Scarface Jews Attack Penelope Cruz

JOAN RIVERS ATTACKS PENELOPE CRUZ XPRT 2Crass, rich old Jewess, with way too many face-lifts and moolah, attacks the apparently decent and brave Spanish Caucasian actress for standing up for the Palestinians in Gaza. Now, beautiful Penelope Cruz will get screwed over by these immoral and vengeful Zionist creeps every chance they get! [INCOG]

From David Duke

Dead Palestinian child pulled from the rubble of her home. These hypocrite Jews don't care one lick about anyone but other Jews. Never have. (INCOG)

Wounded Palestinian child wails in Gaza. The filthy, hypocrite Jews don’t care one lick about anyone but other Jews. Never have. (INCOG)

The naked Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy which rules Hollywood has once again been shown to world with the double-standard treatment meted out by movie industry bosses and the media to actresses Penelope Cruz and Joan Rivers over their respective comments on the Gaza Holocaust.

Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem were one of many who signed an open letter speaking against “the genocide perpetrated by the Israeli occupation army” in Gaza—a completely accurate reflection of the facts.

The letter accused Israel of “advancing on Palestinian territories instead of withdrawing to the 1967 borders. “Gaza is living through horror… while the international community does nothing,” it read.  The Spanish letter was signed by 100 leading figures in the film industry, including director Pedro Almodovar.

Rivers, when asked about the Gaza Holocaust, told a TV interviewer that she did not feel bad because civilian victims “deserve to be dead”, that the ones killed had “very low IQs.”

“Good. Good. When you declare war, you declare war. They started it. We now don’t count who’s dead. You’re dead, you deserve to be dead. Don’t you dare make me feel bad about that.

“They were told to get out. They didn’t get out. You don’t get out, you are an idiot. At least the ones that were killed were the ones with low IQs.”

Later she released a statement saying she stood by what she had said.


The GD Jews see no problem with destroying the lives and careers of any who dare speak out. They’ve gotten away with backroom dealings against non-Jews just like this, ever since we let the devious creeps move to America. (INCOG)

No one in Hollywood has said anything about Rivers’ hate-filled comments — but, according to the International Business Times (IBT), Jewish Supremacist dominated Hollywood has viewed to blacklist the actress and her husband.

The IBT report, titled “Hollywood Studios Blacklist Penelope Cruz over Gaza Letter Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide” said that Cruz and her husband had “roused the fury of Hollywood producers, with pledges made to snub the Spanish couple.”

The report continued:

One top producer who has worked with Cruz says he privately has vowed not to hire her again, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Another top Hollywood executive also privately expressed his disapproval, saying he’s “furious at Javier and Penelope” and wasn’t sure about working with the Spanish couple again.

Relativity Media chief executive Ryan Kavanaugh was the only studio head willing to go public with his views: “As the grandson of Holocaust survivors, I know that anyone calling what’s going on in Israel ‘genocide’ vs. self-defense is either ignorant and shouldn’t be commenting or is truly anti-Semitic.”

As one film producer explained: “I think the thing any executive or producer will try to calculate before working with Penelope Cruz or Javier Bardem in the near future is what their value is in the all-important international marketplace.

The difference in treatment of Rivers’ and Cruz’s comments by Hollywood moguls and the media is apparent for the world to see.

While Cruz said nothing at all untrue, and certainly nothing “anti-Semitic”, the Jewish Supremacists have attacked her comments as being precisely that. In addition, they have privately sworn to sabotage her further Hollywood career as a punishment for daring to speak out against her industry bosses’ co-religionist’s excesses in Israel.

Rivers, on the other hand, has completely escaped censure, despite her comments being one of the more blatant displays of Jewish racism and Jewish hatred seen in America in many years.

The astute observer will also note that Rivers is not her real name. It is Joan Alexandra Molinsky, and she is the daughter of Russian Jews.

Of course, that would have had nothing to do with either her comments or the fact that Hollywood doesn’t care what she says…




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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45 Responses to Scarface Jews Attack Penelope Cruz

  1. Karen says:

    Joan Rivers is a parody of everything whites found repulsive about the jew in the 20th century. Crass, mean-spirited, loud, obnoxious, and if anyone saw the documentary of her private life, tasteless, gauche and self-centered. Her husband killed himself and she capitalized on his death with a made for tv movie on his suicide and how she suffered suffered suffered. What a bitch.

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    Got that right!

    Man, I can’t stand these creeps.

  3. Joan jew is one strage looking kitty, I’ll tell you that. Her eyes are nearly vertical and her face is as narrow as a fish. No feminine graces either. The archetypical evil yenta bitch. Deranged, freakish.

  4. Jimmy Marr says:

    I haven’t had a TV since 1981, so I had to do a Google search and find a video to of this jewess to see for myself how obnoxious she is. Here’s the video I watched:

    Now, I’ll be honest with you, I hate this bitch as much as she hates Palestinians, but I don’t hate her position with respect to her own people, in fact I admire it.

