So, I’m waxing a bit extra pissy the other day and writing up stuff in my head for this site while sitting in my car outside a strip mall. As usual, I’m also jamming out to my IPOD — getting cranked on Evergreen Terrace’s “Plowed” (in a world of human wreckage… in a world of human wreckage…), followed by Beethovin’s Symphony No. 5 in C minor. I viddy myself busting the gullivers of a few worthless welfare recipients I see gleefully strolling around with pockets full of gov. Know what I’m saying my droogies?

I’m ruthlessly ruminating on all the crap in the media over that movie “Selma.” Here’s the ever-so-oppressed, always-so-innocent Negroes victimized by evil Whitey. Like they really had life tough compared to Africa then or even now, huh?

This black victim bit and making us Whites feel guilty over things none of us had JACK to do with never ends, does it? Clearly, subversive elements embedded in America have been cynically milking White’s good graces against ourselves, no doubt at all.

Then we have White people brutally murdered by blacks all the time, often because they are White (killing us in a robbery is the fun part for them). Gang-rapes and horrific murders called “hush” crimes are never reported in the national media, so us Whites won’t get the “big picture” about the ugly nature of blacks and justifiably raise hell. Take a minute or two to scroll down my page WHITE VICTIMS or even worse yet, MUDSHARK MADNESS and really think hard about what happened to each of those people. Just try to imagine yourself or a loved one suffering such a brutal death.

Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a "White cracker" and attacked him. Funny how the US media only showed you innocent photos of Martin and not ones like this one.

Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a “White cracker” and tried to bash his head in before getting his just desserts. Funny how the US media only showed you innocent, childhood photos of Martin, with the midtones lightened, and not like the one above. They’ve been jacking up blacks for decades now; it’s getting so bad many blacks are now calling for a race war expressly to kill White people in the streets and in our homes — liberal or not, they don’t care.

This total BS has been going on for decades now, yet us Whites have to feel guilty for every two-bit black punk like Ferguson’s Michael Brown shot by cops (who have to deal with these dangerous, truculent blacks every damn day); even though us Whites sometimes get killed by police in the exact same way.

Then we have watch blacks in movies and TV portrayed as the heroes, computer hackers (LOL) and sex symbols all the time. Have you noticed that even commercials now always show blacks as the smart and cool ones?

And I’m quite sure “Selma” took “dramatic liberties” to portray in graphic detail what us so-called evil Whites did to the poor Negroes way back when (I didn’t see it nor will). Media SOBs have long been expert at yanking on White people’s guilt and sympathy using cinematic violence and clever editing. Hell, they show that damn pissant “Edmund Pettus” Selma bridge on TV these days every minute like it was one of the biggest monuments to human fortitude and bravery ever. What a crock.

The government and media LIES to America all the time. Little guys like me are branded “racist,” “anti-Semitic” and “White Supremacist” by the brainwashers for absolutely no reason other than us calling a spade a spade. Yeah, I mean that in more ways than one.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell, my friends: It’s been us White, Christian people targeted for race victimhood and open transgression. It’s so so obvious this is where things are headed in America today. We’re constantly brainwashed with PC crap — all so we don’t “get it” before it’s too late. The GD bastards well-know what they’ve been doing, and also know that if our race realizes the fact, might just go “Clockwork Orange” on their subversive, parasitic asses. As we should, natch.

Then I think about a recent post I put up here on Dresden and the horrible death of tens of thousands, perhaps up to a quarter million perfectly innocent White people bombed and burned alive by “our” side — which practically no one has heard one damn thing about it. To most people out there, it’s like it never happened. Alternate universe, perhaps.

The BS today totally drives me batcrap furious. I know everyone who comes here on regular basis reads of me getting passionately pissed a lot over what the rats are doing to America. Yes, indeed: The rage of mine hold no bounds.

Then I’m listening on my IPOD to the track “Promontory” from the movie “The Last of the Mohicans.” To think this great musical score failed to get the “Best Soundtrack” award in the 1993 Oscars, versus the Jew-written piddle from a kiddie animated movie (Aladdin) awarded by fellow JEW INSIDERS in Hollywood, once again renders me blisteringly WHITE hot. Just more typical piss in our faces from these self-absorbed creeps who think the GD world belongs to them. Literally.

