Look What They’ve Turned White Guys Into


If you’re a White guy or gal who cares about her race, I would hope you have noticed how today’s media now spits in our faces all the time. White guys in TV commercials are mostly hapless, maybe lovable losers; while Hollywood movies are always full of murderous German Nazis, self-flagellating albino Christians, or inbred West Virginia mutants running naked through the woods wielding chain saws.

And much of today’s cable TV revolves around “reality” shows that on the surface may seem to cater to White people’s interests, but are really just exploiting and slyly denigrating rural White Americans when you get down to brass tacks. Seems like we have a pattern going on these days, now don’t we?

Have you seen lately the TV commercials they now have out for the Sprint “Framily” (friends plus family) phone plan? You should have picked up on the absolutely ridiculous MULTICULT insanity going down. Yep, this one is chock-full of today’s diversity crap.

This is the one where the apparent head of today’s brave new “framily” is a Gerbil inside a plexiglass ball — the kind pet lovers get so their lovable little rats can roll around the house without escaping the two-legged giants cooing in their faces like idiots. This “talking Gerbil” is the anti-technology character, a “Luddite” who always has to question the cool things Sprint has to offer today’s young diversity hipsters.

One commercial opens on the dinner table, where a pretty red-haired White woman introduces “her dad.” As the camera switches to over her shoulder, we see “her dad” is a bug-eyed old black dude with a natty Don King afro, who mumbles something with a whiff of ebonics about the cell phone’s techno wonders.

Perhaps the old Negro just finished doing a long stretch in the slammer due to a false charge by racist White police and could be forgiven for being so out of it, tech-wise?


Then it switches to this cute little blond girl named “Heidi” (who only speaks French, not German), needle-pointing a loving portrait of black granddaddy ex-convict. For whatever reason, we see little Disney cartoon blue birds flitting around her, while she does creative things precocious teen girls might dig (a big “must” demographic for cell phone marketing).

Then the camera zooms in on this Jewy-looking guy at the far end of the table. He’s the intellectual member of the “framily.” In another commercial, he’s ticked about having to pay for so many pizza deliveries to a faggy goth freak who also lives in the house. Goth boy insists his name is pronounced “Gor-DON.” Good-looking red-haired babe walks away, only because she’s so excited about having tacos for dinner (I guess they haven’t quite figured a better way to fit in the illegals, yet).

In another commercial, we find the wimpy-looking White teen boy of the “framily,” breaking out in boogie fever when they play French language hip-hop rap music on the phone’s Harman Kardon speakers (the “all Whites now dig rap” is a hugely clever “MEME” Jewry fostered in our culture). Young Heidi is wearing a girl scout uniform and beret while painting in oils on a wooden easel, as her mixed race girl scout troupe “gets down” behind her. Gor-DON is in the front yard doing a few bang-up robot dance moves, himself.

Is this the brave new America? So where’s the White male in this equation, besides the skinny teen boy, the Jewy-looking Obama voter, or some faggy Goth guy?

These people are not really friends nor family — just imaginative visions of eclectic “individualism,” promoted to fill the place of the once most important social building block of the Western world — the racially homogenous nuclear family. Unless they are nice-looking “peeps of color” families, we can’t have “boring” homogeneity because that might seem a bit too “Leave it to Beaver” or even — shudder — Nazi.

Little wonder so many Americans are now always at odds with each other and sometimes totally effed in the head — like that hard-up Hollywood psycho boy, Elliot Rogers, who went on a killing spree in Isla Vista, California a month ago. Think about it.


Recent Internet ad for a state-sponsored match-making service for daily job commuters. I guess it’s OK, since so many White guys are out of work, or busy overseas fighting in Jew wars, huh?

These commercials are hardly the only one of it’s kind. No way. Pay attention and you’ll see this multicult plus “me generation” crap everywhere today. It’s getting friggin’ ridiculous. Just go up to my Anti-White videos page under my masthead and watch a few. Hell, you probably saw a lot of these already.

Another thing you might have noticed going on, are all the half-breed male semi-actors they use in TV commercials (who are carefully chosen from model casting books purely for “image” projection, not acting talent).

