Finally, after 5 years I break the mythical and Jew-sacred 6 million number in hits on my little site!

In case you still labor under the brainwashing of the Jews, get this: They’ve been pushing that number since before World War I (1914-1918). How could that be you ask? Well, just go to THIS LINK for a bunch of newspaper articles way back before WWII and the Nazis (it actually goes back to the turn of the 19th century). Clearly it’s BS.

Seems a few Kaballistic Jew rabbis thought that 6 million Jews would have to be cremated before the modern State of Israel could come into existence. WWII and the Nazis gave the International Zionists the perfect excuse; along with greedy and attention-seeking little Jews the opportunity to make up all kinds of crap and rake in a few shekels!

No, I’m not saying Jews did not get killed in WWII. But a lot of people died then. Just the industrial gassing bit that’s a bunch of malarkey. I explain it all here in my “The Real Holocaust Deal.” Or go and read Zion Crime Factory’s extremely well-researched “The Six Million Myth”. Take a measly 15 minutes of your precious time reading a little and watch a few videos. The Jews sure as hell won’t want you to!

Now think about it here for a minute: Why should any historical event have laws to protect it if it’s true? Because the Jews know much of it is BS and desperately don’t want regular people to get it. Simple as that.

If these stinking backstabbers could brainwash millions about history, what other kinds of manipulations could they get away with these days?

Think about it!

Anyway, I want to thank all you loyal readers and commenters here at INCOG LAND. I’m quite certain your word of mouth has contributed greatly to the success of my site. When I say success, I only mean it in terms of impact. I never went into this to get rich or famous, simply to alert fellow Whites to what’s truly going on these days.

You see, I’ve had many of the same questions over the years and looked into many sources. I wasn’t real happy when I found out these things, but confusions over so many issues disappeared and no longer did I wonder WTF so much.

The only thing I can say to those folks coming here for the first time is this: Please take a few minutes of your time looking around here and thinking on your own. Believe me when I say much of your brain has been twisted against yourself. Once you understand these things, you will be much happier (sometimes not, sure).

As they say: The truth will set you free!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Mike says:
    April 11, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    The truth won’t set you free. The truth never set anyone free. Millions of White Christians in Soviet Russia knew the truth, but it only got them sent to death or the gulags. Putting your enemy to the sword is the only thing that will set you free!
    We have better forms of communication these days Mike, and we can warn people what the Jews did then and what they plan for Americans.

  2. HKW says:

    30.06 and Barney,

    Thank you for your kind words.
    You are certainly entitled to your opinions and I respect it.
    I can even understand it and the reasons for it.
    Its all to do with our background, perhaps a little embarrassment or guilt…?

    There is no need for it.
    You cannot take the blame for somebody else’s irresponsible misjudgments.
    After all the German nation fell victim too in this terrible war and suffered horrible consequences, which I’m convinced could have been avoided if it could been solved diplomatically.

    Out of respect for you 30.06 I will respond to your question;

    “We hear constantly that Saddam invaded Kuwait because he had had the nod of approval from the US, or at least an assurance they would look away at the time it happened.
    It seems Hitler made a similar mistake in 1939, believing the British would not fight over Poland.
    The idea that he meant to have a war with France and Britain when Germany invaded Poland is wrong. Hitler was confident that the British and French would not intervene to save Poland and was shocked when the declaration of war came.
    After the British ultimatum had arrived, Ribbentrop wondered, despairingly, “What are we to do now?” and Hitler, meeting him in the Reichstag building, griped:
    “You idiot! You told me this wouldn’t happen.”

    But in fact, it was all a smoke screen, as they had no intention to assist Poland with military aid. They had this defensive pact against the Germans, stating that if one of them was attacked, the other two would declare war against Germany.
    Their intention was to safe their face and at the same time they were probably shitting their pants too, afraid themselves of Hitler’s achievement and military power.

    What ‘s more disappointing is the breaching of German–Polish Non-Aggression Pact signed on January 26, 1934. In it, both countries pledged to resolve their problems through bilateral negotiations and to forgo armed conflict for a period of ten years.
    It effectively normalized relations between Poland and Germany, which were previously strained by border disputes arising from the territorial settlement in the Treaty of Versailles.
    As a consequence of the treaty, Germany effectively recognized Poland’s borders and moved to end an economically damaging customs war which existed between the two countries during the previous decade.

    Why Hitler really invaded Poland?

    If both Germany and Russia invaded Poland in 1939 why did Britain not declare war on Russia as well as Germany?

