The NEW Target in the Zionist NWO Hit List

By Christopher Bollyn

Is Syria the next nation targeted by the West for regime change?  Will the United States and its NATO allies use military force to remove Bashar al-Assad from power? Is there a long-standing plan to use force to change the regime of every nation in the Middle East that is opposed to the U.S./Zionist hegemony in the region?   

Syria has actually been in the Neo-Con crosshairs since 9/11 when a “policy coup” occurred at the Pentagon, according to General Wesley Clark. The fact that Syria has been targeted by the United States and Israel was made clear by their blatant attempts to wrongly blame Syria for the assassination of Rafik Hariri. When that scheme failed the same powers sought to exploit the Arab Spring protests to foment regime change in those nations that are among the target nations:  Syria, Iran, and Libya.

Bahrain, on the other hand, under the rule of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, is most certainly not a target nation — because it is an ally of the United States. The United States supports the tyrannical Khalifa regime in Bahrain because it hosts the U.S. 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf.  This means that the anti-regime protest movement in Bahrain has not received any moral support from the United States government or media. In Bahrain, the U.S. government has actually supported the violent crackdown on the protesters. Today, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reports that some 20 Bahraini medics who provided medical help to protesters during the uprising in Bahrain have been sentenced to up to 15 years in jail.  Will the U.S. government come to the defense of these doctors who have been punished for helping the injured?

The popular Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri, who did so much to rebuild Beirut, was murdered in a mysterious bombing on February 14, 2005. With no evidence to support the accusation, the Zionist-controlled Western media blamed Syria for the killing — a good indication that this was yet another Israeli false-flag terror attack/targeted killing.


The Zionist Neo-Con agenda to overthrow the regimes of 7 nations in five years is described in the following video of Clark speaking in October 2007. The Huffington Post asked Clark in January 2007 what made him so sure that the United States is headed in the direction of attacking Iran, and he replied: “You just have to read what’s in the Israeli press. The Jewish community is divided, but there is so much pressure being channeled from the New York money people to the office seekers.”

It is certainly true that “New York money people” are leading the push to use U.S. military force to aggress Iran. The very same “money people” were also involved in both 9/11 and the trillion dollar bail-out of A.I.G., Goldman Sachs, and other corrupt investment banks.  Two former bosses of Goldman Sachs, Jon Corzine and Bradley Abelow, are behind the latest financial fraud — the missing $600 million from MF Global [looks like it may exceed 1.2 billion— incog]. The people behind the criminal network that is destroying America are known, but because our law enforcement agencies are also corrupt and controlled there is no action taken to stop them. How can we stop a criminal organization that controls the White House, Congress, the U.S. Department of Justice – and the FBI? This is the question that needs to be answered if we are to avoid a major war in the Middle East — with Iran and Syria.

The following video explains the current situation in Syria and provides insights into how the protest movement may have been exploited to create an armed conflict, bringing the nation to the verge of a civil war:

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Russian warships enter Syrian waters to prevent NATO attack

US carrier group sent to Syrian waters as tensions flare

Russia installing S-300 missile system in Syria

Obama moves to war with Syria

US urges Americans to leave Syria immediately

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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50 Responses to The NEW Target in the Zionist NWO Hit List

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    I’m all for getting this over with. The Zionist jews and JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians and their various cults are the death of this planet.

    I can’t go out and start shooting the fuckers or I’ll get arrested. Once this “war to end all wars – no really 🙁 ” get started, I can start my “target practice” and no one will be the wiser.

  2. Vox says:

    Incog man

    You act surprised? That always was the plan “Seven Nations in Five Years” was what it was called under the Bush regime. It’s now up to the jew’s house nigger to finish the job the incoherent cokehead didn’t.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I’m not surprised.

      I’ve believed this to be the course for many years now. Actually, I thought they’d be doing something along these lines since before Wesley Clark was clued in to that list.