Mixed race actors are especially in demand lately. Often, you can’t quite get the race mix, like Geico’s “oldest trick in the book” TV commercial, where the something actor is on a date at the movie theater with a cute White girl. White-hating ad agency people can freely and openly say they don’t want “another boring White guy” and no one will have the guts to say anything simply because of PC.

Without a doubt: The White race is under attack

Now, I also fully realize that it was some “creative” liberal types at a fancy ad agency house that came up with all this “Framily Plan” multicult crap for Sprint, and that it wasn’t the workings of a Jewish top secret nerve center located in the Catskills. Of course not.

That’s what they want you to think that’s what I think. Get the distinction? But I would not be in the least surprised to find a multitude of liberal Jews working all through-out that ad agency, most likely dreaming up concepts and making casting decisions.

Regardless of who, this kind of thing is still the end result of the huge PC head job the tricky dick Jews have done to America. Slowly, but surely, they’ve targeted our race for minority, second class citizen status and to arrive at that point, they had to set up the thought-corralling “MEMES” expressly designed to intimidate those of us White people who say JACK.

See how friggin’ GD diabolical this PC crap has been?

The “holocaust” business has been a big, big part of the mind flock going down today. Same thing with all the “civil rights activism” of the 1960’s, Klu Klux Klan, Jim Crow and slavery a million years ago (they’ve really been pushing ’60’s civil rights stuff lately). They obviously don’t want us Whites to put a stop to their game plan, so they had to demonize any such thinking from the start.

Now, these same Jews would love to do similar things with the muzzies, but they can’t be too obvious because it would be a big, big contradiction to the sacred multicult head job they did to the White race. They also don’t want us White people getting pissed about all the muzzies allowed into European, formerly White countries like Britain and Sweden (and many others), as they turn our lands into nasty new Brazils.

Amazing, since Jewry are the planet’s biggest racists of all time, without a doubt. Insane hypocrites, too, when you systematically take into account all the social change, lefty liberal crap Jews continuously push for in our lands — versus how they are when it comes to their own precious “Chosen Ones” race.

In Israel, marriage between a Jew and non-Jew is basically against the law, while even the poor gays can’t get married. Pretty ironic, since Tel Aviv once declared itself the “homo capital of the world.” African illegals who made it somehow into Israel are termed “infiltrators” and are now bundled off into Negev desert concentration camps, before deporting back to any African countries that will take them, or to PC-screwed White countries like the once beautiful Sweden, if you can believe it.

This was a front cover of Newsweek magazine just a few years ago. The glee of White-haters is obvious, but notice how they confine it to "males" so they can claim it's not anti-White "racist." Read the subhead.

This was a front cover of Newsweek magazine just a few years ago. The glee of White-haters is obvious, but notice how they confine it to “males” so they can claim it’s not anti-White “racist.” Stew on the happy subhead.

But it is indeed OK for us to hate the Muslims — that’s where “terrorism” and the “radical extremists” comes into the Zionist NWO brainwashing equation. Just as long as you make some kind of distinction, then it’s PC-OK. “Fanatics” is another favorite word they like to use to paint enemies of what the Jews or Zionists (including spineless Shabbos goys) are up to in the world.

And if you notice, you can also hate White people in general (almost always males, if you pay attention), freely and without any repercussions to your big time media career. The media simply ignores any hate of White people like it just doesn’t exist, or on the occasion makes jokes about “reverse racism” as if it’s all nothing but “conspiracy talk.”

Hell, many blacks have been so jacked up racially over the years by Jewish media (really meant to instill “White guilt”), they are now openly attacking us Whites in the streets on a daily basis. They don’t make any distinctions of whether we’re liberal or not. They really don’t care. Get what that means?

Whether you know it or not, us Whites are constantly, often brutally murdered by worthless, criminal blacks (have been since the days of “civil rights” and even before). The liberal media barely reports such crimes against White people, and if they can manage it, specifically hides the race of the perps. These are called “hush crimes.” Meanwhile, crimes by White persons always gets top billing for decades.

