I Should Have Awoken Ages Ago

Part one of a multipart series, exploring what I remember leading to my conclusion it was indeed the Ashkenazi, Khazar Jew behind the destruction of America and the White race. The series will be archived under a brand new INCOG MAN category called “Waking Up” (see my topic “cloud” over on the left). Actually, this whole site of mine is dedicated to alerting the White race to the dangers of this historically subversive race and what’s really going down. I sincerely hope others coming here don’t take as long as I did.

I REMEMBER THIS one ridiculously inane TV sitcom when I was kid called “Happy Days.” Even back then I thought the show was stupid. One of the characters was named “Fonzie,” supposedly so cool, the tough guy in the cast, but I couldn’t see it. Sure, he wore a leather jacket — like big whoop. At the time, I just knew I could kick Fonzie’s ass fairly easily, even as a kid.

But it wasn’t till much later I found out Fonzie was really nothing more than a punky little Jew boy, with slicked back hair. Now the creep sells reverse mortgages to elderly, conservative FOX news viewers (targeted demographics for shearing the sheep). I recently saw one of his latest TV commercials and he looks just like a doughy, weaselly little money pimp with shifty eyes, ever so typical for this world renowned scam artist race.

Haven’t you wondered why the BS in America just keeps getting worse and worse? There’s been many points in my life when the answer stared me smack cold dab in the face. Yet, even the INCOG MAN could not fully believe what his own two eyes and ears told him for quite some time. Please read on.

As I said before here on my lowly site, the final nail in the coffin for me occurred when I found out the details to the brutal 2007 torture murder of the beautiful young White couple, Channon Christian and her boyfriend, Christopher Newsom. When the national media blatantly ignored this gruesome crime, I was outraged beyond belief. But this was only a single event that made me speak out openly to people around me. I had already settled the “Jew Question” in my mind about 10 years previously.*

Many folks today have little idea about “the Jew Question,” even though, I assure you, it’s been going on for a very long time. It’s just that people have literally been brainwashed not consider the matter for fear of getting called a Nazi; even though the troubles you see happening to our countries today, happened before in various other guises.

Nowadays, the PC business and Immigration can now be clearly understood as the modern commie strategy of International Jewry, aided by subversive little Jews, idiot White liberals and befuddled Christian Zionists, to weaken the White race in advance of their globalist ambitions, what people call “the New World Order” or NWO for short.

I remember reading this book years ago about the fall of Berlin to the soviet commies back in 1945. There was this one all French unit fighting for the Germans against the red hordes. And they fought extremely well, too. In fact, they were probably the last to die. Now why would Frenchmen fight so hard for the Germans, I asked myself? And it wasn’t just French, either. Italians, Norwegians, Danes, the Spanish, many other countries in Europe had men fighting FOR, not against Germany.

Why would such men do this? There had to be a reason why such men fought to the death, I told myself. Something much more than what I was led to believe. Oh, I knew all about the SS and Jew haters, etc. Or at least I thought I did.

Around this time I had a couple of weird things happen.

While in college, my best friend and apartment roommate for my sophomore year was this Jewish guy (yep). He wasn’t the kind of guy you might have guessed was Jewish, unless you knew his name. He had red hair tied back in a pony tail, wore a Levi jacket, played the banjo of all things, and loved bluegrass music. Thinking back, it seems the guy must have been distancing himself from Jewry in outward appearance.

Red-haired Jew? At that time, I had no idea Jews could have red hair. I stupidly thought it was mostly an Irish dealy. It was only much later I read somewhere that the medieval Germans once had an ancient saying the end times would draw near when the red headed Jews came from the east — precisely where Ashkenazi, Khazar Jews originated from.

It was also at this point at the college where I had an encounter with another fellow student who I have now come to suspect was somehow related to the Zionist power nexus behind the anti-Nazi, “Black propaganda,” forgery called the Stroop report (go HERE for my full story).

This particular student had visited my first year dorm room with a big brown paper bag of photographic prints, supposedly “outtakes” of real stuff used at the Nuremberg trials. Closer examination made me fully believe they were original prints — not copies made from offset printing, but from actual film negatives. Yet the condition was such that the prints appeared only fairly recently developed (I was once really into old style analog photography and “trick” darkroom techniques). A couple of the image subjects I clearly remembered, but only understood much, much later could never have been done in such a way unless something else was going on.

