Jewry Turning Whites Into MUD MORONS!


Every so often my hit software registers when someone has put in a link to my site with a comment at places like “Before It’s News.” Should I track such things back to see WTF is up, the comment is already long gone. This is because the people at such sites delete it as soon as they notice a link to EVIL INCOG MAN.

Oh, I know it’s because I’m a RACIST NEGRO HATER or two, a HOMOPHOBE — a ridiculous word, since I’m not at all scared of limp-wristed fags (unless a bunch of them with dildos have me surrounded) or three, and probably the most important, a vicious ANTI-SEMITE Jew hater boy who wants-to-kill-six-million more poor little urban shtetl jews while I prance around in jackboots, seig-heiling up a storm. Yeah, they sure do have me pegged, alright.

Chances are, some of these sites (or many — I don’t know), may in fact be Jew hasbarats or even major league black psyops — set up by Zionist forces to siphon off attention from those of us who are now talking about “THE REAL DEAL.” Fortunately, plenty of other people are now also getting it and have their own websites/blogs that name the joo. Well, at least until they get the Internet totally censored, anyway.

Let me just state for the record: The forces of International, Globalist Jewry and Zionism have long been playing murderous chess games all over the planet; while the same SOB’s are also the ones who created PC and openly work to breed/slime us White people into the GD gutter. The dots connecting these punks are so obvious anymore that it makes me insanely pissed that some people still don’t get it!


The stinking Jews are doing everything they can to slowly destroy the beautiful White race — no doubt, whatsoever. Just turn on the TV if you think it’s only conspiracy nonsense. The bottom right is from an Abercrombie & Fitch ad that got a lot of PC flack merely because they used all White models!

And sure, not all of it is Jews. There’s tons of what is called “Shabbos Goys” — non-Jews who take part in the destruction of America and the White race for money and/or self-destructive White-hating ideologies, created and fostered by Pied Piper Jewry to begin with!

Now when I go to these sites like “Before It’s News,” I see all sorts of bizarre theories, like the Pope, Vatican or even hidden Nazis are in cahoots with Aliens from the planet “Nibaru,” or some wacked Christian Zionist has suddenly reinterpreted a bit of gobbledygook buried in the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel — one that just might mean the Anti-Christ is such and such big shot — who’s going to cut off all our gonads should we let Iran get the Big One before the “7th Seal” is broken.*

But you know what I’ve noticed? As you scroll down through all these articles, opening and reading a few, none of them say JACK about Jewry’s subversive history, nor the insane crap Zionist Israel gets away with doing in the present day — not only to other countries and powerless people (like the Palis), but to America, too. It’s practically like the evening news for crying out loud!

The black void of any Jew talk is as noticeable as a silent, gigantic UFO mothership crossing the night sky and blocking out the stars (excuse me, I’m kind of in the zone).

Now I’m not trying to say UFOs are not real. It’s just an entirely different subject matter than Jewry’s slow motion genocide of the White race. In fact, NWO Globalist Jewry is specifically using such topics as to distract us from them.

Say what, Cog Man? Yep, Jews cleverly get us to mentally segue way on to subjects that take our brains elsewhere. I see this all the time. The SOBs are tricky GD rats!

Let me briefly tell you an example of Jew BS involving UFOs while I’m at it. I’ve been meaning to write something on this for the longest time.

Whether it’s merely little Jews out to make a fast buck, or NWO Globalist Jewry wishing to fill the Goy’s head with anything so us White people don’t “see” them — Jewry has created all sorts of BS for what’s going down to confuse our race.

The Secretary of State for the Truman presidency back in the late 40’s, was this guy named James Forrestal, who was well-respected by military men for his brilliant efforts during WWII as Secretary of Defense.

While Truman was prez, the State department (not yet fully Zio corrupted like today) didn’t think the idea of America getting closely involved with Israel was too smart since we had so many friends in the Mideast (not anymore) and the fact that the Soviets were helping Israel at the time because of the many fellow commie Jews in the Soviet Union (they don’t talk about that, now do they?).

Although Truman was often privately pissed about hotheaded Zionists over here telling him what to do every minute, in the end Truman was turned into a major Jew butt boy. The rich Israel-Firsters bought him off with a two million dollar “campaign donation” to recognize Israel (as per what JFK told Gore Vidal), right before his “surprise victory” over Dewey in 1948’s elections.