With all the BS these days, no wonder so many people are drug addicts!

heroineSo that makes me think about the poppy fields in Afghanistan. When the Islamic Taliban fundamentalists controlled the country back in 2000, opium production was almost eradicated. But every year since, opium and heroin levels have sky-rocketed. Just look at the prices on the street these days for “smack” (I’ve actually seen people shoot up in real life). Coincidence? I don’t think so. In fact, our soldiers in Afghanistan have standing orders not to touch any fields and sometimes even are told to guard the crops!

Methinks some serious BS is going down. Methinks, hell, me-GD KNOWs evil crap is going on with the US government and Globalist Jewry. I painfully realized this fact well over a decade ago. I’m sick and GD tired of what these filthy, devious rats are doing to White people, the rest of the planet and even to the OTHER RACES — believe it or not.

Just ruminate on it all. I’m not the “hater” they want you to think. I’m actually the good guy here.

Time to get off the nervy Jew’s never-ending Zionist war Merry-go-round!

WOOTTON BASSETT FUNERAL CORTEGEGrief-stricken out of her mind, Helen Fisher runs up to the hearse carrying the body of her cousin, Private Douglas Halliday, a 20 year-old British soldier killed in Afghanistan along with six of his mates. Sad shots like this simply tear me up. Similar photos can be found of Americans suffering — with virtually all such casualties being White Gentiles, like here. Meanwhile, back home, our White race (especially males) and the Christian religion is freely and laughingly trashed on a daily basis in the immoral, Jewish-controlled media. Why? Because the SOBs can, that’s why.

The creeps play upon us, milking divisions among ourselves to advance their race in the world. For decades, they’ve been doing the exact same thing in the Muslim part of the world for the state of Israel.

Haven’t we had enough of these arrogant, backstabbing Zionist Jews? I don’t know about you, but I sure have.

The origin of ISIS (as usual, stays PC correct when it comes to the lousy Jews). So how come the US media doesn’t report on such things? That’s because they work for the real power nexus playing these sorts of global games and not us regular folk, like they claim (FOX is a clever placebo for conservative Whites).

This is all a part of the Zionist’s long-running “Eretz Israel” agenda — turning the countries of the Middle East into powerless, bickering mini-states, leaving only “besieged, brave little Israel” as the big dog in the region with nukes and American taxpayer-supplied high tech weaponry — never having a problem doing what Jews want, when they want. You’re paying for all this Zionist Jew BS, pal — in more ways than one.


Israel's Bibi Netanyahu feels free as a bird addressing our assembled politicians today without the least approval from the president.

Today, Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu felt free as a bird lecturing our assembled politicians without approval from the president. Not a word in the media of the sheer effrontery of this country and their embedded agents in ours. Or how about the total PC hypocrisy of ignoring Israel freely calling themselves “a JEWISH state”?

The Jews back in the US are clearly rotting this country from the inside out, while keeping us at our throats and manipulating us into supporting Israel, no matter what.

These Jew freaks now have so much GD nerve it makes a person retch!

Look how sick and filthy things are getting in the Jewish-owned media. Every year it gets nastier and nastier, more in your face putrid sleaze than last year, or even last month. It’s not long now before they show gay boys having anal sex on screen during the prime time hours on the “big three” national channels. They already have them necking with each other in bed on daytime soap.

Hell, before too long they’ll probably have it on afternoon kiddie shows on PBS, while going on to promote activist rights for pedophiles or maybe even bestiality!

Look, we all know exactly what the deal is. Let me briefly list out SOME of the BS and you tell me if I’m only imagining things:

  • Zionist Israel uses America like a bitch, yanking America’s chains LEFT AND RIGHT (proudly calling it “bipartisan” — meaning they own all of them).
  • The holocaust “gas chambers” myth and how they use this line of bull crap as the excuse for whatever Mideast war-mongering they spew.
  • Blacks, too, are always victims of us forever-racist Whites. BS about slavery and Jim Crow must go on and on AND ON. It’s never-ending because it’s really meant to keep Whites in check.
  • No exposure of brutal black criminal behavior, especially when Whites are the victims.
  • We must always accept the immigration of any non-White Third Worlders into our lands with no complaints or else we’re racist.
  • Matter of fact, us Whites can’t even say WE HAVE LANDS OR EVEN A RACE.
  • We must keep our mouths shut about the obvious promotion of interracial sex, which will certainly turn Whites into a dumb and violent mud race.
  • Blacks or half breeds must only be portrayed as heroes or the cool people in the media.
  • No talk must be made about the insanely grotesque sexual behavior of homos and how freaky transsexuals really are (you have no idea).
  • They know they can’t get a “yes” vote for Gay “marriage” out of the general public, so they are now doing an end run by using traitorous Federal Judges.
  • Every other race, non-Christian and non-heterosexual group may freely engage in group activities in support of themselves, but never may regular White people dare to do the same. Get what that means, homies?

