Forget King: Let’s Celebrate Lee and Jackson Day!

Oil painting of Robert E. Lee on his horse, Traveller, on the evening of his great victory at Chancellorsville, by Louis Mathieu Didier Guillaume (c. 1862-65).


Major General, Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

ASTRIDE HIS HORSE, “Little Sorrel,” the tough and sometimes eccentric general, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, watched with fiery blue-green eyes as his men silently trudged down the narrow plank road towards Catharine Furnace, a crude iron smelter set deep within the twisted pine scrub of an area in Virginia called “the Wilderness.” Mounted next to him on his white horse “Traveller,” sat General Robert E. Lee, along with the rest of Stonewall’s corp commanders; as the tail end of a cavalry unit under the famed cavalier, J. E. B. Stuart, rode on ahead.

Realizing many of his division commanders nearby were Virginia Military Institute graduates (where Jackson taught before the war), the general leaned back in his saddle and said matter-of-factly to them all: “Gentlemen, the Institute will be heard from today.”

Stonewall was leading his entire corp on a risky 14 mile march, planned with Lee over a small campfire in the dark woods only hours before. Lee had already divided his small army in two, one to face the Union army coming in force across Kelly’s ford on the Rappahannock river and another substantial part to fend off attack on his rear at Fredericksburg. Now he was to divide his army once again, this time in ballsy plan to out-flank the pompous Union General, “Fighting Joe” Hooker, now headquartered at Chancellorsville — little more than a few ramshackle buildings and a rough little inn on the road west of Fredericksburg.

It was one of the boldest military movements in all military history. Yet few today know of it, since the PC apparatchiks work to slime the least White pride because of the never-ending BS about slavery and Jim Crow. Are you not sick of the spoiled, militant and criminal blacks, or all the Jews and their paranoia of solidarity among European Whites? Like the holocaust crap we had nothing to do with (other than freeing the sneaky bastards) — when will these jerkwads ever shut the hell up?

Barely an hour before twilight and darkness, Jackson asks Robert Rhodes, the division general tasked with leading the attack, if the men were ready. When answered in the affirmative, Jackson simply tells him “You can go forward then.”

At that moment, the blue bellies were busy eating their evening grub when they started noticing deer and other wildlife running past (Union soldiers even reported seeing a black bear). Right then, a screeching cry rang out from the woods to the front — it was the fearsome Rebel Yell, thought to sound something like “yeeeeeee-haw!” But to this day, no one really knows how it sounds since you really had to be on the receiving end to get the full effect.

Jackson had unleashed his entire 26,000 men corp on the Union right, “dangling in the air.” The yankees ran for their lives as General Jackson’s men burst forth from the wood line, clearly intent on giving the bayonet to each and every one of the invaders of the South. Hooker’s army completely fell apart and retreated pell-mell from the onslaught of Confederate fury!

The foolish Union General Hooker, rendered delirious from a Confederate shell hitting a nearby porch column and maybe a few quick nips from his flask of spirits, turned over his forces to General Darius Couch while his army retreated towards the river at US ford (where I once camped for a night).

As twilight finally descended, the landscape was luridly lit by Chancellorsville outbuildings set aflame and the ground littered with dead horses, broken and discarded muskets, torn paper powder cartridges, upturned cannons and caissons. Among the debris of war, lay the fallen of both sides; while dazed and confused yankees wandered aimlessly about — sobbing that the Army of the Potomac had just lost another major battle to the great Lee and Jackson!

As the rag-tag Rebel army advanced on the sorely beaten and retreating Union army, the men saw General Lee, riding with his staff through the littered Chancellorsville battle-scape on his faithful horse (painting above). His men dearly loved “Marsh Lee” and quickly surrounded him to shout heartfelt congratulations on another glorious victory!

In a truly horrible turn of events, Jackson was wounded by his own men that evening while out reconnoitering enemy positions. When he died a few weeks later from pneumonia brought on by fever, his famous last words to those gathered around him were “let us cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.”

Lee, hoping for his recovery, had only recently wrote to him saying “you may have lost your left arm, but I surely have lost my right.”

And he did, too.

God, I would give absolutely anything to have seen the dramatic sight of Lee riding into Chancellorsville that evening!

