Anthony Weiner Running for Mayor of New York City


The slimy lounge lizard goes for it!

Now comes word Anthony Weiner is running for mayor of Jew York city and knowing today’s JEWMERIKA, they just might put the creep in office! The perv tried to lie his way out of sending photos of his little chubby to young women a couple of years ago, even stupidly posting a rude photo of himself on a public twitter feed. He finally had to tearfully quit his elected position in congress when he became an utter laughing stock across the Internet. But Weiner boy was such an obnoxious little punk, everyone seemed happy to see him gone, at least secretly, anyway.

Let me state what should be the obvious: NO ONE BUT A JEW would ever have the nerve of this guy. Arrogant Jews like Weiner feel free to run for mayor, no matter what. They basically own NYC as it is. Any Goy would be lambasted as a big joke up and down the Jew controlled media, even if he hinted at running after what he did.


Zio scumbag living in Germany, Michael Friedman, had the gall to be seen gloating at the trial of John Demjanjuk, the frail old man International Jewry hounded into the grave because they claimed he was once a Nazi camp guard. The never-ending Jewish Witch hunt was enough to make any decent person sick!

It also happens in other Zionist Jew-controlled countries, like the scumbag TV personality and Zionist in Germany, Michael Freidman (right), busted for doing coke and underaged White Ukrainian girls, tricked into the life of prostitution by the predominately Jew Red Mafiya. Friedman was only slapped on the wrist with a modest fine by the German court (probably a Jew judge).

Look at Eliot Spitzer, for crying out loud. The guy gets caught paying prostitutes and the media Jews give him his own TV news show on CNN right off the bat. You also see him as a talking head everywhere else now too. This is the same SOB who actually wanted to give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. Spitzer had a real thing for this one Jew whore named Ashley Dupre (real Jew name: Youmans), spending around eighty grand with her and other high-priced sluts while “serving” as New York’s attorney general and governor.

And do you remember the French socialist and big time Israel-firster, Dominique Strauss-Kahn? That globalist Zio pig walked away free as a bird from a rape charge in a Jew York city, even though the victim was poor little black hotel maid — only thing is, black and woman victimhood doesn’t count one GD bit if it comes down to precious Jews!

WEINER PANTLESS SILOAnother big time Jew honcho, Jewish World Congress president, billionaire and bud to famous holohoaxer Eli Wiesel, Alexander Mashkevitch, was busted in Turkey for running a big party yacht filled with underaged whores for his vacationing rich globalist pals. Not a word was breathed by the US media, even though they would have gone practically apoplectic if it was some rich catholic guy.

These filthy Jews are not only huge scumbags, but absolutely the most nepotistic race on the planet. You know how they always accuse us White guys of having an “old boy’s network,” keeping the brother man down? Well, the only real backroom network ever allowed to operate with impunity has always been JEWISH!

You can see this happen in the media all the time. Jew “talent” skips from one network to another. Goes for management, too. Why? Because they are all on the same GD team, that’s why.

Like Jeff Zucker’s ridiculous tenure as CEO and president of NBC. He’s the guy behind the huge brouhaha over scheduling and contracts between late night hosts Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno — considered “one of the biggest debacles in television history.” After putting NBC in the ratings toilet for years, the totally incompetent Zucker had no problems sliding on over to become president of CNN Worldwide.

These Nation-Wrecking Jews are all over the media, just check out my JEW MEDIA page (a little out of date). Although Jewry constantly tries to say it’s nothing but conspiracy BS, Jewry is definitely in control of the mainstream media in our countries.

Why do you think we have so much open PC brainwashing, geopolitical lies and mideast wars all the time?

Another thing these stinking Jews are good for, is slapping each other on the back every five minutes. They give out awards and positive write-ups to fellow Jews every chance they get. That’s why you always hear the Jews telling everyone they are so smart, talented and great, because they suck on their own BS all the time.

The Jew scene is literally the planet’s biggest circle jerk!