No wonder so many Whites became rightfully pissed over that Trayvon Martin business!

Yet, in today’s media and society, one can freely accuse Whites as the evil guys of All History, killing, enslaving and even purposefully infecting with deadly microbes, the ever “oppressed,” ever “so innocent,” indigenous people of the planet (which also helps condition us for accepting today’s Third worlder invasions). Or merely portray us White males as bumbling, goofy idiots  — should they need a retard to make the plotline or advertising sales pitch work.

Everybody sees the parts in movies (but are too scared to say), where the Hollywood script writers or producers find ways to inject White race guilt, or simply “PC” into the film, often in stupid, unnecessary ways. It’s so, so obvious these days.


This is the desired result of millions of Jews working quietly in our society and media for decades. “Cultural Marxism” is the polite, Jew-safe, explanation.

What’s the common denominator here? Any of us who dare criticize the never-ending social engineering of Nation-wrecking Jews, or the on-going Zionist evils of Israel, our “little buddy in the Mideast,” of course.

Yep, it’s all true — everything the GD Nazis have been trying to tell us!

These devious Jew creeps want to silence our White European race with across-the-board censorship (they already own the mainstream media and want to shut us up on the Internet), disarm us from having guns, while breeding our race into oblivion. Eventually, they’ll eliminate and outlaw Christianity, once what’s left of our race has been fully castrated and powerless to stop them.

In fact, their efforts are indeed working. Whether or not enough of us wake up to their subversions before it’s too late is a question I cannot answer.

I really don’t know if anyone out there is listening to me or not. I can’t, since I’m not omniscient. Wish I was.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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101 Responses to Look What They’ve Turned White Guys Into

  1. WHITEMAN says:

    Some advice – this website belongs to INCOGMAN and anybody commenting here is a guest……that’s right……a guest. So mind your manners and be a nice guest.

    In regards to the comments about Christianity on this thread……..

    If one will spend some time reading the New Testament, one will quickly come to realize that the contemporary Jewish leaders were despised by Jesus of Nazareth. He stated that their Father, was none other than the “Father of Lies”, Lucifer. The Galilean country zealot Teacher was calling the most important religious leaders of the day a bunch of liars, a “brood of vipers”. They convicted Jesus on false charges and got the occupiers (Romans) to crucify him.

    Nothing has changed since Jesus spoke those words – The Jews of today are the synagogue of Satan. They rejected the Christ then and they rejected him today. They are pure evil – deceptive, liars, and worse. No person should ever trust a Jew, socialize with a Jew, befriend a Jew, or help a Jew. Period.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      That’s exactly right, WHITEMAN.

      Woe unto the fool today, who doesn’t get what Jesus was up against and expressly told the world.

      • INCOG MAN says:

        MY SITE is dedicated to exposing these RATS right now. I don’t want a bunch of tricky-dick Jews dreaming up some BS on minutia a million years ago. I can turn on the TV right the flock now and see all the Jew BS in it’s crowning VOMIT. I don’t rightly care about Hitler this, or Hitler that.

        I’m ready for THE HERE AND NOW.

        You people with me?

  2. RED PILL says:

    I support the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he was god in the flesh to his true people the
    white Anglo Saxon, Germanic and other white nations.
    we are the descendents of the Israelites of the holy land.
    no jew in the stew, the bible says they were the Cannanites, not Israelites.
    there will be a war between the true believers and the so called Christians
    led by Jesuit pope Francis and his one world religion against all who will
    not profess there faith in the catholic church.
    this is where i part ways with the so called “church”
    and any body doing their business.

  3. RED PILL says:

    what i tried to say above is found in this jew wise study site.
    it won’t hurt a person to find real bible truth.
    before reality bites them in the ass.

  4. Luke says:

    Sorry if I got under your knickers, Incogman. And, I am with you 1000 percent on the treasonous nature of these ‘Christian Zionist’ jew and israel toe suckers, but I am afraid that the anti-White, Cultural Marxist brainwashing is not exclusively restricted to the Christian Zionist fanatics. This poison has spread throughout the so-called Christian community and across nearly all factions and sub-divisions of Christianity.