Well, the Jews sure didn’t cotton to James Forrestal since the Zionists knew his reticence about America supporting the creation of IsraHELL. They had plenty of Sayanim (Jewish fifth columnist agents for Israel) embedded everywhere. They secretly drugged the guy into a depressive state, then practically kidnapped him for a “vacation” to a rich Jew-owned Florida estate, where a team of Jew psychologists effed him up in the head even worse (psycho babble Jews are expert at such matters).

Described as being in a “strange daze,” Forrestal was checked into the Bethesda Naval hospital (later called Walter Reed), where assassins tossed him out the window, falling 16 stories to his death. They said a Greek poem he wrote out was really a suicide note. His brother long insisted it was a cover-up of his murder.

Anyhoo, ever since the 1980’s, tricky dick Jews like Stanton Friedman and the media have been emplanting in the UFO community that Forrestal was a member of a top-secret UFO government committee called “Majestic 12″ and was killed because he was getting ready to reveal to the public UFOs were real. Oh, man, all kinds of stuff has been written about this Majestic 12 business over the last 30 years or so.

Now you might be telling yourself that Cog Man is pretty trippy to believe the Jews suicided Forrestal. I don’t blame you for being suspicious these days. But let me just state for the record: I’ve been studying all this crap for many years — I once even seriously considered the UFO explanation as the secret motive behind the increasingly obvious efforts at genociding the White race.

But, unfortunately, when you tally up the mounting evidence, the real deal is that we have ourselves a evil little monkey on our back called the KHAZAR Jews. These historically devious punks have been brainwashing our race with all sorts of crazy-as-hell crap for decades now. Sure, I’d love to think it was only little green men from Alpha Centauri instead of people thinking I’m a Nazi hater guy — least-wise, I might score with some wacky New-Ager babes!

Turn on the TV and you can see all the brainwashing they do to White people in effin’ real time. It’s easy to spot (you probably have done so already). Extrapolate out to what these kind of things mean to our race as a whole. You certainly don’t need this old coon dog to reach your own conclusions.

Make clear note of all the crazy stuff they feel free as a bird to put on cable shows these days and act like it’s real. Such as the History Channel’s “Cryptid: The Swamp Beast” and A&E’s “Mermaid: Evidence Found” — fake documentaries that use shaky camera angles and faked CGI videos — supposedly made by regular people witnesses. The media Jews even hire Hollywood “actors” to pretend being real-life scientists who desperately want to get the word out to the public, but the evil government is out to silence them. Right.

Like they could really fight “The Man” on mainstream TV!

These phony science documentaries are just the latest form of clever media mind-flocks designed to get people sucked into a bunch of bull, while at the same time making the corporate media beaucoup bucks. You can see how they show them on one channel, and then run them on other network channels later on — as if none of us will notice.

Of course, all this is in addition to your usual never-ending bull about evil Hitler and PC black victimhood from us racist Whiteys all over the place. How much longer can they beat a dead horse? I mean really.


On the left, is a 1995 multicult, pro-immigration Jew propaganda piece on how Americans will look in the future. But the photo was really of a Caucasian model photoshopped darker and disingenuously called “computer generated.” On the right, is a more accurate representation of the dumbed-down, mud moron they want to turn our race into.

Not only have they got us White people chasing ghosts of all sorts, the media Jews are also openly brainwashing Whites to breed away with other races — Blacks, Asians, Mestizos, Arabs — doesn’t matter. The whole point is to gradually destroy any sense of a White race so we don’t all come together in time to put a stop to their long-running NWO agenda.

They are turning the White race into a moronic, loony bunch of half-witted, half breeds!

Look, I can’t reach through the Internet wires and put a gun to your head. Just spend a little time on my site — read a few things, watch a few videos I have embedded under my crazy-looking masthead above (many online videos get censored out of existence, so if something is missing it’s because it’s too persuasive and the Jews worked to get it removed, no lie).

Or go to a few of the links I have over on the left and see what other Whites got to say, in case you think it’s just me or something.

— Phillip Marlowe

* Paranoid Jewry will never allow the possibility of Iran having any serious nuclear capability, let alone strapped up with deliverable warheads, so it’s only a matter of time before they suck America into another murderous war — not only killing American soldiers but running this country straight into the gutter, financially. The psycho Zionists have done it all before. They could care less about any Goyim suffering, or countries they use and abuse.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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181 Responses to Jewry Turning Whites Into MUD MORONS!

