    They’re ALL yours! Just send in the army…..

  18. Rainbow says:

    I borrowed one of your links. Good stuff my man.
    US, NATO and Rebel war crimes in Libya
    Many have seen the way Gaddafi was treated and there are many more instances of heinous crimes against Libyan. How much you want to be many of those crimes were perpetrated by Israeli death squads. Israelis were in Iraq long before the war so I am sure they were in Libya as well. One of these days we will find out the truth. Seems they were going to help kill Protesters in Egypt as well.

  19. Diana says:

    Thousands of rockets into Israel from Gaza. Actually it was rockets into Gaza from Israel. The death rate in Gaza from Israeli attacks from 2000 to 2008 was 1500, the death rate in Israel from Hamas rockets was 16 during the same period. Then the Israelis killed another 1500 in Gaza during the Christmas bombing 2008-2009.
    Merry Christmas from Israehell.
    Pics at:
    go to Palestine Diary 2009

    scroll to Life and Death in Palestine

  20. KeepUpTheFight says: triggers off a malware alert in Avast. Perhaps the hasbarats have injected some junk into that site.

  21. Rainbow says:

    The Zionist community must create hate to keep the funding coming. If there were no Anti Semitisim there would be no need for many Anti Semitic organization. They need hate to make money. Other wise many of those groups would not be needed and the heads of those organizations would loose their well paying jobs. They need to create and foster hate to make money. Pretty simple really.

  22. NeoFeudalSerf says:

    WND blocked me from posting comments because I stated that the Jews were behind the 1905 and 1918 Revolutions in Russia. I can no longer post any comments there. They are afraid of the truth.

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