Big Jew Is Watching You


By Rev. Ted Pike with Harmony Daws

A free internet has enabled millions to realize the truth about the Zionist occupational government (ZOG) – Zionist power in America and in governments of the world. It has also greatly helped enlarge our understanding of the historic role of Jewish supremacism in fomenting movements such as free masonry, communism, and hate crimes legislation, designed to hasten Jewish world dominion. (See Jewish Activists Created Communism)

In response, the government of Israel has enlisted tens of thousands of Jewish “cyber warriors” worldwide to help counter truth on thousands of blogs and websites. (Web server Go Daddy terminated last month because of such pressure.)  The Jewish Anti-Defamation League continues to push for federal legislation, or a U.S. Department of Education decree, making it a “hate crime” against Jewish students to criticize Israel on university campuses. Last week the Jewish Telegraph Agency described criticism of Israel at US colleges as “overwhelming.” Israel is clearly unable to stem the tide, even in the “pro-Israel” U.S.A.

Thus, we appear to still enjoy a free society with civil liberties and rights to freedom of speech. Yet, behind the scenes, a phalanx of technology is being created that could be used to ultimately quell and outlaw inconvenient truth. Such technology, combined with legal precedent and a society well trained to hate “discriminators” and “the intolerant,” could do what still looks impossible today: Make Brave New World a reality.

Steps Toward Total Surveillance

The book New Conspiracy Reader (2004) presents four major components necessary for the level of control and surveillance required for a centrally controlled, global government:

  1. Super-fast digital face scan software: This implies super-fast computers.  The Zionist New World Order wants “digi-photo” files on every person on earth so that, even in speeding traffic, their computers can identify and track dissidents.
  2. A federally accessible database of digi-photographs.  The Real I.D. Act of 2005, plus Facebook, gives substance to such a database.  Laws have been changed to require that passports include digital biometrics, with digi-photos.  Facebook is a database of millions of digi-photos.
  3. Interception of internet traffic and downloading to computer sites. Israeli-backed companies Narus and Verint, with the help of NSA (the National Security Agency), through their hard and software taps, now monitor our telecommunications.
  4. Web cameras linked to the internet, installed at key places in the U.S. and overseas, especially airports.  Eventually, entirely linked to the internet, face scans, integrated with the files NSA already is keeping on at least a million Americans, will provide ZOG with an even more complete record of our movements.

All data will be stored in federal computers such as NSA’s Utah Data Center near Bluffdale. (See New NSA Spy Center: Total Invasion of Your Privacy) (This computer complex, occupying a million square feet, will be the world’s fastest and largest to date, permanently storing everything the government is at present illegally discovering about you.)

The above surveillance tools sound like spooky nightmares from Orwell. Yet they are already becoming a reality.  In May Congress passed the FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011, opening the door for as many as 30,000 drones to patrol U.S. air space by the end of the decade, feeding information to federal databases.

NSA’s Jaguar computer allegedly is able to pinpoint the location of anyone downloading online. New technology provides similar ability to track computer users. For years, the Israeli government has used drones to pinpoint locations of Hamas and other Arab leaders, empowering IDF to destroy them from the air. Imagine this power someday used by the US government.

Think that can’t happen in your nation? That’s what wealthy Russians thought at their tea parties in 1916. If the 20th century taught us anything, it is the bottomless capacity of human beings to brutalize those they have dehumanized or labeled as enemies of the “common good.”

Today, western governments increasingly pursue technologies and legal precedents that quietly steal all our freedoms. Thinly justified as necessary in the “war on terror,” these hold tremendous possibilities for enslavement. Entrenchment of Zionist power in western governments, media, and finance—and, now, telecommunication monitoring via Jewish internet giants—is so extensive there is little hope that it can be removed.  Total Jewish control of the world is prophesied in Scripture. (See ‘Babylon the Great’ is Israel) Yet God continues to give hope of postponement. How? By demonstrating that, when enough people speak out boldly against Jewish supremacism or Zionist oppressions, as did Jesus against the evil Jewish leaders of His day, God honors and rewards such truth-telling. Relatively recent examples of Zionist ambitions being set back include Israel’s disastrous interminable siege of Gaza (Israel’s greatest PR disaster ever), the flotilla debacle bringing international outrage against Israel, even recent cancellation of ABC’s sacrilegious “Good Christian Bitches” sitcom. (See Good Christian Bitches (GCB) Canceled!)

