Syrian Civil War Exposes NWO Jew Control

“The politician who betrays his country as a whole by pandering to a minority group because it appears to hold the balance of power is of all creatures the most pitiful.”

— Carleton Putnam  

OK, we all know what’s been going on here: The Zionist power structure in the West has been trying to destroy Syria’s Bashar al-Assad in preparation for the imminent war with Iran — Syria’s ally. The stinking International Jews will find a way to embroil the US in this war (because they have to have a ground invasion); just like they did getting us into war with Hitler’s Germany and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

The more I think about what these Jews get away with anymore, the more furious I get.

Just think of all the pain and suffering brought on by the Jews. Hell, just think about how much control they have of the Western media to brainwash and propagandize us so freely on a daily basis — without the least contrary reporting to the official line of Zionist bull. God, it’s so clear anymore.

If you still are under the impression the Jews don’t have control of the media, let me tell you right here and now you’re one giant blithering idiot. The real stuff going down in Syria is quite obviously getting censored in the US media — a media owned and controlled by Zionist, NWO Jewry.

These are the same SOBs out to destroy the White race and Christianity!

Look, I’m definitely not some kind of yogurt-eating hippie type. Get that one straight right now, pal. Sure, I might have smoked a big fat joint or two when younger and trying to hit on some hot hippy chick, but I’m really just some suburban joe nowadays.

Now let’s touch on me showing a shot of Mitt Romney at the “wailing wall” above, kissing serious Jew ass.

Does that say I like the skinny mulatto Obama? No, it doesn’t, even though Jew-brainwashed idiots will say it does. How about Obama announcing on Saturday, the very same weekend as Romney’s trip, that he would give Israel 70 billion more for the Iron Dome missile project to protect the sacred Jews?

In THIS VIDEO, Obama makes a defininte point to say it’s 70 billion the US is shelling out to Israel, not 70 million (at 1:09 in the video) as the media tells us. Since one single battery of missiles alone costs 50 million dollars, we know something’s not right here. Millions or billions: Think of all the Americans out of work and suffering. But hey, bozos, it’s your money.

GD cheeky after Israel was only recently caught red-handed selling 69 US “Super” Patriot Missiles to Red China. Missiles Israel was almost certainly getting 100% free to begin with. Pretty damn good profit margin, I’d say. And just think about the Chinese taking our stuff — sold by the money-grubbing, perfidious Jews — reverse engineering the technology and possibly putting our soldiers and sailors in danger down the road.

There’s not one damn bit of difference between the candidates when it comes to Israel. Just like Obama, Romney is a big Jew whore, too. Ever think there’s another way of looking at things? Try this on for size: The politicians have to kiss Jew ass or they get nowhere. All these DC politicians have been bought and paid for by International Jewry, just by the media allowing them to exist in the public mind, if nothing else. No doubt anymore.

Let me state for the record: I like Mormons. The few Mormons I’ve ever met were fine, upstanding people. That’s not to say I agree with them on theology matters at all. In fact, I think the origins of Mormonism to be extremely bizarre, even cult-like (but I like the idea of having multiple wives, LOL).

Also, Mormonism goes along with Talmudic, Khazar Jewry as being the “Chosen people” etc. Hardcore Zionist, Orthodox Jewry appreciates the deal.

But have you noticed how the media paints Mormons as crazy, wear strange underwear and have multiple wives, etc.? That’s because the lefty, secular Jews in the media think Mormons are pretty much all White people. And they get away with it too, because they are Jews and White people are fair game. Get it?

Far too few Christians realize the Jew want to create a New World Order with them telling us what to do with the Noahide Laws — laws which will eradicate and outlaw belief in Jesus Christ on threat of imprisonment and execution for “worshipping false idols.” Just go to that embedded link and watch the video — if the censoring Youtube leaves it up long enough.

Have you noticed how the media tells you “all of America is behind Israel,” blah, blah, blah; just like it’s a given, huh? I don’t think so, Schmos. They don’t tell you otherwise because they don’t want any of us regular people to know there’s others in America against Israel and what they do in the Mideast. These Zio media whores have some GD nerve, alright.

Lizzie Phelan addressing the web of lies and bullshit spun by the mainstream media in the west as well as by a number of Arab broadcasters, such as Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.

And this leads me right back to the business with Syria.