    If more Whites had this attitude toward our genetic enemies, we wouldn’t be in the trouble we find ourselves in now.

    But we’re not up to it. The majority of Whites still want to cling to the “do unto others bullshit morality of losers” and the longer we do so, the more our chances of survival as a race are going to diminish.

  5. “We stand with satan.”

    Lessee, six lines, check. Six points. Check. Six triangles. Check. The symbol of rothschild. Zero archeological evidence of the ”star of david” existing in the levant in any period prior to 20th century kike immigration there. Wordly power. Lust for death. And to think, no one, anywhere, reflexively considers kikes to be ”good”, ”wholesome” or ”genuine”. So what’s with the charade? What the heck else is the sign of the beast? I am willing to bet that there is no one that can come up with a reasonable alternative explanation. I mean this one is so patently obvious.

  6. Fredward says:

    Just a bunch of satanic trolls. It’s fitting that they should rule a planet of foul apes.

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:

    When Hollywood Attacks

    Don’t Have Any Anti-Israel Opinions

    Jon Voight Slams Penelope Cruz Over Israel Genocide Remarks On The Record

    This video is around 4 minutes long.

  8. sog says:

    some good links worthy of posting here on i-man…..

    the malaysion plane deal was a twofer ..coders and computer types nsa didnt like and well the ever present jewish revenge ..

    cross read with jimstone

  9. sog says:
    the murder of mork from dork …
    off topik ?… wgaf
    they also murdered the founder of the comic series curious george when the movie came out ..lots of info off topik ..look it up if yer into it ..

  10. Bailey says:

    Has Penelope and her husband apologized yet?

    That’ll be the test, it seems that there is always a “celebrity” in trouble for saying something only to weep and moan, apologizing while they carry on licking jew ass.
    Or in some cases handing out free fried chicken to niggers.

    There’s too much of this shit going on of late and I believe it’s part of the show to tell the goyim what not to say and how not to think.

    “If you’re anti- Israel you’re Anti – American” so says the filthy jew Howard Stern.
    People pay 19 bucks a month to hear his shit, they better effin’ believe it.

    On FM radio I heard some jew talking about Roger Waters and his stance on Israel and it’s genocide of innocent people along with the BDS movement.

    The jew said something like, I love Pink Floyd but Roger ” What’s his name” isn’t thinking straight.
    Then he went on to spew shit about the poor fucking Israelis being under constant attack from hamas rockets, pretty much as stupid as what the old whore Joan rivers and every other retard (jew or not) has to say.

    Anyway, I’m still waiting for someone else to not apologize for damning the poor jews and actually come out and say, I meant it, I believe and if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself.

    Time is running out, soon there will be laws to shut you up.

  11. Bailey says:

    Yea sog,

    You’de need a pretty big belt and it would help to be a skinny twerp, the daily jews also said the funny man cut his wrist with a pen knife.

    I’m not sure that the funny man was murdered but the story stinks like gefilte fish.

  12. Israhell on Earth says:

    Controlling the Hollywoods Message on Gaza

    As for Robin Williams, he was no jew and gave us at least 3 amazing movies: Good morning vietnam, dead poet society, and the fisher king.
    I didn’t like his family-orientated, comedian stuff, but i never hated the guy.
    Adam Sandler can’t commit suicide soon enough, i despised him as an actor/comedian from day one; i had no clue that he’s a kike and i didn’t care back then.

  13. Israhell on Earth says:

  14. Barney says:

    Joan fkn Molinsky needs to be thrown into a river from a great height with a ton weight tied round it’s scrawny, evil neck. All the fish in that river would be dead for the next ten years, and the smell would be pretty bad (and not from the dead fish), but the devil’s vermin do like what they call “collateral damage”, and the loss of fish stocks would be worth it to finally be rid of that obscenity.

    I don’t have a tel-aviv-zion, though I could afford one if I was willing to be brainwashed by jew garbage, but I’ve had the misfortune to see that Rivers/Molinsky THING a few times.

    I’m not surprised it’s husband chose hell (I’m assuming he too was a kike) over living with that ugly, disgusting, despicable creature a moment longer than he had to. Even the devil can’t be as bad as that THING he was married to.

    Too many face lifts, but why bother trying to improve on the appearance of a cockroach anyway? It was always fkn ugly because it’s ugly inside, and they don’t come any uglier than that one.

    It opens it’s mouth and filth comes out. It can’t even speak without shouting. Perhaps it thinks everyone’s deaf because any decent person would ignore the turd and pretend they hadn’t heard.

    To slightly misquote the fictitious Forrest Gump, ugly is as ugly does. True ugliness always shows in the face.

