Happy Thanksgiving From THE INCOG MAN!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING JEW 2INCOG HOLIDAY TIP: Always cut the head off before putting in the oven!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving From THE INCOG MAN!

  1. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    November 26, 2015 at 6:58 pm

    “Has everyone gone crazy on this site? Step outside, look at the sky and take a deep breathe…that’s it. slowly, in and out in and out…slow deep breathes.

    “and then read one of my books I suggest, by some author crazier than me.”

  2. Smitherines says:

    For our French Canadians Karen

    Je vous ai mordu tous adieu et joyeux Thanksgiving

  3. Karen says:

    World Changer, it might be a good idea to change your moniker, it suggests a 15 year old who though possessing potential has allowed the reading of a few books to go his underdeveloped head and inflate it into seeing himself as a “world changer” or worse, a grown up with a narcissistic personality disorder.
    Smitherines, very clever, but I left Windsor at a very young age on a scholarship and never looked back.

  4. Karen says:

    You know, Jews dislike Christianity even though it was an offshoot of Judaism, a sick and twisted cult. I’m not a Christian for that very reason, though we hang Christmas lights every year, but I digress, listening to the “Christians” on this site would turn anyone off of Christianity, would almost make one sympathise with Jews, but that’s paranoid conspiracy-minded thinking, and if I stated the obvious I would be banned from this “Jew-wise” site, which I notice, has been shunned by the intelligent as though sensing that it’s all too kosher.

  5. Hoff says:

    Why The Jews Love Hillary — Mandatory video.


    What is the most important thing to Insane Hillary? Suckling jew dick.

    You got a link Tom?


  6. Karen says:

    Amazing thing about the Jews is that despised as they’ve been, confronted with their own perfidy and ugliness they’ve never crawled under a rock, their rightful place, but plotted and connived until they now hold the world in their claws and the poor world, the Jew will make it pay over and over for holding a mirror up to them. It really is amazing.

  7. Dave says:

    Great to see you’re still at it, Hoff!

  8. Dave says:

    You guys (AND gals) have something to be thankful for!!!

    I live in the same world. As a man I’ve been trained to not bitch as much but trust me I’ve got stories. I’ve been around the block guys (AND gals).

    Be thankful for what you have! Thank God for it!

    If you aren’t grateful for a little you cannot be trusted with alot! That and bitching will never get you anywhere! Nope.

  9. Dave says:

    I’m constantly amused by the “experts” and their self love. Hoff had been around for awhile. Tom is newer.

    Not sure if either actually endured any professional higher education. I’ve read shit about publishing papers and everything from one. I did go to college as well but abandoned that trade for another. Personally, I believe that everyone should continue to “master” everything they put their hand to.

    I’ve become aware over time that my IQ can make me nieve at times mearly because I expect everyone to possess the same cognitive abilities. It can be very frustrating! I particularly get pissed at moronic group think stuff (and those that thrive on it).

    Be thankful damn it! If you aren’t thankful in the least bit for whatever you have… Well, you might as well just roll over and die. That’s in fact a problem with my kin these days. Fucking be thankful and work with what you got! Don’t roll over!

  10. Dave says:

    I swear I just read above that being thankful was jewish in as many words!

    I’m pissed and disappointed. Moronic BS! I’m fuckin’ thankful that I personally know real men that I not only trust but will be glad to fight beside when the shit hits the fan. Get with the program.

  11. RedPill says:

    You know, Jews dislike Christianity even though it was an offshoot of Judaism, a sick and twisted cult.

    not so, the Jews hijacked Christianity just like they subvert every thing else and you Karen my dear, you are one of the deceived.
    i am very sorry that you have the understanding that you have.
    i know it gripes your ass because you never stop griping about it.
    so i say to you blame yourself because you sound like a complaining yenta
    remember the mantra “why is every body picking on me”

    i tend to pick on people and incogman does not like it.
    but at some point i get tired of hearing denials from ignorant people
    spouting there anti Christ feelings. metering out there disrespect to what that others
    and i was ignorant to truth for 60 years so i can’t deny your attempt to beat my record.

    i mean you no disrespect, but on the other hand truth it’s self is disrespectful
    when one first hears it.
    wished you live next door Karen so we could insult each other in person.

  12. Tom says:

    Hoff: No current links. And I don’t use social media.

    Good discussion of race/evolution in “Did All Races Come from Adam” by Lawrence Blanchard.

    Latest Pollard news: Lawyers attempt to make him able to privately communicate with his former Israeli handlers using questionable claim…

    DINDOO in Chicago. Why video so blurred? Looks like another Obamanoid false flag to me. Based on the alleged video 17 shots on a prone figure way in excess of neutralizing a threat. PCP will generally render floor slappers immune to mace and even taser. But an abdominal shot drains the body fluids there making the perpetrator fall over via gravity and far less of a threat. (At least that was what my late dad told me–he walked a beat, alone, in a black slum for 15 years. Because he had the respect and fear of his black charges, he never had to fire his weapon. He kept order but today would probably be up on charges for some of his methods. )

    The goal of these Chicago-type incidents, I believe, is to create a police force that WILL LOOK THE OTHER WAY when whites are raped, robbed and murdered in a future revolution–but who will ruthlessly enforce laws targeting whites. I have already experienced this with Federal Rangers who are instructed to give “proportional” tickets in areas where Mexicans and Asians are more numerous in the forests and committing the bulk of violations. In an area where 1500 Mexicans and Asians were working and about 50 whites, virtually all whites were targeted for enforcement–while Feds looked the other way for nonwhites, giving them a great commercial advantage.

