The White-hating Nelson Mendela Lovefest Goes On


OK AMERICA, THIS Nelson Mandela BS has gone far enough. I am so sick and tired of this crap, I am about ready to friggin’ explode! Why don’t we just pay the GD Chinese a boatload of our taxpayer dollars to build a commie heroic-style statue of “Mandiba,”“Mandicka” — or whatever the flock they call him — and put the thing up in Washington, DC, next to the one of sacred MLK and be done with it?

If Mendela was an Arab muzzie or Palestinian, they would have had Seal Team 6 “double-tap” the guy right in the forehead  — even if he was an old man. Say what, Nazi boy? Yep, Nelson Mandela easily fit the bill for what we call a “terrorist” 24/7 these days. The militant wing of the African National Congress (ANC) under his command killed plenty of innocent people — White, blacks and “colored” (what they call people with Paki or Indian heritage) — by a wide variety of violent ways.

What kills me is that for all intents and purposes, Israel is a racist Apartheid state right the flock now and you don’t hear the media screaming bloody murder about that, do you? There’s plenty of Palestinians rotting away in Zionist Gulags, while Israel and the media openly proclaims Israel as a JEWISH state.

And “Godly” little Israel often murders any who could present problems in the future. They might blow them to bits with a US-supplied Hellfire missile fired from a helicopter, or dispatch MOSSAD hit squads to take care of matters with “extreme prejudice,” just like they did to some Palestinian guy in his Dubai hotel room three years ago. The Zionists (or their agents) blow up people in Lebanon with car bombs all the time, turning dozens, maybe hundreds, of innocent pedestrians into mince meat (they only really care when other Jews get killed, but sometimes not even then).

The bastards actually have a Talmudic religious injunction (“even the best of the Goyim must be killed”), which would give the precious Jews a supposed “moral” excuse to kill Nelson Mandela right from the get-go. If Mendela had been a Palestinian, few would even now remember who the hell he was, for crying out loud.

Big time media Jews, like Time magazine's former chief editor, Richard Stengel, are all over TV yapping about Mendela.

Big time media Jews, like Time magazine’s former chief editor, Richard Stengel, are all over TV yapping about how great Mendela was. Same backstabbers are for open immigration of Third Worlders into White countries, right along with all sorts of Nation Wrecking.

Believe it or not, Israel has an ongoing “kill list” they are steadily working through. Oh, sure, they’ll tell you the targets for murder are “terrorists” and all sorts of crap to explain it away. But they call a lot of people “terrorists” these days, except for apparently… Nelson Mendela. Hell, the nervy damn Jews feel free to brag about doing this kind of thing to their enemies anywhere they damn well please. Hmmm.

Good God, America, just when are you going to get it about who’s in charge of this country’s head and brainwashing us? The narrative and “spin” is obviously controlled by these people, not only in protecting sacred Israel’s image, but in manipulating us White Americans to sit quietly by, while they continue the NWO agenda of robbing us White people of our very own lands!

Mandela was never, ever the peace-loving Ghandi type like the media Jews and “cultural Marxists” make him out to be. It’s patently ridiculous how they are turning the man into a goodly hero guy — hell, even some sort of “person of color” demigod.

Like I said in a recent post, the Jew BS has now become so deep you need chest waders these days.

Mandela wasn’t jailed for his political beliefs as they would have you think, but for his acts of terrorism. South African president P. W. Botha offered him freedom in 1985 if he would only publicly renounce violence, which he refused to do.

The US media never has reported much on any of this — even your supposedly “conservative” FOX news. Like the business with Commie Russia killing tens of millions, the real power structure prefers the White “proletariat” stay dumb to the real deal.

One bombing that Mandela personally signed off and approved while in prison (admitted to in his own book), turned 19 innocent civilians into hamburger and wounded scores more (Church street, May 20, 1983).

Besides that “grand slam,” the black and Jew terrorists did dozens of other murderous bombings, just like what happened at the Boston marathon last spring. Remember how pissed everyone was over that? Imagine that kind of thing happening all the time — but specifically targeting White people.

Mendela freely admitted in court to have committed 168 acts of terror. Oh, the media tells you about the part where he told the court he had no problems dying for his cause — because they want him to appear so noble and brave. But plenty of Palestinians and Muslims have strapped bombs around themselves and you sure as hell don’t hear the media treating them like big time heroes.

This picture of Winnie Mendela, Nelson Mendela and Lithuanian Jew, Joe Slovo has been out there for years. So why doesn't FOX put it on the air?

This picture of Winnie Mendela, Nelson Mendela and a Lithuanian Jew named Joe Slovo has been out there for years. So why doesn’t FOX put it on the air and tell you about Mendela being a big communist?

Back when Mandela was incarcerated on Robbin island (in a little bitty 8 foot cell, oh my), Amnesty International refused to come to his defense, saying he was fairly convicted and sentenced, never being tortured or beaten for a confession — nor at any other time during his incarceration. Elsewhere in murderous black Africa, dictators-for-life would have tortured and killed the guy in a Jew York minute.

Later, the “hero of the people” was moved to pretty luxurious accommodations on the mainland with phone, fax, his own cook and even a GD swimming pool. All just so he could help Botha stab his White countrymen in the back and get himself a nice Nobel peace prize medal (which is rigged to help Jew globalist machinations, BTW).

Not only was Nelson Mendela a terrorist, but a big time commie to boot. He was trained in Algeria by the Soviets to make bombs and once even wrote a book called “How to be a Good Communist.” Sure, the stinking US media stays quiet about him being a commie, but then again they don’t tell you tons of crap these days — including FOX news.

“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” - Winnie Mandela.

“With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” – Winnie Mandela.