Anyway, my red-headed Jewish hippy friend and I loved underground comics. R. Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, Zap comics, Furry Freak Brothers (which I never really liked too much), that kind of thing. We used to have this little running joke between us, that secret nerds in white coats and pocket protectors were really in control of the US at a secret nerd headquarters underground somewhere. I don’t remember the exact cartoon that started the whole thing. Probably Crumb.

It was sort of like what they said soviet premier Nikita Kruschev believed. Supposedly, he thought the US had an underground headquarters in the Midwest, secretly in control of America. I don’t know if it’s true he really believed that, since then, I’ve read he was a tricky character to begin with, resorting to a phony peasant stupidity in order to survive the Jewish gang war purges of the ’30’s.

One day my red-haired Jewish college friend asked me if I really thought there could be a secret operation running the US. I laughed it off at first, but soon realized he was quite serious. He kept pressing me hard for some reason. I didn’t know what he was getting at. For some reason I could not fathom at the time, he grew increasingly frustrated at me.

Actually, from that point on, the two of us were never really friends again. I couldn’t figure out what happened. A few years later, it dawned on me that he may have been trying to probe me for signs of anti-Semitism. When he could find none, he lost all respect and chalked me up to being just another dumbass Goy.

Of course, I’m only speculating on that. I did know the guy came from the DC power elite, and not long after graduating college had a brand new business hugely funded from out of the blue. I had once visited his parent’s home in Northern Virginia and, even as a stupid goy, I noticed the neighborhood reeked of Jewry and serious money. I knew his dad was a very high-up muckity muck in international intelligence circles (exactly who and what, I’ll stay silent, if you don’t mind).

Now that I look back, I fully realize this was the first of many future encounters with the people that had ensnared the US in a web of utter deceit and selfish racial arrogance.

I also realize many folks coming here will reject all this because of they think “it’s all racist and hateful.” That’s precisely what these people want you to think. They work all through-out the media and political circles pushing the egalitarian, or pluralistic viewpoints and have been seriously promoted and funded by extremely rich and powerful International Jews.

You can easily see this in how the US is behind the NWO, “PC” social manipulations, flooding any White nations with non-White third worlders where they can and protecting the Zionist State of Israel (long a project of the “Money Trust”). In fact, you as a taxpayer and consumer are really paying for the whole shebang. “They” just don’t want to come to that logical conclusion.

Folks, we’re in a race war already. No doubt about it.

I didn’t come to this conclusion until many years later, I’m sad to say. But I did suspect enough to start looking at certain matters of history in depth to try to get a handle on the crap I was seeing happening to America. The America I thought was the “land of the free and brave” and all that jazz.

What I found disturbed me greatly.

To be continued…

— Phillip Marlowe

* I think many Whites were awakened to the Jewish control of the media when the young Channon and Christopher were murdered. They will be remembered.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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320 Responses to I Should Have Awoken Ages Ago

  1. Liberty'sGone says:

    Should we wait for the senate roll call to see who killed the audit the fed law or should i just start telling you who killed that bill right now? the jewlinkysteinbergssilvergoldmans killed that bill. Id hate to be a guy named william that ever comes up against the jew world order.

  2. Condeez says:

    Mj hag of course you like sam elliott he is a jew!
    You of course by your own statements do not qualify for “kosher’ sex
    with him.
    Is your husband lacking a moostachh?
    No birthday rides?

  3. sog says:

    CWD thanx for remindin me about the star of ashtoreth or what and now i have forgatten this info on a nother hard drive somewhere in pergatory …but the star was incorporated by solomon who was getting deeply involved in cabala majic and ashtoreth i think the bitches name was on some demonic ho satanik religion which utilized the star of solomon….the pentagram and the solomnic ashtoreth star is satanic and all thr jews are also corporately bopund together under this satanic adherenca to satanik symbolism and in their case they live patantly right up to devil minded behaviour ..and the blood letting of “goy” children for blood ….thius is as true as daylite but it is severely controlled and carried out only by the most trusted inner circle jerk ultra orthodox criminals ….the blodd is dried and sold along their many pathways of clandestine routes mainly through city sewers like ratz …
    but the flag of demonic symbol and the blood guilt all of which is shared corporate guilt by all the adherents to such behaviour and activities and any who support this godless mayhem …
    god cursed the israelites of every mix down 2 times assyria babylon and 72 ad much afetr the crucifixion of joshua the messiah …
    to say that the jews of all cohesive solidarity and degree of involvement with the tribe in their varying degrees of discernment and involvement are corporately guilty of crimes against the natural order ,god ,humanity ,and beasts ie:beastiality ……
    when i was looking at the 2nd amendment that is inviolable an non molestable it gave me the impression thet we do have permits to carry weapons of peace and self defense at all times in all 50 states concealed or open ,,and its called the second amendment and according to the constitution the higheest law in the land and the cornerstone of our leagal system ,,it cannot be refuted that we should claim this as a given birthright that far and away is more potent than an amendment to assure us of our own god dasm safety at all times and fuck anyone in the ass with a jack hammer if they are too much of a worthless pussy to see that ,,,and they deserve deth …heh heh mega deth …
    especialy in response to the new awareness emerging in the dumb ass sheeple in usa in varying degrees of discernment and gradient levels which we have to tolerate nand nurture all aware whites as we are in a war for our lives …
    gun laws ???? horse shit ,according to the highest legal document in the usa ,,any law is an infringement and not tolerated by the constitution at all …
    gun registration is = 2 confiscation but millions and millons of americans do exercise thier patent true right to possess firearms without the govt survey and documentation of said rightfully owned tools of freedom …

    all gun laws under correct govt. are legally unenforceable and not legal
    unrv dot com

    globheu dot blogspot dot com

  4. sog says:

    Shadenfreude one o those words that is like fuck with several intonations and affectation and its gradients ….good to watch kikes bir in a car accident ,,especially because i had a fire extinguisher but didnt want to waste it ….mad that i didnt have any weiners fartwurst to roast ,but a feeling of righteous removal of some trash hmmm da da dum dum Shadenfreude da da di dum …..or the sense of cosmic justice when bad people get theirs in the parameter of karma …many people had Shadenfreude when little boy took a dive on niggersaki ….du da da dim doo doo Shadenfreude…

    or the asshole who tailgates you and goes to pass you and spins out and hits a telephone pole ,,heh heh hey mofo where did you get yer licensec from crakker jack box ,Shadenfreude
    watcjhing all the kikes get tossed into the lake of fire hmmmm Was ist der fucking Sinne des Shadenfreude ,,,(shahd-n-froi-duh) (SHOD-n-froy-duh) almost rymes with frera shzzha qwan ..tit illating….schaden freude,, i guess you can be an active proactive cause of someones harm and enjoy it or just do what the kikes do on the golan heghts west bank area and tail fate butt fuck party and watch nato fuck syria up or they get proactive and bomb he shit out of U.N. observor compounds with regularity and they seem to enjoy that ….revenge also =Shadenfreude ..
    dor mei vous….its how we will feel when ohlmert barak nuttinyahoo and all the genocidal chabod shit stiks drop dead …that is the static state or the dynamic state is proactiveness making it happen …open gloating or secret inner laughter …conventionally in german always capitalized as all nouns are tweet tweet …as a matter of trivia american word or in american shod word is not capitilized and gloating is almost a fraternal word in meaning and scope …i guess you could also be be jeoulous of someones success and sorrow for their succes in american variant ,non pedantic as it is not an engklish word originally …
    proverbs say do not rejoice in your enemies sudden destruction ,,,i guess the bible does not allow shadenfruede…….

  5. Enlighten says:

    I’ve had lots to do with Jews in the past. At some point I realized that any time I dealt with a Jew I’d get ripped off as they seemed to lack a sense of fairness. I thought back on some of the things I’d been told by the Jews I’d known and reflected on what they’d said. The things they told me indicated a sociopathic mindset: figuring out systems so you could exploit them, leveraging the power of collectives, figuring out how to take without giving. None of them were “big Jews” so not highly successful or seemingly tied to the greater ethnic network so relatively benign in terms of Jewry. Anyways, after realizing this it started making me notice the Jewish role in politics (US presidencies shaped by Jewish advisers) more and how the media harps on the idea of Jews as innocent victims, as if the Holocaust is the only genocide that’s ever occurred. Once you notice Jewish influence in politics, media, and finance and start looking into the history of Zionism it’s pretty hard to ignore.

  6. Enlighten says:

    And then there’s the Jewish religion too: holidays that celebrate infanticide (Passover) and massacres of ethnic enemies (Purim); Jacob (later known as Israel) using deception to steal his brother’s birthright; Jacob’s sons selling one of their brothers into slavery. Classy.