    Britain and France didn’t truly care about Poland’s fate and yet used her soldiers to fight for their independence. Lets take the example of my presence on this forum ;), similar case scenario and easy to understand. I’m useful for you to fight the zionists.
    Otherwise I can easily be disposed off.

    I just found this site revealing Secret History:
    British Non-aggression Pact with Hitler
    It is the first time I’m viewing it so I’m not too sure about it authenticity yet;

    Yes, yes I know. There are lots of untrustworthy sites promoting their propaganda.
    Just don’t forget that all government have their own propaganda too.
    And so had Hitler.

    I did a lot of deep thinking about it and some things struck me as very strange;
    Hitler no being married, having no children, the suspicious death of his very first girlfriend and her apparent suicide with Hitler’s own revolver.
    The leader surrounding himself mostly with officers of jewish background, to which most of you guys react so strongly against anyone of being just slightly suspicious as jewish. Hmmm… ?


    Please forgive me for saying this, but I believe that the hardworking, well disciplined and organized, talented German nation have been misled and deceived.
    That is only my opinion, okey?
    And as a result so many White people died unnecessarily.
    It was the most tragic war in human history, lasting 6 years, the misery, hardship, and spiritual trauma on peoples minds was incurable.

    But time goes on. Germany need to get up from her knees and stand up against the forces milking her forever. It’s time to move on with our lives and stop blaming each other by bringing up the past. Lets look forward to a better future.

    I agree, it would have been good to have someone like Hitler again to help America get rid of the Federal Bank and the bankster-gangsters, send all the zionists to where they really belong to and improve the American economy as long….
    AS LONG that guy just stays there and set an example for all the other countries, without reaching out for them.

    We ( I mean the people of this world) have been played before and we are being played again. But then again we are much smarter nowadays and should not let anyone lead us by our noses anymore!

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Just thinking out loud here but most Whites have been battered with embarrassment and guilt by the jews for so long it’s outrageous for someone to come along and suggest that we feel guilty for what is so obviously – someone’s opinion.

    Hitler and Eva were married.

  4. HKW says:

    ha ha ha…yea, one can ‘clearly’ see their ‘closeness’ wearing black outfits on their wedding day;

    Married just before an apparent ‘suicide”.
    The body never found….

  5. sog says:

    yeah sazzy that dhs thing ….they are gonna do what they are gonna do ,ya know but as they use tired repetitive obtusely obvious ploys to “rationalize” theyr positions and agendas ,,yes i think that they might just be trying to inject their initial/movement into and behind a race war front ,but if the race war doesnt start then they will start it and or not and do what they are gonna do anyway…
    petrov …cannibal called it 4 months ago when he said “i dont like fake russians” heh heh .. ..
    i always thot he was just another internet entity of sublime questionable intent not cricket ,but hey i jousted with him and dropped it and was never another xchange tween us so i figured hell i’ll give em the b of the d ……….anyway who knows ,,mabe hes just crazy or loosin his mind cus of the kikes ….i dunno ……………..
    hkw she’s allright but the anti hitler shit is disturbing to some degree ,which is a far less scathing rebuttal and commentary she would give if you said the fukin low life polish gotr what they deserved when the 3rd f/n reich came and smoked their junkie asses …all right … grandfather was a german fought in ww1 my father was a german who fought also in ww2 ,so i will go here the dna goes on the aryan front …

  6. sog says:

    hkw ….. sangria …. bottoms up ayhhe … it you or the alcohol jammin up the speaking process

    hey barny o on that ucoontu 11.10 dont bother with it ,,its a piece of shit distro ,,where you litterrally have no control on the desktop ….must ahve been invented by a bi polar kike …..10.04 is still their best os …..

  7. sog says:

    i hear you on the comment site decorum 06 its true on newbies needind an educational format goin on whicj=h incog provides and some of us provide the craziness heh heh ..

    anyway i know i said this before on halina hkw bergamo that i wasnt goin to respond anymore to her twisted view of history and so as a prelude to peace on this site i and a couple other mugs will refrain from reading her somewhat milky posts ,or is it milqtoast posts …
    via con dios hk
    i will not respond to in kind or even on any subjects on your wall so to keep the decorum here stabler ..
    einsatz f/n gruupen happy totenkopf…………………………………………………….heil og sael

