Are They Trying To Drive Whites INSANE?


Please tell me you’ve noticed how the Anti-White media keeps ramping up the PC BS to crazy heights these days? How about last week when a drunk black college kid got a little roughed up by Beverage Control police outside of a bar? How many White kids have had this happen to them down the years? Plenty, my friend. It’s a commonplace occurrence in any college or resort town. Hell, I myself have had a few run-ins while a wee bit toasted — even after flashing my White privilege card!

The mainstream media is obviously now working overtime with PC crap and getting blacks all bunged up against “evil Whitey.” Meanwhile, as usual, they are jacking up the Patriotards about “evil, terroristic” Iran supposedly getting the nuke and how Obongo is “failing” America for working with Iran on a treaty. Yeah, like Obongo is going to do all that much against sacred Israel’s wishes with all the filthy Jews in power over here –regardless of how FOX news portrays matters.

What they really want is to see American Goyim military invade the place and kill as many Persians (racial Whites who have become Muslim) as possible, while rooting out on the ground the least bit of danger to dear little Israel — now freely and hypocritically called a “Jewish state” by all the same punks in media that jam the PC BS down our White throats!

The week before last, some undisclosed backstabber snuck out a video of a few drunk college frat kids on a bus at Oklahoma University uttering “the N-word.” OMG! The media acted like the kids were evil mass killers or something. Just this one video alone gave cause to the spineless school administration to completely close down the fraternity and expel the two poor kids identified. All this is coming from the same people who turned a blind eye to one of their star black football players (Joe Mixon) beating up a White girl, knocking her out and breaking her face with his fists!

And I thought things of this nature gets the leftys all worked up? Oh, wait, the victim was a White person! Reporting on White victims of the violent blacks must always be ignored by the lefty media (called “hush” crimes). The anti-White hypocrisy is just incredible these days — and so so obvious.

Also that week, the DOJ issued a report on the Ferguson police that the media keeps describing as “scathing.” They love to use that word all the time (apparently, they’ve been TOLD to do so). Wow, out of 35,000 emails from the Ferguson police, they only found a small handful of supposedly “racist” ones (basically joking around about Michelle). But the arrest crime stats for Ferguson blacks is actually about the same for crime-prone blacks anywhere (as in ridiculous, but that too is verboten to mention).

The anti-White line of crap is to act like the Ferguson police have singled out the ever-so-innocent blacks only because of us “racist” White people secretly conspiring everywhere to “keep the brother man down.” Black criminal behavior can’t ever be mentioned. Man, this PC routine has become insane!

And have you noticed all the anti-White PC BS in the Associated Press? I get this AP news feed on my home page and they always have black victimhood stories headlined right at the top. Dual Israeli citizen-owned ABC, too, runs constant “evil Whitey” stories. And like the word “scathing” they use to describe the DOJ report, they always make sure to add the word “unarmed” whenever some two bit black, or mulatto criminal punk justifiably or accidently gets plugged by a cop.

Also notice how they always use the word “chilling” whenever talking about terrorists or ISIS stuff. Like we’re all out here scared out of our brains just because some dufus teen Muslim babes leave home (wonderful America no less!) to sneak into Syria to do a hookup with ISIS stud puppies.

They are obviously turning up the heat on the PC business to make sure us Whites get even more screwed up the head and intimidated from saying anything at all — before it’s too late for us to do anything about it.

You know it’s simply crazy how many of these stinking Jews I stumble across these days working to destroy America, the family and the White race.

Just WTF is this freakazoid?


I recently read this article on the Henry Makow website about this Jew woman, who sex changed over to a man (not sure if IT had a thingy surgically created) and who now lives with a man (above). Don’t ask me just what sort of faggotry this all means. The thingamajingy lives in Toronto, Canada, but is always down here in the US lecturing college and even high school students about the joys of transgenderism.

IT’s name is Sason Bear Bergman, a Jewess originally named Sharon Jill and a big LGBT activist (Nation Wrecker). IT now calls ITself “Bear” like IT is so cool and tough. In the Makow link above, “Bear” is crowing that IT and many others like IT, have really been lying all along, and have always wanted to indoctrinate our children for transgenderism and sodomy. Creeps like IT now feel free as a bird openly telling the world of their subversive efforts.