Funny how the US media has said ZILCH about any of this, or that his second wife, Winnie-pooh, was a sadistic murdering bitch, sometimes ordering wayward blacks under her ANC command to get “necklaced” (burned alive by putting gasoline-soaked tires around their neck and set aflame).

Folks, these are truly brutal bastards. No doubt whatsoever.

This past Sunday, Discovery channel had a documentary called “The Making of Nelson Mendela.” The media Jews shoveled out the BS in truck loads. They cleverly alluded to the things Mendela and his comrades did, but made it look like it was only blowing up power stations, transmission towers and such. They filmed a recreation of some black guys setting off a complicated bomb in what appeared to be just a grassy rural area and crazily running off (which looked kind of funny).

They said nothing at all about exploding bombs in crowded downtown places, or land mines blowing up innocent White families driving down the road, enjoying life.


And they certainly didn’t get into all the Commie Jews involved with the ANC. They had on this old Jew guy named Denis Goldberg making a big deal on how great Mandela was, but he didn’t tell you about himself getting busted while plotting more terror acts, along with 3 other Commie Jews, 2 blacks (including ANC leader Walter Sisulu) and a “colored” guy (Indian) at a place called Rivonia farms, outside of Johannesburg, often called “JEW-burg” because of all the Jews living there.

At the end, they finally showed a picture of Goldberg at the time of his arrest, wearing his Trotskyite intellectual Jew glasses (above), but only flashed it on the screen for about a split second. At the farm, SA police found their written plans for an upcoming terrorist program called “Operation Mayibuye,” along with all kinds of bomb making stuff, limpet mines (like IEDs) and grenades. Of course, the documentary conveniently “forgot” to mention any of that.

This Goldberg guy has been milking the gravy train every since — movies, books, public suck-up displays of all sorts. Hell, these Commie Jews have even had their ugly mugs put on postage stamps for crying out loud.

Gill Marcus, the Jewish head of South Africa's Central Bank. This Lithuanian was a professer of gender studies.

Gill Marcus, Governor of South Africa’s Central Bank. This Lithuanian Jew was a professor of “gender studies” before heading a gold mining company and bank.

Basically, devious International Jewry stole the country and turned European Whites living there into a spat-upon, discriminated against, and victimized minority. Globalist Jew media and commie Jew terrorists worked together to literally have the country turned over to the White-haters. International Jew corporations like DeBeers diamonds still have full control and all the little SA Jews have suffered not a whit, unless White-hating blacks mistake them for being White European Afrikaners, and then all kinds of police forces get called in.

More than likely, Jew neighborhoods are heavily protected by the police.

Many European White South Africans now live in abject poverty, in fact, they are even openly denied many jobs by law. People can actually go to jail for hiring White people. Meanwhile, anywhere in the country, black criminal gangs target Whites for brutal crimes, and when I say brutal, I damn well mean it. They often break into White homes and torture entire families to death.

Sometimes the bastards try to explain it all away as “crime” (like they do in America whenever blacks do violence to Whites), but it’s actually Stage 6 genocide, just below open murder by organized political forces of the state (there’s some black politicians who advocate doing precisely that). Imagine if dozens of Whites suffered incredibly brutal murders in your own little state on a monthly, or even weekly basis. Imagine having to live with that kind of fear?

About 70,000 White people have been murdered in South Africa since 1994, almost 5,000 of that number rural White farmers (the Boers). 25,000 square miles of White lands have been confiscated and turned over to blacks, who soon let the places fall to rust and rot. Same kind of thing was done to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), where people now routinely starve or get hacked to death with machetes, and the currency is virtually worthless.

Now you might be telling yourself this INCOG guy is nothing but a racist hater and all, but I’m telling you from the bottom of my black little heart, this is what these Globalist Jews have in store for America. The evidence is right in front of your face — EVERYWHERE! You could easily say South Africa was a trial run for what they are now working to do to the United States of America. No doubt whatsoever.

What the hell more do I need to say to get your attention?

You can sit there on your fat ass and watch NFL football or “Dancing with the Stars,” all day long and tell yourself that God will take care of things. But don’t they also tell you God helps those that help themselves?


–Phillip Marlowe




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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229 Responses to The White-hating Nelson Mendela Lovefest Goes On

  1. RED PILL says:

    a red pill rant.
    Andrew McCutchen Proposes To Girlfriend On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

    i could throw the first stone! they both should die.
    thou shall not commit adultery (adulterate).
    race mixing is a violation of god’s laws.
    America’s fagnation show on brain dead mind control TV.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    AmeriCorps “volunteers” are not completely “volunteers” either in the true sense of the word. It’s a jobs program for niggers and jews to help niggers and jews and once again, the working taxpayers pay for it. All government programs are primarily to benefit niggers and jews first at working taxpayers expense. The role of our federal government now is to find newer and more creative ways to tax working people and steal your money and property and give more free shit to niggers and jews. The health care law is just another example.

    AmeriCorps VISTA is open to all U.S. citizens, nationals, or lawful permanent resident aliens age 18 and older. Members and Summer Associates receive a modest living allowance, and those who serve for a year also receive health coverage, childcare, if needed, and other benefits. After successful completion of a term of service, members can choose to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award or post-service stipend. Learn more on the What VISTA Members Do page.

  3. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    December 12, 2013 at 10:49 am


    I guess the Jews have all sorts of nasty photos about Biden…..y’know…..loving consensual sex with his spouse….NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    For the life of me I cannot figure out why so many Americans remain ignorant to what a giant ripoff and scam the American federal government has become over the last 100 years and especially from the 60’s and 70’s onward. Especially now since the internet age of information and sites like this where we flat out TELL them what’s really happening. It wouldn’t be so bad if we saw our tax dollars being used to actually make improvements to our country somewhere, but that’s not the case. All our cities and infrastructure and practically everything else is in decline heading for third world status. Anything that jews and niggers get their hands on they fuck it up. Any problem they try to solve they fuck it up and make it worse and then just say “Give me more money and more time” and we will get it straightened out. But it never gets any better. Has 50 years of “temporary” government programs to lift niggers out of poverty helped solve the problem in any way? Or are things worse than ever despite all the continuous spending increases and new benefits doled out?
    jews know what they’re doing they are just using us for all they can get to benefit jews and israel and fucking up Christian America in the process on purpose. Niggers are just plain stupid ignorant lazy niggers.