  8. sog says:

    some of us could dance a jig over this one maybe…175 million ground apes in africa have aids
    g a y g-ot a-ids y-et ..the jewish ministers of death thru the WHO vaccinated 10’s of millions of chumps in africa for small pox and the shit had the htlv and tuberculin and the mycoplasma fermentens and the brucellosis attenuated immune system destroying variants and synergistic devil concoction in them needles and it was the JEWS ………that jerry springer kike shit is sayin that any whites that dont like blacks who dont like us is a cross eyed nit wit southern red neck honkey mutha fukkin crakka ….heh heh …fuck that imbe`cile
    its statistically true in jews beside tay sachs disease and others that are specifically jewish,, specie represented in high numbers or unique to kikes like sikkle cell in nukkazz
    jews suffer from an astronoimical rate of depression and bi polarity /and bi sexuality ,,arent all fags jews ?? ……….heh heh …i can feel the eyes of commander zz and kwakli and bob malooga looga looga looga looga dude and all the other banned psycos that are stuck extracting protein prison style while in spamblinka …hi guys …heh heh how are the bed bugs and yiddish lice ,,that stuff makes a good soup if you get hungry ,,,shaloam ,,dont bend over in the shower to pick up your jew soap ….
    im telling you that the kikes shit around the whites is making alot of people crazy ….
    its like it puts some whites on a self destruct ,non fail safe ignition plan …
    they have done ther damdest to dumb down america in time for the time line schedule of kikery to begin to get worse ………………

  9. HKW says:

    Hey, happy totenkopf sog,

    Would YOU have the guts to reveal your real name or at least just one – the first?

    It takes a real man!

  10. Hoff says:

    If both Germany and Russia invaded Poland in 1939 why did Britain not declare war on Russia as well as Germany?

    NO – the jew ruled SOVIET invaded Poland. Soviet 1917 – 1990 was a jew ruled hell on earth. The russian people was the jews slaves. Nothing in the Soviet era was in the interest of the russian people. Read this book and you will understand why the jew ruled Soviet cut a deal to split Poland.

  11. HKW says:

    I would like to add few more words about sam petrov.

    I have suspected him myself at first, but then had another thought, call me naive if you want or oversensitive, after all my country has been wiped out few times from the world map too.

    The zionist, pro-israeli jew doesn’t really care if nations wipe themselves out therefore all those provocations to wars.
    But sam appeared to be genuinely saddened and discouraged by this unfortunate and rather harsh statement. Nothing said before has affected him so much.
    He’s been doubted and even openly accused and yet stayed on.
    As soon as these words were mentioned without one rude word he was gone.

    Russian pride? …….. Russian ego? I’m not sure, but such words do hurt.
    He simply gave up. Didn’t want to waste another’ breath’ any longer.
    Certainly not long enough to judge him with assured accuracy.

    There is nothing wrong with White Supremacy and its preservation so long it involves ALL WHITES EQUALLY with mutual RESPECT.

    Are Nordic type Whites any different to Slavic Whites?
    And if so can one specify?
    It’s interesting….
    By the way; Poland is located in the North part of Europe.

    Now, can anyone imagine certain faces reading my comments?
    Can’t you see yet why they hate them?

    I’ve been trying to bring people TOGETHER.

    Those who are against it attempting to discredit my opinions and beliefs must have a ‘sound’ reasons for it :|… ?
    You are surely entitled though to apply ‘selective hearing’ and go on blindfolded by your chosen delusions of the past that is gone.


    It is totally up to you now whether joining hands you will ‘CLEAR THE AIR’ and move on or……….

    Have a vision for the FUTURE?

    Spend your time and your money wisely.

    Some day you will remember my words.

  12. HKW says:

    Thank you Hoff for more information, I will certainly peruse it in my free time.
    Regrettably I don’t have that much time at my disposal for extensive research and used these closed at hand.
    But I am certainly aware of the jew ruled Soviet whom Poland defeated in 1920, cutting short their advances towards Western Europe.
    The 1939 invasion was their REVENGE!

  13. HKW says:

    Sorry, I meant ”…these close at hand…”

  14. t bone says:

    I never called petrov a hasbarat although I think he implied that I did. Maybe he was,maybe he wasnt.

    Much of his commentary was based on his own opinion. He never backed it up with factual detail but I noticed that some people bought it without question.
    I would simply ask him to clarify what appeared to be scatterbrain rhetoric. Each time he failed to give me a response.
    Too many contradictions. He seemed mixed up.

    Sometimes he would post something great like ‘the Book Kahal’ and other times he’d say Jesus was a commie because of bread and fishes.
    He wanted to be heard. We all do. But I dont think that petrov realized the intellectual depth at Incog.

    I would treat him with some level of courtesy if he would be more open to debate, instead of his word being the ‘end all/be all’, giving vague accounts about things/events that dont add up and not posting for a couple days when someone asks him to elaborate. Thats when I can become ‘testy’. I’m not proud of it either.

