Who’s The Real Racists Here?


Over the past couple of weeks, two elderly White people were beaten and knocked unconscious in the parking lots of nearby restaurants in Dallas, Texas, by black males who stole nothing — apparently, just plain did it for fun. The local media refrained from reporting any descriptions of perps. But for some of us who already realize the bull going down, that’s par for the course.

How about the 86 year-old White man beaten to death recently by a black thug down in Wilmington, North Carolina? The local press didn’t have the guts to put up a shot of the White victim. Just imagine the national or local media brouhaha if the races were reversed? Hell, Attorney General Eric Holder and his holiness, Obama, might even come out and make a big deal.

Now, you might not care much about a few old people you don’t know, or maybe you don’t think anything bad could ever happen to you. Perhaps you think of yourself as one of the good guys, ever so caring about all the downtrodden, oppressed, victimized, etc., etc. Possibly you even visualize yourself as a real revolutionary fighter against “the man,” whoever the hell that might be.

But did you ever stop and consider everything you’ve been led to believe over the years has cleverly exploited your goodness and sense of fair-play? All to protect themselves, while they continue using this country — milking our labors for their designs and agenda — keeping you, the White American, playing Mr. Nice guy or girl? Ever stop and think for a minute that might be the case?


For the last 50 years, at least, America has had to listen non-stop to “political correct” BS, all designed to keep us White people silent and complacent over what’s being done to our race and country. Ever ask yourself why us Whites never get credit for one thing we’ve ever done, all the wars White men have died in, or worked so hard “to fix” — even to the point we were willing accept discrimination against us to pay for so-called past sins?

All they want to do is distract us with nonsense and ever degrading immorality, while they slime our heritage and fill our lands with non-Whites from all over the planet.

Yes, the SOB-ing, money-grubbing, GD Jews.

You see, the real racists have always indeed been the Khazar, Eastern European Jews. They consider the rest of humanity (all us “goyim”) beneath the “Chosen Ones” and sorely in need of their sacred, Godly guidance. One of their top religious leaders in Israel recently put out a “hierarchcy of humans” list, where even the sickest, most degenerate, most foul Jew homo will always be better than you, simply because he’s a Jew first.

Sure, the criminal and crazy-ass Negroes are troublesome and militant freeloaders, no doubt. But it’s the arrogant, Globalist, NWO Jews who really created the situation.

Not only have the ever-so-special Jews been working at re-engineering America to gradually whittle our race down (so not too many of us “get it” at once); they also lead our politicians around by the nose when it comes to what “sacred” Israel wants in the Mideast. Ever wonder why that part of the planet has always been such a bitch?

These people have even corrupted most of our Christian churches, for crying out loud. Didn’t Jesus raise Cain over the insane hypocrisies and evils of the Pharisees? Or did the preachers conveniently forget about all those parts in the New Testament?

Our land has been politically, economically and mentally enslaved by the ultimate, backroom racists of all time and if you say anything, the bastards simply tell everyone you’re another wannabee Adolf-GD-Hitler. No lie.

Do you really want to help with what these devious punks are doing to the world and our race? Want to fight the real “man,” or do you just want to play if safe and remain the “useful idiot” they so like to see?

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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118 Responses to Who’s The Real Racists Here?

  1. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Today while I was out w/ my sign , a middle aged , bug eyed groid approached me was pretty uppity but didn’t apper to be a threat , and started asking me something about the Mayor of NYC and other nonsense and then he brought up MLK. The second he mentioned MLK , I interupted him. ” You know MLK was just an operative for jewish communists ? He had jewish handlers , who wrote his speeches and directed all of his affiars. Plus he was a lowlife woman beater”. ‘ Impossible’ !!! He shouted and walked away…It was great. Glad I watched that video.

  2. Flanders says:

    In applying the 1964 Civil Rights act, “The law regarding equal opportunities was systematically, illegally misapplied by Jews for Jews, to let them get away with being overrepresented in high paid jobs while white men were screwed.”.

    A business would get credit for hiring light-skinned jews who were usually more intelligent – and who appeared to be less objectionable – than any of the “standard” (darker than jew) negroes. The jews got their positions first. Businesses caved, without that business appearing to be racist sellouts who were knuckling under to the beginning totalitarian government pressures (extortion through fines and bureaucratic entanglements), to exclude white Americans from the viable workforce. White Americans were basically excluded from the job market for many years while the jew rose into positions of prominence through jew networking and controls applied among interlocking businesses.


  3. sog says:

    hey yo , bailey ..yeah from what i do or dont know off the top of my head liberia is a nigger joke equivalent of a progressive canniobal and mud hut yard ape //they instituted slavery immedaitely in libeeria and it is a supported country .. from the wikkee “…The First Liberian Civil War in 1989-96 destroyed much of Liberia’s economy, especially the … inherited massive international debts and currently relies on revenues from its maritime registry to provide the, uh lazy retartded marxist islamic jeehad niggers with free dope and beer money and ho money ..we livvin in ho’money ,,yeah we wats our riots to ..
    so liberia is like africa with a parade of despot demoniggs ..haiti to ..niggers should all be extermnianted ..liberia is a hovel like jamaica haiti and everyother nigger infested shit hole ..
    south africa also gave jungle boogers their own sovberign lands to build that chocolate paradise but were more interested in oputdoor plumbing at the rear end of a cow …
    there are 170 million cases of aids ,no waiting ..in the dark cointinent ..what we knoiw is south african white lefitamemte soverign benevolent govt kept famine out of africa and unrest as good as it could if it wasnt for the god damned kikes stirring up the shit all the time ..i mean lets ask the whole fuckin world on a forum ..has jewish communist bolshevist zionism been good for the world or bad ….there is only one answer here ..it is choice number 3 ..real bad ….what is going on in countries now doesnt take a genius or jew aware person to see how bad things are ..can peolle be trained to attack what is causing the downfall of civilization ..in the end they will meet the enemy one way or the other ..it is them or us ..all shit coated subhuman scum clamoring to conquer the innicent white nations …the real racists are jews ,niggers, mexoids ,izlamoids ..o’sambo says there is no future for anyone who defames islam ..ahhh fuck you cabana boy ..