  3. Vox says:

    I’ve seen this video countless times on Talmudvision. I’m putting it up here because “Maureen” is the epitome of a White kwan. If you told her type the truth about jews, niggers, Israel, etc. she’d just get that puzzled kwan look on her face and ask you “why are you so full of hate?”

  4. Marshall says:

    Well Vox, that comment is a prime example of why you will never be invited to play “Wheel of Fortune” on the MSM.


  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Boys Who Cry “Holocaust”

    The same neocon hawks who lied us into Iraq are using the ultimate argument-stopper to push war with Iran.

    We’ve been through this before. As one of the most disastrous wars in our history is coming to an inglorious end, the same neoconservative hawks who dreamed it up are agitating for a new war that would make Iraq look like the invasion of Grenada-and using the ultimate trump card in American politics to silence debate over it.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Think You’re Not Being Pimped For More Wars? Think again.

  7. Tuff Guy says:

    You’re all over it Incog….nice…….I was just reading this yesterday:

  8. Loki says:

  9. plugged nickel says:

    hate to be a khaned sumered whiner regarding any piece of shit with a bolens name on it, but, like jeebus jumpin, that italian facsimile steel used in the fab of those nemed crap, continues to flood the big boxes … monopoly works wonders…… hahahaha weatherby japan made……… typical limey JEWS…….honorary garter wearers ….

  10. Loki says:

  11. bloke says:

    just read the stuff abt the pending detention w/out trial legislation, re: US home-land……uh……ha ha ha……youse ‘Kwans gunna go to WAR against ZOG yet?!?

    i advise a rapid re-read of both “The Turner Diaries” and “The Brigade”

  12. SBD TV says:

    Go on, say it, it’s “naggers”, “naggers”…………………………………………….931,620

  13. Luke says:

    Does anyone besides me wonder why these murderous, psychopathic assholes who are today running our country into the shitter seem to not be worried about the possibility that two can play this game of targeted assassinations? I know I would be, if I were stupid enough to get up on the jew tube and shoot my mouth off about how we need to start sending hit teams into any country who refuses to kiss our ass and kill anyone who have academic credentials we don’t like or who looks at us cross-eyed.

    This is getting to the point where it’s past being surreal. With our southern border as wide open as it is, it would not be difficult at all for some foreign nation to sneak a few hit teams into the USA.

    Something just doesn’t add up. This whole climate in D.C. these days has an artificial aroma to it.

  14. Citizenfitz says:

    What’s the frequency, Charles?

  15. Ahhhh… A small detour on their criminal and evil way to Iran….

    After Syria falls… Iran is definitely next….

    And why is nobody in the criminal USA doing anything to stop it? Oops.. sorry.. A big sale is going on today in the Apple Online store as we speak… Its Cyber Monday!!!!

  16. t bone says:

    Those 2 Wheel of Fortune vids….very funny.

    Think I hurt myself on the second one. ouch.

  17. Citizenfitz says:

    Jewish math: 10,000,000 Muslims < 1 Jew fingernail

  18. Citizenfitz says:

    The twelve stages of a holocaust tale:

    1. The survivor is put in a cattle car filled with hundreds of Jews, but only one poop bucket, and sent to a camp, usually Auschwitz. Many Jews die of suffocation, along the way but none from thirst since Jews can go 5 days without water.

    2. The survivor stands in a line, to be chosen either for the gas chamber or the kitchen/orchestra/workshop. Close family members are always put in the gas line. Even though all those under 16 are immediately gassed at Auschwitz, for some reason many young kids are put in the work line.

    3. The survivor comes face to face with Dr. Death – Joseph Mengele – who decides to spare his life because Mengele had never seen a dancing Jew, a singing Jew, a Jew with no pimples, or a Jew who said they would work hard for him.

    4. The survivor lives on a meager ration of 300 calories per day, including turnip heads/potato skins/grass soup/sawdust/human flesh, bones and hair/cat/rat/mice/dog meat/poop corn, etc.

    5. However they are still strong enough to work for the Germans as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, rocket scientists….