Christian civilization and influence have declined dramatically over the past century for a simple reason: The church is embarrassed by Jesus’ vitriolic attacks on evil Jewish leadership.  They think it “anti-Semitic” to copy His example today. The key to restraining the rise of the Great Harlot Israel, is a combination of mass public outcry coupled with specific, ethinic identification of the Jewish supremacists behind such conspiracy.

Getting Us Ready for World Government

To hold back the darkness, it is vitally important that we understand and educate others about the realities of ADL-originated discrimination and “human rights” laws, which prepare society to accept government thought and speech control. These technologies will become useful once society has accepted the premises justifying their use.

Anti-discrimination laws are explicitly based on the idea of protecting people from criticism, hatred or discrimination because of inherent qualities they can’t change. These are believed to include sexual orientation along with race, gender, age, and other attributes. (Religion is often thrown in, but not protected in reality.) A person’s “homophobic” or “racist” beliefs are considered a choice, not an inherent quality. Thus, they are not protected.

This explains the decision about a British bed-and-breakfast where the religious owners refused a room to a homosexual couple. They were sued and judgment passed against them. The homosexual couple’s “human rights” were upheld; the religious couple’s rights were considered invalid. This is because government preaches that you can change your religion but not your sexual orientation. And if your religion is “hateful,” you should change it.

This basis for human rights law is increasingly laid down by precedents throughout the west, including America. It leads in one direction: to the utter social divestment of people whose beliefs are unacceptable to the government. Today, they are not allowed to adopt children (as “homophobic” Christians are restricted in Britain). Tomorrow they may be put in “reeducation camps” to have their chosen beliefs forcibly changed. We must defend free speech even for the person whose beliefs we most loathe.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans don’t know the first thing about hate crime or discrimination laws, how ADL is behind them, or how they lead to totalitarianism. Just like the giant computer in Utah, these laws quietly gobble the freedom we appear to still enjoy.

Take Action!

To counter the threats of freedom-stealing technology, and public willingness for the sake of security to let freedom be stolen, we must pursue attainable legislative goals. We have seen encouraging legislative precedents. Repeatedly, federal efforts to massively invade our privacy have been daunted by public outcry. In 2002 the Information Awareness Office was created by Congress in response to 9/11 to give the government unrestrained surveillance and eavesdropping powers over all telecommunications. Protest was so intense and widespread that by 2003 the IAO was defunded by Congress. The government has been forced to perform in secret much of what it hoped could be done with public approval. The same public outcry defeated the SOPA and PIPA internet takeover bills.

Persuading Congress to say “No!” to more legislation stealing internet privacy is an attainable goal.  Call your state’s U.S. Senators and those of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence right now protesting the CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, H.R. 3523).  This bill authorizes Jewish telecommunication companies, such as Google, Verizon, Comcast, Facebook, and Time-Warner Cable, to spy on Americans for the government.  Call 202-224-1700. Members of this committee are posted on the Action Page at

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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357 Responses to Big Jew Is Watching You

  1. GTRman says:

    Be glad you dont have a telly , Barney . Within ten minutes you would be begging for a collossal , devastating asteroid hit to obliterate this planet .

    The whole fag scene ( what they call ” kitsch ” ) is based on the ” so bad it’s good ” meme. They all love drag queens and bad pop , like Madonna , etc .

    Brit TV is just fags and jews , fascinated with their own poop .

    Im fairly sure I got over that at about 2 years old .

    Never saw / got obsessed by / star wars . Got bored by horror films and gore by 15 .

    Im sure this is normal .

    They say that a domestic cat remains essentially a kitten , as long as food and entertainment / pleasure is provided .

    But a cats genetics are so predominant , even the most pampered pussy can revert to a mean , lean , feral killin machine within days .

    As for fat , pampered , spoilt , soft , retarded infant humanoids ?

    We shall see .

  2. Marshall says:

    Not surprised at all GTRman that Roth was diagnosed as a psycho!!! The thing is, in Hollywood that’s grounds for a pay raise. LOL Fitz…Barbara Lerner Specter meets MTV?

    You guys can talk about Mesa Boogie’s all day, but the world’s biggest guitar amp is right here:


  3. summerled says:

    well it is Friday night!!