Hell, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the Zionist power structure controlling the West wants to take out Syria’s Assad. These people are playing a big chess game in the Mideast, leveling the playing field for Zionist expansionism and the impending attack on Iran. And using the USA like a bitch to do so.

Oh wait, Saudi Arabia is supporting the rebels. Sure, the pampered princes really care about the little people. Right. Same BS going on with Kuwait and Dubai. So how come we never see anything on the “Arab Spring” from these places? Because they are in bed with International Jewry, that’s why.

When some rioters in Bahrain were injured demonstrating for “Arab Spring” democracy, the doctors fixing them up were sentenced to 15 years in prison. So how come that never got reported in the US media? Because the power structure in these particular “Muslim” countries are protected by the International Jew media. Always has been.

Now the lies about Syria in the Jewish-controlled mainstream press are getting exposed all over. Did you know that the so-called infamous Houla massacre was really committed by NATO-backed opposition forces? Remember how the US media went on and on for days, showing you photos of dead civilians wrapped up in white sheets and blaming it on Assad’s forces? Total BS.

Hell, these hypocrites want you to support the Syrian opposition and still get all bunged up about so-called Al-Qaeda operatives fighting in the rebel ranks. Same kind of paranoia was milked about Egypt and Libya by major league Jew ass kissers like Glenn Beck and the Jew “pundits” all over US media. God, turn on the TV and you can see these freaks spouting the Zionist line all the time.

How about all the military support Russia has been giving Assad? Sure, they reported on Russian assault helicopters and the vote in the UN, but precious little else. They don’t want the American public to get all worried about a war with Russia and China, due to mideast gambits of these Zionists in control of America.

People like Hillary Clinton, Barry Obama and Mitt Romney know better to say one damn thing about any of this hypocrisy. They wouldn’t have even gotten near where they all are today if they ever said something about the real deal. The Jew media would have destroyed them long ago.

Hell, Hillary and Bill are like the biggest whores on the planet. Notice how the media acts like Hillary is so great as the Secretary of State. The woman has been doing her utmost for Globalist Jewry and Bill has always been a big multicult hero figure — a glad-handing slut puppy who openly celebrates turning the White race into a minority. 

These bought and paid for whores do demonic Jewry’s bidding both on the home front and internationally.

Sure, it would be much easier just to go with the flow and hate who the Jew media wants you to hate. But I’m the INCOG MAN and can’t stand the BS.

Truth has a funny way of finally reaching the light. The dark forces of Zionist, Khazar Jewry knows this and are furiously working behind the scenes towards censorship and a real life police state — just like they once did to Christian Russia, Eastern Europe and tried to get away with in Germany and Spain.

And it doesn’t matter one whit whether you’re a big religious type or not. These people have been planning and carefully executing their devious agenda for many decades now, most likely since the end of the 19th century or maybe even before. Turning our lands into multicult hell holes and keeping us White people racially confused is obviously a long-running stratagem meant to destroy the possibility of White resistance to Jewish global governance.

I don’t know about you, but this old coon dog is not going along with the deal. I’ll do my utmost to awaken my fellow White Americans while preparing myself for the final showdown. If need be and my right to free speech is stolen, I’ll take my act on the road and resist with hostile force these demonic NWO Jews.

The real question is: Will you rally to the flag and join with fellow Whites to put a stop to these agents of Satan?

Thank you.

–Phillip Marlowe


The stinking, filthy Jews think they own us.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. DTTJ says:

    I’m guessing that somewhere along the way someone informed Carlin that fully half of the top 100 billionaire$ in the Jew-SA are, you guessed it, JEWS!

    So if they’re 2% of the Jew-S pop. then that makes them overrepresented as (the top) billionaires to the tune of 2,500% with a top 100 mega-bucks multiplier of 1,000%.

    Surely this is some kind of bizarre coincidence…of maybe they really do love money and the power and influence money can buy. DOH!

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Carlin was and died, a KIKE.

    Let it go goy!

    Let it go..

  3. DTTJ says:

    You’re lying about Carlin and presenting no evidence of his Jewishness. He was and died Irish-American.

    Stop it. You’re mauling your own credibility.

    I can, however, show you plenty of evidence that the Holey Babble’s New Testament was mostly (pretty much all) written by the Hellenistic (Greek) jew Saul of Tarsus. Also known as “Saint Paul”. A Liar Saint.