  7. t bone says:

    “…holidays that celebrate infanticide (Passover)”-Enlighten


    Please, enlighten me. I didnt know that about Passover.

  8. mike says:

    T bone passover is celebrating the death of egyptian first born children during the exodus. Its all bs greek and egyptian historians show that the jews didn’t want to leave egypt, if they were even there, and the reason for the pharoh not even being named is because he’s another hitler type phantom bogeyman. Everybody is persecuting the jews all the time you know the drill

    Check this t bone


  9. t bone says:

    Thx Mike.

    Bookmarked for later.

  10. sog says:

    1911 September 1st,, Jewboi Dmitry Bogrov, the son of a wealthy kike attorney and member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party shoots and kills Pyotr (Peter) Stolypin, Russian Prime Minister, at the Kiev Opera Theatre. Pyotr Stolypin was one of the more interesting figures in pre-revolutionary Russia. Stolypin became known for advancing significant reforms while at the same time ruthlessly suppressing largely Jewish terrorism and revolutionary activity in the countryside. Coincidently, Stolypin’s assassin was hanged on …….SEPTEMBER 11, 1911. 9-11-1911 ..9111911
    THE DAY THE WTC doomsday structure work began on 9-11 and was terminated on 9-11…………..
    as should the rest of kikery be hung …

  11. sog says:

    yeah mike ,egyptian history shows no trace of these ibaru abrahamic yidz bein in egypt ,,north or south ….the bib ref shows the “pharoah” wanting to get rid of them finally and then god hardens his heart and the pharouh says nyet and back and forth like that and then of corse jews say god told them to steal all egyptians gold and valuables for the trip in the wilderness for 40 years which is un founded by exceptioanlly therow fornsic anaysis of the sinai …if these ibaru caravaneers were in egypt it was to fleece them dry and the egyptians maybe knew them under a different name as they always cahnge their names ,right ,,.?? !! who the eff knows but me personally i dont cotton to the old test too much …that sit i put up showing the origin of the jews heebs israelites and how its all a mass of confusion ….

  12. sog says:

    i believe jesse jackassson was involved in the murder of martin liquor king more than i believe zionsm ever controlled 3rd reich …there has been countless posts with references debunking the zionist germany propaganda …yes rich jews in america sought to preserve their corporations as i g farben thet usa didnt bonb etc …yes jews attempte to co-opt german workers party and were no doubt heavily infiltratred ,hence the need for ther gestapo….
    german nationalism spirirt was definitely not jewish nor did it have the same tenets at all …jews hated germany and sought to destroy her a thouisand ways a thousand times …the wjc rep even told hitler that if he would just go on the gold standard to back his currency the jews would back off and the ww2 would not occur but knowing jew propensity to lie even germanies destruction would have been inevitable eventually by jews …
    they also sought to try to control germany by controlling high german command memebers who were roman catholics like himmler …the catholic church unbeknownst to people was essentially owned by jew jesuit cryptos lox stox and barrel …
    himmler was what hitler spoke of about when he chastized the nation for delving into useless mysticism and odinism etc …
    and i dont want to debate odinism ,but you can if you want to get a crystal ball and contact hitler ,go for it ….
    nor do i want to dsicuss religion all that much but after all it is almost inevitable that irt must come up agaiin and again..right ….yaaawn….

  13. mike says:

    Sog badass!

  14. sog says:

    yeah mike i was meditating or in a constant haze ,cant tell which any more heh heh ,but after thinking about valkyrie and all that 9 months before the smashing end of germany ,,as we know all 73 71 cites o major metro and beutifiul ancient german culture were anhilated by kikes as promised by kikes …churchill fdr stalin
    now these nut jobs like von stauffenburg-colonel,, and his henchmen who thot that if they killed hitler that the allies would stop before they got to berlin were dreaming or drunk 247 ..hmmm berliners if you ever read the last battle and about the largest mass of artillery ever in history mounted at the oder and all those bad ass katushkas etc,aimed at berlin would have kept coming anyway now we know this …
    its like everyone says ,shit if i could just talk to some germans who were there ,cus they would know what really happened ….take a look around germany post ww2 ,,thats what happened ….