    I dont know what to make of him, but at the moment its on the negative side.

    Mr,Petrov, if youre a little mixed up, it’s OK. You’ll find your way. Just dont read jew sources that represent non-jew history.

  15. t bone says:

    Hoff is the man (and Flanders) to listen to and get great history lessons esp. about the Soviets, WWI, WWII,etc….

    Easy to understand and makes sense.

    Some of the newcomers here MUST meet Flanders. He is one poster who is always on top of his game.

    Flanders, come by sometime soon and show these good people what great work you do to expose the jew 😉

  16. HKW says:

    t bone,

    Quite frankly, I myself still don’t know what to make of sam petrov, but he defended me a couple of times in gentlemanly manner and I remembered it.
    This is the way I am – I appreciate peoples kindness. I also understand his way of reasoning.
    The thing is, he wasn’t here long enough to cause, as some call it too much dissension in my opinion, and if he did, he apologised, as an example is American Born.
    Perhaps some people jump to conclusions too hastily.

    I suppose that he grew up in the old USSR and the Soviets indoctrination surely played a significant role in his brainwashing hence him being still mixed up a little.
    We all were at some stage of our lives and still are.

    Sam’s head seem to be telling him to veer towards the right direction, but his heart is still in the old Mother Russia, where he came from.
    It’s only natural.
    Ones old roots and patriotism never really dies, unless….this individual doesn’t really have a home, which could be somewhere in ….KHAZARIA! 🙂 lol

    Anyway, Mr. Petrov, as t bone says; ” if you’re a little mixed up, it’s OK. You’ll find your way.”
    So long you don’t give in to jews way.

    Thank you for your past support.

  17. Barney says:

    HKW (April 11, 2012 at 10:22 pm) – Some excellent points there.

    I believe you’re mistaken in thinking it’s “our little group” (or however you actually put it). As far as I’m concerned, MY “group” is the entire White population of the world, of all nationalities and religions.

    (judaism, otherwise known as devil worship, is NOT a religion because it has no concept of a life beyond this one, and is devoted to evil)

    YOU are my sister, HKW (assuming I’m not mistaken in believing you to be White, not jewish). We need all White People, wherever in the world they may be (I’m in Southern England).

    As for Herr Hitler and other details, we all start by believing jew lies because we’ve never heard anything else. Our opinions change as we start to learn the truth, but we can’t always be certain which IS truth and which is merely a clever lie. I’ve heard all the stories about AH, about him being queer, about him being sponsored by the rothschilds, I could go on.

    Nobody is perfect, so those of us who imagine him to be a saint are certainly mistaken, but he did one good and brave thing in standing up to the satanic rothschilds by taking his country back from their destructive banking system, which is why he’s vilified by the kikenvermin to this day.

    Our opinions and beliefs are constantly changing as new facts and theories come to light. We’re not all at the same level of knowledge. Because of that, there will always be disagreements. The one thing we all agree on though is that jewish power must end.

    Don’t leave us. We need all the good White people we can get. The more people come here, both to learn and to educate (and we all do both), the weaker the jew becomes in all countries of the world.


    sog – Thanks for the comment about Ubuntu 11.10 (April 12, 2012 at 3:22 am). I tried 11.04 last year and didn’t like it, so you’re probably right about 11.10. I’m waiting to see what 12.04 will be like once it’s out of “beta” stage. Support for 10.10 (which I’m using now) is about to end, and they say 12.04 will be supported for five years, where it was only two years for earlier versions.

    There are a few things I don’t like about 10.10, windows that can’t be resized being one of them. I can move them (Alt+7+drag and drop), but it would be so much easier to have the whole thing on screen at the same time. That’s one point in favour of $eattle $pyware (“Windoze”), where maximising a window makes it fit the screen, regardless of resolution (I use 800×600 because my old eyes don’t work very well).

    I’ll stay with Ubuntu though, whether it’s 10.04, 10.10 or 12.04.

  18. Barney says:

    An afterthought. If anyone’s interested in trying Ubuntu (one of the many “flavours” of Linux), you can get it here.

    It’s totally FREE, no registration, no e-mail address, nothing, and you can try it without installing. Just download the file, burn it to a CD and then run it from the CD. Let me know if you need any help with that, or have a look at my computer thread at Hofflandia. You’ll also find some good advice on the Ubuntu download site (link above).

    If you decide to install it (it’s much faster once it’s installed), you’ll need the “restricted extras” for most audio and video formats. They’re not really “restricted”, just not open source. Just tick the relevant box and they’ll be downloaded as part of the installation process. Don’t bother with the updates until the installation’s finished. Apparently they don’t always install properly if you do it during installation.