  4. sog says:

    white lefitamemte……..jhc …means to be ” white legitamate” …typing is getting worse ..lol..fuckit .
    Security Check Firm Said to Have Defrauded U.S….noooo ?
    this site cant see the jew sitting on thier head but they want constitutionality ..people willlearn if they fight the tyranny suffocating us thet the jew is the poison in our constitutioanl well ..
    the article breings back the new york navy yard shooting which provost marshall and ncis were reputedly looking into o’sambo involvement with our enemies to nuke bunker bust a site in charlestown ,carolina ..i wouldnt put it past the yard ape or his dick holder asst ..wasnt 9-11 supposed to be the evill al kayda ..oh wait then oit was saddaM and then it was goofy and donald duck etc ..it was the plame cia lady whos hubby provoked lkarl rove fat ass faggot and his receptacle scooter lippy by printing the truth about there not being any yellow cake uranium from niggeria africa ..oopps ..no cake for you ..
    all that shit and exposing her and using her to get to all the iraqi scientists by the lurking slime massadz ..
    we have a very evil regime controlling us ,all of us in this country …some believe we still have freedoms ,we have the color of freedom and the right to vote for our own dictators …peechee ..
    oh and dont forget that the snow storms in the deserts and bitter freezing around the world is caused by global whining ..the sun has changed or shifted locations etc positions ,and is in a lull ..the scientists have no answers ..this is why it is so fucking cold for so long now and no rain here ..but gore wanys you to beeleev that its global warming the reason why you may freeze to death ..blame it on the global warming ,,heh heh …i dunno ,do jews control the sun now to ? ..if the sun has changed vector locationetc and it is not poutting out the btu’s it was maybe it is the suns fault for the winter on us ..remember global warming is a scam for increaed taxes and fees and levies and tarrifs and all manner of restrictions on our lives and ability to eat and work so the jews can fill their cvaults with shiny new shekels ..
    besides the usa is no longer the power house of industry anymore and the bulk of worl pollution is coming from obamas ass and chinas fish breath slopes and the fuckin soviet union and elsewheres like mexico with no regulatory restrictions in place about toxic matters ..

  5. sog says:

    i knoiw that a total of 30 million hindus were wiped out by controlled famine and other shit in around 1900 ..why not muslims ? perhaps all religions are to blame for the attacks on christianity ..anyway india seems to be royally fucked up from religions and the accompanying divisions that result as the jew works these didvisions like they usually do ..divide and destroy ..conquering isnt good enough foir the shitkikes ..

  6. sog says:

    loius farrakoon c alls for fags to be beheaded and stoned in accordance with islamic teachings ..this is not separation of church and state and i wonder why obama hasnt protested ..instead he refers to freekykoon as a heero ,and liberals laud farrah koon for his courage …phikle robertson said what ant hetero would say like how could a man be attracted to a man and that the bible which it does say in fact about drugs drunkenness homoness is sin but god still lves people ..so are they mad at god or at the bible or at phil robertson ..liberals then sqeual like pigs about bigtry and intolerance and pull him off the show etc ..so he gets sanctioned and mean while the oprah whale wishes death on all whites and gets a nobel nigger prise …faggs wont get into the kingdom of god but neither will all jews and other heretics but liberal;s want phils head …amanajihad pres of iran says hang the faggots ,behead them ,stone them and burn them alive or is to death ,anyway then he is invited to speak at columbia university …jews may act like they hate islam and they probably do but they are as thick as thieves in opresent day reality .
    they al kayda boogeyman is now allowed to immigrate freely to usa all the while americans are still being haraased and tortured by tsa and irradiated by the chertoff airport nukers ..

  7. Flanders says:

    A negress school cafeteria “lunch lady” in Fulton County, Ga. is accused of stealing up to $ 1 Million or more. She is “suspected of stealing hundreds of dollars every day for at least five years”, from the North Springs High School.

    “According to the arrest warrants, Watts lives in a five-bedroom, 5,400 square-foot home in south DeKalb County.” No one answered her door when a reporter sought a comment, but “a late model Mercedes pulled out of the garage and drove away from the home.”


  8. bubba says:

    History is simple…

    It is basically which White Euro “nation/culture” bent over for the Kike Jews last/the most.

    aka Spain/Britain/France

    Spain kicked their ass out…Columbus was a Kike Jew.

    Kike Jews” did” Britain via Cromwell…..then France via Napoleon.

    French enjoyed it..butt the Brits wanted more and still do.

    Then the Kike Jews had anchor points to lever against the rest of Europe, and used the Ewe.Ass. as their Golem Bitch.

    Understand this and get “A” in Goyim History

  9. Mississippi Burning Man says:


    Here’s an art challenge:

    Without using the words RACISM or ANTI-SEMITISM – try and create an artwork for each that shows how blacks and jews use each of those words to disguise their ugliness, their psychosis, the vitriolic hatred for anything good, moral or of value.

    The picture/artwork has to be clear without using any words, to anyone that looks at it that the statement the artwork shows is:



    Think it over. That’s a big task but it can be done. Don’t just hurriedly slap it together. Make sure you step and see it from a lot of different angles because anyone has to be pick that up from the artwork. So it has to be carefully crafted to show the truth about what the world is dealing with from these two groups. Who knows if done well it could find itself the picture that says a thousand words and the battle cry for our dying race.