Then I read about some Zionist Jew psycho named Chen Ben-Eliyahu, an Israeli writer (I think his dad was a big hotshot in Israel’s military); who wants Israel to drop 20-30 nuclear bombs on Iran out of the blue AND, while they’re at it, another 20-30 nukes on Germany — as delayed payback for the “holocaust” 70 years ago, of course. Funny, I didn’t know Israel had the Bomb, ha ha.

Amazing, since Germany has given Israel over 65 billion in holocaust extortion money and built them 4 or 5 nuclear capable, ocean-going, deep sea submarines. When it comes to Zionist-instilled holocaust insanity over the decades, crazy Jews don’t care — hell, some Jews even think White America shares guilt in the holocaust because we didn’t get over there fast enough.

These Jews ARE COMPLETELY SICK in the head. Absolutely.

Joshua Muravchik. I can take one look at this rat and tell he's a Jew.

Joshua Muravchik. I can take one look at this rat and tell he’s a big fat Jew. These types don’t care one bit about any White American — who they see as cannon fodder for the Zionist NWO, to say nothing about killing “enemy” civilians.

Another Jew psycho is Joshua Muravchik, a Neocon traitor itching for America to go to war with Iran. The Fifth-Columnist for Israel writes: “War with Iran is probably our best option.”

Man, I am so sick of these filthy, murderous bastards!

Washington DC and Jew York city are full of types like this guy. They get paid huge salaries in Globalist “think tanks” and pro-Israel Zionist lobbies, as well as going on TV “news” shows all the time to act all serious and “concerned” for the clueless, idiot mass audience. Probably none of these creeps ever spent day-one serving in any front line capacity — about the most they’ve ever suffered is a little paper cut on their pinkies!

My guess is that the filthy Jew Marxists are itching to bring down the curtain on what’s left of the real America of our fathers and forefathers (the evil White slavers!). What better way than spark civil unrest and even outright rebellion by Whites, so they have the excuse to put to use all those neato-keeno, high-tech war and police state crap they’ve come up with to fight “The War on Terror?”

Hell, the US military are now running massive training exercises for combating US citizens in America. Yep, down in Texas and Utah right now. The whole thing geared specifically against our own people. The rats know what’s coming down the pike. Check out the link if you don’t believe me. You might think the supposedly “free” media would do some reporting on this, now wouldn’t you?

Now you can call me crazy and a “hateful” right-wing extremist if you want. I really DON’T give a damn what the liberals or even so-called “conservative,” but still totally Zionist Jew brainwashed, think.

Just look at all the Jew ass kissers we have running for office. You might think at least a few over the years would dare say something bad about Israel, right? Why is it every single GD one of them spouts the company line when it comes to Jews and Israel? Because the SOBs have this entire country by the short hairs, that’s why.

And why do you think so many of the Jews are now pushing hard for censorship of “hate speech” on the Internet? Because of their total Zionist BS, especially their biggest money-making and brainwashing effort of all time: THE HOLOCAUST. The idea of us Whites not believing every wacked story they tell us has the creeps scared as hell.

Think about it, pal. It’s a lot more than just Israel versus a bunch of stinking goat herders, believe you me.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Are They Trying To Drive Whites INSANE?

  1. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    March 27, 2015 at 4:55 pm

    Actually, I’m back because I missed you Bubba…ol’ cuddly bubba bear…my 2nd favorite guy after Mr. Marlowe

    Nice to see you back darling.

  2. Smitherines says:

    A lot out there on this German pilot being a Mossad agent I don’t see it, the dude was
    about as Aryan looking as they come?

    A lot of those sites are run by SPLC and ADL looking to drum up shit, so they
    can make more hate laws and make Internet censored, so they control it too,
    like every other information medium!

  3. Smitherines says:

    Eric says:
    March 25, 2015 at 5:21 am

    Eric, some great shit, never heard someone spell it out just like it is,
    as you did there, thanks.