    Over 500 million to create a website. Then hire somebody else to come and redo it while the original designers are off laughing their asses off all the way to the bank.
    They are in hyper-stealing mode now. If a working person makes a 65 cent error on their tax form the irs will spend 12 dollars in postage and 75 paid agent man-hours harassing the working stiff who’s just above the poverty line anyway so therefore does not qualify for all the free shit being handed out to those who don’t work wont work and never plan on working or claim some disability for alcoholism or drug addiction or attention deficit hyperactive (asshole) disorder or bi-fucking-polar or some other jew doctor and jew lawyer invented disease. You see the irs cant fuck with people who don’t have any legal income so the whole system is designed from top to bottom to punish the people who work and create business and productive enterprise to fund the ones who don’t and wont. Fuck it it’s the truth deal with it. We’ll see twenty years from now who was right and who was wrong that’s about the far end of my lifespan anyway. Obama says the most effective way to boost the economy is to dole out more extended unemployment benefits. To do what? So people can go to walmart and buy a tv made in china? That’s a stupid nigger listening to jew advisers. If that were the case obamy why don’t we just have everybody quit or get fired from their jobs and give Everybody more unemployment money instead. Get the money printing presses going we’ll see how long it will last and how long it takes before the grocery store and other shelves become empty. No obammy, despite what your jew advisers tell you, the best way to boost the economy long-term is having more people working and building and creating and producing things business and industry and manufacturing here in America. And don’t let them fucking jews convince you that starting another war for israel will boost our economy either. We want to be producing American made CONSUMER goods not war weapons for israel and body bags for Americans.

  5. Van says:

    Sign Language Interpreter Translates Mandela Memorial Faker’s Signs

  6. Van says:

    Nelson Mandela memorial interpreter: ‘I am champion of sign language’
    South African man accused of “faking” his job interpreting Nelson Mandela’s memorial has hit back at critics of his work, saying he is a “champion of sign language” who was “absolutely” qualified for the task

    Faker Signs Jacob Zuma sings “Kill the Boer” at ANC Centenery Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just had another good giggle from the interpreter story. There was just an interview on tv from a south apefrican nigger oogha boogha bitch saying they have nothing to be ashamed of hiring this nigger interpreter for 80 bucks from a company that doesn’t exist. The oogha boogha bitch says they have 75 different dialects in their language. Yeah oogha boogha bitch but this interpreter managed to miss ALL of them. For you tinfoil hat wearers notice the jews weren’t there? Good thing secret service shuts down sailfone signals or this Manchurian candidate may have actually done some good.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    I might add to my American friends that they may as well start learning to speak the oogha boogha language now because that’s the direction this country is going also.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    This nigger interpreter story just keeps getting better all the time. As far as Manchurian candidate theory goes cia scientists conducting experiments in the 1960’s found the fundamental flaw in trying to brainwash niggers. Do I need to spell out what that flaw is?
    And then now the nigger interpreter himself comes on tv and says he was hearing nonsensical voices in his head while he was up on the stage. No shit asshole it is the prez standing next to you talking into the microphone whom your supposed to be interpreting for! See only niggers can come up with this shit. An interpreter claiming he was hearing voices while he was on the stage. Niggers. You just have to laugh at them don’t ya?

  10. bubba says:

    I think INCOGMAN set up that fake interpreter ….. lol

    Good one man !

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Morning meeting at doj and homeland security:

    Jewmaster: Well dickholder what are you going to do today to help israel and harm America?

    Dickholder: jewmaster I humbly submit that we will declare ALL white people potential terrorists and try to take away their guns.

    jewmaster: And?

    Dickholder: And what else do you wish me to do my jewmaster?

    jewmaster: What else you WILL do today is send more federal taxpayer law enforcement resources to Chimpcago and jew York. I trust you will do that before lunch. Bloomberg and rahmy are our brothers as you know. Help them keep nigger street crime statistics down and let the white assholes in iowa pay for it. Is that clear mr. dickholder?

    dickholder: yes jewmaster that is clear.

    jewmaster: We have heard of such things as niggers punching jewboys in jew York. You will make sure we never hear of these things again will you not mr. dickholder?

    dickholder: I will do whatever is necessary and dedicate all available resources we have available to….

    jewmaster: WHAT??

    dickholder: I meant to say we would dedicate ALL RESOURCES to make sure a nigger never punches a jew in the head again jewmaster. I humbly apoligise for my errors.

    jewmaster: That’s better mr. dickholder now you have much to do before lunchtime.
    Do not forget that it was OUR assfirmative action and diversity hiring programs that have assisted you into achieving and obtaining your current position.

    dickholder: I will not ever forget or slip up again jewmaster

  12. RED PILL says:

    more red pill rant
    another whore , once they go black…………….

    all the news that’s fit to shit, jew media has to rub it in our face.
    on a daily basis.
    a jew whore , not a day goes by without more of the same.
    aren’t they just adorable and in your face.

  13. bubba says:

    I think we should encourage Jewish Lesbianism.

    If the Kikes feel that Jewish Women offspring define continuity of the tribe….Lets pass the yarmulke and support Kosher Carpet Munchers.