    One example can be found in an article by Brenda Walker that appeared on Vdare.com:

    “Catholic Elites Spend Millions to Sell Illegal Alien Amnesty
    By Brenda Walker on March 9, 2013 at 3:50pm
    The Catholic church has upped its bankroll to wreck American law and sovereignty. It has added $800,000 to its previous amnesty spending of $3 million, since opening the borders to millions more Hispanic Catholics is highly desirable for the bishops”

    Or, here we see what’s happening over at the Protestant Church:


    “Protestant churches losing members with approval of same-sex ‘marriages’

    By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

    7/22/2012 (1 year ago)

    Catholic Online (www.catholic.org)
    Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutherans seeing downturn in attendance with liberalization

    Mainline protestant churches – those apart from their evangelical counterparts, have liberalized their standards and have since lost members. Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist and Lutherans have provided provisions for the blessing of same-sex unions and ordination of transgender people and have seen a downturn in attendance. Rt. Rev. Mark Joseph Lawrence, the Episcopal bishop of South Carolina fears that his church will soon be adrift with the adoption of secular values. ”

    Here is a near perfect summation of the problem:

    “Christian morality is what prevents people from seeing what’s obvious and doing what’s necessary – killing off savages invading our lands.”

    Alex Linder, VNN

    Today, White America and other White European nations around the world are experiencing a real-life ‘Camp of the Saints’ style invasion of their native homelands by hundreds of millions of turd world, non-white aliens – and, instead of responding to these invasions with ruthless, brutal, and savage military might, Whites who have been marinaded in ‘Christian morality’ are sitting on their asses and squirting gigantic alligator tears of suicidal “compassion” and stupidly claiming that they feel sorry for these invading derelicts and that they can’t blame them for wanting to move into a White nation so they can improve their standard of living by sucking off the teats of the White middle class taxpayers?

    What every White European nation needs to do is to start sinking these boat loads of invading turd worlders and start laying claymore mines along the entire US-Mexico border, and then positioning snipers to kill any alien who tries to cross our border illegally.

    I promise you – within 6 months, or less – and with it only being necessary to kill a 100 or so of these illegal alien invaders, the word would get out that the White man was no longer going to tolerate having his lands invaded and if anyone tried, they were going to be deader than a door nail. Illegal immigration would be reduced to near zero, and that is a guarantee.

    Incidentally, in case anyone thinks my advice is a little too drastic – let me remind them that the above policies are almost a duplicate of the border security policies of Israel.

  5. MIKEY says:


  6. MIKEY says:



  7. Truth says:

    Just for starters:
    John 8:31 onward. Rev. 2:9 & Rev. 3:9. Doesn’t get more obvious than this.

  8. MIKEY says:



  9. gman says:

    Hey Incogman,
    In case you did not know and there is no reason you would, this weekend was the “Pride Festival” in San Fagcisco. Hundreds of thousands of debauched sodomites reveled in the streets with the full sanction and participation of all the city officials. I just gotta say, the irony of sodomites being allowed to march, have parades, display their perversity, and just flat out have a 24/7 party all over them being sick homosexuals brings a thought to my mind: That is why the hell is it that fags get to celebrate their sexual sickness while the white race has to sit around with their mouths SHUT and dare not celebrate even a little bit about our great racial heritage and all the vast number of accomplishments of the Anglo-Saxon race without being instantaneously condemned as racists and bigots and haters of the worst sort? (sorry for the run on sentence but it was just one continual angry thought!) I am so sick and tired of people freaking out when I show pride in my racial heritage. I will no longer tolerate others who will not tolerate me! I love the white race, I love being a white man, I love having white children and would not even think of being with someone who was not of my own blessed race! I hesitate to post the following link but the series of photos of the countless San Fran fags celebrating their sick lives just got me very angry to see what they are allowed to do and what we are not allowed to do. I am White and damn proud of it!!