    6. The survivor has some gold, diamonds or other jewelry which they continuously swallow and defecate in a cycle, and which they use to bribe the guards for favours, or pay for a visit to the camp brothel.

    7. They are taken to the gas chambers, but miraculously escape at the last minute, unbeknownst to the guards. All their friends are killed. They witness other horrible atrocities, including babies burned alive in pits, geysers of Jewish blood spurting out of the ground; people burned alive in the ovens when the gas chambers were too busy….

    8. The survivor is then forced to take part in a ‘death march’ which doesn’t actually lead to his death. Often the survivor just runs off….

    9. The survivor is recaptured, then transferred to another camp, where they miraculously cheat death again… and again… and again…. This may be repeated any number of times.

    10. The survivor finally escapes for good – right under the guard’s noses – often by hiding in the latrine. He hides in the forest with other escaped Jews who form an anti-Nazi resistance movement. He is the only member of his extended family of 200 people to survive, and weighs only 40-50 pounds when rescued. Afterwards, although he has no friends, family or money, he immigrates to America/Canada/Britain/Australia/Israel…. There, haunted by his memories and unable to sleep at night due to bad dreams, the survivor prospers and eventually buys a multinational corporation!

    11. For 50-60 years the survivor says nothing about his experiences. Then – suddenly – he can talk of nothing else. He writes a memoir called something like, ‘Dancing to the Music of my Dreams – A Survivor’s Story’.

    12. The survivor has now found peace, and spends the rest of his life telling his amazing story to schoolchildren. But only the very youngest ones, of course….…

  19. t bone says:

    Whats up, Fitz
    Long time , no see.

    Heres a link for the ‘kosher tax’ section of your blog if you dont already have it:

    Also, theres a kosher tax thread @ Hofflandia. I’m having a little PC trouble today or I’d post that link as well.

  20. Oye vey, citizenfitz…. Here is some real jew math…

    2.4 million Jews estimated living in Europe circa 1939

    6 million die in the Holy hoax (oh the horror!!!! the horror!!!!)

    3.6 million survivors of the Holy Hoax circa 1945….

    1 Million survivors miraculously still alive today and collecting Holy Hoax reparations from the stupid goyim….

    Hey… It all makes sense now….

  21. Loki says:

    “The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”
    – Martin Heidigger

  22. Loki says:

  23. Vox says:


    They are truly an amazing people.

    They’re magicians too – now you see the shekels – now you don’t!

  24. Marshall says:

    A…A…A…WHAT???>>>A NEW TARGET???

    (SPIT-TAKE…SAY WHAT INCOG???) Sorry, now I have to clean off the coffee table. DOH!!!

    Nothing new about any of it. In fact, it’s as old as the first JEW who ever was one or described himself as such.

    Would somebody either GET, or DOWNLOAD, a specific series of bits and bytes, otherwise known as “digital binary data,” that somehow arrange themselves into forms of recognizable international (and maybe intergalactic) communication, commonly referred to as…

    A CLUE.

    1.) Jew see map.
    2.) Jew call USA.
    3.) USA kill all on map.
    4.) Jew now own map and USA.


  25. INCOG MAN says:

    Disgusted White Christian:

    You’re not getting back in until you stop the personal attacks on me.

    Got it?

  26. silvernickel says:

    check it out….The Barney ‘jewhomoskank’ Frank is just gonna retire!! I guess he knew his days were numbered anyhow, plus his nation wrecking handywork has been accomplished for his fellow illuminated tribesman.

  27. JamesTheJust says:

    The little jew-homo probably has AIDS…we can only hope. I hear that can be a particularly horrible way to die…GOOD!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      The old Jew fag is getting out while the getting is good.

      That’s the thing about rats — living in the bilge gives them first notice the ship is going to sink.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        He’ll probably “hole” up somewhere with his pedophelia porn collection — dreaming of his “heady” times on Fire Island.

  28. JamesTheJust says:

    So there is proof that Palestinians are remote relatives of Jesus?

