Message to White Vets on Veteran’s Day


Just think about it here: While you patriotic White guys faithfully served this nation in the military, the richly-paid hypocrite creeps back here in America now feel free to spit in our faces. No matter what us White people have done for America and even the world — they don’t give one flying rat’s ass!

The brainwashing media bastards have turned our women into materialistic sluts, our sons into liberal faggots and our daughters into angry little whores; all the while they demonize any White person for the least un-PC comment we might dare make. At the same time, innocent White people are constantly getting smacked around and brutally murdered by the thrill-seeking, White-hating and crime-prone black race — who are always portrayed as GD heroes in the media!

All the while they jack us into never-ending wars fighting for the NWO and Zionist Israel. Even after all we do, they still feel free to openly trash our race and Christianity!

And guess what? It’s just going to get worse and worse for the White Gentile race. You know all this is going on, don’t you?

Had a GD ’nuff of this total crap, White guys?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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58 Responses to Message to White Vets on Veteran’s Day

  1. RED PILL says:

    I hear you incogman,
    been there, done that.
    thank you sir
    Goubermint doesn’t give a fuck any more.
    and i didn’t know any better then (1961).

  2. ICU says:

    I’m well past “had enough”.
    I can hardly wait for the triggering event that will signal the start of Clean Up Time.
    Hungary 1956 Redux.
    Speed The Day.
    My only worry is if there is enough rope and ammo.
    ALL of the cultural shit smears that Incogman’s clarion call described in his lede graphic are intentional and perpetrated as destructive capital felonies by Big jew. The Little jews are dragged along with it and very, very few of them call it out or criticize it. It’s a tribal thing.
    I encourage readers here to click through on the J.B. Campbell link on the Sites For Whites menu in the left hand column. There is a real battle veteran that dealt with Big jew enabled Black sub-humans in Rhodesia, who has ZERO illusions as to Who’s Who and What’s What. Read and consider.
    I also counsel not to spazz out and do something violent, retributional, short term and ill advised…like that guy Frein in PA. He, in an undisciplined misdirected self-indulgent fashion, went after the uniformed badged enforcers that are often unaware of exactly who’s interests they really defend while they mostly focus on the obvious violations of civil peace and order, instead of the Talmudic Zionist jew Puppet Masters…the most savage criminals deserving of harsh justice. He also did it badly and accomplished nothing but his own fall and destruction.
    Remember the ancient wisdom “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”
    When The Manure Hits The MixMaster, I don’t worry about the cops or even the Military, except the few jews and muslims, many niggers and many mestizos in their ranks; those kosher/halal/gangbanger covert agents and A A Hires will do whatever they’re told to do. The Whites in closest proximity to them, hopefully, may well do The Right Thing and render them “ineffective”, with extreme prejudice.
    I also don’t worry about The North American Pavement and Yard Apes of either the Black or Mestizo strains.
    When The Big Show starts, those almost human specimens won’t last beyond 4 weeks.
    There will be plenty of animal feed, catfish and gator bait for many years.
    I must admit some concern about Big jew bringing in foreign mercenaries to oppose me and my fellow White human patriots. The answer to that will be to get to Big jew, over the bodies of Big jew’s biologic weapons, ASAP so we can show Big jew how adept we are at tying Hangman’s Knots and practical marksmanship before Big jew can hire more goons.
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    It’s coming.
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    “He that has a garment and has no sword, let him sell his garment to buy a sword.”
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    Be Ready.

  3. Nationalist says:

    If Whites in the military were fighting for the United States as it existed in 1776 that would be one thing but to fight for the U.S. as it is today in 2014 makes no sense. We can’t be working towards defeating the White race and the Christian religion and expect to be in good standing with the Lord. I wish the Republicans were on our side but they are not, the only thing they really stand for is money, nothing else. We have no choice except to turn to National Socialism which is believe it or not the political system closest to the teachings of the Bible. Let’s save White western culture and civilization as well as the White race itself by joining David Dukes EURO organization and the Council of Conservative Citizens. Don’t wait, do it today.

  4. Juggernaut3000 says:

    I too am well past “had enough.” The wrong side won WWII and the real criminals are FDR, Churchill and Stalin.

    Hitler was an honorable man who stood up for his people and defied the Communist Jewish Bolsheviks and for this he had to be destroyed. Patton realized we had fought on the wrong side and threatened to tell all – so he had to be killed off.

