Remind Me To Bring Enough Rope

THE MORE I think about all the stuff going on these days, the more furious I get. In case you’re thinking: “The man wants to hang the poor Nigras real bad,” think again. There’s plenty of SOB’s to go around, and it’s not just the anti-White, militant and insanely criminal blacks. Oh no. Red, yellow, mud, even WHITE. Yep. Kind of like what these PC bastards might try telling you about everything else: Rope “knows no color.”

Just ruminate on this: Of the 418,000 American soldiers and sailors who died in WWII, virtually all were WHITE GENTILE MEN. Few were black, Jewish, or even more rare, women. Same thing going on to this very day. As of 2006 (the last time I looked into it), 74% of the war casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were WHITE GENTILE MEN. Only 17 out of about 5,000 or so KIA at the time were touted as Jewish by Jewish sources* themselves (sure, you might be saying some of the rest were “cryptos” but that’s doubtful since Jews usually avoid like the plague serving in frontline capacity, unless to join Israel’s army so they can go out and kill Palestinian rock-throwing kids).

How much crap do us WHITE GENTILES have to put up with nowadays? Boatloads. You can’t even turn on the TV for five minutes without seeing something targeting our race (even openly pushing to breed ourselves away), or using us as buffoons to get in a few cheap laughs or sell stupid crap in commercials. Just try telling me GD otherwise!

They will reap the whirlwind.

The media puts on WHITE GENTILE haters on TV all the time to spew their GD BS, or portray all us WHITE MEN as idiots in commercials and all through-out their piss-poor programming. The “race pundits” on news shows might water down the more obvious White hate in front of cameras, since the media hypocrites know it’s best to keep us TV sheep in the dark. Yet I assure you they feel quite free trashing our race left and right when writing their bull, or out speaking to fellow White-haters at “stealth racism” or “White privilege” conferences.

Take for example, the pudgy SOB named Tim Wise (photo below). Like the SPLC’s Mark Potok, they have the nerve to trot this smug creep out on race stuff all the time on CNN. Basically, this guy has made a nice living going around the country telling everyone just how bad and racist all us White men “secretly” are (i.e. “stealth racism”) and sell anti-White books. To them, no matter what us Whites ever say or do, just being White is enough for these creeps to call us “racist.” Are you not sick of this bull?

But there’s lots of other White-haters just like Tim Wise out there milking the PC gravy train, believe you me. And yeah, not surprisingly, Wise is indeed a big fat Jew.

Now you’re saying to yourself, “this INCOG guy is trying to tell me a few genes makes Wise say these things?” Of course not, chump face. That’s what “they” want you to think I think. Besides believing Jews are intellectually superior and ever-so-wise humanitarians as compared to all us evil Nazi goyim out here (what a laugh, the hypocrites usually say nothing about the Palestinians) — no, all these brainiac “intellectuals” are simply taking advantage of the PC status quo to get rich and avoid real work at our expense. They tell everyone it’s a “career.”

They are NOT WHITE but stuck-up, hypocrite KHAZAR JEWS!

Pied pipers of social mayhem: Legions of White-hating Khazar Jews abound through-out media, academia and the PC race huckster business — it’s a natural career path for these smug trouble makers!

Screen shot from “Young, Jewish, Left” website. So typical of these corrosive people. Nothing ever seems to satisfy Jew self-elected change agents, because it’s really being a pain in the ass that’s the most important part of the “Jewish experience.” They may even have a deep-seated inner desire to cause a backlash from non-Jews and once again become the sad sack victims they so love seeing themselves. I say let’s give the bastards something to talk about!

Guys, how many times have you been doing some work for a sweet-talking babe — say fixing a faucet or installing a new toilet — when the TV in the background has some bitch on “The View” yapping away on how women “make the world go around,” how all of us WHITE GENTILE MEN are so stupid and shallow, etc., etc.?

They freely get away with this shit because it’s us WHITE GENTILE MEN, who the Globalist Jews have targeted for marginalization and demonization. Look at everything going on today. Hell, they are now openly gleeful that more minorities are being born than White people.

In case you don’t know it, huge numbers of White women watch “The View” and have been turned into raving leftys, pro-homo and even man-hating BITCHS. Note: Barbara Wawa, member of the Globalist Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and long-standing “elite” media Jew, is behind the creation of “The View.” Big effing surprise there.

Then they cut into a commercial, basically saying the same crapola about women being great, should be running everything because they are so wise and expert in all things, etc., etc, but they are really just selling some ridiculous piece of consumer garbage that all the women had better have or their ever-loving girlfriends might say mean catty things about them behind their backs.

