The Holocaust: What Really Happened?


By James Miller @ Immigration, Globalization, Political Correctness and the attack on the Western world.

Over the past 20 years I have read – with a very open mind – roughly 40 books on the Holocaust. So just what exactly was the Holocaust? What happened during that period?

During World War II, Germany rounded up millions of civilians (both Jews and non-Jews) who could be potential saboteurs, belligerents, spies, messengers of the enemy, subversives, etc. Germany put them in camps whilst the war was going on. At the end of the war, Germany planned to move them elsewhere (assuming Germany had won WWII). With regard to the Jews, Hitler had considered moving them to Madagascar (yes, you read that correctly, Madagascar). With that said, and despite what Jewish dominated Hollywood has been peddling for the past several decades, there was never, I repeat never a plan to kill the Jews of Europe. Hitler’s “Final Solution” was a plan to relocate Jews out of Europe – it was not a plan to “exterminate” them. This distinction cannot be emphasized enough.

As it turned out, the vast majority of such potential subversives were, in fact, Jews. Why? Because Jews were overwhelmingly leftist, Communist, Marxist, etc and thus many were naturally sympathetic to the USSR. For these reasons, Jews couldn’t be trusted. Hence they were put in secured camps along with anyone, of any religion/creed/ethnicity/race/nationality, who may potentially engage in subversive activities. Homosexuals were put in not because they were homosexual but rather because homosexuals are almost universally, politically speaking, leftist. Thus homosexuals were put in the camps because of their subversive politics, not because of their sexuality.

Incidentally, the USA did the exact same thing with the Japanese and to a lesser extent German and Italian-Americans. FDR put them in camps because they couldn’t be trusted during the war (the U.S. was of course fighting against Japan, Germany, and Italy). Further, the practice of rounding up potential belligerents and holding them in camps is extremely common during war – you will find this to be true when studying the history of warfare: from the ancient Greeks, ancient Chinese – you name it – rounding up potential belligerents has always been a common practice during war, all throughout recorded history.

So what about all these Jews who allegedly died in and around the camps? Well, the majority who died did so in the final months of the war (perhaps 600,000 at most). In late 1944 and early 1945, the Allies were bombing Germany into the stone age. Roads, bridges, rail lines, etc were destroyed and hence Germany could no longer supply the various internment camps with food and medicine. The result? A lot of people died of disease and starvation both in the camps and all throughout Germany, including huge numbers of German civilians.

Regarding the gas chambers… yes, there were indeed gas chambers but they were used to disinfect the prisoners (and their clothes) as a measure to prevent typhus from spreading. Zyklon-B was the chemical used for this purpose; it was the standard disinfectant chemical used in Europe at that time. Jews have manipulated this and claim, “the Nazis gassed 6 million Jews to death.” Absolute nonsense. There is no evidence of this, none. What tourists are shown at Auschwitz is easily refuted. For example, the lone “gas chamber” at Auschwitz I (i.e., Auschwitz Camp 1; there is also an Auschwitz II, called Auschwitz-Birkenau, 3 km away) was built/modified by the Soviets after the war for propaganda purposes; the Polish government has acknowledged this (Auschwitz is in Poland, not Germany).  Regarding Auschwitz-Birkenau’s (i.e., Auschwitz II’s) so-called “homicidal gas chambers,” I refer you to this excellent critical analysis:


So what was life in the camps really like? In short, the camps were run in an orderly and humane manner. They met all International Red Cross standards for POW camps (they were regularly inspected by the Red Cross). The German-run camps were very similar to the American camps for Japanese-Americans, German-Americans, and Italian-Americans (e.g., Manzanar in California for Japanese-Americans).

Are there Holocaust survivors who speak honestly about their experience? Yes. In 1994 Steven Spielberg created the Shoah Foundation. This project involved interviewing some 52,000 Holocaust survivors and recording their testimonies. Hundreds if not thousands of survivors gave honest assessments of their treatment in the camps, indicating it was humane. As evidenced by countless detailed Jewish survivor testimonies, recreational and cultural activities were available to the Jewish inmates: sports, art classes, musical performance, plays, etc. In 1998, Spielberg produced a “documentary” film called The Last Days which highlights five Jewish survivor testimonies from his Shoah Foundation archives. But of course Spielberg didn’t choose any honest testimonies to highlight because they would undermine the “horror story” he wanted to implant in the public psyche. Researcher Eric Hunt visited the Shoah Foundation archives at Stanford University and copied numerous honest survivor testimonies. Here is a small sample:


One may wonder how is it that most Americans don’t know about this? Easy. Americans are incredibly ignorant and gullible with regard to historical subjects. Americans are too busy watching sitcoms and sports to be bothered with studying history. Any “history” they do “learn” generally comes from TV and Hollywood movies. And these mediums are fully Jewish controlled (more on this below)… i.e., Jews make sure the truth about the Holocaust doesn’t get out. Some may watch The History Channel and/or The Military Channel and think they’re getting the truth about WWII, Hitler, and the Holocaust. But both of these cable channels are Jewish edited and provide extremely misleading and outright false accounts of such subjects. Hence, ignorant and misled Americans are easily manipulated into believing almost anything. To give you an example of just how ignorant Americans are: UCLA recently conducted a nationwide survey of 25 – 40 year old Americans. A staggering 56% could not name even a single Allied nation of World War II.

Anyway, let’s move onto another aspect of the Holocaust. Regarding the Eastern Front, it is indeed true that many Jews were killed there. After Germany invaded the USSR in June 1941, they encountered, in addition to the Soviet troops, tens of thousands of partisan fighters, mostly Jewish. In response to this, Germany expanded the Einsatzgruppen which was then tasked with finding these partisans and capturing or killing them. Thus, these were not “innocent Jews” in the context of war, they were Soviet supporters (i.e., partisans) engaging in guerrilla warfare against the German troops.

That’s what happened. That’s the truth about the Holocaust.

But Jews have grossly exaggerated the Jewish death toll (they claim 6 million) and turned the Holocaust (as they call it) into a marketing tool – selling to the public “Jewish victimhood” which garners world Jewry tremendous sympathy. Any Psychologist will tell you that people who are viewed as “victims” tend to get away with more than others. The Holocaust is essentially a psychological weapon which targets the Western World. In particular, it is implicitly used as an excuse for Jews to commit horrendous crimes against the Palestinians and also engage in warmongering against many Muslim countries.

Here we see this technique in action. The Prime minister of Israel pushing for war with Iran in order to, “prevent another Holocaust:”

How do Jews get away with perpetuating this lie? They control Western mainstream media – this is their main weapon. What people see on TV and in films – and read in popular publications – contributes 95% to how they perceive matters of politics and history. On extremely rare occasion, a story exposing Jewish lies will “slip through the cracks” and be shown on mainstream media, as we see in the following. Incidentally, the editor at Good Morning America who allowed this piece to air was fired the next day:

There are thousands of researchers who have published hundreds of books and technical papers on the Holocaust. For those wanting to explore this topic, you may want to read:

Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour by Carolyn Yeager

Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations by Carlo Mattogno

Treblinka: Extermination Camp or Transit Camp? by Carlo Mattogno and Jurgen Graf

A Brief History of Forensic Examinations of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf

Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the “Gas Chambers” of Auschwitz by Germar Rudolf

More Academic Books On The Holocaust:
The Barnes Review Books

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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374 Responses to The Holocaust: What Really Happened?

  1. Ronaldo says:

    Yes I am so sick unto death of jewish lies. I have zero tolerence for such crap. I have lost more friends over my beliefs concerning WW2 than anything else.
    My beliefs are based on research and common sense, theirs were created for them by television and movies.
    You can see how we clashed.

  2. “The Holocaust may be the biggest single tool that the Jews have used to rob, roust and ruin “goy-dumb”, but it is also the biggest single weapon truth seekers have to use against the Jews.

    The orthodox version of the Jewish Holocaust is a provable distortion, war time propaganda and the more that people become educated about THIS FACT, the deeper it will dig the Jewish grave. The Jewish reputation will try to survive it, but their credibility simply CANNOT, . . . It’s GONE!”

    The Holocaust Is a Jewish Big Lie:
    Holocaust Revisionism in One Easy Lesson
    History & Scriptural Origin of the Six Million Number

    – John “Birdman” Bryant

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    The Ideological Nature of the NSDAP

    Guest: 30.06 talks about the ideological nature of the NSDAP’s 25-Point program on this 80-year-anniversary , he also talked about the events and mentality in the Weimar Republic and the devastation, hyper inflation and the Jewish influence.

  4. t bone says:


    I like your comics. You should post more if you have any extree.

  5. Johan Karlsson says:

    “The Final Solution of the Jewish Question” was used by zionist jews long before WWII and long before WWI. Even super-zionist Theodor Herzl used the term.

