Brainwashed Whites Have Gone CRAZY!

WOW, UNBELIEVABLE HOW messed-up in the head White people are these days. Just got back last night from a totally ruined Thanksgiving dinner because of racially insane Whites. No, it wasn’t because they were evil White “racists” like your good buddy here, but plain old NUTCASES, multicult or whatever.

The father of this one family there for dinner, heard a member of our family, as we were outside walking up to the front door, make an idle joke about my dress shoes looking a bit “negro” (what an evil racist word, huh?). This fully grown idiot must have scampered back inside and told someone in the house about the little joke.

Improbable as it sounds, I compounded it later, by joking with one of my brothers about having to “sit at the…” and was starting to say “little kid’s table” but stupidly pinched off the sentence because I was nervous about saying anything around these people. I hardly even said it loud enough for anyone to hear, except to my brother next to me (thank God he heard me). But because I didn’t finish and the wrong idiot chanced to hear it, all hell soon broke out.

This particular idiot, the wife of the guy outside and mother-in-law to my nephew, then wildly conflated the whole thing, saying I said something racist; later, one of her younger daughters (18 or 19 year-old) chimed in, weirdly accusing me out of the blue of using the word “nigger” at the end of my abbreviated sentence. Incredible, since it didn’t make a whole lot of sense considering no blacks were even there in the first place. But you know how us evil ignorant racists are, right?

Multiculturalism has now destroyed White people’s sanity!

It may have been because one of the family members is married to a “person of color,” an Hispanic-looking guy or maybe Filipino, I’m not sure. One of my brothers once described the younger daughter — the one accusing me of saying the “N-word” (OMG) — as a little twit to me privately, but I never knew why until now.

Now this other family is on my nephew’s wife side. I had long figured out they were hyper-sensitive on race issues and was careful saying JACK around them. After last night’s debacle, my younger brother told me he knew the mother in high school where she dated blacks and acted superior about it to fellow classmates (the media-injected interracial mixing meme has been at work for awhile).

Anyway, I’m certain this family already thinks I’m a big bad evil White racist since I once made the woman’s other daughter (the wife of my nephew) cry when I talked just a little about black/white issues 2 years ago before my nephew married her. I remember I didn’t really say all that much when the girl started bawling like a big baby — completely out of the blue — baffling me with her brainless sensitivity over the matter.

I thought it was crazy at the time and as such avoided talking to the confused woman if possible, especially in the last year or so, because something personal happened between the couple (I won’t go into details here because it had nothing to do with me).

This may have played a factor in last night’s incident by what is called “transference,” the family’s own guilt over the event was psychologically redirected into an attack on the husband’s side of the family — with me as a perfectly suitable bullseye because of my now well-known “racist” sentiments. Little do they know just how well-known, right? LOL.

Of course I don’t know if the psycho biz was the reason. I rarely ever have anything to do with them and pretty much am contented to stay out of people’s business, if at all possible. Anyone who reads here regularly knows I’m basically a big picture guy, not into a lot of personal talk and the same holds true in the real world.

Not only that, everyone here also knows I refrain from using the word “nigger” and only do when it requires it (I reject the hypocrisy of only blacks getting to say whatever they want). My father was old school and didn’t like his kids to be crass.

It’s open season on hating the White race now in America. The “silent majority” sees all this stuff but stupidly blows it off as merely liberalism or “cultural marxism;” when it’s actually been a clever Jewish-instigated “psyops” program to quietly erode White people’s demographics, as well as shield their NWO/Zionist schemes from public debate. One day most Whites will indeed “get it,” but will it be too late by then?

This other family are working class Whites; not that I have anything against that, of course. In fact, I once lived and worked with White people not any different (more laid back, obviously) and there was quite a few blacks too. Believe it or not, I got along just fine with all them: White “rednecks,” (how come liberals never say anything about us getting called that?), backcountry hillbilly hippies (yep, there is such a thing) and just regular, rural blacks, not low-life urban “gangstas.” I know that sounds like a really weird mix, but there you have it.