Basically, the Agenda is the eventual marginalization and destruction of the White race and the America created by our WHITE forefathers. There can be no doubt at all, that a silent, gradual guerilla war has been in effect against us for decades. All Whites who support such things are complete traitors and should one day, hopefully soon, be dealt with severely. Got that, you effin’ traitors?

Let me just state WTF is going on, White people:

The filthy GD Jews have been behind all the BS from the beginning.* By now, it should be obvious to one and all. The only question: Is it too late for the White race?


If you think I’m doing up this site, merely because I want to get rich or some BS like that, think again. Do you see any google ads or links to those stupid Internet “hit farm” photo sites like the Israeli Jew “Taboola“?  And do you ever see any BS stories here about what former “child star” Hollywood slut is banging what overpaid, drug-addled, Hollywood sleazebag punk? I don’t think so.

Sure, I don’t get a lot in donations, but that’s OK — I know my readers are not rich people. I do appreciate those who toss me a few dinaros if and when they can afford it (you know who you are).

Hell, my site is usually BLOCKED by many ISP providers simply because I’m deemed “PC hateful” (more like dangerous to the real rats behind it all). If you happen to be reading this and “seeing” my site, consider yourself lucky — for now. Because we all know, they will bring me down, or even come after me sooner or later.

I’m doing this site expressly to: WAKE WHITE PEOPLE THE FLOCK UP!

It’s as simple as that.

— Phillip Marlowe

* I’ve studied this Jew “problem” for years — practically my entire adult life. It’s all too real, my droogies. There can be no doubt anymore, the subversive lefty and traitorous Zionist Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia have been effin’ with our race and countries, individually and on a group racial basis. All to keep us White Gentiles from awareness OF THEM and for the eventual Jewish-Zionist hegemony over the Western World (the NWO). Being the hip, party animal I am (or used to be, I should say), I wished it wasn’t so, but that doesn’t make it not real.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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148 Responses to Time Whites Get WHITE HOT FURIOUS!

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    Ahh another (last) day in the life of nigger reality. 11 year old shoots and kills 15 year old nigger. I’m not so sad about the dead nigger it’s life of crime and welfare is over. I’m sad about the 11 year old. How much will this nigger cost us? For bonus laugh read down to the rusty shakleford comment.


  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another heartwarming nigger reality story from same town. 19 year old nigger already has 9 arrests under his shorts. Robs somebody sweeping snow off his porch and getaway car gets stuck in snow now nigger going back to the cage for 2 hours.


  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Reality of niggers same town. Usual suspects. just another day of niggers in America. Nigger gets injured in shooting then gets arrested because he is wanted for another armed robbery.


    It’s all evil white racism you see. It’s never the niggers fault. Even if it is it isn’t.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    If there was some NATIONAL clearinghouse of true crime reports my gosh would niggers be overrepresented. Not because of racism either. Because niggers disproportionately commit crime and violence and rapes and robberies and thefts and murders. That’s why.

  5. JustAGuy says:

    Not sure if anyone else has posted this story yet. They want to get rid of the white man on virtually everything. First will be women, whitee and black. Next will be black or men of some other race(probably a kike) then finally they’ll put a fag or even a transgender on(don’t doubt it):


  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    yesterday’s Dear Abby (Dear jew bitch)
    Dear Abby
    Abigail Van Buren

    DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are both Caucasian. Recently, we adopted a beautiful mixed-race baby girl. She’s Vietnamese, African-American and Hispanic. She is not even 4 months old, and already we have experienced some negative comments from strangers.

    Where we live is progressive and open-minded, and I’m not so much concerned about our neighborhood or schools. But I’m no dummy. I know we’re going to encounter people who have “questions” or unwarranted “opinions” (to put it nicely).

    I’m not trying to educate those who choose to remain ignorant, nor reason with the unreasonable, or even explain our family and our choices. I just want a quick, witty response that tells people their not-so-nice comments are unwelcome and, to put it frankly, back off. Any suggestion?


