The Jew’s Holocaust BS Now Crashing Down


Recently, some apparently Jewish woman calling herself “Hannah” came on to my site and left a comment under my page “The Real Holocaust Deal.” Just like your typically arrogant Jew, she opens with:

“I will now proceed to blow down your entire argument.”

Right. My fairly sexy White ass. The crazy creep somehow thinks whatever she says — as a “Chosen One,” of course — will be the definitive last word and anyone reading her comment later on will instantly be dissuaded from believing anything us “Jew haters” had written before her superior Jew logic arrived on the scene.

In the interest of fair play, I’ve included her entire unedited comment below and will release it from my SPAMblinka (HasbaRAT-protection moderation que), once I finish my reply to the stuck-up creepess. After all, she had plenty of time to compose her words, so I should be able to take my time and buttress matters with embedded videos and links (which her holiness deigned not to bother).

First, she says that I’m only using newspaper articles where the Jews use the sacred 6 million figure long before World War II as merely “numbers and theories.” Uh, what doesn’t she get here? These are the Jews themselves using the 6 million number time and again before any supposed hitlerite holocaust of the 1940’s. This is convincing evidence of long term Jewish efforts before the fact, or what is called in a court of law, “pre-planning” — a fully accepted part of any legal “preponderance” arguments.

Then she says “the Nazis were actually great at keeping records” but doesn’t give us a single example or link to what’s she’s trying to make the reader believe.

Thinking about it, one can see she’s cleverly using an implanted “MEME” that Germans are always so detail-orientated and methodical — like the slide rule compulsive, nerdy blond-haired guy in the 1965 “Flight of the Phoenix” movie with Jimmie Stewart or the 2004 remake, where the German’s out-of-the-box engineering saves the crew marooned in the desert.

The tricky-dick Jewess is using the fact that a reader will merely assume they had detailed records proving they killed all those Jews, them being coldly evil Germans and all.

Actually, not a single scrap of paper has ever surfaced saying they killed X number of stinking Jews in any GD gas chambers. Oh, yeah, there was one supposed letter where some “evil Nazi” at Auschwitz used the term “gassing cellar,” and another hand wrote at the top “don’t ever use that word again!” But such a single letter could easily have been forged.

Even so, the Germans did in fact keep “death books” for Auschwitz, where they dutifully recorded each and every death in the camp. The Soviets got possession when they liberated the place, but kept them hidden for decades (the commies pushed the holocaust as much as the Jews). As I recall, deaths were only by old age, mishap, disease, running into the electrified fences out of frustration at having to work so hard and the occasional execution by hanging — all fully listed, along with them being Jews or not.

I think it was less than 30,000 Jew deaths totaled up from these Auschwitz’s death books. This is definitely why you never hear JACK about it in the media. Funny, the death books show only what you might expect from such a large slave labor program, administered by Whites who were in no mood to take any crap from manual labor-hating Jews.

NYT Magazine May 6th, 1945

The guy who runs a website called “Ministry of Truth” got his hands on the actual printed copy to completely expose this fraud.

Then she goes on about me trying to say the holocaust was a lie simply because of one falsified photo! There’s been tons of other photos exposed as frauds over the years. Just go HERE.

She’s referring to me writing about the New York Times accidentally running the famous Buchenwald photo without the nearly naked Jew guy (right) in the shot like we see today. A different photo appeared in the magazine section on May 6, 1945 (right), showing the exact same inmates on the left but without him on the right.

She’s says they edited him out because they were too afraid of shocking 1940’s prurient Americans. Right. One, they could have easily cropped him out entirely, but she’s saying the NYT did special trickery with airbrushing so as to not offend readers with vulgarity — which is patently ridiculous since you can’t see his ding dong and two, they ran similar photos of emaciated half-naked inmates all over the place (who were suffering from typhus and cholera, not evil German starvation programs).

Now, I’ve looked carefully at high res versions of this shot. To cover over the almost nude Jew guy would definitely be difficult to say the least. The dark areas are not really black at all — details of the bunks, wood grain and other sad sack jews can easily be picked out. Plus, the dropped in Jew guy shows signs of double exposure, where the amberlith mask was not perfectly flat in the frame when printing from negatives.

No, the almost naked Jew guy was definitely “dropped in” by two exposures in the dark room, certainly by Zionist Psyops teams either here, or in Europe itself. I even know EXACTLY how this kind of thing is done because I’ve done it myself. The NYT simply screwed the pooch by using a version they were not supposed to, maybe not even have.

My guess, and it is only a guess I will admit, is that the real perps behind the charade were closely involved with NYT to begin with (the paper has been under Jew control almost from the start). Copies of the faked version were sent on to other US papers, where you see it like we’re supposed to see it today.

This photo is CLEAR evidence of a huge Zionist Psyops scam foisted upon the American public and the entire Western world by secretive, lying Jews, looking to manipulate history for Jewish interests. Without a GD doubt!

And the Treblinka underground radar part? She’s referring to the 1999 team from Australia under Richard Krege. Although his investigation was only included core samples and ground surveys, Krege was completely open with his data and his procedures were well-documented and through. It’s his final conclusions that no mass graves existed that the Jews can’t allow the public to know (that’s how nervy these creeps are).

