One Video The Jews Don’t Want You To See!

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“White Race Suicide” by Dr. William Pierce and ARES. Click full screen icon (next to the volume button) to see larger. Download links below.

They simply deem it "hate speech" to keep White people from getting the truth.

They simply deem it “hate speech” to keep us White people from getting the truth — then have the nerve to tell us “sorry about that!”

Watch the video WAY TOO PERSUASIVE for Youtube and the embedded Jews they have on hand to keep the White race messed up in the head with “PC.” Yes, indeed, Jootube has fully admitted enlisting the International Jew organization, the Anti-Defamation League, to police Youtube. The ADL is extremely well-funded (about $50 million in annual operating costs in the US alone). How convenient for the Jews, huh? Here’s the link to a recent deletion of the video “White Race Suicide” (has been re-uploaded since, but will not last long).

These NWO Jews are smart and clever enough to keep their efforts as quiet as possible, by limiting censorship to videos most damaging to Jewry, especially the more professionally polished ones like the one above. But these people also have the GD nerve to censor any contradictory facts on what we’re supposed to believe on Historical subjects, especially anything to do with their precious, stinking “holocaust,” which they use incessantly to milk White sympathy, while extorting tens of billions out of the Western world for themselves and Israel.

This video is simply far too strong and well done to allow White Americans to see, with highly professional graphics and visual editing by someone who calls himself “ARES” — major kudos to whomever he or she is! A former nuclear physics professor who figured out the real deal, Dr. William Pierce (who died in 2002), reads one of his articles, and ARES later uses the recording as narration for his brilliant video work.

Jews objected to Wikipedia using this shot of Dr. Pierce because of his beloved cat on his shoulder made him look too friendly!

The nervy Jews had Wikipedia remove this shot of Dr. Pierce (with his beloved cat on his shoulder), because they said it made him look too friendly and likeable. They can’t have that!

After you watch it, and think it all out, everything fits. Don’t let the brainwashing change agents continue to blind you from what is right in front of everyone’s noses — these devious mothers have been jerking our chains for decades now.


You know what’s really sad? It’s the White idiots who comment on Youtube about Pierce being wrong — like they all know so much. Evidently, they can’t seem to get it that the real Power Nexus doesn’t want the White race to see this kind of thing, that’s why so much money and effort is made to silence awakened Whites.

Hell, you don’t see most of the real background to WWII (only the same old tired, accepted version), nor practically anything at all about the history of murderous, White Gentile-killing communism on mainstream TV, like the so-called “History” Channel. They prefer the general public (who know JACK, anyways) to have as little interest as possible in subjects they well understand as dangerous to them and their over-all Globalist agenda.

Now listen to me for a second: This Jew business is indeed the source to all the rapidly escalating social/racial/anti-White BS going on today in America and elsewhere, including Europe and the Mideast. These devious SOBing Jews are most definitely the ones truly screwing up White countries from the inside out, as well getting this country into bloody, murderous wars — of which White, non-Jewish, Gentile men do virtually all the fighting, need I remind you?

Surely, I would not be going to all this effort with my site if I didn’t want fellow White Americans to get “the real deal” before it’s too late. I’ve installed new and better software just so I can embed videos like this here so it doesn’t get deleted. Trust me: I don’t have all the GD time in the world to do this kind of thing, simply because I think Jews are a bunch of nasty homos with funny looking noses!

Must watch — must get others to watch.


Download 720p HD version: HERE (long download, big file)

Download 640 x 360 SD version HERE (regular size version, 129MB)

Dr. William Pierce’s article text: HERE

More on him: HERE



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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88 Responses to One Video The Jews Don’t Want You To See!

  1. sog says:

    dresden grnocide remembrance day
    soviet genocide remembrance day
    germany anhilation remembrance day
    armenia genocide r day
    spanish massacre r day by jewish led rebels
    too many to remember too many not to forget
    every day is jew killathon day somewhere in the world or many places at once ..
    abe poxman is a fuckin kikepotomus …
    Panthers: “This Time We’re Going Out To Whitey’s Suburbs and Burning Down HIS Community”
    niggers are going to commit suicide on this approach ..think the cops are going to stand by while niggers murder white people at random ..has this world gone completely on its fucking head from the jews messing around with our law enfrocemnet
    king samir shabazz should be terminated immediately and his whole band of murdering terrorists …
    niggers are completely crazy ..they need to be shut down now ..its gone way too far under communist leadership in the usa ..
    the is a very good site …
    Shabazz, who previously made comments insinuating that he’d like to murder white babies and adults, recently made the shocking claim that he’d “love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag.”