  10. Flanders says:

    “Brave Americans Were Dying While The French Sat Out The War”


  11. t bone says:

    A lot of Whites have been jewwed.

    But now, the internet is changing that.

    Many jew wise people were not very jew wise before the internet.

    So, our brethren of days past probably didn’t realize how jewwed they really were – just like many of us pre-internet.

    Nowadays, there is no excuse.

    I see Whites from many European countries waking up.

    I don’t see many negroes waking up, though.

    Yeah, they are dumb, but they are accountable. They are being jewwed and are all too happy about it. Without the jew, negroes would never have what they have these days.

    I’ll keep a modicum of faith in my people, exclusively.

    Negroes, on the other hand, have done zilch about the jew problem. They exacerbate it.

    Without jew communism, negroes would not be considered as equal to Whites.

    Communism is the negro’s best friend.

  12. Bailey says:

    Where was it the other day that I saw a story about some white frat brats having a MLK party, dressed up like niggers?
    I thought that’s how all wiggers dress, anyway it was RACIST and ASU has revoked its charter.


    MLK was a piece of shit like sog says, the jews got shit to stand up but how did they get it to talk?
    How much of this nigger worshipping should White America have to put up with?

    Call a nigger a nigger these days and there’s a jew law for that and your white ass is going to jail but niggers aka Obama sons beat white people in the streets and put it on nigger star hip hop or whatever the fuck and nobody says shit about the bored yoofs’.

    Niggers rape our women and kill us every damned day and the jew media whores shit themselves if they have to report on it on local lie-0-vision, they know they’re not supposed to but they need to show the local goyim that there on the story.

    Thanks to those who report these “isolated” incidents on this here internet and thanks for those who post the truth and to those who comment on the truth and pass it along to the dupes. Maybe someday they’ll get it.
    It would be nice to have my family and friends talk to me again 🙂

    Last year I got in a road rage incident with a sheboon taking her keeids to skool, apparently I wasn’t going fast enough for her as she drove right up on my ass.
    I could hear her yelling ooga booga or some shit like that so I did what any self respecting white man would do and I slowed down to the speed limit.

    I can hear better now what she’s saying,” Ooga Booga – Ooga Booga Mother Fucker !”

    And then the stupid nigger passed me on the left going up a hill and a right hand curve, that’s where the school was and the traffic was dead stopped and that’s where I made my mistake as I stopped to let her get back in the proper traffic lane.

    Mistake #2, I got out and went and started yelling at her in front of more than a few witnesses, when she called me a white mother fucker I said FUCK YOU, NIGGER and then called her an Obama bitch and that’s when I noticed through the “tints” she had keeds in the back of the car that she was going to drop off at skool.

    OOHH, YOU GOIN’ TO JAIL she yelled.

    This bitch endangered the lives of her childs’ and i’m the criminal?

    Yea, because the jew law says that a white person can not call the nigger a nigger anymore, it’s racial intimidation by bias and hatred, so the next time a nigger calls me white mother fucker i’m calling the cops. I will bring the jew law to task.

  13. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Great Compilation Video of nigger violence:

  14. t bone says:

    The jew law won’t help you, Bailey. You’re White.

    Its best to just call the spade a spade and be done with it.

    And you did.


  15. Flanders says:

    What we Americans must remember is that we do not face jews alone. We are aware already of the jew-founded and influenced minority organizations, and the CFR , the “Think Tanks”, and the “Foundations” of various stripes. One thing that we lose sight of is the traitors who do work for the jews and who snitch and peddle influence, and who act as embedded hidden social arbiters invaribly without identifying themselves or their jewish-driven agendas. These are white people, often waving the American flag, who are often found in our very midst, the Freemasons.

    The below is from a site set up for Freemason recruitment which gives us an idea about how many enemies there are in our midst who operate secret networks in ways which are not helpful to America and which are definately destructive to our race.

    Freemasonry around the world

    Number of countries where Freemasonry is found: 164
    Number of Freemasons worldwide: 5 million
    Number of Freemasons in the USA; 3 million
    Number of organizations and orders that require members to be Masons: 160


    Lodges Worldwide: 33,700
    Lodges in the U.S.A.: 15,300
    Lodges in England: 8,000
    Lodges in Canada: 1,600
    Lodges in Australia: 580
    Lodges in Italy: 560
    Lodges in Germany: 400
    Lodges in Cuba: 300
    Lodges in the Philippines: 200


    The official history of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the parent cult to the “Jewish” Masonic order of B’nai B’rith, testifies to the built-in, viciously antireligious bias of the Rite’s cultist outlook, and the so-called Jewish influence in its historical development.”
    “From its inception in 1843, the American side of this operation, the B’nai B’rith, functioned not only as a secret Masonic cult to undermine the humanist Judaic tradition of Philo of Alexandria but, moreover, to use American Jews as part of Britain’s strategic design to destroy the American republic. The special role assigned to the leadership of the “Jewish” Masonic cult was to facilitate the deployment of numerous secret societies and cults the British had implanted in the U.S. during the last decade of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century.

    Working with the Anglican-American heresy tendency among the Jesuits and B’nai B’rith under the direction of the British Secret Intelligence Service, the “mother cult” Scottish Rite created numerous secret societies and cults modeled to varying degrees on the cult of Dionysus. The Transcendentalists, the Know-Nothings, the abolitionists, the secessionists of the Knights of the Golden Circle, and more, including the post-Civil War Ku Klux Klan, were synthetically created to participate in subverting U.S. institutions and leaders.”


    A 1910 list of jews who were Grand Masters of masons – 6 page PDF

  16. t bone says:

    Good vid, MBM.

    Just watched all 30+ mins.

    Yes, I’m sick of the BS.

    And BS, meaning – Bolshevik jews and Shitskin negroes.