  4. GTRman says:

    Lez Viz duzz have a way with wurrdz :

    ” It’s possible, given what happened in Syria, very recently, that the bus bombing in Bulgaria was not done by Israeli agents. They have a routine habit of killing their own people in order to make it possible to kill a whole lot of other people. It’s what they do. They kill, torment and abuse people. It’s their job description. It is not only their vocation but also their avocation. They are monsters, camouflaged in human skin. The AskeNazi Reptile Nation is an alien life form and they hate humanity with a vengeance. Like I say, it’s possible somebody finally got tired of their indiscriminate killing of everyone in reach (doubtful but possible). It could be they finally pushed the river too far. Sooner or later, assuredly they will. ”

  5. GTRman says:

    In the name of the ( CHOSEN ) people , all of this is done …

  6. GTRman says:

    Blowing Up the King David Hotel

    Sunday marks the anniversary of the 1946 attack on the British. My 91-year-old grandfather helped carry it out.

  7. GTRman says:

    Never heard this till now . Absolutely brilliant :

  8. summerled says:

    my god that brings back memories!!

  9. silvernickel says:

    Also the London Olympics start Friday July 27 and the Jewish fasting holiday of Tisha B’ Av starts Sat. July 28 at sundown(10th of Av for the diaspora) thereby making Friday July 27, the 9th of Av.
    Tisha B’ Av is the celebration of the destruction of the two temples [ie. WTC twin towers]

    9th of Av = 9th day of the 11 month in the jewish calendar. 9-11!

    Alex Jones is interviewing a security guard insider who tells him that the security is purposefully weak with inexperienced foreigners and that the security leadership keeps telling them they must be prepared to “evacuate London”

  10. Thank God for Reverend Ted Pike and Truthtellers. Thanks to you too, Incog.

    I’ve got a message:



    And somebody tucking tell me why we have

  11. My kindle failed, above. Boy this thing SUCKS.

    Did I fail to say, FUCK THE JEWS?

    Sorry if I did, I should say it every time.

  12. Sage words GTR, at 7:46.


  13. Kike Michael “Moore” (huh?), the pretend Michiganite, put it out there that the Columbine jew massacre of Christians was due to military industrial overculture in the Colorado Springs area. The fat-faced, awl-chinned kike liar of course failed to mention Hollywood. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  14. Hoff says:

    “The man who controls British money supply controls the British Empire and I control the money supply” –Nathan Rothschild —

    Short and mandatory read

  15. Oh: forgot to say FUCK THE JEWS.

    Sorry, my bad.

  16. Jews control the media???????????

    No way. It’s impossible. I will refuse to believe it until I am abducted by aliens and they duck tape my big mouth and put Alex Jones megaphones on each ear saying, “Da jooze contro da metia, mayunt, wake da fayuck up!”

  17. Hoff says:

    Karen there is no way that hitler wrote that book do you know anything about hitler? Everything in that book is meant to have the opposite effect of hitlers actual beliefs and policies and also to make it look like he attempted to take over the world its bs I’ve read a bit of it propaganda I mean how can it suddenly appear at a time when national socialism is starting to come back?


    Yes, that book is nothing but jew made bullshit.

  18. Greg says:


    The joobs don’t control the media…the media is controlled by a mixture of Nazis, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Oprah, and Morgan Freeman….and maybe a little Denzel Washington.

    The poor joobs are just innocent little victims who only want to live as equals and not be persecuted anymore for their communism, I mean religion.

  19. Greg says:


    Someone asks you if you’ve seen God and you reply:

    Well, of course, everyone has seen Morgan Freeman.

  20. sog says:

    paco tokko …hmmmm..heh heh ..I dont know who you pretend to speak for …..every one ive ever known who has hired illegals has wound up getting ripped off by them ….
    cofcc new nation news etc good feason to even not only totally cut off free things for ilegals here as there is no work in mexico ,where the hell are you from ….8 kike billionaires own and ox…perate mexico in a nutshell…the only opportunity a wet has is to come up here and steal a job and send the american dolllar to mexico …the only opportunity a mex has in mexico is if they have a relative who works here ans sends ameriacan dollars to mex….or why do anyone think they are here in the 25-30 million numbers …..listen upo man they never signed up for any naturalization packestd ans never became citizens like if you are white and come from any other country , to here and you have to naturalize ,,none of these wets ever did that ,,
    they trash and ghetto ize every damn area they strangle with their numbers and back ward cultures …they kidnap and rape young whit children and their own amigos children …just recently they arrested for thr 50tyh tpye of incident ,a 30 + mexican who had been screin his buddies little girl for 2 years since she was 9 …new nation news shows the mexi tsunami better than i can ….
    devvy kidds articles on how it is a federal felony to advocate and make possible a so called sanctuary city ….it is illegal for city council to allow ..