    That is an outright lie. I have challenged every single proponent of this great lie to provide PROOF! So far, no takers.

    Only those who have not studied scripture or history think the Palestinians are related. The Palestinians are the result of Moorish/Arab invasions.

    The true Israelites left the M.E. long ago and travel North into Europe. AND THAT IS A PROVABLE FACT.

  29. Soaring Eagle says:

    David Duke on his recent imprisonment in Germany;

  30. bloke says:

    Brit’ sheila “cracks the SHITz” @ nogz on London tram…..good to see some white people fighting back and “having a go” @ least…….now….all we need is for some ‘Kwans to follow suit and, with a bit of luck, un-load a clip from a “45acp” into some nog’s gob and “kick off” the race war!

  31. The word Arab is ancient hebrew word and means means MIX. Jews and arabs are genetic brothers-bastards.
    Palestinians are like any arab shit living in europe acting like lazy neger,imported by jew swine.
    In time of Jesus no one can go to Temple who was mix race because there was sings around Temple and who try to enter he risk execution . Temple in Jerusalem was build by white Israelites tribes , who are now the white Europeans .
    Jew swine rats never build anything exempt the fucking holocaust fiction raket .
    Those people who we call jews and arabs are mix mud bastard degenerated shit and nothing else.
    The end of a jew satanic swine rats race is near. So jew swines just wait for it . I will enjoy with pleasure to see you in lake of fire.
    Sieg heil .

  32. JamesTheJust says:

    Hear! Hear! Margarita Moore.

  33. sog says:

    incog has nailed it down “YouTube Preview Image

    The following video explains the current situation in Syria and provides insights into how the protest movement may have been exploited to create an armed conflict, bringing the nation to the verge of a civil war: HARIRI ,absolutely the jews did it ,,,,,like they did sadat ,,,like they did libya ,,,,,the russain 1917 coup ,,,a copy of a viruliently zio mag for jews was mistakenly delivered to an addy i frequent and the shit in there is amazing brainwash ,,,,one of the articles says besides the genital mutilater jews fighting circumcision ban in san fran and all that there was an invitation to come and join the community for humanistic judaeism ,laff,,

    one of the series classaes on jewish intellectual history studies was something called “THE JEWISH ADVENTURE WITH SOCIALISM” with a picture of marx mordeai,,,,

    jewish brainwashing at werk ,,,,an adventure in socialism ,,,unbeleeeeevable …..and there is no charge for the class ,,,thats unbeleeeevable…

    what do you bet that the mysterious death of 70 million non jews in russia
    will be examined after they serve manischevitz and shots of kosher whiskey,

    other articles admonish the bainwashed jewish idiots that support for israel is fading etc.

    studies of rawandan genocide that the jews were behind anyway in the first place..

    other shit about the new holacaust bill in congress against the germans from the work they did in greece?there for mussolini…always the reparations.

    how come there are always these holacost survivors (liars)…why do these parasites

    deserve to be paid for life for something hey were not even part of

    millions of jews signed up for holacast reparations after ww2 and most of these shit

    birds were from russia and poland and all kazars

    they have been declaring war on all nations and peole in a forward march pace since the taking of englands fortune of hesse and establishing the england jew bank ,,,and so on ,french revoulution and all the revs and wars since …

    the thing about lebanon was the jews bein in there where as always they did not belong and causing all manner of problems and were directly responsible for the marine billet truck bomb as i figure the usa stopped israel from slaughering more than the 35,000 lebs they already did..

    the deal with abu nidal is he was always mossad inside super secret false flag waver and man on the ground for munich athlete situation but it was the german police that caused the deaths at the helicopters on cue Jews/AbuNidalTheArab.htm

    look at iran ..they arent doing anything to anybody but thet are in total danger of being liberated or is it different that iraq and libya where all this military action is of jewish origin

    is iran building a bomb ,i would if israel was wanting to wipe me out for over 20 years now..