    Whites fought other Whites in WW II so our respective countries could be taken over by Jews who intend to genocide us.

    No more brothers wars.

  5. bubba says:

    Veterans Day ?

    Remember….Military Morons…

    That’s the day you set Hell in motion.
    Went 1/2 way around the world…Backstabbed the Germans..your white brethren…Because________?????????

    Used a Satanic Freemason time and date 11 the hour of 11th day of 11th month aka 11+11+11=33 to sign a treacherous “peace”?????? deal that simply fuelled WW2…and all the global hell since then…

    Fek off and rot in hell …Henry Kissinger was right…your nothing but dumb ape muscle for kike jew foreign policy

  6. Ruth House says:

    Remember one thing:
    NWO and a rule of satan can not be declared without your agreement as it will be against the Law of Free Will.

    The NWO “elite” is fully aware of this law and they know all too well that rule of satan can not be established unless you all agree to it.

    All this slaughter and mayhem is in aid of the elevation of the satanic above the Aryan race, and so it is only natural that the brotherhood of circumcision is a sworn mortal enemy of both the founder of this religion and the Christian religion itself.

    Accordingly, Jewry can only firmly establish the superiority and rule of the satanic race when it has managed to defeat the natural reaction opposing it and to destroy the institution of Christianity.”

    All the evil you see around and all the wars, “revolutions” and “crisis” and all the information about all sorts of evil and the NWO world take-over, that somehow, magically began to show up everywhere, is done for the purpose of making the NWO look like something frighteningly real, something inevitable, to create the atmosphere of fear and even horror in order to paralyse you so that you an not be assisted by the positive forces, serving the Law of One

    It is basically a method of creating desperation and confusion and creates an atmosphere of global negativity.
    In that state, you become disabled and the very ideas of trying to solve the problems do not even arise.
    You become like a helpless rabbit, sitting in front of a python and unable to even move.

    All of it is done so that you, being unable to tolerate all the unbearable violence and chaos all around, and, desiring that it would all end, which they will promise to you IF you submit to their will and power, would agree, and with joy, to take an oath to serve satan and satan only, which will be the end of vast majority of people worldwide, as you are considered to be nothing more than animals and even faeces – LITERALLY as undeniable proof on record shows.

    Otherwise, it will be the end of them and their agenda of most profound evil they’ve pursued since the dawn of “civilisation”.
    Their entire system will fall apart.

    Evil is not “all powerful” as they are trying to convince you.

    OK, so some of you don’t like religion . . . neither do I, as I’m a Race Realist, and the Book some calls THE BIBLE, I call MY HISTORY BOOK, but watch this video and find out for yourself . . .
    Who’ who . . . and Who’s a jew.
    It gets real intense towards the middle [but who starts in the middle??]
    Do yourself a favour and watch the video.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Before everyone starts piling on to veterans and blaming them for all the worlds fucked-up problems remember that many of them were drafted. They didn’t have a choice. And they couldn’t afford to go to college or were jew boys who could move to Canada or israel. For far too many it was a one-way trip. Most others that came back weren’t what they used to be. Thanks jews.

  8. Charlieboy says:


    I, too, believe it’s coming, soon. Consider, for instance, the circumstance in Ferguson, Missouri (St. Louis), where a large nigra herd threatens riot IF A GRAND JURY ACTS CONTRARY TO ITS MOB DESIRE. How can even a system of rule-by-law STAND A CHANCE in the face of threats like that? True – ‘the system’ is corrupt and JUDAEIZED – but how can a society ever hope to survive such madness intact??

    Answer: multiculturalism does NOT work – never has and never will. [White] Christian society will NOT survive. If anything, it will EMERGE, once again (after a big blood bath). Keep ‘yer powder dry, boys!

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    The Great War took the life of some 9 million soldiers; 21 million more were wounded. Civilian casualties caused indirectly by the war numbered close to 10 million. The two nations most affected were Germany and France, each of which sent some 80 percent of their male populations between the ages of 15 and 49 into battle. At the peace conference in Paris in 1919, Allied leaders would state their desire to build a post-war world that would safeguard itself against future conflicts of such devastating scale. The Versailles Treaty, signed on June 28, 1919, would not achieve this objective. Saddled with war guilt and heavy reparations and denied entrance into the League of Nations, Germany complained it had signed the armistice under false pretenses, having believed any peace would be a “peace without victory” as put forward by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in his famous Fourteen Points speech of January 1918. As the years passed, hatred of the treaty and its authors settled into a smoldering resentment in Germany that would, two decades later, be counted–to an arguable extent–among the causes of the Second World War.

