Does ZOG Have a “Heart Attack Gun?”

Heart Attack Homocides in Disguise: By Deborah Dupre (March, 2010).

On March 1st., conservative writer Andrew Breitbart suffered a fatal heart attack just before he planned releasing highly damaging videos of Obama acting all commie.

Fatal heart attacks can be induced from a distance or in close range using new weaponry designed to disguise homicide.

In the Bustan Rotana hotel on the night of January 19, 50-year-old Hamas commander, Mahmoud Mabhouh’s assassination, blamed on Israel’s Mossad, was made to look like a run-of-the-mill heart attack.

Borzou Daragahi, reporting from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, writes that “assailants apparently entered the hotel room without any struggle, suggesting that someone on the team knew Mabhouh.”

Such assaults, and even lesser attacks that ruin a target’s life, often involve someone getting to know the target by infiltrating his or her family and/or closest social network, or that someone close to  the target is recruited through threat or bribery.

“A fatal dose of the powerful muscle relaxant succinylcholine quickly paralyzes its recipient and ultimately mimics effects of a heart attack within 15 minutes,” writes Daragahi.

“Just as police were about to conclude that it was a natural death, a Palestinian man trying to contact Mabhouh learned of his death and telephoned his family in Gaza. It was only then that Hamas officials contacted Dubai police.

Heart Attack Gun

Among the secret arsenal of high-tech weapons is the heart attack gun that shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack.

“The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes,” reported Fred Burks for the Examiner. (Fred Burks, CIA secret weapon of Assassination, November 29, 2009)

The dart from this secret CIA weapon penetrates clothing, even leather, leaving a red dot on the skin. If the target’s clothing is less penetrable, such as leather, the target’s life might be saved. The target would then notice extreme itching, a raised red area where hit, and later, deep, reddish purple streaks (toxins) from the hit area.

It is opined that a new hand-held, body contact version of the heart attack gun exists. The small weapon is easily concealed, for example, in a carried bag or purse. The target can be ‘bumped into’ by the assailant that has one hand in the bag or purse positioned to hit the target, even on a crowded street. It would not be suspected that the target’s sudden heart attack had been caused by a hit with a concealed heart attack gun.

Burks writes what the more common results of the remotely operated heart attack hit are: “On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target.

“The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes.”

This has been verified in Congressional testimony. (See Youtube videos below)

Burks writes, “The astonishing information about this secret weapon of the CIA comes from U.S. Senate testimony in 1975 on rogue activities of the CIA. This weapon is only one of many James Bond-like discoveries of the Church Committee hearings, officially known as the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities.”

No person was ever held accountable for the shocking covert assaults on Americans after they were revealed in the Church Committee hearings. Secret weaponry is far more sophisticated now than in 1975.

Whistelblower secret assassinations

Mark Pittman was exposing the Fed left and right.

“Could this [heart attack gun] or a similar secret weapon have been used, for instance, in the recent death of 52-year-old Mark Pittman, a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings?” Burks posits, adding, “Pittman, whose fight to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny led Bloomberg News to sue the central bank and win, died of a heart attack on Nov. 25th.”

How many other deaths attributed to heart attack have been homicide? How many witnesses died of heart attacks in cases involving the U.S. government? How many other secret weapons are there? How many people are being used as experimentees for new weapons being developed with the defense budget?

All weapons must first be tested on humans. Society’s most vulnerable, such as those confined in overseas and United States prisons plus dissenters, have historically been used in non-consensual human experimentation. This is detailed in the writer’s book, Operation H1N1, Vaccine Liberty or Death.

This covert way to assassinate targets, with one of many pre-tested weapons, the heart attack gun,  is explained in the Congressional testimony available for viewing in the short video below.

Burks suggests watching the 45-minute documentary from which the above clip was taken. (To view this, click here.)

He writes, “In this riveting exposé, five former CIA agents describe how their initial pride and enthusiasm at serving their nation turned to anguish and remorse, as they realized that they were actually subverting democracy and killing innocent civilians all in the name “national security” and promoting foreign policy agendas.”

This is an era of increasing personal insecurity due to so-called national security. Amid systemic deceit and lies by the evil empire, it is the innocent targeted individuals in the U.S. and elsewhere, the peace-loving beings, those seeking and exposing truth, who are reporting that they are being spied on (“multi-stalked”) and assaulted with new, military grade, high-tech weaponry. 