  17. Bailey says:


    “south africa also gave jungle boogers their own soverign lands to build that chocolate paradise but were more interested in outdoor plumbing at the rear end of a cow …”

    Ha Ha, that’s effin’ funny !
    I tied to get some idiots at work to check the vids of nigger showers but they were afraid to.

    t bone,

    Really, next time a nigger call me a white mother fucker i’m calling the po-leece even if it’s just for the cops to make the report.

  18. Flanders says:

    This author below is not, or doesn’t show to be, a jew aware person, but he has a good grasp of Freemasonary on the street levels.

    “Everyone knows about the Shrine Circus and the many people who are helped by them. Why are you criticizing them? Are you saying that they have something to hide from the world”

    Yes, I am saying just that. This is clearly the case with the Shriners. Their public image is that of a fun time group pouring out millions of dollars into charity, all the while dressed up in a party spirit, wearing their Red Fezzes with great aplomb.

    The Fez itself, is an example of this double meaning behind most of Freemasonry’s facade. Worn by ever Shriner and even carried to the grave with pompous dignity, the history of the Fez is barbaric and anti-Christian. In the early 8th century, Muslim hordes overran the Moroccan city of Fez, shouting, “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” There, they butchered many Christians.

    These men, women and children were slain because of their faith in Christ, all in the name of Allah, the same demon god to whom every Shriner must bow, with hands tied behind his back, in worship, proclaiming him the god of his fathers in the Shrine initiation, at the Altar of Obligation.

    We are going to discover that all those good works are simply an outer shell of an inner darkness.”

    This is an article about, “The World’s Dirtiest Bank”, but it has some good information about Freemasonary.

    “In the Far East the British organized the Triad Society, also known as the Society of Heaven and Earth, to smuggle their opium. Beginning in 1788 the Freemason Grand Lodge of England established lodges in China, one of which was the Triad Society. Another was known as the Order of the Swastika.

    The Triads were so named due to the significance of the pyramid to the global elite. The apex of a pyramid represents a king’s power to the ancient Freemasons, who promote monarchy as a form of government. The base of a pyramid represents the masses of workers who are the king’s subjects. Superimposed with an inverted pyramid representing godly powers, the two pyramids form the Star of David, an ancient symbol used by the Freemason predecessor Knights Templar and now associated with the occult, Zionism and the state of Israel. [5]

    In 1839 William Jardine- a Canton-based opium trafficker- steered Britain into the first Opium War after Chinese officials confiscated his stash. The second Opium War lasted from 1858-1860. Lord Palmerston commanded both expeditions for the Brits. He was also the High Priest of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the British Empire. [6]

    Throughout the 19th century the British families of Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Inchcape, Baring and Rothschild controlled the Chinese heroin traffic.”

    Freemasonary’s Connection To The Homosexual Movement

    “Freemasonry is still a force in America and the world. The fact that this group is evidently biased against women (who cannot join the group) and biased in favor of homosexual relationships should not go unmentioned, and neither should the very real possibility that this group is using its influence to try to impose pro-homosexual “values” on the public.”


  19. Flanders says:

    “…[P]henomena cease to be strange when we recollect that the capitalistic press, the American government, the Mexican government and the Russian Soviet government apparently antagonistic to one another in many ways, are all equally Masonic, and more or less under Jewish influence or control.

    “Within the bosom of almost every State in Europe and America there exist at the present time secret societies firmly established and actively functioning. Like a foreign disease embedded within the human body, which needs must be a constant source of pain, disease and unrest, these underground associations are something apart from the natural life and activities of the State.

    They are linked up directly, or indirectly by a community of principles, aims and methods, with the great International Masonic Order, who is totally control by the “Learned Elders of Zion,” from behind the scenes, and whose influence finance, and guidance they operate. With the aid of its local units and through the instrumentality of international finance, the capitalistic press, and other means still more unscrupulous, Freemasonry and its allied forces can paralyze the activities of the legitimate government and thwart all its efforts for the protection and prosperity of the people.

    During the past two centuries Freemasonry has been an ever growing power in European and American politics, and has had a constantly increasing share in directing the course of events, until today it has almost attained to the position of an usurping super-government “bestriding our narrow world like a colossus.”



  20. Axe Man says:

    MBM, That’s an awesome idea about the nigger/jew picture that says a thousand words. I’ll print multiple copies of those pictures and stick them in prominent public places along with all my other truth propaganda.

    Does anyone know the origin of the term kike?

  21. Cleansweep says:

    There is a solution to this violence against whites.


    Extended selfdefense.

    Pre emptive selfdefense.

    If a black man kills a white man, white men will kill this apes wife and children.
    Along with the scumbag itself ofcourse.

    We just need to get it in our heads that no one will mess around with us.

    Its zero tolerance. Zero tolerance of intimidation, threats, violence.

    Payback with interest.

  22. ticktock says:

    Cleansweep: You have a point. If the whites would go “psycho” in retaliation for black on white horrific crimes, and then the government goes balistic in trying to “control” the whites by locking them up……………then they would only have the non working blacks sucking at the breasts of their jew money masters……….and no one would be supporting this criminal jew government of communists! One generation could turn the tide!

  23. sog says:

    thats the jist of it bailey ..like t bone says ..we all say ..we all know ..its even against the law to call a jew a jew ..just the jew word with a tone not to the liking of jews seeking white woprshippers ..it s gotten nuts out there ..canada is as fucked up as britain and europe with the jew protected mass insanity immigration of islammix savages ..
    yeah you should have not let the fat nigger jizz dumpster back in the lane …sheiyit an when she done rolld over an shit a spewin gasaleen yall can just toss a match on it ..let em all burn ..fuck em ..this country is batshit crazy now with socialists ,marxists communists zionists neo cons jew swindlers gredy jew banksters niggers running the streets with thsir obama guns and their obama phones ..its amazing lol that some people cant see the trouble they are going to be caught up in soon ot later but inevidably ..
    in canada if you say the word jew by itself you will go to jail ..you have to say jewish person ,and with the right tone and facial expression ,preferably one thet denotes your undying loyalty to kazaar swindlers ..i wonder what toto would do ..who would he anhilate ..

