James Holmes: Hellboy Spawned By Jew Media

This obvious photoshopped image is supposed to have been uploaded by Holmes to his “Adultfriend Finder” account (online sex operation). Tell me the guy wasn’t a sick, demonic freak?

Imagine what that madman, James Holmes, did in Aurora, Colorado? Hair dyed red like the last Joker — his favorite Batman villain — wearing a combat helmet, gas mask and dressed all in black, the freak tosses smoke grenades into a crowded theater audience and starts blasting away with an AR-15 (it wasn’t full auto, contrary to crime recreation animations the Jew-controlled media is now showing you 24/7).

Holmes was also into online computer games, such as “War of Warcraft” and may have just broken up with a woman (probably his first real girlfriend, most likely now angling for a big Jew media whore payday). This online gaming stuff blurs the line of reality for too many people, and combined with this guy’s obvious immaturity and today’s sick Jew media, something bad was going to happen. 

Have you noticed how the media is going on and on about the availability of guns? That’s all they are now talking about — everything else about the Holmes incident can’t get in the way of the MEME they are obviously working to install inside people’s heads. We’ve had guns all through-out America’s history and people never acted in this way before the last few decades of desensitizing, satanic Jew media and multicult brainwashing.

Do I blame the Jews? You’re GD right I do. So who the hell owns the media? How about the fact Jew Hollywood movies have such huge amounts of insanely sick realistic stuff? Who’s taking this country straight down the toilet? You ever think this kind of crap might be twisting people up in the head? Of course it is.

As long as the Jews control the media, we’ll always see this kind of thing happening.

Israeli-Jew owned ABC was seen lying all over the place. They went on and on about Holmes’ mother saying to them over the phone “yes, you have the right person” as if she knew James was a freak capable of such things. In fact, she was merely telling them was they had reached the right party on the phone. They also reported Holmes was in the conservative Tea Party without double checking.*

Just think if the guy was a NeoNazi or had pro-White sympathies? The Jews would practically be creaming their jeans from one end of the channel dial to the other.

Funny how the media has said not one word about why some of the youngest victims were even in a theater at that time of night (12:30 am). The youngest mentioned was 3 months old and one of the dead was 6. Now what the hell are kids that young doing there? The media just acts like that was nothing. I say it’s a huge clue to the real BS going down — to the entire country!

Are not the Batman movies rated for above 17? Oh, wait, since the parents are with them that’ll make everything just A-OK in the kid’s heads. What a bunch of pure Jew BS! The Jews don’t care — they just want all the box office proceeds they have coming to them.

Thanks to the Jew, America’s whole culture, society and politics are going to hell and a handbasket.

A week ago the dead bodies of missing sisters, Britny Haarup, 19, and her sister Ashley Key, 22, were found in a lonely field about 30 miles west of Kansas City, Missouri. This time, it wasn’t the usual suspooks. This time it was a White meth freak.

Police say the meth freak specifically went there to have sex with the younger sister. He ended up beating both women with heavy objects and then smothered them with pillows. After killing the younger sister, the sick freak then tried to have sex with her body but couldn’t. 

Paul Haarup, the girls’ father, had previously speculated that Key had been “running with the wrong crowd.” Yeah, I’d say so. Drugs are destroying America. Meth is particularly addictive. I once spotted two Meth freaks at a truck stop at about 4AM one morning. They got all paranoid thinking I was a cop and took off running. I laughed my ass off.

How about the story of a hard-working and decent White guy, renovating a house in a North Carolina bad neighborhood? Some urban apeman walked in off the street, robbed $20 off him at gun point and then shot him in the face right in front of his girlfriend. The guy died at the hospital.

So typical that a White guy was fixing up a house. How often do you hear of the blacks doing this kind of thing? Little wonder blacks live in urban squalor. Look at Detroit and Gary, Indiana, that have black populations of 90%. When do you see these people doing anything for themselves?

Trouble is, all of us are now being turned into niggers by globalist Jewry. Instead of finding out how you can get blacks to behave (it’s not working), the aim is to niggerfy the entire White race with unemployment, state benefits, race mixing and drug availability.

The Jews don’t own the media — yeah, right.

Someone on the Internet took all my photo montages from my page “Jew Media” and put them together to form one giant image. Figure it out America, the US media is nothing but Jews — in front of the camera and behind. What don’t you get about that math, fool?

Now make clear in your head how the media is going on and on about when it comes to this madman in Aurora, Colorado. It’s time we put a stop to Jew media. They are the ones destroying our morality and brains.

First of all, the Jews are clearly out to disarm the White race. They know we’re fast putting two-and-two together about them. They need to keep us as confused as possible until they can come up with a scheme to disarm us.

The stinking Jews will milk this event left and right. Obama is set to sign a new Weapons non-proliferation treaty with the United Nations on this coming July 27th that will give him legalities to supersede the constitution and take away guns from American citizens. You think that’s all just conspiracy talk?

They so want to disarm White people so we don’t present a threat when they unleash the next wave of Jewy NWO BS on this country.

Our country has been long stolen from the American people. The next step of the agenda is to turn us into a Jewish Marxist state. At some point, it will be too obvious even for the braindead, so this is why they must take away our guns.

Oh, wait, you still think all this business is conspiracy nonsense, right?

–Phillip Marlowe

*The Jews now have a show on HBO called “The Newsroom” where they use old news facts in a new fictional show — as if they figured out everything right while it was really happening. Clever. This portrays the news people (producers, etc.) being so omniscient, wise, full of love, drama, etc. while holding lefty, marxist views on all the crap Jews have long been pushing down America’s throat (like immigration). Jews are expert at this kind of mass media brainwashing.

I’ve friggin’ GD had it with these stinking Jews!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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495 Responses to James Holmes: Hellboy Spawned By Jew Media

  1. MJ says:

    ‘Tell me the guy wasn’t a sick, demonic freak?’

    More like 2 or 3 ‘guys.’

  2. Bob says:

    “As long as the Jews control the media, we’ll always see this kind of thing happening.”

    As long as kikejews have an infinite line of credit, this kind of thing will happen!

    RESIST !!!

  3. Bailey says:

    I would say,–> LOL !

    But there’s nothing funny about this or any other jew op.



    Holmes was another partial jew with arrogance but he still had mostly attractive white features. His kind are bred to be tools for zionists to kill arabs and get white people to kill those arabs too. once you are done killing arabs then the jews turn on you.


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