Although Hannah doesn’t leave a link to a supposed rebuttal investigation, I presume she’s referring to “the work” of the Jewy-looking “archeologist,” Caroline Sturdy-Colls, from the University of Birmingham in England (below right).

Dr. Caroline Sturdy-Colls holohoaxer

The Treblinka Archeology Hoax
The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax debunks Zionist British Archaeologist Caroline Sturdy-Colls’ fraudulent “investigation” of Treblinka, which included digging near clearly marked Christian graves claiming to find new “hidden mass graves,” falsely assigning homicidal intent to a normal life-saving shower room at Majdanek, and misidentifying a terra-cotta tile excavated at Treblinka as belonging to the floor of a homicidal “gas chamber.”


Those working under Sturdy-Colls supposedly dug up a handful of glazed tiles with a star of david-like symbol on the unglazed side (the part glued down to a floor and unseen) and she claimed this was enough for physical proof of a building once used for gassing Jews. Funny thing, a Polish tile factory once used this heraldic symbol (pierced mullet star) as a product logo for almost a hundred years!

The fact Ms. Sturdy-Colls missed this simple explanation (or neglected to say anything, which is probably the case); completely turns her into one of the biggest liar archeologists in history (there’s been more than a few). And the fact that the Smithsonian Channel (cable TV) runs a big time documentary on her excavations like it was definitive scientific proof that Treblinka was real, should make anyone with half-a-brain suspect Jew-Zionists controls them, too.

sept1944 TreblinkaNote in the video above, Sturdy-Colls (46 minutes in) meets with a supposed aerial photography “expert” and the voiceover bemoans the fact they had no photographs of the camp from the air. This is total, unmitigated BS! There’s several photos taken by military over flights, like the low flyby on the right, taken in September, 1944. They also have one from May and November, 1944, that shows absolutely nothing, too.

And it never could have been one “mass grave” or even a handful. 870,000 corpses would have taken somewhere around 30 olympic-sized swimming pools in area, 50 metres deep in the ground, all over the so-called “death camp” of Treblinka (it was actually only a brief railroad transit area). Evidence of any such upheavals in the soil record would have been readily discovered by Krege, along with plenty of ash, bone fragments and teeth — if they burned and crushed everything in a few months like the Jews said the Germans did.

Then Hannah goes on to say:

Death camps were not over Soviet lines. Many were liberated after the war by Soviet troops. That does not make them over Soviet lines during the time they were in operation.

I never once said that!

Man, how stupid does she think I am? They were “liberated” during the war as the Soviets moved westward. Correct me if I’m wrong here, but Poland was under complete commie control from then on. All of the concentration camps in the West have long been proven to not to have been “killing camps.” Even Israel’s big time holohoax museum, Yad Vashem, now admits it.

Besides that, you know what really flames my ass about this Jewess woman’s comment? Here, let me quote it out for you:

“And to say that Jews try to prevent studying them is just a falsity. You seem to be saying, instead, that Jews try to prevent people like you from saying the things you’re saying. And rightfully so, because your facts are all completely and outright wrong.”

Basically, without showing any real evidence, she’s saying I’m full of crap and so the sacred Jews have every right to silence me or anyone else with censorship. That’s the attitude of these nervy creeps. They vigorously work to hide any contrary hard evidence to the holocaust, where other, lesser informed “proletariat,” can learn of it and possibly become another “Jew hater” boy like me.

I remember once standing in a local library, surveying the massive “holocaust” section they had (next to the WWII section). An entire bookcase about the subject and NOT ONE SINGLE pamphlet with any evidence to the contrary (they had tons of Anne Frank books for the kiddies). The devious creeps totally control the narrative.

“6 million is a number not only accepted by media but also by scholars and historians.”

Scholars and historians who want to see their work in print, that is. Funny how Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and Charles DeGaulle made absolutely no reference to any “gas chambers” in their memoirs about the war.

Book publishers are business people, and a huge part of that is library systems across the country buying copies of the book to put on the shelves. Libraries in the US are also carefully monitored by local Jewish ADL members and should something happen to get on the shelf the Jews don’t want Goyim to read, they get it removed by any means necessary!

Although I cannot go into details at the present time, I have personally seen this ADL censorship in action. I’m telling any of you people reading here right now the Jewish stealth efforts at keeping us White people stupid are quite real. Believe me.


Then our little “Hannah” ends her comment with the usual Jewish curse, “shame on you,” like some old wrinkled Yiddisher man in Miami with a bad case of gevelti fish constipation. I hope she comes back and reads this full rebuttal (but doubt she ever will). I can just see the crazy Jew byatch now.

Now you may not care much about the holocaust and not think it makes all that much of a difference. But you would be seriously mistaken. The holocaust is the lynchpin to the Jewish/Zionist efforts at corralling White people’s heads into supporting Israel and the never-ending Jew/liberal PC efforts to turn our once decent White Western countries into violent, sleazy, racial crap holes.