Hell, I used to party it up and go to NASCAR races with my White girlfriend and her best friend, a black woman she worked with and who always enjoyed my often outrageous sense of humor. Us “haters” can be fun, if you don’t take things so seriously.

Without spending a lot of time talking about all this race friction business (like I don’t already?), let me say this: When Blacks know you’re NOT a weak, liberal multicult idiot are much more relaxed, friendly and, dare I say this: Respectful. They know they can’t use the race crap to put one over on you and consequently drop the militant race angle they too often use like spoiled little brats.

Funny thing: Blacks know all this stuff is going on inside White people’s heads. It’s mostly Whites who never really have any day-to-day connections with blacks and get all their bizarre race thinking from Jew TV.

Hell, if blacks know you’re not some sort of liberal idiot, they even joke freely around you, while at the same time you don’t have to walk on eggshells worried they might think you’re a Klansman for saying the least little thing.

Sure, I spout off here all the time about black crime. Look at the specific acts of brutality against White people that I write about here (just click on my “Black Crime” category over in the subject cloud on the left). You think for one GD minute INCOG MAN is going to act all sweet and cuddly about the deal?

What especially burns my ass (besides a flame 4 foot tall) is all the blatant censoring in the media whenever blacks commit a horrendous crime. Everybody realizes street blacks are a danger, not just to Whites but to themselves. This insane PC business contributes directly to criminality since blacks get twisted up on Whitey-be-racist talk, and use it as an excuse whenever they do something terrible.  

Unfortunately, it’s all too often idiot White multicults who are into the anti-racism crap. The particular family at this ruined Thanksgiving dinner, I have to say are quite nutty over the race business, without a doubt. But, chances are, they are just plain nutty to begin with.

White multicults are indeed completely whacked these days. Without a doubt. They’ve been so brainwashed by Jew TV that even family means zilch anymore, let alone the White race. That’s the part that scares the beejesus out of me.

I don’t think most Whites have a clue of what’s really going on. The lousy, stinking globalist Jews have turned the White race into idiots spitting on ourselves over NOTHING.

From slavery to civil rights; from homo/transgender crap to radical women’s rights and abortion; from non-stop WWII holocaust propaganda to Christian Zionism; from our left/right political bickering; to a liberal media, openly brainwashing our children; to our own problems with religion and race — even our family life and loyalties are being destroyed.

Far too many White people in America are now walking, seething pin cushions of confusion, self-hate and fear. It’s so bad nowadays, that a decent, stand-up White guy can’t say JACK about anything!

Not only all that, but our pocketbooks and patience are clearly running out. Things are coming to a head and deep down everyone knows it.

I don’t know who did this graphic, but I noticed they used one of my comments from some Internet forum.

I don’t think any of these people know about my little site here. At least I hope not. If they do, one of these nutcases very well might alert the PC commie thought police and then I might have to deal with agents of ZOG personally.

Technically, I’m not doing anything illegal, just speaking my mind forthrightly (and sometimes doing killer Photoshops*) on issues Whites often think about to themselves yet are too scared to openly talk about to each other. I know I can still speak my mind, so far.

But like I’ve said before, once they take away my American constitutional right to free speech, all bets are off. I’ll say what the ef I want and should any confused, self-hating idiot White want to “hate” me for what I dare say, so be it.

Let me finish by slightly paraphrasing a quote by the famous 18th Century Englishman, Samuel Johnson:

“I must be conquered; I will not capitulate.”

— Phillip Marlowe

PS: I’ll probably be among the first they’ll come for when the FEMA camps open for business. Bring it on, traitors!

* I didn’t do the lead-in illustration. I figured the Dees art fit just fine for what I was ranting about here. Dees does fantastic work.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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166 Responses to Brainwashed Whites Have Gone CRAZY!