    I once knew two Human (=non-jew) sisters, possibly twins and very nearly identical.

    One was an Angel, and the most beautiful young lady I’ve ever been blessed to know. She’s waiting for me in Heaven right now.

    The other turned to evil, and was even involved in plotting her beautiful sister’s murder.

    Physically they were nearly identical, but the evil one is ugly, her internal ugliness showing in everything about her and ruining what should have been an attractive face.

    Add jewishness and too many face lifts to that degree of evil and you’ve got the revolting Rivers/Molinsky object.

  15. CDC Warns: If you feel an urge to steal property and slaughter women and children you have been infected with the JEWbola virus. #gaza

  16. I’m building an app to identify jew-owned/controlled businesses. Tentative name is Jewdar©®™ Ripoff Avoidance Tool

  17. MIKEY says:


  18. MIKEY says:


  19. MIKEY says:


  20. Hoff says:

    The Israeli army should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for its “unimaginable restraint” in Gaza, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, said Tuesday.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    FOR SALE: 3 bedroom 2 bath wood frame house with 1/4 acre lot. Great school district, close to shopping (looting). Ferguson Mo. Make Offer. Call 696-969-6699. Will consider section 8 lease option.

  22. StopThePalistinianGenocide says:

    God I hate the satanic jew. Give the joo a taste of its own medicine and boycott Hollyjewood films. Just use bit torrents and download them free from the internet. They are all there. Just use some kind of proxy server protection like a virtual private network (vpn) so the jew copyright trolls don’t report you to your ISP and try to get your internet service suspended. Or you might get a threatening email from a jew shyster threatening to sue you unless you pay them a settlement fee. I don’t go to movies anymore so I don’t feed the Hollyjewood kikes anymore but I enjoy their movies!! At least the ones that aren’t filth which doesn’t leave many worth watching.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    !!!!! PRICE REDUCED!!!!!!!!!! 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Wood frame house on 1/4 acre lot in vibrant diverse community. Close to looting with large police and fire department presence. Active and vibrant nitelife nearby. Great schools offering culturally respectful classrooms. Plus free breakfast lunches and snacks. PRICE REDUCED!!!!!! Anybody? Anybody? Make offer at number posted above.

  24. Barney says:

    I don’t know whether this pervert’s a jew or just a jew-lover, but we can hope (some of) the truth might be coming out at last, despite his “super injunction”.

    The first link is to the current story, and the second one is rather more informative.

    My belief though is that they’ll wait until the filthy bastard’s dead and then make him the next jimmy saville (or “so-vile”) to draw attention away from the evil child molesting/murdering bastards in parliament and the palace.

    Who knows? Perhaps David Icke’s right and they are shape-shifting lizards that have to drink Human blood to keep their vaguely “humanoid” form.

    I could believe just about anything where that scum is concerned.

    I wonder what stories will come out about Esther Rancid’s “Childline” BAIT organisation when the filthy old kike’s finally dead. Typical kike EVIL, setting an organisation like that up to “help” kids that are being abused, when it’s more likely that the old pervert uses it as cover for something completely evil.

    If Childline had been genuine, why would the old turd have protected all those high-profile perverts for so long instead of protecting their victims?

    Shitkike depravity really does know no limits.

    Anyone seeing a filthy jew surrounded by equally filthy queers (probably jews) needs to think DANGEROUS PREDATOR and get their kids indoors.

    The day of the rope can’t come a minute too soon. Cure the plague once and for all, and our kids will be able to grow up in safety.

  25. Barney says:

    Two TNB stories from Airstrip One, the land of “cultural enrichment” formerly known as England.

    Words really do fail me at times.

    How could anyone pretend these dangerous creatures are even vaguely “human”? They haven’t yet reached the level of civilisation of a chimpanzee, so why unleash them on an unsuspecting public?

    No need to ask. No doubt the demon jew will be releasing lions and tigers onto our streets before much longer – unless we do something to stop the bastards and send their pets back where they belong.

  26. summerled says:

    PRT are the machine gun turrets and barbed wire extra??

  27. summerled says:


    Our national motto used to be noble reverent and inspirational = IN GOD WE TRUST

    Today we have decided that was too corny – so we changed it to = IN SATAN WE TRUST and PROVED it with 99% of our Congress betraying their oaths of office as they paid homage and loyalty to the ‘anti Christ’ Satanyahu and his stolen terrorist realm of evil hatred violence and death.

    This was done in full sight of HUNDRED OF MILLIONS Of Americans as well as the rest of the world on My 24 2011 – when ALL of our elected and trusted representatives gave the Devil and his hellish domain – no less than TWENTY NINE STANDING WILDLY CHEERING OVATIONS for his speech. What did he say? He boasted that we the moron American people and our moron country were more loyal to Satan and his children – than to OUR United States and it’s Constitution – and our once unshakable Christian faith

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    !!!!!!!! PRICE REDUCED AGAIN!!!! Home also comes with nightly outdoor pest fumigation services!!!! BUY NOW!!!!!

