Are YOU The “Useful Idiot” Jews Love To See?

The above image was copied from: Tales of the HOLOHOAX COMICS

Just about sums up the lousy situation in a nutshell, now doesn’t it? Some folks might say this is nonsense, but I don’t think so. I’ve had White people say to me in all seriousness similar things as our little “Debbie” above.

Ever think White people’s good graces have been used to our detriment? Have you even considered the possibility that you’ve been purposefully manipulated? Of course, television and mass media has had, and does have to this day, an enormous impact on White people. Pay a little attention and you’ll see just how much TV is used to brainwash us into hating ourselves. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Don’t you get it? The Globalist, International Jews have capitalized on mass media to both profit from and destroy our identity, self-determination and racial cohesiveness. That’s right. The worst thing possible for these traitorous parasites is for us to come together and start comparing notes on them. The possibility must be kept from happening at all costs.

You simply must alert all those close to you by any means possible. The more people know now, the more people will understand tomorrow.


Let me give you a couple of examples of how much mass media affects people: Every time they come out with another floor cleaning device (i.e. those swifter type things) and run clever advertising showing how easy they are, my mother just has to buy it. She’s got a closet almost full of the damn things and only uses one she bought about 10 years ago.

Another example: For the last two years I’ve told her that her deck needs to be repainted with a protective stain (like BEHR), or the wood will start to dry rot. She pretty much ignored me (even though I’m the SOB who will do all the work), until just a couple weeks ago when “World News Tonight” with Dianne Sawyer did a report on decks collapsing — hurting drunk yuppies all across the country.

Sometimes, I think the world could go up in flames, aliens landing and zapping neighbors with ray guns in the streets and she wouldn’t believe me, or maybe even her own two eyes until she saw it reported on TV. I’m only resorting to a little hyperbole.

She truly believes shows like “The View” or “Oprah” are broadcast live, as in real, REAL time. I asked her if this was the case, then why do you see commercials for a particular show or guest just the day before, or even last week? For whatever reasons, it doesn’t seem to register in her brain that TV can’t time travel.

People don’t fully comprehend all these TV stars, even so-called regular people on “Reality” shows, always have a camera crew right in front of them, usually including a sound guy (I can tell when they don’t). The producer might be walking along just feet in front of them, calling the shots and telling the crew what to do next, while other production brainiacs are nearby observing and looking at scripts, or in the case of “reality” shows, outlines of where they want to take this supposed “reality.”

People can’t seem to understand that absolutely any media can be full of lies or half-truths. TV, movies, even books. Believe it or not, lots of people out there stupidly thinks if it’s in a book it all just has to be true — as if there’s some completely impartial committee overlording everything that can and cannot be printed. People laugh now about the Internet having tons of bull, but the real deal is that tons of bull have been dumped on the public by the “mainstream media” since God knows when.

Believe me, I’ve seen all of this from both sides of the fence. Hell, there’s more straight-up honesty on the Internet today than the mainstream ever did. Sure, there is definitely some serious disinfo psyops programs going on, too (and a few nuts, I will admit), but there’s lots of breakthrough stuff the real “powers that be” just hate seeing out there — especially on certain very Jewy subjects, like money creation, the holocaust and Middle East BS.

Although I can’t go into too much background, let me tell you that Jews have no problem printing total BULLSH*T to make a buck. If you question the matter, they’ll just look at you with a dull expression, their lifeless doll eyes betraying no emotion; probably, utter disdain for an honest Goyim having the nerve to state the obvious. It’s actually quite frightening to witness and borders on the satanic.

One thing you have to understand is that these Jews are all not working off the same page. Sure, the majority are liberal, commie creeps (most of them voted for Obama), who are all for immigration of non-Whites into our countries, PC enforcement and homos, etc., etc. These subversive Jews have some kind of burning desire to upset the apple cart so they get noticed, or have a reason to pat themselves on the back.

Add to that a healthy dose of holocaust paranoia and media savvy, and you got yourself one truly hellish race of Nation Wreckers (I capitalize that since they deserve the label so completely).

Now, I’ve had a few laughs with Jews in my time. Jews do have a sense of humor, no doubt. And they are fairly smart, but not as smart as they would have you believe. They are particularly prone to arrogance and find themselves blindsided at the last moment. They seem to enjoy victimhood, probably because it gives them mental relief from their never-ending daily living angst and existential issues they so love suffering (often imposed on the rest of us in the media).