    Bada Boom Bada bing ….problem gone in a generation.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    This is good I’ll be following it to see where it leads. And then I will ask IG’s and offices of professional management to come listen to what I have to say. This guy is a jew so of course zog will pay him. I wont try to paste the whole story but try and post a link. If this jewboy crybaby thinks he has something to complain about then I cant wait to tell an honest lawyer MY story that will be true.

    Kantor is seeking $13.8 million in compensatory damages and $45 million in punitive damages, and an injunction which would prevent government stalking.

    Kantor states that he took his complaints to the Anti-Defamation League, which caused an increase in veiled death threats and retaliation from government investigators.

    He alleges that coworkers and other contractors would “repeat back” his private information, including “emails, websites he went to, library books he got from the library, conversations he made in his house or in his car, phone calls” and information about specific contents in his home.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    If they hadn’t fucked with a jew theywould never be facing a lawsuit now. Come talk to me IG or Office of professional responsibility. I have a story to tell you that will blow your minds and be true at the same time. And you can follow the expense trails.

  16. RED PILL says:

    bubba says:
    December 12, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    I think we should encourage Jewish Lesbianism.
    it won’t work because jew males and females come out of the same sewer
    mother, brother, sister, father fuck fest , they don’t care who they lay with.
    it’s all in the family for them.

    back to the drawing board, brother Bubba .

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    flattened tires. tailgators that follow you then spin around in front and slam on brakes. the sailfone camera and microphones always eavesdropping. the cops watching you with binoculars. microphones and videos from hotel rooms. every day a new setup. a new scam, reverse scam. a lie. a setup. a reverse setup scam lie setup upside down inside out setup scam lie. I’m just getting started. Go ahead honest IG. Ask me what they did to me in jail under false and trumped up charges. Please honest ig come ask me.

  18. RED PILL says:

    red pill’s bible lesson

    where it all went wrong, according to our Lord.
    1 Samuel 8:19
    Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us;

    then this
    1 Samuel 10:19
    and ye have this day rejected your God, who himself saved you out of all your adversities and your tribulations; and ye have said unto him, Nay, but set a king over us.

    that’s right, our white Israelite ancestors rejected God
    now we have a stranger over us.

    Deuteronomy 17:15
    thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the Lord thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.

    it won’t end until we have no king but Jesus. Adolf Hitler was a good king, and there had been a few in history. but their are none on the horizon.

  19. RED PILL says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    December 12, 2013 at 4:57 pm
    it’s going to be like post 1917 Russian Revolution
    the rats rule.
    it will be a rough ride brother.

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Former Head Of Bank Of Israel To Be Nominated As Vice Chair Of Federal Reserve

    Could it be any more obvious to the American people who controls our banking?

  21. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Members Of Orthodox Jewish Vigilante Group Shomrim Beat Black Man In Williamsburg And Call Him Faggot

    It’s a different story when blacks wonder into their community. They did a number on the guy. Lets see if they get charged with a hate crime.

  22. bubba says:

    RED PILL says:
    December 12, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    bubba says:
    December 12, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    I think we should encourage Jewish Lesbianism.
    it won’t work because jew males and females come out of the same sewer
    mother, brother, sister, father fuck fest , they don’t care who they lay with.
    it’s all in the family for them.

    back to the drawing board, brother Bubba .


    I’m very optimistic…bet you a pork chop.

    Jew are coming out of the kosher pig pen and into the public….they really ain’t that smart

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    A modern day dilemma or conundrum. What WILL the cops do when jews beat up a nigger? Which hate crime trumps the other?

  24. RED PILL says:

    another jew judge comes clean (he was dirty) put Innocent white man in prison

    BUBBA …the jews have the highest per capita intellectuals on the face of the earth
    and they also lead in the highest per capita idiots in the world.
    this is because of interbreeding by mother fuckers, baby fuckers and incest,
    not to mention bad blood from fallen Angels.

  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    What if one of the niggers or jews was also a fag? or a jew nigger bitch lesbian like that freak of nature on the jew nigger bitch show what’s her name? Oh yeah took me a minute whoopee Goldberg. Holy shit people this thing is a freak of jewish experimentation and needs to be put down before it can infect anything around it. What hate crime laws would take precedence? The only thing I DO know that it is always the white guys fault. Even if it isn’t it is. When that nigger bitch waiting by the mailbox told me that I was running a little late delivering her welfare check that about sealed the deal for me. Guess what niggers and jews. I don’t serve you anymore and other Americans will wake up everyday. I can now be retired and fuck with you now since you spent so much taxpayer time and money fucking with me. Aint that Great? Hi john!

  26. Barney says:

    Red Pill (some time ago) – You should be using a version of Linux. If there was a completely zog-proof operating system, we wouldn’t be allowed to have it, but Linux is a heck of a lot more secure than $eattle $pyware.

    When I used Windoze, I updated my virus protection every day and ran it at least once a week, plus regular spyware scans. Now I scan for viruses a few times a year, and there’s never anything to find, partly because the virus writers want to target the operating system with the most users, but also because a virus would have to ask permission to install itself on Linux.

    (To clarify that, nothing can be installed or uninstalled unless you allow it by typing your password.)

    It takes a while, and a certain amount of determination, to get the hang of a different operating system, but it’s not really that different, and it’s a hell of a lot easier than struggling with Windoze-8. Have you seen that crap? You can’t even open certain applications, Paint for example, except by an indirect route.

    Most keyboard shortcuts are the same in Linux, and so are a lot of other things, and then you’ve got the Terminal (caution advised), which is like a much more powerful version of the old msdos (if you remember that), but one that works within Linux.

    If it’s time to move on from an earlier version of Windoze, that’s the ideal time to ditch $eattle $pyware entirely and try Linux. It’s free, so what have you got to lose? You can even run it (with limited functionality) from the installation CD that you create.