    DEAR OPEN-MINDED: According to the 2010 census, 9 million Americans (2.9 percent of the population) are multiracial.

    It also showed that the number of people who reported multiple races grew by a larger percentage than those reporting a single race.

    Frankly, I don’t think you should say anything “witty” to a bigot.
    Just smile and say, “It’s the wave of the future.
    Get used to it
    The hypocracy of jews is despicable. They build walls and fences around themselves. Disown their own children if they mix with a non-jew. But lead the forefront for everybody else to cross breed.

  7. JustAGuy says:


    Sickening story. Enough to make you want to smash something. I am so GD tried of having to read BS like that. I do sometimes wonder though if at least some of those stories are completely fictional/made up as part of the whole agenda. When they don’t have an actual sstory they make them up to at least keep the brainwashing narrative going.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Yes many of the dear abby stories are made up bullshit. Yes it fits the jew agenda. They are printed in Ass Press newspapers aren’t they?

  9. NinjaJohn says:

    Jews are crossbreeds themselves. Watching a jew’s reaction when you call it a “mamzer” is quite amusing.

  10. Jesse says:

    Tried opening my folks eyes. Lol. I think they think I’m hitler lol. Fucking PC. Been blind a little too long to even consider opening their eyes lol

  11. Stevie says:

    Uhhhhh…….you obviously don’t get the point. My point was not the people on this forum who are awake, but the staggering and profound masses of whites I see around me every single day who are completely and hopelessly asleep at the switch. A Hasbarat? Hardly. Trying to incite violence? Absolutely not. Please show me one word I have said inciting violence. If you knew me personally, you would never think of saying such a thing.

    If the whites were not so dumbed down, such a site as this would not be necessary. That the whites have let themselves be dragged down to this absolute nadir of racial existence could only happen because of some fundamental flaw in white culture. No other group would tolerate such a savage attack on themselves.

    I am as white as they come and I am as non-Jewish as any person who has ever walked the streets of my fair city. (Please, do go talk to any of a myriad number of people — mostly whites — I’ve made furious by talking about the holocaust hoax and Israeli involvement in 9/11 and white genocide and any other number of topics.) I am attacked for pointing out the stupidity I see around me ever day. I recently had a white woman tell me that if the blacks wanted us dead that was ok with her. I am still stunned when I think about her comment. You wonder why I call white people stupid? A few weeks ago I was watching a track and field event at a friend’s house while channel surfing. (I never watch TV unless I’m at someone else’s house and they happen to have it on.) Almost all the athletes were white, which is rarely seen at a track event. All I said to my friend — a white person – was, “I can’t believe how many whites are in this race.” For this, I was called a racist. Can anyone wonder why I would call white people stupid? A white person recently told me they were worried they might be a racist because they didn’t feel comfortable being the only white person on their apartment floor. You wonder at my dismay at the white race. I have never heard a single non-white person ever express concern that they themselves might be racist. No, only white folks do that.

    Look around yourselves every single minute of every day and tell me white people aren’t stupid. Like sheep wandering around…..literally. It makes me sick.

    My point to all my futile posts on this site is that we need to look inward. Of course we are being savaged by some people out there who are our enemies. That happens to everyone. Whites, for whatever reason, have simply provided virtually no defense. Whites have not put up the least struggle or fight. You cannot deny that. It’s too simplistic to just say the jews have dumbed us down and did this and that. Of course, they’ve engaged in all manner of ill and disgusting behaviors to destroy the white race. But whites let all this happen. We don’t get out of this mess by pointing the finger at anyone else. We only get out of this mess when we as a race look inward and ask why we let this happen. Until then, we are going to be played over and over and over again.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: Why Was His Final Book Never Translated Into English?


    Because he points out the major involvement of world Jewry in the Russian Revolution.

  13. sog says:

    lol protocol you got the knack …”i wonder what the niggers are bitchin about now” heh heh ..right …took a tour of the white victim list ..it should be a daily tradition ..sets the proper mood for the day ….
    also www . violenceagainstwhites . com
    blackracismandhatred . blogspot
    fuck sailmuh …its us against the world

  14. Bailey says:

    Hey pRt,

    And, Dear Abby is now a couple of dykes.

  15. Barney says:

    I haven’t been here for a few weeks, but I’m with you all the way IncogMan. The day (week? month? year?) of the swinging jew can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned, and any of their pets that refuse to go back to ape-freak-a can swing with them. Niggers that want civilisation should be able to create it themselves (but they won’t) now that we’ve shown them what White People can do.