  1. Soaring Eagle says:

    This below is for Lauren

    Elijah Muhammad (leader of the Nation of Islam until his death in 1975)

    Elijah Muhammad, says blacks were “born righteous and turned to unrighteousness,” while the white race was “made unrighteous by the god who made them.
    Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, who is head of the Nation of Islam mosque in Washington, D.C., and also the NOI Minister of Health and Human Services, told a black audience in 1992 that they could find “healing” in killing white people: “When you let [your anger and anxiety] out, there’s healing in that. And if in the process, some of your oppressors and slave-masters die, so what? Everybody has to die some time, don’t they? So why shouldn’t your slave-master die now? They got to die anyhow!”
    At this point, the congregation responded with their agreement. “If you’re white today, it ain’t worth living anyhow,” Alim said.
    “Would you shoot a dog and put it out of its misery? Or a horse? Well, certainly white people is equal to dogs and horses.”

    I see no need for any further comments.

  2. Leif Oldhart says:

    Jews, anybody? Here’s another interesting quote about the Jews, from reading I’ve been doing over the Thanksgiving weekend. Those who find it interesting (and I’m sure there won’t be many 🙂 will find a link the site in my comment above. Hola! What sort of “hateful” “madman” would write something like this, anyhow!!!

    “The durability of the synthetic religion of Judaism, through its various evolutions up to the Christian era and its survival after the onset of that era, reflects the cumulative, “environmental” selective effect of the Platonic-Neoplatonic revolts against the older form of religious polytheistic antihumanist cults. This revolt took its decisive form in the rise of Christianity, which was politically and philosophically a Platonic-Neoplatonic upsurge within the Hellenistic world against the monstrous evil represented by the Roman Empire and Roman law.”

    And what is the title of the essay from which the above paragraph was excerpted.
    “Secrets Known Only to the Inner Elite”

  3. plugged nickel says:

    here’s de-vine english inspirations…. straight outta the 10 tribers history …..

    Heeding Bible Prophecy: New – Similar
    The Merovingians claim to be demi-gods who descended from the ancient …… is a racial inter-marriage and a disappearance of the Negro race by fusing it into …

  4. Maggie says:

    This brave woman telling the truth has been arrested today. Notice the negro behind her stands up to attack her but is stopped by other passengers.

  5. Soaring Eagle says:

    This British woman may have been telling the truth but I found her behavior appalling.
    Have a closer look at her face; under the influence of some substance?
    Feel sorry for the child listening an learning such an obscene language.

  6. GTRman says:

    Poor whites ‘feel like they are last in line for council housing’
    Working classes believe they are left last in line when it comes to council house allocation
    Survey reveals a distrust of officialdom

    White working class people believe they are the last in line for state handouts, welfare help and council housing, a report by a respected research group said yesterday.
    It said that many think if they complain they will be silenced with the charge of racism.

    Read more:

  7. GTRman says:

    One comment from youtube tram vid above :

    ” my son and daughter-inlaw live in a one bed council flat? with their two kids and have ben on the waiting list for 4 years for a larger home.A lithuanian couple with 2 kids have just been housed in a new 3 bed association home in the next street to where l live.They have been in this country for 8 is not surprising that there are some who are racist..”

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    Look at those worthless Whites giving that White woman hell. One of them went up to the black behind her to hug him up when he was getting ready to hit the woman. Of course we have to understand that’s an understandable reaction when an evil White dares to talk. Haven’t you noticed that?

    Man, I hate multicult Whites. They are the ones allowing our countries to be turned to shit!

  9. summerled says:

    our government stooges at work feeding the greedy fat bastard’s of Israel

  10. Barney says:

    Stevil said (November 25, 2011 at 9:38 pm)The issues we discuss are completely foreign to him, he’s totally brainwashed and a happy multicult white man, sickening. All my family are the same way as far as political correctness. All they know is what the MSM tells them and they eat it up.