  4. Eric says:

    Smitherines,that Excellent piece of work is from

    T bone…

  5. LIttleberry says:

    Where is T Bone? Is there a website on which the earlier article (“White Spirit”) by T Bone, copied here by Eric, has been posted? The wisdom, and most especially the INSIGHT, revealed in that article calls one to seek more, straight from the source.
    Surely the originator (T Bone?) has ideas that can be brought to bear for whites worldwide, and more specifically right here in the USA, to answer a rally call for us to remedy our lost ways. I just can’t accept that we are totally beat down for good – too many level heads still make their voices heard on this and other websites to not hope for a grand white comeback. We badly need a dynamic, resourceful LEADER!

  6. Eric says:

    Littleberry,you can find T bone at Hoffs place..

  7. NinjaJohn says:

    Interesting article by Gordon Duff at Veterans Today:

    Last night, after consulting with team members, I broke the story of Flight 9525 on the Rense Radio Network. Not only was this no accident, it wasn’t a suicide either. This is a “fly by wire” jet. International convention required this plane to have certain anti-hijacking safeguards. One of them, complicated by German pig-headedness, left a co-pilot alone in a cockpit, something illegal in the US.

    As humorist Rob Hanson points, out, what kind of plan figures a pilot can’t make two hours without a bathroom break? It all falls apart here, I hope you see it. Thank you Robert Hanson, the blind will lead us out of the wilderness.

    There is nothing about yesterday’s crash of Germanwings 9525, a two hour shuttle flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf that can believed. Were this one crash, we might begin to accept what we expect, lies and deceit, but it isn’t one crash. This is the third? Are there more? Planes disappear, they are shot down by non-existent missiles seen by satellites suddenly disabled and radar that has conveniently failed, up to 15 independent systems.

    Then again, there is the human factor. Is the “Charlie” episode, equally tragic-farcical a type of plane crash, clearly not-so-impromptu street theatre, so much like the Boston event or Sandy Hook or London or Madrid, where these carelessly staged plays are acted out before a public increasingly incredulous to it all.

    If you think this is a tragedy or something a bit unusual, perhaps odd, you aren’t paying attention. They have so much more of this planned. You are being punished. From Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink’s Bar diatribe” of 1990:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it does not matter what you do, America is a golden calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” (Credit to the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States Department of Defense)

    We all knew this one was coming, coinciding with so many events, the meltdown of Kolomoisky and his thugs in Ukraine. 20,000 Iranian troops are engaged in battle around Tikrit, now under a carefully coordinated American air umbrella, an American now closely aligned in war alongside Syria and Iran.

    A few hundred miles away, a Saudi led coalition prepares to enter Yemen on behalf of the Islamic State/Al Qaeda coalition being held off by Iranian backed Houthi militias.

    More from Rense

    Reading the tale of French air traffic controllers watching 9525 plunge inexorably ground ward is equally incredulous. This plane has a remote, satellite initiated fly by wire system. You see, 150 passengers and crew are one thing. Crashing a plane into a hospital, stadium or nuclear power plant, such as the ones directly under 9525’s flight path, is reason to initiate through satellite the Raython system.

    Did the French forget it existed? Oh, did we tell you that the same system that can automatically land planes can crash them as well? Did we mention that the source code for the system is “less than secure” and that a nation known for cyber attacks, China, Russia, Israel or even the United States, is quite capable of taking control of any airliner at any time and plunging it into anything at all?

    What is even better is that no investigator can legally mention this, no reporter can write of it, no one can admit such a system exists though any idiot with the money to buy a couple of drinks at an airport bar can find out. Pilots gossip like nobody’s business.

    We can go further, we can tell you exactly how it works, what frequencies, how airports are selected and how a covert system meant to protect air passengers from tragedies like this and the rest of us from having hundreds of tons of aluminum and body parts dropped on our heads, is updated and patched.

    If You Thought This Was Enough

    Last night we brought something else out on Rense. DARPA, the American version of the famous “Q” branch of James Bond films, was tasked in 2010 to build a robot destroyer, a 100 plus foot long ship that could hunt down diesel nuclear armed subs.

    You see, back in 2001 one such sub, a German built diesel sub fired a cruise missile into a building a few miles from the Capitol in Washington DC. The missile skimmed across the Potomac, its every move watched by AEGIS defense ships off Maryland and New Jersey, monitored by Dick Cheney who had ordered the JLens backed defense system which doesn’t exist.