What’s worse, as we well know, most of the time us poor male saps at home end up paying for the crap! Us WHITE GENTILE MEN are getting from the front and the rear!

And all the WHITE GENTILE MEN in the movies and TV shows are complete morons! Watch any movie out of Hollywood these days: All the White guys are running around like complete blubbering idiots and the calm, cool guys are always the bros. Try telling me with a GD straight face you don’t notice this bullshit?

And if you think all this is confined to so-called lefty media like CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and ABC (majority owned by a dual Israeli citizen, Stanley Gold), think again, bozo boy.

The FOX channel is not any different. Hell, the shows they have on constantly portray WHITE GENTILE MEN as idiots, like “The Simpsons.” And FOX news doesn’t tell you tons of stuff going on out there. Think about the rapidly increasing black on White crime these days, or just how much crime over-all the blacks have been responsible for. Oh, wait, Bill O’Reilly talked about black on White mob attacks for two minutes one night.

Plus, they have leftys telling us the same crap as MSNBC (part of being “fair and balanced” LOL). And all the so-called conservatives they have on are really just embedded Zionist tools, fast talking Jews like Charles Krauthammer, Bernie Goldberg, Judith Miller, or corrupted “shabbos goys” like John Bolton, Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity. Pay attention and you’ll see it’s all carefully crafted so us regular White Americans out here never get the real deal about Israel and how Iran is so evil (or whatever mideast, Muslim country is on the hit list this month).

The Zionist propaganda is so thick these days, you can walk on it. Why don’t they just go ahead and attack Syria and Iran and get it over with? Christ, all the media BS is getting so tiresome.

They act like it’s a given — you being a “conservative” — that we support whatever Israel does, that you hate the Occupy Wall Street “commies,” just have to be for “diversity,” go along with accepting homos and the immigration of third worlders into America.

And yeah, you also have to be against all us evil White “extremists” out here. That’s what they really want when you get down to brass tacks. Any WHITE GENTILE MEN who dares to say JACK gets so labeled.

Funny, how they all work to keep your brains occupied with BS, huh? All of it is just different colored water they feed the masses. You think the people behind all this are stupid? I got news for you: They think you are.

It’s like we’re in some kind of never-ending game. Two sides going back and forth on a football field, while rich shadowy assholes sit back in swanky, enclosed boxes up in the stands, swilling Dom Perignon, smoking fat cubans and laughing about all us chumps down below. The richly paid coaches and referees don’t dare say anything, or else they get demoted and have to go out in the field with the rest of us. That’s basically what’s going on.

The self-elected change agents, the corrupted and brainwashed fools (White liberals) work to enforce this status quo. That’s why you have so much PC crap going on.

Now I can talk till the cows come home on all the BS they’ve been feeding America. But let’s look at what you have deal with on a daily basis. What’s that? Your money, of course.

Ever wonder why you never seem to be able to get ahead, no matter how hard you work? How it always seems you’re on some sort of never-ending spinning pet rat wheel? It’s because these people are and have been robbing us blind. They gave themselves the power to print money and use it at the drop of the hat to keep the game going. White Gentiles who work real jobs (those that have them) end up with increasingly worthless pieces of paper, fretting if they’ll have enough to buy gas to get to a job that never pays enough. It’s a clever scam: Slavery without infrastructure.

Get yourself a cup of Joe, sit down and read this “Why America is going down the toilet” to understand the basics behind the money scam. It’s not hard. Once you get it, I can guarantee that you’ll see everything in a different light and understand just how they did it all to us.

The real “powers that be” care as much about you Americans as the Chinese elite care about their own slaves. There’s no difference. Of course you know that much already. What you don’t know is that the “powers that be” want to turn us all into Chinese-style slaves, too. They just want to do it gradual enough so we don’t all get it and come after their asses — as we should.

At some point, they can’t putz around too much and will have to spring some serious shit to distract us. Hell, they’ve run this play on us many times before.

America and certainly not WHITE GENTILE MEN mean nothing to them. The politicians act like they do, but they really just care about themselves, their money, reputation and what power they think they have. They love being “big shots.” If they say the right thing, fit certain criteria (like having skeletons in the closet), the money powers make sure they succeed in politics. Any real American patriots get SQUAT, or trashed up the ying-yang as a “right wing extremist.”

Think a second: Why the hell don’t they put on documentaries about Communism, like they do all the time about the Nazis? Surely, there is interesting material about what the commies once did, don’t you think?