  1. JD says:


    Have a nice weekend.
    Visit with friends and family.
    Drink a nice German Beer (Toast to Adolf and The Monks that invented beer) or Italian wine or some Bourbon.
    Take a walk or nice hike and admire GODs beauty. You sound stressed, dont let the rats get to you.
    Peace +

  2. WP says:

    They are turk mongols, monsters basically with reptile and/or swine dna mixed in.
    Other than that, some kind of genetic experiment gone wrong is best answer.
    You might barf up a little in your throat to read this Crailglist post:

    Posted: 2014-03-27 10:25am
    compensation: $8,000
    A Jewish Blessing, LLC was founded as a compassionate response to infertile Jewish families around the world who desperately need help finding qualified and extraordinary young Jewish women who have the desire to give them the gift of life through Egg Donation.

    We are currently working with many wonderful families who are struggling with the heartache of infertility, with more families reaching out to us each day. We would be truly grateful for your help if you feel that this act of generosity might be right for you.

    If you are a Jewish woman age 20-32, kind, responsible, with a generous spirit and a great personality, and would like to consider donating your eggs in order to help one of our families achieve their dream of becoming parents then please email us at

    Our sincere gratitude to you for passing this forward to friends and family that might also be in a position to help.

    • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

  3. Hoff says:

    Lets see if this post show instantly?

  4. Hoff says:

    No, it didn’t. Incogman, I still have one comment in spamblinka. If you want you can del it, but approve the comment without text, except a dot or so. Then I think comment will work. Had the same problem with some commenters over at Hofflandia.

    You do realise incog that is the only site of its kind? Read my spamblinked comment. Thx for your hard work incog 🙂

  5. silvernickel says:

    JD, nice sentiment there for the Incogman……I’ll be doing the hiking bit, myself.

    Red Pill, thanks for being aware of the Peruvian skulls and the confirmation here. I was actually just watching Brien Foerster vids before coming here. Interesting synchronicity.

  6. S says:

    As far as I’m concerned: If you promote the Jewish agenda, if you propagate the Holohoax story, if you support anti-White genocidal policies, if you support Israel or if you spew crap about Zion and “their” god, you’re a Jew. Not because of your DNA but because of your thinking.

    This comment board explains in a nutshell why taking back our civilization will be difficult, if not impossible. There’s too much division and finger pointing. Too busy infighting, calling eachother hasbarats and other childish crap. Which is why I quit reading them (I used to post here if anyone remembers)

    Hope you’re doing well, Incog. Don’t let it get you down.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, to the guy who gave me a donation! You know who you are.

      Sorry everyone for being so pissy. Just don’t like getting accused of being a hypocrite. I do everything I can to expose the hypocrites of all history here. We all know who these trouble makers are!

  7. summerled says:

    you have got it in a nutshell we are to interested in nit picking to tackle the real problem gregs rant is just a symptom of that, easy to type hard to do!!

  8. Incogman: This site is my home page on all devices.

    I send your writing out to friends and post your articles ALL over unedited! The straight between the eyes writing and graphics are the best on the net! You have a gift!

    I have learned much here at this site, it is truly a treasure trove of information. I also appreciate the great links folks post and enjoy many of the regular commenters. protocolsRtrue, Dicarlo, and so on.

    I am disappointed in general about the belly aching and discord of the White Race. I have never understood that about our people. What other race will abandon self-preservation and attack one another? You would think we would have learned more about unity by now, right? If you are pissed and you should be take it out on a Jew or mindless Nigger I say. White people are an endangered species at this point.

    Like a Dad on a L-O-N-G car ride I am glad you backhanded a few and yelled knock this shit off!

    …..but don’t ever quit what you do.
    Thank you & God Bless.

  9. Gman says:

    Sqarepegroundhole, your 11.04 post was outstanding! Brought a tear to my eye. I echo your thoughts. Incog, hope you are ok. We are all a disaster in this matrix jewish BS world. I live day to day. You all are in my prayers. It cannot go on like this for too much longer I pray. The jews must pay for what they have done to our race. We can bring it to an end if our great race will awaken soon. Spread the truth to our racial brethren. This is our highest calling in this sick age. is a great gift to the white race. May it continue. God bless the white race.