When the 2003 movie “Gods and Generals” left out this incredibly dramatic scene of Lee riding forth in victory at Chancellorsville, I practically had fits, but sadly understood it was probably stinking Jew suits using “PC” politics to stay the director’s hand.

Can’t be pissing off the sacred Negroes!

Nevertheless, one should definitely go and buy the DVD — just for the opening credits alone. It’s beautiful montage of battle flags (from both sides) set to a soul-stirring Irish ballad from the time (video below). Plus, actor Robert Duvall is totally believable as Robert E. Lee and Stephen Lang definitely deserved the Oscar for his superb portrayal of Jackson (since the film wasn’t another confusing piece of “edgy angst” PC crap, or the umpteenth holocaust movie, he wasn’t even nominated).

The brilliant opening credits to the movie “Gods and Generals.” I often have trouble watching this part — because it literally brings tears to my eyes!

The story of Jackson saying “gentlemen, the Institute will be heard from today” always made my father beam with pride, since he was a VMI graduate himself. But according to him and other civil war historians who know the real deal, Jackson more than likely said “…the corp will be heard from today,” since VMI grads — then and now — always called themselves “the corp.”

I remember as a young boy visiting the chapel at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, and being fascinated and inspired by a large painting shows the young cadets of VMI making a charge on the Yankees during the battle of New Market in 1864. Visiting civil war battlefields as a child, I’ve found a few Minnie balls and even a piece of cannon shrapnel completely without the use of any metal detector. I’ve also visited the graves of Lee and Stonewall and once even tracked down the out-of-the-way memorial where they buried his left arm after amputation.

Do I think Lee and Jackson were perfect? No, I don’t. No mortal man can ever be truly perfect, although both men were decent and personally worked hard to lead honorable lives. Lee was long admired among his military cohorts.

Celebrating these two genuine American heroes is much more important for Whites than that MLK holiday joke this monday. Martin Luther King. Jr. was a proven plagiarist, whoremonger and Marxist — yet another Jew-created phony jammed down the throats of America by the multicult media to instill pride in blacks and further undeserved race guilt in White people.

Are you not sick of the bull yet?

You see, a person may not always win in the end, but it’s how honorably he comports himself while trying. Far too many Americans today have been brainwashed by Jewry not only in going along with PC politics, but also in taking the easy way out, by cheating or any tricky way they can come up with to beat the other guy and/or the system. The idea is “the ends justifies the means.”

These lousy SOBs even have a word to celebrate using sneaky tactics for individual advancement and profit: “Chutzpah.”

Let these subversive Eastern European Jew bastards call me naive — I will always look up to real-life heroes of the White race, men like Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. I hope to have the backbone and courage to live like they did — fighting to the death all “those people” with every ounce of effort and ability — without resorting to dishonorable methods.

And what I hope and fervently pray for is that today’s subversive, false-flag mothers will soon hear the Rebel Yell right in their fat faces, recreated just for them and screamed by the millions as we take back our lands from these corrupt and immoral people!

— Phillip Marlowe

PS: I proudly own a memorial pewter medalion of Lee, cast for the veterans of the Army of Northern Virginia. I also have at least two ancestors (that I know of), who served in his army, one dying from wounds received at the battle of Mechanicsville. Although foggy (my mountain ancestry crosses several state lines), I might also be descended from a certain general in the Army of Tennessee (not Lee’s army) — eerily looking like a carbon copy of the man.



Will be wearing this when the time comes.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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171 Responses to Forget King: Let’s Celebrate Lee and Jackson Day!

  1. Southern Daughter says:

    The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag by Pastor John Weaver

    Why The South Must Rise Again by Pastor John Weaver

    The Christian Character of Robert E. Lee by Pastor John Weaver

    History with sermon.

  2. Flanders says:

    “The fact that Martin Luther King Day exists is proof of how completely the [jewish-Communist] revolution has triumphed.”

    Several more links to follow this comment.

  3. Flanders says:

    “Jews, Communism and Civil Rights”

  4. HKW says:

    I’m sorry to be off topic, however, I believe this below is extremely important;

    Monsanto’s Ties to Big Government 1/2

  5. Flanders says:

    Incog Man, I have a comment or two which are caught by the guards.