To covertly assault a target, spying is required. Spying is no isolated act. Spying through local ‘foot soldiers’ who stalk and through technology such as phone and internet is always part of the eventual organized, covert, physical or psychological assault.

Paramount to genuine national security and safety of innocent people covertly persecuted, threatened and fast- or slow-killed, is that their family, friends and human rights organizations acknowledge them, recognize their hell due to illegal spying and associated assaults, and advocate for them. 

Under guise of “national security,” the domestic hit-list grows longer daily. Anyone’s name can be added to it. 

Deborah Dupré holds a B.S., M.S. and post-graduate diploma from U.S. and Australian universities, She has been a human and civil rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. SOURCE: Heart attack homicides in disguise – National Human Rights |


Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered?

More thoughts on the death of Andrew Breitbart


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Jewish Rabbi Explains Why Baby Penis Is To Be Sucked

    Rabbi Cole explains the dirty rituals of Jews. If I went around telling your average person they commit such disgusting acts, it would be dismissed as blood libel. Not only that but babies have died due to transmission of diseases. Why isn’t this illegal?
    Imagine if Christians did this!!

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    A circumcision ritual practiced by some Orthodox Jews has alarmed city health officials, who say it may have led to three cases of herpes – one of them fatal – in infants. But after months of meetings with Orthodox leaders, city officials have been unable to persuade them to abandon the practice.

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Nevermind MIKE. I found something.

    The conservative world is still reeling from the loss of one of its own, Andrew Breitbart. Many in the conservative world considered him to be a main driving force that countered the lefts relentless attacks on the right. He could stand toe to toe with anyone in the liberal media and dish back to them what was dished out….Including Bill Maher, the misogynistic, foul mouthed darling of the left.

    Andrew was adopted by Jewish parents who raised him in the upscale neighborhood of Brentwood California, but he was ethnically Irish by birth. The Irish bloodline shined through in his brilliance and fearlessness as he fought for what he felt his truth was later on in life.

    Andrew grew up liberal in this part of California, where it is fashionable to be on the left side and the term “limousine liberal” was coined.

  4. botchamania says:

    what about the ol fred sanford heart attack?

  5. GTRman says:

    compare and contrast :

    To make a satirical point about being ignored, they produced 1,500 copies of a protest leaflet, with the ‘three wise monkeys’ cartoon. But Mr Kelly, 50, Mr Kasab, 44, Mr Debus, 64, and Miss Muna, 45, who were all chairmen or secretaries of union branches, were accused of ‘insulting and offensive’ racism.
    Clytus Williams, chairman of the standing orders committee, is black – and he said he ‘did not expect to be insulted in the literature distributed to delegates’.

    Read more:

    ‘You get what you deserve, white boy’: Boy, 13, doused in gasoline and set alight in racially-motivated attack

    Police are investigating a POSSIBLE race hate attack after a 13-year-old boy was doused in gasoline and set on fire.
    The teenager, who suffered first degree burns to his face and hands, is white and his two attackers black.
    His mother Melissa Coon said the attackers told her son ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy’.

    Read more:

  6. GTRman says:

    ‘We are you, and you are us – we are together.’

    ‘The United States will always have Israel’s back’: Obama and Netanyahu affirm friendship as they meet to discuss Iran’s disputed nuclear program

    Read more:

    Revealed: Barack Obama’s gay transgender prostitute nanny who made him laugh by trying on his mother’s lipstick
    Evie, 66, cared for future Commander in Chief she called Barry in late 60s
    Offered job after she impressed Obama’s mother with steak and rice
    When family left Indonesia, she became a sex worker and now lives in a slum

    Read more:

  7. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    William ‘Bill’ Ayers

    (born 1944) is a former member of the Marxist terrorist group Weather Underground and is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The website, Jewish Achievement mentions Ayers as notable for being among a minority of non-Jewish leaders in the Weather Underground, along with Brian Flanagan.

    Association with Barack Obama

    During the 2008 presidential election season a relationship was uncovered between Senator Barack Obama and Ayers. They served together for three years on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago; and, in 1995, Senator Obama attended a political event at the home of Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Ayers had given Obama a $200 donation for his political campaign for state senator in Illinois.

  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    This is an excerpt from a 1982 CBC documentary on the KGB activities in North America.

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Why are these people not in jail still? Why was Obama a friend of Bill Ayers? These people were not anti-war activists. These people were and probably still are COMMUNISTS.