    Thousands of tweets and Facebook posts echo Shabazz’s comments, with many users taking to the social networks to proclaim their support for the random killing of whites should George Zimmerman be found innocent.
    these niggers do this shit on facebook while non niggers are arrested for shit they put on facebook…
    hey white people when its a war you need to fight back ..enough of jews and enough of niggers ..enough of islam and marxist kikes ..enough already ..
    niggers can talk about killing whites because martinez is hispanic and jewish ..makes sense to me ? really ? ….when the white people slaughter the rampaging niggers in self defense and they will then the govt will come in and try to seize weapons and it would be the best time to do what ever it takes to eradicate these martialled commun ist jewish anti constitutioanl forces may be forced on us as one of those make it or break it moments absolutely sick and tired of listening to nigger morons and jews talk about eradicationg the white race ..and they been doing it since before the white slaves were taken out of white lands and the wars that killed millions of whites bercause the jews had to have war to kill us and for profits for their war machinery dowrys for jewish wealth ..we will need to go right up the ladder to the higher ups and shut them the fuck up ..enough communism and totalrianism and destruction over our race ..and what the fuck are jews talking about ..hell most of em look as white as the next white guy and they want to erasicate whites …they want to eradicate whites who despise and reject tyranny and the loss of our rights and we who reject and rebuke the murderous heresy of judaesm the all inclusive cloistered satanic cult for askanaazis and kazaars ..

  2. Cleansweep says:

    Und was wir tun…

    Speak to the white youth of today

  3. sog says:

    Movie Preview Shows Prehistoric Simian fuckin nigger Slaughtering Human Child

    Nat Turner Unchained: After decades of anti-White propaganda, the masses are ready to cheer their own children being slaughtered

    Daily Stormer
    July 12, 2013
    This must be the end of the line for the anti-Whites: a movie about a particularly apish negroid murdering White babies. This is apparently a B Movie, playing on the sick hateful movie Django Unchained, Nat Turner – a murderous black who the Jews have promoted as some type of folk hero for some time now – goes around slaughtering White children – for justice.

    It really cannot get any worse than this, White man.

    Get angry.

    many of the jews numbers of being expelled from nations in the past were from when people were told of the words of the talmud and child sacrifice for which is known as a fact from jewish confessions and very tangible circumstances and their practices of usary against the masses in a host country litterally stealing ones property and assets from them in a jew deal gone always bad ..etc
    its time to round up the jews from little to big and its time to shut niggers down ..this shit is not being dealt with by law enforcement becuase there is none anymore ..the jews createsd a lawlessness to which they can work thier shit in ..

  4. sog says:

    Shabazz, who previously made comments insinuating that he’d like to murder white babies and adults, recently made the shocking claim that he’d “love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag.”
    remember all the fuss over the nigger named james byrd jr. who the white dudes strung him to their truck and dragged him ,hell they went on and on about that shit for months ..
    maybe they knew something about that nigger ,right ..maybe he deserved it …
    maybe samir shabazz should suffer the same blessing ..heh heh ..
    we are headed for a race war and we didnt start it so take comfort that anything and everything you need to do and have a right to do by protecting your home and family is comptely sanctioned by morality and ethical behaviour ..when it comes to self defense there is no limit and the defense of others ..hell the niggers in new york have actually gotten the police to nit be able to procactively invesitigate or racial profile ..thats kind of funny when you see that this is all niggers do all day long is raciallyprofile and attack innocent whites and proactively hunt white down and rape rob and murder …
    all niggers are now infected with the terminal mentallity for which they will all need to be proactively snuffed out befiore they can do it to us ..

  5. Cleansweep says:

    Stop the white race suicide!

    Reise, reise mein volk!

  6. Aus Man says:

    Know Your Kike Enemy! Know Your Kosher Enemy!