    It’s free. Install it on as many machines as you like. Make CDs for friends and family. It’s all legal, and it’s much more secure than the overpriced, bug-ridden and time-limited Microcrash Spyware. That’s another thing. Linux doesn’t crash.

    The only version (“distro”) I know is Ubuntu, and you can download it from here.

    No registration. No restrictions. No questions. Not even your e-mail address.

    Here’s a free e-book (one of many) to get you started.

    I’d suggest going for version 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support), and if you’re not sure whether your computer is 32 or 64 bit, choose the 32 bit version, which will run on either.

    It takes about 2 hours to install with a broadband connection (don’t even think about it if you’re on dial-up), it can do everything Windoze can do, and a lot more, and you’ll never need to pay another penny for software. It’s all included or just a couple of mouse clicks away (plus your password).

    No more dodgy downloads. Everything’s stored in safe “repositories”. I’ve just checked, and there are currently 65,609 items in the “Software Center” for immediate download, nearly all of them completely free, and with the price displayed for those few that aren’t.

    Free operating system. All the free software you could ever need. No hackers. No viruses. No malware of any kind. No built-in spyware. No crashes. What are you waiting for?

    One final point. Have a dual-boot system at first if you like, but having $eattle $pyware on your machine, even if you’re not using it, is a security risk, so ditch Windows and have a Linux-only setup as soon as you feel confident with it.

    (Don’t forget to back everything up first.)

    If you get stuck, I’ll do my best to help. I won’t be here much for the next three or four weeks though, but Sog knows more about Linux than I do, and I’m sure there must be other Linux users on here. Alternatively, once Linux is running, you’ll find the Ubuntu forum bookmarked, and that’s got something over 11 million registered users (last time I checked).

    Skip this next bit if you’re easily frightened, but remember, you don’t have to use the terminal (I hardly ever do), and it’s better to leave it alone until you’ve learned a bit about the operating system generally.


    Download an entire website? No problem. A simple terminal command will do that. No need to BUY something like Pagenest. Just make sure you’ve got enough space on your hard drive. Don’t try to download Youtube or the BBC for example.

    I heard a while ago that ten years of video is uploaded to YouTube every day, and NO home computer (or home broadband connection) could handle that.

    Full system backup while the system is running? Another terminal command.

    Be careful though. The terminal can be used to delete the entire operating system from within the operating system, similar to formatting your hard drive, so only use the terminal when you really do know what you’re doing.


    Btw, I hope that Faraday cage is Earthed. Just about any metal mesh will give some protection, and it’s good that you’re doing what you can to protect your hardware, but that EMP (if it comes) will need somewhere to go, and a good Earth connection provides that.

    I’d personally want my cage to be made of ferrous metal (iron, steel), but if the power goes out, the computer won’t work anyway. That’s one of zog’s main weapons against us, the threat to kill the grid.

    No computers, no ‘phones (landline or mobile), no easy way to recharge batteries (solar or wind for a few), no power to pump fuel up from underground storage tanks, so no cars, and no generators either once the reserves are used up.

    They made us dependent on mains electricity, so when it goes, we’re screwed. If the power goes down and stays down, we’ll be back in the iron age without the knowledge of how iron age people lived.

    We’ll be making candles from fat, cooking whatever we can get over an open fire, catching rainwater to drink. It won’t be easy.

    It probably won’t be TEOTWAWKI (and if anyone doesn’t know what that means, it’s long past time to find out, so Google it while you can), but those of us who can, need to plan as if it might be. Better to be over-prepared than caught out.

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    I haven’t watched nancy grace skank or listened to jewboy Limbaugh lately jhonnyshit how about you? Oh you have money who you gonna call? A crack nigger to kill me for a couple rocks you stole from the evidence vault? Hi skanky grace hi rushbo coward piece of shit scumbag coward traitors committing treason. Say hi to that jewboy Chertoff for me to. You got money who you gonna call? All calls are monitored except jewboy and jewgirl mossad calls right? Go ahead call somebody I know YOU wont do it you’re cowards jews traitors committing treason. And you thought that sending our local sheriff through fbi academy would give you his background check and seal his silence against “secret” operations? Just destroy more evidence and destruct more justice. Sooner or later an honest person will expose you and the more you did to break the laws the worse it shall be. One patriot will speak out and the dominoes will fall. I’m really glad you and your scumbag coward traitors committing treason did visit Tennessee jhonnyshtliro. It put a lot of pieces to a puzzle together. Thanks again now who you gonna call? I’m not worried about you of course I know you are a coward I’m worried about who you gonna call to help you?

  28. summerled says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    December 12, 2013 at 11:00 am

    This goes in to even more detail about what you and I do to help the “poor, poor, pitiful jewboys and jewgirls”. How do I get one of those AmeriCorps volunteers to “serve” me? I hope you all enjoy being jew slaves. But I’m preaching to the choir on this website.
    Holocaust “survivors”never die thay just reproduce thats why the swindlers list keeps growing no separation between holocaust and state its going to be the official
    religion of the jew esss ahhe anybody not worshiping in the holocaust temples will
    be declared an denier and outcast as a hater and then prison or death

  29. summerled says:

    Romanian state TV has aired a Christmas special condemning the Jews and celebrating the Holocaust.

    Of course, I do not believe that the Holocaust ever happened. Still, the idea of people celebrating it like it did, especially in a children’s Christmas carol, is very funny to me (note: it may also be that the song is calling for a Holocaust, rather than confirming that one happened in WWII). Especially with fun lyrics like “This is what the kike is good for, to make kike smoke through the chimney on the street.”

    The Jews, however, are not amused.

    From the Jerusalem Post:

    TVR3 Verde, a television channel for rural communities, presented the carol on December 5 during its maiden transmission.