  24. ticktock says:

    I work for a multi billion dollar company (not for much longer as I am of retirement age and they are setting me up to “eliminate” my position. I am astonished at the number of Jews that are being moved into major high positions and corporate offices. The company policy now has turned totally Communistic. You are not tolerated to have an opinion about the company, the policies or even unfair practices. The moral of this increasingly “controlled” environment has become nothing more than “be grateful you have a job”. They have seen to it that anyone speaking against supervision, policies or practices are promptly threatened with “you will no longer work here” mantra and they promply shut you up! The black employees however are given every possible break and stay employeed while many whites are out the door. This company is absolutely horrible compared to what it used to be. They continue to make more and more money to the benefit of the stockholders of course. I have noticed that the murmuring and grumbling has stopped greatly by the brainwashing tactics of management to get them all in line to be good puppets as they themselves! The Wizard of Oz is alive and well in corporate jew controlled Amerika.

  25. Bailey says:

    You have to say “jewish person” with a smile on your face ?
    That’s not easy.

    Maybe I shouldn’t post a link without reading it but the headline confirms that Canadians are fucked.

    Coming soon to the JewSA.

  26. Bailey says:


    I’m living the same dream but sadly, I have a long way to go for retirement.
    this year they introduced the “wellness program” as a benefit included in our health insurance.
    To enter the wellness program you have to submit your blood, you can opt out if you want to pay double in your employee contribution.
    Naturally, I opted out , i’m not giving my blood to anyone.
    My insurance went from $22 per pay period to just over forty four dollars.

    I’ll pay the money instead of contributing to a future DNA data bank.

    I believe that those who submit and are in poor health will be put on a special list for those who will be dumped in the future.

  27. Flanders says:

    Axe Man, re your 3:22 question – The story I’ve read about the “kike” origin in referring to jews is that when so many jews who didn’t know how to read or write immigrated (flooded) into the US during the 1880’s and 90’s, the jews refused to use the X to mark immigration forms and instead used circles to mark them. Kiken was a jew yiddish word meaning “circle” (and similiar to “yid”) was shortened to Kike by the immigration people to refer to those jews. The reason for the jews refusal is that the X’s to jews represented the Christian Cross and the jews hated Christianity so much that they refused to use it. The jew literature tries to hide that stories origin by denying the part about hatred of Christianity, but it’s obvious the hatred that jews still have for anything Christian, and European jews certainly did hate Christianity during those earlier times.

  28. Flanders says:

    Bailey and Tick Tock, I’ve experienced the same thing myself in the change in corporate enviornments. From what I have observed the legislation to tie the hands of legitimate corporate owners in properly running their businesses was passed during the sixties, mainly during the administration of the crypto-jew, LBJ. That legislation was designed to allow the corporate owners to invade Constitutionally protected areas of employees lives, which is not legal for the Federal government, by enabling the corporations to impose sanctions instead. The “civil rights” legislation and massive paperwork and accounting requirements were designed for that purpose, and to allow the Feds to enforce it against the legitimate corporate owners.

    It wasn’t until about 1980 that the scheme became more obvious in it’s intent to allow corporate “downsizing” and “cost-cutting” to deprive Americans of representation in their employment. Until that time most people enjoyed their work and felt loyalty to the employer because that historically worked as a two-way deal for the benefit of legitimate owners. The webs sown by jews are often not obvious for years after they are woven.

  29. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Axe Man says:
    January 24, 2014 at 3:22 am
    Does anyone know the origin of the term kike?

    Maybe Ellis Island. I know that’s where the word “Jew” came from, shortened from Juden or Judean since it wasn’t always clear as to where the filth had originated from and couldn’t pronounce their names they started referring to them as Juden or jews. Jew wasn’t in existence until the 1800’s in America although they claim they were always referred to as Jews. It was how the Eastern European cast offs were able to hijack the Hebrew religion. Prior to that Hebrews and Jews were not one in the same. Hebrews were a religious sect whereas Jews are predominantly atheists. Jews squished together to garner sympathy because many Jews spoke Hebrew. It wasn’t long until the Hebrews that followed the Old Testament and the 10 Commandments found themselves overtaken by the Jews who follow the Talmud. They then become closely associated as being the same thing et. al. Heeb or Hebrew. When in actuality they were two separate groups. Again another example of how they throw their own under the bus for any sort of gain. Similar to how the settlers that landed at Plymouth Rock being referred to as Pilgrims though the actual Pilgrims on the ship were the party that chartered the vessels and not everyone on the ship was a Pilgrim but history erased the details and referred to the entire ship’s passengers as “Pilgrims”.

  30. summerled says:

    The Pursuit of Racial Amity

    “One of the nice things about reality is that it is what it is, no matter what anybody says it is.”—the eminent philosopher James Morris

    Pondering the smoking ruins of American racial policy, I wonder whether it isn’t time to say publicly what many, if not most, of both races know: It isn’t working. It isn’t going to work. If it were, it would have. If it were working, we would not need the unending laws to force the races together when they don’t want to be together. If people wanted diversity, it would happen without compulsion.

    The hope that black and white would mingle amicably if only segregation were dismantled relied on a peculiarly American inattention to life and history, and on a belief that people will behave as we want them to, instead of how they observably do behave. Human nature remains human nature, no matter how hard one holds one’s breath and turns blue.

    It is not an easy thing that we try to do. Frequently, far smaller disparities than those between black and white lead to bloody conflict. Catholics and Protestants, Shia and Sunni, Jew and Christian are often virtually indistinguishable, yet share a history of internecine butchery of each other. Is there anywhere an example of two groups so large and utterly different as blacks and whites successfully merging?