    “Judah P. Benjamin was chosen by the Rothschilds to do their work in the United States and he was the first adviser to Jefferson Davis, the President of the Southern Confederacy. Benjamin has been called “the brains of the revolt.” He was also the Secretary of State of the Confederacy under Jeff Davis.

    The Confederacy consisted of eleven Southern States bound by a written Constitution, modeled in part after our own Constitution. It was founded on the fundamental principle that each one of its eleven constituted States had the right to secede from the Union, or to separate from the other 23 out of the 34 states of the Union.

    Nevertheless, at the instigation of Benjamin, and under pressure of Napoleon, Texas and Louisiana were placed on the bargain counter in exchange, presumably, for Napoleon’s aid. The latter was supported by Disraeli of England, who had assured the Confederacy of the support of Britain behind the nine remaining States, after Texas and Louisiana were to be ceded to France.

    Under the guiding hand of Judah P. Benjamin {a Jew}, chosen by the Rothschilds and the Church of Rome to represent the International Bankers to do their work for them in the United States, was also the first advisor to Jefferson Davis, the President of the Southern Confederacy. Benjamin is reputed to be the “brains of the revolt,” as he was also the Secretary of State of the Confederacy.

    Through the hands of this man, huge sums of money were provided to finance the destruction of this great New Christian American Republic flowed. The Confederacy fell and the men who had fought a valiant fight for what they believed right were thrown into the even greater travail of the Reconstruction; while Judah P. Benjamin, almost alone of the leaders of the South, forsook immediately the suffering people who had honored and enriched him, fled to England and was soon embarked upon a new career of distinction and wealth, Reminiscent of others of his kind {Jewish} dispossessed of their temporary cause and gains.

    While we are talking of the Civil War it behooves us to mention again that Abraham Lincoln (who was Jewish, but he had outlived his usefulness, so he was made a martyr, the Jews could later use to help bring Communism into the United States) was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth {A Jew}.” Seven

  6. Flanders says:

    HKW, The Monsanto’s were jews from New Orleans. You are right to bring that name up anytime. I’ll leave a link below to one post, but you may want to search for other postings at the same site.

  7. sog says:

    ………..really no shit is that real on lincoln ….gues that woulda cut into the jew slave and rum whiskey rotgut nig/rum runner bisniss …kinda like the iran contra scandle…..the jews would take the rotgut to afrikka and pickup de slaves so that no deadheading occurred …makin script $$ comin and goin….they might o forgivvin lincoln for the greenbacks but the slave trade and rotgut runs were makin east coast jews millionaires in those times …one jew converso named lopez had 300 ships ..these jews were obvious rotters and grant didnt want em in the ruins of post civah war and factual rumour has it that the jewbois instifated colonial war to preempt the colonies next move of total removal from the colonies such as it was and always is …—change-we-can-t-believe-in
    hopefully the next off topic site will keep you out of the jewish dowry for wealth aka dentist chair
    never forget ….>
    just sayin how odd that armenians were slaughtered as they are descended from actual hebrew tribes …jews kill all the descendents of real white israelites … Jews/The_zionist_Gang_that.htm (cerberes) <<<<——————————
    a few things off topic but life is all topics ..peace

  8. Jo Jackson says:

    As long as “jesus” gives us everything we want……
    What is it that makes us ashamed to be white???

    The violence of the truth
    – Matt Johnson – Genius visionary

  9. rewoped iceburg says:

    can the regurgitated nelson memory fundies pull off a deja vu ??? irish ya know….bbbbbaptist…..

    nov. 3, 2008 – Obama did it again. Please someone make a video of him flipping off Hillary, flipping off McCain, calling Sarah a pig, and making fun of joe the

  10. Donnie Brasco says:

    Arab Archive on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial

  11. Loki says:

    “the collapse of the USSR twenty years ago.”BULLSHIT.COLLAPSED MY ASS.The jew still are masters in the USSR.”By way of deception”(tricks).Wake up.

  12. Chris says:

    “sorry to all the “good jews ” : its karma time .”

    Sorry GTRMan but as Akira says, what good Jew? It’s a religion based on the teaching of the Talmudic peepee sucking Pharisees.

