Violent Blacks Now Killing White People AT WILL


As I sit down here tonight typing out my latest “hateful” screed, word comes out of Brunswick, Georgia, that two black teen punks where nabbed for shooting to death a defenseless little 13 month-old White toddler in a baby stroller. They had demanded money from the mother or else they would kill her child. When the woman truthfully told them she had nothing, the black bastards went ahead and fired a bullet into the babe’s face — right in front of the mother.

Nothing surprises or shocks me anymore when it comes to this absolutely, totally worthless GD race.

I’m certain there are occasional visitors to my site from White liberal multicults. I got this to say to them: You’re dumber than an iron wedge. I can just see you sitting there right now — you lily-livered brainwashed fool. It truly amazes me how you people can possibly call me “ignorant and uneducated” for simply realizing the truth about this murderous race and having the guts to call a “spade a spade.”

If the races were reversed, or even if the perps had been White, it would have been all over the news. As it is, scant mention was made (certainly because the crime was so horrid, they had to say something). But don’t expect all the highly paid reporters, producers, video crews and satellite trucks from the national networks to show up and report anything else. As usual, the perps will merely be described as “youths” and they’ll go on to cover the least White crime — hopefully, for them, one that can be labeled as the doings of a evil “White supremacist.” Read on for even more terrible crimes.

This baby killing is not some random aberrant act from this mindless, violent race. No way. Yesterday, as I was going through my now massive HD directory titled “Violence against Whites,” I saw this one folder I hadn’t filed away yet (unsure of what form of crime — home invasion? spree killing? or just pure evil?). The folder was for downloaded images and dated February 9, so it had to be the day I first read the story. The crime actually happened back in October of last year — nearly 4 months had elapsed before I stumbled across it.


In Denver, Colorado, three worthless, criminal blacks needed a little spending money. So they picked out a local pub called “Feros” to rob. Inside enjoying themselves and having no idea of their fate, were four Whites and a locally popular, middle-aged Asian woman who owned the place.

Six year-old Adiele, and four year-old Marley.

Six year-old Adiele, and four year-old Marley killed by a murderous black home intruder.

Even before entering the front door, the blacks had already planned to eliminate any and all witnesses (haven’t these animals ever heard of ski masks?). Holding them at gunpoint, they proceeded to stab, slash and slit the throats of the hapless patrons and owner. The take? A measly $170. That’s $34 dollars for each life ended forever (photos above). Of course, being Negroes, they tried burning the place down to hide evidence. This is now a hallmark of black perps.

In December, just before Christmas of last year, came this heartbreaking story out of Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Anna Marie Galbraith came home at 8:11 pm to discover the dead bodies of her two little girls: Adiele six, and little Marley, only four years-old (left). The responding police soon found the murdered body of her 40 year-old husband Bobby in another room.

Just imagine the utter fear of those two little girls to find themselves at the mercy of a literal monster loose inside their home. In all probability, the father was killed first before the vile black SOB turned his bloody attention to them.

No matter what the age, these murderous animals will kill you dead.

Riakos Lizana

Riakos Lizana. The SOB black bastard stabbed the little girls to death.

In this case, the black killer, 19 year-old Riakos Lizana, spared a newborn in a crib, most likely because he figured the child was too young to pick him out of a line-up.

I sure as hell hope you liberal White people like rap “music” and basketball all so much that it’s worth this kind of pure evil done to our race.

Elderly White women fall victim to this violent race all the time. They break into their homes, carjack them in shopping center parking lots, sometimes get assaulted in old folk’s homes and hospitals by black nurses and staff. They get raped, beaten, stabbed, strangled, shot and even burned alive.

Indeed, the elderly are often “hate raped” before being killed. This kind of thing happens practically every day now. How often do you hear of a White person raping and murdering an elderly black woman? Never. If it happened, I can guarantee you would see tons of national news reports, where the media hypocrites would act all shocked and angered. You know it, too.

One old case I wrote about last year had a black monster taking three frail old White ladies out into the woods, just so he could practice his “Kung Fu” death blows. The vicious black sadist actually kidnapped the elderly women to use as living, breathing punching bags — beating each to a bloody pulp, killing them one at a time. Imagine that scene.