  10. Hoff says:

    Regional OfficesMedia CenterPublications


    DonateEmail Signup 

    Who We AreWhat We DoWhere We WorkGet Involved

    Home || Media Center

    PRIME MINISTER SAMARAS VOWS TO ELIMINATE GOLDEN DAWNPrime Minister Samaras Vows to Eliminate Golden Dawn

    September 30, 2013 — New York – Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras declared today that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party would be eliminated.

    “All of the leading members of Golden Dawn have been arrested and are being prosecuted,” Samaras told an AJC reception in his honor this morning. “They are a criminal group of people, who will be tried in a democratic manner.”

    – See more at:

  11. Fredward says:

    Wow, you’re in rare form today! I don’t blame you, what these sheenies are doing would drive anyone into a frenzy!!

  12. Hoff says:

    Be there, as one of the most compelling and thoughtful Jewish voices today details the status of the world’s first global people – the Jewish people. In front of a crowd of Jewish leaders from over 60 nations,

  13. Revelation 2:9 says:

    I had to throw up my good lunch after reading this. Thanks jews !

    Georgia school hosts first racially integrated prom

  14. Karen says:

    re: the dailystormer post……”A mob, which is the growth of a redundant population goaded into resentment but ignorant of the quarter from which they originate, is of all monsters the most fatal to freedom. It fosters a prevailing tyranny and engenders one where it was not: and though in its dreadful fits of resentment it appears occasionally to devour its unsightly offspring no sooner is the deed committed than, it immediately groans with a new birth. Of the tendency of mobs to produce tyranny we may not be long without an example in this country. If political discontents were blended with cries of hunger, and a revolution were to take place by the instrumentality of a mob clamoring for food, the consequences would be unceasing carnage of which nothing but the establishment of complete despotism could arrest.” …Thomas Malthus (1798, an essay on the principle of population)

  15. ihatekikes says:

    hi all, I know many dont have kikebook acounts but check this page out. open boarders for israel. this is how it should be done. play the mutherfukkers at their own game.

    And I am following golden dawn in greece very closely. every white person should be. its getting really interesting over there. we need a grass roots movement to start in america. town to town. city to city. state to state. with the food aid and help, comes the true history of the whites. educate the masses. the foot soilders. as in greece.

  16. MIKEY says:



  17. summerled says:

    This Jew was actually voted into Parliament twice, under the pretence that he would be representing the British people’s interests.

    Most people listen out for criticism of themselves so that they can respond to that criticism with a reasoned argument. Some corporations actively seek out criticism, so that they can improve their product, or their selling technique.

    The Jews have to be the only people in the world who instead of answering the criticism or modifying their behavior to avoid it, automatically assume that it must be completely unfounded prejudice. The President of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain, former Labour MP Professor Eric Moonman wants to see an ADL formed in Britain to monitor criticism of the Jews and ‘hammer home the anti-prejudice message.’ Presumably he intends to do this in the same way the ADL has, by ruining the lives and careers of all those who dare speak up for their own interests.

  18. bubba says:

    Re Jonathan Pollard…

    From a recent radio show Pollard is either eligible for parole next year 2015 or will be released next year. Apparently in same prison as Bernie Madoff.

    Given the above, why are the Jews making a big deal about his release ASAP ?
    Probably to concurrently deflect attention and claim credit.

  19. WHITEMAN says:

    INCOGMAN – I hate to see that you’ve had to go to full moderation of comments because you got stabbed in the back. That’s a real shame.

    Your sir, are a TRUTH TELLER.

    The TRUTH you tell (in my words) can be summed up like this – America has been hijacked and we are in the clutches of some very evil people called JEWS.

    I salute you. YOU are a real American. Thank you for this website.

  20. Hoff says:

    When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.” – The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)

  21. Hoff says:

    Is Bro Nathan under attack?