    My computer boots into Ubuntu in 34 seconds and shuts down in five. How long does your computer take?

    Ok, I’ve got a fast, powerful machine, i7 processor, 6GB RAM, two hard drives, but even quite a modest computer will boot into Linux in about a minute.

    One important point. The installation file is about 700MB, so you’ll need a broadband connection to download it. Alternatively, you can ask Canonical (the company that maintains Ubuntu) to send you a CD through the post – free of charge. Check the download site.

    Linux is as immune as it’s possible to get from viruses, hackers and most other security vulnerabilities. There IS a firewall available for those who want to be sure, and there’s anti-virus software too, but neither of these ever gets to do anything because Linux is designed to be secure, unlike that overpriced and spyware-laden operating system from Bill kikenvermin Gates.

    I’ve currently got 34,904 items (some already installed) of FREE software available to download in just a couple of mouse clicks, all checked and kept in safe “repositories”, so no more internet searches, no more risk of dodgy downloads and no more expense – ever.

  19. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    The term “White Supremacy” is a jewish term. There are no White Supremacists here. If one is to value all Whites equally – we cannot focus our attention on one country alone. There isn’t anything wrong with loving the country of your birth; in fact, it’s quite natural. However, if one is going to ask for respect – one must earn respect.

    White people are asking for equality and human rights which have been stripped from their countries; they are not asking to rule the world. So, the term “White Supremacy” which is often used by the jew media is a misnomer.
    I’m an American born White girl of European ancestry. However, unlike the jew I will not support that which is wrong. I do not support the jew controlled government, media, Hollywood or music industry here in America. I sure do not support the criminal state of Israel either.

    I have beliefs and opinions others may not share but an opinion isn’t the same as a “fact.” According to the respected Jewish Holocaust Revisionist, David Cole, the Soviets lied about so many things we can’t even be sure Hitler committed suicide. So, there are certain “facts” we will never be able to uncover.

    However, thanks to the hard work of intelligent historians and revisionists, certain facts have been uncovered showing the jew to be liars regarding the holocaust as well as the creation of the modern state of Israel. They turned Hitler into a monster the same way they are turning Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into a monster. In fact, they even compare Ahmadinejad to Hitler! Why? Because they want war but they want the American people to fight their war for them. The American people did not want to go to with Germany but after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy and Roosevelt brought us into war, supposedly to assist Great Britain. Now, they are telling us we must go to war to support Israel.

    What kind of future do we really face with this kind of Marxist indoctrination?

  20. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Barney, I have Windows 7. Can I still use Ubuntu? This computer is almost new and I’m an XP girl at heart. I still get confused with certain things about Win 7.

  21. Barney says:

    SazzyLilSmartAzz – No problem! You can run Ubuntu from the CD you make, but it will be fairly slow and most audio and video files that are on your hard drive won’t work (jewtube still works).

    If you decide to install it (from the same CD), you’ll have the option to keep Windoze and have a dual-boot system or to get rid of Windoze and have a Linux-only machine. I’d suggest the dual-boot option, though it’s not the one I went for. I had this computer purpose-built, and didn’t want $eattle $pyware anywhere near it.

    If you do install it, make sure you tick the box for the restricted extras. These include audio and video codecs and Windoze fonts, so you’ll still be able to use your preferred fonts in Open Office (called Libre Office nowadays).

    You won’t need to buy anything. Open Office (or Libre Office) comes pre-installed and can handle any Micro$oft document, though there is a problem with sound in some PowerPoint files.

    No need for a firewall or virus protection, though these are available if you want to be sure.

    I didn’t like “Evolution”, which is the default e-mail client, so I installed Thunderbird, which is available from the “software center”, and just two clicks away (plus your password).

    Everything you could ever need is either pre-installed or available free from the software center, found via a drop-down list at the top left of the screen.

    Another thing you’ll need to know, even if you’re running it from the CD, is how to shut down. In the extreme top right corner of the screen you’ll see the international on/off symbol, which is like an O (a circle) with a vertical dash through the top of it. Click on that and you’ll get a drop-down list that includes “Shut down”, “Restart” and a few other things that don’t matter just yet.

    If you’re running it from the CD, it will be ejected during the shut-down sequence, so you won’t have the problem of working out how to open the drive before you can boot into Windoze.

    In my opinion, Linux is much better than Windoze, but it IS different. It will take a bit of getting used to, so give it time, and don’t be afraid to ask any time you come up against something you don’t understand (and that goes for anyone else here).