    Watch this video to see how they revert to savagery when we give them a country of their own (The cannibal warlords of Liberia).


    I’d only disagree with you on one point, Incog, and that’s to say we shouldn’t use the language of the enemy to identify ourselves. The way I see it, terms like “gentile” (maggot), and “goyim” (cattle or worse) are no less offensive than calling our Beautiful White Women “shiksas”.

    I’m NOT a “gentile” or any of the other jew insults. I’m a White Man, a fully-paid-up Human Being, something no jew could ever be.

    Niggers are nothing more or less than a particularly violent species of gorilla that can be taught to speak after a fashion, though not as coherently as a parrot.

    Niggers and muds commit crimes with impunity because they know “the law” doesn’t apply to them, and no Human law has ever applied to jews. As the devil’s chosen, they get to make the laws that only apply to White People.

    Here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), the jews have made it “illegal” for White People to own guns, or anything that looks remotely like a gun. Niggers have guns. Muds carry machetes. I could end up in the gulag for carrying a small electrical screwdriver in an inside pocket, or even for making some queer, nigger, mud or kike “feel uncomfortable” in some unspecified way.

    Which group has the most weaponry though? Think about it.

    Most people assume that “when the time comes” we’ll have to take a few of zog’s enforcers out before we can start to “harvest” things like guns, tasers and whatever else they may be carrying, but I’d be willing to bet we’d find a much more substantial arsenal if we were to raid the local sinner-gog.

    Something to keep in mind for the day of the swinging jew.


    Banjo Billy – Good to see you here. I sometimes post a link to your “nigger in the white house”, and I visit Bamboo Delight occasionally. You’ve got some good stuff there, and you know the jew as well as most of us here.

  16. Barney says:

    Luke, and anyone else trying to post links on “hostile” websites – Have you considered using some simple HTML? It may be noticed, but there’s always a chance one might slip past the censors.

    Look below the comments box on this page, where it shows which “tags” can be used.

    It doesn’t matter whether you understand it. I just want you to understand what I mean by “angle brackets”. They look like a letter V on it’s side, and are to be found immediately to the right of the letter M on your keyboard. Normally these two keys give a comma and a full stop (or period), but hold Shift and you get “angle brackets”.

    I can’t show them here because Incog’s site would try to interpret them as code, so I’ll use [square brackets] instead.

    Where I type [ (opening bracket), you need the “letter V on it’s side” with the open end facing right (“less than”), and where I type ] (closing bracket) it needs to face left (“greater than”).

    To create a “Click Here” link, you’d need something like this

    [a href=”http://incogman.net/”]Click Here[/a]

    Remember to change the square brackets to “angle brackets” and that gives a link to incogman.net that will show as

    Click Here

    Now I’ll do it “properly” so you can see it in action. This one will take you to Hofflandia.

    Click Here

    Obviously the “Click Here” part can be any text of your choosing. You could even make it read

    Here’s a really jew-friendly site”.

    On second thoughts though, I’m sure IncogMan gets more than enough jew visitors. I hope you get my meaning though.

    a href=

    determines where the link will take you (“www.whatever.com”), and the next part (Click Here in my example) specifies what will be displayed.

    [a href=”url here”]visible text here[/a]

    Work at it. Practice it. See how it goes.

    Try typing it in a text file, but with an .htm “extension” instead of the usual .txt

    If you get it right, double click and it will open in your browser. Save any changes and hit F5 to see those changes in your browser.

    I can’t make it any clearer than that.

  17. Barney says:

    Actually I can make that last part a little clearer.

    When you’re working on the text file (saved as .htm), keep the text file open, but save any changes, then press F5 or Refresh to see those changes in your browser. You can have the same file open twice, in a text editor and in your browser.

    Once the file exists, any time you want to edit it, right click and choose Open with > text editor (notepad in windoze), or double click to open it in your browser.

    (That symbol I’ve used between “Open with” and “text editor” is one of those “angle brackets” I keep going on about, but they wouldn’t show if I tried to include them both, because the site would try to interpret them as a command.)

    Also, Click Here to see what your code should look like in the box near the top of the page. No need to scroll down unless you really want to learn HTML, in which case there are easier tutorials.