  22. American born says:

    Greg brings up a valid indignation with the board here. And I have to admit it has troubled me. He is right to be pissed off. I’d cancel this place off my reading list too.
    Between a rock and a hard place here inside of myself. I hate jews and niggers more than most here. I’d be surprised if anyone has the burning hatred towards the mother fuckers that I have. It’s deep and I have my own reasons.
    I don’t want to rehash this any further, but I will now, and I’ done after this.
    I have met the guy and he rings true. I am not a nice person, my patience for the BS has been gone for some time. I vouched for him and I still think the guy is valid. Hard to say if I would have knowing his background. But, I still remain in his corner regardless, and will defend him if need be. First time and last time. This is my take on this. If anyone has a problem with it, tough shit.
    Greg, take note, it’s better to explain your point of view, rather than running off at the mouth to people who hold you in high regard. Not good form, Greg.
    Both of us have been posting here for years, so don’t throw your bullshit at me, bro. You know damn fucking well where I stand, my message has been more than consistent; before you go haywire and bash me….. It’s hard to write this post, I never thought I’d be in this position. I have to be neutral on this. I’ve respected Greg’s posts for years, and he gets it.
    Nuke Israel and bring back Hitler.

  23. Hoff says:

    Albinos in Tanzania. 26 min RT video:


    Fear & Loathing: Albino Africans Survival in Tanzania (RT Documentary)


    Now I have indeed heard everything.

    What horrible things did we do to deserve this:

    And what worthy things did the Cri- I mean Russians do to deserve this:

    We have obviously done something very wrong to have a gun grabbing gun running muskrat like Eric holder.

  25. What’s going on around here? What’s this flap about?

  26. American born says:

    And one other thing: This is all bullshit, warring online. I hope all of you realize this. The world is controlled by jews and their judenfetz. I’ve spoken with the most mundane people about this, with Phd’s, masters degrees, ect.. This is becoming common knowledge. 911 is not even taken seriously anymore.
    I get so sickened with the back stabbing that goes on. We got guys who spread the message getting slammed and attacked online. It’s almost funny to read the snipe crap on the internet. It’s a joke, a circular firing squad.
    Nothing will happen as long as the messengers are ruined. I never believed in controlled opposition until I started reading the infighting that goes on within the so called truth movement. It’s mind boggling, I want to send info to others from ‘our sites’ but I wouldn’t dare. The articles are good, but the comments are insane. Always devolving into the stupidest shit one can imagine. Appeal to the main stream with facts. That’s it folks.
    If Billy was a coal jet black nigger holding his sings people would still read them. But, he is an enemy. Makes sense, huh?
    And now Anglin is being ruined by some asshole. The guy has huge numbers, tens of thousands read his website. I guess we should band together and jump on the band band wagon and ruin him as well. I don’t give a fuck about the guy’s personal life. He gets the message out. Momentum? An outlet for people to read about jews… naw-fuck that, we need to ruin the guy because some asshole dug in to his past and is envious of his success. Let’s ruin the guy, who cares if he writes the truth; he’s not perfect. He was a lib at some point. Ravage his reputation, kill the messenger.
    Un-fucking believable… And we actually expect to win this? Are you guys fucking kidding yourselves? You honestly think that is an effective strategy for conquering the jews? The same asshole that control the militarized police departments in the US that kill American citizens daily for pretty much nothing. Or the US military that is easily responsible for millions of deaths in our lifetimes?
    Naw-fuck that, lets snipe at eachother, that’ll do it. Lets rip eachother to pieces on line. I can just imagine the laughter from the enemy, I would be howling from the roof tops if I were them. And another thing, fuck morality, we hate them, they hate us-zero sum game here. Never talk down of the jew for lack of morality, if we had the upper hand, I would extent ZERO morality on them.
    Have a nice fuckn’ day, tough guys.