  13. Vox says:


    No doubt about Monsanto’s evil but don’t be fooled by Infowars and Alex Jones. His wife is a jew. AJ is a disinformationalist that never names the jew. He’s supported by them as controlled opposition to send you down blind alleys. There’s a lot more accurate info about Monsanto on the web. A lot of European blast the hell out of Monsanto and have still been somewhat effective at keeping them off their continent. Asia is a sleeper and so far they’ve wisely kept Monsanto out but they’re slowly succumbing to the evil in order to get their shoddy goods in to AmeriKwa.

  14. silvernickel says:

    Thx Flanders, I sent that Alan Stang/MLK article to a fellow female truthseeker a few days ago. Also sent her Kevin Strom’s article titled ‘The Beast as Saint’. She had never heard of these allegations in spite of all her online truth searching. She thanked me for this and was very receptive no doubt. She’s a Les Visible reader so I knew she had a high level of understanding about the world conspiracy against Man.

  15. sam petrov says:

    Loki, it still surprises me how difficult it is for most people to abandon an idea once they believe it to be true. This is same mechanizm which makes man not to believe that his beloved wife is and always was cheating on him or that his daughter which comes home drunk and high is a whore.
    My previous post shows how many chirches and synagogues of satan USSR had, and Russia has now.
    Let me try it this way: it is because USSR was in the hands of the jews they were arming all enemies of israHell and surrounded it with soviet military bases. And exactly because the USSR was in the hands of the jews the UN condemned zionism as resizm in the UN resolution ( led bY the USSR) which of course was in the hands of the jews.
    When two millon jews emigreted to israHell and USA it was because USSR was firmly in their hands. There were so many jew dissidents supported by the USA, Britain etc. because USSR was in jew hands. It was of course banking system of the USSR dominated by the jew and not bank of England, FED Reserve USA etc.
    The fact is that although international communism was mostly jew enterprise – supported by their “aryan” friends in the USA, Britain and Germany to defeat russian monarchy in The WW1, after Stalin came to power he largely destroyed their grip on power in the USSR. And, yes – was using jews in eastern Europe as a foreign and roothles element as well as in the USA. If one can see a big contradiction here then one can find big contradiction between day and night. It is true that after the collapse of the USSR jews came and still maintain power there with the help of the jewdaized “West” and that Putin is their puppet and thief pretending to be a nationalist to calm nationalistic population.
    I am writing this because without correct understanding nothing can be done. How can anybody hope to extract jews from all positions of power and keep the system intact? “return to the principles of the founding fathers)” Jews are the main component of the system. That s why they are protected by the scum in power and not because they are afraid of the jews.
    Another myth which is repeated even by the respected professors is that white people always were individualistic. It s not true – one can not conquer the world by being individualistic. Those who organize into packs to rule tell others that it OK to be individualistic to keep them from organizing. Other than in the jewdaized “West” people consider individualist to be just a bad person. Emagine boy meets girl – “I am an individualist,- me too…” But any collectivism in the brainwashed mind is strongly connected with communism, non- stop GUlAG archypelago.
    Now, when you see all these people from the USSR of course they look like poor victims of the GULAG. And I am a brainwashed Gulag surviwor.

  16. Flanders says:

    The link below is a MUST READ in order to have a proper understanding of what the jews are all about.

    “Follow The Slander and Spot the Jews – by Hoff”

  17. “Sam”, Thanks for trying to help out though.

    There are some folks over at Real Jew News who could really use your help too, I suppose.

    In fact, I’ll post it over there and see if Brother Nate has anything to contribute. It his review is in the negative, which I suppose it will be, then you are a hasbarat. No apologies. If I am wrong, then, apologies in advance…

    Here goes

  18. Flanders says:

    “Mich. Family: Grandmother Assaulted at Chuck E. Cheese’s

    Woman asked nearby table to clean up language”


  19. Louis from Montreal says:

    Not to rain on the sotherners parade, but Robert E. Lee was born on the 19th on January. Today is the day that Robert Jay Mathews was born in 1953. A true martyr for our cause.