Just stop for a minute and ask yourself why we have so much immigration issues (in most of the other White countries, too), while at the same time Jew-racist Israel kicks out illegal Africans and the liberal media back here doesn’t breathe a GD word?

These lousy, manipulative SOBs have been messing with our heads and busy destroying the White race in our own lands for over 50 years. Get that one straight and everything going on today fits like a glove!

— Phillip Marlowe

Information on the size of the supposed burial pits at Treblinka: Click One Third of the Holocaust 10/26 or copy


Hannah’s untouched comment:

I will now proceed to blow down your entire argument.

There is NO data here whatsoever. What do I have that you don’t? Evidence. I’m not talking about numbers and theories based on newspaper articles, I’m talking about proof. The Nazis were actually great at keeping records. The census is a powerful thing, especially before and after the mass killing of a population of people. 6 million is a number not only accepted by media but also by scholars and historians. It was around 6 million. It was recorded as such. Also. Are you about to sit up here and tell me that the entire mass-killing of Jews didn’t happen because one photo had a guy photo edited out of it? Did it ever occur to you that the photo may have been edited because in the 1940?s, movies weren’t even allowed to have sad endings? Because the population was so soft that showing something like this would have gotten a possible boycott on the New York Times for vulgarity? Also. Have you ever done any research ever on the holocaust before you wrote something like this? Are you aware that many of the things you deem impossible were actually recorded in pictures or documents, and verified even before Jewish people laid claim to experiencing them? Also. Death camps were not over Soviet lines. Many were liberated after the war by Soviet troops. That does not make them over Soviet lines during the time they were in operation. And to say that Jews try to prevent studying them is just a falsity. You seem to be saying, instead, that Jews try to prevent people like you from saying the things you’re saying. And rightfully so, because your facts are all completely and outright wrong. Are you also aware that the study you posted about the ground radar thing was proven wrong by another study done shortly after? They sent over a whole team of people to locate where the mass grave was and they wound up finding it, actually. You can google that. I’m not going to post a link. Just google “Treiblinka mass graves” or something.

Shame on you.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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99 Responses to The Jew’s Holocaust BS Now Crashing Down

  1. Karen says:

    We drive a 6 month old Honda minivan and I haven’t a drop of Irish or Scottish blood. Pure Russian and pure German. Lighten up.

  2. Karen says:

    Northerntruthseeker, its amusing how jews always attempt to depict jew-wise Whites as trailer trash or so poor and clueless they drive rusted out neons. The arrogant yet barbaric jew clings to his time worn stereotypes.

  3. It was meant to poke a bit of humor at the situation, Karen..

    And by the way.. I drive a 10 year old Honda….

    But most of the ugly yids around here do drive freakin Lexus/Mercedes/Acuras/etc, etc….. Just to show again their ill gotten wealth off the backs of us…. Freakin Parasites…

  4. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    July 10, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    We drive a 6 month old Honda minivan and I haven’t a drop of Irish or Scottish blood. Pure Russian and pure German. Lighten up.

    The “red hair” and blue eyes come from when the Vikings invaded Ireland, they
    are not true Celtic genes, same for Germany, and probably that Russian area,?

    I have seen several Ukraine women (Slavic) with natural red hair and blue
    eyes, and you “lighten up” it was meant as a compliment, don’t be a Yanta!

  5. bubba says:

    4 Joo…. Hannah

    Hollywood-ism (documentary)

    This is very good, a must see.

    The beauty of it it is the Kikes try to portray themselves in a good light.

    However, if you know the FULL story of Hollywood, it totally backfires on them as you can sit back and ROTFLMAO at what is more a Jew propoganda movie.

    Even better, it is full of typical Jew tactics….and the icing on the cake is the Kikes hubris that leaves volumes of evidence just perfect for our cause.

    In a brief summary….the Kikes created Hollywood( as usual the story of “poor immigrants who did well.”..or my suspicion =Rothschilds minions).

    Crucial importance : the 1915 movie “The Birth of a Nation” originally called “The Clansman”. It entrenched fear, terror and the Whites are all potential KKK and are “bad”.

    NOTE: In getting Jew Wise….I find it very useful to keep overlapping timelines….the Jews always have multiple agendas
    What else happened in 1915?……LEO FRANK was lynched.
    Also the ramp up of ADL…Federal Reserve….etc. etc.

    Scroll to the 26:00 minute mark:
    Jews invented the fantasy of the American Dream image…they created a “shadow America” (Jews fantasy projection) that didn’t exist but the Americans came to believe was the REAL America ( homes with white picket fences, Mom, Apple Pie..
    In 1920’s 75% of all Americans went to the movies at least once a week(start of zombification?)