    But that would all come later. On November 11, 1918, the dominant emotion for many on and off the battlefield was relief at the coming of peace, mixed with somber mourning for the many lives lost. In a letter written to his parents in the days following the armistice, one soldier–26-year-old Lieutenant Lewis Plush of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF)–eloquently pondered the war’s lasting impact: “There was a war, a great war, and now it is over. Men fought to kill, to maim, to destroy. Some return home, others remain behind forever on the fields of their greatest sacrifice. The rewards of the dead are the lasting honors of martyrs for humanity; the reward of the living is the peaceful conscience of one who plays the game of life and plays it square.”

    I will change the story a little bit. Everybody here knows how Winston Churchill and I’m not knocking him he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the wrong time. or the wrong place at the right time. But how many of you know that he was also almost singlehandedly responsible for the world wide great depression back in 1925 because of what he did as Chancellor of the Exchequer in England. More later I want peace now it’s 11/11/11

  10. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    November 11, 2014 at 6:57 am

    I’d like to agree with you to some degree, but I will politely decline.

    War is simply avoiding critical thinking , swallowing the propaganda and joining a mob.

    What major wars were fought in North America.?..basically the Civil War… internal war . What external threat has really existed, its always been internal treachery.

    Even Muhammed Ali , re refusal to be drafted to go to Vietnam said ” Why should I go kill someone who never called me a nigger ? ”

    Basically, the world’s top Jews and their 33rd degree freemason bitches can set thing in motion to send tens of millions into a bloodbath…

    BTW…they use the “poppy” flower as the symbol…ain’t the poppy RED?….ain’t that the Rothschilds colour?…not to mention the drugs derived from it?.

    This ” I had no choice ” excuse is getting very tiring.
    NO excuses, especially now with all the information available.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    What a coincidence. And I posted this before how blacks were passed over as they describe as “racism”. If that’s racism it must be the good kind. Ah yes it’s good to be black.
    Nov 11, 1942:
    Draft age is lowered to 18

    On this day in 1942, Congress approves lowering the draft age to 18 and raising the upper limit to age 37.

    In September 1940, Congress, by wide margins in both houses, passed the Burke-Wadsworth Act, and the first peacetime draft was imposed in the history of the United States. The registration of men between the ages of 21 and 36 began exactly one month later. There were some 20 million eligible young men—50 percent were rejected the very first year, either for health reasons or because 20 percent of those who registered were illiterate.

    But by November 1942, with the United States now a participant in the war, and not merely a neutral bystander, the draft ages had to be expanded; men 18 to 37 were now eligible. Blacks were passed over for the draft because of racist assumptions about their abilities and the viability of a mixed-race military. But this changed in 1943, when a “quota” was imposed, meant to limit the numbers of blacks drafted to reflect their numbers in the overall population, roughly 10.6 percent of the whole. Initially, blacks were restricted to “labor units,” but this too ended as the war progressed, when they were finally used in combat.

    By war’s end, approximately 34 million men had registered; 10 million had been inducted into the military.

  12. karen says:

    Incogman, please me out of spamblinka. I’m pining away here, I miss Bubba, please please please let me touch, if only with words, Bubba.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    I will continue to bore everybody with the Winston Churchill caused the great depression story. Source is ‘The great Crash 1929″ by John Kenneth Galbreath.
    …..The year 1927 is historic from another point of view in the lore of the stock market. According to long accepted doctrine, it was in this year that the seeds of the eventual disaster were sown. The responsibility rests with an act of generous but ill-advised INTERNATIONALISM. Some— Including Mr. Hoover —-Thought it almost disloyal, although in those days accusations of treason were still made with some caution.
    In 1925, under the aegis of the then Chancellor of the Exchequer , Mr. Winston Churchill, Britain returned to the gold standard at the old or pre-World War 1 relationship between gold, dollars, and the pound. There is no doubt that Churchill was more impressed by the grandeur of the traditional , or $4.86 , pound than the more subtle consequences of overvaluation, which he is widely assumed not to have understood. The consequences, nonetheless , were real and severe …..
    To make a long boring story short the end result was that British jews took their gold and moved to jew york city in jewmerica and played speculator don’t work wont work never plan on working jews in the wall street stock market and go figure it all came crashing down one day.