    they send an estimated 58 billion dollars home to mexico every year ,,is it taxed ? gee i dont know but i know mexicans can claim 12 children on their taxes and they dont even have to be living here and or really exist cus no one checks or cares ….
    white people would draw 10 year sentence for pulling this shit ….
    yeah right wheres the love ….you have to be cruel to be kind in the right measure ,,300 win …..
    o tolerance for fence jumpers ,,,,sherrif arpaio for commandant …jaun corona for president ….elimineatet the smorgasboard of free medical care and housing and ebt ,etc and they would all pack up and leave ….
    there is a law im too funkin lazy to find link but it gives all mexicans free medical care …ive seen them in clinics and hospitals ,,you notice them as they are the only ones who never pay a co-pay ,,you notice it fast …and why is america supporting illegal felony trespassing and economical sedition from these hordes …

    amen fuck the jews askenazz ..i been out spreading the truth today about haow bad jews are to jewish people …heh heh i want to turn ashkenazzi jews against each other …
    iyts like handling old dynamite ,if yer careful you can plant seeds of reality in people …rome may have burned in a day from jewish arsonists but it wasnt built by jews ,it was built by romans ,white skinned blue eyed roamans …
    the london olympics will most likely be the spot if the jews are any thing but predictable and arrogantly full of dogshit and chutspuh….
    and the link i put up yesterday on was it nuttinyahooo talkin about a scenario at the london olympicx …
    there was the false jew on jew fales falg of 1972 munich olympics and the winter ?atlanta olympic park and other weird moovies portraying horrible events at crowded stadiums …how come there was no flase flag incident when 20,000 worthless wastes of oxygen rabbis assembled at a colliseum last month and were whining about the internet ….jews will cause the death of billions of gentiles if they are left to their own genocidal devices and are not stopped … joke….

  21. Greg says:

    Yet another White person set on fire by da eba opprezzed African Americans.

    Where’s the jew media?

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Colorado Movie Theatre Shooting: Colorado Mass “Dark Knight” Shootings – Call For “Gun Control” Already Being Started.. Here Are Some Questions About That!

    And the timing of this shooting should be raising many eyebrows…The US is covertly, and without much fanfare or information to its own citizens, about to pass the UN Gun Ban Legislation on the 27th of this month. Wow! This shooting could not have come at a more convenient time to have the public blindly and suddenly support this legislation!

  23. sog says:

    caligula says:
    July 20, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Another fucking jew behind the effort to disarm law-abiding citizens

    After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.
    yeah i been down that road ,where they deny you your 2nd amendment on somethin other than a gun related incident ….so i consider myself and othere free agenst ,not a citizen of theis aipac theme park usa ….
    pignant poignant ? is that a pregnant jew sow …heh heh …poignant in that and i didnt catch the buzz on colorado but they do have some real human level gun freedoms there still …
    outlaws have guns and we arent allowed to protect ourselves or carry ..bull shit ,,fucjk that shit …
    in oregon rtheyve mad e some real stupid laws about your car being a public entity in some of the counties so if you have a gun in your trunk in one county and drive thru another with this stupid law you can be charged with having a fire arm i public ….
    its always the jews who are the gungrbbers and grabassers ….

  24. Greg says:

    This whole shooting event looks like it was a little pre-planned to me. The immediate call for gun control and the tv documentaries already on….something’s fishy. Reminds me alot of 9/11 when we were bombarded with evil Muslim propaganda and the sounds of war drums before the smoke even cleared.

  25. sog says:

    yeah mike i once had a marshall stack leftover from either jimi or blue cheer ,but the concensus was jimi h as he used the purple marshall head s …i liked it to make noise and would always turn it up to 10 for fun and fedback ..neighbors huh what i cant hear you heh heh …
    ill check out the brave new world when i can ….
    i dont do adobe flash cus it has tracking lsc suoper cookies that are hard to shed and can track you everywhere …the new software on the gov side can find anyone anytime tho so safety is a false sense at best currently …..

  26. Hoff says:

    allovertheplace says:
    July 20, 2012 at 11:41 pm
    Jews control the media???????????

    No way. It’s impossible.


    Hehe … sarcasm at it’s best allover 😉


    This site is in swedish. Jew-wise people are behind and telling about the jews on and on. Many jew-wise commenters, I comment there. This site is right now attacked by the big jew”media”.