That’s because they don’t want too many of us plebs to dig deeply into the subject. Sure, they want us to be patriotic, gung ho and American apple pie stuff, so all us WHITE GENTILE MEN will go along with blowing away anyone whom they deem as our enemies at the time. Must be a coincidence most of them just happen to be enemies of the Jews and sacred Israel, huh?

This is how real bad stuff happens. Hypocrisy and corruption is allowed to run amok by selfish, braindead people who just want to kick back and watch “Dancing with the Stars,” until they get bitch slapped hard in the face by cold reality and find their little comfy world turned upside down. They’ll boohoo away like the crybabies Jews turned them into. The only question then will be if it’s too late to do anything about it.

Remember: Life is NOT a Hollywood movie. The good guys often don’t win in the end. Bad stuff does happens to “good” people — if they sit on their fat asses waiting for it to find them.

Want to really know who the real patriots in America are? It’s the people who have come to the conclusion International Jewry has this country in a fierce headlock and fleecing the shit out of us. And it’s not just Zionist, ISRAEL-FIRSTER war mongers pretending to be so “conservative,” either, but divisive lefty Jews out to destroy the last vestiges of White nationhood and any of our institutions.

We’re actually the true revolutionaries against the real “Man.”

You want peace and justice? You need to join up with your White brethren and quit sucking down all the race brainwashing they’ve been doing for the last 50 years or more. Only by coming together to put a stop to Jewish/Zionist manipulation, can America once again become a real voice for truth in the world. Right now we’re a laughing stock since the rest of the planet rightfully thinks the Jews lead us around by the nose.

It was an old-time typing instructor named Charles E. Weller who once came up with the famous phrase for his students to practice on Smith Coronas: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” Folks, the time is now before us. My flintlock is primed and loaded (I mean that rhetorically, I have a bit more than 18th century technology).

Plenty of these sorry-ass traitors are going to swing from the lamp posts and tree limbs, believe me. Sound “extreme”?

Once you learn just how far these devious bastards have taken this country down — ripped us off for over a hundred years — foisted huge ass lies on us like the holocaust, USS Liberty and 9/11 (where living people jumped out of burning buildings) — overwhelmed us with immigration of third worlders into our lands — all the while, at the very same time, openly brainwashed our women and youth to destroy our very own race and then, you too, will say:


I just got to make sure I have enough rope.

— Phillip Marlowe

Getting Rich Attacking The White Race

* There’s a website bragging about all the Jews dying for America in foreign wars; go to the WWII section and scroll down. It literally only takes about 3 seconds and is probably only around 200 names. So if you simply compare in your mind the 418 THOUSAND total American KIA, you will quickly understand the real deal about these yellow-belly creeps. Hell, probably more Navaho code talkers died in WWII than Jews.

Nowadays, they are trying to manipulate history to make it look like blacks were so brave in WWII. Witness empowerment movies like “Red Tails,” so full of patent historical lies it makes you puke. Or movies by that White-hating little Negro punk, Spike Lee (one truly insipid director given a free ticket by Jew-owned Hollywood). Note how Steven Speilberg opens up the movie “Saving Private Ryan” with a shot of the graves at Normandy, France (D-Day) showing a grave marker with the “Star of David” (more like the Star of Satan) front and center. There’s actually very few Jew graves there at all. I won’t even go into all the clever lies carefully woven into his holocaust propaganda movie “Schindler’s list.”

The Jewish source for the number 17 dead in Iraq and Afghanistan was from Jewish, but the site has been allowed to go defunct since then. If you go to the link above for WWII and go elsewhere on the site, you will note they have not done anything on the latest wars; most likely because they are too embarrassed.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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376 Responses to Remind Me To Bring Enough Rope

  1. CWD says:


    Believe it or not the Summer of 1980 I graduated from high school
    and we were going to get tickets to see Led Zep when we heard the
    news: John Henry Bonham had died in England of some kind of
    alcohol overdose or poisoning, only about 2 years after Keith Moon?

    There is no Led Zep without Bonzo, or Who without Moon the Loon!

  2. CWD says:

    I never minded Julian, I thought the guy had a lot of thought provoking

    One thing you must understand Cog, I grew up around Zionists Jews, my
    area was INFESTED with them, and like the saying goes: you can take the
    ape out of the jungle but you can never remove the jungle from the ape (just
    look at all your Chimp-out threads??).

    Same with the Jew: you can take him out of the synagogue (of Satan) but you will
    never fully remove the synagogue from him.