Sure, I could sit here and laugh while watching a Woody Allen movie, or fry my noggin trying to read another bizarre, boring-as-hell Jewish intellectual novel and not spend all this much time about these freaks sucking up the bandwidth of humanity’s attention span.

But I’ve plain had it. I can’t sit idly by, as these giant-sized hypocrites get away with murder. Often-times, even literally.

Let me give you an obvious example of the BS hypocrisy going on today. You know how they make a big deal about Libya’s Khaddifi and Syria’s Assad being murderous dictators, killing their own people? And how the US is merely trying to help the “little guy,” spread democracy and all that jazz?

If that was the case, then how come we haven’t put a stop to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe? Just think about this wacked old Negro in his 80’s killing anyone who dares to run or even vote against him. Hell, the SOB put all his dead enemies in a hole, dug it up a few years later and had the astounding gall to accuse White people of doing it.

How about Israel arming and training terrorist groups in Iran? They bomb and kill people over there all the time. Oh, you think it’s perfectly fine for Israel to do whatever it wants to protect itself from the evil Ahmadinejhad, right? Ever think it’s possible that Iran has the same rights to protect itself from Israel?

Syria’s Assad is a big time ally of Iran. The Zionist Jews think they’ll have to go to war with Iran (more likely get the US to do it); so they want to knock him out first. Using proxy guerillas (what we would call terrorists), snipers, Western NGO-trained opposition and clever psyops, they’ve turned the country into a living hell hole for the common citizen by using terrorism and massacres which they can blame on Assad.

It’s all a big chess game by the Global Zionists, even if little people suffer unimaginable deaths and suffering. They don’t care.

Just think a minute why you don’t hear JACK about any of this? That’s because the people in the media and the real control forces of the Western world really don’t want too many Americans to know of this sheer hypocrisy.

These are the exact same forces behind globalization and immigration. They don’t care about White people, nor do they care about America all that much. Never have. Hell, these bastards do anything and everything they can to keep Whites stupid in the US, while they rob us blind and turn our land into a multicult piss pot.

Face the facts, White people: We’re being screwed like a bitch and not even kissed first.

[jwplayer config=”INCOG MAN VIDEOS” mediaid=”100273″]

How The Jews Undermine America.

A brief history of the Jewish infiltration of American government, media, and finance, and how they are eroding the nation from within. Continually deleted by Jewry — last deletion:


But it’s not just America, either. Canada, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, much of Europe, Scandanavia and Australia, too. Basically, every White country Jews live in (they prefer living in the West because they can blend in better).

Now scroll up and look at the guy with the “M” on his shirt on the right. Looks kind of Jewish, doesn’t he? Jews know how to play act like regular White people, while espousing the Jewish line, especially anything to do with the holocaust (often using the “I had a grandmother killed in Auschwitz” crap). The Jewish line of bull is the primary reason behind multicult PC brainwashing, even if it doesn’t make any sense — like the immigration of non-White Muslims into our lands (Whites present the biggest real danger to Jewry and the NWO).

Ask yourself: Is there any other people who change their names like the Jews? Why do they do that? Well, because it won’t be so noticiable they are Jewish, obviously enough. This race has a reputation preceding them for centuries.

Ask yourself: Why do the Jews end-up getting thrown out of every single country they’ve lived in? For multiple reasons — like greed, criminality, White slavery — not just because they have a weird religion. Whatever the case, people eventually get sick and tired of their asses — often resorting to violence to rid themselves of this plague. Jews seem to relish the anti-Semite victimhood business and actually use it to keep themselves cohesive as a race.

Now, couple all that with Jewish control of 21st century mass media and the Jew’s long-running obsession and manipulation of people’s psychology and innermost desires (including little Jewry). This race has literally taken the brainwashing of entire populations to staggering levels.

And it’s not just the White race at stake here. Millions of people in the Mideast suffer daily from the Zionist, racist Jews, who have victimized the Palestinians and Lebanese over the decades, as they work to create what they call “Eretz Israel,” a much greater area than it is now. Plus, they openly work back here at getting America to attack their enemies  — not ours.

These people are not really even the Israelites of the Bible they think and want you to think. These are the KHAZARS of southern Russia, who have brainwashed even themselves over the centuries into believing God has “chosen” them to “fix” the world, while Palestine and Jerusalem belong to them and only them.

This incredibly screwed up twist in history is almost beyond belief, but so true.