    I don’t even know why I’m talking about Churchill I was thinking about jew war 1 and the examples of mass suicide/stupidity/insanity and the invasion of Turkey otherwise known as the Gallopli landings Churchill dreamed up and just thinking about how stupid and useless and worthless it all was except for jews. And going back thousands of years when the people were trying to figure out a name for their country and they came up with Turkey you know that if PRT was sitting at the table I would have raised my hand and said cant we come up with a better name for our country than that? Maybe Lion or Tiger or Bear? Even Camel. But Turkey? Why not just call ourselves chicken?

  14. bubba says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    November 11, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    OK, Karen, you’re out of SPAMblinka.

    Hey Incogman

    ….she needs some parole conditions….

  15. RED PILL says:

    i went to town today, one hundred and twenty one miles one way.
    as i do once a month for supplies . i looked for Veterans day discounts
    for Veterans.
    low and behold i found just one and it was totally free.
    Veterans were admitted free at a theater.
    the movie was “Fury”
    a bunch of sicko homicidal maniacs lead by Brad (shit) Pitt
    and NO i did not go and watch a bunch of jews killing Germans.,
    i HATE fucking jews and the Hollywood jew movie freaks.

    also got a note from the VA today, they say i won’t have to drive
    440 miles round trip to see the VA doctor (without travel pay) anymore.
    they found one closer, just a 130 mile round trip. (with out travel pay).
    If they do me any more favors like when they let me have a 10% service
    connected disability for loss of my hearing and took away my travel pay
    and now i must copay for medications.
    they just can’t do me enough favors.
    i still consider my self one of the lucky ones, i came home.
    and i live in the middle of no where to feel safe in this world
    that is being torn to shit by the jew destroyers.

    while i served my “country” the jew destroyers killed my Commander in
    Chief John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States of America.

    ICU says: November 10, 2014 at 9:20 pm
    I’m well past “had enough”.
    I can hardly wait for the triggering event that will signal the start of Clean Up Time.
    for me, it’s when they come to my door.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    Damn Elder a poster and a picture can say a thousand powerful words.

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Tide Turns: Majority Of US Citizens Think America Gives Too Much To Israel

    It’s about time!

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Sheldon Adelson Asks Haim Saban To Help Him Acquire NYT To Fight Episcopalian-Maronite Control Of The Media

    They can’t stand the thought that any media outlet isn’t a 100% supporter of Israel. The New York Times is probably a 97% or 98% supporter.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    They couldn’t wait until the New York Times files for bankruptcy. That is where they are heading. It would have saved them millions of Shekels. All the newspapers are heading toward oblivion.

  20. Eric says:

    @ protocolsRtrue says:
    November 11, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    I agree 110%..

    Thanks Elder,

    Perfect.. Save,print & letterbox drop..

  21. Bro Nathaniel’s youtube channel is blocked for Ukrainians and Russians.. probably other countries as well…

  22. RED PILL says:

    tell me it’s not so. (win the right? duh).
    Humans Could Win Right to Marry Animals, Court Told.

    the perversity of the joo’s can not be underestimated. i have noticed a trend
    lately to equate animals to a human standard. whats next? same sex marriages
    applied to human/ animal marriages.
    the jews support and back what ever will bring the wrath of God down on
    America. these bastardized kikes know God’s laws and what it takes to destroy
    our country, they are well on their way and will succeed. they are
    good at what they do and they have a bullet for you.

    however their plans will fall apart, when the parasite kills the host,
    the parasite also dies. a remnant white race will survive, ones that
    have resisted the jewish infection. much like we do @INCOGMAN .

  23. Barney says:

    I don’t know whether this will help bypass some of the internet censorship, but here are a few IP addresses.

    I used a FireFox add-on called Flagfox (right click on the flag, then scroll down to “Copy IP”).

    Note to IncogMan – I don’t understand why some people are “sensitive” where IP addresses are concerned as it’s publically available information, but feel free to delete this post if you’re not happy with it for any reason.


