British Mother Sent To Gulag For Public Outburst

From: Council of Conservative Citizens

Emma West is being held without bail for telling some immigrants "your not real f$%^ing British" during an argument on a public bus. Meanwhile, blacks who committed actual racially motivated assaults against white people walk free.

Blacks who commit vicious racially motivated assaults on white people are getting little, if any, jail time in England. However, a young mother facing “speech crime” charges is being treated worse than vicious murderers.

The case of Emma West is straight out of Stalin’s Soviet Union.

From BNP…

The British judicial system is yet again in disgrace as Emma West was remanded in custody on Tuesday the 6th December to appear in Crown Court on January 3rd, 2012! No media outlets have covered the story even though SKY and the BBC and dozens of journalists where at the courts today. Luckily a delegation from London British National Party where there to support Emma and her family and to report on the shocking events. I will write a major piece on this over the next 24 hours but here are the FACTS:

The decision made today to keep Emma West behind bars was a political decision because some courts in this country are no longer Judicial courts. Some courts in this country are Political courts and the magistrates operating today in Croydon Magistrates Court are not judges. They are politicians following the dictats of political correctness and not the spirit of real justice.

This is what I saw when all the excuses and explanations given to keep Emma West behind bars were totally, utterly and completely refuted by Emma West’s relatives. The relatives of Emma West said there have been no threats made against Emma West and her family. The supposed danger against Emma West has been fabricated by the Crown Prosecution Service as an excuse to justify a political decision.

Even murder suspects have been awarded bail. Bail was not awarded because this is a politically motivated case. What those behind this injustice fail to see is that today levels of hatred against ethnic minorities have gone up  exponentially because a frail woman has been demonised.

This British mother had her children taken away and thrown in jail for Christmas (without bail) — just for making the above outburst on public transportation. How much more of this Jewish-instigated, anti-White PC crap are we going to take?

Meanwhile, Somali Muslim girls are freed after physically attacking White girl and calling her anti-White slanders.

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  1. sog says:

    true news ….yes an dont forget the plight of germans in norway also after ww2 ,,,very bad and the children of germans born in norway to norwgians were put away into homes for retarded kids and money sent to help later was pocketed ….this went on for decades ,,,plus germans were tortured in norway post ww2 …..

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