  20. sam petrov says:

    allovertheplace,Your method of finding out the thruth by the majority vote is not new but it is a sad condition. For your own good I advise You every time You encounter some new information, which contradict your previous understanding first think, is it true or not then confront it with your ideas if You desagree. If I tell You that I traveled extensively In Europe, Asia and The Americas, this most likely will contradict Your view that USSR was a ALWAYS a large prison and make me hasbarat in Your eyes.
    But make an effort (it is not tharthard) to understand that while Palestinian Hamas was created with the help of the jews to oppose PLO, it later became their enemy. Easy, right? Another easy example with all due respect – it is not always day and night- sometimes ir is evening etc. So yYu decided not to confront a single piece of information, just decided that the information itself is “suspicious”. This only shows that You are not sure in the “consensus” or find it vulnerable to withstand thruth.
    Dont tell me, ask yourself – maybe You think that jew lies should be confronted with our lies, at least temporarily, just until we win because most people are stupid.
    Now, this is true:
    Does it make me hasbarat in Your eyes? If “Yes”, press 1, if “No”, press 2.
    Also advise – when You see human mind trying to work, don t suspect that it should necesserily be a “jewish mind”.

  21. HKW says:

    @ Vox,

    Thanks for the warning about AJ and infowars, that I was quite aware of anyway.
    But I do like Mike Adams. I have subscribed to his newsletters, which I receive on regular basis as I like being informed about the medical issues I have great interest in.
    I am very cautious about certain people and there are surely few of them, and yet it amazes me that they still give out so much info without naming institution or people.
    I simply have eyes open, my ears unplugged and draw my own, but fair and realistic conclusion.
    My believe is that the public has the right to know about Monsanto and the FDA crooks.
    Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Burzynski’s struggle with the FDA who are set to destroy a truly genuine doctor?

    Dr Burzynski movie (FULL VERSION)

  22. Casey says:

    Hope you enjoyed National Hate-Whitey Day.

  23. The Beast as Saint: The Truth about Martin Luther King Jr.

    (Watch the video and pass it on)

    WHEN THE COMMUNISTS TOOK OVER a country, one of the first things that they did was to confiscate all the privately-held weapons, to deny the people the physical ability to resist tyranny. But even more insidious than the theft of the people’s weapons was the theft of their history. Official Communist “historians” rewrote history to fit the current party line. In many countries, revered national heroes were excised from the history books, or their real deeds were distorted to fit Communist ideology, and Communist killers and criminals were converted into official “saints.” Holidays were declared in honor of the beasts who murdered countless nations.

    Did you know that much the same process has occurred right here in America?

    Every January, the media go into a kind of almost spastic frenzy of adulation for the so-called “Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.” King has even had a national holiday declared in his honor, an honor accorded to no other American, not Washington, not Jefferson, not Lincoln.

  24. sog says:

    truly a fight for the home and hearth by the genteel southern peoples ….jews hated and coveted the south as they do always looking for a new host after they consume the old ones …in germanies case it was truly a fight for the home and hearth as well and with any other country where scorched earth protocols are exercised ..and to protect father brother sister and animals even ….jews have been massacreing people for thousands of years …..and stealing and comitting vile acts with animals other wise how could more jews be born

  25. sog says:

    gtr man if brah pisses on black corpse the reality is the it may be thr first shower thy dunn had in a year ,and its customary to shower after sex ,no?…in one case i new a blck kong got pissed on after he was shot then he got ran over ….he got a phd pumpkin head deluxe…..and some people quabble about the bullshit bein squabbled about …whhew ,,aight …all in fun ….
    i salute you ..the old noble men of the south ,,god bless you all ,,as we do not recognise the “bolshevik” bund menshevik democratic communist genocide much like russias that has once already occurred in the south and the rights of good people spat upon by the chronicly despicable and cowardly politicians who never protect peoples const rights any more …
    they trew the commonist deceptive slogan on the genocide of the south by saying ,,,freedom for black an all ,,but where was a sharecropper with 13 kids gonna go and all the real slaves were in the north ,,just check out all thuse jew slave names ,ayy and there were plenty of white european slaves inentured for arbeicht macht frei..working to gain their fredom and citizen ship here …some southern staes had no slaves and didnt want the jew pets …. i wouldnt waste a good piss on a ahskanazzi ,however

  26. [1]

    SP: “When two millon jews emigreted to israHell and USA it was because USSR was firmly in their hands.”