    Northwest Front

    The Truth Seeker

    Northern Truth Seeker

    Real jew News

    Jim Stone

    Chris Spivey

    Winston Smith

    Lew Rockwell

    David Duke

    J. B. Campbell

    John Kaminski

    Daily Stormer

    Mel Gibstein

    Irish Savant

    John Hardon

    Bamboo Delight

    John Friend

    Irish Holocaust

    Mami’s Shit

  24. bubba says:

    Geez Barney..I was scrolling from the bottom and thought those numbers were Kike Jews satanic harvest of souls.

  25. bubba says:

    RED PILL says:
    November 12, 2014 at 10:30 am

    tell me it’s not so. (win the right? duh).
    Humans Could Win Right to Marry Animals, Court Told.

    Nothing has really changed….its simply creating the global equivalent of the Weimar Republic, but in slow drip poison fashion.

    Numerous articles , audios, videos to explain this…but the ultimate goal is to atomize people to be self indulgent and self righteous, as the trap is sprung and the noose tightens.

    In essence one has to understand the Jew Trick….the Jews want to be “THE gods”, but to be gods they have to have power and all others subordinate to them ie absolute control ..which of course corrupts absolutely.

    Given the Jew Trick is to project and do the inverse onto their victims, the goyim will be fooled into becoming atomized “gods” ie say 1/2 breed LBGT midgets with cross dressing vegan animals….and when enough people buy into this Weimar2.0 debauchery, the Jews will sweep in with their Noahide Law with zero resistance.

  26. bubba says:

    Seems like the BUNDY Ranch in Nevada has all the markings of being another Ruby Ridge/Waco.

    Rense interviewed them, and there is a 90 day window up in January 2015.

    Long story short, this looks like an ALL IN by the U.S. Gov’t to steal the Bundys’ land and create one of those Bullshit ” NO HUMANS ALLOWED ” zones.

    Of course, we have seen this story before…where the U S Gov’t will find a way to demonize the target….ie in this case Bundy’s and their supporters and slaughter them if need be….and use this as a message to the rest of us.

    Watch this one closely!

  27. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Ziobama Official To Be Jewish Racist ADL Chief! It’s The Same Thing!

    The closely – intertwined nature of the Jewish lobby in America and the US Government has been demonstrated once again with the announcement that the soon-to-be new head of the Anti-Defamation League is none other than a currant “special assistant” to the President of the United States.

    The announcement – made by the ADL, which is unquestionably one of the most extreme anti-European, Jewish tribalist organizations on the planet, was made yesterday.

  28. RED PILL says:

    LOL – Israel’s “elite” IDF gas themsleves!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…

  29. bubba says:

    RED PILL says:
    November 12, 2014 at 8:40 pm


    I count about 10 “soap and lampshade” precursors down……

    ……… = 5,999,990 to go !!!

  30. Frank Fredenburg says:

    ACLU Hosts Mass Gathering Of Psychotic Gender-Disorder Soldiers

    A group of insane pantomime dames have got together to dress-up as soldiers and pretend that they are members of the opposite sex.

    Meeting in Washington DC, identity-faggots from 18 different countries gathered to bitch and moan about how America still refuses to go along with their delusions that mutilating their genitalia magically changes their gender.

    The meeting was arranged by the American Civil Liberties Union, a well-known Jewish front organization, for the purposes of undermining what little moral standing the American military has left.

  31. Bailey says:

    Here’s a fine article from a south Jersey paper on Colin Flaherty, no surprise it was a nigger in his audience that asked “are you racist” ?
    Check out the comment section for some low level hasbara activity, they even get slammed in local little news sites who dare to tell the truth.

  32. MIKEY says:


  33. MIKEY says:


    Nickelback’s soon to be released eighth album contains a track, entitled the “Edge of a Revolution,” that is admittedly inspired by the Ukraine Coup and Occupy Wall Street.

    But what the band may not realize is that both of those movements were instigated by the unseen hand of Jew, tax-free foundations and rotten Jew, George Soros.

    Rob Dew takes a look at the shadowy forces that manipulate societies for managed change and asks why a corporate rock band is calling for revolution?

    Nickelback Exposed: Corporate Rock Calls For… Revolution?
    Band pushes Soros-backed government overthrows as hip

  34. RED PILL says:

    Henry Kissinger – “Military Men Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals To Be Used As Pawns In Foreign Policy”. “we know what he said, just look up the dead”

    The Secret Illuminati Power Revealed (10 min. of truth)

    John F. Kennedy was a military man that rose to high to be tolerated.
    any body that steps up and contests the TPTB is put down.