    Sung by the Dor Transilvan ensemble, it featured the lyrics: “The kikes, damn kikes, Holy God would not leave the kike alive, neither in heaven nor on earth, only in the chimney as smoke, this is what the kike is good for, to make kike smoke through the chimney on the street.”

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    The German people suffered a holocaust also. 2 jew world wars. Americans died in jew wars. Still do. A whole lot of people died and suffered in jewish instigated wars. Billions of people suffered hardship. Untold trillions of value of human endeavor and accomplishment blown up or destroyed or sunk to the bottom of the sea along with their crews. It’s the jews stupid. Do I need to repeat that? OK I will. It’s the jews stupid. Seeing and watching all the destruction and suffering caused by jews makes me sick first. Angry. Sad. Upset. pissed off. worried about the future because the jews plans are still moving forward. Satan is the leader of this country right now. jews are either the children of satan or they were sent to hell for being so evil that satan left them back unto the Earth for only as long as they fuck shit up and cause problems. If you work with a jew or have a jew near you when the jewboys or jewgirls lips are moving they are lying. If the jewboy and jewgirls lips AND hands are moving at the same time then you know they are lying and stealing at the same time. Same go’s for jew-hired niggers.

    Hi shitliro and skanky grace and rushbo! And Chertoff too! How much money do you have??

  31. bubba says:

    RED PILL says:
    December 12, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    BUBBA …the jews have the highest per capita intellectuals on the face of the earth
    and they also lead in the highest per capita idiots in the world.
    this is because of interbreeding by mother fuckers, baby fuckers and incest,
    not to mention bad blood from fallen Angels.


    Kikenvermin intellectual ratio?


    Kikes create their own reality, they drag the goyim into and set the terms of reference.

    Name ONE Kikenvermin that has actually benefitted mankind without a hidden agenda ( and Puhleeze don’t say Einstein )

  32. RED PILL says:

    Barney says:
    December 12, 2013 at 6:51 pm
    thanks so very much Barney for responding.
    i am a bit technicality challenged, but am coming up to it. at 70yrs old i don’t have to hold out for ever
    have a wind generator( small) and 90 watts of solar with 4 large deep cycle batterys
    with an inverter, with 12 volt lights, my Faraday cage is earth grounded. 8,000 gallons of rain water storage, if and when it rain here in the desert.
    i live the peppers life with raised vegetable gardens, the wife cans and dries food
    my home is a 3,300 sq ft adobe ware house with 22” thick walls, bared windows, reinforced doors, and 7′ barbwire fence most of it inclosed with tin.
    most of all i have a faith in God, and for back up 2-12ga shotguns with lots of 00buck.
    gas masks and more . i don’t give a fuck because i know i won’t live forever.

  33. Flanders says:

    Jews, and therefore Communists, cannot allow White countries to show the world how successful White countries are when White countries demonstrate success and achievements that the jews and communists can never obtain (even if that were the desire of evil jewdom).

    “Amazingly the ridiculous media extravaganza helped Mandela become President of South Africa allowing his Jewish backers to change South Africa into a nation run by Communist principles.”

    “The so-called apartheid South African government which was dominated by White Europeans had made South Africa a successful independent first world nation. This was the real reason why Jewish Communists sought to use the ANC as a way to demonize the White European leaders in power. South Africa represented an independent economic and military power that needed to be brought under their influence.

    Much like the phony civil rights movement in America, the ANC was dominated by Jewish Communists even up until the 1990s when Mandela took power. A recent article from Haaretz notes the following.

    The African National Congress, the liberation movement that became the governing party in 1994, also had a full complement of Jews, including Joe Slovo, Ronnie Kasrils and Denis Goldberg.

    The ANC would not only engage in acts of terror against Whites but they would also do the same against Blacks who they suspected of collaborating with Whites. Specifically they would execute and torture people by igniting a rubber tire filled with petrol that they forced over their chests and arms. The practice referred to as necklacing would typically take the victim over 15 minutes to die in certain cases. Hundreds of executions using this method were carried out by the ANC. Even Mandela’s one-time wife Winnie would implicitly endorse this method of torture and execution.

    Early in his life Mandela was surrounded by Jews and was given his first job as a clerk by a Jewish lawyer named Lazar Sidelsky. He would associate himself with a large number of Jewish Communists including some of the ones mentioned previously. In fact during a sweep of the ANC in the early 1960s which resulted in his arrest and lengthy prison sentence, a significant number of Jews were also arrested. Enormous caches of weapons and explosives held by the ANC were also uncovered. A recently published article from Tablet Magazine goes into great detail about how Mandela was aligned strongly with a significant number of Zionist and Communist Jews before and up until the time of his arrest.”

  34. sog says:

    where was the ebonix translator or the guy who draws stik figures for the nigger who cant even understand beginning ebonix for really stupid niggers ..lmao ..fuckin sign language translator ,75 dialects of oogh ook eegh eekk uggh muugher fuguh etc ..and all the apes rioted because the anc lied to them to lure them oput to the worthless burial of a turd memoprial ..let a dog dig a hole with its hind legs cus noiggers are too stupid to drive a back hoe aor too lazy to lift a shovel and dont have toilets to flush the manturdella down the hatch ..aqyyh e fukkkkking carummba …
    hey zuma lard roll heres a song …kill the fucking niggers ,kill the fucking niggers …niggers kill the jews niggers kill the fucking jews ,,everyone kill the muslims and mexicans ..whites didnt have it hard enough under mandella communism says sodomite jenkem guzzler blomberg ..he;s a filthy ass pirate communist ..whites have it pretty dam hard in SA ..its the niggers who need to be exterminated as the biped l parasitical infestation thet they are ..the kikes using the ol infiltrate ,divide and conquer and instigate civil inter racial wars and such ..always same ol same ol same same..niggers did not build south africa and neither did the filthy kikes ..but they sure are standin their with there hands out ready to steal it all ..worthless communist mass murder jews and their minions of nigger lunatik henchmen ..
    how do you like sharpdick tellin the street urchins to stay away from the jews ..he said a mouthful the way he likes it ,about you damn ghetto niggers dont need to be doi the knock out game ..knock it off etc ..all code for dont fuck with the shitkikes in crown heights or anywhere else it wont be tolerated cus i duh honrbull revrun sharpsdick sez we servez de joooz n shit ..fucg dat whiytman but doncha bee meassin wiff da jooz kiddz …
    yeah we got the secret meaning of that drivel massah sharpdick and im sure the niggers will make sure they dont knock out a worthless piece of jew shit again……