    In 1969, a small group of college students announced their intentions to overthrow the U.S. government in opposition to the Vietnam War. This documentary explores the rise and fall of this radical movement as former members speak candidly about the passion that drove them at the time. The film also explores the group in the context of other social movements of the time, featuring interviews with former members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Black Panther Party. The documentary also examines the U.S. government’s suppression of dissent during this turbulent era. Using archival footage from the 1960s and 1970s, the film also intersperses recent interviews with high profile ex-Weathermen like Bernardine Dohrn, David Gilbert, Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd and Brian Flanagan, who talk about their involvement in the organization, their experiences, and the trajectory that led them to be placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

  10. MJ says:

    Yes, they f’n murdered him, but he WAS PRO-Israel, and a Jew.
    Shows you AGAIN, that “ZOG” aint in control, BOG is-Bolshevik Occupied Govt. is.

    You really should read “To eliminate the opiate, Vol 1 & 2” if you want to know the facts about this crap.

    My Dad answered you, of course I didn’t tell him that you are madly in love with me but left me for Donna.

  11. MJ says:

    ‘Assassination, Bloomberg News, Borzou Daragahi, Church Committee, CIA, Deborah Dupre, Dubai Mossad hit, Federal Reserve, Fred Burks, Hamas, heart attack, hit-list, homicide, lethal, Mahmoud Mabhouh, Mark Pittman, Mossad, Poison, Senate, succinylcholine, toxin, weaponry.’

    If you want bigger hits so this gets traction because I believe they DID murder him, you need to tag “Breitbart murdered?”
    People need to see the truth how ruthless these people are–even if it is you.

  12. Loki says:

    It’s the pharaoh(the false jews)behind our inslavement.

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Marxist Terror in America video 1 of 7.mp4

    Revolutionary Violence and Terrorism in America: The Legacy of the Weather Underground and the Search for Justice. Presented by: Justice of Victims of Weather Underground Terrorism.

  14. MJ says:

    Loki…of course I dont know that. (Eyeroll)
    They dont stalk you, come to YOUR door at night with threats, notes in the mailbox-etc. They come to mine, I dont tow the Bolshevik line-EVER.


  15. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    “We Jews, who have posed as Saviors of the World, we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.” – Oscar Levy

    “…the revolutionary leaders nearly all belong to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the Jewish BundThe government has suffered more from that race than from all of its other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire.” [From “National Geographic Magazine,” May 1907, article titled “The Revolution In Russia”, written by William E. Curtis, p. 313.]

    The conclusion of House Report No. 2290, from 1931 states: “The problem of communism is bound up with our other social and economic problems. Hungry men are dangerous; but to the man with a home, a family, and a job, communism makes no appeal whatever. Communistic ideas are germs in the body politic… They are dangerous…[especially] when the resistance of that body [Congress] becomes weakened through social or selfish errors.”

    In the Investigation of Communist Propaganda, we learn that the Communist Party in the United States was first organized in CHICAGO in September, 1919,4 shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. This was the same year as the formation of the Council on Foreign Relations who presently have complete control over all aspects of the United States Government. The Communist activity in this country was found to be pervasive

    “I think when this is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama(Chicago) is the first Jewish president”–Abner Mikva(Chicago)

    communist party began in chicago and the Obama machine is from………………..CHICAGO !

    “…there is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

    H. H. BEAMISH, N.Y. speech, 1937
    “Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918.”

  16. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Okay, we know the Clintons’s left behind a trail of blood and they were jew bots. So, it’s possible Obama’s jew henchmen may have had him murdered. Chemicals, a heart attack gun, whatever means they used; I doubt we will ever find out the truth. The fact remains Obama is anti-American and is no doubt a Marxist who is destroying this country.

    Communism, Marxism, Zionism = Satanism and they are in control of our government.

    Gotta get rid of those “ism’s”

  17. Piltup Man says:

    What other diseases are implantable, and used by “security” tyrants?… or others?

    Not all might be to kill a specific person, because it seems “they” encourage whole blocks of people (especially whites) to beceom “ill” and thus not interested in revolting and likely to become dependent on the state for continued life (even if significantly compromised by illness, treatments, as well as the general loss of liberty for all).

    I’ve heard that fluoride in water is a neurologically active toxin, depressing mental ability especially independent thought (?)… and we incessantly hear the dental gang implore us to get this in city water. (You’d think they’d prefer we do not get it that way, so they’d have more dental work!)

    Why are we seeing so many kids now with ADD or ADHD? In some cities over 30% of kids on neurological chems. That cannot be normal or good for our society!