  27. Oh, I see. Well, it depends on your profound beliefs where they intersect with some of the profound issues discussed herein. My personal profound belief is that those with _jewish fathers ARE NOT _jews. The _talmud says as much. Objective observation of the matter yields the same conclusion. In my view, we are more than our physical bodies, more than our genes. What I am is my soul and spirit. That is my real identity. That is my real being. All that I am cannot be contained within my physical body. I am thought and action. The meaning and essence of things are what matters. We could have white spirits inside of black bodies and black spirits inside of white bodies and then what would we say is the more worthwhile color? So, it is not the color , per se, that matters, but the essence. But, I think again that nature and nature’s God indeed equitably distributes cloaks appropriate for the essential nature of the organism. That’s why yellow jackets are black and yellow and scorpions are red and menacing-looking; it is also why kikes mostly nasty and strange looking and why negroes mostly look dumb and shiftless. I am with A servant. Big-time kudos to you for what you have been doing Billy, and I am sure as shit that you do not look _jewish – nature does not operate is such a way. Whoever said back in this thread that oil does not come from fossils but from earth processes and is renewable is right. There have been wells that have refilled. Now how could that happen? I am not really a blind hater, I come by hating through reason or logic. That may sound oxymoronic, but wisdom is really the will to make the right decision. As with the essence of an organism being far more primary than it’s form, so it is with ideas. The will to do right is the cardinal element in wisdom; the lesser component being knowledge. That is why wisdom is associated with beauty, because willing to do right is a beautiful thing. It is perhaps why nature and nature’s God have granted what we are a fair countenance. Not all of us, of course. Impulsiveness can never ever be associated with wisdom. They are essentially opposites. So, no. I realized the common thinking of my ancestors probably shouldn’t be abandoned wholesale, is what I thought. Perhaps there was something to the ideas they retained by which they organized their civilization. The past was once the freshest instance of the present and all that had been done and said was behind them. In the arc of time we are not that far ‘ahead’ of them. Perhaps it is ‘we’ who are not that smart in discarding and ignoring every single tenet of civilization that guided them through the millennia.

  28. bubba says:

    I don’t blame INCOGMAN….I think people best use more discretion.

    The enemy must be ROTFLAO at the internal dissension that arises when parties start ill – advised pissing matches.

    Maybe “24 hour “rule…..if you are all wound up about another posters comment….sleep on it….then see if the comment one was incubating was (i)objective OR(ii) bad hair day subjective.

    What I am seeing is many posters running for cover or yelling “Geronimo”…which only helps the common enemy.

  29. summerled says:

    and there is the rub getting one’s point across seems to be more than just getting the point and moving on

    we are the worst offenders of backbiting insulting and plain stupid comments
    and i include myself in this its got to stop –we need to be facing in the same direction
    end of story

  30. summerled says:

    The Substitute Religion of the Holocaust

    Bishop Richard Williamson

    Two months ago a self-declared atheist celebrated in France his 85th birthday, to whom all theists of the true religion owe a serious debt of thanks, because in today’s world of lies Professor Robert Faurisson has been a powerful defender of truth. I for one might wish that many more believers in the true God would have his intelligence and honesty in discerning the truth, and his courage to tell it.

    For instance, whether or not it is a historical fact that there were six million victims of gassing in gas chambers of the Third Reich, Prof. Faurisson insists on treating it as a historical question to be settled by the facts and scientific evidence, and not by emotion and legislation – what could be more reasonable ? And yet on this particular question a mass of our contemporaries will not listen to reason. Are their minds still functioning ? Our warm gratitude goes to the Professor for bringing an excellent and scholarly mind to bear on a historical question as a question of history and not of something else.

    Something else ? Again, whether or not the Six Million are a historical reality, it is the Professor who states that they have in any case acquired the status of a secular religion. Does it take a supposedly irreligious man to discern what serves as the main religion of our times ? I might wish a few more Catholics would have the gumption to see and say what is today’s main rival to their true religion. Here is a very brief overview of an article written on the subject in 2008 by Professor Faurisson:–

  31. Holly says:

    Sorry Incog about the someone you trusted, who proved disloyal. At this point I’am so disillusioned “with my own” kind I know not what to do. I hear this from friends–Let go and let God,, I’am afraid Holly they will come after me if I get on this site, or better yet “Where the hell did you hear this shit?” You know maybe the American people need to be brought down, God only knows if they could ever arise again. I made a point of not going to see Noah. In fact I do not go to the movies anymore. But the jewboy wouldn’t have fooled me. I grew up in S CA. I know every new age wind, ruffle and thought that they all know, and am quite well read in Gnostism, which basically believes, in a mother and father God. Cayce bases many of his readings on the lost years of Christ. When I was 21 (1977) I knew the end was near?? Point is !! The book has been written, the apocalypse is near. I believe in Christ, but now, and only NOW do I really understand why he will be coming back!

  32. Hoff says:

    Brother Nathan is a fake and jew controlled fake opposition? He sure got me fooled!