    And remember how kosher Wikipedia is. So you know this shyt is true.

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:



    The name?

    The fact that the lump of shit was indulged?

    Never funny? Ever?


    Never mentioned the kike?

    Ha ha

    Or perhaps

    what d’you think?

  5. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    i’m so bored i wish you DEAD.

    And yer hook nosed ma and da!

  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    sorry chap.




  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Carlin is/was a kike!

    Surprise to ye?

    More on the way!!

  8. DanAgainstJewWorldOrder says:

    Romney looks like the president in Superman 2 who kneels before Zod…But hey, like Alex Jones says, “half this country is Zombies”.

    There’s no refuting that!

  9. Jo Jackson says:

    “The I.R.A had more guts than you Americans will ever have.”

    A third of the IRA were English born cowardly scum sponsored with Irish/American/Jewish and even Libyan money – COWARDS fucking money!!! Instead of hitting the establishment in the teeth where they needed it, they were PAID by the hidden hand of the schmucks within the British establishment to do their dirty work for them.
    They supported and STILL support Mugabe, Mandela and black South Africa – CUNTS!

  10. mike says:

    cannibal no problem guy its ok I get mad and shite too were cool ok?

  11. mike says:

    Dttj its a hard thing to worship any non european for me so I will not do it at all but many of our brothers need there man made god so I’m not talking about it anymore

    Cannibal rabbi he’s ok he just has a nasty kind of humor

  12. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Oh shit, their reporting that the guy who shot up th sikhs was a veteran with white supramacist tatoos. I guess were back to being public enemy #1 on the lone-wolf terrorist watch list.

    Sog your stuff about the mystery shots during the first gulf war is real. When FDA finally inspected the labs (bioport in Michigan I think) they shut that shit down to get a new contractor. Some contracts should never go to the lowest bidder, especially without proper testing. We WERE the test phase.

  13. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I thoroughly disapprove of yids and yiddery, to be frank, they make me know the meaning of ennui!

    Laughing at them is good.

    @Jo Jackson


  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The laughs?

    Not many, but here are some!

  15. Bailey says:

    Sweet Susan !!

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Ahh she’s a nice girl!

  17. Bailey says:

    Some info on the Temple shooter,

    “Page served at Fort Bliss, Texas, in the psychological operations unit in 1994, and was last stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., attached to the psychological operations unit. He was an E4 psychological operations specialist, but was never deployed. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct award, the National Defense Service Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal and Parachutist Badge

    All of that and this guy was dicharged “under honorable conditions ” ?

  18. Bailey says:

    sog says, ———>”how is a shooting at a sihk temple a domestic terrorism ,,it looks more like domestic cleansing…”

    LOL, Look out though, The liars are making Page out to be a “White Supremisist” .
    Judging by his military career i’d say he was a victim of a jewish mind fuck.

    Cannibal. Keep Susan around, she’s easy to look at .

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    I think so.

  20. bob says:

    George Washington’s
    Masonic Apron

    Washington’s Apron
    Presented By Bro. Lafayette
    Click on a Number above to take you to the explanation below
    When the young Marquis de Lafayette came to America at the age of 20 and joined George Washington’s army for the Battle of Brandywine in 1777, the American cause had become his cause.

    The affection each man held for the other is legend. So too is the legacy of Masonic history developed through that affection, The Lafayette Apron, of white satin and embroidered by Madame Lafayette, was presented to Bro. Washington by Bro. Lafayette in August of 1784. The apron was presented to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania by the Washington Benevolent Society on July 3, 1829 and is now on display in the Grand Lodge Museum at the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. It is a study in symbolism. For example, the apron border colors of red, white and blue are the national colors of both the United States and France. Symbols are silent emblems having meaning only when interpreted. Given the unique character of the interpretation process, it can be understood that no symbol has absolute meaning.

    In preparing the following, the late Bro. Frank W. Bobb, Grand Lodge librarian and curator, has used those meanings most widely accepted by Masonic scholars in interpreting the symbolism of the Washington Apron.