    National jew”media” are telling the masses where they can find

    Of course it’s a NAZI-site. So what do this NAZI-site tell? One example is that there was a gang-rape in the town Bollnas, Dalarna. Only immigrants commit gang-rape. Do the lokal jew”paper” tell? Hell no. That could cause RAJCISSSSSM, hence it’s a NAZI thing to tell the truth.

    When I go on the net Istart at google, then I open at least thee new windows with google. Ctrl + N = new window. When I go to say a polish or finnish site, I copy the link, go to google and google the link. Then I hit the Translate link.

    Thev translatien is not correct, but you get the big picture.

    Headline: Nationel “media” hunts

  27. Hoff says:

    Fucking niggers.

    another White person set on fire by da eba opprezzed African Americans.

    Where’s the jew media?

    Hate crime victim set on fire.

    Two black males attacked a man and set him on fire in Lower Yoder Township, PA. Police have not released the man’s identity, but the area is as being over 98% white in the 2000 census. The victim was robbed, beaten, and then set on fire.

  28. John says:


    I lived in Colorado for over 20 years and my mom still lives in Aurora so I called her today and this is freaking crazy, but my step dad is with the K9 unit in Aurora. He got called to the scene at around 2 am last night to sweep and clear the theater. He told her it was total carnage. Never seen anything like it and he’s worked in the prison system for 25 years. Definitely pre-planned and I think x posted something earlier about Odipshit and Hilary signing that UN Arms treaty next week.

  29. Greg says:

    Yeah, its all too fishy John,

    The media is doing a job on people’s emotions with this and showing plenty of shots of negroes who were at the movie to play on White people’s guilt even more, to get us to give up our guns.

    Negroes/Mexicans murder White people and their own everyday with guns but there is no outcry about them…its just to disarm White America so the jews feel safe and can complete their takeover.

  30. John says:

    The jews are definitely kicking it up a notch. I can almost guarantee that every single person in that theater who was White is probably a kwan though. Now I admit that I do watch movies, but I rarely go to the theater and I can pick apart just about any film and explain what the jews are doing in it. What sucks about this is that it’s just going to turn into another gun law debate and take the focus off of the jews who are behind it all.

    I wish there was some way we could force them all to read the Protocols, but they’d much rather read Twilight or just mindlessly watch jew movies not knowing that the jews are mocking them. I’m sure you know this, but in a lot of movies the villain is really the hero, but the jews are always portraying evil as good and good as evil. Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York is a good example of this.

  31. Greg says:


    jews are the perfect example of “devils masquerading as Angels of Light.”

    With jews, Saints are made into demons and demons into Saints.

  32. John says:

    No doubt about it. They are indeed the tares.

  33. caligula says:

    I have no idea where/how I got on this group’s list-well, maybe – , but do try to infiltrate (they do it to us) but everyone knows how they treat the Ethiopian “Jews)

  34. caligula says:

    heard there kwans with babies at a midnight movie…hmmmmmmm

    Dave Chapelle-Baby On The Corner

  35. sog says:

    preplanned and donutz to dollars the trail leads right back to the ashole jews ,,asshole jes ,asshole jews ,,fuvking asshole jews …these shitstain waste of air will sit and plan a very obvious deceptive flag event and then whine for gun control ,,why ? no one is mass murdering jews ,yet ,…they are pushing the wooping cough crap now ,kike doctors everywhere agree that for our own good everylast dumfuck needs a booster ,,,gimme agoddam fuckin break ,and now that the hini is known as a global hoax and they cant use h5ni or whatever it was to kill us withion an houtr of injection they opt to disarm everyone insted …sick god dmn basterd jews like in chabod satanik messianik mission LAUGHNER’S CASE ,his girlfriend says all that crazy shit is just an act ,,she swears this ,,so he is playing the part that no one believed who knows better and he was not gonna get an oscar anyway to stick up his corroded kike ass …
    why do thes ebrain dead kikes keep false flagging and killing innocent people just to further their cause ,,,when they could probaly just pass laws now and bann guns with the stroke of a pen …its like calig or or another poster said ,that if anuuff people raise hell about shit ,the congress and their mossad assisitants will usually retreaty in fear cus they know thet what they do is wrong they just cant stop from fucking with other people …….
    the answer is for everyone to be armed except for blind people and psycotix but most people should be able to haver an 2nd amendment realiztion ..
    our rights go beyond rights to inalienable right which means that this right is un molestable by the butt sniffers in congress aka the house of cowards and worthless scum …traitors …oh jeee wizzz we gots us a black cockus and we ayn razis an shit as ther is no white caucus or any other but you saw the nigger solidarity to keeps holder from bin messd wif by da whyt man anshiuht……….it is appointed for a man to die and face judgement ,but it is the second death that is to, be feared ,to wit the destruction of youer eternal soul ….
    yeah i asked god to show me what ist like to be alienated from thje presence of the lord for eternity adn he answered with an ezample …to wit i lay on a bed fopr 24 hours shaking and sweating and feeling 100x the worst depression that i ever had the displ;easure of experienceing …..was an interactive live drill on the real deal …i didnt even get to stop in pergatory for a drink ,,heh heh
    they can only kill us or vice versa ..bottom line …but they cant kill your soul …they try endlessly tho dont they ….@uckin kieks