    … if you look at it in the right angle ,,google is the guilty party also ………….he’s a kike ,he will get his money in euros or interest bearing bonds ..
    thazt nigger that got beat up by the hasidic jews ,heh heh ,,i hate jews and niggers so its a toss up ..the deal is the jews will kick your ass if you are not a jew and this shetl type security stuff will be in the news more to come ,as they beat up people wearing crosses becuase we all know how holy and good the ashkanazzi fake kikes are ..
    i have no reservations whatsoever that all niggers and brown muslim and marxist sewage be ethnically cleansed from europe whether they are new immmigrants or generations old ….south africa whites need military armament and to completely anhilate niggers in charge ..its whites land and they fought and died for it under the british during the boer wars ..the ground is soaked in the blood of the white afrikaans boers ..niggers ran and turned tail and many got shot in the back when the farms were able to hire armed security patrols prior to 1980 in rhodesia ..many niggers who took the jobs for the money ran off when the communist niggers came to shoot it up and the fleeing kaffirs cowards got a nice fat round through their carcass ..claen up crews would get the dead nigger off the property and return it to his chimp nest and his fambly were told why he was made good ,cus he was a shit who ran under fire in the wrong direction …the only cure for south aff is the death of all the niggers and jews there ..soth africa is now a vassal state of israel with venal nigger communist jews as front line butcher foot soldier chimps..
    gee thei must be why the asshole jews want to taKE OUR GUNS away …another armenia and another russia where the leninsts told the russian police “dont worry” and then they too were history the armenian soldiers 60,000 in the turkish army in 1915 who were disarmed then massacred as per the order gone out fro the triumverant donmeh jews and young turks “(JEWS)”……..4.7 million estimated armenian humans were marched off and or killed by the muslims under the jews and bolsheviks ..after this fact millions of shbitkikes came in from the pale of settlement and assumed the dead armenians houses ,jobs,assets ,women in some cases water flowing in to seek its own level after a deficit has been produced ..the russian genocide of indigenous russians by jews in soviet union fro 1917 on ..etc etc ..the story of jewish tyranny and brutallity would take you a lifetime to read 1/10 th of it ..

  35. Flanders says:

    B’nai B’rith – The Secret Society of Jews – Bollyn

    “In 1843, a German Jew who called himself Henry Jones founded a Jewish secret society called the “Bundes-Brueder” (League of brothers) in the Sinsheimer Café near Wall Street in New York. Jones recruited his co-founders from the synagogue where he was in charge. At least four of its founders were Freemasons. The order, which was later re-named the “B’nai B’rith,” was closed to all non-Jews and to any Jew who fraternized with Christians.”

  36. sog says:

    “……….like water flowing in to seek its own level after a deficit has been produced…..”
    “….>>like sewage flowing in to seek its own level after a deficit has been produced….”

  37. sog says:

    But, but, they say, Mandela was the reason South Africa didn’t descend into chaos after the ANC took over….. Again, rubbish! ………………….

    The reason the country didn’t descend into chaos was that the Whites still believed the bill of goods F-wit de Klerk had sold them. They were assured that the ANC would govern for all and that they had nothing to fear. They were placated into a coma by their Churches who told them that handing the country over to the ANC was the right thing to do.

    And once the ANC were handed the country on a silver platter, they quickly purged the once feared military of Whites and replaced them with MK operatives. Guns were removed from the general population as Mandela and the ANC knew they needed the White population unarmed and unable to fight back.

    And once Whites awoke from their kumbaya coma, it was all too late. The fight had gone, and anger has now replaced the hurt when they realised that F-wit de Klerk had never secured a homeland for the White people of South Africa when he handed the country over – especially for the Afrikaners. A homeland away from the marauding Black hordes – a homeland similar to what Lesotho and Swaziland enjoy within South Africa’s borders…….Now it’s too late…….no guns ! ..
    oh yeah by all means give him another post critter mortem nobel peace pipe prize cus he only killed in the 10’s thousands and not as many as stalin who might have gotten a peace prize to if he hadnt been poisoned or something fatal like that ,,lol ..

    and the crack ho chimp homo prostitute (not michelle?)obama in the filthy white house decrees a zekkitiv oweduh n shit to fly the national flags and pants at half mast ..niggers can relate to all dis shit ……

    Nelson Mandela Family Finally Gives Up Charade and Admits Mandela Dead lol how long had the maggots been crawlin around in mandellas empty skull lookin for a meal ,a communist meal ..sorry worms there is no brain matter here ,so starve like everyone else under nigger communism in the south afrika while mandella and his planit of the raping apes lived in mansions and ate only the finest 4 star cuisine that stolen assets can abide the end mandellas was just another dumb ass lo iq nigger …lol..

  38. Flanders says:


    “The Jew has one idea of freedom, it is freedom to be a deviant, a pervert, a libertine. It has nothing to do with freedom to live on your land, raise your children as you and your wife see fit, and keep the crops you grow. The Jew doesn’t believe you should be free to keep what is yours, he believes that he and his cousins should be “free” to train your children to be deviants while they also train your wife to divorce you and become a whore.”