    Sorry IncogMan. I’ve taken a lot of your comment space with what’s really quite a simple thing once the basics are understood. We can at least hope it will lead to some extra traffic.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewess “Human Rights Activist” Dinah Silverstein Says We Need To Bring Judeo-Bolshevik “Hate Speech” Laws To The US


    Jews are increasingly calling for hate speech laws in this country. Soon the sound will be deafening. Jews are born communists!

  19. Duane says:

    The speech by the “world emperor” last week actually had a positive effect for me…
    The prevailing storyline that “John Boner” invited the jew emperor to speak before congress (and they gave the jew emperor 39 standing ovations) PERMANENTLY ended me wasting time voting for Republicans….I have continued to go vote for them KNOWING that they were totally controlled by world zio jewry (Romney) simply because they were white and I thought they were doing SOME good….
    In truth…as DESTRUCTIVE as the “manchurian candidate” mulatto in the white house is…He is 100 times less destructive that “war hero” McCain would have been…Millions more would have been dead if the “war hero” was elected…
    The Republicans are 100 percent controlled puppets of AIPAC/Sheldon Adeljew…
    Zio psychopath Ted Cruz hilariously getting booed off the stage 6 weeks ago illustrates they’ll do ANYTHING for jew money….
    On another note: To illustrate how effective zio media is….Over the christmas holidays (not I am not ziochristinsane) I heard my jewbox lobotomized imbecile sister remark that “netanyahu was a good looking guy”….

  20. loveyourrace says:

    I absolutely love your website, incogman. I am from Australia, and so most of the news about which you write applies not to me, however I enjoy articles like this because the White race is also under attack here. Most White-Australians just don’t get it. They buy into the Jewish-controlled two party mindset. Any way, keep it up. I enjoy articles like this.

  21. Ignatius says:

    Why don’t we all just move to Kalispell, Montana and other places in the Pacific northwest and form our own White Nationalist enclaves? We’ll run and staff the police, the city council, the zoning boards, everything. We can build little one-room homes made of rough-hewn timber, like Jim Thorpe’ childhood home, with wood-stoves to heat the interior like in the 19th century American frontier days. No drywall, just batt insulation with nothing to cover it.

    They’ll be hideous to look at but at least they’ll be affordable and with some decent landscaping might even look pretty decent. We can build thousands of these homes and form our own mutual aid society and live in peace again. No rap music, noise disturbances, no drugs, no rape and murder of our children and elderly, we’ll be able to finally protect our most vulnerable citizens from being constantly snuffed out and murdered. A society based on work and honesty to your fellow White man. We can even mint our own coins out of silver ingots.

    Imagine with me. We’ll have White nationalists laying sewer pipe, utility poles, doing brickwork, carpentry, all of it ourselves. We’ll do it all just like our ancestors did for thousands of years before the kikes came into our countries and fucked us over. And when the Attorney General and DOJ come in and bring civil rights lawsuits against our White nationalists cops, judges and assistant district attorneys, we’ll simply replace them all with other White nationalists! We can finally realize Thomas More’s vision, Candide’s earthly garden, or something as close as possible to this ancient dream or our race. The dream of Aeneas, of Priam and Teucer and Dante. Imagine the possibilities.

    I’ve given this a lot of thought for a few years now and think I’ve figured out all the angles. The way I reckon it, this is our only option to achieve a little slice of peace and happiness for ourselves and our children out of these wretched, miserable conditions the jews like Heidi Beirich have wrought on us.

    Craig Cobb had the right idea, he just made some mistakes when it came to implementing the details. It didn’t fail the proof of concept phase. There’s a lot of lessons to take away from it. We can learn from it and build on it. Let’s stop talking about it and finally do it. This year will be the start of our exodus to our promised land in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve got to find an escape away from these demonic, bloodthirsty jews. We simply cannot endure this nightmare, this wasteland, this our silent resignation, our quiet desperation, any longer.

  22. Very often 1 of the ways to know that a member of your sworn~enemy’s tribe was a ‘good’ guy is if they bump him off ‘themselves.’ E.g. Aaron Swartz. So I never indulge in what Trotsky called racism, a word/con which helped lead to the extinction of 60,000,000 ‘human’ Russians.