  35. bubba says:

    NOBODY in show business gets ANYWHERE without kissing Jew ass and other nasty deeds. Ask Mel Gibson.

    There is an article video “leaked” out of Brittany Spears rehearsing a song, and she sounds terrible…basically because she wasn’t using “auto tune”, a hi- tech device that can make anyone sound good.

    IMHO, more of these upcoming stars are MK Ultra projects. I was also reading that when they are in their late 20′ or early 30’s the programming can start to unravel. (ie Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse…Justin Bieber?)

    Then they have to go into “rehab” , aka try to get them back to MK Ultra….and if this doesn’t work , they are “suicided”….and of course, their posthumous sales skyrocket.

  36. bubba says:

    BRICS and geo poliitics

    On Plane Truth show, they were discussing ” Brzezinski’s Disappointment ”

    The key in the global chess game is central Asia. Apparently China is building major transportation routes in and to these areas.

    Brzezinski plans didn’t include that missile technology would advance to then point that it renders “old school warfare” impotent.

    One reason I laugh and debate others on the German goals to take over the world was Germany could never attack North America without aircraft carriers…totally illogical.
    Brits were once the world empire nation based on its navy, but if WW2 was a fair fight, and Hitler wanted to…he could have taken out Britain.

    However, because China and Russia are still huge countries, any aircraft carrier that launched an attack would be at the bottom of the ocean in a heartbeat with a hi tech missile attack. If they launched aircraft from a land base, that host country would suffer the consequences

    Face it…the US is a cowardly bully , it has never fought any major country, it had to go after little ones or gang up with others ie WW1 and WW2. They have never lived down getting their asses kicked in Vietnam, a country smaller than California.

    Thus, I think the Jews (known more for being sociopaths, psychopaths etc) realize they have to make their NWO moves soon, every day that goes by loses them any advantage to strike decisively. Hence, the ramp up of more internal destabilization.


  37. gilbert says:

    Dear friends, i found this previous post on and the postman, cossak is brilliant:

  38. Great article again, Incogman.. And very fitting for what has been called “Veterans Day” in America, and “Remembrance Day” for other nations such as here in Canuckleheadistan….

    You are welcome, Barney…. That video about the last day of World War I is very telling.. It shows the insanity of the Allied leadership that those maniacs sent men “over the top” into battle knowing full well the war was already over…. 6 full hours from the time the front line troops got the message about hostilities ending at 11am their time and yet the fuckers in charge of the troops sent grown men into hail of machine gun fire or artillery to die for nothing… Every single one of those monsters should have been charged with genocide or murder.. Even that maniac known as Pershing!!!

    Incogman….I see you let Karen out of Spamblinka… Funny that she accused you of working for the Jews…. Damn…. And here I am always called an agent myself.. Oye vey….

    Also notice everyone that the scumbags who call themselves “truth seekers” are now going quiet with the reports that confirm that Sandy Hook was indeed an operation and nobody died???? Hmmmmmm…… So much for that troll Mark Glenn and his entourage.. Maybe they should all just disappear now for good… We do not need agents of disinformation in our midst any more….

    And my friends in America… Take notice of the impending passage of a new bill (770) that will see any criticisms of Israel being labeled as a crime….. Your sick twisted government in Washed up.. err… Washington..DC is now doing everything to suck Jew dick openly and slapping the faces of those who actually voted them into office… Sad….

    No new news coming from here in Canuckleheadistan… That Jew dick sucker, Harper, is still pushing for new surveillance laws thanks to that fraud false flag operation in Ottawa…. Sigh…..

  39. Frank Fredenburg says:



    This video is 5 minutes long.

  40. Frank Fredenburg says:


    According to the Washington Post, when speaking to the conference, Adelson;

    [U]pbraided many in the GOP for their opposition to legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants. Without a comprehensive overhaul, he said, the country would not be “the America that I’m proud to live in.”

    However, the state of Israel – which Adelson fanatically supports – has a closed borders immigration policy which even uses DNA checks to screen potential immigrants to make sure they are Jewish before allowing them in.

    I knew the Republican party had a billionaire jew bankrolling them, but I didn’t know the Democratic party also had a billionaire jew handing them Shekels. He’s an Israeli jew!