    And allergies to common stuff (like peanuts). And asthma. I don’t remember anyone allergic to peanuts in my large high school years ago; only one carried an inhaler.

    And internal cancer (not skin) has skyrocketed from uncommon in 1900 (about 5% got this disease in their lifetime) to much more (10% got it in 1960s), to 1/3 now! OK, these doctors put folks thru tons of tests these days to find even small early cancers (easy to cure, the main reason they show any “progress” in survival!) Minimal progress is not from expensive research mostly on the same old toxic radiation and old very toxic chemicals like fluoro-uracil, a patented thing profitable to manufactureres, unlike natural anti-cancer materials!

    So, we are all being “targetted” to become pliable victims, many finally needing the state to help them! See?

    Of course part of the damage is the incredible stress put on farmers by massive global marketing of commodities, overwhelmingly dominated by giant corporations (created only to make money any “legal” way for investors)… plus incessant environmental and sustainable goals forced by various laws, and higher taxes. So they have to cut corners every which way, and wind up producing very unnatural “food” the FDA allows (but it will not force them to tell you if your food has genetically modified materials!) And the thrus of this is to destroy traditional (largely inherited) FAMILY FARMS… largely owned by whites in N America, at least regarding the significant private farms. “They” really target for destruction the family farm soon. Just globally compliant corporate farms wil be the new norm, with vitually no population outside cities and allowed corridors linking them (warehousing population). On this see the Marxian agenda at a Rio Earth Summit a few years ago: a new Protocol was approved by USA and others. The idea is that we ruin natural lands, soon to be off limits for most folks hearded into cities and railside living zones.

    But large corporate agro-business is NOT producing healthier foods for the masses of our people at all! Cancer and diseases expand. Why?

  18. Pat says:


    Yes, they f’n murdered him, but he WAS PRO-Israel, and a Jew.

    Shows you AGAIN, that “ZOG” aint in control, BOG is-Bolshevik Occupied Govt. is.

    “ZOG” is in control. Maybe more accurately “ZBOG is in control. They are mainly jews. You know it. I know it. And everybody else knows it too.

    As for who murdered Brietbart…well, Brietbart had quite a few enemies. Didn’t he? Even the niggers who got booted from ACORN had a motive. You can’t deny that fact.

    There is no firm logical link – or any other link for that matter between who killed Breitbart – and who controls our Debt and Interest Based Money System (and the government, media, hollywood, most of the porn industry, and just about every other shitty thing out there).

    Are you trying to confuse issues intentionally?

    Naw…you wouldn’t do that…would you?

  19. MJ says:

    I read books that are the truth.
    There is a real “Zionism” that is purely spiritual, that would be me and how I feel. Israel is Gods land, and thats my opinion.
    Yes, I do know that there are political Zionist wackos and want us to ‘bomb, bomb Iran’, however, I personally have zero feelings about Iran.
    If the Israelis get into it with them-fine. Good.
    “Everyone else knows it”
    You name an evil Jew, and I can name 20 bad non Jews-sorry, I am not into the imbalance presented here.

    If you want to be and are, good, thats you, but its just not me.

  20. MJ says:

    I just want an explanation, or at least SOME clue from ya all why Zionists would murder Breitbart when he was, himself a Zionist. Not a ‘political’ Zionist, just a person that supported Israel.
    Sorry, makes no sense that Zionists would murder a Zionist, making my case, that there is evil in all people and good..with Jews AND non Jews.

  21. Pat says:


    If an honest investigation reveals that a Zionist murdered Brietbart – it would then be appropriate to look at the underlying reason(s).

    I don’t think anyone knows at this point who killed him. We don’t know if it was “Zionists” or not. It could have been done for some other reason by someone who was looking for the right time and place – and decided that Brietbart’s recent pending expose was a good cover.

    I will say this much to you: Zionists are definitely fucking up the world. Zionists are behing the Money Scam – and you know it. Fuck Zionists. If you are a Zionist – fuck you too.

    Let’s see how this plays out.

  22. Pat says:


    I take it you’re not going to help in the effort to stop the Debt and Interest Based Money scam. Is that right?

    If that’s the case – you are one of the enemy.

    How fast can you run?

    Are you planning on “fleeing to Israel”?

  23. Pat says:


    You might want to consider that we non-jews are capable of fielding the same kinds of technologies that can be used – right back at you.

    If you think people are not contemplating that – well, go back to sleep.