Another big thing is that Jewry just can’t bring themselves to criticize other Jews, or quietly tell complete skanks like Anthony Weiner boy not to run for office. That and the fact most Goyim are too intimidated by PC to say a word or get called Nazi. This is why Jewry keeps getting more obnoxious and more corrupt by the day until the rest of us get so sick of them we start marching in the streets wearing the same color shirts and jackboots. We’re getting to that point now.

CT  TALK-AJ-EMANUEL-TIME-MAGAZI.jpgHell, NYC has been under control for years by the manufactured Jew billionaire and biggest Nanny Stater Jew ever, Michael Bloomberg. And Chicago was turned over to Zio rat boy and Obama butt buddy, Rahm Emanuel (left). Emanuel served in Israel’s army while our guys were fighting the first Gulf war. One of his brothers is a big New Ager doctor creep heavily involved in creating Obongo care, while the other is a hot shot Hollywood agent, getting rich off Jew control of the movie industry.

The blacks in ChiCONGO are now shooting each other left and right in the streets (no matter how tough the gun control laws), but none of the media hypocrites have the guts to point out the Negro’s real propensity for violence and crime, only that good guy Emanuel is getting oh-so-tough and working his poor little Jew tushie off, trying to stop something no one can — should guns or just sharp objects be available to the groids.


Folks, you may think I’m a big Nazi racist man, etc., but what’s going on today in America is truly because of the Ashkanazi Khazar Jew. Every single country this bunch has ever lived, eventually gets sick and tired of them for some reason and kicks their squirrely little asses out. Then we have to listen to them whine about it till the next time.

Now we got the stinking Jews all over our government and in our faces on TV, running the script behind the cameras, while our White lands are being turned into third world hell holes.

You need to realize all this and start telling those around you. If you think about it a bit, you’ll see that we’re never going to get to the masses through the mainstream media. What, are you kidding me? Matter of fact, the time we have on the Internet may be limited. Each of you has a very, very important job to do.

And you won’t be the only one. People all over are now getting it about the lousy Jew. Stories like Weiner boy can only help us out in the long run. Trust me: I’ve studied this “Jewish Question” for years. Yes, indeed it’s true. Wished it wasn’t. That’s why I’m calling on you people out there to join in the rapidly increasing efforts to expose them every chance you get.

You won’t only be saving America and the White race, but goodness and truth as well. I know that sounds all high-minded and crap, but I truly believe it. You will too, once you learn all the BS these stinking Jews are behind!


— Phillip Marlowe


JEW FOREHEADS IIIAlthough not as prevalent as it once was (thanks to stolen White genetics in the last couple of generations), Ashkanazi Khazar Jews often have noticeably sloped foreheads, in addition to the hooked nose. This has lead to legitimate speculation, including recent mitochondrial DNA discoveries, showing Ashkanazi “Jews” (not African Semites nor the Israelites of the Bible) have remnant Neanderthal DNA. This seems possible since the Ashkanazi originated in the Caucasus area of southern Russia — thought by many as the last stronghold of the vanished Neanderthals!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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134 Responses to Anthony Weiner Running for Mayor of New York City

  1. t bone says:

    Thx Cleansweep.

    @Frank F.

    Agreed. I’m sure there are a few more I missed. The jew has had 2000+ years to convolute things.

  2. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    @Pat. I have scalp dance and read it. Such a good book and hard look at reality. That’s what it was. any questions? Good book and I second that for anybody else. And NO I am not here to be oprah winfrey to promote books based on sales commissions. I’m not here for any reason other than to save the world from jews and satan as I said before. And to learn stuff from others.

  3. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    And the dr. Pierce video is long and hard hitting but truthful. And to prove I watched and listened I will tell you I read the pilot Ruddels autobiography too. It is titled “how I came to hate niggers and jews so I became a pilot so I could shoot them” . It did not make the bestseller list in jew York city of course they had to change the title to “how I love niggers and jews and all the good things they do for me” in order to get it sold. The book actually lost 500 pages and only has the title cover and back jew endorsements now.