    Then of course had to create the Oscars to make Hollywood look legit

    Around 38 Min. mark
    …how Jews made black music presentable to whites aka how Jews ripped off black music

    Movie SHOWBOAT part of early indoctrination into inter-racial marriage

    Jew Irving Berlin music “White Christmas” ..”God Bless America”..again Jews creating American shadow culture

    54 Minute mark
    ….Hollywood Jews change to Gentile names

    1Hour :02 mark
    ….The Nazis **** VERY INTERESTING***
    –in 1939 Hollywood Jews lobby US for boycott of Germany
    –Joe Kennedy in secret meeting in LA tells Hollywood Jew Moguls that Jews would be blamed if US dragged into war with Germany and to stop agitating for such a war..or it make the Jews stand out as self- serving.
    –However…the Jews begin the Comic Book industry in the 1930’s as world wide antisemitism rose….ie like Superman an expression of SUPERJEW existing hidden amongst gentiles….ie the Jews stayed in hiding masking as gentiles(ie Clark Kent = gentile /Superman = Jew)

    –Only 2 anti Nazi movies made BEFORE WW2
    (i)one by Chaplin” The Great Dictator”
    ..the other
    (ii)”Confessions of a Nazi Spy” by Kike Jew Warner Brothers….
    but with NO reference to Jews or Anti Semitism

    ***** NOW ***…what changed all this ????
    ” PEARL HARBOUR.”…now the ” US Gov’t” pushed Hollywood to make patriotic war movies…..and WW2 gives the Jews the opportunity to be embraced as real patriots in US and establish the crucial (mindfuck and propoganda)alliance between Hollywood and Washington.

    1 Hour :09 Minute mark:
    They faked that the US military as “non segregated” and had Blacks and Jews together as soldiers so that Nazis wouldn’t have any propoganda to use against the US racial hypocrisy

    1 Hour :12 minute mark
    ****MUST SEE**** The Kike Jew Moguls organize a trip to Europe see the drummm rollll ” Concentration Camps”.
    NO record of testimony on what they saw.

    NO attempt to make any movie of what they saw..Kike Jew Neal Gabler attributes this to the Jew Moguls were too shocked to express it (WTF? about ZERO to see except lots of alive Jews aka Holohoax survivors with Dr Menegle stories ? ). Man……Neal Gabler and other Jew ass kissers are real idiots in this documentary.

    Then only 2 films on antisemitism came out of Hollywood made by non- jews….”Crossfire” and “Gentlemans Agreement”

    1 HOUR :18 Minute mark
    …..race mixing speech by patriotic Jews..baaaarrrffff

    1 HOUR :19 Minute mark
    …..Smart Goyim see Hollywood as Communism Nest

    1:22:30 Mark
    US politician John Rankin awesome “kick JEW ass” speeches…hit nail on head.. **** MUST LISTEN*****

    Rest can watch..mostly poor Jew Moguls feel washed up wah wah wah (aka planning revenge on Goyim ever since with overflowing Hollywood toilet).



    –These Hollywood Jews are from Eastern Europe….. mostly Russia. hmmm…
    –They are part of the World Jew Revolution….which took hold at the start of the 20th Century…..NO Coincidence.
    –Hollywood as a motion picture industry est. approx. 1910.
    –Hollywood took several pages out of ” the Protocols ” …
    –They saw the multi – potential of Edisons invention, and like typical jews…ripped him off and headed to a then remote part of the country, far west as one could go.

    —While their Kike brothers waged bloody revolution in Russia, they started the long- term mind- fuck war against the U.S. citizens…to turn them into ZOG Hegelian Dialectic puppett minions.
    — One of their keys was to take over theatres and movie houses aka ” the vector/venue “…….precursor to Jew Tube / Electronic Rabbi
    —Goyim, attracted by this new seductive novelty, did not realize that they were being brainwashed into the Jews shadow fantasy of what the US was…it never existed and never would.
    —-The Jews groomed the US’s 50 states to act as ONE(…suckers) that the US was Superman….and nothing was impossible again the American(aka Jew) dream.
    —This probably lead the Goyim along blindly and naively and then continuall milked and nailed by the Jew (ie created Great Depression..pull the rug out from under the Goyim).

    — like booze( Prohibition) and other addictions..movies catered to need for escapism when SHTF.
    —While Hitler was developing “national Jew- proof Teflon” in Germany…the US Kikes were getting nervous….but were warned off by Joe Kennedy from starting any shit with Germany.

    —Looks like FDR had a Plan B…”Pearl Harbour”….bait the Japanese….now Hollywood and Washington were in a perpetual 69 position.

    —After the Hollywood Jews accomadated their Bolshevik brethren…got Goyim to kill fellow Goyim in Europe….they went to Europe after WW2 and found……..N-O-T-H-I-N-G…the record states that…..if their were 6 Million murdered Jews…even 10,000 murdered Jews…why wouldn’t they say something?????????????.
    GET IT…..more proof it never happened…NO HOLOCAUST.

    However, being into the movies for 30+ years, they were experts at making propaganda and special effects….. staging BULLSHIT like Shrunken Heads, Lampshades..doctored photos…..Oy such a deal !!!

    —-In essence, post WW2, the Hollywood Jew moguls and their entire industry got outed as being Commies, subversives….and were treading water before they thankfully died in disgrace. I mean…how stupid do these kikes think many Goyim were…its the Usual Suspects for past 2000+ years.

    –However, being Satans children…the true agenda carries on in future Kike generations. ie the Jew Tube and Electronic Rabbi

    Once they defined what USA and western culture was(again an illusory Jewish shadow) they have manipulated it ever since.