  24. CWD says:

    He was only a Jew by proxy(see below) Mad Moo Moo , plus we all know Zionist Jews
    will kill anyone, even their own, see Irgun blowing up the King David Hotel,
    if it serves their purpose.

    The Mossad motto, by way of deception, ohh what Moo Moo, they aren’t going to
    deceive their own??

    Google Zionist and NAZI collaborators you will be amazed at how many books
    you can read on it. With Zionist Jews: the bastards are straight from hell and have sold
    you Khazars out in a second, if it benefits their global hegemony plans!

    “Breitbart was the adopted son of Gerald and Arlene Breitbart, a restaurant owner and banker respectively, and grew up in upscale Brentwood, Los Angeles. He was raised Jewish (his adoptive mother had converted to Judaism when marrying his adoptive father).[4][5] He had explained that his birth certificate indicated his biological father was a folk singer. He was ethnically Irish by birth”

    There is a reason Mad Moo Moo the Apostle Paul (himself an Ex Pharisee
    Orthodox Jew) said “Jews will by the enemy of man forever” especially Christians!

    Wake up child!

  25. Pat says:


    According to the US military, the ultimate goal of PsyOp is to modify the behavior of the TA. This is accomplished by destroying their will, which, itself, is brought about by continually inflicting pain.

    So, there are several considerations here. First, the ultimate goal (behavior modification), and next is the condition which will allow the goal to be realized (the destruction of the TA’s will). Finally, the specific methods which will facilitate the destruction of the TA’s will (the use of pain).

    To accomplish this, a relentless campaign is used to demoralize the TA, which includes creating perpetual negative feelings of intense fear and hopelessness. This is done to wear the TA down gradually and break their will. The DOD describes this as the attrition-based approach. It explained: “Attrition is the product of gradual erosion of the will. The victim of this psychological attrition gradually becomes convinced that nothing he can do will yield a satisfactory outcome to a situation.”

    The word “victim” is an interesting choice by the DOD to describe its PsyOp targets because themes are used to transmit painful stimuli (also called triggers) which a TA has been sensitized to. The triggers contained in these themes are understood by the military at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of the campaign. They are passed to the commanders of a particular AO if the TA moves toward that portion of the battlespace.

    Simplified, these PsyOp themes are a series of painful triggers used to generate a particular response. “A psychologist who is looking at our efforts,” says the DOD, “would swiftly conclude that what we were talking about was nothing more than a series of stimulus and response interactions. That is, the behavior we seek to shape is nothing more than a response to a stimulus or set of stimuli.”

    “Messages and themes must be clearly understood,” explained the School of Advanced Military Studies of the United States Army Command and General Staff College, at the “strategic, operational, and tactical level of war.”

    Themes which contain “triggers and thresholds” are “directly passed to the various actors within the commander’s area of operation” to combat asymmetric threats. These actors include the civilian population. The triggers that they’re referring to are part of a behavior modification program known as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) which uses anchors and triggers to promote change. An anchor is created when an emotional state is linked to something such as an object, person, sound, smell, place, color, etc.

    This is easily created by deliberately placing an individual in the desired state, then repeatedly subjecting them to whatever the intended stimulus will be until the emotion becomes linked (anchored) to it. An anchor can also be created in a single instance if the timing is right and the emotion is strong enough. Once the anchor has been established, whatever the individual was exposed to during the anchoring process becomes the stimulus (trigger) that will invoke the emotion.

    NLP has been used by personal-growth experts to quickly and massively modify the behavior of individuals and groups. In addition, it can be used as a powerful weapon to deliberately create phobias. By surrounding an individual with painful stimuli it is possible to keep them in a perpetual state of fear or sadness. It is possible to cause them to suffer a nervous breakdown.

    An intelligence and security unit of the US Army known as the Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) has conducted much research on NLP. NLW experts such as Dr. John B. Alexander, and Mrs. Janet Morris, who have worked with the US military and various federal agencies, have described how NLP can be used to manipulate people.

    The RAND Corporation has suggested that NLP experts should be recruited to help facilitate netwar, which includes the battleswarm. These painful messages are repeatedly hurled at the TA over and over again through various stimuli in an environment that has been psychologically prepped. “Pain is inflicted until the victim can stand no more,” the DOD explains.

    The BSSR described how the application of scientific knowledge could be used to torture people psychologically. As an example, they mentioned how the Portuguese secret police (PIDE) used psychological torture against the state’s internal enemies accomplished by mounting anxiety. It was also used by the KGB against Communist Russia’s dissidents. Unlike physical torture it is more acceptable to the public because it leaves no visible injury.