  36. sog says:

    aurora is just more kike terrorism ,so who is the lone nut this time ,one of obamas sons ?.. i seriously havent even looked at this shit yet but by next week we will know this ashole inside and out cus thats how good the alternatinve news medias are …kike media says all is good to go in japan ,,its all fixed and you can eat fish ,,the nuclear threat is just a vicious rumor designed to scare people ,,heh heh oh and that pretty weather girl ,,heh heh jee sha can almost make you forget about the hot weather coming tomorrow ,,uhmmm hmmm just keep staring into her cleavage ohhh shit a commercial break lol ..right …isnt talmavizzion just the greates t invention the askenazi stole …..
    we need to farm a real white causcus and kick ass ,,,with enough people and farmers and ex soldiers and disenfranchised people like it was in germany once ….maybe the answer lies in another formula for lasting success and freedom …it is our very lives and freedom these opportunist slugs are legislating away and laughing at all of us …have you seen the disgusting smug look on bernahnkes face ,,,it looks like he wants to break out laughing at any second or he has a vibrater up his corrioded ass …..
    we still outnumber these shitz…..
    when the eugenecist movement shifts into hi gear it will take the world by storm and blitzkrieg the masses too fast for any kinf of organized opposition ,,,ya feel me ,,,i dont think we can afford to wait that long ……….we need a huge dam miracle ….ayyyhe

  37. Barney says:

    No time today, so I’ll just post this.

    Yes, I know it’s Makow, but it’s worth a read.

  38. silvernickel says:

    Heard in theatres all Friday night at Batman showings

    Yo dog…….if ya seez a crackass cracka with a gun, make shures too Warner Bros!!

    Warner Bros grapples with the thoughts on their bottom line…err.. the tragic shooting

    Warner Bros. also moved to pull trailers for its upcoming movie “Gangster Squad” from showings of “The Dark Knight Rises.” The trailer of the film, which stars Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling in a ruthless war between ’40s Los Angeles police and the mob, includes a scene of mobsters firing into a movie theater from behind the screen.

  39. mike says:

    Wtf and they can’t get in the apartment? Bs they are changing the guys info emails and ect… to make him look the opposite of what he was they arre going to say hew was tea party patriot gun advocate like bregen in sweden that guy was communist left and they changed his shit to make him look a right wing extremist

  40. mike says:

    I don’t have tv but my mom said on the news the police are considering blowing up the apartment because it is so booby trapped haha good one kike fuckers they want to destroy the evidence that he’s mossad or government op wtf? The guy in sweden bregen right? Ill have to look it up they changed his shit all arounf from communist which he was to right wing extremist and shit he was a knight templaer want to be right? Fucking knight templar jewish secret society kill whitey motherfuckers yeah blow up the evidence good one of course we have overseas bases everywhere and military illegaly all over the us but we can’t get past a few trip wires yeah ok

  41. caligula says:


    That sounds like the false flag case in France, doesn’t it?