Marcus Royal greedily leans forward to get the maximum he can from a stolen ATM card in Cocoa, Florida. Only minutes before this photo was taken, the animal broke into a home and beat to death an 80 year-old White woman, Faye Jones — probably to get the pin number out of her, but maybe also out of pure black spite as well. Imagine this happening to your own mother? I learned much later the ugly black gorilla also beat to death an elderly White man that same day. These are filthy animals!


It’s not just America, mind you. In Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, South Africa and all countries where blacks live in close enough proximity to Whites.

Did you notice how the media made a big deal about that double-amputee guy in South Africa killing his wife? They had no problems with that story because they were both White. But what about all the White Afrikaners now being killed by blacks on a daily basis in that country?

Steenkamp Marthella 14On Easter Sunday last year, 15 year-old Don Steenkamp came home to find his mother and father slain, probably by a White-hating black gang. His beautiful younger sister, 14 year-old Marthella (right) was still barely alive, but as he cradled her bloody body, she died in his arms.

Folks, this is the nature of these “people.” They have absolutely no moral compunctions or empathy for others, whatsoever. Given half the chance, they would kill you dead — even if it’s with a damn knife from your own kitchen.

And sure, most of the time it’s for money, cars, raping you (man, woman or child) and sometimes even torture. In the end, what difference does it make? Your entire existence means nothing to them but a few minutes of exciting, demonic pleasure or fast cash. Getting busted is not a real big fear for them. Incarceration usually means little work, relatively decent grub and a fairly hassle-free lifestyle. In the words of Charley Manson: “There’s plenty of sex in prison.”

Jamie Foxx yuks it up about getting to kill lots of White people on SNL.

Jamie Foxx yuks it up on SNL about getting to kill lots of White people.

Because of the Zionist Jew control of media, blacks have been conditioned to hate White people and want to get even for perceived injustices. All this has been instilled in blacks over the last generations by a Jewry intent on turning the White race into a minority for their ambitions of Global governance.

When Jamie Foxx went on the Jew show, Saturday Night Live, he joked in his monologue about getting to kill lots of White people in the movie “Django Unchained” (directed by noted White-hater Quentin Tarantino and produced by the Jewish Weinstein brothers). No one said a word in the media.

This anti-White media just expects us to laugh when it comes to these “people” wanting to kill us freely, or else they’ll call us “racists.” The pure hypocrisy brought on by Globalist Jewry and YIDiot multicults is astounding anymore. Par for the course, the profit-hungry, Jesus-hating Hollywood Jews released the White-killing film on Christmas day.

I don’t write all these things because blacks look different or smell funny. I write this because they are insanely murderous animals, now killing us Whites all the time.

Actually, my so-called racism is well-justified. You think for one minute I would bother doing up my site just because I hate the spoiled brats for sucking up the good graces of us White people? No, it’s hellava lot worse than that and us Whites had better wake the flock up and smell the coffee.

I say it’s long past the time that us White people start standing up and saying enough is enough.

Will you have the guts to tell it like it is?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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234 Responses to Violent Blacks Now Killing White People AT WILL

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  2. classydiva says:

    Suffer you white ass thieves, you’re the biggest killers, liers, crooks, can’t be trusted money hungry ass wipes in the world. eat shit

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  5. John Holmes says:

    Fucking niggars in Jackson Mississippi are needing to be exterminated. You Yankee fuckers ask why we are so racist, come to Mississippi and live around these stupid ass niggers in Jackson and you will start thinking differently about racism!

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      john holmes. you wish. The middle engine that could. come to Mississippi and learn about niggers. Howabout this? Come to the dc pand dc postal service or the Richmond p@dc postal distribution center. I’m going to let you know the black people in Richmond were better tan the niggers in dc. And not all black people are bad, I worked alongside so many I would kill and die for them and trust them with my life also. Watched a fux news intervieiw taped dvrd las night Alan West and a Levin. I would vote for this West Colonel any day. Don’t call me a racist anymore I don’t judge a person on their skin color … on and on. Run Colonel Run but I don’t live in Florida. But I have lived there before. The erection holder want’s to run for president. Colonel West you cannot possibly let that happen to this country. Even your own black people will be destroyed by the nation wreckers. After they are done paying him and using him and making him rich. And Charles Payne as vice president. At least these men have some sense.