    1. RED symbolizes courage, zeal, the blood of life, and fire. It is the color of Royal Arch Masonry. Return to print

    2. WHITE has throughout the ages represented purity and innocence. Return to print

    3. BLUE has been esteemed since antiquity as a beneficent color, denoting immortality, eternity, chastity and fidelity. It is the color of Symbolic Masonry, “the Blue Lodge.” Return to print

    4. ALL-SEEING EYE, a symbol of watchfulness and of the Supreme Being. Return to print

    5. RAYS or Glory, symbolic of the power of the Supreme Being to penetrate the innermost reaches of the human heart. Return to print

    6. RAINBOW is sometimes associated with the Royal Arch. It is also part of the architectural arch, being the 9th arch under Solomon’s Temple. It is supported by two Pillars (see No.8). Another interpretation calls it the Arch of Heaven supported by pillars (Job 26:11). The pillars which support the arch are emblematical of Wisdom and Strength. Return to print

    7. MOON, one of the Lesser Lights in Freemasonry. The Moon governs and rules the night. Return to print

    8. PILLARS OF ENOCH. Enoch, fearing that the principles of the arts and sciences might be lost, erected two pillars. the one of marble to withstand fire, the other of brass to resist water. On each he engraved that which he feared would be lost. The Globes are symbols of Unity and Peace and Plenty. (See also No.37) Return to print

    9. PILLARS B. and J. were within the porch of King Solomon’s Temple. Boaz the name of the left pillar means “in strength”; the right pillar, Jachin, means “God will establish” (see also No.38). The globe on the left pillar represents earth; that on the right, heaven. These brazen pillars with their globes are today the columns of the Senior and Junior Wardens. Return to print

    10. DOVE in early Masonry is a symbol of Noah’s messenger. In ancient symbolism, the dove represented purity and innocence. Return to print

    11. FORTY-SEVENTH PROBLEM OF EUCLID’S first book of geometry. It is said that when Pythagoras solved the problem he exclaimed, “Eureka!,” which signifies “I have found it.” It is, however, not a problem, but a theorem. It has been adopted as the symbol on the Past Master Mason’s Jewel in Pennsylvania (The Ahiman Rezon, Art. XVI, Sec, 3 & 4). Return to print

    12. HOPE is sometimes shown as a female with an anchor, also as an anchor near the ark. ANCHOR, an emblem of a well-grounded hope and a well-spent life. With hope, an Anchor holds the soul both sure and steadfast. Return to print

    13. PLUMB, the proper Masonic Jewel of the Junior Warden, admonishes us to walk uprightly before God and man. It is one of the working tools of operative Masons, used to try perpendiculars. Return to print

    14. JACOB’S LADDER without a clouded canopy or star-decked heaven, which he saw in a vision ascending from earth to heaven. The three principal rounds are denominated FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY. Return to print

    15. SQUARE WITHIN BOUNDS is a symbol formed by four stonemason’s squares of equal arms superimposed one on the other to form a central square. This symbol has not been found in American or English books of Masonic symbolism and therefore may well be of French origin. There has been no interpretation found for it to date. Return to print

    16. LIGHTS or BURNING TAPERS, like the three principal Lodge officers, refer undoubtedly to the three stations of the sun: its rising in the East (Worshipful Master), its meridian in the South (Junior Warden), and its setting in the West (Senior Warden). (See also Nos. 30 & 31) Return to print

    17. TROWEL, a working tool of the operative mason, is used symbolically for spreading the cement of Brotherly love and affection. Return to print

    18. FIVE-POINTED STAR represents the five points of fellowship. Within the star is the letter “G,” a well-known symbol of Freemasonry representing both God and geometry. Return to print

    19. MOSAIC PAVEMENT, a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple. The Masonic Pavement is emblematical of human life, checked with good and evil. Return to print

    20. STEPS are usually three in number. The six steps are said to represent degrees Washington received. Return to print

    21. HOLY BIBLE, the great light of Freemasonry. Return to print

    22. COFFIN has always symbolized death. It is found on tracing boards of the 18th century and, in that time, constituted a part of the esoteric symbolism. Return to print

    23. SKULL AND CROSS-BONES are symbols of mortality and death and are so used in French degrees. Return to print

    24. SPRIG OF ACACIA. The acacia tree is supposedly the shittah wood of the Old Testament. The name is sometimes spelled Cassia. It has long been used as a symbol of immortality. Return to print

    25. SQUARE is the proper Masonic Jewel of the Master of the Lodge. It is one of the Great Lights in Freemasonry. It is the stonemason’s square of two equal arms. Return to print