    Again, I see this documentary as BACKFIRING against the Kikes…as all LIES do.

  6. Truth says:

    Hey, leave Karen alone. ; ) She’s no Jew. I grew up with red/blonde hair (I’m about as far from a Jew as one can get) then as a teen I grew a red beard. Now having “woken up” My red beard is whitening and my hair has turned “dirty blonde” and BTW red haired women are the best! : )}
    I hope that kike didn’t get your license plate Karen, She might have one of her friends at the DHS run a “tag Check” on your plate and then she’ll send you a bill for “fiddy cents”
    From the “Class of 1958” Truth
    Ashamed of being white?
    Move to Africa
    Move to China
    Move to Mexico
    The Bolsheviks were responsible for the deaths of 100,000,000+ white people in the 20th century in the U.S.S.R. and the Ukraine.
    Bolshevism is a Talmudic Jewish construct. The leadership of the Soviet union was in excess of 90% Jewish.
    Marxism & Bolshevism & Communism & Zionism are Jewish constructs based on the “Jewish bible” which is called the Talmud. Their doctrines are the antithesis of the Christian Bible. Jews, though some appear white, are not part of the ‘White Race” but are a separate race. They are a race of imposters.
    A Bolshevik in the 20th century is now a “Cultural Marxist” / Zionist in this day and age. Their goal is the complete destruction of White Western Christian Civilization, The bulwark of progress. As Western White Men we have in our DNA, in our very nature an inherent tendency, an obligation, to protect and defend our most precious and beautiful gift from Yahwah God, Our White Woman.
    If you do not think that what happened in the Ukraine and Russia during the last century will never happen here in the U.S.A. this century, then you are deluded. You need to wake up! You need to educate yourself. These Misanthropes have infiltrated our country and are attempting to destroy it from within.
    Cultural Marxist’s, Zionist’s, the Communist Bolsheviks-of the 21st century, live to pervert the mind of, and Sexually Torture, Rape and Kill the White Western Woman. They are currently working to open our borders in order to “dilute the white race and to legislate away laws against Pedophilia which is permitted in their “Talmud”.
    The word “Racist” was first coined by Lev Bronstein AKA “Leon Trotsky”, to incite hatred towards his opponents”. This psycopath Bolshevik Soviet Jew, who along with the Bolshevik Jew “Yagoda”, were both responsible for tens of million of deaths by Starvation and Torture and burning-The Real Holocaust in Ukraine and Russia in the 20th Century.
    Anyone who calls you a “racist” is a Cultural Marxist and should be addressed as one!
    A “Cultural Marxist” can be a very dangerous person and they are not to be trusted nor “taken lightly”,
    Anti Racist is a code word for Anti-White.

    Marxist=Bolshevik=Communist=Zionist=Cultural Marxist

    Ashamed of being white?
    Move to Africa
    Move to China
    Move to Mexico

    Be a Proud Racist

  7. Irish Savant says:

    “The holocaust is the lynchpin to the Jewish/Zionist efforts at corralling White people’s heads into supporting Israel and the never-ending Jew/liberal PC efforts to turn our once decent White Western countries into violent, sleazy, racial crap holes.”

    This is 100% true and we should never forget it. Because, like 9/11, if you can expose this hoax for what it is the whole skyscraper of lies will tumble.

  8. summerled says:

    we need to coin a new term for ourselves marketing is good pr any ideas??

  9. Karen says:

    Northerntruthseeker, I apologize, to quick on the draw. You write good articles, are jew-wise and conscientious, and a fellow Canadian.

  10. Truth says:


    Thank You for posting this “most entertaining” piece.
    Do you mind if I post your post on another site?
    Please let me know-Truth.

    Right off the bat, at about the 10 minute mark, the Narrator begins to go into the time honored rant of the “persecuted poor Jew”: of course it’s those “mad Cossacks” and the Czar of Russia, then the Anglo-Saxon Protestants etc.. The script never changes.
    Poor me, poor poor me , pour me another shekel. How does a Jew from Russia land in NYC broke and then 6 months later own a movie production lot? Who backed these people? Were they agent from the House of Rothschild? Are they an organized band of criminals in existance for thousands of years? (like the “former” Thuggee’s of India). This “flick is a must see in my book!

    bubba says:
    July 10, 2014 at 6:17 pm
    4 Joo…. Hannah
    Hollywood-ism (documentary)
    This is very good, a must see.
    The beauty of it it is the Kikes try to portray themselves in a good light.

  11. bubba says:

    Truth says:
    July 10, 2014 at 7:40 pm


    Thank You for posting this “most entertaining” piece.
    Do you mind if I post your post on another site?
    Please let me know-Truth.


    Oh PLEASE DO !!!!! with my blessing
    ….spread the word !!!!

    ( nah….I won’t do any cheap joke about signing a deal with my Jew lawyer)

    It was one of those things you catch wind of via ANOTHER blog or interview….then do a search.

    I was looking at it….thinking Oh F*ck….more Jew propoganda…. but then the nuggets started showing up….