    WhipCracker said (November 26, 2011 at 2:19 am)Our families, (extended or otherwise), are afraid of what we are telling them. They do not want to hear it. To listen; to know, goes against all they have been taught. It is outside of their comfort zones. In their hearts they feel our truths, but in their minds, they are afraid of that same truth. With knowledge comes responsibility, and most do not want to be responsible for knowledge. Especially when that knowledge is overpoweringly in opposition to what they have been taught and is not safe to know.

    Too true unfortunately. I spend my weekends with a sheeple, and if it hasn’t been mentioned on the electric jew (tv), it can’t possibly be true. I try, but I’d be better off saving my breath. Even when I think I’m making progress, the next day every word I said is forgotten and ZOG can do no wrong. It’s exactly like Herr Hitler arguing with the jews, as described in Mein Kampf. Some people/sheeple just will not listen. They agree that every politician and every jewspaper does nothing but lie, but in the same instant they believe everything those same professional liars tell them.

    George Orwell called it “doublethink”, defined as the ability to hold two conflicting beliefs at the same time while believing both of them to be true.

    I call it insanity.

    I once played one of Johnny Rebel’s “raciss” songs about niggers to this sheeple. The reaction? FEAR. The sheeple are afraid of the truth. That’s why they close their minds.

    Johnny Rebel is banned (= totally unknown) here in Britain. You won’t even find him on Ebay (UK). I’d never even heard of him until someone (Cannibal Rabbi?) posted one of his songs at Hofflandia, after which I downloaded about ten tracks before jewtube took most of them down.

    silvernickel – Everyone needs to ditch $eattle $pyware and switch to Linux. It can take a while to get used to, but it’s practically malware-proof, it comes with just about everything you’ll ever need already installed or just a couple of mouse clicks away … and it’s FREE. I’m using Ubuntu, with nearly 35,000 free, tested applications available from safe, pre-approved sources.

    Sorry sog. I still can’t read you posts. Pity. You seem to have a lot of good stuff to say. It’s just difficult to read. I go dyslexic just looking at it.

    Joke. How do you spell dyslexia?
    Answer. Does it matter?

    T-Bone – Excellent comment. ‘Once you go black, we dont want you back’.

  11. Soaring Eagle says:

    “… One of them went up to the black behind her to hug him..”

    Did anyone consider the safety of the child the mother held on her lap?
    She didn’t seem to take the responsibility, so perhaps the other white feared for the safety of her child, and that way have stopped a serious brawl.

    Just think about it please.
    In my opinion it wasn’t very wise of this British woman to behave in this manner.

    Besides, lets assume these blacks are the off-springs of immigrants and were born in Britain.
    Being in their shoes, listening to this abusive tirade I would rather be very far away instead of this train in Britain.
    I am sure, some of them asked themselves then; “Even though I wish to be elsewhere, where am I suppose to go?”.
    It is quite possible that they hate not only the whites, but also their own parents for putting them in this situation.
    This white woman could have handled it in a different manner leaving her child behind with a relative.
    I believe, it was very irresponsible on her part to use her own child shielding herself that way from a potential physical attack.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Don’t be giving that line of CRAP!

      It’s GD time all of us get as brave as that woman and speak out anywhere we can.

      I don’t want to hear any more pussy talk.

      In fact, I do believe it’s time for more than talk.

  12. lauren carson says:

    arhh, my hero sog ,came and delivered me from an eternity of being ankle bitten by pettyness, exceptional rhetoric sog per usual, not going to reward you with any sexual favours mind (!) but how about a kiss on the computer screen, mwa.
    Hello Soaring eagle, well what can I say I am a fan of Enoch Powell so like him I would not have allowed the evil to have became so cancerous in the first instance but back to jew-induced-reality.
    After radical muzz-dog gave the orders to kill whiteman in white man territory ones reply might not be in sound waves but perhaps a different kind of wave,(no I don’t resort to evil of khazar-mafia-murder-tactics.)
    Under a kingdom ruled by justice he would be imprisoned but jew-madness-mafia mob have destroyed any sense in this world so it all boils down once again to the final solution of sorting out the origins of all the problems inflicted on us poor white bastards by these bastard Khazar pretend jews. (if there are nice good khazars ;apologies and please sort out your corrupt members of your own clan; we are sick to deathe of their BS.)
    BUT a major butt I like you am contained within the confines of the electro-magnetic open prison run by corrupt khazar mafia so they have us by the balls so I don’t know; sit back ,snack on some popcorn and watch the jew-madness unfold before your very eyes. Are only savour seems to be if the navy ever one day decide that they like us are severely frigged of with old rothchild and decide to mutiny.
    I often ponder whether Lord Nelson and Napoleon got it wrong in the sense that they fighted each other perhaps they should have turned the tables around on rothchild and joined forces might have done the white race no end of good instead of just furthering Khazar supremacy.

  13. Soaring Eagle says:

    In reply to ZionCrimeFactory
    November 25, 2011 at 8:05 pm regarding mind control of people being brainwashed for many, many years.
    You have mentioned one ignorant ( unaware) Polish lady whose life was probably too busy working full time, cooking, cleaning and bringing up the kids having no time for Internet research.
    She isn’t the only one.
    Just recently, by speaking up for Palestinians and explaining the terrorist role of the state of Israel and its creation I have lost a friendship of many years to an English-Irish person, and have alienated others.
    And yet, I must state, that I have been communicating over the Internet with some young Polish folks who are surprisingly well aware of the ‘holohoax’ and the recent, world events/news thanks to our technology.
    They seem to have more time to browse and get educated.
    The world is awakening!

  14. anti-zionist says:

    brainwashed whites aint that the truth. Dumb as dog shit and not worth saving. Your either with us or against us. Heard a group of grown ups talk today and they have no clue yammering on about two and a half men. The jew must have a good laugh at how easy this all is. But the next fall of the jew will be its last and that makes me happy.

  15. GTRman says:

    The woman in the tram vid has been vilified by all UK papers today as the “most vile racist in Britain ” !!!!

    ” Mother of all racists
    Vile rant at tram passengers with kid on lap ” screams Murdoch’s Sun :

    A YOUNG mum has been filmed unleashing a torrent of foul-mouthed racist abuse at black and foreign passengers on a packed tram.
    The woman’s toddler son sat on her lap as she ranted and swore at stunned fellow travellers.

    and more :

    X Factor Marcus Collins’ gay hate terror
    Singer left reeling after sick 2.30am call

    X FACTOR favourite Marcus Collins was left reeling after a sicko rang him in the middle of the night to blast him with a torrent of RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC abuse.
    The gay singer — who is mixed race — was woken by his phone ringing at 2.30am on Tuesday morning.

    He initially thought it was a pal out on the town wondering if he was still out — until the caller spoke.

    A source said: “The voice on the other end of the line was just full of hate and spewed all sorts of racist and anti-gay abuse.

    Listen to this deluded “intellectual ” call her a “racist cunt “, several times :

  16. GTRman says:

    More from UK ZOG Matrix :

    Typical jew hubris (jubris)

    Commons Speaker John Bercow’s new £37,000 portrait and coat of arms unveiled

    Got some time off work . Woke 8.30 , made a cup of tea . Got back into bed , flicked on TV , still sleepy ….not for long :

    8.55 , BBC Breakfast : Fugly devil-faced jew film critic Jason Solomon eulogising the late Ken Russell :

    ” …His television films became increasingly flamboyant and outrageous. Dance of the Seven Veils sought to portray Richard Strauss as a Nazi: one scene in particular showed a Jew being tortured while a group of SS men look on in delight, to the tune of Strauss’s music. The Strauss family was so outraged they withdrew all music rights so that the film is effectively banned from being screened until Strauss’s copyright expires in 2019. ” ( Wiki )

    I thought , right , Im going to do a jew-count , went to get a pad and pen . By

    8.05 , same programme , creepy jew “Sir ” Ben Kingsley ….