    the jew world order seeks to enslave all countries by whatever means that appear to be acceptable to the brainwashed sheep in the world…

    not to mention some o these majicians have lived 100 years and were not even alive

    when all the ww2 event happened ….reparations alike diamonds and are forever …no

    one deserves reparations for any reason and no one of those dp’s that poured into

    germany post ww2 deserved anything other than a bayonet or bullet …millions signed

    up for reparations ,,what a fukkin scam like the fed reserve,or like modern zionist gov

    and jew medicine …or the scum that put usa into ww2 to demoralize germany for the

    lousy khazar jews so the mongolian russian zio jew humps could take over europe ,,what dupes in govt …

    i guarantee that if a usa congressman or senator stood up for the constitution and the rights of the non jew citizens he/she would be gunned down or planecrashed like john tower ,,hale boggs,paul wellstone .etc,,jfk,jr.,,

    syria will be just another cozy litle coop,and stopover for the jews in israel in their hasidic talmudic caball-lick saytanik lockstep towards world govt…..

    as always i love your style margarita ,,Sieg heil back at ya,,, Heil og sael

    another disgusting reparation story News Letter/planned_mass_murder_of_germans_i.htm

    proof that ancient hebrew ,,phonecian and irsh scottish garlick are extremely ididntical languages an all but without pedigrees its arbitrary as to who or what and ancient hebrews were not exacxtly much to begin with …this stuff still foments and promulgates hebrew bs chozen flase phenomenah anyway…
    jesus said clearly about there being no one or the other people ,as all greek,sumerian ,gentile ,jew were all separated from god by sinfull soul;,,solefull o sin ,,heh heh

    i would be the first to give a squirt as my lineage takes me to ancient ireland in the early 3 digit years and german volga before the csar was removing the german farmers from pre ww1 russia……
    we of jew wise knowlege are a new tribe

    good positive post vox ,yer not a slimy jew after all ,aight ,,,,

  34. Alababa Bumba says:

    That chick on the tram is my new hero. She is so hot!

  35. Lauren Carson says:

    When I watched programs the guy presenter mentioned that ‘constitution’ supporters would not survive the future.

    Apparently some mystical jewish woman moguls have wrote what the future should be and that seems to be their agenda.

  36. dc says:

    I believe you owe your readership an account of the poor white Englishwoman who all alone had the courage and frustration of a hundred white “activists”. Take a look at Majority Rights if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
    It’s our fucking country, that’s all we have to say.

  37. Plantarfacist says:

    Yup. Sure looks like the Insider plan a RERUN of 1930s, with some new twists. An artifical price boom, especially in suburban housing (where we fled to escpae Turd World city cores) roared (while real manufacturing jons got EXPORTED TO CHINA unlike 1930s), and the boom went BUST (then so did the stock market, as in 1930, but now we have double dip depression not just one spike) and masses of our folks suffer (even more than in 1930s because now “affirmative action” and piles of aliens mean our good jobs are NEVER to return under plans of Insiders) while Insiders calle for massive monetary expansion – borrowing from their Fed Res of course at interest to be paid from taxes on you and your children (which sum CANNOT ever be paid off).

    For years things have been Depressionville (except for few CEOs cutting our corners).

    Obamy came, and baild out rotten Jew banksters, but “conservatives” would’nt let him go hog wild spending, by borrowing massively enslaving us, so we get to stew 4 years.

    Now we may get a change, with a BIG WAR…. suddenly “patriotic” idiots (Neocons) will sanction borrowing for war, using all collateral, as Greece had to do, giving TITLE TO ALL STATE ASSETS (Acropolis and other ancient sites!) collateral to banksters and huge debts to their kids to “bail out” their f*cked up country MONEY MASTERS!

    Yes a big war can “cure” depression… except it just makes banskters richer and more prone to do it agian until they directly own your property and life… and should you protest with too much TRUTH exposed, they’ll stifle that too (various “law” tools).
    And should you really get mad, well the’ve targetted free white owning firearms for a long time… so don’t count on them “tolrerating” any of your “Consitutiona” rights as most have been flushed long ago (if you haven’t noticed).