    If I wasn’t Jew Wise..I woulda joined the other 99% Goyim chorus and gone waaahhh poor God’s Chosenites…how much more suffering…waahhhh

    Too bad Hannah had to open her Yid Lip Lid……redundant…(NOTE: may suggest download it ASAP before ADL tries to get it taken down…. or Abe Foxman masturbates his .1 mm dick over your local servers internet connection).

    I saw it twice just to make sure I could say “WTF”???? …..this is awesome !!!
    Truthseekers, once they get started…have a skeleton to work with..the rest is simply adding more meat to the bones. (like a CSI …has a skull…and can use math modelling to create the distinctive face with highest final probability)

    Once you get Jew Wise and connect the kosher dots, you can do any puzzle blindfolded…even with red hair.

  12. Cleansweep says:

    Question to all Incoglanders:

    What happened to JB Campbell?

    His latest essay was written 21st March this year.
    After that it has been dead quiet.

    Have your heard of any interviews with him?

    Is he ok?

  13. sog says:

    1st lie from jews is that they are a race …nothiNG AND I MEAN NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM ANY REMOTE TRUTH . jews are all a bunch of different gene pools from the middle east ..judeo brainwashed christians sre thier biggest slaves but the bible the source of the anchor on christians says in no uncertain terms about race mixing among “true israelites” i think that was sopmething they never obeyed much and a isrealite and another blood type mix equaled non isrealite much bulls hit they drop around this crap …no so called jew is the same racial dna as the next one from millenia of race mixing ..the holocaust doesnt even have to be shot down ,it merely collapses under its own shoddy decitful babble ..germany kike pop was 1% during and up to hitlers chancellry ..they left leaving a couple hundred thousand who obviously knew the allies were coming to destroy germany to the last woman child dog cat and man …they were free to leave only caveat was no one wanted them so they sought to escape the sinking ship as traitors or stayed in germany as nationalists ..this is hard foe some to imagine ..yeah me to ..anyway there wasnt 6 million jews available except maybe by loan at interst from world kike org …the hoax is preposterous and the fact that peopl have goen to prison for denying it is cause for war on jews …they should be put in mental hospitals for thier decrepit tales of victimhood and bs …
    anyway yall all know the drill …i have and many others have gone on into monlog and dialog on the preposteros holohoax ….it was germany that got holocausted ..typical kike shenanigan shit to turn everything around all the frikkin time ….keepin it short

  14. Hoff says:

    Scandinavia and EU is invaded by Rumanian gypsies. The gypsies are everywhere. I think this is like when the jews started to invade Amerika in the 1880s.

    Most people just don’t fricking get it. Nice people give them money. There are gypsie beggars outside every single grocery.

    I study the jew/gypsies first hand right now. They both have the same MO, they attack children, disabled and old people.

    To call them lowlife just don’t cover it.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Israeli Newspaper Spells Out Laws Prohibiting Mixed And Same Sex Marriages In Israel

  16. Bailey says:

    Nice find by Northerntruthseeker,

    This deserves a replay,

  17. Bailey says:

    NTS says,

    “The fact is the freakin Jews are now going for broke.. They are setting us up for the crash of our societies by their actions… The result will be a new dark age for this planet..”

    This dude knew something about that in the 1500’s,
    I was just thinking about this today.

  18. Hoff says:

    Un frigging unbelievable jew”media” propaganda BS.

    Typical jewcrap. The jews swap the victims of jews killing non-jews to jew as the victims. Watch video, MANDATORY!

    Airforce: Palestine Zero plane. The jews, the whole US Airforce, 18 carriers, unlimited ammo.

    Tanks: Palestine: Zero tanks. The jews, every single tank Amerika got.

    Artillery: Palestine zero. The jews, countless.

  19. dofornow says:

    Well Savant : All we got at the world cup to denigrate a white, is a missing ear! Plus surprise/surprise…..Some bloke who waylaid some tickets.
    I see he has legged it… I don’t blame him for that . In my opinion .. He’s been rubbing shoulders with some of the top turds of this world, so he’s well aware what is coming, a Pistorious type show trial. Bags of media swamping of a whitey on trial.

  20. bubba says:

    Well ……Diane Sawyer is married to Kike Jew director Mike Nichols

  21. MIKEY says:


  22. bubba says:

    MIKEY says:
    July 11, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    I think the video is a trick question
    …the clip on the left was the rehearsal, the one on the right is the final edit.

  23. Bailey, thanks for the accolades, but I do not deserve them… I only want a world free of these scumbags and yours and my own work is not done yet….

    And Karen.. No apologies necessary… You are fine with red hair BTW….. I find redheads alluring and yet the majority do get a bit hot headed….

    Today, the death toll in the Israeli massacre of Gaza has exceeded 100, mostly innocent civilians…. And yet the crazed lunatic Jews continue to claim that Hamas is “raining down missiles and rockets”on their cities.. What a load of garbage…

    Here is something to ponder.. Israel has turned Gaza into an open air death camp with 1.5 million inmates, making it the largest concentration camp ever and the most densely populated in history…. That is why when they fire their missiles and bombs on the Gaza strip they are sure to cause death and destruction.. It is like “shooting fish in a barrel”….