    1 of the favourite phrases of all psychopaths, {if you think it through,} is to point and say, “YOU ARE WHAT I AM.” No~matter how you cut it, it’s ‘projective~identification.’ Which translates as unconscious true~self~loathing. {Because they inherited a very very primitive brain and ‘failed’ to develop it.}

    Erol exposes the whole story of Zionism in his comedy videos. He uncovered that Hitler was the son of the illegitimate son of Rothschild. You’re seeing the ‘exact~same’ events unfold in the Jewnited state, where Obama {a bath~house homosexual} is fronting for what’s about to ‘befall’ the American people, exactly as you saw in Dresden. {If you’re easily offended or have a closed mind you’ll miss out on 3,000 years of history being squeezed into less than 3 hours, by a comedic genius.}


    I rarely post here, yet I ‘appreciate’ what I read here, every time I reach this ‘orbit.’ I’m a neuro~scientist and I publish the work of a Christlike man who’s insights are staggering.


    I’ve tried publicising Erol’s work on several Ashkenazi~Jew~run sites and as you’d ‘expect’ for anyone exposes the ‘awful’ truth, in what he calls; “The Mosque of the lie;” we’re beset by bans, mobs of trolls and disinfo; so they can lead the sheeple back into the ‘ring,’ of patronising sadomasochists.

    Before I go any further, I’d like to extend my heartfelt empathy towards those running this site; who’ve found themselves being ‘persecuted,’ even~though they’re a ‘minority,’ {hint, hint *!*}

    If it’s any consolation, we experience near~constant panting~paraphiliacs targeting us, for simply exposing the ‘neuro~anatomy’ and genetics and history of Ashkenazi Jews.

    If you have no emotional~reaction to the beasts, it renders them ‘impotent’ and if you simply ‘continue’ and exhibit your happiness, it ‘infuriates’ them.

    In brief; as you may already know; Ashkenazis are ‘European.’ But, the top~secret; they cyber~harrass us for ‘revealing;’ is that neuro~anatomically their ‘Amygdala’ isn’t human *!*

    Which may come as a surprise, but it’s ‘really simple.’ In Europe the ‘genes’ for red~hair come from ‘Neanderthal’ interbreeding. But it ‘doesn’t’ mean you have any ‘other’ Neanderthal DNA.

    But, in the case of the Ashkenazi their ‘brain’s’ DNA is Neanderthal. Which is the top~secret they ‘ruthlessly’ oppress everything Erol does, for publicising, which we ‘overcome’ regardless.

    Because of the primitive ‘strong urges,’ coming from the Neanderthal Amygdala ‘and’ because the Ashkenazi ‘culture’ doesn’t encourage them to ‘build~up’ prefrontal self~controll, instead, they follow the pedophilic~teachings of the Talmud and ‘aggrandise’ being a tribe of sex~offenders by worshipping an imaginary~satan.

    Which allows them to dignify murdering children, for sexual~pleasure and sacrificing adult men, hint, {hint *!*}

    E.g. The fMRI brain~scans of Ashkenazis ‘prove’ they have only 6% brain~function, compared to a ‘human’ European; who have a Cro~magnon Amygdala. {The Ashkenazi’s brain looks ‘hollow.’}

    We’re being ‘genocided’ by Neanderthals. Here’s the ‘fun’ bit; 90% of ‘male’ Ashkenazis are born with the ‘wrong’ sex of brain for their body.

    As, in utero, their brain is flooded with the ‘wrong’ hormone for their chromosome, so they make ‘female’ connections. This should make it even~more ‘clear’ about their ‘behaviour.’

    It gets ‘worse,’ the womb then tries to ‘abort’ them, but the primitive creature clings~on and if it survives, it ‘sweats’ so much the amniotic~fluid becomes toxic, which then crosses the blood~brain~barrier and ‘arrests’ them, at that primitive stage of ‘evolution.’

    So, not~only were they going to have a Neanderthal ‘rapist’s’ Amygdala, it’s arrested at a ‘proto~emotional’ stage of development.

    Which, ‘explains’ a great deal of why they’re doing what they’re doing to you. I.e. They’re ‘genociding’ you and 1 of the key ways they’re doing it is by spraying you constantly with nano~bacteria and aluminium nano~particles, which ‘both’ cross the blood~brain~barrier and lodge in the ‘key’ areas of your brain, which ‘make’ you human.

    They then ‘eat’ your brain, there, {as they’re doing ‘right now’} and start to zombifying and dehumanising you, until you ‘don’t care’ anymore, about them ‘genociding’ you. {Whilst they believe they’re taking the ‘antidotes.’}

    Which they ‘lampoon’ with huge ‘tells,’ in the movies they make. I could list them all. E.g. Invasion of the ‘body snatchers, Planet of the Apes, Zombie movies and so on.