    So REPUDIATE THE WHOLE POLITICAL (democratic) & “MONEY”(fiat usury $) system and discover your own God-given rights and enforce them.

    PS: They once said I had plantar fascitis, making walking tough, but now I walk strong after a shot of the right steroids in the right place. (Just one dose did it for 20+ years.) The “Steroids” you need are getting back to our identity and our original laws, giving us dominion, not these annoying turd-worlders and our demon “masters” now running the show. Identify and repudiate them boldly. It’s time for them to go!

    PPS: has a Jewish/Zionist Lawyers view Falk ) on why Jews must support Republicans (clearly they already run the Democratic gang) so clearly they run that gang of “patriotic” (pro-Israel, war mongering) clowns also.

    BOTH SIDES IN US “POLITICS” ARE PHONEY – tools of Zionists/Rothschilders.

    DON’T VOTE. PROTEST VOTING. Repudiate the system itself!
    Don’t obey, and don’t pay, manmade law regimes. Separate, get out of the system!
    (Confederacy did this. But they’d have just built another manipulatable democracy.
    Get back to our original God-given laws. Nothing else will cure the crap.)

  38. American born says:


    Good piece here, the video of Clarke was very telling.
    It looks like the British are taking the lead on the next war in Iran.
    Syria is doomed, just like Lybia and Iraq.
    I saw an interview on RT just now where some sand person was saying the same thing as Clarke. The economic implosion is imminent and the powers that be here in the US need to destroy every nation in the ME before the bottom falls out.
    The rush to all out war is on. The jew sees the end is near.

  39. sog says:

    great arty c-fitz ,,,the ovens were also a good hoax ….but the first thing is why would germany bother to even round up jews when you can just shoot em wherever they are ….on the ovens that were built in tandem and a couple a real good sites on thjis are gone but the ovens took forever to burn someone to well done state and if 1 side o the oven broke ,both sides would have to shut down and wait for the shit to cool down before fixin it…..
    the real numbers of rapists ,commies ,robbers ,killers ,commie subversives who died in the camps from typhus is around 250 k and change ,,,jew total is not the same as they wernt the only fuckers in the camps …..aushitts saw 30k doa jews from typhjus and they may have been the origin of this plague anyway…
    the water table under aushwitz was 5/6 feet below the ground and you cant bury highly contageous diseased corpses in the ground ,…
    us army rounded up camp personel germans and summarily executed them ,,,usually the jewish torquemadas in charge of their own tin plated fake hebrews were taskmasters and cruel …and escaped death…………..

    back to the ovens ,,,breakin down an shit so you are a german and you have a pile of 6 million jews to burn which is total bullshit and also illegal to say in jew screwed euro,,so yer cookin em up as fast as ya can but facts Are facts and one fact that is irrefutable is that in the given tyme the 3rd R had to creamate dead people in the time frame given ,,there is no way it could have happenend in anyones imahination even weisels ,,,,,you would have had a pile of over 5.5 million bodies left piled up everywhere stinking the g dam place up …over 5.5 million bodies left to burn waiting their turn when ya gonna lern ..heh heh ..and that is calculated at the most optimum operating 24/7 circumstances and they couldnt operate the ovens ,,(the ovens the ovens ,always the ovens )…at full capacity on a regular basis as they would preclude for them to break faster ..they never ran them 24/7 anyway….howe many survivers actually went on to become pizza chefs is not known …….they say that you could cram several people in the ovens at one time ,,,bull shit ….if you could ,you couldnt cus they wouldnt fit 2 in at a time ..,put 2 bodies in the ovens at the same time ,,exponenetially would take 2wice as long as one body to burn ……calculations n all…….
    jews are 95% khazar tribe and are a lost race ,,lost to all decency ,morality,ethicality,usefulness to the world
    fuvk izzreil zog ,,watch the vids on the jews in palestine harrassin people and you wish you were there with an ak what with a rarin 50 clipper and shut those irritating shitmouth jews up and down

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