    Accidents Do Happen

    We have accidents, we have suicides and then we have events that continually violate statistical probabilities at “trillions to one” levels. This is no suicide, it is a revenge attack perpetrated by a national intelligence agency. You will never know what it is revenge for, what it warns of or who it is intended to leverage.

    You will never know, not this time, not 9/11, not “Charlie,” not any of it. Don’t try to figure it out. There is an issue of access. I can speak personally of this to a point. I remember a meeting maybe 18 months ago. I had been getting briefings, private, official, from all the “smart people.” Then I got on the ground, and is so often the case, realized immediately that everyone who thought they knew things, the CIA, the Rand Corporation, the CFR, were simply making it all up.

    They knew nothing at all.

    Have any of you ever used a satellite telephone? Do you know where to buy one? Could you pass the credit check to set up an account? How do you charge the battery in a country where only 2% of the nation has electricity?

    Do you use the cig plug in your $85,000 Toyota pickup truck with a $300,000 anti-aircraft gun mounted on the back? Then again, you don’t have the money to buy tennis shoes.

    And so it goes…

  8. MIKEY says:

    most Whites are too “stupid” to pick this up by the Jew-programmed German who drove into the mountain with the plane, is a queer. jew keeps saying he had a girlfriend but he he told her he was a queer many years ago. Jews are covering this all up. he is a sodomy and fellatio expert. he said he was going to drive all those people into the mountain to become famous among he queers. jews made sure that all queers get jobs first, over normal people. Whites are under total control of the Jew in Germany.

  9. Bailey says:

    Look at the big deal the jews are making about this,

    Oh- A white cop yelling at a sand nigger , this cannot be tolerated in the JewSA !

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    That chimp we sent to the moon I remember clearly we nicknamed him Leroy. He said is there banannnas or waermelons on the moon? I said we’re not quite sure that’s why we are sending you first .

  11. Bailey says:

    Look at this crap going on in Indiana , first the pizza restaurant says it wont make pizzas for a queer wedding then it has to close over backlash and threats over the phone and social jew media.
    I’m beginning to think this is bullshit, like when Obama killed Bin Laden, WTF , it was damn near midnight when the breaking news came on the lie-O-vision with the news and there was all those dupes out there celebrating before the TV watching dupes could because of the speed of social media, like some kind of fuckin’ magic, right ? But don’t you forget what the HNIC said years ago, “Be careful what you say on Facebook.” (And his kwan audience went wild in celebration and they felt all warm inside. Oh , here’s a nigger orchestrating our destruction and we’re all cum drunk on his nigger jiz. WTF? Many still are, too damn many !
    What did Julian call crap like this ? Jewish theater for the goyim.

    Shabbos goy Malloy says the state will not fund trips to Indiana in protest to that states law which actually means nothing while Corrupticut has the very same law on the books.
    The man is a dumb ass !

    I didn’t really mind the queers until they became so fucking important to our , the jew media and jew Hollywood. The queers did their thing and I did mine , now they got special rights and special laws to protect them like the niggers, spics and other third world immigrant scum while decent white folks take more beatings.
    What is the percentage of “alterative lifestyle” people among us that they should be front page news? I’d guess 1 or two percent. Bet your last dollar that the filthy fuckers that rule over us would like that to be 10 or twenty % .
    What will this country be when it’s all queers and mud people ?
    The jews may wanna re-think this plan , we’re the slaves and we pay for all of those special people and we have to pay for our own existence so what will they do without us? Rot , that’s what they’re going to do and let us hope they rot slowly.

  12. Bailey says:

    Yada – Yada, Blah-Blah-Blah !

    Sunday we all get to see the Easter Bunny.. I can’t wait !

  13. Bailey says:

    Here’s another one for the Amerikwa files,




    What if someone wrote “die cracker ” ?

  14. Bailey says:


    Wake up Folks , Please !

  15. Bailey says:

    Here’s another one for the insane amerikwan file.

    Based on texts sent between 2011 and 2012 ?
    Chief wants to investigate back 10 years to look for racism within the dept. ?

    The jew lawyers will be lining up to see that the jigaboos and other protected ones be released from the prisons because of something someone said.

    Po-leece is bias , “release the victims of the white man”.

    The amerikwan dupes who have young children might want to start paying attention here.

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