  31. http://en.ria.ru/russia/20140122/186810629/Russia-Has-Too-Many-Banks–Putin.html



    I don’t follow Gilad Atzmon much, but here he dissects the hypocrisy of a Brittish kike’s problem with “gentile” identarian and self-advocacy politics very well is response to the kike whining about the “quinelle.”

    Also, in some article I read there was a picture of a huge wall mural in sochi of a proud and very handsome white blonde Russian that has been totally scrubbed from any image searches on Google. A smaller version is in the sbpdl link above. The thing is like 10 stories tall.

    White character:


    Black character (it’s your responsibility to sacrifice your children to save ours. awww):


    kike character: see the atzmon link

  32. Awesome piece Incog, btw — Thank you on behalf of the white race.

    I’ve got one stuck in moderation too.

  33. The biggest thing – the key thing – is to scramble or remove our identity of ourselves, our unity and pride and, at the same time, to scramble our ability to ascertain, detect, or identify real jewish identity, ‘pride’ and unity. You can’t be motivated to do something extraordinary of there is nothing that moves you. If you are motivated by mundane elements of existence only -eating, sleeping, pleasure- you are not going to do anything extraordinary, you are just going to do what it takes to get the “reward.” This is why they screw up, scramble or otherwise remove our culture, because it is the bathwater in which the baby of our identity lives.

  34. t bone says:

    So a jew pretends to be an arab who trashes jews. The crowd really eats it up – which indicates that they really don’t like jews. But they’ll lie to themselves and others for the sake of PC.

    The funny thing is that the jew knows this all too well. The jew probably accepts the fact that it is despised by many. It just likes to see people silenced so that it knows its in control.

    The jew publicizes this shit just so it can gauge us.


  35. Flanders says:

    Anti Cain (in the last part of this comment) understands that the perceptions built by media has led us to be blinded to the true symbiotic nature, and to have a false sense of viewing jews and moslems as being independent and separate antagonistic enemies. While this is true on some levels, it is also true that certain similarities between jews and moslems is undeniable.

    Before we get to that let’s take some time to examine Freemasonary and see whether the messages, symbology and intents are truly different from that of the jews and moslems.

    “”If Freemasonry were simply a Christian institution, the Jew and the Moslem, the Brahman and Buddhist, could not conscientiously partake of its illumination.” [Albert Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry”, p. 182, 33rd Degree Mason.] We find it highly instructive that Mackey boldly admits to Masonic Adepts that Freemasonry is NOT Christian! Of course, at the time Mackey wrote his book, it was secret, available only to Adept Masons. Had Mackey ever thought that this book would have become available to the public, he would not have been so bold.”.
    “Every Masonic Lodge is a temple of religion, and its teachings are instruction in religion”. [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma , p. 213. Pike was a 33rd Degree Mason, Head of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction] Pike’s revelation here, at the 13th Degree, that Masonry teaches religion, is a perfect example of the deliberate lying policy of Freemasonry. At the 10th Degree, Pike states that “Masonry is not a religion”. Then, at the 13th Degree, the Mason is told that this statement was false, and that Masonry IS a religion. Then, whenever a person not a Mason makes the charge that Masonry is a religion, they are then quoted Pike at the 10th Degree denying it, and are never told that Pike reverses himself at the 13th Degree to admit that Masonry IS a religion. Truly, Freemasonry is a series of long hallways of smoke and mirrors, designed to lead all but a handful of Masons astray, and to deceive 100% of all Non-Masons. No organization that engages in deliberate lying can call itself Christian”.
    “”All truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabalah and return to it; everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of the Illuminati … all the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and their symbols.” [Pike, Morals and Dogma ] We wish to warn all our Jewish friends who are caught up in the revival of Kabalah study, they are believing in the very Satanic counterfeit to the Torah and other Old Testament books of the Bible that the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus’ day were practicing. Did you know that the major reason the Pharisees and Sadducees plotted to murder Jesus, in spite of His obvious supernatural power, was because they were practicing the witchcraft of the Kabalah?”
    “”It is this which has served as the basis for our organisation of SECRET MASONRY WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO, AND AIMS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS SUSPECTED BY, THESE … CATTLE, ATTRACTED BY US INTO THE SHOW ARMY OF MASONIC LODGES IN ORDER TO THROW DUST IN THE EYES OF THEIR FELLOWS … masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place,remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.” [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, capitalization in the original, but color emphasis added]

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the most blatantly Satanic document in world history! They systematically list all the steps that are necessary to establish their New World Order and its superman, Antichrist. For the Protocols to boldly state that Freemasonry is a blind screen for the Illuminati, is damning. Once again, we see their belief, stated by Pike above, that a super rite that is totally unknown, will promote the interests of the Illuminati powerfully. Freemasonry itself is being used as a “blind screen” by the Illuminati, to bring in the New World Order.”

    http://www.cuttingedge.org/free14.html [See to]:


    Remember that not all early American masons were directly controlled by jewry nor had bad intentions, but the later evolution within Freemasonary in America caused the effect of Freemasonary to be a following of the intents of the jews. That point of separation in time elements is almost lost in the explanation below.