  6. KKKelly says:

    Ignorant fkn niggers still bitch when hung with a new rope. so them young nigger males must be dealt with accordingly. FKN SHOOT EM!!!

  7. browndog says:

    Don’t worry Gringos, we Latinos (aka “Beaners”) hate the damn negritos too! Yes, I am second generation Latino born in this great country (damn anchor baby), and I am a also veteran (retired First Sergeant, U.S. Army 1988-2008) and I fully understand the misery caused by blacks. My family appreciates the White American tax payers who supported us when we got here, and my family is glad to pay our fare-share of taxes. There are way too many illegals who are just filthy parasites on the American Tax Payer and make all of us look like criminals. Anyway I will still vote for Donald TRUMP to clean up this Great Nation.

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  9. vern blanston says:

    Black Lives DO NOT MATTER. If a shebon rapes and loots and has 17 illegimitate primates from 17 baby mommas….what value is that to a taxpaying citizen?
    What kind of country worships a transsexual first man and a 300 pound transexual nose guard baboon pretending to be a woman tennis player?
    Cops need to step up their game and KILL these primate thugs.

  10. Mike673 says:

    Screw these nigger lovin’ Jews and all the worthless niggers on this planet. I say, let’s go back to SEGREGATION! When i grew up in the late 50’s and 60’s, life was grand without these SHIBOOMS running everything into the ground.I’m all for open season on these Yard apes! Kill them all and let God sort them out!!

  11. Lizzy says:

    If it is easy to kill all the natives, and blacks are complaining…either they enjoy this land and get with the program or bus them back to Africa. Why if we were so easily able to rid of natives why Do we PUT UP WITH BLACKS WHO RAPE, STeal and kill. THEY BRAIN WASH US WITH ALL THE RACIST CLAIMS. IAM BLACK SO LET ME DO WHAT I WANT THEY ARE SAYING. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AMERICA.-

  12. fuc you says:

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  13. georgemartinez says:

    Dam the government is brainwashing whites every other race but whites should know we targeted but the blacks that do dum shit are the blacks that do dum shit dam diversions dam people wake up first then u will see

  14. marisa may says:

    Nice site. I never considered myself a white supremacist but anymore I have to be a realist. After following D.L.. Hughley on facebook I’ve noticed every day there’s new posts inciting anti-white hate. And it’s making me sick. The latest was an article of a 15 year old black teen boy who was shot by anold white man. I don’t fully know the story since the news is bias. But what upset me was the number of black Negroes calling for revenge. Not only against the old man (which would be somewhat understandable) but the old man’s children or grandchildren. Or white children. On a social media site they’re calling for the murders of innocent children. I reported them but the posts are still there.

  15. Shane Beldin says:

    This site is great. Tell it how it is.
    I read above, a post where someone mentioned what will happen to them when all the government assistance programs put in place fall apart when whites are the minority. Really made me think. Its already happening, many whites are intelligent enough to see the direction our world is headed in and abstain from having children or have just one child, as I did. I fear for the future my daughter will have to face. These blacks are breading like mice so they can get more government assistance because they don’t want to work for a living. Their parents don’t care what their kids do as long as the welfare checks keep rolling in. They’re uneducated and violent. They can’t even speak English correctly. I mean, what would happen if their assistance got cut off today? Half the blacks in this country would be murdering and thieving to survive in a matter of hours.