    And I thought they were getting purged…

    “There were so many jew dissidents supported by the USA, Britain etc. because USSR was in jew hands.”

    And I thought the White Russians, the Church and all were dissidents. Thank you!

    “It was of course banking system of the USSR dominated by the jew and not bank of England, FED Reserve USA etc.”

    Bank of England and Fed Reserve USA not dominated by jews???? Wha! I’ll jot that one down!

    “The fact is that although international communism was mostly jew enterprise – supported by their “aryan” friends in the USA, Britain and Germany to defeat russian monarchy in The WW1…”

    Oh, that is what was going on? I didn’t no dat!

    “…after Stalin came to power he largely destroyed their grip on power in the USSR….”

    No, I thought it was Ronuld Raygun. That guy…you know.

    “…And, yes – was using jews in eastern Europe as a foreign and roothles element as well as in the USA…”

    So jews was tools of Rusky Commies and did not act on their own impulses? (So that thing I heard about Jacob Schiff giving $20 mil to Trotsky to start the genocides and wars is disinfo?? – thanks for saving us the trouble of going down that road any further, Samuel!! Gosh, you are just so generous. Why do you do it?)

    “If one can see a big contradiction here then one can find big contradiction between day and night.”

    Yeah. I am beginning to see the light.

    “It is true that after the collapse of the USSR jews came and still maintain power there with the help of the jewdaized “West”…”

    Gosh the “West’s” fingerprints are all over this thing!

    “…and that Putin is their puppet and thief pretending to be a nationalist to calm nationalistic population.”

    That is a breakthrough analysis, Samuel, you should write a book and become fich and famous. No, really.

    “I am writing this because without correct understanding nothing can be done.”

    Perhaps corrected understanding would be a better word, but I get your point. Oh, yeah, I get it!

    “How can anybody hope to extract jews from all positions of power and keep the system intact?”


    “return to the principles of the founding fathers)”

    And then some?

    “Jews are the main component of the system.”

    Is the problem then, in the final analysis, the system?? Oh, now we are getting somewhere. Thanks Sam!

    “That s why they are protected by the scum in power and not because they are afraid of the jews.”

    So the real perfidy and power goes beyond the jews? Is it the NAZIS or Jesuits I’ve heard so much about? Oh I’ve really got to put my nose back to the grindstone! Aaaargh! Everything I’ve learned is worthless!!

    Thank you for illuminating me, Samuel!

  27. All these hasbarats are rally paying you a comment, Incog. You are at the vanguard.

    As you tread down the path in the direction of jewry’s palisades, you encounter jew guards…isn’t it so true?

    They are essentially telling on themselves. If you/we were saying BS, then they would leave well enough alone and concentrate their energies elsewhere.

  28. s-sog gggy:

    “if brah pisses on black corpse the reality is the it may be thr first shower thy dunn had in a year ,and its customary to shower after sex ,no?”

    And here Incog is talking about Jackson and Lee and Southern comportment, honor and honorability…

    Oh! – Whoops- Lookie, I misssd tis furter dowm the pots: “…all in fun ….”

    s’ssss sorrrrysog, you were jus joe-kinggg! 🙂 (You reelly ar a fyne guy, riyut?)

    [The reason pissing on corpses is an issue, readers, is because the vast majority of people think it is horrifying. The same reason why journalists aren’t “allowed” in ZOG war zones. Do you perhaps get now -maybe- why soggy posted such remarks on Incog Man?]

  29. Sen10L says:

    Yeah AOTP… maybe I’m missing something too. They say Stalin removed all the Jews then say you can’t do that without a collaspe of the Soviet system. Sounds like duplicitous doublespeak.

  30. Sen10L says:

    Who knows what the truth is anymore. I went to Booksamillion and browsed through the History section and every book was written by a damn jew.

  31. Sen10L says:


  32. Sen10L says:

    @AOTP When I say “you” I was referring to SP.

  33. Louis from Montreal says:

    Unbelievable how everyone forgot Robert Jay Mathews birthday.