You simply must step back and look at the big picture of what is being done to our race. Merely turning on the TV for five minutes and you can see evidence for this. All of you reading here sees the White race guilt, worship of blacks and social change in the media on a routine basis. Everyday, never-ending, no matter how much us White people EVER do. It’s become sickenly obvious and so tiresome. So tiresome.

Let us come together to stop this Jewish destruction of the White race NOW. Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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435 Responses to Are YOU The “Useful Idiot” Jews Love To See?

  1. summerled says:

    Colleen Lachowicz is a Democratic candidate running for State Senate in Main reveals her true identity

    “So I’m a level 68 orc rogue girl. I stab things . . . a lot. Who would have thought that a peace-lovin’, social worker and democrat would enjoy that?!”

    “I can kill stuff without going to jail. There are some days when this is more necessary than others.”

    “I’m so jealous! I wish I wasn’t at work. I’d much rather be gaming with my guildies!”

  2. Greg says:

    Yeah, silvernickel,

    Thats a common sight. Putting a White man in the faded distance is even more offensive than having no White man in the pic at all, kind of.

    The dirty bastards make it look so nice and innocent.

    I saw a pic for an ad the other day that had a White man paired with a negress and a White girl paired with a negro all standing in the same pic together.

    How anyone could not see a problem and agenda here is beyond me.

  3. Greg says:

    How about some black on White crime?

    Oppressed man of color kills 3 Whites.

    Teens or youths hit and kill White family (including 10 month old) in Alabama while innocently fleeing from the rasis police

    2 of Obama’s sons charged for murder of White couple…shot on MLK street. I guess the communist African American’s dream is coming true.

    I’m sure Obama’s sons will still get to vote for the re-installment of their father come November.

    Moment of silence for the oppressed African Americans please.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    1.1 Trillion in annual deficit. Can you believe that? That’s 1.1 trillion spent more than what you take in. Who’s doing this math? Never mind I know. Hyperinflation is being imposed on Iran now. Life savings evaporate just to buy a loaf of bread. Don’t worry Americans. It will be here soon also. All in the protocols. We were warned, and we warned you. But you were too smart to listen.

  5. Bailey says:

    @ PRT,

    That’s why i no longer hear from my friends, they’re all too smart.

    I’m stupid now and i’m an anti-semetic racist , God help them !

  6. Fr. John+ says:

    I’m curious if you folks think this is true, and/or would care to rebut it.

    Because, one of the things that I DO find some measure of being impressed with Chancellor Hitler, was his removing Germany from the Jews’ clutches, when it came to fractional reserve banking. When I see a man whose face looks somewhat ‘of the tribe’ and whose credentials include the von Mises institute- even IF Gary North is the initial person talking about this (Gary has long had a blind spot to the things his father-in-law, RJ Rushdoony knew and spoke of)- I begin to wonder.


  7. Vexed. says:

    How To Kill Goyim And Influence People — Torat Ha’melech

    Uploaded by mblumenthal on Aug 27, 2010

    Max Blumenthal the ginger jew himself uploaded this video.

  8. ernie says:

    A couple of interjections
    I note that the BBC and the MSM in general are running with a story about a tragedy of a child who went missing in Greece twenty years ago!
    Does this mean that they are now concerned for the welfare of white children?
    Whilst child minding , the two children 5 & 9 were watching one of their favorite program ‘iCarly’.satalite children
    In my opinion it came pretty close to grooming . An adult afro in the sketch sidled up to what presumed was meant to be adolescent iCarly and coaxed the child into the type of dancing one would expect at a meth dosed disco .

    3:The tv was on midday Sunday …not watching but had an ear cocked. the female presenting was winding the thread up and was, in my opinion, asked to ad-lib.
    She did, but I could sense she had was going too far the way her voice tailed off.
    What I think happened… she mentioned that the money (Dan geld for the summer rioters),’ had gone to the wrong charities! So what! I thought initially , then I remembered that Ka-moron had said he was going to raid the dormant accounts, Most of this dosh the last of real wealth earned by working class folk.
    To add insult to genuine injury ‘curly locks’ has got involved … remember the Toxteth riots? Fifteen thousand pounds a head was dished out. Result zilch -Still hate our fucking guts.
    Correction Five Hundred Million and counting

  9. sog says:

    Indeed, it was to fulfill his dream of becoming an |architect| that Hitler went to Vienna at the beginning of the century.
    i think this could be a mandatory read as well as the one below debunking all kike bullshit forever and so is

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