  10. ihatekikes says:

    incog, clean up on asile joo. joo please leave here and dont return. you seem to be a shit stirrer. we dont need that here. hop, skip and jump mofo.

    you fucknig have the audacity to give ol incog an ultimatum, just like how ur nation wrecking tricy dick kikes dient give the palleys and stole their land. you fucknut. I will pleasure in working you mothers to the bone. arbiet mach frei.

  11. Voir Dire says:

    Hello fellow activists:

    Surprise…surprise, Jewess circuit judge rules AGAINST Zimmerman in favor of her brethren in the hate-Whitey, propagandistic media (the “S.” middle initial stands for “Steinberg:”


  12. Voir Dire says:

    Most welcome, Incogman! Like most, she’s a real looker. HooooWeee!

    Zimmerman should appeal his case to a higher court claiming “racial bias in favor of Jews,” but he’s likely out of defense money + we know it’s a utopian fantasy. If there were ever a more compelling, open-and-shut case for slander, I’m unaware of it. Hopefully the shockwaves this will send throughout the neoCON media will only serve to awaken more Whites that it’s officially open season on us and that they need to connect-the-fucking-dots. The hate-Whitey Jews’ news has a pathetic 3 million-dumbass adherents remaining:

    “Only 3 million people even watch MSM news anymore. Little old ladies sitting at home, seniors, and people that don’t know what computers are. Thankfully for all humanity, and all truth seekers, the MSM news is collapsing. People are tired of the lies and propaganda. Good riddance….” – poster AWD

  13. RED PILL says:

    the new DOPE is hope, swallowed by white Americans by the bucket load in an effort
    to deny the reality of the times we are in. what make hope so dangerous is that it’s an unquenchable addiction. now being forced fed by multiple outlets (schools, media,&
    Hollywood, etc).
    when the hope runs out there is nothing left to live for. so while they cling to hope ,
    the once reality of America the beautiful has eroded from sight.

    hope will buy time, but not for you, only the mammonizers will profit from their ill
    gotten gains . or so they believe.
    millions line up for hope distributed by the ruling class, only to realize there is none.
    why would they think the administration could help them?.
    so i will tell you why. the government is a theocracy, that right a religious entity.
    this pledge allegiance to a flag crap should open ones eyes as to whom you should obey.
    for those of us that reject that false religion, we have a savior that takes the weight from our shoulders. some may say that’s a dope also. but i have proof delivered to me,
    the “medicine” works.

    personally i don’t give damn if you can’t except a free gift from God.
    or if you can discredit the bible from a just leafing thru it, and are able to discredit the scriptures from what you believe personally. God doesn’t give a shit what you and i think.so go ahead and give in to your personal god (the monkey on you back). your acquired mental disorders and false beliefs will give you over to the “dark side”.

    so the military might of America has aligned it’s self with the Roman Catholic Church
    and it’s Rothschild bankers to form the beast of revelations, your one stop and shop for all you need (free shit) will dry up until you can accept the mark (i had to do it to feed my family).

    if you don’t know which way to turn before it’s to late, this is what is written.
    Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    get smart soon, we can’t defend against the ONSLAUGHT with out the help of the one that placed you here. so you can voluntarily join his army or defect to the enemy.
    this is the final battle for your soul, that is if you haven’t sold out already.

    answer me, what can you gain by selling your soul?

  14. RED PILL says:

    Officials: Israel finds bodies of kidnapped teens

    In Washington, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “We obviously condemn in the strongest possible terms violence that takes the lives of innocent civilians.”

    sure the white house condemns it, they are jews, others have no rights
    a whole lot of folks will have to die to avenge the chosen ones whose lives were
    snuffed out before they could reach there full potential, what ever that would be.

  15. If a white woman was raped by a nigger in 1957, whites from all over the nation would have descended on the perpetrator and hung him until dead. That’s nigger-on-maiden rapes were non-existent, and is proof positive that libtards hate white women.

  16. Smitherines says:

    “WHITEMAN says:
    June 29, 2014 at 11:50 pm

    Some advice – this website belongs to INCOGMAN and anybody commenting here is a guest……that’s right……a guest. So mind your manners and be a nice guest.

    In regards to the comments about Christianity on this thread……..