    If anyone wants to get in touch direct, rather than clog Incog’s site with off-topic stuff, here’s my e-mail address in a form spambots don’t seem to recognise. Replace everything in [square brackets] with the relevant symbols, no spaces and all lower case.

    barney [underscore] r [at] bt internet [dot] com

    That’s barney_r [at] bt internet [dot] com

  22. Barney says:

    One more point. I’m not a spammer or worse. If anyone gets in touch by e-mail, I won’t reveal anything about you to anyone, as a few people on here can confirm.

  23. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Thanks Barney.

  24. Hoff says:

    But I am certainly aware of the jew ruled Soviet whom Poland defeated in 1920, cutting short their advances towards Western Europe.
    The 1939 invasion was their REVENGE! –HKW–


    Didn’t think of that! Thx HKW.

    The jews tried to conkuer (My K-key don’t work, above the a-key) Russia 200 years ago with their jew-whore Napoleon. Then it took the jews almost a century to next coup atempt in 1881. Then the jews tried again in 19o5. In 1917 the jews coup worked and then it took the jews five years before they was dead sure they had total control over Russia.

    December 31, 1922 Russia was re-named Sovietunion by the jews. and the reason was that the jews was sure they had killed all true russian patriots. all opposition to the jews coup to take over Russia was smashed to the core. Palestine 48 is just a repeat to Russia 1922. When the jews are dead sure they control the state the jews change the name of the country.

    Russia 1922 or Palestine 1948 – same jews, same jew crap. Everything every jew do is about the same thing – the jews taking control of the state. Control the state and you can do anything you like. Control the state and you can kill anybody you want, and you can steal anything you want. and this is what every single jew wants above everything. Control the state and you is “God” on earth.

  25. Hoff says:

    This week a 61 year old man, he had a stroke and was diabled had his head smashed into pieces by a gang of “refugees” in Gothenburg, pop Page 12 and down the memory hole.

  26. sog says:

    hey HKW bite me ,anti hitler ,anti german waste of space …
    you fat ugly old heffir ….keep your F/N comments away from me over here …
    you aint done nothin but stir up shit here since you been on here at/fay

    unt/cay,,,,,,,,,,bergamo halina hkw …why dont you put yor addres on here ….dbl speak and dissention ….
    i changed me mind about you since you are baiting me and am responding cus i think your input is worthless and you are some kind of bolshevic dis informationalist and you

    keep threatening to leave the blog under all of your rediculous names … ……when is the last time you were in poland ,,they have a national bad attitude toward germany

    ,..the polish people want to annhilate germany still to this day …
    does this change our relationship …..hey how about that color green ?

    yeah to echo barney you can run 10.04 ucoontu side by side and the disc you can download the iso image from ubuntu downloads and burn it to disc ,,dont extract it ..then put it in when done to the cd tray and it will lay it all out for you ..

    i would prefer apple at this point as the 10.10 and 11.04 were just worthless os upgrades ,,i wouldnt bother with 11.12 or any thing anymore since the whole thing seems to be devolving …

    check out BSD whisc can be downloadd for free on dvd and installed diito for ubun2..
    apple has the darwin unix variant kernael which decended from raw unix which bsd formulated and nurtured just like linus torvalds did …

    yeah barn that 11.10 was a fucking waste of time and since i ran it side by side with lucid ,i have to reinstall lucid again for all disc …
    yeah barn i think that support for 10.04 will continue for another year …

    maybe they will upgrade the kernel again from #40 which started at #26 with 40 holes in the security …
    it is running pretty smooth and a few glitches now and again but wtf its all good ..

    yeah some people confuse communalism with demonic communism ..
    hkw your a drunken patriot er parrot
    i remeber now barn ,,the new distros dont have the system button to clik on

    preferences or administration ,,,,real sorry ass upgrade ,,not worth a fuck as to their supposed agenda to give computer users control over their instruments and i dont want to lose synaptic package or synapptic source helpers … that 11.10

    is goin out the window ,or skeet shootin ……it seems like a sell out by the uboon2 community or the debian community etc …gonna keep the 10.04 and just firewall it better …its a real nice os …by the way your description you posted is pretty right on ,i

    forgot about the office shit ,,kep fregettin ,,you can also just run it live or as the choice is offered to try linux without down loading it …you get good and fast at re douing this everytime …..
    word of warning tho do not import all your info off windows((the very latest os’s offer this)) to the new linux download to computer when you are installing it as im alsmost cretin er certain that it will cause problems in both but mainly your new virgin linux os …
    hkw real woman or so we think ? make up – eyeliner – painted nails -by earl sheib toenails- girdle too hide your fat ,, contacts to change your eyes to green,,fake hair colour ,car deodorizer –

    around your neck , tummy tuck,,,fake boobs ,,ok yer a real woman cus you use fake names on here …yer a dumb ass and stop trolling me now .. ..i thot yu were leaving the site ,,,dont let the door hit you in the ass as the doors dont grow on trees in

    aussie……………..only a jew would ask for a name ,,,bye bye kike …its long and scottish ,and i doubt you could pronaounce it anyway

  27. Bailey says:

    How many white people have been killed or assaulted by hoodie niggers since Zimmerstein cappped poor little Trayvon?