    26. COMPASSES, the proper Masonic emblem of the Craft, and one of the Great Lights in Freemasonry. Return to print

    27. BRICK WALL appears to represent the place in the Lodge occupied by the Altar. The Holy Bible, Square, and Compasses rest upon it, as do the three Lesser Lights. It composes nine rows of bricks, one upon the other. To give the symbolic meaning of the wall would be mere speculation. Return to print

    28. ARK is emblematical of that Divine Ark which safely carries us over this tempest-tossed life. It is often shown with the Anchor. Return to print

    29. SETTING MAUL, in operative Masonry, is used for setting stones, that is, tapping them to a firm seat in the mortar or urging them sidewise into place. It is considered by some to be a symbol of untimely death. Return to print

    30. (See No.16) Return to print

    31. (See No.16) Return to print

    32. TREASURER of the Lodge wearing the Apron of his office and holding the emblem of his office, Crossed Keys. Return to print

    33. TWENTY-FOUR INCH GAUGE symbolizes the twenty-four hours of day divided into three equal parts devoted to God, usual vocations, and rest. Return to print

    34. SWORD POINTING TO A NAKED HEART demonstrates that justice will sooner or later overtake us; and that although our thoughts, words and actions may be hidden from the eyes of man, they are not hidden from the All-Seeing Eye. Return to print

    35. TASSEL consists of a cord with tassels on the ends. It alludes to the Care of Providence which surrounds and keeps us within its protection while we govern our lives by the four cardinal virtues: temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice. The tassel may also represent the Mystic Tie, that sacred bond which unites men of diverse opinions into one band of Brothers. Return to print

    36. LEVEL, the proper Masonic Jewel of the Senior Warden, symbolizes equality and reminds us that we are traveling upon the level of time, It is one of the working tools of an operative mason. Return to print

    37. (See No.8) Return to print

    38. (See No.9) Return to print

    39. SUN, one of the Lesser Lights, As a source of light, it reminds the Mason of that intellectual light of which he is in constant search. Return to print

    40. SEVEN SIX-POINTED STARS. The number SEVEN represents the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences: Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy. The SIX-POINTED STAR symbolizes Divine Providence, the star of David or Shield of David. It comprises two interlaced triangles, which have a number of Masonic interpretations. Return to print

    41. LETTERS used symbolically in the Mark Master Mason’s degree, Chapter of Royal Arch Mason. Return to print

    42. BEEHIVE is the emblem of industry. It teaches us that as we came into this world rational and intelligent beings, so we should ever be industrious ones. Return to print

    43. APRON. The Masonic Apron, which derives from the working apron of the stonemason, is in itself a symbol. It is an emblem of innocence, and the badge of a Freemason. Return to print

  21. bob says:

    Carlin was born in Manhattan, the second son of Mary (Beary), a secretary, and Patrick Carlin, a national advertising manager for the New York Sun. Carlin was of Irish descent and was raised a Roman Catholic.
    He grew up on West 121st Street, in a neighborhood of Manhattan which he later said, in a stand-up routine, he and his friends called “White Harlem”, because that sounded a lot tougher than its real name of Morningside Heights. He was raised by his mother, who left his father when Carlin was two months old. He attended Corpus Christi School, a Roman Catholic parish school of the Corpus Christi Church, in Morningside Heights. After three semesters, at the age of 15, Carlin involuntarily left Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx and briefly attended Bishop Dubois High School in Harlem. Carlin had a difficult relationship with his mother and often ran away from home. He later joined the United and was trained as a radar technician. He was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana.
    During this time he began working as a disc jockey at radio station KJOE, in the nearby city of Shreveport. He did not complete his Air Force enlistment. Labeled an “unproductive airman” by his superiors, Carlin was discharged on July 29, 1957. During his time in the Air Force he was court marshaled three times, and also received many disciplinary punishments.

  22. Hoff says:

    David Irving = Stupid in the head:

    David Irving, a Radical’s Diary: July 29, 2012: An Ancient-Brit’s mono-ethnic view as Blacks take over our banks

    Just show me one nigger that even can spell BANK.

