Of Course The Ugly Groid Killed The Girl


Like I said on my site from day-one over a year ago: It was an ugly Negroid who killed the beautiful and popular young White gal from Virginia, Morgan Dana Harrington (above). The twenty year-old blond went missing during a Metallica rock concert in 2009 when security guards would not let her back in after she went to the bathroom and became separated from friends. Defenseless White girls on the street do sometimes fall prey to these African savages freely roaming across America, engaging in crime and mayhem at the drop of a hat.

Her ugly dreadlocked killer was finally charged this week. Face facts: Blacks routinely look for easy prey among White people. Always have.

Her ugly dreadlocked killer was finally charged this week. Face facts: Blacks routinely look for easy prey among White people. Always have.

Now comes word the predatory Negro, one Jesse Leroy Matthews, Jr. (right), is finally getting charged with Morgan Harrington’s murder. This is the same dreadlocked monster who raped and killed the cute young British American girl, Hannah Graham, last year after abducting her off the street when she was way too drunk for her own good (cowardly blacks look for easy crime opportunities such as this). Graham met the same fate as Harrington — a brutal death at the hands of an ugly, brutish black and a shallow dusty grave somewhere out in the Virginia countryside; while friends and family went out of their minds desparately looking for her.

He most likely raped young Morgan too, then strangled, maybe even beat or clubbed her to death with something handy, and then stuffed her dead in his car trunk for a little Sunday body dumping trip while visiting his parents out in the country. As the girl’s cold corpse lay obscenely twisted up in his car trunk, the black SOB might have leisurely chowed down on a big plate of his parent’s greasy hamhocks, collard greens and fried chitlins before taking care of his dastardly business on a pitch black farming road.

Hell, knowing how incredibly vile blacks can be and how much Jew media-induced hate they harbor for us “evil Whiteys,” he might well have raped her dead body one last time out of spite. Would not surprise me in the least.

Chances are, the murderous ape killed other White girls in the same way. In fact, White females (even frail little old White ladies, too) are a prime target for this violence prone race. Although the media constantly makes it out like us “evil” White guys are the biggest serial killers, this is plainly BS. Besides themselves shooting each other in the streets over dime bags on a daily basis (the majority of crime in America), blacks rape, rob and kill White people all the damn time. Serial, spree, whatever. The media bastards don’t want us to get a clue.

Haven’t you had enough of these black animals? I mean really.

This out-of-control race commits crimes left and right across America. You can kind of see it if you look closely at media reports and read between the lines a little. No, they do whatever they can to hide the fact of black crime from the viewer, but with so many surveillance shots, people videotaping high school football games, all the ridiculous made-up Afro names, etc., etc. reveal just how crazed blacks truly are and have been.

One thing to note is that the media does whatever they can to “showcase” just about any White criminal case they can dig up. Let’s say they have a White chick robbing jewelry stores — that becomes big national news for a week. But guess what? Blacks do this kind of thing on a daily basis, male and female. Some sheboon was robbing banks down south at gunpoint just last week and the national news said nothing.

Just take a minute or two scrolling down through this one single site: New Nation News. These are regular folks just like you or me, who take the time to upload information and local media links on various crimes committed in America on a daily basis (you can backtrack to see how local media cleverly works hard to hide the race of perps or White victims). It will astound and sicken you on just how bad things are getting for Whites with all this “multiculture” crap, trust me.

Now some people think I should cut the homies some slack, since it’s obvious the stinking Globalist Jews are the ones turning our lands inside out.

Yes, I can see that line of reasoning. And it does indeed make sense to enrage the black “proletariat” masses. Actually, I’ve done some street speechifying to the brothers about Jewry and Israel. They get the deal a lot more than most White people!

There’s just one problem in the equation: I can’t stand these violent criminal apes one GD bit! Try as I might, it’s just impossible not to say anything when I get the chance.

Then we got to see blacks portrayed as heroes all the time in the Jewish controlled media. Ask yourself how many times do you chuckle inwardly when some dumb TV commercial makes out the black guy as so smart and cool? It’s constantly, right? If that wasn’t bad enough, they always got to show positive, super intelligent blacks somewhere in movie plotlines — if not the hero to begin with.