    Black Power my ass, most only have power the first of every month when Da’ welfare EBT magic nigger card is charged up with our tax money.

    Since Zimmerstein has been charged with a crime that he didn’t commit the jew court will have to aquit him, that’ll be the beginning of the grand chimp out that will make Watts and LA look like a party that got out of control.

    These Jew Balck Panthers are Obamas boys, they’ve been with him since the puppetential vote for 2008.

    Notice how the nigger made a point of calling Zimmersteins father a jew, a no good jew? That’s was so the dupes will not figure out that the whole thing is a jew op., it’s all in the fucking script.

  28. Bailey says:

    I’m happy to share some good new out of Texas.

    I just hope no white folks were hurt in this crash, this is just another example of whites being victimized beacause our JOG encourages these parasite midgets to make it this far, far enough to destroy lives of innocent white people and some where there’s a gang of jew lawyers at the ready to rake in some shekels.

  29. Bailey says:

    @ Barney,


  30. HKW says:

    Wow! sog!
    Good to see you can be so EMOTIONAL…and what a temper (ament,… rrroooarrr!)
    I’m glad to have hit the right button… lol

    Neither your stupid criticism nor your ‘verbal’ bushing affects me sog, so feel free wasting your energy as much as you wish.
    Yea..come on! Give it all that you have , man. lol
    Show us what else are you capable of.

    Don’t bother, however, holding the door for me for I wouldn’t dare to accept ‘the courtesy’ from a kind ‘gentleman’ like yourself considering your age. ..;)

    Here is some more info JUST FOR YOU ;


    Make sure you get it RIGHT!
    “HITLER’S ( not the German nation!) PLANS FOR EASTERN EUROPE”.

    I have relatives living in Germany.
    I have also met some Germans, who to these days curse Hitler’s ambitions that had cost so many Germans lives too, and involved so many countries in a six years battleground.
    Need I go on?
    Yes. Judea declared war on Germany.
    Have anyone’s army marched into Germany then?
    What Hitler did for this country should have stayed within her borders!

    That’s my opinion to which I am entitled to as everyone else’s to theirs without abusing each other…with the exception of a couple uncivilised people, who for obvious reasons don’t care about PEACE within the Whites. Blindfolded.

    Oh! Yes! Right!
    Assuming that I am the White person… lol

    Hey, sog…. 🙂 Would you like my personal email address ? 😉
    Wishing to infest my computer with viruses?

    here it is;

    You will not provoke me or make me hate the Germans.
    On the contrary, you make me crack up with laughter for you are so predictable now.
    No wonder some females must have been bored in your presence…

    My polite suggestion to you is; Move on soggy….

  31. Steelback says:

    Hell even Mel Gibson worked out “The Holocaust” fable is a load of horseshite!

    People need to ask themselves one question: did I spend 15 mins researching the proposition that 6m Jews were killed by the Nazis?

    15 mins is all it takes to discover what was fianlly revealed to Gibson in a drunken haze: it’s Jew horsecrap!

  32. 30.06 says:

    Hitler does not want war, but he will be forced to do so, and soon. The last word is like 1914 in England. ”
    Emil Ludwig, Zionist writer in May 1934

  33. GTRman says:

    Gibsons dad is a well known ” holocaust denier ” .

    Mel Gibstein says that Gibson is the jews pet ” anti-semite ” .

    Gets confusin ‘ dontit .

  34. Steelback says:

    Sometimes the most acute insights into what really happened in history can be gleaned from works of fiction.

    The novelist John Buchan was involved with British intelligence during WW1. His most famous work, the 39 Steps, had material in it re-a Jewish conspiracy to set Gentiles at war excised from it.

    For in his intelligence work Buchan had into the heart of the beast and disliked intensely the implications the Jewish plot had for the rest of humanity.

    In his espionage story set in the Ottoman Empire during WW1, Greenmantle, Buchan’s protagonist is a British spy on the trail of the German plot to outsmart the British in the Near East.