    Now about those “rockets” that Hamas has ‘supposedly’ been firing.. Considering that Israel has cut off all supplies to Gaza for years now, will some one please explain to me how the “militants” in Gaza are able to even build such “rockets”? They would require parts and fuel that Gaza absolutely does not have due to the total cut off!!!

    I am laying it out clearly here… These “rockets” are absolutely nothing of the sort.. They are basically rudimentary fireworks being fired by Israeli agent provocateurs from Gaza back into Israel…. That is fact…. And everyone should be asking themselves this: WHY have these so called “rockets” never ever hit anything of importance in Israel? Are the Palestinians such poor shots or are we seeing the obvious which is again Agent Provocateurs, which of course are most definitely Mossad, firing these little bottle rockets….

    The propaganda effect of these bottle rockets from these Israeli agent provocateurs has worked so far… The criminals in your US state department are going hog wild in their false assertions that Israel has the right to kill and massacre Palestinians because of these “brutal rocket attacks”……

    Yes, Bailey… I do see the Jews now going for broke… Their sick world economic scheme is now crashing down, and they want WAR…. THAT is why suddenly today to top it all off, we hear of “rockets” being fired from Lebanon as well as from Gaza… The Israelis are wanting to attack not only Gaza to eliminate the Palestinians, but they want to assault Lebanon, which they have been wanting to do for decades, because they need the waters of the Litani River to solve their water crisis that they have created through greed and selfishness….

    The escalation of the Gaza situation will continue and because the US government is subservient to their Israeli masters, thousands of Palestinians will die…. The world definitely needs to wake the fuck up to the dangers from these psychos….

  24. RED PILL says:

    all aboard the Hell Bound train
    90% of Americans are getting the train ride of their life, or should i say death.
    yes a death train to the holding corrals.
    every one is seated looking out the windows watching out side as the view goes past them. if one person sees something of interest it is only a momentary frame because every thing goes out of view in a moment. (for those that are even looking).

    that’s a lot like watching television, you blink and you missed it, tell some one else and
    if they can’t respond quick enough to catch what was once in view, then they missed it.

    this is America, watching the side view. only the engineer and conductor can view the oncoming, they are the only ones that have a forward view. and the only ones that know what’s ahead. not that they could or would stop in time.

    this reminds me of a savoy brown song Hellbound Train.
    America is that Hellbound train

    Hellbound Train, I’m on its track
    Too late now to turn my back
    Conductor coming, ticket in his hand
    Come to claim my soul, take me to his land

    Hellbound Train, I’ve been so wrong
    Too late now, I’m moving on
    Conductor standing, watch in his hand
    Got to get aboard, take you to his land

    I’m going down the road on the Hellbound Train
    Take a long look lady, ’cause you won’t see me again
    Take a last look baby, yes hard and long
    ‘Cause I’m going down the road on the Hell, Hellbound Train

    Hellbound Train driving slow
    Move on down to the Hell below
    Conductor please won’t you lend a hand?
    Got to get aboard, take me to your land

    Yes I know, I’ve been so wrong
    Too late now, I’m moving on
    Hellbound Train, I’m on its track
    Moving down, I can’t look back

    I’m going down the road on the Hellbound Train
    Take a last look, baby, ’cause you won’t see me again
    Lady, you take a long look, long look
    ‘Cause I’m going down the road on the Hell, Hellbound Train

    Going down the road on the Hellbound Train
    Take a last look, lady, you won’t see me again
    Take a last look, baby, hard and long
    ‘Cause I’m going down the road on the Hell, Hell, Hellbound Train

    Lost and flying down the road on the Hellbound Train
    Lost and flying down the road on the Hellbound Train
    Hand in hand with the devil

  25. bh says:

    White humanitarians teach Blacks in Haiti how to catch rain water off their roofs so they dont have to walk 2-3 hours daily for clean water…..

    If it werent so sad, it would be funny.

  26. Hasbara/JIDF alert!!

    This “Vinny” character has been trolling my site for quite some time now, and he and his cohorts “Salvatore” and “Giuseppe” are nothing more than JIDF/Hasbara agents and operatives used to flood sites with misleading data……

    Notice in his comment how he says known agent “Salvatore” has a “truthful” comment? Red flags immediately!

    I have put them into permanent spam at my own site, and I would suggest Incogman do the same..

    Just a heads up for everyone… Their information is therefore purposely misleading…..

    Always remember the method of the Jew agents.. Put out some “valid” information from time to time but lead everyone down the wrong path….

  27. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Incog is being blocked by my internet connection centurylink. I can get here through but it is barely functional as all of the videos posted here will not play, non-stop adds and pop ups, etc.

    Any suggestions by tech savvy regulars here would be appreciated. Anyone familiar with Tor?

  28. Barney says:

    Gypsies! Offer them your loose change and they’ve got the audacity – or should I say chutpah? – to insist they only accept paper money. Anyone gullible enough to fall for this and offer a fiver is asked for a twenty! No thanks. Why should we work to support the parasites and give them our own judenfetzen directly into their grubby, thieving hands?