And the traitorous media does all sorts of tricky-dick things to protect these savages and keep us Whites in the dark. For instance, last week CNN had scheduled a short documentary on the DC mansion murder case, the one where a black crew viciously tortured and killed a White family for 18 hours in Washington. One of the victims was a ten year-old innocent little boy, tortured in front of his own father and mother, before they beat him to death and set his dead body on fire (let’s hope he was dead).

Can you imagine these filthy animals? The savages have ZERO empathy and honor.

Funny, they dropped airing the CNN show on the excuse of Donald Trump saying something fairly unimportant about presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina’s face, giving them reason to talk non-stop nationwide on how terrible Trump is about women. The whole “women empowerment” and radical feminism business is a big part of the Jew’s PC BS, to keep all us Whites at each other’s throats, instead of reproducing or noticing them.

About the only thing on TV showing reality is the A&E show, “The First 48.” This is because the camera crew is right there in the homicide detective’s offices, just waiting for a murder investigation to follow. They can’t exactly sit around and wait for the relatively rare White killers to strike; so because of that we get to see how your typical street black truly behaves — women, too. And they are scum!

I imagine a lot of liberals and Jews would love to see this show taken off the air — even though it’s one of television’s highest rated. I’ve also noticed the show’s producers do try to “PC” ameliorate it a bit, by concentrating case coverage on any good guy black detectives. That helps them say “look, some good blacks are out there.” That’s so important for the brainwashed idiots to use as an excuse.

Yup, criminal blacks are indeed a giant millstone around America’s neck. No doubt at all.

— Phillip Marlowe

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    September 20, 2015 at 10:01 am

    “The United Nations Office on Crime ranking of countries with the highest murder rates, descending order”- Karen

    And don’t forget Israel, we are required to take this ” Human Trafficking” class at work, it’s about countries kidnapping “Third World girls” and forcing them into prostitution.

    TheY name all the East Asian countries notorious for it, India, Turkey, Arab countries,
    Greece, Eastern Europe ( a lot) : Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Moldavia, …etc.

    Never ever have I seen them mention Israel or especially Tel Aviv with
    respect to Slavic young women kidnapped, they’ll say Greece or Turkey
    countries like that, NEVER MOTHER ISRAEL!

    Tel Aviv is one of if not the top at having brothels which their specialty is
    Slavic women: told they’ll be models, have good secretaries jobs, some lured as young
    as 13 or 14 and are driven by POVERTY and HOPELESSNESS in those countries
    only to have some arrogant Israeli Russian mobster (actually Jewish Mafia)
    enslaving them in their brothels and we SUPPORT these bastards with our
    fucking taxes!

    Lasha Darkmoon

    Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills
    Admin October 18, 2014 Other Writers

    . . . by Petra Scandali

    According to a new report, if you are single and looking for sex thrills, Tel Aviv is the second best place to go. But if you are looking for gay sex and illicit sex with underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe and Russia, Tel Aviv is top of the list.

    The rest of the URL here:

  2. Fantastic top notch article as usual, Incogman… Keep up the good work, my friend…

    I have been busy the last while and not able to put up any comments here…But basically, the gist is still the same.. The blacks are being used by the psycho Jews for their plan to extinguish their mortal Caucasian enemy… It puzzles me that they themselves just cannot see how they have been manipulated!!!

    And about Arthur Topham… I FINALLY used my laptop in a Tim Horton’s coffee shop today in Canuckleheadistan, and I found that his Radical Press website is definitely being BLOCKED…. I therefore am calling for a boycott of all Tim Hortons restaurants by anyone from Canada until they stop their blatant censorship….

    Yes, Canada used to be a “free” country once upon a time, but that time is now long past….

  3. The Mad Jewess says:

    Hello whitey’s.

    Here, you guys’ll love this


  4. Bailey says:

    He should have been hung already, then set on fire.

  5. Reginald says:

    Next time some belligerent jig or loony tunes liberal tries to tell you that most serial killers are White, just advise them to read this book:
    If your adversary is capable of being rational and has even a fundamental grasp of statistics this book will really open their eyes.

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