    9 .06 , ITV ” Lorraine “: Actress Ann Mitchell . Looks jewish , jewish name , but unconfirmed .

    9.15 Channel 5 : ” The Wright Stuff “…special guest Anthony Horowitz , who mentioned ” Auswitchz” within ten seconds of opening his mouth ” My private school in Harrow was horrible , I called it Auswitchz on the hill..”

    ITV2 : Judge Judy , Judy Sheindlin…Evil-faced witch

    Really : 9.00 : The Ellen Degeneres Show : Fugly jew lezzer

    So, that’s all before 9.30 am in the former UK ……

    Mitchell is a name that is very commonly used by jews . David Mitchell , however , is of Scottish descent , and the “Anne Frank gets a drum -kit ” gag isnt even original ….another example of “outrage ” , and how one had better not undermine jew fables , myths , tales of woe ….

    Radio 4 defends David Mitchell Anne Frank joke

    ” The BBC Radio 4 commissioning editor responsible for comedy has defended the decision to air comedian David Mitchell’s controversial comments about Anne Frank.
    In today’s Feedback programme, Caroline Raphael said she did not regret the decision to broadcast the comment made on quiz show, The Unbelievable Truth, earlier this month.
    Mr Mitchell, who chairs the programme, said that Anne Frank’s last diary entry was: “It’s my birthday and dad bought me a drum kit.”
    The BBC received almost 50 complaints about the comment, which Gillian Walnes, executive director of the Anne Frank Trust, called “thoughtless” and “offensive”.
    Today, Ms Raphael said: “We never broadcast anything to deliberately give people offence and while I do understand and appreciate that some people did find this offensive, I stand by the decision to broadcast it.
    “Personally I did find this funny. I don’t think it was trivialising the Holocaust, it wasn’t trivialising the nature of her death or the situation they were in.
    “For me it actually captures some of the extraordinary spirit of that remarkable girl, Anne Frank, and there was a certain note of affection towards her. After all she was young and if she was a teenager now she might have got a drum kit. It was satirising the situation they were in.”

    Notice that the producer is, of course , a jew . It’s BBC Radio 4skin , after all ..

    Stupid jew :

    ” As it happens, my own view is that Rupert Murdoch is one of the few genuinely great men of our times, a man who has done more to enrich our lives than any other single human being of the past generation and who should be a hero for his commitment to freedom. ”

  17. GTRman says:

    If that woman had been a black woman on a tram in South Africa , ranting about honkies and whitey , and saying “Go back to where you came from ” she would be made a media darling ,a new “Rosa Parks” ….

    Intolerance will NOT be tolerated in the Brave New World . Selectively , of course .

  18. Jo Jackson says:


    You nailed it on the head. This woman is right!!!
    Thing is though … how many white English people from various right wing parties will stand up for her in her emotional outburst in the courts? I’ll wager not one.

    The Sun et al is written and driven by the Jew and it’s white whores and this poor woman will be crucified by them – in HER OWN COUNTRY!

    All this immigrant scum is here because they CANNOT MAKE IT in their own god forsaken shit holes where they come from. They’re invited here by the kike as a “comfort zone” to deflect their iniquity

  19. Turbo Hog says:

    Don’t sweat it it Incog.. I gave up on my white family years ago.. The irony is all white people deep-down feel the same but express it differently.. We all secretly hate nigs.

    Young white girls..? Forget about it.. They are so self-absorbed a conversation about butterflies would send them into orbit.. All that gets through with them is compliments.. After that..they will believe whatever you say.. You are still the man bro..

  20. JamesTheJust says:

    Don’t sweat it it Incog.. I gave up on my white family years ago.. The irony is all white people deep-down feel the same but express it differently.. We all secretly hate nigs.

    My sister would always come home from work complaining about the niggers – how they were all on welfare and yet DEMANDED that they be treated “special”.