  26. Pat says:


    PsyOp attacks contain painful stimuli that are conveyed to the TA using a series of products referred to as a theme. The TA is relentlessly attacked with these stimuli through all channels of communication which they rely on. The painful stimuli are concealed to any casual observer.

    The TA’s environment is also changed. The TA can be a civilian individual. PsyOp is synchronized with EW (directed-energy weapons and the manipulation of electromagnetic signals), CNO (disrupting and destroying computers and networks), and all other instruments of national power. It takes place globally. The battlespace is your neighborhoods.

    PsyOp uses civilians as irregular forces. Controlling these forces are NGOs and international groups that work with the military and federal agencies. Much of modern PsyOp was built by a small group of private interests, which we learned in the previous volume were using the social sciences to install a global government. Some of these are the exact same groups promoting the use of PsyOp on civilians.

  27. 30.06 says:

    MJ , Are you forgetting that Jews Slaughtered Jews , all over America , during the Twenties , thirties and still going into the sixties and seventies ?

    It was called Gang Wars .

    Who shot Bugsy Siegel ?

    In the Soviet Union , many thousands of Jews , who had been the Butchers of Russians for Joe Stalin , were then murdered off by other Jews .

    Selective memory , seems to be a Jew affliction .

  28. sog says:

    for the same reason they assassanited american reporters in el salvador guatamala a while back and now honduras and iraq saw dozens of dead reporters as has israel killed journalists and continues to kill UN observers who are witnesses ato israel army atrocities against palestinian villages …s’why they killed breitboi as collatteral damage for weener …he ezxposed da weenie and maybe da bohner next ..ixnay that one heh heh …the satanic coterie of the jewish cabal always executes its sworn enenmies and breitboi got on the list ….2+2=4
    combat journalist and cameraman is and has been a very dangerous profession for a while now but the news peeps have being shot all over the world at all the conflicts ….
    its a matter of keeping the witness count down low …
    you can figure that out emjay unless you are just effen arbitrayr annd stubborn …i senxes a deep stubborn neess and a willful attitude of denial of ther truths around you
    and thats the last time im going to be nice to you …you are becoming more human and open ,,whut is going on ,,you are having medical difficulties ..stay away from the jewish doctors and dont seek cheap medical care in israel ,as the askenazzis there will chop you up for dog food …..

  29. Barney says:

    Don’t forget microwave, ELF and similar weaponry. We don’t know what they can do with these, but apparently it was possible as long ago as (I think) 1974 to make people hear “voices in the head” by modulating a microwave signal with sound.

    Gwen towers. Ground Wave Emergency Network. What kind of “emergency”? What do these things DO?

    DECT and TETRA. Why would these signals be modulated at a very low (sub-sonic) frequency known to be harmful to the brain?

    “Mobile ‘phone” masts. I read somewhere that these things are currently running at something like 15% of their potential output, and that at 100% we’d all be dead. Perhaps it’s true, perhaps it isn’t, but why would they need so many of the things in a small area? I know of a triangle of masts within about 30 yards of each other, Why three so close together? Wouldn’t one do the job?

    Where do they come from? Has anyone ever seen a “phone mast” being erected? They seem to appear overnight, complete with from one to three metal boxes of varying sizes embedded in concrete, and with no sign of ditches having been dug to bring that thick power lead in from any local supply. It’s as if they come straight up out of the ground when nobody’s looking, and without even disturbing the soil.

    Some people believe they can be used to “scramble” a person’s (or a group’s) thoughts, so that, for example, a mob of angry people might suddenly forget what they’re supposed to be doing, who they’re supposed to be attacking, and either wander round like zombies or go home – if they can remember where “home” is. Who knows?

    Why the push to force everyone to switch to digital tv, with more channels carrying the same old crap and the same adverts? There’s nothing new on any of these additional channels, just recycled crap from the previously-existing ones.

    A friend of mine’s got one that switches to standby if it decides no-one’s watching. How would it know? This one even does it when people are watching, which can be annoying.

    I actually joined the “tinfoil hat brigade” (for a few minutes) a few years ago. I suffer from tinnitus, but I found that if I wrapped cooking foil round my head, the noise stopped. Why? The answer can only be that the whistling is coming from somewhere else.

    If I could, I’d turn my home into a Faraday cage.

    We know they’ve got a range of microwave and ELF weaponry. We just don’t know what they can do with it (I’d tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine).