    Not me! My wallet stays where it is. I’ll give to the needy of my own species, but not to the greedy of any species. If they can’t support themselves, they should go back where they came from. They’ll be doing that after the day of the rope anyway, the ones that aren’t arrested and punished for their crimes by a (White English) people’s court.

    We’ve got millions more proto-jews (gypsies) coming any time now to add to the problem of white-looking “Eastern European” (jew?) criminals, plus ever-increasing numbers of niggers and muds.

    Every week I see more non-English undesirables and evidence that White People are losing their jobs (and company pensions presumably) to immigrants.

    People I’ve known for years in certain jobs just disappear, and an immigrant appears in their place. It’s not that White People are leaving these jobs. They’re being sacked.


    That Haiti video. I don’t suppose a nigger is capable of understanding that rain is made of water.

    It’s like this wealthy (jew?) idiot who can’t tell the time, but wears expensive watches on his ankle. I can’t find the video, where he eventually realises wood is made of wood, but this one should give you an idea of how bright he is (or not).

  29. Barney says:

    Elder of Zyklon-B – You can get Tor here.

    There’s no installation. Just download it, put it where you want it, perhaps in a folder of it’s own, right-click on the downloaded file and choose “extract here”. When it’s done, double-click on the file named start-tor-browser, and then click on the Run button.

    It’s based on FireFox and works on all operating systems.

  30. bubba says:

    Barney says:
    July 11, 2014 at 4:53 pm


    That Haiti video. I don’t suppose a nigger is capable of understanding that rain is made of water.


    Funny…I was musing on a joke about water having NO color…like WHITES have no color… so Non Whites think of it as a threat (unless its dirty water)…

    I was talking to my Dad recently ….reminiscing..and he talked about Gypsies.
    He was from a Eastern European German enclave, chartered in 1400’s..and said the Gypsies were basically nomads….they were accepted given their culture.

    His town would pass the hat and pay the Gypsies to do certain things like fill in potholes on roads, etc. The Gypsies would be in their turf….but would simply camp out like other nomads and otherwise stay to themselves.

    The gypsies were pretty harmless…(other than the odd bit of livestock stolen)..but people back then …and in those areas …people rolled with the punches. No such thing as security and guarded communities…hell they didn’t have indoor plumbing or electricity…so getting along and mutual respect of each’s turf worked.

    North Americans simply don’t appear to understand how Europe and its many cultures functioned well for centuries(excluding Kike Jew factor)

  31. GTRman says:

    Greetings from the little island of kikes,paedos ,queers and nigger worship, formerly known as England.

    Dusty Old Holohoax BS vs Lightspeed Internet Truth.

    Something’s gotta give!

  32. GTRman says:

    “Funny…I was musing on a joke about water having NO color…like WHITES have no color… so Non Whites think of it as a threat (unless its dirty water)…”

    “Not So Clear Agenda”

    Hello to all my old friends at Incogland.

  33. GTRman says:

    I’ll embed that. Worth a watch:

  34. Bailey says:

    Excellent video GTRman,

    Dusty Old Holohoax BS vs Lightspeed Internet Truth.

    Something’s gotta give!


  35. Is it English elitism which has done that to all these boys? Same country. Same race, but a sickening superiority complex among the british ‘elite’ to bring about this filthy abuse. can’t abuse the jews, so we’ll abuse our hope? Good going ‘prince Charles’.

  36. bubba says:

    Not So Clear Agenda video

    I noticed that the 2 kosher bottles were putting chains on the Unclear bottles and then taking them for the deposit $$$ .

  37. Laydee Liberty says:

    Picture Collection

    The Real Adolph Hitler’s Germany
    Picture Collection – See more at:

    Confessions of A JEWISH Holocaust Revisionist


    Published on Apr 25, 2014

    Independent Journalist Joshua Blakeney interviewed David Cole, the Jewish Holocaust Revisionist who recently rejoined the historical revisionist community after spending sixteen years operating under the alias David Stein, a mainstream holocaust consultant and organizer of parties for members of the Republican Party.


  38. Don in Taiwan says:

    I don’t believe it anymore :
    1) Any race that in recent history went through a holocaust, being all too familiar with horror wouldn’t dispense it on their neighbors gratuitously (Palestine ).
    2) For some reason the “transfer act”is omitted from history books, whereby the Nazis allowed tens of thousands of Jews to emigrate to Palestine with their wealth until Rothschild owned London threatened to sink any ships attempting leave 1940-41
    3) Hitler was not a racist maniac hellbent on world domination as portrayed in war propaganda and history books. He made MANY attempts at avoiding war but was snubbed by in Rothschild pocket Churchill. Poland was invaded because Bolshevik Poles were massacring ethnic Germans.
    4) Germans have chivalry and honor A LOT.
    5) The Nazis we’re the first nation to create animal rights laws. That says volumes about their character.
    6) According to the Red Cross, allied prisoners of war had a 99 percent rate of returning home in good condition upon release from Nazi camps.
    Jesus Christ give the holocaust a rest already…

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