    What a joke …

  23. mike says:

    bob the builder go tell obama you want your slogan back! Yes we can!!! No thanks barry keep the change

  24. summerled says:

    when the devil want’s to score a point he tells the truth

  25. summerled says:

    “Israeli spies have done more harm and have damaged the United States more than the intelligence agents of all other countries on earth combined… They are the gravest threat to our national security.” — Admiral Bobby Inman, Former Deputy Director of the CIA

  26. mike says:

    dudes we are considered some strange evil racists by the pc brainwashed world, I’m sure you all know that but there is times where you start talking to brainwashed idiots around as if you were talking to your friends at icogman and people are so dumbfounded it makes you feel like you are on another fucking planet altogether. I’m sure you have all had those kinds of encounters

  27. mike says:

    Summerled badass post I like it. We need more military people to join the fight against judeofascists criminals

  28. sog says:

    lol bailey that the 90,000 subhuman march in the stadium appeared to be a dark cloud on our freedoms …i think it was really an international rabinnical drug king pin meeting….oy vayyy dhozzs zslikk judenskis …
    i am having to rethink my stance on sihks a little bit only because they are indian and non muslim but anyfukkinway its just another obama lone nut theory ,and this illegal fart sack potus should know about lone nuts bettern anyone since his people create them for their deception and crypto kike stealth programs …..
    may all stealth and crypto jews die a horrible agonizing death ,,hell that i would even toast a 40 ounce to ..heeel yeeah

  29. sog says:

    george carlin was a funny guy and if he was a jew no jews are claiming him at all as one of theirs ..he is just another atheist and part time nihilist with a sense of humor ….he said the christains gave god sunday off and the jews gave god saturday off and the muslims gave god friday off so god has a 3 day weekend ,,,and the trailor to that is dont pray on sunday its god s day off if you are a christian ,,,,i looked at him on the teeeeeveeee before he died weeks before he died and he looked dead to me and then he died ,,i guess i saw the curtain of death desecending towards him …..

  30. gator says:

    Get ya facts straight,ya pomme piece of protestant shit.

  31. bob says:

    YO ALL,

    “i saw the curtain of death desecending towards him”

    I have looked for life in MIKE & CO and found NONE. I found more of life in a TURD.

  32. Bailey says:

    sog says,

    “i am having to rethink my stance on sihks a little bit only because they are indian and non muslim but anyfukkinway its just another obama lone nut theory.”

    I say,

    It doesn’t fuckin’ matter, The sihks are only here because brings them here for cannon fodder, they are to die and the finger is to be pointed at us.
    American families lose their small business’ to global kike corporations competion and when those shops go empty our hands it to Indians and or Muslims to create friction between disenfanchised americans and the new successors, at our expense.

    I’d look for more of these type of incidents and look for the suspects all to be whites with an axe to grind.

    When you go in a shop run by Indians or Muslims they always say something like, “Hello Boss” and “Yes Sir”, That’s because they think americans are angry with them, i’m not.
    I’m angry at the Subversive jews who set thing up the way they are these days, they do the same thing with the niggers and spics only they don’t get formerly run white business’, if they have to work it would be racist so they just recieve the handouts. at our expense and the jew media always makes them believe WE don’t do enough for THEM or WE stold this land from THEM.

    The ones at the recieving end of the barrel should be the enablers, not the enabled.

  33. Bailey says:

    I aint sayin’ i would do that though..

  34. Jo Jackson says:

    Gator where’s your flag retard?
    Get over here and fight with your ‘heroes’ if you’re hard enough – they NEED you… LOL!

    London’s full of descendant white Irish trash like you on the dole with “loyalties” to a cowardly mob of Marxist nigger loving cunts called the IRA. They’re here because LIKE YOU they CAN’T fucking make it anywhere else least of all in the land of their roots.

    Ireland’s better off without dim witted parochial arse holes like you and your “IRA mates” but unfortunately that’s never going to happen now, as Dublin looks as bad as London with the recent influx of niggers and only has a fraction of London’s population.

  35. gator says:

    Come on ya pencil neck prick, get ya arse licking body and all ya pomme mates over here.I’ll be at the airport waiting for ya.
    You know nothing shit brain,about me or anything else,so go and suck on prince charles cock.
    You have done nothing with ya life have ya you little prick,except winge about ya pomme niggers.
    Im 60 years old cunt and I’ll rip ya fuckin head off.