  42. mike says:

    Calligula right on brother france sweden us whatever its all kike run take guns away from whitey bullshit cause they know the next time we get control back we are going to put a stop to there communist bs for all eternity and prevent them from ever perpetrating crimes against humanity again

  43. sog says:

    @ mike re: cypriat cyrene roman greek egyptian genocides these following site show how the kike controlled genocides wnt down more articulately explained than i have alludded to a little loosely before ,,but i only under stated jews crimes because i did not look further into this particular abyss …so thanx mike for wanting the links ,as it showed more of the jews habitual criminal activity … ,,and so it goes that as always with the jews the update is worse than we thunk…ayyhe
    The Jew comes to an alien society at first in small numbers. …. In Cyrene they massacred 220,000 Greeks………. in Cyprus 240,000………. in Egypt a very great multitude………

    jewish propaganda site THIS site explains the exact reason spain was righteously implementing an inquisituion after kikes 7-800 year ruination and murders and usary and child stealing like thwy still do today …do you know how many minor children disappear each year in the usa …kikes know …. This article reads like the pre takeovers of france ,,,russia ,,,usa ,,,syria,,,lebanon,,,iraq,,,and a million other places that the infected jew has left his mark of excrement upon …

    THE EVIL WAYS OF HEBREWS ,EDOMITES ,KENITES ,PHARISEES ,RABBIS ,KHAZARS ,FKAE SEPHARDIC JEWS ,,,have been running shit down decent caucasion throats for millennia ….

  44. PacoDTaco says:

    SilverNickel, thanks for some insights on latest big MSM “news” – the Aurora Cinema strange “Joker” character who materialized to actually shoot a bunch of avid Batman film goers. What was going on in this guy’s mind??? Silver Nickel smells a psycho-rat.

    It reminds me of the (Colorado) Columbine High School shooting by two guys about 12 years ago, just west of Denver (almost all white) vs Aurora (east of Denver, only about 55% white with 21% black and 28% mestizo “hispanic” – a term that annoys Spanish Europeans who are true hispanic, not just Spanish-speakers! Note: Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argenina, Uruguay, even Paraguay etc have many pure Europeans. Rather few of these break into USA illegally.) In that event, some researchers found that the leader of the two (Dylan Klebold) had a Jewish grandma and was into “occult” crap and lead the other (“gentile”) guy to join in this crazy attack, which ignited calls for USA to seize all firearms. Likely the same game is being played for the same goal.

    (You can hunt wikipedia and see that “right wing extremist” Bill White had a website with some stuff that supposedly may have “inspired” Columbine, but I regard this as likely diversionary BS. So one can expect diversion talk again to throw blame on anti-govt “right wing.”)

    I saw the “Hollywood” psych guru (and sex authority and Freudian psychoanalist Jew of course) Dr. Gail Saltz telling the world on TV how Hollywood was not at responsible. Merely showing violence doesn’t even slightly promote violence. (Really?)

    You have a nutcase who immitates a violent screen character (The Joker) in the Batman films. He appears dressed in Joker attack attire, hitting an audience full of captived people to see this film… and it did nothing to “inspire” him??? Come on!

    For years we have been saturated in seeing escalating violence (yes with “good guys” who defeat the “evil” ones, who are never identified properly!) with psycho killers, and it lowers the barrier to think about being a wacko if you want to be – but never against the real enemy, that is verboten to even consider! At least that is how I see it. Also the person may have been target of some special psy-ops gang. To push GUN CONTROL!

    The hidden masters, and especially the visible ruling clowns (Bush, Obama etc), really do sense the natives are getting wrestless and it’s time to really disarm them! USA has an alien-born, anti-white clown acting for globalists and their Rothschild banks, and he intends to get approval to do it four more years. They have lots to be anxious about!

  45. PacoDTaco says:

    PS: Speaking to a family member, she reminds me that a gunman shooting a cinema audience was to be in a promo for a new film. (Title eludes us now.) Hollywood pulled this to show how much they are being good responsible folks. Ha ha.

    Also, the upshot of this may not just be more cries to end private gun and ammo ownership – since he bought 6000 rounds! (Except by the fed govts goons, I mean officials.) But it may soon mean armed officials patrolling any large gathering… to protect us. This will especially be true at political, racial, religious events. Photo ID may be required to get in, should another similar event crop up soon. Thus “officials” can know exactly who is attending what, even on private property. (Remember Hal Turner held rallies on public land, and complied with cops getting ID on everyone in his group, and the other side too. Why should this be in a country with FREE SPEECH?) What do you guys sense??

  46. mike says:

    Sog did you see this link on yet again more advanced knowledge? Is there any fucking terror attack that isn’t reeking of prior knowledge

  47. Bailey says:

    Like going on a family vacation, Everything is pre-planned.

  48. mike says:

    Yeah bailey white destruction jewish planned

  49. Toby says:

    Colorado Shooter Was A Jew
    Just as many suspected…..sigh…..