    If one will spend some time reading the New Testament, one will quickly come to realize that the contemporary Jewish leaders were despised by Jesus of Nazareth. He stated that their Father, was none other than the “Father of Lies”, Lucifer. The Galilean country zealot Teacher was calling the most important religious leaders of the day a bunch of liars, a “brood of vipers”. They convicted Jesus on false charges and got the occupiers (Romans) to crucify him.

    Nothing has changed since Jesus spoke those words – The Jews of today are the synagogue of Satan. They rejected the Christ then and they rejected him today. They are pure evil – deceptive, liars, and worse. No person should ever trust a Jew, socialize with a Jew, befriend a Jew, or help a Jew. Period.”

    This is F_cking EXCELLENT, one of the best posts I have ever read!!!!

    He explains these parasites to the proverbial T!

    What I can’t stand Whiteman is when they say now, dumb -down Zionist Christians,
    that, “the Romans killed Jesus, the Jews were innocent victims that were blamed.”

    It’s like saying the rope executed someone, not the hangmen, or the judge who
    sentenced him to death?

    How that Pope can visit those lying little maggots there, I can’t stomach it.

  17. Smitherines says:


    Joseph Goldstein banned to Spamblinka? Hard labor of De-licing the tribe?

  18. Keiser says:

    Hi Incog,

    Great article.

    This is what woke me up; ANTI-WHITE MEDIA and in particular advertising. Pity http://www.antiwhitemedia.com is no longer updated, that was a fantastic site.

    They need to bastardise the family and turn it in to a “framily”, an admixture of friends and family in order to break it down. The “friends and family” amalgamation is just the first cut, a covert way to make the first incision in to the nuclear family as an institution. Sprinkle in some Cultural Marxism as you said and some other -isms (feminism, homosexualism, aethism, etc) and you chip away at the idea of the family without having to outright attack it. They know a direct attack would fail so they come at it from the side with cultural marxism and alloying it with other ideas such as the concept of friends. It is just to blur the lines so nothing remains.

    After all cattle don’t have family, do they?

  19. Hoff says:

    93,000 Jews Dancing at Siyum Hashas



  20. Louis in Montreal says:

    Excellent article and comments INCOGMAN, as usual.

    Cut my cable T.V. connection about 3 years ago and won’t even accept a “free” (for the 1st 3 months) package that my phone company offered me just recently. No more cash to the enemy, and more quality time for myself and my “framily” LOL. Did I go through some cold turkey after cutting it off? Certainly…you don’t spend a lifetime watching that crap and not suffer from some form of withdrawal. I would advise it for everyone.

  21. 100 thumbs up Incogman. You’d have liked my 30-minute “In Praise of White Men,” but unfortunately the cliptipped crew at youtube doesn’t “appreciate” my artwork.

    This here kikenstein/gerbil thing you so aptly described is the reason I became a media dropout decades ago. The fact that anyone can watch the kikespin for more than a few minutes w/o becoming angry and/or retching simply proves that they’ve been completely hypnotized by yidcum.

    Remember “Married with Children”? I was already a media dropout by then but I caught glimpses of it here & there at friends’ houses. The father was a moron (perhaps the hamster is actually a step up from the way they portrayed that guy). The mother was a silly whore. Ditto the daughter, except the daughter was an evil silly whore. The boy (jewboi) was the all-knowing, smart one. Any non-brainwashed person could quickly see that the boy represented the jooboy who wrote the script.

    Thank you for speaking out, Incogman. You’re an inspiration.