  36. Jo Jackson says:

    Go shit you IGNORANT Ocker/pikey piece of shit and get back under the “gator” dung heap where you belong. You’re pathetic for a 60 year old white nigger LOL!

  37. Bob says:

    If I Was a Nigger

    If I was a Nigger…I could drive a Cadillac with class
    My pocket stuffed with welfare checks, and I could sit on my big black ass
    Now you take a Nigger, he ain’t nobody’s fool,
    He doesn’t buy any gasoline to drive his kids to school
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    Our government has gone crazy, I’d change things if I could
    If I was only a nigger, I could afford to live in a White neighborhood
    Oh the things that I could do, if I was Black and hell bent
    I could send my kids to college, and it wouldn’t cost me one damn cent
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    The wife and I were down on our luck, we were really getting uptight
    They said at the welfare office, you ain’t Black, you’re White
    Oh how I’ve tried to get a job, a diploma I had with pride
    The post office man laughed and said you’re not dark enough to even qualify
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    I took a civil service exam, and passed it without shame
    A Nigger took one next to me, and he couldn’t even write his own name
    The Nigger, he got the job, now he’s government top “brass”
    He couldn’t qualify for a trash truck; I’m out on the street on my ass
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    If I was a Jesse Jackson, I’d be nobody’s slob
    Wearing $500.00 dollar suits, that nigger hasn’t even got a job
    If I was Barack Hussein Obama, I could sit back and relax
    And if elected President, could paint the White House black
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    If I was a jig-a-boo, I could find me my roots
    With an afro big as a watermelon, and a pair of white disco boots
    If I was only dark complexioned, I could stand tall in this life
    I could eat high off the hog, just me and my White-assed wife
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    Things are supposed to be segregated, but things are a little off key
    I’ve never seen a White man, head…of the NAACP
    It ain’t that I don’t like a Nigger, if I’ve rubbed you wrong by chance
    Take a look at that mistletoe, hanging on the seat of my pants
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger.

    If I was a kinky top, I could be a Martin Luther King
    I’d have me a vision on a mountain top, my song the whole world would sing
    I could have me a Peace March, on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee
    I could tare up the whole damn city, and the police wouldn’t dare stop me
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger

    A lot of things in life I know, but one thing I can’t figure out
    Why a Nigger can call me a honkey, and I cant call a nigger a Nigger
    If I was a jungle bunny, I could ring a golden bell
    I could be a Mohammed Ali, and be loved by Howard Coozell
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger

    If I was a you-bangy, 7 foot tall and lean
    I could be a famous player, on the Washington basketball team
    If I was only chocolate brown, I could have me some turnip greens
    A possum fat and watermelon, chitlens and a pot of butter beans
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger!

    Now when Martin Luther King, was buried in Washington with class
    Face down in his coffin, so the politicians could kiss his ass
    I guess its just politics, and it sure gets my goat
    Kiss assin with a Nigger, just to get his vote
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger!

    If I was only a “birdhead”, I’d live high on the hill
    Selling cocaine and prostitutes, and poppin all kinds of pills
    Now take the NAACP, they can march and raise all kinds of hell
    Let the KKK start to move, and they’ll all wind up in jail
    Damn I wish I was a Nigger!

    I dreamed my life was over, I heard Saint Peter say
    Today we’re taken on the Niggers, you’ve gotta go the other way
    Then I heard the Devil, he said I heard what Peter had to say
    But I’m sorry to tell you son, today in hell…is Nigger Day.
    Damn don’t you wish you were a Nigger!

  38. mike says:

    bob if you were a nigger you come on incogman and post really long dumbass comments. Bob you probably are a nigger who else would say martin luther loved jews haha dumb motherfucker! You know you never said a word about it either when I posted “the jews and their lies” by martin luther. You just shut your damn face and never acknowledged that your a propagandist. Why don’t you address that?

  39. gator says:

    You just keep working ya guts out so all those Irish lads there can kick their heels up, Joo shit face Jackson.And don’t be such an ungreatful cunt,their WHITE ain;t they.
    Money for nothing and their kicks for free eh JACKASS.
    Wait till all those tall skinney African cunts start breeding there just like the Indians and Pakis are doing,than you can stew ya winging pomme head off shit brain.
    So you keep paying all that hard earn;t tax money to ya jew government so they can keep bring more in to look after.
    Because one day they will be spitting in your white face,and there’s jack shit you can do about it ya gutless prick.
    Now that union jack will be gone from the Aussie flag after the next referendum.
    Than ya can wrap ya jewish queen in it and shove it up your big fat arse,
    Crawl back under that big black AFRICAN turd where ya came from shit face.