    so 9 months after these jew led geniuses tried to kill hitler ,berlin fell to communism and the commies in step with ilya ehrenberg did kill everything and raped it befor e and after ,then they summarily executed all camp staff ,even americans did this on the lying words of the jewish camp capos …whatever happened to the voice for the other non jew 2/3 of typhus victims in the camps ….
    the russians quickley took possession of the camps in their sectors and started putting germans in them and killing them and kidnapping orphans from bombed out cities and putting them on death trains to russia ,,and 75,000 orphans from just berlin alone once on the detah train killed 98% of them ….
    genocide and nuremburg trials and the execution of a hundred children on the orders of the jews at nurmberg,,the germans said we wont do it ,the americans said no and so the russians took the childeren to a predug hole out side of town and machine gunned these german children ,,,,mentioning suchenhausen again where kikes killed 12,000 german minor boys and buried them ther etc, while jews pouring into germany from russia post ww2 and the pale were hunting germans down and killing any germans they could find ..
    like i started to say above but got side tracked for a minute
    the people didnt know whaT the f was happening and berliners especilally dis liked hitler but there were still a lot of comiterm cells there and im alsmost certain that these ididots often got waseted wheen they started waving their flags too early …so these commie ididots that escaped gestapo detection as commies would be relegate to deaths due to the oy vey da greavt ollahcaushvt….even jews dying in the cities they lived openly as “converts ” to workers party but they prbably didnt work too much ,,
    if you could go back in time to germany and ask 30 people what was the deal ,you would get 30 different answers ….its one of those mysteries that gets clearer as time goes on …
    even veterans of that war never spoke of it ,,as their was too much genocide created by allies and russians post ww2 .
    as far as it goes 150,000 jews fought in german armies for germany ww2 ,,and jews lived without problems in german cities if they could be substantiated as NON–COMMUNIST or non supporters of communism and their jewish temples were un molested and the propaganda of germ,ans burning thier sin-o gogs is jew fabrication …..jews are without a doubt the most monumental liars on the face of the earth …
    german jews even wrote to kike luminaries in the usa tellin em to cool the anti german propaganda and that as far as they knew there were no jews in danger of 6 million endangered bs, but if the jews kept kicking dust at the germans there would be possible animosity they were afraid of but german police did not condone or tolerate anti semitism or such ….
    nite of kristal ,,boo hoo and it was jew thugs that pulled this one off ..and what did all the kikes do that made germans feel stabbed in the back again like they felt from the turn arounf loyalties of jews in ww1 …
    well the jews lined up for blocks around the german insurance companies to make false claims of damage to try to break the financial productuivity of germany …..
    to say that jews didnt belong in germany is to say they dont belong anywhere …they never assimilate and they plot against the hosts day and nite ….

  15. mike says:

    Sog savitri devi? Otto ersnt remer? Hey dude I have a book called after the reich a history of allied war crimes? I havnt read it yet been busy reading solzhenitsyns 200 years together filthy sting kikes in der sowjetunion haha anyway ther are actually quite a few good books on allied war crimes. Hey dude is there anything on patton that’s actually on paper? Like a book about the real george s patton and his opposition to the disgusting kike fest and perhaps about his murder? He was hit by some vehicle but most people don’t know that after the ambulance came the ambulance was also hit by a vehicle? 2 hits in like an hour? Whatever

  16. sog says:


    bula bula ameni abba nabb nabbi

    may all zio cunt kikes and supporters of such or passive allowers and all sayans die a horrible death….shaloam bitches

  17. sog says:

    may all israelis be made to suck camel ass and dork for eternity while having 100 talmuds shoved up their ass ..may looby’s and chabods be forced to eat cat shit for eternity ..

  18. mike says:

    Sog I say concentration camps are still fashionable!

  19. PolarBear says:

    I feel we are fighting a losing battle and settling for White No Go Zones or Balkanization at this point is desirable. YT is either too programmed/ stupid or too vested.
    Case in point;
    A guy I grew up with was one of the biggest and toughest goys you would ever meet. He joined the Corp out of HS and went to the war in the desert. He has killed Iraqis. And has completely formed his identity around being a marine. We were very close.
    However, we broke contact. We argued over the jooish question.
    No matter how obvious and factual I presented, with citations/ proof, he refused to see it.
    At first I couldn’t understand. Now I get it. His whole identity is at stake. He can’t accept that he was played and killed for the most malignant/ evil there is.

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