    “Masonry was not always as it appears today. Many early Christian patriots during the foundational period of American history were part of the predominate “York Rite”, which promoted values, ethics, and brotherhood among its members. It has been reported that true Freemasonry Lodges were established in the cellars of Episcopalian and Presbyterian Churches. It was the Illuminati infiltration of the American Fraternal Lodges by the Jesuit-spawned “Scottish Rite” that moved through the ranks like a virus to take them over from within.”
    “High level Masons believe that Lucifer never fell to earth and that Lucifer is really God, and refer to Jehovah by the name of ‘Adonay,’ saying that he is the god of evil because he forces men to be subservient to his repressive dictates. Masonic books given to handpicked members of the 32nd and 33rd Degrees say that Jesus was an impostor and that Lucifer is the true God. The Masons have their own Luciferian based calendar. Where ours is based on the years before (B.C.) and after (A.D.) the birth of Christ, theirs counts its years with the suffix A.L. meaning ‘Anno Lucis’ or ‘Year of Light’ (Lucifer).”
    “The next statement reduces the Masonic philosophy to a single premise. Pike writes:

    “The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is that of Yahweh reversed; for Satan is not a black god … Lucifer, the Light Bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light … Doubt it not!”

    These various passages should settle any arguments concerning the anti-Christian nature of the Masons. Their role in history seemed to be to act as a diluting factor, to lessen the impact of Christianity through tolerance, and to politically work towards the goals established by the Illuminati.”

    Anti Cain explains that false sense of viewing jews and moslems as being independent and separate antagonistic enemies in his post, “Don’t Choose Sides In The False Rivalry Of Judaism And Islam – Reject BOTH”.

    “The false dichotomy of Jews and Moslems can be seen for the illusion it is on more than one level. At a religious level, the Islamic faith is simply a continuation of Judaism. Whereas Christianity in its un-Judaised form is a return to the pre-Jewish religions of the ancient Israelites – and through Catholicism, to the noble indigenous ‘pagan’ faiths of Europe – Islam is an extension of Judaism as a religion for the Goyim. Indeed, Islam is the fulfillment of the Jewish faith, supply as it does, a subservient people who will unquestioningly submit to the will of a dæmonic entity; Allah, Jehovah, Satan, Jahbulon – the names change, the monster remains the same.

    The links between the Jews and Moslems are not limited to their obsession with a spiritual force which all sane and rational people would reject. At a racial level, the Elders of Jewry and the Elders of Islam are the same people. The apologists for Islam like to claim that the Saudi royal family and their Salafi/Wahhabi variant of Islam is not real Islam, but a Jewish corruption of it due to the Jewish racial nature of the House of Saud. This argument appears to be a credible one, until one takes the time to consider that the jihadists are not an aberration, but a purist form of Islam; they are strict adherents of the Quran who differ only from other Moslems in their devotion to an ideology of murder, theft, rape and despotism.

    The point that the Saudis are racially Jewish does not in any way make them less Moslem than others who follow Islam. There is a danger of getting embroiled in the controversy of the rival sects. Ultimately, they all follow the same texts, all worship the same entity, and differ only in specific details. The Wahhabis may seem fouler than the other sects – and their biological heritage may be a reason why this is so – but they are simply a variant of Islam and no better or worse than any other.”


  36. Greg says:

    The jews actually benefit if they show a tiny bit of negro on White crime because with the internet exposing what is really going on those awakened are telling kwans about all the negro on White crime. So when the kwans watch the news and see a negro on White crime they think the jew news is really on their side….and hey, a negro on White crime, every race has criminals. It all looks balanced out the way their kwan heads have been psychologically raped to believe it is.

    But, drive one of those kwans to a negro ghetto and see how nervous they get. Watch them lock the doors.

    Like I said: It must be hard work to deny reality and hang on to denial.

    They can’t do it forever and remain comfortable or survive.

  37. Flanders says:

    Incogman, I overlooked the number of links and have a comment that’s hung.

  38. bubba says:

    Axe Man says:
    January 24, 2014 at 3:22 am
    Does anyone know the origin of the term kike?


    I don’t know, but I like it.

  39. t bone says:

    “Possibly you even visualize yourself as a real revolutionary fighter against “the man,” whoever the hell that might be.” – Incog

    That’s it right there. I see many angry White people who have no idea what it is they’re angry at. They throw ideas out there and hope to land on the right one. A big one is ‘the government’. But that hardly narrows it down. They don’t look at what group has the most gov’t power.

    For example, jew politicians in Canada are far too over-represented. The demographic is highly disproportionate when compared to other groups, esp. when you factor in that jews are well under 1% of the world population.


    Many White people start looking inward, like they are at fault. They look for imperfections in their own kind while looking for silver linings in the enemy.

    They endlessly spin their wheels because they have been conditioned to never look at the root cause. Whoever the hell “the man” is, is just not good enough.

    Its really this simple:

    Its the jews, stupid.

  40. Karen says:

    Albert Schweitzer…….

    “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

  41. Karen says:

    Bubba, according to Phil Cowen, first editor of The American Hebrew, it comes from the Yiddish (maybe Hebrew?) word “kikel” meaning circle. Jewish immigrants signed their entry forms with a circle rather than the X used by other immigrants unfamiliar with English, the reason being that they equated the X with Christianity. As a derogatory term it was supposedly first used by assimilated German Jews and eventually shortened to Kike. Personally I prefer Yid or Sheeney.

  42. Karen says:

    Kike is similar to Nigger in that they’re both used among themselves. Call a negro a nigger and it’s no big deal but call him a coon or sambo, ouch.

  43. Greg says:

    political correctness t bone.

    There is no shortage of White people who know things are messed up but few of our people have shaken off PC programming.

    The jews hide behind racial strife and political correctness.

    Thats why I tell White people who are fed up with things that they can’t keep doing the same thing (believing in racial equality and jewish holiness) and expect things to change.

    If hating Hitler was the answer they should be in paradise by now.

  44. t bone says:


    The jew is a form of nigger and the nigger is a form of jew – both are exploitative parasites who use victimhood as their platform.

    I say, dump ’em all in Liberia (not the communist headquarters – israel). Its there where we start to see a level playing field. Whites can then sort things out without these mooching, whining infiltRATors.

    And the paradise that never came to fruition via this jew/negro loving, would now present itself.