  41. protocolsRtrue says:

    Well, there is hope. Black man 25 year bus driver sets young thug wannabe straight.

  42. Stefanus says:

    WWII & all its lies & exaggerations changed the white race forever. Whites are in this state bc Jews have long planned a psychological war on our people. They do this with guilt, guilt through nonstop ‘atrocity propaganda’. This is their most powerful tool. Pumping us full of guilt with Holocaust, Slavery, Colonialism etc agitprop through education and the media. They understand the crippling psychological effects of guilt. When you feel guilty you don’t fight, you don’t stand up for yourself, you acquiesce.
    You see, these tares took the most catastrophic & tragic event in human history (WWII) linked it to “white supremacy” & boom, the white racist construct was born. 70+ years later the average white person associates any form of white pride with evil. As a result their reaction is to run the opposite direction. Some run so far from it they loath their own people, they do things like race mix & adopt black babies etc. The only white consciousness these people have is the consciousness that having white pride is evil. Now this didn’t happen overnight. Whites historically have always been just as ethnocentric as every other race, obviously, or we never would’ve made it to the 21st. So its truly amazing that it only took the Jew one generation to get whites into this suicidal state of mind. Of course powerful modern tools like TV & radio have made their job of brainwashing whites a lot easier. Now here we are in a critical point in our existence. If we don’t return to being ethnocentric (like every other race) we wont see the next century. I myself don’t see whites coming out of this until we as a race recognize the wicked devils manipulating it all. If we don’t wake up to what they are doing to us it is my belief that the white race will go the way of the dinosaur. As the Jewess Ayn Rand once said “any entity that does not value itself will go extinct”. (Google “The man who invented racism”)?

  43. Israhell on Earth says:

    FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM) DALLAS — The hospital that treated the only Ebola patient to die in the United States will pay his relatives an undisclosed sum and create a charitable foundation in his name, the family’s attorney said Wednesday.

    The agreement heads off a lawsuit from relatives of Thomas Eric Duncan, who died Oct. 8 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

    Duncan, who arrived in North Texas from Liberia on Sept. 20, was initially sent away from the hospital’s emergency room with antibiotics, something Presbyterian administrators have acknowledged was a mistake. He returned to the hospital in an ambulance two days after his release and was quickly diagnosed with possible signs of Ebola, which has killed more than 5,000 people in West Africa.

    Mike Brown’s parents speak at the UN, relatives of an illegal, ebola-infected guy from Liberia get money.

    Reality is kikyer than fiction nowadays.. PC gone wild.. WTF!?

  44. protocolsRtrue says:

    yes and so is the stupidity of the American taxpayer. If I’m not mistaken the ebola nigger lied when asked about where he came from and possible exposure. Plus I don’t even think he was a U.S. citizen being treated at the U.S. hospital. But his nigger fambly won the nigger lottery.
    More unrelated jewmerica stuff.

  45. RED PILL says:

    The Truth About Veteran’s Day
    Truth Never Told

  46. B-E-Devil says:

    The rat-faced bastard may be called in to settle any dispute among the ape-freakins.

  47. No to Jews says:

    Jonathan Gruber is a JEW. Get on it. you are too slow.

  48. INCOG MAN says:

    Why don’t you cover the Jews, the blacks and illegals? Do original photoshop stuff, too. Do computer crap to block hack attempts.

    WTF do you think one guy can handle?

    Thanks, pal.

  49. Bailey says:

    It may be a little too long to fit but the comment up there from Stefanus is definitely quote of the week material.

  50. Frank Fredenburg says:


    The video featured model Jennifer Box walking the streets of Hollywood allegedly drunk and attempting to entrap men. Turns out it was all actors.

    It was revealed recently that the Jewess getting harassed on the streets viral video was basically a hoax, as she had purposely walked through Black neighborhoods where she knew the natives would get all up on her. Following this, it has been revealed that a second feminist viral video is a hoax.

    “Drunk girl in Public (Social Experiment)” featured a girl pretending to be drunk walking around and asking men to help her. The men, mostly White, instead of helping her try to do the sex on her by inviting her back to their place.

    Stephen Zhang who made this video, looks like a jew. His name is Chinese but he doesn’t look like one. Probably one of his parents was a jew. I wonder if the woman that was in this video, is a jew like the woman in the last video.

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