    The complete diaries of Theodor Herzl, Volume 3:
    “…Grand Duke of Baden, who has consented to become the exalted sponsor of my humble request for an audience with Your Imperial Majesty, that I owe my permission to submit the Zionist plan for the final solution of the Jewish Question…”

    More references and quotes in english:

  6. Only one thing you missed: The Japanese were interned so that Jews could steal their property, not because they were subversive.

    Japanese properties were put into various ‘trusteeships’ and then sold to Jews for knock down prices…I believe the US government offered Japanese citizens one way tickets to Japan after the war in some cases from the ‘proceeds of the sale’.

    You will find nary a word of this on the ‘internet’ that great forum for the grass roots people, but will be able to read some of the story in the book ‘Supermob’ by Gus Russo…It will require some digging, however, as the book is like an encyclopedia.

  7. Cinia says:

    Please tell me you dont REALLY believe the BS that you wrote in this article!!!
    The “Holocaust” was a horrific period in humanity which must never be forgoten AS IT HAPPENED!!! No matter how gruesome it may seem, it happened just like Eisenhower recorded it! He did this because he believed then that “some idiot down the road would try to deny its existence”!!!

    How long will it take for you to try to convince ppl that 911 never happened????
    Just admit that no matter how insulting it is to ppl, races, religións, etc horrific things happen which should have never happen in the first place!!!

  8. zionien says:

    It isn’t possible to be a member of the Synogogue of Satan, World DECIEVER, and have a conscience – That would just get in the way! FACT -The j-ws ARE Originally from Babylon! The New Testament at Rev 17:14 states that Babylon IS the Synogogue of Satan, Babylon MUST fall, and CHRISTians are GOD’s chosen!ALL j-ws are at LEAST 30th cousins to each other. ALL j-ws ARE Zionists!They couldn’t corrupt Jesus – so they arranged his MURDER! They broke GOD’s covenant = Golden Calf worshipping = Mammon = $$$ worshipping, considering & worshipping THEMSELVES as (g-d; is how they spell GOD), “GOD” complexion, inbreeding, & exile has resulted in a Sociopathetic, Insecure, Paranoid race of disobedient, self entitled, SPOILED, “elitists” basTURDized children of a welfare “state” of $3.8 BN USD a yr.! They WONT abide by the IAEA and will NO DOUBT be the destructors of the World!!! They DENY Jesus GENTILE = BAPTIZED CHRISTian, (Not a j-w)(Judaism is a Bankrupt “religion” with NO Priests, NO Prophets, NO Messiah, and NO time NOT a nationality simply because you may have been born there! – j-ws NEVER get Baptized) They deny Jesus was the Messiah! At chpt. Gittin 57a of their Evil Babylonian t@lmud it states Jesus is in hell boiling in his own feces! At chpt. Sanhedrin 54b, 55b – SEX w/ 3 yr olds is allowed, marriage of 9 yr olds is allowed, and Goys (Gentiles) can be lied, deceived, subverted, cheated, stolen from, and “indirectly” murdered! If EVIL Anti – CHRISTian Satanic t@lmuDICK nosed deceptive j-ws don’t get their EVIL biased ways – The Whole World WILL Pay! Even their mossad’s motto is ” By ways of DECEPTION – THOU shall do war, as in false flagging FOOLS to die killing their enemies! Check Out (((REALJEWNEWS)))!

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Cinea.
    Can you explain wtc building #7 to me please? Or the dancing celebrating isralis? 911 happened. No doubt about that. To me it’s just a question of who was behind it, who knew in advance and could have prevented it, and who purposely DID NOT prevent it. Of course we know who benefited. jews and the advancement of the jew world order. Kind of like the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor to bring America into jew war 2 a while back. Who knew? Who wanted America in the war? Who benefited? The answer is jews for those still scratching your heads.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    On this day, in an early-morning sneak attack, Japanese warplanes bomb the U.S. naval base at Oahu Island’s Pearl Harbor—and the United States enters World War II.

    President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Cordell Hull knew a Japanese attack was imminent. Having received intelligence reports of intercepted coded messages from Tokyo to the Japanese ambassador in the United States, the president anticipated Japanese reprisals for his government’s refusal to reverse economic sanctions and embargoes against Japan

    Knowing that an attack was imminent—How such a carrier group made it that far and pulled this off sounds a little suspicious (treasonous?) to me. I think the American people were lied to by the highest levels of zog again. No. Our government wouldn’t LIE to us would it? It wouldn’t read our emails and listen to our phone calls either.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Who won? Who lost? Who profited handsomely? The outcome? jewnited nations (jew world order) and then the nation of israel. the tremendous waste of lives, property. and natural and human resources and achievement. The jews and their father satan smiled. with jews you lose.

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