  7. Jimmy says:

    It is wonderfull to read reports like the one from “Aus” in Oz, good on you mate, that’s “bonzo” as you chaps say.

    The internet which the Jews continue to use a means of regulating and controling the one world Jewish order, has had an unpleasant surprise for the Jew. Free speech!

    The truth about the Jews is spreading and working it’s way into the white population.

    Germanic death cults! LOL, Pat I heard that one a few years ago from that disgusting shabbos goy windbag’ Alex (anyone but the Jews) Jones.

    About the videos, over the last few years there has been tremendous growth in these Jew exposing videos and the quality of these productions are increasing all the time and are at a high level now.

    All it takes is for one of these first class videos to start a “wild fire” and go viral the Jews would take a serious beating that’s for sure.

  8. GM says:

    Black Crime epidemic discussed on Mainstream radio…mega 50K Watt station.
    Producer angry Zimmerman called a J…

    Listen to caller at 15:45 minutes in.

  9. Sen10L says:

    Chimpout alert!

  10. t bone says:


    I checked some of that radio show out. The guy who hosts it sounds like an arrogant asshole.

    They spoke of a recent crime. ‘Pat Meheney’? I looked it up but I dont think I’m spelling it right. Anyway, 6 teenapers beat him up.

  11. Manoflove says:

    Mandela is not dead yet but the “Chosen” are ready to cash in with their new movie:

  12. ihatekikes says:

    was jewzimmerman let free?

  13. Israhell on Earth says:

    @ t bone

    “Good find, 10B.

    Mark Dice needs some Zyklon for his lice.

    That is one full-of-shit kike.”


    But you’re correct, i’ve never heard of Dice, but did some research now.
    He wrote books about the “Illuminati”, and worked together with Alex Jones.

    As if we need another CointelPro shitbag fraud to chase illuminati-ghosts, to distract us from the jews…

    This link exposes Mark Shouldice( his actual name):

  14. Manoflove says:

    ihatekikes says:

    July 14, 2013 at 10:41 am

    was jewzimmerman let free?

    And that is what the brain dead just do not get. Zimmerman is not white. He is a member of the “Chosen” and that is why he was set free.

  15. sog says:

    uh gee i think zimmermex was classified not guilty by a jury ,actually ,really ,,yeah i dont think it has anytihing to do with his kazaar blood …what is known further and revealed by many includung koestlers 13th tribe book shows jews are not israelite ..none of them ..thay are all delusional mixed middle/eastern blood …are the whites the origianl israelites ,who the fuck cares about some fucking ancient scum bag israelites anyway and they were every bit as lo life as their kazaar counterparts ..edomite ,askenazzi kazaar who fuckin cares ..these mutts today who call themselves jews to garner soime majic fucking charisma all need to be shot …
    the usa is run by jew created niggers now and they are marxist and muslim like a dual religious citizen ..jews and niggers together foreveer in all kinds of weather ..
    the article on the murder of patton also brings to lite the 1,ooo,ooo kikes scum who came back to germany post ww2 ..the other millions who supposedly were gassed also were dound in penal prison camps …
    what was the number like 650,000 jews in germany at the time ww2 started whwere did 6,000,000 come from …

  16. Israhell on Earth says:

    Mark Shouldice, hör mir gut zu du kleiner Judenbengel.

    Verkauf deinen Illuminati-Dreck woanders, aber nicht in Österreich, Deutschland, oder der Schweiz.

    Eure Zeit wird kommen! Sollte ich es noch erleben, schmeiss ich dich mit meinen blossen Händen in den nächsten Ofen, du dreckiger Desinfo-Judenbastard.

  17. Sundown says:

    Plenty of comments on American sites but no ACTION!!

  18. Brian says:

    Truth Militia Radio This Sunday Night: Special Time 6pm est…
    (5 hour show!)
    Please tune in!

  19. Eric says:

    jew ritual murder of gentiles (GOYIM)//Blood Libels & Sacrifice

  20. Brian says:

    White Child Gets Bullied By Negro “Sisters”

  21. Brian says:

    I helped set this show up. Check it out:
    The Chad Factor with Tom Metzger:

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