  34. sog says:

    i done tol yall that something was up and down over in the commie section yyyyyyalll …all oooooveerrr the place ,you still coming unglued …suppperman fighting for justice and the amerian way …..what are you trying to say…….are you calling a sam spade a spade …lookkie russia is just as subjected to arrested development and chaos and destroyed economy now as before from jew coop,and the genocides continued with stalin and there are still people in gulags from 40 -50 years ago ….go with the foundations of truth and examine the similarities of other jew contamination ….dont get all high and mighty ..ok ,,just cus i wont piss on a jew …heh heh …your not makin much sense ,did you have a stroke …for a real tuned in to jesus kind of guy you sure are a opinionated hothead heh heh …i already tolerated your dumb ass 1ce already …

    enjoyed your boil overs against a couple of your victims on a few days ago and now im wasting my aloof and arrogant time trying to communicate with you but maybe should hire a seance or crystal ball to figure out what the hell yer squwking about asshole…dont fire over my bow and i wont fire back ….
    if stalin did take control of ussr was beause he was premier or commandant etc and he still had only the figure head status first termed as head of govt..then head of state then general secratery but the control still was in jew central committee …
    There were three power hierarchies in the Soviet Union: the legislative branch govt. state ..general secretary,represented by the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, the government represented by the Council of Ministers, and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), the only legal party and the ultimate policymaker in the country.all controlled by jews ….so what is the deal are you calling sam p. a smoke and mirror kind a guy ….ussr still a commie controlled shithole its been torn to shreds and bled dry and now some puscilanimous putin is riding the dead bull …yeay
    the power was controlled by general secretary and the politburo of which the g sec was usually always a memeber of ….complica=ted in faver of disfunction of fairnes and in favor of destroyed russian culture and all that goes with it ….
    photographers in war zones shooting pictures of jews pissing on palestinians …hmmm..maybe you have some of these pictures you little maggot….i know yer not calling me a jew you sob ….fuck you…i listened to your childish powting faggotty rant on some other people here a couple days ago and ya know honestly yer a piece o shit and not werth even insulting ….freak ….
    yer comin in loud and rear …im pretty sur i said on pissin on a nigger like you and said nothin about war zog zone and said i wouldnt waste a good piss on a jew or you for mthat matter but you are pissin me off …ha ha
    put the pipe down meathead

  35. sog says:

    actually with the help of insiders it is known that hamas is the israeli false flag bearer as was abu nidal the great israeli terrorist who was never once mentioned or sought after by specific name …after the black speptember munich massacre that was stasi fault htey released all of nidals operatives …golda meir even put a mossad team on the trail of these “terrorists” and they were hunting phantoms and all but one of these highly trainesd ops were killed and at the end the survivng op had all his money while in mossad pay removed from his bank account …jews will also steal from one another and that aint so hard to believe …..hamas is for jews like alqueda is cia fake ghost …..there is more proof of this than what others are exporting … stalin was a communist and likely jewish as he was known as a coffeehouse jew radical in those days ,claiming his 1/4 or 1/2 jewness and what alot of other ididots do to day ..
    ya right stalin was a real progressive kind a guy ,,just ask solshenytzen ,,ayye

  36. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    And like that, the flame went out…

  37. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Beating up Whites Fun, not Racist’

    (This is going to make you sick if you are White)

  38. James Clayton says:

    Rented the DVD-version of Gods and Generals from Netflix through a friend’s account. Much of my childhood was in Virginia and Mary Fahl’s music video brought tears to my eyes from the opening scenes. My father’s life was saved by a sharecropper, when was thrown riding their lone plow horse home at lunch time and the old negro brought him home from the field. My cousin introduced us at my father’s memorial service, 30 years ago. That old gentleman had a nicer home on the original 160 acres than the one in which my father (the head of the household after his father died in his youth), his sister, and the brother who died a boy with typhoid) were raised. Perhaps 350 people paid their respects to my dad at the church in which he was baptized.

    Lincoln’s position on the Emancipation Proclamation was misrepresented by the Producer and, of course, the worst part of the film was the Bob Dylan music video, Cross the Green Mountain, which left-liberal Ted Turner, spouse of Hanoi Jane, is– I suppose– what Pierce would have called a wannabe Jew.

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