  39. Flanders says:

    More solid speech:

    “The Jew, through his control of the mass media and the educational institutions, had managed to convince at least two generations of Whites to debase themselves and accept the tainting of their blood and the loss of their values as normal and even desirable. All the while the same Jews who so vigorously condemned South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s, and who so vigorously fought against the southern attempts to preserve intact their culture and blood, were bilking hard-working Americans into paying billions of dollars for the survival and the expansion of the bandit state of Israel, comprised of squatters armed to the teeth and existing only because they terrorize their neighbors into submission with the prospect of an American invasion. Furthermore, it made no sense to me that God would choose as His particular people, a race of communistic, atheistic, bisexual child molesters who care more about the DOW Jones and the Wall-Street journal than anything written two thousand years ago in any holy book, and who would likely elect to starve if the alternative was to till the soil and work the land.

    Ever since I had become convinced that race was the primary factor in all human events, past, present, and future, something that occurred around age twelve or thirteen, and that there was a global conspiracy at work to swamp White nations with non-Whites, for the sake of wrecking our blood and thus extinguishing our culture and with it, our values, from the face of the earth, I had sought to uncover what sort of vile creature or creatures could be behind such a wicked and satanic conspiracy. By the time I was sixteen, after much study, contemplation, and reflection upon my knowledge of history, my life experiences, as well as common-sense and daily observations, I arrived at the only logical conclusion.

    I had to wonder how any people could be so evil, but one thought resonated and cried out in my head again and again, “they killed God! They killed God!” how could any people be so evil as to kill God? I finally realized that I was scarcely dealing with people, but rather the physical embodiment of all that is evil and contrary to God and nature.

    I had realized that a plague has existed throughout human history, hiding behind many facades, sending forth many branches (some called Freemasonry, some called Jesuitism, some called Atheism, some called Dispensationalism, some called Socialism, some called Capitalism), but at the root it was always the same, Jewry.”

  40. Flanders says:

    “As the above link shows, communism is the endgame for the jews. This is their dream and their weapon to carry it out is unlimited amounts of money because they control the worlds banks. So understanding how jewish communsim and jewish banking go hand in hand is absolutely step one to putting the puzzle together. They want a system where the jews and perhaps some token shabbos goy will reign over the slaves, the mere worker bees of whose lives have no importance. A workers paradise where everyone is equal except those running the show.

    Now ponder this quote by Russian jewish communist leader Vladmir Lenin

    “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

    The communist game has remained unchanged in over 100 years, the tactics are not different. YOU are being screwed in a system where the bankers print money at your expense and divvy it up amongst themselves, part of the check arrives immediately through inflation and the other part shows up shortly after in the form of extreme taxation (50% in the US in most cases) because someone has to pay for the enormous deficits.

    You. You pay for it, nobody else. THEY spend it, YOU pay for it. That is the system, so while they are living large sailing the world on yachts and buying private islands you are busting your ass to pay your bills, all the while trying to keep your nose clean because big brother grips you tighter by the day.”

  41. Bailey says:

    PRT says,

    “We’ll see twenty years from now who was right and who was wrong that’s about the far end of my lifespan anyway.”


    I’ll be at the age that it wont matter much but I have a good retirement plan.

    Great post.

  42. Barney says:

    Off-topic, but …

    Another “lone nut” school shooting in the Denver area. Only one fatality this time, the killer (or patsy) himself.

    Most false flags happen on Fridays. Today is Friday.

    We know Denver (the airport if nothing else) is a significant zog nest. I believe even the “British” ruling crime faily have strong connections of some kind. WAS it a “lone nut” with a grudge against a teacher, or is it something more sinister?

    Either way we know it will be used as more anti-gun propaganda.

  43. Barney says:

    Red Pill – Good to know you’re prepared. I’m only four years younger than you, but I’m (probably) less physically able.

    That’s the trouble. We’re all a load of old fossils (some of us anyway). We need to find some way of getting the message across to the young, the ones who’ll actually be fighting the coming war.

    I know from personal experience that a lot of young people are at the “this isn’t right” stage, and ready to learn the truth. All they need is guidance. As little as a few URLs would start the process, but how do we get to them without being labelled “terrorists” or accused of wanting to do disgusting things to them?

    It shouldn’t be the whole truth. Too much truth in one go would be counter-productive and turn them back to zog. My own awakening started with a visit to David Icke’s site, and he’s careful never to blame the jew, but he links to people who link to people who do.

    I went there expecting to ridicule the person who (we were told) had declared himself the son of God, and who claimed to believe the “royal” family were shape-shifting lizards, but I ended up getting an education.

    Alex jones could start kids on the right path, despite the fact that he never blames the jew for anything.

    Just a bit of truth to get them thinking and wanting to know more. Very few of the younger generation are stupid, brainwashed sheeple. They’re capable of learning, and of getting angry when they do. All they need is a starting point, then eventually they’ll be ready to join us (or replace the older ones) here at Incogland.

    Cameras everywhere, and nobody could even guess at how many microphones there may be, but I’m certain they vastly outnumber the cameras.

    Six cameras on every (light controlled) pedestrian crossing. At least the same number at traffic lights. Cameras in the streets. Cameras in cask dispensers. Cameras in shops, libraries, bus and train stations, on the trains, and (at least in the case of one local operator) TEN cameras in and on every bus. I counted them when some buses had CCTV monitors cycling between all ten to remind us that big brother IS watching us.

    How do we slip memory sticks to kids when everything is monitored?

    I suppose we can stick “post it” notes in library books, giving a URL or two under the words “hidden truth”, but even that would be a problem for me.

    We need to get the word out without getting convicted of a thought crime.

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