    They’re a tribe of ‘assholes,’ to be neuro~anatomically correct. As without prefrontal brain~function ‘all’ they have is a bird’s brain, a ‘solitary’ pathology coming from that, which leads nowhere, like a length of rectum, terminating in an ‘asshole.’

    The ‘meaning’ to their life, is the bit in the middle, which is the ‘ventral tegmental reward~centre,’ which they live to trigger, with ‘dopamine.’ Which they get from ‘attacking’ you or betraying you, especially genocidally.

    If they murder you or rape you or rob you they get a ‘rush’ which also includes ‘serotonin’ *!*

    I noticed an article, on here, a long time ago, pointing out how many Ashkenazis are diagnosed with schizophrenia. But it’s ‘not’ schizophrenia, they’re simply mental~quadriplegics, who talk ‘constant shite’ to themselves, which is ‘why’ they suffer.

    Because the more ‘grandiose’ your delusions; since reality remains constant, irrespective of the magical~thinking of a bird’s brain; invariably the ’emotionally~incontinent’ megalomaniac ‘suffers’ and can then be relied~upon to take that out on ‘you.’

    Which leads to the hand~me~down tyranny of all the prefrontally morally~vacant, empathically~void, pathologically~dishonest, irrational, unreasoned and ‘mindless’ weak assholes whacking you, due to unconcious and conscious ‘genocidal’ ideation, because you’re a different ‘species’ *!*

    Which is ‘existential~envy,’ which every psychopath we’ve studied ‘admits’ to. They also admit to ‘knowing’ they’re going to hell, for eternity. But neither myself, nor Erol, believed in hell ‘until’ the psychopaths we ‘independently’ studied convinced us.

    To conclude; They rely on those ‘outside’ of the ‘rings’ of lies to fall~for the mistake of ‘black and white’ thinking. So if we ‘differ’ on major points we part company, thus we’re divided, whilst the Zionists are ‘united,’ across the globe.

    Those of us who differ, do so, due to the ‘depth’ with which they ‘plunder’ history to. I.e. ‘If’ you stop digging, it’s wise to still keep an open~mind and ‘if’ you find information which means you’ve to ‘abandon’ everything you previously thought; on that subject; I ‘urge’ you to do so, especially since we’ve ‘no time left.’

    Either way, let’s ‘unite’ and ‘distance’ ourselves ‘geographically’ as well as ’emotionally’ and wisely, from what Erol Christened “Neandertrolls.” Without falling into their traps, I.e. It’s 100% fine for you to not be on the same page of whichever books I’m reading and visa~veras.

    As we are ‘united’ by our ‘moral’ humanity, whereas they divide us due to their moral~vacancy and sexual~predatory neuro~chemical addiction ‘and’ because they ‘hate’ their own ‘reflection,’ so they want to rid the world of those who can ‘see’ them as they truly are.


    p.s. Kindly don’t ‘personalise’ if I don’t reply, I won’t have seen it, as we get 1000’s of hate~mail on a regular basis and it’s impossible to sift~through, to look for the goodies. Kindly support Erol’s work and don’t fall~for black~and~white thinking, he’s truly Christlike and hilariously funny. E.g. When we used to field our mail we’d see the exact~same ‘solitary’ thought pattern, which is why Erol rechristened all psychopaths as being ‘unitards.’


  23. guiltfreewhite says:

    The blacks destroyed both my jr and sr high schools. They turned what should have been the most wonderful days of ones youth into something that most whites dont like to think about or discuss. Who cares to think about years of beatings,robberies, threats,insults? I think most whites,never attend a single class reunion, Imagine if any white would EVER dare to try to have a whites only class reunion!Imagine if any white even try to hand up copies of 47 year old newspaper articles on the race riots that in the end,killed the schools.NO white dares to openly speak up to a black former classmate, and say to them,”I well remember you and what you did! You and your kind,destroyed our school!”45 years can pass,and a white will still cringe in fear. Amazing that they can get so many to still come to these events,that have so many of the monsters who made their life a living hell for years.These events are something else.No whites dare openly denounce the blacks for what they have done,not to our schools,our cities,our nation.NOBODY will jump on your back faster and harder, then the white sheep will.This does not boad well for the white race in America.

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