  29. Barney says:

    More on the perverts in power. The main link between all these cases seems to be Hell’s Revolting Horror (HRH for short) queer liz-ard – and the wrath-child scum, of course.

    Thatcher knew all about the parliamentary perverts, condoned their behaviour, promoted them and recommended them to queer liz-ard for knighthoods, medals, buggery and other “rewards”. Same for so-vile, “kitty” and too many others.

    Every Prime Monster (PM) before and since has done the same.

    What’s the connection? The Revolting “royals” (and wrath-child, of course).

    Who appoints these perverts to high office? Queer liz-ard.

    Who knowingly hands out medals and “honours” to serial child abusers? Queer liz-ard.

    The revolting “royals” need to be throne out and dangled on ropes from the upper level of Tower Bridge, as do the equally revolting wrath-child scum.

    The revolting “royals”, having stolen everything, bolted down or not, can and do have everyone checked out before allowing them anywhere near crime-central, otherwise known as the palace.

    You can’t hide a torn fingernail from that bunch of criminals, so they can’t pretend not to know the perverts they choose to associate with are perverts. Being some of the worst perverts themselves, they know it, they condone it and they reward it.

    There’s only one possible penalty for serious child abuse, and it’s the same one as for treason, of which the revolting “royals”, the wrath-child and their parliamentary puppets are equally guilty. No need for separate trials. Their guilt is proven for all to see. Fortunately London’s got quite a few bridges, and when they’re full up, we can start on the lamp posts.

    Here are the links.

  30. Professional Troll says:

    Its fine incogman. The earth needs immediate depopulation to recover from environmental damage and limited ocean-life / fuel resources. Killing in these circumstances is a noble act. Plan of Salvation.?

    The Jews are doing good for the earth.

  31. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Controlling Hollywood’s Message On Gaza

    According to this article Cruz and others in the entertainment industry that spoke out about Gaza are backtracking now.

  32. ICU says:

    My viewing of the 2011 Joint Session of Congressional Vassal Servitude & Self Debasement in praise of the vile, blood soaked, raving, mushmouth, combover, furniture salesman, Khazar mongrel bastid Netanyahu was the exact moment that I clearly came to know that The American Republic was HISTORY…OVER…DONE.
    The jew takeover that was put into High Gear when the scum whacked JFK and Overdrive when the scum orchestrated 9/11 was then completed and our noses were rubbed into it, on Free Cable.
    There is now only one way to deal with The jew Vampire Pirates and their lackeys.
    We all know what it is.
    The Hungarians showed us “how to deal” in 1956.
    Only this time, know that Divisions and Armor, whether domestic or imported, are USELESS against Lone Wolves, especially those wearing Sheepskin coats.

  33. summerled says:

    yes ICU the more the merrier we need the awakened to kill the dead but its going to take real time effort to raise an effective army

  34. ihatekikes says:

    effing kikes are going beserk.
    journo Mike carlton in Australia was fired.
    in south africa they going for former irish rugby player and radio presenter, john robbie.
    they created a face book page called boycott 702 till john robbie is gone. check it out and see their hatred for a White speaking out againt the slaughter in Palestine.

    These fuckers need to go. There is not one, NOT FUCKING ONE, country these sons of whores dont run.

  35. Don in Taiwan says:

    Penelope Cruz and her man have done the right thing. We all need to do the same thing stick together and stop acquiescing to the Jew. They knew they would be banned from Hollywood, but they have real morals. I bet they will stand behind their decision.
    The Jew doesn’t want peace they want the Palestinian people eradicated. Hamas has been compromised by Israel, that’s why the rockets keep getting fired. Their whole racket is deception. Making it appear one way, but is completely opposite.
    Isis is their creation as well….. they are working to their “greater Israel “.

  36. Maggie says:

    No wonder her husband committed suicide. The wonder is he didn’t do it sooner.

  37. Don in Taiwan says:

    The Jew is the master of deception. The mossad’s motto is “by deception, thou shalt do war”. I have read and believe that the Jew has infiltrated Hamas. It is about genocide, the Jew is not interested in peace with the Palestine.
    Suddenly things make more sense when looked at in this light.
    Whenever Israel wants to kill and destroy, their operatives fire the “toy rockets” to have their excuse to murder the innocent.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    Scarface is having a bad day. I don’t like celebrating the hardships of others I believe it is bad karma. But I also don’t like seeing all the useless and preventable death and destruction that has occurred over the centuries. And the jews that now BOAST of their involvement in causing and stirring up the shit and problems behind the scenes.

  39. Cindy says:

    She probably got killed four saying Mrs Obongo was a man.

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