    Negroes and jews belong together. Whites have no business being part of this hell on Earth that jews and shitskins have apathetically created.

  45. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    t-bone : When I get someone saying , ” It’s the government …” I explain that the U.S. gov’t and most all others are simply tools of something larger…jewish power. I try and make them see that gov’t is just an instrument that jews use to expand their power over the masses. I explain that their most powerful tool is probably media and heebywood because w/ these they can deteriorate and disable complete societies , heritages and cultures thru social engineering and mind control.

  46. bubba says:

    t bone says:
    January 24, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    For example, jew politicians in Canada are far too over-represented. The demographic is highly disproportionate when compared to other groups, esp. when you factor in that jews are well under 1% of the world population.



    I was looking through the Kike Jew list and noticed ” Jack Austin”

    aha !

    Didn’t know he was a Kike.

    He was an big time advisor to Ex Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau(who was a communist).

    Austin advised Trudeau to focus on the core voting blocks in Quebec and Ontario, and to hell with the rest of Canada, as opposed to trying to represent the entire country. Western Canada was treated like a colony, especially oil rich Alberta, which was raped and pillaged by the Feds.

    Trudeau was also responsible for the multiculturalism agenda, forcing it down peoples throats.

    Wherever there is a rat…there is a bigger RAT Kike Jew pulling the strings

  47. bubba says:

    Who Pays? Foreign Students Do Not Help with the Balance of Payments



    It has been argued for years that foreign students contribute to America’s balance of payments because of money they bring with them from abroad. A careful analysis shows that such arguments are false because of three fundamental flaws:

    1. The calculations ignore the massive, partially hidden subsidies to higher education coming from American tax dollars and endowment funds;

    2. The calculations supporting the balance-of-payments argument use highly questionable data-collection techniques; and

    3. Other, stronger, studies show that foreign students make heavy use of U.S. funds to support their graduate educations.

    “International students contributed $14.5 billion to the U.S. economy in 2006/2007.”1

    That’s the claim of the Institute of International Education (IIE), a New York-based advocacy organization dealing primarily with foreign students at American institutions. It is a balance-of-payments argument that is annually reported by — and never examined by — the media. It is an argument totally without merit.

    Now, some myths are organic, growing naturally, and others are carefully nurtured by interest groups. As we will show, this myth has been lovingly nourished by the IIE for decades, using a whole series of dubious statistical practices.


    First, there are a lot of them. Open Doors 2007, the most recent of IIE’s annual reports on the subject, reports that there were 582,984 of them in the 2006-2007 academic year, or 3.9 percent of the universities’ total enrollment. Further, their numbers, after a mild post-9/11 dip, keep rising.

    Second, most of them are graduate, not undergraduate students; most are here to secure academic credentials that will help them find jobs, either in the United States or elsewhere. Thirdly, the big majority of them are from Asia, with the largest single groups, again according to Open Doors 2007, coming from India, 83,833, and China (including Hong Kong), 75,445.3

    Finally, most graduate students (both domestic and foreign) are both workers and students; they are usually employed on campus, at least during the school year. The lucky ones are hired to do research for their professors, often on subjects useful to their own dissertations; less lucky ones teach underclassmen or perform other chores around the campus; members of a small third group have the mixed blessings of a fellowship, which provides money for living expenses without requiring work; this arrangement, however, does not bring the student into the close touch with his or her professor that goes with a job as a research assistant.

    Graduate students, as a group, play an important role in the academic labor force, particularly of the larger universities. Without them, and their often ill-paid work, much academic activity would slow considerably.

    etc etc.

    Good article.

  48. Karen says:

    Pierre Trudeau was a great man, an anti-Semite and Nazi sympathiser. He refused to enlist in WW2, preferring to drive through Montreals jewish neighbourhoods on his motorcycle wearing full Nazi regalia. Definitely a great man.

  49. Karen says:

    Young Trudeau: Fascist, anti-Semite, and separatist – Canada.com


  50. bubba says:

    Karen says:
    January 24, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Pierre Trudeau was a great man, an anti-Semite and Nazi sympathiser. He refused to enlist in WW2, preferring to drive through Montreals jewish neighbourhoods on his motorcycle wearing full Nazi regalia. Definitely a great man.

    Dear Karen..

    April 1st is approx. 3 months away

    ……but thanks for an early ROTFLMAO.

    PS….. you are kidding ……..right?

  51. Axe Man says:

    Thanks Flanders and MBM. Trust a superstitious, neurotic and satanic kike to have used circles instead of an x (cross).
    F*cking PARAKIKES!

  52. Flanders says:

    I saw your comment about the plus sign, Incogman, and Wikipedia has this:

    “A Jewish tradition that dates from at least the 19th century is to write plus using a symbol like an inverted T. This practice was adopted into Israeli schools (this practice goes back to at least the 1940s) and is still commonplace today in elementary schools (including secular schools) but in fewer secondary schools. It is also used occasionally in books by religious authors, but most books for adults use the international symbol “+”. The usual explanation for this practice is that it avoids the writing of a symbol “+” that looks like a Christian cross. Unicode has this symbol at position U+FB29 ? hebrew letter alternative plus sign.”

    The Footnotes #’s 16 and 17 say this:

    “”In Israel the plus sign used in mathematics is represented by a horizontal stroke with a vertical hook instead of the sign otherwise used all over the world, because the latter is reminiscent of a cross.” (Page 96)

    Jump up ^ Unicode U+FB29 reference page This form of the plus sign is also used on the control buttons at individual seats onboard the El Al Israel Airlines aircraft.”


    • INCOG MAN says:

      Flanders: Yeah, I thought those nutcases weren’t using the plus sign to this day. They can’t handle the guilt over Jesus to this day! Truly insane hypocrite freaks.

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