    It may well be that they’ve got a pellet gun that causes symptoms similar to a heart attack, but I’m more inclined to believe they use directed energy weapons a lot of the time.

    Btw, I wonder whether Joe Vialls’ “heart attack” was natural. I believe he was “of the tribe”, but he had an interesting angle on things, whether he was right or wrong.

  30. Pat says:

    Here’s what Zionist shill Alex Jones had to say about Breitbart:
    Media trailblazer Andrew Breitbart, who single-handedly declared war on the establishment left and won numerous political battles, unexpectedly died this early morning in his Los Angeles home aged 43.

    This was my (Keith Johnson’s) reply to that:

    “I write for American Free Press and would love for you to call over there and work to have me fired like you tried to have Michael Collins Piper fired. The truth is–Infowars is carrying water for Israel. To characterize Breitbart as a champion against Obama is the ultimate betrayal of your readership. Breitbart was controlled opposition who wants Obama gone for the same reason Netanyahu wants him gone. They both want him replaced with an even more subservient puppet (preferably a neocon) who will work exclusively on behalf of Israel. While I detest Obama, I would not characterize him as a Zionist. Obama is a Bzrezinski clone who works on behalf of Rothschild banking interests. The bankers have another plan for the Middle East that sometimes comes in conflict with the mad dog state of Israel. You people at Infowars are smart enough to know this but persist in carrying the Zionist narrative along. Fuck you, Alex. I now declare a media war on Infowars! Make sure when you call AFP that you get my name right—Keith Johnson.”

  31. Voir Dire says:

    Pat (“Keith Johnson”):

    I’d be shocked if your response was left to stand unmolested.

    Many informed readers are convinced Alex Jones & Co. are well-compensated disinfo agents and the best exposes ever written are by Brother Nathanael Kapner from “Realzionistnews.” The 600+ extraordinary commentaries (1st one) from his astute posters further buttressed his case with overwhelming evidence, but they have since been removed, and it is widely believed it was because of the ongoing threats at that time by Alex Jones to sue Jeff Rense for publishing Brother Nat’s exposes.

    Sazzy: Thanks for posting those exemplary videos on the “Weather Underground.” Great find! It’s mind-boggling how far back these Bolsheviks have infiltrated this government (further than I think anyone can imagine). (Cryto Jew) Roosevelt’s administration was likewise infested with collectivist Jews which explains the war crimes committed during-and-after WWII and our involvement in it altogether.

    Jews in FDR’s Administration

    FDR’S Jewish Ancestry

    Thanks too “Vexed” for those wonderful videos from patriot extraordinaire Dr. William Pierce’s speeches and to whomever put them to video (as well as those who keep preserving them.)

    Another reason Glenn Beck was taken down from television was touching on the Ayers/Obama connection (even though I despise the Zionist traitor, he occasionally touched on some truths that were too hot for the controlled disinfo media):

  32. sog says:

    what happens when they turn up the radio equipment for cellphone use ….accorsding to workers in the field for that profession ,,all the radio equipment is turned up past the accepted norm ….
    1996 cell phone act in congress again the traitors stoll pueshing faggots pass a law that allows phone industry to put towers in wherever they please and they are pleased to put them in schools churches suburban areas ,parks etc .,,even in the ground at bus stops for better reception …since when does a big company give a rats ass if your messages or conversation gets dropped
    when these vultures first started i remembere cell fone bills and wandering charges could be 30-40 $$ for 5minutes of tyme ..
    san francrisco has 2500 cell towers in 325 locations in a 7 square mile area ….microwving the populace ,so you can see how the jews would jump al over this as a weapon of mass sickness and slow death,,,, is completely up their alley …
    other euro countries have already seen and realized the time bomb of this industry and turn the radio equipment down ….
    plus they like to hide them ,but they are still dangerous to human organisms and all life , plant ,animal and human ..
    constant barrage of r/f microwaves on bodies of water is destructive to the water as well …
    a funny guy i knew who was in the korean war used to take rats and sticjk em up nex5t to navy ships radar on a pole and the efin thing would sizle away after a few minutes …
    hmmm uhmmm good eatin
    what else do people need to ssee to know this shit is part of many depop angles ..
    there is the ADS active denial system which is a 3rd generation microwave weapon that legend has it ,it can melt people at leas tit was repped to be why people were melting on the streets of afganny when kike helicopters would fly by …oh and the kikes have theis shit mounted on their free helicopters from usa …yeerr welcoome kikes .. legend or truth …the ads is used against people supposedly as riot countermeasures but so far they let rioters run amock if they are spik or tarmutts
    the specs on ads certainly show that this thing may have super secret squirrel settings for cook burn melt vaporize on the highre control end …do i believe they have that kind of tecknology ..yes ,,and would they build something like that ,,hell yes ,,,on and on
    so hey gtr-man is kaminsky pickin up his papers yet or is he jammed up ….