  16. Mike Harden says:

    The true story of “Hen” Jones:
    In 1898 in the harper’s Crossroads community of Chatham County , NC, a young white wife was walking home with her share of pork from helping a neighbor clean hogs. She met a local black no-account named Henry Jones who raped her and killed her so he could get the pork. When the locals easily ascertained who committed the crime, they went to his home where his wife “sang” and showed where he had hid the pork under the bed, lamenting all the while about how he “was a mean old nigga, who beat [her] all the time”. The tree still stands where Hen was appropriately strung up. The most significant part of this story is that every swinging nigger left that area, which was nigger free until the liberal 1960’s. Lesson learned? Too obvious! The comment Clint Eastwood made about millennials should have been made about whites in America and Europe as a whole!

  17. Sam Voorhees says:

    niggers need death

  18. kin says:

    hate to say this but white seem to have turned into craven cowardly punks, if you live or work in a black violent area, carry a weapon with you, a ice pick , sharp knife, a gun its better to be tried by 12 than carried by six, men must keep in shape that they can fight or flee but weakness is a sin. I read and seen in movies how the jews let the nazi s kick their ass and did not fight back, so now we have kids being punched by some little nigger and not fighting back its sickening and as long as that continues I have no hope for the white race, and looks\ at Europe allowing moslems and blacks to invade and call it an invitation, its their fucking cowardly way of being invaded and not defending themselves or their woman, very sickening, hate seeing it but europe is done with and America is next, keep letting the black football players spitting on the whole white race taking a knee to our flag, fuck all of them they stink and anyone who watchs them is a asshole.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    there are only about 2 reasons I would listen to what a nigger or a general said. The nigger would have to be Charlie that was his real name or col west. Not all niggers are stupid. just 85 percent of them. Colonels and Generals tour this headquarters and axe me if I am the only carpenter. Charlie is the only ac and air conditioner guy from the army. Glen is the Seabee from the navy electricion. And let me introduce you to oly from Michigan he starts and maintains diesel generators he’s from the Air Force providing you electricity. We call him power Pro in the Air Force. The colonels and generals axe me if that’s it? That’s my forward headquarters? We’re the best engineeres you got.

  20. The Truth says:

    Why do niggers stink? Because they smell just like shit does.

  21. My life is dedicated to training for the coming civil war. When it does hit…I will kill every nigger in my path.

  22. Tom says:

    Pretty Radical: Inside Poland’s Far Right

  23. John Quincy Hardy says:

    Here’s a good example of the liberal response to jiggaboo thugs-they call ’em “teens” and “kids”.

  24. John Q Hardy says:

    Here’s another video of why we need to keep the left out of office in November. Be sure to look at the other videos highlighted in the story, which will pop up in separate windows.

  25. John Q Hardy says:

    Even that good Christian restaurant franchise is getting infected with jiggabooery. But hey, this was in Warshingdumb Dee Cee, so what can ya expect!

  26. That Would Bring The Crime Rate Down Completely says:

    How do you stop a nigger from causing crime? Just gauge their eyes out which that will solve the problem completely.

  27. John Q Hardy says:

    This will happen here as well. Just look at the close races in Georgia and Florida, these past midterms.
    What to do? Keep yer powder dry!

  28. John Q Hardy says:

    Here’s one of the latest. Or a recent tip o’ the old iceberg!

    If you haven’t done any violence to a nigger lately, have you AT LEAST!! spread some nice rusty 7/8″ roofing nails along the roads in yer favorite nigger neighborhood!!?

  29. Daniel says:

    WAY PAST THE TIME FOR CIVIL WAR/RACE WAR….. The stew has been boiling for a while now! They should allow this and the survival of the fittest if you will. After all, we whites have been, still is, and always will be the far minorities of this world compared to just blacks/brown negroes never mind all non-whites put together…GEEEEZ.


    Niggers need a lesson taught about respecting their lot in life and their white men/women who save their race, future, life…. tired of the race bait finger pointing hatred from these black ungrateful species of cursed souls!

    • Daniel says:

      Forgot to Add that the Antifa wiggers and their butt puckered and lubed liberal butt buddies in meth/crack dealing and using addictions in love with big negroes with low wearing dirty skid marked shit stained ragged jeans bouncing the alien nebro jive. YEA, those white black wannabe black negro punks go defeated with their master negro dudes who can’t soldier worth a shit

  30. John Qunicy Hardy says:
    This shows what is needed in confronting niggers: flame throwers, “Specialized military ammo” from Doug Haig (if you were able to get any before he had to close down), and sharp hand held hatchets or push daggers (which have an intimidating effect on any half sober nigger crowd) are just a few of “my favorite things in encountering the brave nigger Zulu warrior (or the lion (simba)as they like to call themselves) when they don’t have the stones to go mano y mano with you!