    She never had anything good to say about those monkeys, so I figured it was time to give her a lesson in life about the true nature of those apes. What happened? She called me a racists and everything but a nigger. (like she isn’t racists – she’s just too damned dumb to SEE what she truly is)

    So be it. I have cut all ties with my family. They are all the same idiot white trash posing as loyal hard-working Americans.

    I’ll have nothing to do with them until they open their eyes.

    MY FAMILY are racially aware Whites and if you aren’t racially aware, then to hell with you.

  21. Soaring Eagle says:

    November 29, 2011 at 5:45 am

    And what about the Polish- British on this tram?
    Are they BLACK?!
    Her foul mouth spoke the ugliest English that one can teach a child, especially her own.
    She wasn’t sober! Not a very smart way to deal with such issues.
    I am not taking sides, as I don’t really like blacks myself, but as a white person and a mother I found her behavior appalling demoralizing her own son!
    That’s exactly what the jews are aiming for and it seems do be working…..
    Now that the blacks will hate whites even more it will only be easier to introduce martial law and use them as our gendarmes!

  22. Maggie says:

    @ Soaring Eagle says: November 29, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    Yes, she was drunk and foul-mouthed, but that does not negate the validity of what she said. I imagine that, being drunk, she just flipped when she saw herself surrounded by all the dark faces. She did mention Poles in her tirade, but of course that fact has been ignored by the media in their vilification of her. I don’t know what you mean by “Polish British”. Poles are not British, they are allowed to work in the UK because Poland is part of the EU.

    Our wonderfully unbiased media failed to mention the negro who stood up to attack this woman. Also ignored was the negro woman who said that Britain needed immigrants because the natives are too lazy to work. That’s not racist, is it? Of course not, only whites can be racist. That tram carriage was packed full of blacks and foreigners, as are most public transport vehicles in Britain. That woman said what most white natives think, but are too afraid or too sober to say in public.

    By the way, the use of bad language by certain classes is very prevalent in the UK, so Americans visiting here be warned because you seem to find it very upsetting. I am more upset by the fact that my country is turning into a sewer.

  23. Maggie says:

    @ GTRman says: November 29, 2011 at 5:48 am

    GTR did you know that Kate Middleton’s mother’s maiden name in Goldsmith? In my books that makes her a Jewess. I think it’s easy to see that bloodline in the “gorgeous” Pippa.

  24. Soaring Eagle says:

    Regarding the Polish-British tram commuters I had in mind British born descendant of Polish post war immigrants.
    I am also aware of many Poles living there temporarily on working visas and that also should be taken into account; they have permission to work for period of time and then go back home.
    Besides, I really didn’t intend to bring it up and stirring others emotions, but some of the young Poles could have been the grandkids of Polish pilots fighting in the battle for Britain during the WW2.

    And I must admit, I hate foul language.
    It’s okay to use it occasionally to spice up a joke or curse a little when one gets hurt, but as every second or third word in a sentence I find it disgusting.
    I also believe that this British woman’s courage comes from the influence of a few drinks or drugs taken prior to this incident.
    She clearly isn’t sober setting the worse example for the toddler on her lap, that could have been traumatized if things got out of hand!

  25. sog says:

    righto gtr man …absolutely good on the freaks of hollyweird,,,,,my new reality show has frustrated whites hunting them down and bashing their skulls up a bit and tyin em down and havin a good piss on the idiots …..that ashton kuther biaaatch is into cabalah…..not one gentile “goy” or real white man non joo bag in the talmud vizzion screen anymore ,,uhmm or for that matter ever …….jews for jews …..never go to movies …havnt been in 15 years and 10 years prior to that ,,,why support jew holyweird….fuck that shit hole and all the maggots in that space

  26. Jo Jackson says:

    Most of the UK’s fugly Jews are of Polish origin.

    They’ve been here since the end of the 2ww worming their way into government institutions and facilitating immigration of untermenche from Afreaka, Arsia, Poland and rest of Untermensche Europe including Albania and fucking Kosovo.