  22. sog says:

    they just had the disgusting g.a.y. “pride” freeeek show parade in san fagsisco last weekend ..i guess it says a lot when even the straighter qweers dont like the shit ..people oput of their frikkin minds bring their kids there and can see open homosexuality right on the street and we know people who have been busted for pisin in the bushes while drunk etc ..these fuckin butt fucking quweers fucking and suckling each opther is pride? ..it is open rebellion agianst the order of gods universe …most queers want to fuck underage kids and straight males ..it is the nature of the beast ..fags complain and snivel about gay bashing which happened in such minute amounts and maybe for retalliation agianst open display of sodomy etc ..sodomite city ..but they are the ones who bash each other in the ass with aids and spread it to the hetero community ..
    what do we have to stand on to proclaim the hipocracy here ..they spread it to each other and to straights ..if they had any human pride they would at the very leaszt cease and desist from unprotected sex with other men …i gues fuck that shit has 2 different meanings now ..heh heh ..this shit is a sewage upon america …..
    now they teach our children to have options and pass out sexual explicit books in grade fucking school that would land you or me in prison for vioaltions of megans law etc …
    the jews always go to far ..like the fake jew cunts in palestine ..all fakes ..none of em are biblical anciant israelite decendancy …this lie and deception speaks volumes to the world that has deaf ears and blindres on …the jew lies always and cant help themselves from destroying decent white civilizations ..it is inexcorably in their dna and the spirit of genocide passed down from their ancestores in russian jewish communism who killed millions of what they called borgeoisse ..but the shitkike is thew borgeoisse parasite who steals and cheats the whites out of their birthrights and human rights ..im keepin it short …i see anti gun propaganda everywhere now in all knds of magazines now ..how about the jamwes brady shit whaere they say a rape only lasts a minute but a murder lasts a lifetime ..hats off and kudos to any woman who kills a nigger or wetback in self defense ..ellie nessler was the bomb …i guess the pice of half brained shit brady expects women to accept rape and take it in stride ..i hope brady gets raped ..lol ..by a niger ..
    im out ..

  23. Bailey says:


    You never cease to amaze me.

  24. Karen says:

    They’ve destroyed Canada. Nigger gangs are shooting it out on the streets of Toronto like crazed monkeys killing innocent bystanders, Chinese in Vancouver are demanding apologies for ‘discrimination’ that occurred in the late 1800’s meanwhile turning a pristine environment into a stinky Chinatown, Vietnamese gangs run amok in Calgary and even the Natives are getting into the act gangs of them robbing Whites in Saskatchewan. Twenty years ago these ‘minority’ people while still a minority and under the influence of White Western society behaved decently, hence my dumb remark last week about “decent intelligent” blacks, but now that they have numbers and jewish protection look out White folks the primitiveness, resentment and hatred is out and aimed at us. White liberals and their jewish puppet masters don’t have to worry about rape and murder, they live in gated communities or high rent areas too pricey and policed for for the black/brown hordes to enter, leaving working class and poor Whites to bear the grunt.

  25. Karen says:

    The negro was purposely weaponized to be used against us. When they sang their gospels and made a living they were content and no threat, then the jews radicalized them, fed them hip hop, gangsta culture, and told them how cool they were. Dumb gullible White kids buy into this which is especially sad.

  26. mrwhite says:


    In honor of “reptilian Jew” comic, here are some nursery rhymes … hey!!

    hickery dickery dock, Barry Sotero Obama loves to suck on Muslim C&*#

    If Butch Hillary she can’t give Slick Willie a simple blow job, how the hell can she create a real job? heyyyyyy!

  27. john says:

    I was looking at a documentary of Russian young guys trying to get into the Red Berets and as I looked I seen non of the pussy looking punks I see in America and Europe you can look at these guys and see toughness. Their are exceptions but when I look at the 20 to 25 year olds I see they look soft, fat, but most of all punky. How does a whole country go feminist, how does a whole country become pussified, niggified, and generally weak and cowardly. Europeans will not even come to their womans aid in rape in Cologne they just stood their and did nothing. Fucking stupid Germany lets in millions of low life scumbags and stand with signs welcome refugee, how fucken stupid and cowardly and ignorant can you get. And if Merkel did that to a country with any balls left she would be in the ground now the Jew sucking cunt that she is. I sickens me to see England, France and Germany the three countrys that fought both world wars turned in to cowards so low it would be hard to go any lower. God Bless Robinson and other like him who are showing spines.

    • Johnny Draco says:

      “…how does a whole country become pussified, niggified, and generally weak and cowardly..”???
      Brainwash them to believe that there is power in a never ending blabbing. Not to worry, blabbing will save the white race.

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