  31. John Q Hardy says:

    Here’s how our brethren in Thailand take care of left wingers. Imagine the guy with the chair being one of the poor souls who ran away from the mob this past August in Chapel hill and the “strange fruit” being the C**k sucker whit the sandy hair who was stomping “Silent Sam” my my! it’s like savouring good crisp high octane corn squeezings!!!

  32. John Q Hardy says:

    And another thing: here are some candidates for the hemp rope ala Bangkok! I emailed the Cal-lie-fornian chancellor of UNC (Folt) yesterday reaming her the proverbial new one about removing the pedestal for Silent Sam. I also told her to advise the PHD history candidate sheboon who led this brave liberal clusterf**k to “grow eyes in the back of her head and to learn to sleep with one eye open with the pair she has been naturally endowed with”!

  33. John Q Hardy says:

    A bit of discomfort with the last post. Writing the words “PHD history candidate sheboon” made me think of some of the thinnest books ever written-“Niggers I’ve met while yachting”, “Niggers I’ve met at Country and Bluegrass Concerts”, and “Nigger PHD candidates”. But I guess anything is possible in this abominable, upturned world we live in! If the puppeteer Henson can create an urbane swine named “Miss Piggy” from your garden variety sh*t eating hog, I guess the white Pelosi’s of this world can take a fetid steaming pile of black/brown feces and dub it an “articulate black person”!

  34. John Q Hardy says:

    Here’s a good article on the Silent Sam statue destruction. Most importantly, it includes the names and ages of ALL the liberal perpetrators involved. An internet trip to should reveal addresses of many of them. Doing a White pages search for the entire US should reveal addresses and numbers for out of state perpetrators.

    The libs are always yammering about needing “conversation”. Making inquiries at White should help the interested reader of this post to engage in “conversation”, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning/ Oh dark thirty!!

  35. Steve says:

    Here’s yet another confirmed murder of Caucasian idiots by some black moron with a tiny black dick out of Temple, Texas. The link is down below. The media in Texas has tried really hard to conceal the race of the “ex-boyfriend” and her “daughter” of this black baby dick. The Caucasian ex-girlfriend moved in with her simp, pushover white boy “platonic friend” and got his dumbass killed too. Now there’s a search party going on by a bunch of Caucasian morons who don’t have the BALLS to hang this fuckin’ black baby dick. Bunch of dumb SCHMUCKS. Just call these brainwashed fools what the Jew pricks call them behind their backs:) Enjoy the article:

  36. Steve says:

    Here’s a Youtube video clip of members of the Asian community (students and people who just want to be productive, happy human beings) reporting getting attacked by black baby dick assholes at a school in Philadelphia, PA. Seriously, people need to start shooting their tiny black dicks off followed by 2 to the back of the head and they need to start doing this in public view. P.S. Take note of the baby-dick Jew prick who tries to explain the violence away. Hey, schmuck, how bout we send the black assholes to rape and kill your Jew wife son and / or daughter??? PUTZ:)

  37. John Q Hardy says:

    This is one of the Whitepages data on one of the three main perps in Silent Sam statue toppling. For those of you with a doxing yen, you’ll find this and my next two Whitepages searches on the other two main perps Entertaining. ALSO!!!, if you go places where you fill out contact forms for goods or services of the junk mail persuasion, you may find keeping these names and addresses in yer hip pocket good fun. EG, I’m sure the Jehova’s witnesses would like to hear from them and bug them for their time and money!

  38. John Q Hardy says:

    ….and the third and final main perp. Most of the others who show up as arrested in the WRAL link I posted earlier today can be found on Whitepages. They all appear to live in NC. Enjoy and yer welcome ye merry doxxers!!!!!

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