  4. Karen says:

    One last comment. I sympathize with you who live among junglebunnies. Hubby and I lived a few years in Detroit and it was hell. Several years ago we managed to move to a small White town and well, no words can describe how great it is. The biggest threat here is sinking into happy complacency. If you can do it, get out and find a White community.

  5. Sam says:

    Speaking of Neanderthal crosses I saved some pages on just such info. VERY interesting. The first link is still there the second is gone so I’m using the Wayback archive.

    The next link is a real honey. Eric Hufschmid’s site about 911. I’m not exactly sure Hufschmid is on the up and up. He has info that Apollo was faked on the same page as 911. So maybe he’s just another point of confusion. At the same time he has some very good info on his site. The page I’m linking has lots of Neanderthal hybrid pics. At the top is a index to many more.

    This is not necessarily widely known but there’s even more hominids. These are melon heads. You could say boards were used to shape their heads but you’d be wrong. Their cranial volume is very large. King Tut was a melon head.
    Malta and Egypt and the elongated skulls and the “Serpent Priests”
    More melon heads in the Americas

    One thing odd about the melon heads is archeologist won’t touch them. If they really are different then it would be the find of a century. Hmm maybe the “we’re all the same” theme would be broken hence no one wants to be the lightning rod for these weird skulls and no I don’t believe they’re aliens. Have you noticed many of the big alien “discover” projects are run by Jews. Aliens=propaganda.

  6. Screw Israhell the rogue terrorist "State" says:

    My 2 Cents…

    Wow, what Kind of Jew is this Bastard!? An Ashkenazi Scumbag, lying too long in the Oven, äähm, i mean Sun?

    He’s one disgusting Specimen, that’s for sure. A Look in his Eyes is enough…

    Deport that Goldnigger to Israhell where he belongs…

  7. MJ says:

    ‘Another big thing is that Jewry just can’t bring themselves to criticize other Jews’

    I do, and they are giving me an early grave.
    Im might use that Weiner poster here. Yeah, of course I’ll credito you

  8. t bone says:

    “If Zimmerman walks, Ima kill da White man.”-Sub-Saharan negroes, everywhere.

  9. Ojr says:

    I’m from jew york and left .
    I don’t give a flying rats ass and I hope they do elect him they deserve it And I hope he bankrupts it

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was born in jew york and the doctor smacked my ass and said you really fucked up kid what the fuck are you doing here? I said can I at least get a gasp of air before you start blaming me for all the problems in the world?

  11. Laydee Liberty says:

    Dueling Jews. Anthony Weiner and another kinsman exchange words in a NYC Kosher establishment.

    Here’s Anthony Weiner When NOT Texting for Sex
    IS CAMPAIGNING FOR NYC Mayor· A true Nihilist in Motion.


    Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk


  12. King says:

    Jewish controlled media trying really hard to debunk DNA testing since DNA researchers mostly Jewish found that AshkeNazi Jews are impostors and are Fake Jews! These AshkeNazi fake Jews had converted to Judea religion in or around 740AD in Khazaria (Southern Russia now). DNA used daily in courts to either exonerate or convict the accused without any problems. Now since the Jewish findings of the fake AshkeNazi Jews, boy, every news outlet or TV stations trying its best to down play this beautiful and accurate science, just to protect the media AshkeNazi masters at any cost. Now the Rothschild boys are buying all these Genetic Research Co.’s to suppress the new findings! Its the cover up of the millennium.

  13. stevor says:

    since his “wife”, Umah Abedeen, is hitlery’s lover, would that make hitlery the 2nd wife (in keeping for an “extension” of the same-sex-marriage ruling being extended to polygamy)?

  14. Cindy says:

    Haha ” Weiner”…you can’t make this stuff up.
    The only reason they dragged him through the mud is cause he’s a traitor to Jews, he married Muslim spy.

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