    (and with the jew ban on American guns forthcoming, how timely, and “theatrical”).

    Despicable. Just Despicable.

    Proliferate this video to as many people as possible:

    Can’t help but notice that most victims were white…..just sayin

  50. HickryDickryDock says:

    Did you see this screenplay…?

    A scraped up Meixcan sheepishly comes home to his village, and admits his attempt to get to US went wrong. Yeah, he got to the border in Ciudad Juarez, and connected with a guy promising to get him across in a truck with goods via a false compartment. So he paid up, but was a little short. The guy said he might expect him to do a little work. Can he trust him to do something? After interrogation, the answer seems to be: yes. The ringleader proposes he deliver a packet to some location in Austin, and he gets his money refunded when the packet is delivered – unopened., or else! He knows it must be drugs. He agreed. So they’re waiting to go over, three other migrants with him, and some weird dudes invade their garage, take the ringleader and driver, and interrogate all. Getting the picture, they kill the driver. Everyone is shocked. Then they demand the ringleader tells who is the US guy running it, or he gets to die a lot slower… and so begins his ordeal. The invaders open the packet to be delivered. Surprisingly, it is not narcotics, but a solid pile of US$100 used bills. Finally the ringleader blurts out the name. A famous name, Goldshine, congressman in Texas noted for his philanthropy!
    And for that, he got to live, and will be “released after the revolution.” What?? In any event he cannot go now because his “friends” will seriously be looking for him! Then the others are told it’s time for change and Sr. Blanco is going to do the job. At this he sees these guys in camouflage have white robes underneath, like old KKK guys. What?
    And at that, the person telling the story got released, promised his money back “after the revolution.” The locals in the village wonder about this odd turn of events told by their frazzled local boy.

    A bit later, several friends join him to return to the border, after hearing some “party” of narco traders got raided by guys appearing like KKK outfit guys again, and the famous Texas Congressman had a bad accident, and his car drove off a cliff in the hills out of El Paso. Pity. His demise is declared loudly by US media and in the rest of the world. It seems all the top folks knew this guy. A huge funeral follows. Even top Mexicans are at this event.

    I forget a lot of the film. But back in Juarez there have been several occurrences of bizarre anti-grud raids against the Zetas and Sinaloa and a third group, and in the last case the strange raiders left behind… a Confederate US South Flag. What?

    Then there was a pow-wow of the top narcos to unify against this new bunch of wackos who merely attack them, and take cash, but actually burn drugs, and do not seem to be dealers in any way. What the hell is the profit in that? Clearly it is not the Mexican police of the various services, as they try conventional raids as themselves, and most are saturated by gang informers, but these guys are different. The few who heard them say they speak like gringos. Is this an invasion? How dare they!! The two cartels agree to unite because this is a national War. And maybe if they act like nationists the authorities will tend to turn a blind eye to them. Well that is the plan anyhow.

    Blam-blam…. their scene is invaded by. Well, I seem to be a bit hazy on detials, but the invasion is pretty different. And very effective! The whole motley crew are liquidated. Yes, in one dramatic raid by this new gang, the old ones are seriously disarrayed, just when it seemd they were united as never before.

    Oh, now the feds in Mex City are irate. This was not their operation, but invaders who need to be brought under control. Clearly they are an extreme danger. And then the US Pres appear on TV to agree, we must work together to stamp out terrorism….

    Later we see a big battle scene in which the White Shirts are getting surrounded and the city is under seige, but the White Shirt commander tells the locals to take up arms and liberate the city. If they win, they will get paid the same wages as in Texas for working in US owned factories… the notorious maquillas. Yes, minimum wage in their lovely city is M$55.80 per day. Mexican pesos of 7.3c US, so that is $4.00 US per day. OK, many Us factories pay more, but nothing like wages in Texas.

    Suddenly the population sees these White Shirts in a new light and they struggle…

    Well, I’ll let you imagine the ending, but one group is really irate: US corporations that had shifted many jobs south to get dirt-cheap labor -destroying whole US industries.

    (Texas minimum wage is down in the gutter at $7.25 per hour, fueling some industry in preparing stuff for major work in Mexico, but way better than south of the border.)

    Did you see this film? Maybe we ought to… make one like this?

  51. SBD TV says:

    The k-vermin want to make sure that their vermin stormtroopers know how to flag Youtube videos:…………………………………………………….[6,278]

  52. jj says:


  53. Bob says:

    SO JJ,





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