    I’ve got nothing against Poles per say but I don’t want to see them in every fucking industrial estate I visit along the length and breadth of Britain. They’ve taken up where the micks, niggers and pakis of the 60’s left off.

    Most of them are white kaffirs with no neck, happy to work for a kaffir’s wage – I’d rather be on the dole and screw the system… but they’ll learn if not already. That’s what these people do once they get to know the benefit system.

    I can’t wait for an economic collapse. When the benefits dry up these maggots will fuck off. We can then deal with their “starving” bankrupted, soft and sweaty pawed handlers. 🙂

    Civil war YES please!!!

  27. Jo Jackson says:


    ” Typical jew hubris (jubris)
    Commons Speaker John Bercow’s new £37,000 portrait and coat of arms unveiled

    This hideous Asiatic creep awarding itself a ‘coat of arms’ in the British Heraldic sense is as obtuse as a rabbi growing a foreskin. It doesn’t wash – the creature is the spawn of the devil and an insult to Heraldry of any form.

    Same with the ‘knighthoods’ they’ve twisted out of the now puppet queen. Imagine Sir Francis Drake, Sir Douglas Bader or Sir Oswald Mosley standing side by side with a thing like “Sir” Philip Green, “Sir” Leon Brittan(sky) or “Lord” Mandelson, “Lord” Sugar ??? Dame Susman, Jagger, Forsythe et al

    It would be comical if not so TRAGIC!!

  28. GTRman says:

    All of our ” new , unhappy lords with dark dead alien eyes ” are now jews .

    Levy , Ashcroft , Howard , Mandelson , Sugar , Lawson , etc et etc ….

    Jo : Cannibal Rabbi is asleep on my couch as I type . We both took a 75 min bus trip today to meet Barney today . Is this the first instance of us ” keyboard warriors ” actually meeting up in real 3-D ? I think so .

    How bout some of our American friends do the same ?

  29. Soaring Eagle says:

    Jo Jackson
    December 2, 2011 at 2:09 pm says:

    “Most of the UK’s fugly Jews are of Polish origin.”

    Jews of Polish origin?
    Where did you get that from?
    They may be some Khazars living in Poland, but that doesn’t make them Polish you idiot!
    They never assimilate. They always remain Jewish!

    And what about the Jews of British origin?
    Want to see a list of them?

    Jews don’t work hard, but real Poles do.
    I can certainly ‘smell’ some envy on your part as Poles seem to be the ambitious, hardworking achievers. They don’t hurt anyone, so get off their backs!
    Better watch out for the dark ones.

    So, cut out your jealous crap man.
    I suspect that you are on the dole.

  30. Jo Jackson says:

    Bald Eagle

    Fuck you! – you don’t have a clue about what’s going on this country. These people may be ‘hard working’ – yes – SOME of them are in order to get a foot in the door to the benefits system which they don’t have back home. They claim benefits here to send home to their non existent families, even cars which nobody questions.

    If they’re as industrious as you claim why the fuck don’t they sort their own country out like the Japanese do. I’d rather have a Japanese person around me any day. I’ll never have a problem with them because they’re a PROUD people sorting out their own issues in their own country and they can’t stand immigrants either!

    Poles are generally fine and ‘humble’ on their own but many are just like pakis and coons becoming cocky and arrogant when they’re comfortable. There’s plenty of do- gooders of some other godforsaken ethnic background.. kikes… hovering around telling them what their fucking ‘rights’ are too.

    Walking on the streets of any English city these days its really hard to hear any form of estuary English language spoken at all. A true blue Englishman is an absolute rarity in England. Most are in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

    Ha! as for being the dole I just might be soon when it suits me 🙂 I have absolutely ZERO loyalty for the contemporary “British” establishment. My partner and I have a contract haulage business. We buy tank loads of cheap fuel in Poland and Slovakia and we also lease their trucks… but not their drivers 🙂 Put that in your rizla and smoke it!

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