    According to Buchan the German mentality made them extremely vulnerable to deceit and subterfuge since the German “has the poorest notion of psychology of any of God’s creatures. In Germany only the Jew can get outside himself, and that is why, if you look into the matter, you will find that the Jew is at the back of most German enterprises.”

    I would include Hitler and the “Holocaust” as precisely two major Jew enterprises of the last century.

    Google Trebisch-Lincoln (aka. Moses Pinkeles) and find out who were the fund-raisers for Nazism.

  35. Steelback says:

    More on the Zionist sting that was Nazism and the Holocaust fable here:

  36. sog says:

    i’ll leave your own anti hitler and anti germany monologue to about your “friends” in germany and yourr emotional state to whine for itself …

    hitler hitler hmmm lots of people disrespected his wishes for a new germany ,,
    the old school army gave him nothing but grief ….so much for the dictator angle that kike speak speaks of ..
    even the SS was a personal launch by adolf to try and get things rolling along ..
    the SS was disliked by the conventional old school generals and officers and it is why with such patriotic zeal that htey sought to out perform all the other wheremacht branches and they got the shittiest assignments due to prejuidiced attitudes by upper officer echelon…
    berliners wernt to fond of hitler but you have to break down the human psyce on that and the cautious ness that people must have felt in the post ww1 weimar kike govt. in germany…
    i think that poland and chechoslavakia were run by hitlers financial officals so that these countries would run better and the 3rd R sought to minimize kike presense in these countries as they were a standing threat under ussr comitern enforcement ..

    pat laid out a good arty on russias preparedness to expliot europe militarily and there were hundreds of air fields being built on western area of ussr for the specific reason of an invasion into germany as she stood in the way of bolshevizm and had financial success without kike banks ….T bank or the brain of all banks is not well known “BIS” banque de internacionale settlemen and is thru this that all debt banks “fake rserves” are serviced or handled such as imf and all the lesser ones …a list of all countries under imf servitude is mind boggling and the sedition carried out in each of these hundreds of locations to brealk them and sign them all up for debt notes …on and on
    germany under hitlers had as 1 of the first things was to seize and return all german owned farms theat had been sold for pennies to jews and these properties were returned withaout payment to the original owners and to make the global kikes even angrier hitler seized all of the rothschilds properties ,,,yeah baby that put a post up zio com ass and seriously pissed on them …
    moral is that stalin “uncle joe” judasvilli was comin for germany sooner or a little later ,but he was coming …the 6 million registered communists in germany as hitler was striving to bring his party up in the political arena were a good deal of em germans and the rest jews who worked as cells for comitern ussr …most of the commie germans converted willingly to n a z i for the betterment of germany and some of em went to prison till the new laws created saw the need to lock up a lot of scum bags and so the consentracion kamps etc
    the only difference under a menshevic vs. bolshevic take over or allowing the jewish weimar govt to exist ,,probably the majority of cities would have been spared but not the human beings as in ussr’s murdered 70 million ….
    total enslavement and genocide either way under any of those protos was coming and would have killed more perhaps even without the allied morgenthau scorched earth bombing plan …
    hitler did what he could do ,,he did what he had to do ,,he played the only cards that were left for the german peopel to benefit from …and its too bad the usa didnt help him out like the czar nicholas would have been benfitted by noerwegian king haakon’s military help but no one helped him either .and this haakon 7th was a direct relative of czar nicky i believe he was a cousin …….its hard to win battles without help …..

  37. 30.06 says:

    Steelback , your full of it !
    You think for one minute that Jim Condit has any clue , then you , like him , must either be a complete idiot or a Jew Shill .
    I’m sure getting tired of such incredibly stupid people who are supposed to be White !

  38. sog says:

    i forgot to laugh ,,,your computr has you , its all the virus it needs …thank you for your summary and the wonderful sharing you share ..heh heh

    ha ha i can see from your descriptive supposed e-mail addy that you get alot of people riled up ,,heh heh
    i might grow to like you some day as i said your not evil or a bad person ,,and it is the bone of contention that gets chewed …heh heh …peace for now

  39. MIKE says:


  40. The 6 Million Holocaust Dogma of Judaism is an Article of Faith and a Doctrine of Belief of Jewish Religious History Adjudicated By Their Rabbis According to Talmudic Law and Cabalistic Tradition.

    As such, NO scientific evidence as used in the courts of the West – whether documented in a statistical, forensic, engineering, chemical or mechanical form –
    can alter the Jewish Cultist Faith in their Holocaust Dogma.

    Keystone of the NWO:
    Holocaust Dogma of Judaism
    by Ben Weintraub

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