    1)They try to control what you say, modify your posts.
    2) Daily reminder, like every 3 posts, of monetary donation.
    3) No matter where they are, Catholic bashing is still paramount.
    4) No Jew is a “White man” no matter what revelation he claims to have had?
    5)When a global totalitarian state comes, they can still run to “Da Futterland”
    and say “ohhh i repent, I’m back home, take me back” will they do that with
    you cog???

  3. CWD says:

    Last post of the nite, Vox, come on back home bud, we don’t want you
    in Spamblinka, those wooden cots leave a lot of splinters in your @ss.

    You have about 10 to 15 posters I have seen over there, and other places,
    Vox is the only one stayed LOYAL to me, for that I owe a debt of gratitude.

  4. sog says:

    sick of the jews always slandering david duke ….yeah who actually listens ,,,hmmm all the stupid whites and ashkenazzi kikes do … there is much more dis-info from kikes to people who will believe anything but have a violent reaction to the real truth …we know that trained brainwashed jews are the hate mongers or is it with unending love they jhave demonstrated their love for genociding other nationsd and palestine and anyone who criticises this sociopathic vermin jews …

    bella says:
    May 27, 2012 at 5:22 am

    & Whats wrong with Afrika for Afrikans?? Or is it p.c. to write it as Afreekwans?? Booga Booga! Huh?
    heh heh boooga boooga bob malooga looga looga ,booga booga madooga looga nooga nooga booga….gotta love the afrikwans and deir eeebonnix…nowwwuhmsayn
    afrikwanology or also knowen as the study of medievel lower primate in captivity(civilization) out of their usual jungle habitat ….
    sheeeeih whuh eizz civuhluhzayshun

  5. sog says:

    SSick of the jews always slandering david duke ….yeah who actually listens ,,,hmmm all the stupid whites and ashkenazzi kikes do …oh yea those dirty evil gentiles are jus whining cus we jews cut theoir nots off ,,ayyhe.. there is much more dis-info from kikes to people who will believe anything but have a violent reaction to the real truth …we know that trained brainwashed jews are the hate mongers or is it with unending love they jhave demonstrated their love for genociding other nationsd and palestine and anyone who criticises this sociopathic vermin jews …

    bella says:
    May 27, 2012 at 5:22 am
    & Whats wrong with Afrika for Afrikans?? Or is it p.c. to write it as Afreekwans?? Booga Booga! Huh?

    heh heh boooga boooga bob malooga looga looga ,booga booga madooga looga nooga nooga booga….gotta love the afrikwans and deir eeebonnix…nowwwuhmsayn
    afrikwanology or also knowen as the study of medievel lower primate in captivity(civilization) out of their usual jungle habitat ….
    sheeeeih whuh eizz civuhluhzayshun

  6. sog says:

    the malls are like magnets for racial flotsam and jetsam ,,,that youf ish type o shit started to happen in a mall close to bay area and the kwaps chased em all away cus we all know the cops care about justice ,,guffaw,,right …it was more about importnt peeps knowin how to get cops motivated to run off the worthless spik and nigger trash
    and as far as im concerned there should be a m@therfukkin bounty on this trash ,so good white people could get a leg up and make a couple extra bucks .right…leave or die or both…….or leave then die ….

  7. caligula says:

    Anybody guess which tribe was behind this woman calling for European women to have no more babies for 10 years. Consider this was just 2 years after a devastating war that killed off many of them and Europe was never overpopulated.

  8. sog says:

    sog is calling for a global bann on nigger babies ,spik babies and specially kike babies ,,who needs em ..
    in the rich kike infested communities kikes only have 1 or 1 & 1/2 spawns ,,and usually if the mother is jive ass psuckologist and daddy is a philanthropissed idiot the children are left to be raised by mexikan domesticks ,etc,,,heh heh …..jewisih families are disfucntional by defe`cation er definition ,,,has anyone noticed this . guffaw..heh heh
    most qweers and dykes and serial killers are just born jewish and this is their brain damged cultural indoctrination through protoplasm and dna ..
    anhilate isareal hole ……….no babby kikes or babby spiks or babby apes ..
    we can dream right ..

  9. sog says:

    retroactive proactive birthcontrol ,,knock the hell outta the bad races that breed like flies ….that old bitch in the wicked witch video is only codifying that whites should stop having children as the niggers and spiks will continue to create zooworld usa and zoo world international……..
    has anything ever been as fucked up as it is now and it aint so hard to see the sponsors of this unending madness ………….

  10. German visitor says:

    I’m a white woman and what happened in the past and happens on this planet right now makes me cringe. I just had to get this off my chest. I’m a warrior nevertheless.

  11. Jennette Loban says:

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