  40. Jo Jackson says:

    You’re an abomination to WHITE Australia – an UTTER retard. BTW arsehole I have an Irish grand father and yes I’m Protestant a WASP for a better meaning of the word! Put that in your pipe and smoke it LMWPAO!!!!

  41. Bob says:


    Yeah, you feel that, baby?
    Yeah, I feel it too
    Damn, you know, I’m so glad we could spend this time together
    See, I’m not as crazy as you thought I was, am I?

    I’m the American dream, I’m the definition of white trash ballin’
    I’m right back on ’em with a
    I can’t call it, same shit, different toilet
    Oh, you got a nice ass, darling

    Can’t wait to get you into my Benz, take you for a spin
    Whatchu’ mean we ain’t fuckin’? You take me for a friend?
    Lemme tell you the whole story, of Shady’s origin
    You’ll be sorry if you slam my Mercedes door again

    Now, it all started with my father
    I must’ve got my pimpin’ genes from him, the way he left my momma
    I’m a rolling stone just like him, word of Johnny drama
    Keep my entourage with me, baby, I’m making a promise

    There ain’t nobody as bomb as me, I’m calm as the breeze
    I’m the bee’s knee’s, his legs, and his arms
    I’ma superstar, girl, I’m ready for you momma
    Why you think the only thing I got on is my pajamas?

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    I’m equivalent to a shot of Cuervo
    First I’ll kiss your navel, work my way down
    Baby, you can lay down on the table
    But you may wanna find something more stable
    I told you ain’t foolin’ from the gate, this ain’t the first day of April
    But thank you for staying, April

    I’mma make you learn to appreciate me, differentiate me
    From these phony, little fishy and sissy fake g’s
    Skip over the huggy bear and all the kissy face please
    Initiate phase 3, missy, now service me
    Take another shot of Jager, shake it so nervously

    Take your time, baby, oh, you’re the bomb, baby
    Oh, you’re doing that even better than your mom, lady
    I told you why I’m shady, you didn’t listen now, did you?
    Relax, woman, you know that I’m only kiddin’ with you
    Got a twisted sense of humor, it’s warped but I didn’t hit ya
    I think you’re finally starting to get the picture, I’m just

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    I’m dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
    I’m dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
    I can hold you in the morning but in the evening I gotta go
    ‘Cause I’m on to the next girl and the next girl I kinda like, oh, oh, oh

    I got you caught up in the raps, yeah
    Make you recap the feelings you had for your last boyfriend
    Before he slapped ya, you never wanted someone so bad
    Ya sweatin’ but if I’m what you wanted
    Why’d you panic when I grabbed ya?

    Girl, don’t be so frantic, I’m just a hopeless romantic
    Don’t try to fight the feeling of somethin’ that’s so organic
    You can’t ignore it so don’t just stand before it
    Just drop them panties to the floor, let’s get to camcordin’

    Damn, shawty, I told you this was bound to happen
    Soon as you wrote your number on the napkin
    I was bound to work a number on your back
    And throw your spine out of alignment
    My love has got you so blind that you
    Couldn’t pick Amy Winehouse out of a lineup

    So stop with the store pick up line ups
    Lets get the pineapple schnapps going
    No one will knock as long as I hang a sign up sayin’ ‘Don’t disturb’
    Shawty, I’m so superb, I say the right things
    Don’t I speak the dopest words?

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    I’m dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
    I’m dynamite, dynamite, dynamite
    I can hold you in the morning but in the evening I gotta go
    ‘Cause I’m on to the next girl and the next girl I kinda like, oh, oh, oh

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

    So bad, I’m so good, man, I’m so bad
    I guarantee I’ll be the greatest thing you ever had
    ‘Cause you ain’t never met nobody like me
    And you ain’t gonna wanna fuck nobody else again

  42. gator says:

    Your a poor excuse for a white person,ya MORON.
    Now fuck off, Joo Jackass Jackson.
    Who gives a shit what or who ya grand daddy is,ya little dip stick.

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