  33. sog says:

    the kikes also have a large indentured servitude herd of sayan doctors that can kill you for a small fee in the hospitals …seen em do it for a fortune 500 exec who didnt like the blood line of someone in his family …i cant go on about it here for security sake …ya know how many people expires in hospitals every year…or from medicine prescriptions….a effen lot ….
    besides the fact that hte common medical drugs available are sub standard …antway it looks like they may have used the sayan md to kill this truther …yeah yeah i know that he worked for prison planet once but whatever the fuck ,i still wander over there for info here and there sometymes ….

    it was once highlighted somewhere that majic jordan was involved in a set up car accident and when he was taken to the ER the sayans injected him with HTLV-1
    thet is a long story how aids actually works but synergism and the azt is sometymes the actual cause of death ,,

    yeah they kill people ……or have policies in place where as j kaminski sez they are in a position to execute push button delivery of desth and the drones are examoples …
    jew created death and suffering in south africa and ussr and allover the globe …
    they are murderers …period…..the summer of blonde murders ,,very creepy jew shit

  34. Barney says:

    Incog – I hadn’t realised Bailey was still getting stuck in Spamblinka. Let him through. He’s a genuine White Man, and certainly not a troll or a trouble-maker.

    My comments go straight through, so why not his?

    Give the man a break.

    sog – I too have witnessed a “medical” murder. Most people wouldn’t believe what that poor person went through at the hands of so many of the kikenvermin. It was a slow murder that took about a year, but like you, I can’t say too much about it.

    I’m not sure whether I ought to say even this much, but I’ve got two VERY high-level masons (Buckingham Palace level) keeping me “under observation”, and I know that if I were to say certain things, I’d get a bullet that same night.

    I don’t know why they bother. What harm could little old me do to the mighty (for now) jew-masonic organisation? The jew-masonic police would lock ME up (or worse) if I tried to get them to investigate the murder, and the jew-masonic press (MSM) would simply ignore the story.

  35. Bella says:

    Get that “mad Jewess” cunt the fuck out of here.

  36. Mike says:

    The Jew Gods are laughing their asses off!

    Heart attack guns, ChemTrails, HAARP.
    Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Matt Drudge.

    Enough said.

  37. GTRman says:

    MIKE : I know where youre coming from , but come on , Mike . It can’t be too hard to kill someone and make it appear to be “heart attack ” . Not with a “gun” , maybe , but chemically , electronically ? Or , just tell the fucking coroner what to write !

    Chemtrails .

    Many of us have seen them . I dont pretend to know what or why they are , but Ive watched teams of planes gridding the sky , which turned to opaque mush , MANY TIMES with my own eyes .

    HAARP . Dunno. I have no opinion .

    There’s so much internet bullshit , I agree .

    Here is the great Terrance McKenna using pure bias- free logic to explain the MOST LIKELY origin of crop-circles .

    ( If you cant be arsed to listen , his thesis is : ‘Secret services’ experiment to study public reaction to “other wordly phenomena ”

    Its a joy to listen to such pure thinking .

    ( especially from a space cadet , only joking Terrance ! )

  38. GTRman says:

    Most likely explanation ( M.L.E. ) Secret Human Black Op Projects ( S.H.B.O.P )

    UFOs : MLE ? = ( S.H.B.O.P )

    Alien Abduction : MLE ? = ( S.H.B.O.P )

    Animal Mutilation : MLE ? = ( S.H.B.O.P )

    Et Cetera .

  39. Sabine Centurion says:

    Word around the campfire is that David Axelrod, Oblahblah’s Handler In Chief, is Israeli Defense Forces and/or Mossad.
    ( “Ex” IDF/Mossad is a fallacy.)
    I can’t find anything to corroborate or disprove this.

    Also, are there ANY non-Jews that prop up and pull the strings of Da Rezident?
    The Clintons, as bought and sold whores, don’t count.

  40. buff says:

    Surely everyone here must know that breitbart was a fucking jew zionist piece of shit. I will not shed any tear for him. He is a hasbarat.

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