  13. Ruth House says:

    @ World Changer says:
    November 26, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    I Quote you MISTAKES AND ALL.
    Since they created you they can also destroy you or separate the good from the evil much as as farmer separates cows and pigs and goats and chickens.
    The days of Free Range Humans have brought disaster to their Earth Experiment
    End of quote.

    Joe 6-Pack gave you away . . . besides Adam man was not created [that was the beasts of the field created male and female]

    Adam was FORMED and Eve, GOD formed by DNA from Adam. The rest of the colorful so-called “earth-children”, those of mixed race/colour what passes as people were indeed created by mixing their blood without considering the fact that they’ve contaminated their own given race by producing “bastard children” Children who belongs no where, children who are condemned, condemned by the Creator who instructed us all to keep KIND after KIND.

    Going to Africa may be the right move for you to make, the blacks there have more-or-less the same fantasy, they do it with bells and all, even the human sacrifice bit . . . you’ll be VERY popular as unable to stand for anything they fall for everything…

    I also strongly suggest that you go and read-up on Angels and demons.
    Spaceships and Aliens could be a false flag spin of your imagination – get help!!

    And please don’t hold your breath waiting for “star-ships” to come and save you, the flight was cancelled due to happenings brought along by GOD’s design.

  14. Frederick says:

    RedPill says:

    November 26, 2015 at 11:19 pm,

    I second that, them fake bastards, those rabbis, former Pharisees have even perverted there own OT scriptures, and perverting, corrupting and killing us white folk too! Gods perfect Word has survived this corruption given to us white folk, we are the chosen ones.

    These ET’s / aliens and whatever BS fabrication can be found exposed in the Holy Biblical truths, but F…. the Bible and believe in any vain imagination possible you can think and these fake jews got a smorgasbord of Chinese satanic knock offs, take your pick!

    I also strongly suggest that you go and read-up on Angels and demons.
    Spaceships and Aliens could be a false flag spin of your imagination – get help!!

    And please don’t hold your breath waiting for “star-ships” to come and save you, the flight was cancelled due to happenings brought along by GOD’s design.” thx Ruth”

    Give one fact, evidence of these damned ET’s / aliens or life on one of the billion of billions of planets? And I’ll jump this ship!!
    Jewywood tell ya they exist, haven’t seen star trek, aliens, the encounters of the 3rd kind and hundreds of other show, movies? Inventions of the kaballahs and satan himself, you’ve just likely welcome a demon in your home?

    We Christians could tell ya the Love of Christ, but we’ve been there, its useless. Did I hurt someones feeling, offend with the Gospel today? Gave ya a lame ass excuse to reject us and Christ, good and curse yourself I hate to say!

    There’s nothing like the ol’ time preachers to put the fear of God in ya!! That’s why I’m still alive and NOT in the damnation dead in hell with the rabbis today!

    Some of you here are sick and tired of our posts, but when you got a passion for the Gospel vs an obsession with rejecting His TRUTH, promoting a green aliens or fairy tales, pagan gods of the of the jew satan. That s ok with me , believe what you worship / believe , don’t be shoving pro Talmudic , kabbalah BS down my throat!

    I like to enjoy the topic when possible, every thing else is just a distraction.

    Ezekiel 33:6 – But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.


  15. Karen says:

    Red Pill. blessings to you too and it would be fun to have you as a neighbour. I don’t mean to be insulting and hold no grudges against Christianity, after all I’m a fan of C S Lewis.

  16. World Changer says:

    It appears as if the people on this list think that they are the only ones in the Universe and that the whole Universe is totally filled with fire-breathing demons. LOL
    It is sort of like the guy who goes to Heaven and St. Peter takes the guy over to a cloud and very quietly lifts the lid and says, “Shhhhhh. Those are the Baptists and they think they are the only ones up here.”
    There are billions of Galaxies each containing billions of stars and life dispersed among all of them.
    Some choose a negative path and some a positive path. You are now in the position on this third plane of existence of choosing your path for thousands of years to come. There are higher and higher planes of existence. Even your “Jesus” said, “Be ye perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” That takes work and many lives to attain. You have lived before and will live again. The early Christians believed in reincarnation much as the Eastern religious philosophies espouse. This was all censored out by the Empress Theodora but people who have had their brains poured in by others seek an easy solution and want a quick fix. Ain’t gonna happen.
    You are a facet of the Creator and you will never know what that is until you attain perfection. Men in robes have sold you the idea that you can take the easy way out and this is what has caused all the falsity and corruption in the world.
    Everything you do good or bad is recorded on your own “soul” and nothing is forgotten. When you “die” and there is no death you are able to see this perfection and most incarnate over and over in their pursuit of this state. You plan your life in advance and Astrology can supply you with a road map of what your soul has prepared for you in the way of lessons. All accounts will be put in balance and this is the Law of the Universe.
    I expect the caterwauling fools such as Smithers to do exactly what he has done and continually look over his shoulder in a vain attempt to escape his fate but it will be to no avail.
    There is only one perfect thing that is real and all of creation is not real. Creation does not have to exist but is the “sport” of the Creator.
    Eventually the Universe will cease to expand and begin its inward journey to a single point of perfection. Perhaps the cycle will begin and start again. This is akin to the breathing in and out of the Creator.
    You are on a journey. You are the Creator differentiated into human form. Many other forms exist in the Universe and all are on their own journey back to Source.
    Your consciousness is the Creator looking out through your eyes.
    There is no separation unless you want it. Then upward striving will cease and eventually you will enter the void of nothingness.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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