    AS EASTER APPROACHES, when Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holocaust Hoax will be in our faces once again. –Bro Nathan at Real Jew News–

  33. Hoff says:

    Incogman at Bro Nathan:

    Read all about it here in incogman’s outstanding report:

  34. bella says:

    A. Jones dad in law is a Knight of malta.

  35. Hoff says:

    Only a idiot would belive this jew bullsbit.

    Excavating a Secret Gas Chamber

    Smithsonian Channel


  36. Karen says:

    AOP, you say that the Talmud says those with jewish fathers are not jews. The Talmud also says Gentiles are beasts and should be used as slaves, except for the intelligent ones, they should be killed. The Talmud says all kinds of primitive, hateful BS that anyone with half a brain should discard as the rantings of Bronze Age primitives. The Talmud should be used as toilet paper. Bubba, being “wound up” is a Good Thing, otherwise apathy reigns. I say argue, argue, argue. Oh, and if Mossad the ex- crypto jew is by any chance reading this, The Koestler quote does not mean I regard him as a great man as you inferred. I like the quote but all in all he was a Zionist manipulator and a serial rapist, just another no-good jew playing at being an intellectual.

  37. Hoff says:

    Auschwitz Survivor Claims Elie Wiesel is an Impostor

    March 4, 2009

    – See more at:

  38. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    I’m posting this comment here and not on the new comment page because I don’t want to take up any more space or cause disruption for ‘defending myself too much’. It’s o.k. for others to attack me but I can’t defend myself.o.k.
    But I have to respond to Karen.
    I have been called a jew a Kike and now an ‘ex-crypto jew’ by the armchair intellectual Karen. And to think I have been beaten up and thrown face first into the concrete for trying to protect her and the others here who hate me for being half jew.
    Make NO mistake about it Karen , I face the jew and all his ‘White’ asslickers down face to face. Not over a comment board.
    If you can still find it , watch the video I managed finally to produce of myself.
    No POS Hollywood Kike actor or any other jew for that matter ever had or would have the talent to lie so good if that’s what you think I was doing. Even though they are the masters of lies and deceit. My passion against the jews in my speaking ( yelling ) is evident and obviously sincere. And was just a level or two under the passion of the Greatest Man in History when he denounced and defied the jews openly and in public.
    Are you willing to do that ?
    Can you or anyone else here who chastizes me produce a video of yourself openly denouncing and defying the jews in public ?
    This is an important question and should not be taken lightly. Because other than some secret military coup of somesort it is the only way to defeat jewish power.
    I sincerely wish you and other ‘Whites’ can manage this task because if not , it renders all this talk , discussions , comments , links and on an on useless and a waste of energy and time. Until you are willing to do what I do ‘Karen’ , your opinion of me is unimportant and condescending. Not to me mind you…But to those who are actually serious about this thing by living it and displaying it in the real world. I sure hope you get there. And I mean that w/ all my Heart and Soul.

  39. Bailey says:

    Hey Billy,

    All I need is a camera man.

    Whatever you do, be careful what you say about the HNIC Obama and who you say it to, although I believe this jews story is bullshit.

  40. protocolsRtrue says:

    Your tax money used to provide internet access to jews… IN CUBA!!! Gee thanks zog I have to get my access through satellite that I pay for with my own money PLUS IT’S TAXED !!!! Reminder, only 7 more days ’till pay the niggers and jews day folks. Falls on passover this year what a coincidence. Pay your white privilege bills people. Most workers pay their nigers and jews bill each payday through the magic of withholding. Niggers and jews get your money before you and your own family do.

    Gross was arrested in Cuba in 2009 while working quietly in the Communist-run country, as a subcontractor for USAID, to set up Internet access for the island’s small Jewish community.

  41. condeez says:

    Thanks for T-Bone and Hoff!
    Thanks for Incogman as well.

  42. condeez says:

    Also Kiev is the heart of the Russian people!
    That’s why the Bolshevik Jews removed it from the SSR!
    To humiliate the Russians!
    To destroy the heart of the Russian.
    To destroy the heart of the Christian!

  43. condeez says:

    Long Live Russia!
    America for what?
    We have a queer so called Pres!

  44. Anthony Merlino says:

    I am bookmarking this article, and I plan on FORCING my friends and relatives to read it… OUT LOUD!

  45. heloo says:

    email this jew scum

    hes the creator of sick interracial porn

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